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This is the down labor part show with this got Sparkasse. Controversial Greg Cody of the Miami Herald, The End with us today, Rabble-rousing Greg Cody, a freedom fighter, brave and self-serving. We will get to Greg Cody things in a moment. The Miami Heat. Ah, the story of sports yesterday, I wonder if we could talk about this for the entire two hours today, we are a proudly Miami show. We are starved, starved for anything good.


Chris Coady is saying that the Marlins are headed into Billy is saying this as well. They're headed into their most important stretch. They're kind of buyers at the trade deadline here. Ten enormous games coming up in in eight days or four days or whatever it is, and seven against the same team, seven against the Phillies in this mutated weirdo's season where the Padres are all of a sudden making a giant deadline push because they're like it's only 60 games. We're going to be buyers.


We didn't expect Fernando Tatis to be this good. We can get in the game now. We will get to all of that in a second, but. The first thing I wanted to talk about is the idea of Jimmy Butler because. During the post season, when we were I'm sorry, during the off season, when we were all hyperventilating about the transactions, where where is Kawhi going to go? Is he going to team up with Jimmy Butler?


Jimmy Butler's a free agent. Jimmy Butler was the only person in free agency who made a move that was almost universally criticized by people as not wanting to win. Yes, Jimmy Butler didn't join a super team that looked like a move where Jimmy Butler was saying, I want my own team. I want to be the number one guy Miami fits and what Miami was selling him on. Is the idea that eventually, not immediately. Eventually they would build something around him that would have a player better than him and he could join that team and fit into the culture of the Miami Heat while also somewhere in the future getting a player better than Jimmy Butler.


So the Miami Heat was not selling him on the idea of this will be your team in perpetuity, but it will be your team right now. And what you're presently witnessing in this series between the Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks is the Miami Heat, not just playing for now to beat Giannis Antetokounmpo but to beat him in a way that embarrasses him in the second round so that he chooses to leave Milwaukee and go to the Miami Heat and be with Jimmy Butler.


And so I want to ask you this because that shooting game is not something that Jimmy Butler has put together this season. He has not been good shooting the basketball, but he'll go neck first at the rim every chance he gets and will play tough playoff basketball. These are what Pat Riley calls the medieval moments in playoff games where Giannis will either be the MVP of the league or will have to sleep last night with the doubt of a basketball watching country saying Can you do this in this spot now?


We've got a real losing position in the Houston Oklahoma City series. It's going to go to seven games. Chris Paul was great in the fourth quarter last night. God doesn't care because he criticized James Harden. Somebody at the end of that series will always have someone to criticize Carmelo. We've been apologizing to him. He just left the bubble in the first round. But when it was time to criticize Carmelo Anthony, we all did it gleefully. We laughed at him and we'll just move to the next guy.


If you end up winning games, we'll just find the next guy, whether it's Chris Paul or James Harden. But this is going to fall on Antetokounmpo. If he doesn't get out of the second round like it's going to fall on him harder than it falls on Harden. Harder than it falls on Chris Paul. Harder than it falls on Carmelo. If he doesn't get out of the second round with a clearly better team than the one that he's playing against in the Miami Heat, who are a bad match up for his team.


And he looks specifically like that, where the Heat are saying flatly, Middleton, Brook Lopez, anyone else you want to beat us? That's fine. But we're going to keep on to the A twelve shots in the game.


Yeah, it should fall hard on Giannis if he can't get past the second round of the playoffs. Is the MVP in the weaker conference the series. They should win even though matchups the heat all season have matched up well with the Milwaukee Bucks. But the expectations are higher for Giannis than they are for just about anyone in the league. Maybe LeBron James. And so it's going to be interesting. Let's keep in mind Lost game one to the magic and Giannis and that team came back more than that.


Yes it's only one game but the pressure starts in the place that if you want to be someone who doubts the Milwaukee Bucks you are giving something that felt like Roosa in the single game they've played in the second round.


This is absolutely supposed to be his moment. He's twenty five. He's just coming into his early prime. He's an MVP. He just was named Defensive Player of the year, fifth guy in history to win both of those honors in his young career. And look, he has a chance to lead Milwaukee to its first championship since nineteen seventy one. And if he doesn't, if it's going to be something that that is a joke on his resume for a long time.


And you're already starting if you're a Heat fan who wants the honest to come to you, you're already seeing like last night in his postgame comments, he was asked about why he wasn't covering Jimmy Butler. And Giannis is like, Oh you have to ask my coach that like just little stuff like that that you start to see on the front end makes me excited. So yeah, it's a good conclusion there.


