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Can't wait in six minutes to tell you about advance auto parts, but first, if you were doing you got a totally cliche radio show today.


You arrive at the office and you have two magical subjects at your disposal and you overreact to a game. One message is the NBA playoffs start or do you start your show with unwritten rules violated by Fernando Tatis kid? Oh, wow. Where do you start? I want to go around the room here. Mike Ryan, where would you start? You are somebody who because you've got a baby now and because you have a lot of work to do around a new house.


You didn't watch a single playoff game yesterday. I'm ashamed of you.


Yeah, but I know all about the unwritten rules. Dan, so start there are Chris Coady.


Where would you suggest starting this segment, Unwritten rules or playoff basketball? Oh, it's time.


Unwritten rules. How about you, Greg Codi of the Miami Herald. Where would you start today? I love to hate unwritten rules. So that's where I get. Wow, you've got to start on Billy. You love baseball. You I couldn't get any buy in on the local our talking basketball. Nobody wanted to really talk basketball and didn't feel like the playoffs to Stuart and Greg Cody. So what do you want to talk about here, Billy?


Playoffs. Dan, I don't believe you.


That was fake is the thing is, is that if this is an election, everyone votes when it's going to be boring. I'm just trying to break up it being unanimous. Thank you, Billy.


Thank you for helping with the the improv work here. Roy, what would you choose? Where should we start? Well, I want to go with the Bruins Hurricanes game last night.


I was always surprised me. They're always it's a write in candidate and you're just shocking that way. It will never be normal to me. OK, I don't care, Roy. I'll say this in front of everybody. I don't care where race relations get in this country. It'll never be normal that you always want to talk about.


Hockey in the Stanley Cup playoffs are the best playoffs in sports. Let's get that straight. I know I'm not I'm not going to argue with you. It's just I wasn't asking you.


You asked him where he was. He said, what unwritten rules, Tony? What would you vote for if you were doing a totally cliche radio show where you just had to tackle vigorously the topic of the day? Would you go unwritten rules or playoffs?


Today, the NBA playoffs and the defending champion Raptors are on a roll.


I'm OK. Wow. That was a little bonus opinion that was fairly sung for reasons that are not easy to discern. Stewart, how about you? Where would you start today's radio show?


I could fake my way through any of those topics. So wherever you want to start, it's what I would tell you, even if it's OK, by the way. I mean, I'm good. Yes.


I feel like Tony hit the nail on the head here. I was on Team Unwritten Rules, but I love talking about a team that's on our roll. But you can get on a roll. There's no place you'd rather be.


So wait a minute. You think honor roll is better than unwritten rules? You think that being what do you saying about being on a roll, like being in the zone, like like Donovan Mitchell was yesterday, like the Nuggets appeared to be?


I feel like I'd rather be in the zone than on a roll. But the Raptors were on a roll yesterday. We'll see if it ends up being a zone, but they're definitely on a roll.


All right. Put it on the pole, please. Garima, where would you rather be? In the zone or on a roll? And no talk about the Oakland A's being for real? Not today, probably because they do seem to have a very good baseball team. But we've got the opportunity. Your loss, I mean, they are very good baseball team. The Oakland A's might win that particular sport. But today is not a day for baseball in that regard.


Baseball can only get into the top extreme if we're discussing unwritten rules, which if you're not familiar with this story, Fernando Tatis Jr ten to three lead swung at a three oh pitch with the bases loaded, hit a grand slam and everyone was mad at him. Then baseballs got thrown at each other, but his manager was mad at him. The other manager was mad at him. And I believe if we were to tackle this topic, I think all of us would say, What are you talking about?


Let Fernando Tatis junior swing whenever he wants to swing a seven run lead in baseball might be safe to you, but I think most of us would agree with get out of here. He's got a chance to get a good pitch with the bases loaded. Why wouldn't he swing in that spot? Does anyone disagree with that? I don't disagree with that.


I'm just trying to figure out what people are upset about. So if he takes a pitch and it's a strike, so it's three one now, then he's allowed to hit a home run. It's just because it was a three count. That's insane, especially with the fact that plenty of bullpens. Have you seen bullpen so far this season in baseball? It's seven run lead is not that big a. I believe so, yes, I'm on Team Fernando Tatis, who's who's not the like, who is actually is it just these baseball conservatives that are just scared of urinating on sportsmanship?


