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That is now room I was loud wrong this weekend. Now, what is today's date? Let's market is an official holiday throw. I will not be able to say anyone else is wrong about anything so loud, even if, like O.J. Simpson did that today, I would never be able to say anyone was wrong. The wrong era. Put it on the bull.


What's better grade sex or Dan being loud wrong. Do you have the self-discipline to do that? Yeah, that's fine.


I will go the entire show today. In fact, you put it out. I'll take finds every time I mention that anyone wrong about anything I could say whatever I want. You can point out that every time anyone not not even not like anyone in the nation. Like what if that is factually wrong about something?


Doesn't matter. You can't point it out. Someone else will have to jump on it. I am the most wrong.


All right. If you're wondering what it is that I was loud wrong about. We will play some of that sound for you in a second, because it could be anything, really. It really could be George Allen or it could be Jimmy Butler. But we will start with Jimmy Butler, because I've got yet more stats for you that prove how dominant he was last night. This is a time honored tradition, OK? Throughout sport, you've got a guy on the radio or on television or in the newspaper who is loud and strident and obnoxious and he is a know it all.


And isn't it funny when the know it all knows nothing at all. Like, for example, I wish we've had I wish that this hadn't happened the way that it happened because I said this before the game came to an end and no one could tell me I was loud wrong after game two. But here's why you can tell me that I'm wrong after game three of the finals. Right. LeBron James, an all time player, and Anthony Davis, pretty much a consensus top five player in the league.


And you're going after that with Jimmy Butler. That's pretty clearly not enough if Bam's not going to play at all.


All I'm saying is he is the superstar. Granted, he's not LeBron James. He has a career high of fifty three points for one night.


You need Jimmy Butler to play like a superstar, but he's not that kind of superstar lineup.


But can he be for a night, I guess is what he's talking about. What are you talking about? What can he be for a night like? Are you talking about take 30 shots and and score 40 points.


Jimmy Butler is not buying into the fact that this series is done. That's just not how he's cut. We all know that he sounds ridiculous. Now, in interviews to the nation, I wouldn't put it past him because he's like literally the only option if Bama and Goran Dragic came.


I have to put it past him, though, Mike, because that's not the kind of player that he is, especially on a team where he's going to be the primary option, where the Lakers, who have an exceptional defense, not not decent, it's an exceptional defense and they've got a legitimate rim protector. Explain to me how you guys have Jimmy Butler getting into that stratosphere when the shots are difficult to come by and they're going to be leaning toward him.


OK, there's more than that. That wasn't the worst of it. Chris Winters on certain sentences that we have played during the local hour and on the big a digital only and I didn't mean 40 points on thirty shots. I'm at 40 points. A twenty six. That's right. Forty points and efficient, forty point fourteen of twenty.


He is the first guy to score forty without a three pointer and Shaq since Shaq in 2002. That's more points in the paint than he's ever had Otsu ever. That's right. Oh to Jimmy Butler's never had that game. He had more points than LeBron, more rebounds than LeBron, more assists than LeBron. That's never happened to LeBron before. With from an opponent or a teammate, you could combine Anthony Davis and LeBron James and all you would arrive at is the same numbers that Jimmy Butler put up in that game.


But I got more for you, though. It's not just that. This is from Simon Smith. Jimmy Butler defended LeBron James for thirty two possessions in game three. LeBron had nine point seven turnovers. At nine point seven, turnovers mean he dominated the best player ever.


I mean, yes, I did not think that there would be a circumstance in that series where you look on the court and say, Jimmy Butler for that night was the best player on the court. I did not think that that was something that was in any way possible. Best player in the world.


I mean I mean, look, I've said LeBron is the best player in the history of the sport, but here's me more. Here's me being yet more wrong.


Dan, do you think Jimmy Butler can give you one of those games? No. You know, no one, because they need that.


He gave you one of those games against Milwaukee.


He's capable of with the full no, with bad amount of bio's sort of being the trigger on everything they were doing offensively. No, I don't think you can get a 40 point Jimmy Butler game out of nowhere when he's going to be their only offensive weapon, like he's going to be their only offensive creator. It's not just that you're losing an all star. And Goran Dragic, you're getting the two guys through which the offense runs when they're out there.


