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Most vehicles, most locations. This is the 11th hour show with a still got Sparkasse.


We've been making phone calls to my father for more than a decade here to talk surreptitiously and possibly illegally taped phone calls with him, and one of the things that he said, because his energy was very low and it wasn't because he just woke up, we talked basketball, Marlins basketball, Marlins baseball with him, it was because he says he's a more seasoned fan now and he doesn't get carried away the way that he did in 2010 when, you know, he accidentally dropped his pants in the living room because he was so nervous during a Heat game.


He says he's a more seasoned fan. I tell you this only because there were a couple of results yesterday that were shocking, I believe, last year when there was a shocking result. Paul Pierce immediately said the Milwaukee Bucks were done and they won the next four games with that against the Celtics. I don't remember who it was against, but Paul Pierce said it was over. And we don't overreact around here to shocking results after game one. Except, Stuart, I've got after game one, Charles Barkley telling me that James Harden is better than Kobe and LeBron one on one.


And I've got Jay Williams saying that if Kawhi Leonard wins another championship and finals MVP, he's in the goat conversation to God. Yes. Jay Williams willing to put him in the goat conversation if if he wins another championship and finals MVP. So we will get to deconstructing. Basketball playoffs and overreacting and hyperventilating in a second, but before we do that, I want to talk to Christine Lacy because Stuart has been replaced, demoted on the sports update and Christine Lacy starts just texted me.


This is the tech string I just got from Stuart as Christine Lacy was doing her sports update, three texts in a row. She's definitely so much better than me.


But I'm tracking her mistakes with the second was the second text and then pressure. The third one was she's made none so far, unfortunately. So it's a flawless week.




But there's there's been a little unfairness. And I think Christine might agree with this. Christine, thank you for being on with us. Again, vastly more professional. We found on the sports updates. We didn't exactly want to sound more professional, but we are happy to have you around making it all more professional. I think she is aided those two guys. And this is unfair to you. We've always said around here that the music makes things better.


And usually the tinny house bands that ESPN goes to because they don't want to use copyrighted music are terrible. But she's got a certified banger behind her like it's not even fair what they're doing behind her. It's not like she's just better at this than you are. She also has, like, the music of momentum behind her. Christine, has the music ever been better behind you in your how many years have you been doing sports update 20 as what is the best music you've ever had behind you?


Is it this or is it something else? I like this.


This is pretty good. Although I have to say, when I I mean, outside of anchoring, I have to say when I did studio for the Hockey World Cup, that the national hockey night music is pretty cool too. But this is this is solid. The new SportsCenter theme. All right. All right. Here for me at the beginning, your little cheer. I like that. It is so strong. Yeah. Yeah. No, they are cheering for just you.


They're also chanting behind you. It's a bit tribal. It feels like like you really have a lot of support behind you as opposed to gods, which we were just trying to bury him all the time. He didn't have any support behind him. But there is a great breakdown by you from this standpoint. Christina Ricci was already the Barry Bonds of SportsCenter anchors, and that music makes the Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa. Come on. It's like steroids.


You don't need it.


Can you stop calling her Christina when her name's Christina?


What are the number of people in your life, Christine, that call you Christina? Is it just two? He can't even get that right.


No, it's actually quite a few because I'm Italian people, kind of even some I have some Italian relatives that live in Canada and they even even call me Christina as well my whole life. And I don't I don't crack them because, OK, it's OK.


We're going to call her Christina. It sounds like Østergaard is right then. OK, we're going to call her Christina. How do you feel before we get to this banging music? It sound. It doesn't roll off the tongue when you say DJ Williams of the Keyshawn Johnson, DJ Williams and Zubin Mohanty show, did they have a marketing meeting where they name that radio is notoriously terrible at names. We're terrible at names like it's not like we're creatively named.


But is that that seems like a place where you might slip up a little bit because that's not something that rolls off of the tongue. I would certainly slip up on that.