Because Fernando Tatis, by the way, Fernando Tatis, his father was a major leaguer, but just an OK one. His son is really good at baseball. His son has, what, 10 or 11 homers already this season.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. His dad, I believe, had two grand slams in one inning. He had one unbelievable season in a time where there were a lot of guys who had one unbelievable season, for reasons I can't explain.


I think it was a couple of really good seasons. I think the only guy who's mad at the teams is Brian McCann. That's about it.


OK, so the situation that we have is Fernando Tatis learning for the first time that there was an unwritten rule that he was breaking, that he didn't know he was breaking into his game since since I was a kid, I know a lot of our rules and I know this time I did.


And I was I was kind of lost in this one. I was you know, they told me up there five, seven, up to six, something like that. And, you know, up and down the Spanish. You got to learn from it next time and take a bit of that. And then we just got out. We just got to learn from it and look for. Yes, Billy can hear you, Billy. Your sound is no good, Chris, did you want to say something here?


Because people are freezing on the zoom right now. Roy had his finger up wanting to talk for a full five minutes, and I wanted to go to him, but he was just frozen in the zoom. Is Billy's microphone working out? What did you want to say, Billy? And I was just going to say, you learn how you learn, you know, he swung three hits, a grand slam and one of the Rangers do they throw behind the next guy?


Lesson learned, unwritten rules of baseball.


Chris, you were bothered that he's coming, right, that the rules are such that these stiffs in these strange people have already broken Fernando Tatis junior. Now he knows he's broken an unwritten rule and now he's learned that you cannot swing three go up seven runs in the eighth, even if everyone's bullpen has coronavirus.


I don't know what's going on here with the zoom, but we're going to go ahead and close out this segment and do the advanced auto parts thing that we planned on doing here.


Hold that thought. Let's sell some at. Digitizers, 11 home runs, and the fact that, like what Trevor Bowers said, swing whatever you want, regardless of the score, regardless of the count, regardless of what's going on, his job is to swing a baseball bat. And who is anyone to tell him when the swing it and what not to swing it. What an absurd take by anyone who's got a problem with Ferdinando to get over yourself.


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Capital One and a member FDIC. Greg, how do you feel about your back in my day today, should we go to back in my day earlier than we've ever gone to back in my day? Because your level of confidence is so high and I want to get you involved in the show because we're having a lot of difficulties here. We've got Bob in a miner's helmet, is wandering around here just shining a light on everything to God and everybody and everything from Bristol sounds very distracting in my headset.


Cody, are you ready to carry the show right now? I want to get to an NBA playoff segment. I want to get to more cliched talk about unwritten baseball rules. But I need some help with the show right now. Can you come and rescue the show at this minute? OK, of course, his microphone does. I'm I'm thinking I mean, that's where you want to save the show. Greg, great game that Greg did. OK, I know.


All right. So I don't know. So it was operator error that time I was going to bail them out. Yeah. Greg.


Yes. Are you ready to save the show? I am indeed. All right. I mean, you were asking for it. Look, I can't hear anybody, Mike. You know, you don't nobody understands the degree of difficulty of trying to do a radio show right now. This way, when I don't know if anyone's microphone work. Oh, it's impossible to do.


We've just we've just confused. Old Greg Cody. Greg, we heard you that last few sentences. You said I see him here. Heard you say you can hear anybody. So he thought he wasn't being heard again. Grab your good. We hear you OK?


He was there talking about then OK, rescue the show.


I need you to rescue the show right now. The show is drowning and we need help because all around, all around us, ESPN is debuting its new radio lineup of professionalism. They are all on television. They look great. They're polished. They are wonderful. Everyone is talking sports. The playoffs are back and we need to get out of the sewage and rescue the show. Can you rescue the show right now? Greg Cody, are you ready?


Yes, if you can hear me, I'm ready. All right. Here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, Greg Cody is back in my day.


More pressure than it's ever had. And now it is time to take a trip down memory lane. Here's your guy, Greg Cody with Back in My Day. Cartoon's, you know, phantasmagoria is considered to be the world's first cartoon, the earliest example of traditional hand drawn animation was created in 1948 by Frenchman Amole Cole. The very short film depicts a stick figure man astonished to encounter morphing objects such as a wine bottle turning into a flower. Cole in 1912 came to the U.S. to spread his animation techniques by nineteen twenty eight.