You just sort of petered out. Yeah. So Yeah. Is the way to end that. That was an excellent dismount. Why don't we just end the whole segment there with you just petering out that way.


How do you feel about what happened, Chris, did you forget that when making points on the radio you have to say, yeah, you have to you have to finish them.


Did you know what I thought of? I was like, you know what, Dan? Has it been mean this segment yet? Let me give him something to be mean to me about how.


Thank you for being a good teammate. I appreciate that, because you gave me that thing. An act of generosity from you. You are really Brother Teresa, I salute you. It's like looking at Gundi in the Zombo in terms of what a pacifist you are and what a giver you are. Anyone wants to reach Chris Cody. He's starting a website. Chris Cody. Org because he's that kind of generous. Thank you for doing that. And also.


So, yeah, hold that thought. Let's sell some at. Chris Coady also wrote in the chat, Russell Westbrook lost that game, so if you don't want to choose, there's so many guys, there's receiving votes. If you don't want to choose from Chris Paul and James Harden, you can have the meat shield of Russell Westbrook as well and say he can't win anything. You can't win anything with him either.


Only one team gets the win at the end, so we will have plenty of people to criticize.


It seems like Harden always has a guy like that around someone else to blame other than himself Harden does. Or that's why they traded for Russell Westbrook. Who were the other guy? Yeah, Chris Paul before that.


As a result, some of the storylines in that series, he's the reason I got a reason. So they just. You think that you think James Harden is going in to meet with Daryl Morey and saying, can you trade for somebody we can blame? Yeah, give me some blame, guys.


Got the hell out of here. Got Chris Paul out of here. Run out of guys.


I mean, Russell Westbrook is kind of typecast in that role, isn't he, with a guy like out of the board.


He's either the guy that can help Westbrook, Wayne or Westbrook is preventing him from winning. It's perfect.


It's a no lose situation until he loses and still got to the front advance auto parts people. They've been supporting the show during a difficult time. Tell the people to gods why they need to be supporting advanced auto parts.


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You're still shaking your head. I mean, he's still shaking his head.


Are you going to say this one is going to stay with me for a while? I mean, the first segment I like had that take planned out from last night. I was sitting in my mirror all night and I just up here.


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Also on the show today, again, Magnus for Magnus and Billy has been in communication with Magnus for Magnussen and his team. Billy, where are we in terms of what are the items that Magnus for Magnussen is going to crush with a single hand on the Zouma? And what can you tell me about this video that you have sent to all of us that I have not had a moment to look at, but you're very excited about. Well, Dan, it's been a strange almost week now that we've had on it's been fun, but it's been a lot of follow ups where every day I have to write back and I'm like, hey, to magnis people, of course.


Hey, were you listening? Dan, Dan wants Magnis to come back again. Is that OK? And Magnis come back and this time I don't know if you're listening. Dan wants Magnis to just destroy things in his house with his hand. So I want to try to coordinate what it is that Magnis can destroy. And now this is not a normal email, right. That is being sent. This is not normally our book and goes, we're like, hey, we'd like for your client to break things in his house.


So we'd like to coordinate what he's going to break. So I'd have to send some ideas. And he's like, well, you know, I'm in Canada and Magnus's in Iceland. So we could try to coordinate this. But it's got we're going to find out what is at Magnis can break. I could tell you what I've requested him to break. I requested this morning a late request to Late Edition was, can Magnis pop a basketball if possible?


Or maybe a couple of things I think he could do it basketball with.


Well, I ask I don't know how I don't know if Magnus has a basketball on him or if he can get a basketball on short notice. But I ask a basketball. I ask if he could rip a phone book in half. I ask if you could crush various fruits. I started with an apple and then I think I may have worked my way up to a watermelon at one point in time, I said, Magnus told us that you can crush cans, Candy Crush a can.


So we're going to kind of find out what it is that Magnus has been able to wrangle and destroy in front of us today.


And what is this video that you sent us that you're so excited about? Well, Magnus is people also obviously want us to highlight Magnus, which I don't know that we've done a great job of highlighting Magnus, because we always tell him, like, oh, yeah, tomorrow, Magnus, you can promote your gym and we never ask him anything about it. I'm like, oh, yeah, Magnus, we'll talk to you about this tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.


So it's always tomorrow with magazines like Magnus. What's your favorite color? Magnus and Magnus. What music do you like? And there's a tomorrow we'll talk about Magnus. Tomorrow we'll talk about work. So we kind of keep kicking the can down the road on that one. So we'll see if maybe today we do. But every day they're like, ask Magnus about the polar bear story. And I'm like, OK, so that's why I had that question.