I'm not I'm not sure about the, you know, the naming process. I wasn't in those meetings, but we're just trying to, you know, introduce everybody to the new lineup and and given them a little bit more. They're right. I'd call crazy.


That's not a bad one. I like that. Yeah, just like that. Yeah. It'd be it'd be quicker and it just hard to get all those names out. I don't blame you, but you're doing it expertly and it sounds so much better. Let's go Bristol. Play that banger for me so people can enjoy the tribalism in it.


Their guitar solo in their. A stray section is someone playing a vigorously playing a harp in their. Yeah, I would have sounded better about that. Yeah, not much, but you wouldn't know much, but you would have sounded better, Christine, before or Christina before we get you out of here. Where have we ended up in terms of asking management whether or not we can get some?


And finally is in the sports updates, I think they're going to have to come outside of the updates.


We'll have to I don't know if after I do them, if you would like to chime in right out of the presider, finally I see the spot.


I could do that. I don't why don't we do this?


Why don't you just hang around and give us an end finally to start our segment. We'll just give it to you and then we'll do it. Have you gotten a veto like you ran this up the chain and it was rejected because they want to keep the again, 20, 20. You've got to get your sports and your highlights and your scores every half hour from an AM radio. Do they want you to just keep it there? And we can't do anything until the start of the next segment.


Are you willing to do that with us?


Yeah, outside of SportsCenter, because I believe the Sports Center is is should be a this is just my thought should be about sports and then maybe we could do the and finally after that, it's a totally fair point about the sports centers being about sports.


I will also say this. OK, to these two guys, me, please. Christine Lisi is a professional. She's a pro's pro. She is excellent at what she's done and has spent many, many years, decades OK, working on her craft. Leave her alone.


No, wait a minute. I don't know the words in my head. She didn't ask for any of it. All right?


She didn't ask for any of this. But don't leave her alone. Follow her on Twitter at ESPN, Christine. Yes, of course. Be nice to her. She we love Christine, OK? We love her and Christine. We don't really know her well.


You know, I thank you, Christine.


We'll talk later in free time for some at. I have an idea, guys, the sports center is supposed to be at sports, right?


What if we created and finally center get to work on it, get to work on it also, Chris, where are those apples that you're going to be bobbing for during the show today? We forgot to do that yesterday. Get to work on that, Billy. I do want. And finally, Senator, I'd like it by the end of the show. I'm Nidia CLB Travel. So we've got a different workflow around here as we try to pivot into the future and the future of the audio age, and we have an hour that is not on the radio that you can find the BSR, where the big Stewy Phinney is very excited about it.


And today, Aaron Rodgers, you don't usually hear him like this. Aaron Rodgers spends like 40 minutes with us on the big Stewy Hour. We will play a four or five minute clip for you here on the radio show. But it's a longer conversation. And I don't think that this is an Aaron Rodgers that you guys have heard very often. He's always very nice to our show for whatever his reasons are. And so you could check some of that out on the Big Stewy Hour and we will play for you five minutes in the 11:00 hour.


But I wanted to talk a little bit, Stuart, about what happened in basketball yesterday, because in terms. Of that sport being predictable and usually the best team wins, and it's very obvious that a one seed almost always beats an acid eight seed. You got all chalk all the games, except you got the best possible result. If you guys want to wonder about the bubble and how the bubble is going to affect things, you've actually seen that the two best teams in the league far and away the entire sport throughout the regular season pre pandemic were the Lakers and the Bucks.


But the two teams that have been altered the most since being in the bubble where you're like, wait a minute, that doesn't even look like the same team. They're vulnerable, or the Lakers and the Bucks, the one seed. And while normally you don't want to overreact to any one game, none of us could possibly analyze correctly how the bubble is going to make a difference because we don't have any precedent. So Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press is saying in the bubble, counting everything from July 30th until now for all twenty two teams, the Lakers are in three point shooting.