Disney would bless the newfangled cartoon genre with Steamboat Willie, and no wise guy was not around for that premiere either. Wish I was, though. It was how Disney introduced Mickey Mouse in black and white. A whistling Mickey commandeers the wheel of a steamboat. The real captain attempts to kick him, but accidentally kicks himself in the derrière. Mickey rushes down the stairs, slips on a bar of soap and lands in a bucket of water. A parrot laughs at him.


Oh, the simplicity and joy of primitive cartooning. The Saturday morning cartoons were a staple of my youth, a touchstone of Americana. That tradition passed away quietly without ceremony, a legend dying alone. It was in early October in 2014 that saw the last weekend of cartoons as a Saturday morning fixture on any network.


That's all, folks. Oh, Scooby Doo. Where are you? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Bugs Bunny Roadrunner. Our the simple cartoon born of hand drawn stills has been supplanted by CGI computer generated imagery animation. It's too good to real you know, reality is overrated. It sucks. Just look at the year we're going through. I don't want reality in my cartoons. Give me primitive art, not state of the art. Give me old school.


Yes, lo fi. Yes. Something to transport me back just for a minute. Yes. To me, sitting cross-legged in my parent's living room in nineteen sixty two staring at the big Magnavox console. Take me back regale. Laughter Oh by myself watching Looney Tunes as Sylvester the cat failed yet again.


The cat Tweety Bird exclaimed Suffering succotash.


Animated films nowadays are too real, too perfect. So we're video games. I used to be well watch don't play Donkey Kong and Super Mario fun. Now you watch one of these battle video games. It's so real, you know, post-traumatic stress disorder. Oh, you ever watch Madden twenty one or MLB the show. It's like you're watching an actual game. What's the point. How popular do you think Mickey Mouse would have become if you looked like an actual rodent?


No, I need a walking upright in red pants with two buttons and a big yellow shoes. Bring back car, Cody. Shall we? Yes.


Thank you. We will not get anything good out of him the rest of the rest of the month pay back his money.


Radio three protectant.


Admittedly, a curious choice by me, meaning to save the show through Greg Codi. I think we can all agree that that is bad judgment. I mean, you could telegraph what was about to happen. With that said, given today, desperate times call for desperate measures that I, I honestly really do love how crappy this show is. Want to apologize to the audience and the shipping container, if I'm a little off, there are some issues that we are having that would be totally imperceptible to the listener that is making a whole lot of things echo around here and increasing the degree of difficulty on what it is that we're doing.


But I did want to go back to what Greg Cody just did, rescue the show under these circumstances, because we've had two days of technical issues that have really been undermining and Greg Cody just saved the show, save the show so much that I mean, Alhassan is listening on the West Coast very early and and he is joining us now because he was moved by what Greg Cody just did on the radio. So he didn't just save the show. Greg Cody heroically.


He moved Amien Alhassan across the earth, across the country, rather, and he made him someone who thought about something that he hadn't considered before. So tell me and tell Greg Cody how happy you are that he just spoke for you and spoke to America about this.


Greg, that back in my day resonated with me because it hit me that for generations everyone grew up in this country, watched the same cartoons. You talked about watching Sylvester and Tweety Bird as a child in your parents living room. I watched those cartoons, too, because they just kept rerunning them on Saturday morning. And so for generation after generation, someone as old as Greg Cody and as old as our we had a similar touchstone moment. And now after the advent of cable, I would say in the early 90s, I guess all these kids who grew up even got probably as old as the shipping container guy.


They didn't watch those cartoons. They had a bunch of other cartoons that they watched and now it's also fragmented. So thank you for taking me back to my childhood and my love of Looney Tunes.


Roy Roy was smiling throughout that segment. Roy He gave voice. Greg Cody gave voice to a thought that you had buried deep within you, but had never been exposed to echo from sea to shining sea the way Greg Cody just did in saving the show.


Oh, he absolutely did. And I watched the same cartoons that Greg even doing, 36 year old Billy.


Wait a minute.


You guys are parents, so can't you put these same cartoons on for your kids? If these cartoons die, it's because you're not showing your kids these cartoons. That's a good point. First of all, first of all, it's a little harder to find them than one would imagine. Second of all, you know, they've got friends, they go to school, they're talking about shows that they watch. None of them are watching Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.


And those guys are just they don't have the same attention span. So that's a part of it is because they're cultural touchstone. There's something completely different.