So now what is going to happen? It's going to be LeBron guarding Jimmy Butler. Yeah, I'd forgotten about Oleynik, too, by the way, why why would I dare say the only way that would have been better is if I said if I made the joke, if I had said, well, we're going to go for help.


Oleynik, I'm more the reason that I question what you guys are doing with Jimmy Butler is because it's not even like you can bank on a consistent jumper, like maybe Jimmy Butler can play a super aggressive game and get you twelve free throws or something. Maybe Jimmy Butler decides to go neck first into the paint and try to create stuff for their three point shooters. But I just don't know how you get the monster scoring game from a guy whose jumper you don't trust.


How do you do that? So you do it the way that Jimmy Butler did, saving their season, playing the best game he's ever played, triple double with 40 points. If you had said to Mr. Godsey, you don't think you could put up a triple double with 40 points? I mean, you might have even gotten more out of me in terms of like, what are you talking about?


You're saying that the best game that he's ever played, there haven't been many games played where someone's played better. That's true, Perry. That's true. The efficiency again, I didn't think that Jimmy could get to 40 against that defense inefficiently, to be clear. But lest you think that that was the most wrong I was yesterday. Here are some Josh Allen stats for you.


So here's Field Field. Yates saying Josh Allen threw one quarter of the NFL season, one in five of one forty eight for a seventy one percent completion percentage. Thirteen hundred and twenty six passing yards, twelve passing TDs, one interception, three rushing TDs, a current pace of over 5000 passing yards and fifty total touchdowns. This from ESPN Stats Info. Josh Allen is one of four quarterbacks to ever throw for a thousand yards and ten touchdowns in a three and a start, along with Patrick Mahomes, Peyton Manning and Jim Kelly.


Those previous three quarterbacks all reached the Super Bowl that season and here from the athletic. Allen has already completed four passes for 30 yards or more, as many as he did all of last season. He leads the NFL with twenty one completions and five hundred and eighty five yards on passes that travel 15 yards or more in the air during a season when offenses are scoring at a record pace. Allen is second to Dak Prescott with twenty one completions of twenty or more yards.


So which one am I more wrong on? You have to choose their week for you.


You have to. You have to choose. Put it on the pole. Gomo put it on the pole at Libertador Show. Where was Dan Moore wrong. Jimmy Butler or Josh Allen? I have to be honest, Jimmy Butler made me forget about Josh Allen.


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Dracula, tell me how you're feeling. No one understands how lonely this. No one will even let me into their house. I know I can knock, but they ignore me.


Huh? What else? I look in the mirror. I don't even see myself anymore. If you don't see yourself clearly, can you really expect others to? I'm having a breakthrough.


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All right, so South Florida has some sports winners at the moment, the Miami Heat end up winning Billies Marlins are in the playoffs. They they doused the Cubs. They held the Cubs to one run to extinguish their season. It will not be that easy against the Braves. They've got much better hitters. But, Billy.


No. But please tell me about your enthusiasm. Also, the University of Miami is going to poop on it.


No, Dan, no, I will not, because this is how it's going to go. I'm going to say, you know what? I'm excited about the Marlins. You know, things are going well for them. I don't know how they're going to go against Pat Riley brought in Jimmy Butler when no one else could. And they hit three times in the Armani's and the Marlins. What they're doing, 60 game season and Armani suits anywhere he goes and could get and the Heat and Derek Jeter and what they did to Bruce Sherman and Rob Manfred and Bond and like, OK, well, here we go again.


But I'm not allowed to do that today. You can say whatever you want, and I can't say that that you're wrong about anything. I would think that you would take that opportunity.


But instead, Mike, tell me about number one against number seven, the University of Miami in our third consecutive college game day appearance for the Miami Hurricanes. But this time when they take on Clemson Boys, they've got a punter, they've got a kicker and they've got a quarterback. That's right. We've got a Heisman elimination game going down at Death Valley on Saturday night, prime time with Chris Fowler, curbside Seagate's.


This time they deserve College Gameday. Oh, number one. Number seven.


Let's see exactly what the Gulf is. And, you know, gather ourselves and, you know, take our second crack in the AKP who's who.