Yes, because like you should ask him about, it's a good story. I'm like, okay, I'll do that. So then today they're like, we want to send you Magnus highlights so that the guys can enjoy before Magnus comes on. I'm like, absolutely, I'll send them to everybody. So I was watching some of them. And one of the breaks and there's one point where Magnus is just holding, I want to say two telephone poles, but there's so much wider than actual telephone poles, any standing in between two of them.


And there's like a rope on each end and there's just basically giant trees without branches and leaves that he's holding up. And then he lets it go and like, zoom out and there's like forty thousand people watching him do that. And he just tosses his hands up in the air like, yeah, mine is. And then he turns around and this is something that I've been trying to study. Magnus has a ponytail now and we haven't asked Magnus about his ponytail, but he just turns around.


He has this glorious ponytail like I like. Yeah.


And then and all the IMOS also his his representatives remind me Magnus is a Viking and I don't know if he's actually a flake or not. I don't know what that means, but I'm like, OK, Magnus is a Viking I'm sure.


And you don't think you could crush your basketball. All right. Well, we will have him on in the 11:00 Eastern hour. Billy can be cleared. The video that they have sent you, is it possible to get it cleared? So it just runs in a loop on ESPN News so people can just see incredibly heroic feats of strength, like if you're in the 90s on ESPN and this is one of the greatest things you've ever seen in your life, which is why we have this enormous man crush on Magnus for Magnussen.


You know what, Dan Levitan, that's a great idea by you, because I forgot that we were back on TV this week. So I'm going to go ahead and just forward the video to TV and they can figure out if it gets cleared or not. But they're going to have the video and maybe we'll be seeing him holding those telephone poles.


He's very good. I am very excited about this. We will get to see this weekend observations in a sec.


What's your confidence level that we see that video today? I don't have a whole lot of confidence level in us being able to ever complete anything about here. But I will be delightfully surprised what I like to do as a life. Principles to Gods is reduced my expectations to nothing so that I stop being disappointed. So around here it is particularly helpful. So we will see what it is that we're able to execute. But Cody, I want to get back to this Jimmy Butler thing because he wins today.


Today he wins. He wins game one. He wins with 40 points, but he also wins because that Philadelphia team fell apart as soon as he left. He also wins because that Minnesota team has proven to be every bit as soft as he seemed to be indicating when he got out of there. So what is Jimmy Butler have to do to really win? Like, because he can't be that every game. He doesn't make jumpers like that every game, but he does go with the rim like that every.


Every single game. So what does he have to do to be the winner, where people have to go back and apologize for all their takes on? Jimmy Butler chose losing Jimmy Butler, Cho's ego, Jimmy Butler, Cho's money. Jimmy Butler didn't choose winning. And Jimmy Butler was saying no. Watch this. Watch this. I bet on me. I'm going to. This isn't the A-Rod situation where I signed the big contract in Texas and we finish in last place and A-Rod goes to Texas, not because he thought Texas was going to be terrible and he was cashing in on a contract twice as much as the biggest one in the history of sports.


He thought that he would get there and Texas would immediately matter. That's how the ego works there. But Jimmy Butler has been right so far.


Jimmy Butler has been very right. I remember on this er just having a discussion when they acquired him. Is he, is he a lead, is he really a superstar? Jimmy Butler has has proven himself with the heat and here's how he wins. Jimmy Butler wins. If Jimmy Butler along with Bam are good enough to bring into the boat Pat Riley's last. Well, if Jimmy Butler if the Jimmy Butler we saw last night and we've seen in the five playoff games so far, if that's Jimmy Butler moving forward, then I think he and Bam are good enough to attract the attention of Giannis and if not Giannis then some of the other boundy in twenty twenty one.


I think that's how he wins. That's his legacy. If Jimmy Butler is the second best or even third best player on a team, then he has attracted a championship team.


It is only one game but I am stunned that I am saying this. I did not think that I would watch a Milwaukee Bucks game and not be able to recognize that they had the best player on the court. That is not something that I envisioned happening in any way, shape or form. And that's what happened in game one. If you were watching the MVP of the league, you did not know that he was the MVP of the league. If you tuned in watching and didn't know who's the best player in the world, you wouldn't have seen him in a moment in a Milwaukee Bucks uniform yesterday, paid that man his money.


You'd think Jimmy Butler is the best player in the world, I mean, or even Goran Dragic right now drafting people.


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Christine, I interrupted you what what were you saying, Dan? And finally, the original cast of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air will reunite for a one time HBO special around Thanksgiving. How about that?