Twenty second, twenty first in scoring, 20th in field goal percentage, nineteen in two point field goal percentage out of thirty teams. They were 17th in three percentage seventh in scoring first and field goal percentage second in two point field goal percentage when they were outside of the bubble. Now they're playing there.


Like you said. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt of the game here because they are playing their first meaningful games inside the bubble. Portland. It seemed like every game they played since they've been inside the bubble has been meaningful. So they're more custom to play maybe that kind of game, that style of game, that playoff atmosphere type game where the Lakers just haven't done it yet.


Fair enough. There is no disputing of that. But the Bucs, any question you have about the Bucs, they gave it to you, the reasons for it yesterday, because nobody believes in the Orlando Magic and the Bucs kept punching back and the magic kept holding them off. And keep in mind, the Lakers didn't make the playoffs last year in Portland, made it all the way to the Western Conference finals. So maybe it's been a while for LeBron in the playoffs.


Who knows? But Portland's playing very well right now. It's a very difficult, unfair matchup, one eight.


It was funny to see Stu got all of the things OK that we have seen from LeBron in a Cleveland uniform where you're, again looking up and you're saying, wait a minute, he's doing everything. Where's everyone else?


Like, again, we're here. Like, they just traded everybody for Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis has got to be a fountain of youth for LeBron James. He's got to be. And he was terrible yesterday like he was. Anthony Davis is one of the best players in that league. But the Lakers haven't won a playoff game in two years with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Absolutely. Yesterday confirmed anyone who's having those Anthony Davis down, saying that's not good enough.


Like that was laughable. When you consider people are saying and probably it's a good argument that Anthony Davis is the second best player or the best teammate that LeBron has ever had. OK, they tend to ignore Chris Bosh and they make it either between Dwayne Wade and Anthony Davis. And a lot of people pick Anthony Davis. And you just saw in a playoff scenario, Anthony Davis hasn't had a whole lot of that in a playoff scenario. You just saw Anthony Davis betray LeBron James.


LeBron James went to a fountain of youth and the water was like it was in Flint, Michigan. It was contaminated.


The the people who say anything but Dwayne Wade, those people are wrong. And really, when you look at LeBron James game yesterday and he gave you twenty three, seventeen and sixteen in a playoff game.


No, he was alone out there. He was alone out there. And and Lillard sliced his throat from against two cuts. He's doing this bleep or he comes over the half court line in tight games with three minutes left and just says Yeah come on out here. Anthony Davis on the double team. I'm going to shoot it in your face from a half court and I'm going to make it.


Neither team can stop what the other team does. Well, and for one game in this series, Damian Lillard best was better than what LeBron team's best is. But the Lakers offense looks terrible and has looked terrible since it got back from the pandemic. Like that doesn't look right. And so I understand that if you want to doubt the Lakers and the Bucks yesterday was exactly the results you needed in order to do this.


We're a team. We've changed the NBA math. You need three now. We're all going to two. They have as strong a two in the league, but it's a very strange roster build out, especially with injuries to Rondo and Avery Bradley. They're missing key pieces and they're piecing this together.


Might not be enough, but make what you can have is the other team's number two. And yesterday it happened where CJ McCollum was. Other than Anthony Davis, that can't happen to the Lakers, it cannot happen. Let's go. My private jet isn't going to fuel itself. Sports, whoa, sports.


And probably what we should be saying is, hey, the Lakers lose every time when they go five or thirty one from three lose every single game. They'll lose to anybody in the history of the league if they keep going. Five, four. Thirty one from three. All right. There is not a lot of room to move here because of the amount of reading and ads and things happening around here. And also they're not allowing us to infect the precious sacred sports spaces where Christine Lacy, maximum professional, exists.


So we have to do this awkwardly outside. The sports are in a bubble. We're outside the bubble. We like to do a radio show that goes in and out of sports. They're keeping the two separate. Right now, our entire lineup at ESPN Radio is all sports, all sports. But we need to get back to doing some of the stuff that we do. So awkward, though it may be. Let's try an end finally with Christine Lacy, where we have the music that we need to get this done.