Oh, are we going to find out who's who this week. And you're declaring wait a minute, Chris Cody come in from a week off running through the streets, freckled and nude and pale and pink with wearing nothing but Krunch celebrating Crock's excuse me, celebrating his greatness in Miami sports. He has declared it a who's who. I think we know who Clemson is, Chris. They're the team. That's one, I think two national championships in the last three years.


We need to find out who the canes are because we have no idea.


You know, it's the rare who's who, but not a must win. And those are very different things.


They are. Yes. Yes. Explain it to me, please. I can't correct you on anything.


Well, we're going to find out who's who, but it's not a must win. They don't need to win the game. This is one that you can let go as long as it's manageable because it's early enough in the season.


It's kind of where we figure out if this who can match up with that?


Who well said, guys, because if you get the one loss, not only do you get it early, but you get it to Clemson. Right. And the rare opportunity to erase the loss. That's right, Dad. You can have one loss on the season, but net zero losses if you defeat Clemson in the ACC title game.


But it has to be manageable. As Billy pointed out, this is a game where you'll find out if who can turn into who. You know what I'm saying? Yes, exactly.


The result of this game, Dan, won't be written in ink. It will be written in pencil.


I thought for sure you'd go Dan Levitan in the middle there instead of what you use when you want to go maximum condescending, you generally use my first and last name.


I feel like we're on a first name basis. No need for formalities. Are there any must wins?


I know you guys love doing this with the most wins, but isn't a must win only the one that ends your season? And you're saying you're saying that this is not a must win for Miami because it doesn't immediately and their national championship season. But if you're willing to say that, then only win in a best of seven series, you're down to your last loss.


That's not the only must win there ever in that last night was a must win for the Heat to win that game because no one's ever come back from being down three zero in the NBA Finals.


Must win like game four is a must win for the Lakers.


No, exactly it is. Yeah. And the Heat, the rare must win. Yeah. Wait a minute. I know I can correct you guys, but you're saying that all the series hasn't started yet.


Oh, that's right.


Because both teams have only one on their home floor. That's right. I think that the South Beach flu got Anthony Davis last night. That's what ended up happening.


He went out clubbing game for also the rare blueprint game for the Lakers. Dan? It is. Yeah, blueprint's on the line.


How can it be if they could still win the series after that in six games? It's an early blueprint. Exactly. Tomorrow. Wait a minute.


OK, I can't do anything but good points. I can't correct you, but explain to me how tomorrow is a must win game if the Lakers can then win in six after that.


It's exactly the way that the game that the Heat were playing the Celtics, I think like the first or second game. The Big Three era was a blueprint game for the Big Three. Similar situation in the NBA, the Lakers fell.


And to give you argument even more credence, the Miami Heat in NBA finals history have only been down to twice now. First time was against the Dallas Mavericks in 2006. And I think we all know how that turned out. We do. You don't want this to go the way of 2006. And this is a game.


If you lose, you don't, you know, completely throw away the blueprint. You roll it up, you throw it into the garbage, but you don't rip it up. You don't read it because you could take it back out if you wouldn't get. This isn't a complete tear down.


This is do we want to add a walk in shower to the master bath?


So Anthony Davis was really terrible last night in a way that couldn't be unseen. Mike has already taken away the finals MVP from him, wasn't scoring.


No shot at it. Weird.


And he if if you were somebody, by the way, who believes in these kinds of things and I don't know because I haven't actually heard it, but a whistleblower podcast on Tim Donaghy suggests that there was somebody lying for him for a long time in terms of some of the stuff that happened there. But for those of you who are cynically minded about this stuff, because the series has not been something that's been interesting to people, we've talked about how somehow nets Spurs, which was a truly terrible final outrated game, one of Lakers Heat, if you are the league.


You want Anthony Davis in foul trouble in a game? Well, if you're if you're ESPN, it's been said previous years, like when the Raptors and Warriors, I learn that if a series goes five games, you break even a sweep is disastrous for financials, right? If it goes five, you break even. And where the real money is for the network is if it goes six and if it goes seven, Buku dollars. So Jimmy Butler's out here saving jobs.


Bill, you think this thing will go seven dinner? I just want to I just want to press on the button. Say no again. I know what you're doing. Thanks to God, your subtlety is always a strength. I know what you're trying to do. It's a little too recent. I remember things that I've said before and I know what's up here. I am loud wrong today, so I'm not going to say things are the rules.