I mean, I want to talk nothing but cartoons with you. But Mike Ryan, executive Mike Ryan, like, I could talk the rest of the show, just cartoons with you. I'd kind of think it was funny after the NBA playoffs started to do that. But executive Mike Ryan is getting bossy around here and wants to play some of our spectacular imaging. I saw basketball on the basketball basketball action and what was interesting from yesterday to you, I mean, it was the skill level of these people playing and in the first game, good God, man.


Yeah, I mean, look at that. Fifty seven points by Donovan Mitchell. Sure. You've heard it a million times. Say it one more time.


The third highest scoring mark in playoff history behind Michael Jordan, 63 against Boston in 86 and then Elgin Baylor back in the 60s. I mean, that's pretty impressive when you think of the long list of scores who have come through this league in the playoffs. And Donovan Mitchell is number three on that list.


But he lost. He lost just like Jordan did the day that Larry Bird called him God.


Yeah. It turns out like one guy scoring a lot of points. Does he usually translate to a win? Usually means because nobody else really got the offense going. You got to give kudos to the Denver Nuggets. Jamal Murray was just fantastic. And a lot of it, Dan, to be honest with you, is a bad matchup for the Jazz because Jokic operates on the perimeter whether he's shooting or he's screening or doing dribble handoff and that makes Rudy Gobert has to come out to a space he's not as comfortable in.


Stewart's microphone isn't working. I mean, can you please tell me, can you help me understand in the history of Djokic and you've got Jamal Murray and Joe Gibbs doing something there that can't be stopped by anybody, correct? Like that's there isn't any way to stop what those two dudes were doing yesterday.


Well, not not with Utah, because, as I said, Rudy Gobert likes to hang out around the basket. Their defense is built on funneling him everyone towards him and he's a rim protector. But when you have a big like Yokich, as I said, not only the great shooter and a perimeter player himself, but also a big body of screener and great with the dribble handoff, great with the passing from the high post if you don't come and play up on him.


Now, these guys like Jamal Murray are coming off of those screens, are coming off those handoffs with clear open look. So Rudy Gobert has to come out and play up but when he does that he leaves the backside completely vulnerable and open. And so it's really tough for Utah. The kind of change with their defensive identity is for this one particular matchup. Does Dallas have a legitimate gripe about feeling hosed by the refs yesterday? I think so.


I think the first technical you know, I saw the report from the pool reporter, the ref is absolutely right. Paul George actually got the same technical early in the game. If you do the punch the air like, oh, come on, man, because you didn't get a call. That's an automatic technical that's in the rulebook. Everybody knows that you're not supposed to do that. So that first technical it's completely the second technical. I kind of feel like in that moment you can take control of the situation, call a double foul warning the guys, let their coaches know you don't have to double team them up, especially when you know that Kristaps has won already.


Greg, what do you have for me? Alhassan? I mean, I'm curious how, if at all, the the eight game, many regular season leading to the playoffs changed your mind about the finals matchup we're looking at? Well, I don't think it's changed my mind. I thought the Clippers were going to be coming out of the West either way, and I think that's still true, although obviously the Lakers are right there with them is to me, Greg.


We talked about it on the great CODI podcast. It's wide open. I'm not a big believer in Milwaukee because I feel like they make the same mistakes that they made a year ago. I think Miami is a terrible matchup for them. Should they get to the second round for both parties? And then obviously Toronto, we saw them yesterday in Toronto is something something to behold out there with their versatility. And they are by far the best defensive team in the league.


You know, they created during the regular season the stadium feeding games and they showed it yesterday.


Can you help me understand whether or not it is correct when Charles Barkley says nobody is scared of the Miami Heat? I wouldn't agree with that at all. I think I think Charles is just being Charles in that moment. I think what Miami scares people about Miami is that they're very tough and versatile defensively. When you talk about Butler Crowder and obviously Bam autobio, they got a well, Andre Iguodala Wealth of six, seven, six, eight, six, nine.


Guys who can guard bigger than them can guard smaller than them. And then the three point shooting is incredibly dangerous. The one question I have for Miami has got a lot of young guys. I think what we're going to see in these playoffs, because there's a bunch of teams with a lot of young guys. You can see the follies of youth Dallas yesterday. Today, we'll see, you know, if this is going to affect Miami, having a bunch of guys who have never been to the playoffs or never had an extensive playoff experience having to be able to execute in these in these situations.