And finally, potato chip bags aren't full of air. It's nitrogen gas that prevents them from oxidizing and going stale.


Say that wasn't. Yes, but it's a mistake because we didn't give out any notice and it wasn't even a minute. And and we made this hard. And that was what what you're supposed to read these things before they happen. We just threw this out. We just threw this out. Or seconds ago. She didn't have time to do this. OK, I didn't know that. I usually get my twenty four hours in advance.


So you're right. So we're trying we're trying to trick her up. We're trying to trip her up. Thank you, Christine. We'll get back to you. We want to do one of those every time. So let's keep doing the end. Finally is at the start of segments until we beat that dead horse and then everyone gets tired of it.


It's a little disjointed, but it is just a little so getting back. Thank you, Christine. Appreciate your time.


We will keep coming back to you so out. It's not merely that the Lakers have been bad in the bubble because they have had and this is the testicles, so. Four of their worst offensive games of the season have come in the bubble, four of their five worst. And here's the biggest problem. The Trailblazers stink at defense. They stink at defense. They're really bad. And still, the Lakers were out there laboring because they couldn't make their threes.


They're really bad. Did you made a great point in that first segment because the way the NBA season was down, the fact that we had to have a restart that allowed Nurkic to come back for Portland. He's their third best player and that makes Carmelo their fourth best player.


And so these teams and perhaps we didn't see this coming. These teams look vastly different. They really do. It's a great point you made in that first segment. Lakers don't look like the Lakers we saw in the regular season and the Blazers look like a better blazer team right now.


Nurkic Nurkic is important to them but the Lakers and this needs to be said every time you get one of these surprising results in basketball. The Lakers star got on wide open three pointers when the closest defender is six plus feet away. Two for 16 on threes, right? Like, that's not that's the that's the trailblazers being terrible at defense and the Lakers simply missing two of 16 on wide open three pointers where a defender is not within six feet.


I do understand that we make this mistake all the time, but these playoffs are different when you take the arenas out of it. They're not accustomed to the sight lines. And I think the one seeds go into it and they're like, wow, we used to have a distinct advantage. We worked hard forward its home court advantage. It's thirty thousand fans screaming. We got our home court, our side lines, our baskets that we're familiar with.


And now they have a game to where there are no fans on a neutral court. I mean, it's just it's a totally different mentality. And I wonder if that plays into it on both sides where Portland says to themselves, hey, we just got to win a game two on a neutral court, enough to win it in L.A. We've got one right here.


All right. And we can because it's hard to analyze this. All right. We can analyze it that way.


Stewart's, which is fans, fans, aren't there no home, home court or because there are outliers throughout the playoffs and because there's data that can help us understand what we just saw. According to Second Spectrum, the Lakers in transition in game one in transition. Stewart well, that's where they want to play in transition, right? Shot. Twenty seven percent. Now, let me explain to you how bad that is. Nineteen misses in transition, most by any team, regular season or playoff game since Second Spectrum began tracking it in 2013, like it's just that it was a weird game.


They missed all their jumpers and they missed all their easy shots in transition. And Portland's still terrible defense and they were still up six with a few minutes left. And then Damian Lillard just scored more than all the Lakers the last few minutes. It's a make or Miss League, Dana.


Thank you, Scott. That's the analysis I've come to expect from you. Make or miss and fans are the reason the teams win or lose. That's it. Thank you for all your help during that segment, sort of dissecting basketball analysis in the way that we have promised the audience we do it better around here than anybody does. Stan Van Gundy will help us tomorrow in ways that students will not help us today.


I complimented your point about Nurkic I mean Nurkic Let's go a private jet this going to feel itself different team has Portland to this is unfair a little bit unfair. Fees are two separate seasons. I don't know. I'm keeping an eye on the bubble. I don't know what to do with this. I really don't.