Again, you can call anybody else wrong. Either I have tomorrow to do it. I'm not saying I mean, I can't even call him morally wrong.


In fact, like the whole walk and shower thing, you just credibility with being right for an excellent point. OK, excellent point, Billy.


So it's a blueprint game where we're throwing away the blueprint in the trash, but we're not ripping it up and we're thinking about a walk in closet modifications stand the foundation isn't there completely done yet.


Thank you. I appreciate it. Excellent wisdom. Now, no Nappa, you can buy a five quart jug of mobile, one polysynthetic motor oil for just twenty seven ninety nine and as a bonus, you'll score a ten dollar gift card by mail in rebate. That's like a cherry on top of the cherry on top of your oil change. So get ten bucks back by mail when you buy a jug of mobile one quality parts helpful people. That's nappa know how to know how general state's pricing sales price prices, not including federal, state, local taxes or recycling fees off rents.


Ten thirty one to one. We'll get back to Christine Lacy in a second, but lest you think that Stewart will let me suffer alone in silence, just know that during every break he is actively this is the time that the guys decides to read and do research. Go ahead, read all the stats to gods that you're reading at me during the break. We're in a confined space. I've been eating it for two and a half hours. And during the break, Stewart's is just reading non-stop.


He's all of a sudden a thinker and a philosopher. He's just reading nonstop. He's an analytics guy. Right. Go ahead and read the people what it is you're reading me during the break.


This is courtesy of Hambo at Paul Himbo on Twitter. Jimmy Butler became the third player in NBA finals history to score 40 points on twenty or fewer shots. The other two, Shaquille O'Neal and George Mikan.


Yes, good post players, both of them. Again, that is the type of person that I expect to be doing damage around the rim. That's what those people look like. George Mikan and Shaquille O'Neal, not Jimmy Butler with the greatest game in the paint that he has ever had. We will have to got his weekend observations for you at eleven o'clock Eastern, ten o'clock Central. Christine, please continue with what it is that you were saying. And finally, in 2008, the social network Bebo was purchased by AOL for 850 million dollars.


Five years later, the original owners repurchased it for one million dollars. Speaking of terrible investments made by big company, your stance. Yes.


Christine, what do you like during Bill's games right now, now that it feels like you have a quarterback, are you are you normal, rational, or are you screaming at your television? I yell a lot.


I'm not a lot of fun to watch bills games with. I never have been. My husband and dog usually go out and sit on the deck for a while to leave me by myself.


Wow. OK, very good. So I can't imagine Christine Lacy screaming at her television but using bad words.


Oh wow. Oh wow. All right. Are you laughing at Dan as he continues to be wrong about when it crosses my mind once again?


Congratulations, Christine. It is an exciting thing when it feels like your team has a young quarterback, but the schedule gets tougher from here.


I wanted to bring up a point that Mike Ryan brought up during the big Stewy, which I think is worth noting as we were talking about the fact that.


Amazingly, the White House was penetrated by the coronavirus, but the basketball playoff bubble hasn't been. OK, so what we expected from the basketball experience, or at least what I did is, oh, they're going to be guised. Meaningful guys, the playoff results are going to be distorted because meaningful players are going to have to leave during the playoffs, that didn't actually happen. It didn't actually happen in hockey. It has not yet happened in baseball, but it has now happened in football where the on field product is being debilitated by the fact that the Patriots quarterback Cam Newton is relinquishing his position to a guy who has lost ten straight NFL starts.


Brian Hoyer. And the thing that Mike Ryan brought up, and this is a quarter way through the season when it arrives. And I think it is worth noting. You're better off having an outbreak, you're better off not containing the virus, you're better off being the Titans and simply having your game canceled than being the Patriot and heading into a game against the Chiefs with Brian Hoyer, who's lost 10 straight starts. That's a crazy thing to say. And it is a crazy thing to experience when all of these games are meaningful, because when you have 16 of them, it's different than basketball and baseball.


Even when baseball has 60, it's different. And so you get into a position where football is actually being distorted, the on field product, the standings, the things that you care about. The the. The collection of information on measurements on what a team is, it has not happened this way. This is the first time in sports where stars getting taken out, a star team is being hurt and football is being distorted in a way that favors Christine Lease's bill.