Really? How about that? Put it on the pole camera, please leave a charge. Or are you here for a Fresh Prince reunion? Time now for stewardesses. Weekend observations a day late. It is time for his two guys to share his game notes, no one in the media will tell you what happened better than my boys.


Two weekend observations brought to you by advance auto parts. You get a free battery test and free installation with any automotive battery purchase at Advanced Auto Parts. Advanced your Rodo only at Advanced Auto Parts. Then the Joker Sorina Jack Sock being pushed to the brink all day. John Isner out in the first of the hard blue courts at Flushing Meadows. Fowler, McEnroe, McKendree Dand 10:00 a.m. is back at a boy Tuesday I it on Tuesday here. When did Jamal Murray become Isaiah Thomas Zeke and when did this happen?


He's really good leader, the MVP, the league.


It feels like the Nuggets jazz series of going on for a month. It feels like the Rockets Thunder series is going on for two Boston Celtics. This statement game, Boston walked into Scotiabank Arena and won game one of the Eastern Conference Finals semifinals.


You, of course, know what that means right there. No, it means the series has started and no one on the road. Yeah. Which means the series has started. You don't just walk in the Scotiabank. I lost a playoff game at home last year, OK? Yes. Pirates. Royals, yes. Red Sox. Bad you don't need to see anymore. Seen enough bad. They should they should just all stop playing. Well, you guys aren't going to be in this.


All of you get out of here. They're the two weekends we'll be watching NFL football. Crazy. What is going on?


Oh, no, it's too much. Jason Peters wants more money for moving from right guard to the left tackle. OK, more valuable position. Yeah, people are criticizing him. It looks like the islanders are going to Trott's in to the Eastern Conference finals.


Know entrance. Barry Trotz and someone please fix my game. I guess it's just parapsychologists unplugging back. I'll I'll get around to it. You go.


Trott's into the Eastern Conference final. That doesn't work. Kawhi Leonard.


Jesus Christ. If you had to put money on it, do you think the Big Ten would be playing if Urban Meyer was still in Ohio State? Because I have a feeling we'd be knapping to northwestern Iowa in two weeks if Irbid was still around. So I'm telling you, you may be frustrated by a limited college football season, but you're going to be loving it come November. And you are not having to ask yourself if the Utes are for real.


They never are a game seven. Is it a game seven, excuse me, in front of no fans inside a bubble? Is that still the greatest thing in sports? Things to ponder? Yes. I mean, is it? Yes, I put it on the pole.


Gamble is game seven still the greatest thing in sports if there are no fans and it's inside a bubble, by the way, that Kawhi Leonard observation from earlier, I meant he might actually be Jesus Christ. Jamal Murray, the rare fifty burger with a side of Game seven, Utah, as if game sevens weren't tough enough. Now they have to deal with the altitude a mile high.


It's not going to stop me. No, he told me that he's going to do it to annoy me two months after all the games have been playing. I love it. It's just going to be Super Bowl week. Then it's all I got because I think we might be there. Oh, he said two months after I'm done being annoyed by Michael, you don't just walk the Scotiabank with a big game one.


I mean, it always helps when you know the arena name things I wonder about in the bubble as a player, after a really tough loss, you order room service on the walk back to his hotel room. Cody Bellinger hung. Oh, my God. You just noticing that his beautiful wife in the sport for a while over the weekend.


The Jets tried to replicate an NFL game and what it might feel like in 2020. The only problem trying to replicate an NFL game was that the Jets were involved, either either Minnesota Vikings now or never trading in Gaikwad or below market value, releasing Leonard Fournette. Dan, you know, the Jaguars are doing tanking for where you are on it. Attaboy Bradley waving Fournette And then Brock Lesnar becomes a free agent. Tony Conn I'm on to you. Lou Olson.


John Thompson. Uncle Cliff Chadwick Boseman. A hell of a year we're having speaking to Hal twenty twenty. He goes straight there and when it gets there it could say hi to our Brielle's for me. Dan those are the weekend observations. Hey, it's your homey sorry, it's your home. I know you don't like it when I call myself your old man, so I have some favors to ask you. Could you get rid of a few chairs in the living room?


My floorboards are tired.


Another easy thing.


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Go to Geico Dotcom today. So Ron McGill is going to join us in 15 minutes. His new weekly time, 11:00 a.m. Eastern on Tuesdays, you could tweet the show at Libertador Show whenever you like. Somebody does here by complaining about the weekend observations and writing, bring the beeps back.


You get the show.