Are you willing to say publicly for the Miami Heat fan base that Aminul Alhassan, who knows basketball, thinks that the Miami Heat will beat the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round? Yeah, I'm gonna say that. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, wow, wow, it has been publicly said Amin Alhassan has said the thing.


I coax them into it, but say it again to me now has to make the prediction bold and on the radio. I want to hear it out loud. Let me say this very clearly, because people always get this mixed up, should the Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks meet in the second round of the playoffs? I believe the Miami Heat will beat the Milwaukee Bucks.


Who said that? Well, I'll see you later. I mean, Alhassan. Oh, my God. Shocking. Shocking. So Stuart and Cody were saying earlier in the show, even though that was top level basketball that is being played at the height of the evolutionary ladder because, you know, Djokic on Gobber at the end of that game, that is not a situation at the end of regulation. If you saw how that play played out, how you have to guard Djokic, how good Gobert is at guarding just about everybody when you see seven footers there doing that kind of skill level and then on the other end you've got guys who can shoot from further out with more range than anyone in the history of the sport.


Where you're talking about the game has spaced out so much that Hassan Whiteside Rosillo pointed this out the other day. Hassan Whiteside could have the ninth highest per in the sport. And you can't play him. You simply can't play him right now because of how quickly the game has evolved and how these giant people that are so much bigger than anyone Michael Jordan had to play with these skill sets is what LeBron is going up against that was watching yesterday guards. I know, Don, I'd be curious to to see with Don if he is going to become a good three point shooter, because if he becomes a good three point shooter, he'll be the best player in the league.


But he's not a good three point shooter. I think he's Westbrook in from three and we're celebrating him a lot. And he lost yesterday and he probably didn't deserve to lose yesterday. But those playoff games, what you're watching is an extraordinary skill level like extraordinary struggle. I'm not when I watch. How many points did VanVleet have yesterday. How many points. When I'm watching this guy. Undrafted and you can't guard him either. You can't, you can't guard him and he's an undrafted guy.


The skill level that that you're watching in that sport right now. You tell me how anybody was going to stop Jamal Murray in that game and he was, he was twenty points short of doing what Donovan Mitchell did in that game. Right.


It's stuff. And Ben VanVleet I think he had thirty plus points. I think he had eight threes, he had thirty points eight of ten from three eleven and said he's been pretty good all year. Again you're talking about the evolution of the game and I agree with you, the game has never been better. It's never been, at least for my perspective, to have a guy like Yokich who, who is that tall to be able to have that kind of skill set or Giannis for that matter.


Yeah all that stuff is impressive. All Greg and I are saying and it was really awful what Jayson Tatum said in the post game where this felt closer to a to a postseason game than I thought it would, but it still doesn't feel like a postseason game. What you saw yesterday was fantastic basketball and I applaud players for seemingly being really into it. But what a player says it felt closer to a playoff game than I thought it would. What he's telling you is it's those that feel like a playoff game.


And so the president, Mitchell, was in his pressure. As great as stockage was, that's not the same thing is going on the road. The Boston Gordon had put up 60 plus against the Celtics. It just feels a little bit off. I'll take it. It's great. I'm going to watch it, but it doesn't feel like true postseason games.


Cody Stiglitz, I agree with you. And I would add this. When you're when you're literally playing in a bubble, you're playing in a vacuum. What a pandemic has taught me is that fans are an essential part of sports. Otherwise, you have a version of sports, you have a facsimile of sports, but it's not sports at any level. You talk about a t ball game between six year olds. You've got two dozen parents in the stands.


If you don't have anybody watching, it's a glorified practice at the pro level. There's no doubt it's a legitimate game. It's high quality. I'm not going to say put an asterisk on whoever wins the title, but it's just different for me. It's a diminished version of sports. And I don't you know, normally game one of a Heat playoff series is a big deal. And to me, it just isn't this year in the same way.


I'm not actually watching that the way you guys are. And I understand how it is that you're voicing that. But the skill level is so extraordinary to me. And I knew what the stakes were in that Nugget's jazz game. I was watching something that was basketball as well as it can be played by people. That's what we were watching in game one of the postseason. And just because fans are there, it doesn't dilute that for me. It doesn't change that for me.


Greg, the idea. I understand. Sure. Of course, it's more impressive to go into Boston Garden and score sixty three than to do it in an antiseptic environment. But it doesn't mean it's not damn impressive. And then antiseptic environment to see basketball being played better than you've ever seen it played. You can't disagree with that.


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