And just update everyone, the the Tennessee Titans who did have it team wide, basically, they have not had a positive test today. So that according to Diana Roshini and Adam Schiff, the Patriots are flying no flying on two different planes.


People who have been in contact are flying today. But to your point, the Titans will play that game at full strength in all likelihood in week five of the NFL.


I actually don't know if they're going to be full strength. I don't know what the procedures are. Maybe there's a 14 day quarantine. I'll see clarification on that. But regardless, this is very short notice to get together a game plan for Bill Belichick and New England, even if all those players for Tennessee that had positive tests won't be available this week, though, at least with all these negative results, get into their facility and have a full workweek to formulate a game plan, given how shorthanded they are.


New England, just like, OK, Brian Hoyer, go out there and travel on the road depending on which plane that you're in and devise a game plan to be Patrick Mahomes. But they have no choice. But I think where Dan is headed here is one of this happens late in the season. What if it happens in the postseason where you're losing Cam Newton and you have to play well?


Well, but this is the thing about how short the football season is. We have not had something like this anywhere in American sports since it continued where it's a disproportionate penalty. You are suffering for someone merely getting sick and you're better off with half your team getting sick than you are with this one guy and you handling the protocol because the reward for you handling the protocols well is you got to get on two flights now to play Patrick Mahomes one with a plane full of people who have had contact with Cam Newton because of whatever the gestation period is on this stuff and another with a plane of guys who haven't.


Well, remember when this started happening to Major League Baseball, we were looking around. All right, what's the plan? The plan is nobody play. We'll figure it out and we'll make up the games later in the season. We looked around, OK, can't do that. But what happens if they had it later in the season? Hopefully they don't. That's a plan with the NFL. OK, you have a bye week built in to your schedule.


So that was the easy answer when it came to Tennessee, where the next available week at the Super Bowl. Is this something that you can move because you can maybe take you can shift the schedule yet another week, potentially, because there's always a bye before the Super Bowl, but they don't really have a lot of options if the Tennessee Titans get it.


Again, Super Bowls an awful big thing to move. And DeSantis is already saying that he expects a full stadium for the Super Bowl. So I don't really know if they have that flexibility.


If Belichick goes in to Arrowhead with Brian Hoyer and wins the game, most impressive victory on his resume. Not I think the most impressive one on his resume is going in there with Brady and winning in a playoff game. What? Are you kidding me? What is the point spread in this game? When was the last time the Patriots were a dog this way in a football game? Because I've got to imagine that whatever the point spread is, is it is it up to two touchdowns because it gets twelve?


I think the Patriots are plus twelve. I'm checking on it, but it's the best girlfriends at Caesars. William Hill. It's the biggest underdog they've been since 2002. I believe so, yeah.


Roy, put this in the chart. The Patriots are ten and a half point underdog tonight. They haven't been as big underdogs since the Super Bowl against the Rams in 02 when they were fourteen points and they ended up winning by three.


Actually, you know what, man? I remember that being a bigger point spread than that is that Super Bowl. I remember them being a seventeen and a half point dog in that Rams Super Bowl, you're telling me, was fourteen because that number just kept climbing. I got to imagine that this one's going to keep climbing this ten and a half. So, I mean, the chiefs are going to be favored in every game they play for the rest of the season.


If Mahomes is healthy, doesn't that seem like a small line? Do you given that they're going in there, that's giving Belichick a lot of credit. They're going in there with a starting quarterback who's lost his last ten starts.


Yeah, but this one's with Belichick. You guys give Belichick a lot of credit to merely make them a ten and a half point dog. Geico presents Monster Counseling Dracula, tell me how you're feeling, no one understands how lonely this, no one will even let me into their house. I knock and knock, but they ignore me.


Huh? What else? I look in the mirror and they don't even see myself anymore. If you don't see yourself clearly. Can you really expect others to? I'm having a breakthrough.


It's not easy to be a vampire, but with Geico it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance.


News from the Dan Levitt's ARD Nation, someone has just hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed bill use at Use A-Z responded to the Twitter poll question of where was Dan Moore wrong, Jimmy Butler or Josh Allen by saying none of the above. The correct answer is the 2008 Lions would make the playoffs. They ended up on 16. What about Tom Brady? Oh, I tried to warn you.