We prefer the chair fart noise of Stewart's for the moment. But you are allowed to disagree. These things are subjective, but your disagreement will be met with the chair fart noise. We don't very much care that you're disagreeing. That is the sound of Stewart sliding back in quarantine back into his chair. We're alleging that it's him sliding into his chair when in reality it's just got far.


So Greg Codi of the Miami Herald, controversial columnist for the Miami Herald, Freedom Fighter, brave, heroic journalistic soul and unrelenting narcissist, is beefing with his employer over something. But that's not what I want to talk about here. I simply want to talk about the biggest sports victory that South Florida has had in how long? Because I don't actually believe that Jimmy Butler is a superstar. I have maintained since the Heat got him that he's a star, he's a good player, and you want him on your team.


But if he's your best player, you're probably not going to win the championship. And to me, that's sort of the measure of a superstar. If he's your best player. Right. Will you win a championship? They put a lot of good pieces around him, but if he wins this series, you will then have some indelible playoff moments. And that's how you become a superstar, because putting up 40 against Jeunesse in a game where Giannis has only 12 shots looking like the best player on the court, I don't expect him to keep shooting like that because it wasn't just that he put up 40.


He did it remarkably efficiently. He made more than half of his shots and took a ton of free throws.


And Jimmy is self-aware. He says himself it's going to be other guys making the shots in different games.


But what's amazing about this team is, yes, Jimmy is their best player, but Bam is such a close second in terms of just all around game. And then you got Goran playing at a level that he hasn't played at. I'm not certain if he's ever played at this kind of level offensively. He's just been great. He's been very efficient. And now you have this great team and. Right. Jimmy Butler, he kind of likes being a number one.


What do you do if he wins this thing? You're trying to win big free agent to the off season know? What are you talking about? I'm just saying, you know, maybe Jimmy doesn't want Giannis around if he can win a championship without this guy. I mean Jimmy's been telling everybody the plan is to add someone else a winner though not Giannis.


What has he done that. Well it is going to be interesting to watch this with Giannis because you have to go home at night and if you are watching that game or you go back to your hotel room at night and you have to live with the idea of wow that was a major shrinkage everyone saw.


I kept getting the ball and trying to do something toward the rim and I kept getting force by Jae Crowder and Iguodala and Jimmy Butler without the Heat ever having to bother putting Bam on me except when I was playing center is the only time they put Bam on me. They they smothered me with Iguodala Crowder and Jimmy Butler.


Not just disappointing obviously on the offensive end but as a defensive player of the year, as a generational talent on the defensive side. And he's asked after the game, why weren't you guarding Jimmy Butler? And it looked, he looked at the press like they had two heads. He didn't consider it. His coach didn't consider it. Yeah, that was a game where they needed to allow Yonath to do something great if he wasn't having a big offensive night because of the way he was being defended, taking only 12 shots all night.


That was the game where he needed to have 17 or 20 rebounds. That was the game where he needed to to be called upon to shut down what Jimmy Butler was doing. But the game plan didn't allow him to do anything. So when he was stifled offensively, his whole game was withering.


And the turnovers that Milwaukee force get them into their game, which is running. Not many teams can actually run with them. When you turn them into a half court offense, they get stagnant. And if you don't have Giannis marking the best player on the court for Miami in those moments because Jimmy Butler is prone to turnovers what it really hurts his game on the offensive side to now he lost the game one gets the magic we discuss that and they came back above the next for the next game after losing game one Giannis had he responded with twenty eight points twenty rebounds five.


I always expect the MVP to look like the MVP in that sport and I know it's only one game but it's a damning game for anyone who wants to doubt him. With the obvious criticisms of half court basketball, playoff basketball is a different kind of basketball. We know how great Milwaukee is in transition and we know that playoff basketball pre bubble isn't really a transition sport. And so what can you do when the half court and to me, what was startling, startling to me, even having seen the heat do it during the the regular season is, hey, MVP, what are you doing?


Are they going to really be able to execute their game plan against you? I'm sure Middleton shoot however much you want. Brook Lopez. Absolutely.


I've told you this story before, two for damn near ten years at the trade deadline. The Miami Heat keep getting the call, hey, from whatever team it is, do you want Brook Lopez and the answers like always? No, thanks. We don't want Brook Lopez and Brook Lopez did what Brook Lopez does last night. He got one rebound. I'm about Guto. He got one rebound and he gave you three quarters, a bunch of jumpers and some floaters.


And then, you know, you look down in the fourth quarter like a brick wall to take it from here. And it was like, man, Brook Lopez, the most interesting things to you, Greg Cody of the Miami Herald, local underwear columnist from last night's game, were what?


Well, I was impressed that the Heat won as Dan Splinted and Cody on ESPN Radio.


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