There are plenty of places to choose from on. Dan was loud. Wrong day stewardesses weekend observations are coming up in about 12 minutes. This is from Nick Wright. He wrote in Real Time Pick six for Tom Brady. That's his fourth in his last seven games dating back to last year. And then Albert Breea wrote that after the Pictet I'm sorry, picked six Tom Brady's last 15 pass attempts. Fourteen of fifteen. Two hundred and twenty three yards, four touchdowns, zero interceptions.


Jeff Darlington says Tom Brady of forty three years old just put together a second half performance that included fifteen of seventeen completions for two hundred sixty three yards, three touchdowns, no interception. That's a perfect passer rating of one fifty eight point three. Still got it. And then Mike Clay, NFL writes, Tom Brady, who was reported as washed as recently as an hour or so ago, completed thirty of forty six passes for three hundred sixty nine yards, five touchdowns, one interception.


The Bucs are three and one without his second best wide receiver, Chris Godwin. Like he was thrown down. He was thrown the tight ends. It was brate it was OJ Howard. It was Gronk. It was Scottie Miller. That's who Brady was. Throw in yesterday.


OJ Howard pick up, picked up an Achilles injury. Evans had to go to the locker room to receive treatment. The surprising thing is that he was throwing the ball downfield after that pick six because that's where you see the game start to deteriorate, some with age. But the pick sixes are concerned. That's stuff that he just wouldn't do for his career. He thinks he can get to the ball in a window that he can't quite do.


It used to be like an alien landing on the field. It's like seeing Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers do something dumb in the red zone. Like when you see it happen, you're like, wait a minute, that's distorted. It's gotten to the point with some of the efficiencies of these quarterbacks, the guts that I'm surprised when there's any kind of inaccurate throw like any anything, anything that a guy's out of step open and the ball gets thrown over his head.


I'm surprised that it's gotten like Carson Wentz yesterday, Carson Wentz, who has nothing at the skilled positions, who's throwing everything for yards. Carson Wentz made a perfect throw late in that game to to save, you know, to save Philadelphia.


They go down from down fourteen eleven to winning the game from there as by the way, good Lord, good Lord, the interception thrown by who is it. Mullin's. What the hell is that quarterback Moreland's that the interception thrown by him for a pick six yesterday.


What the hell was that. Did you guys see. We got him benched. I mean he was being called he was being called a potential franchise quarterback.


Last week, C.J. Beathard came in, blathered game.


And if I want you to look up because you were probably sleeping at that point because it was late, I want you to look up the interception that Mullan's through to end that game essentially for San Francisco, because it's hard to explain. It's hard it's hard to explain a professional quarterback dropping back and being so locked in on the guy, taking the ten yard out that he throws it straight at a linebackers face facemask.


It's funny that tonight is the game that's postponed due to pandemic. Right? They reschedule that game when I don't think I've ever seen two teams more engulfed by injury than the Eagles, which I have no idea why they are always so hurt. Why are the Eagles always so hurt? And the Niners are super banged up, too. That was a MASH unit game.


What did Nick Mullin say? I mean, it's amazing. There's not a red jersey.


You know, it's very strange. I don't have any idea what he saw. One of the things right. We've talked a little bit about just the bare naked greed of the business aspect of sports that you see that the SEC in the ACC churn ahead and you saw what baseball did, which is just a grotesque distortion of everything that's happening in that sport with the short games. But when you look at the number of injuries going on in football, because they had no preseason, because of the idea that whether you're wrestlers or football players, your body needs to develop sort of the talent, we have to have a balanced viewpoint on the kallus bodies that have to go out there so that they're not enduring this uncommon injury, pain and the.


Number of injuries in that sport through a quarter of a season like rarely is the greed of sport laid this bear where you just see, oh, wow, OK, we're just going to stick a bunch of bodies in the wood chipper here. They're not really. This game is obviously inhumane. It's obviously violence for a paycheck. You're going to ravage your body in ways that you might feel in retirement. And also, as an added bonus, it's going to be even worse than normal.


And it's not just the Patriots flying into planes, flying on the day of the game, flying on the day of a game landing and then having to play a football game. It's also that there's just going to be carnage everywhere beyond even what you're used to. Stewardesses, weekend observations or next.