So we've made fun of the gods before of whenever a new talk show appears on television, you will see that on the first show. It's a shiny new set and the guests are amazing. And then the second television show is a local chef making a pasta primavera because it is hard to keep up the pace on enormous guests names on a show that is daily. And so you have seen all around us here a real plethora of great guests on ESPN Radio.


We are not the great guest show because I tend to ruin those relationships with awkward interviews. But for whatever reason, Aaron Rodgers likes talking to the show. And Aaron Rodgers will play a clip about five minutes from a digital hour that we did. You could get it digitally, but you will hear from Aaron Rodgers five minutes or so, you will hear from him in about 12 minutes. But what I wanted to ask you, because I think it's funny, whenever this show and it's rare, but whenever this show gets a guest, there's a funny tension between us and ESPN and SportsCenter because they want the sound bite of Aaron Rodgers talking football, talking Jordan love.


And I'm simply not going to ask him about those things, which is part of why he comes on with us. So we ask him about UFOs instead and we just ask him about other stuff because he doesn't really actually want to talk football when he's on with us.


Let me be very clear to the people here at ESPN, OK, we don't not ask him those questions because we don't want to ask those questions. Dan doesn't. I do. OK, we will not get Aaron Rodgers the second we start asking those questions anywhere near the show. Therefore, as Dan pointed out, we stay far, far away from Jordan Love. Maybe Aaron Rodgers is using us like he's gaming the system because he knows, hey, if I go on with them and we talk about UFOs, I don't have to talk about it.


And then when Monday Night Football comes along, I can be like, listen, I did 40 minutes with ESPN a month ago. So we're good right now. Like, I don't need to do any more. Yes. You know what?


I've actually talked to him about this. No, he doesn't. One time answers the Jordan love question so it could be done with it and then go on the shows where he doesn't have to do the daily stupidity of we actually talk to him about him in this conversation, where he talks about where he decided how he was going to change with the media and why. Because I was asking him, like, why do you need any of this? Like, why do you have to do any of this?


You're you don't you shouldn't have to be out there. But he has reasons for doing what little that he does. And the other thing that makes it interesting to me is he's smarter than most of the people who are talking to him and so he can handle the narrative without being dragged down into places that he doesn't want to talk about. He we talk to about a number of different things. But one of them was his frustration with how his sport is covered, how he is covered, because the way that he's covered is pretty stupid.


When you consider a grand majority of the people criticizing him don't understand how hard it is to do his job. And so it's a funny dynamic with all the people in sports who are at the top where contractually because of the league partnership, they are obligated to do a certain amount of boring appearances that are not stimulating, that are just absolutely something that are obligations. And so when Aaron Rodgers does the stuff, he wants to enjoy himself. He wants it to be stimulating.


He doesn't want it to be boring questions, cliche, robotic quarterback answers.


But usually it drives our bosses crazy that this show this is a show that Good Aaron gets Aaron Rodgers and stupidity, me and Chris Coady, where the show that gets Tom Brady.


I don't think I don't think it drives them crazy. I think that they get very mad at us and take away your sports updates and then make us two hours because we don't get out of them what ESPN wants to get out of them. Instead, we're talking to Aaron Rodgers about UFOs. But if you want to watch us tomorrow in an area where it's a little bit different, we're going to watch a game outside of ESPN. We're going to watch a playoff game.


We're going to watch Heat Pacers. Tony has been working on the specifics of this. What can you tell the audience, Tony, in terms of where they can watch Heat Pacers with us tomorrow at one o'clock? Sort of with us, virtually with us to the degree that we can do it, because we don't know if we're going to be able to pull any of this off. We're pretty amateur, as you've probably noticed. Dan, we're going to be on Twitter, which and it's going to be Batard and friends, no empathy and just the word and Libertador and friends on Twitter.


The game obviously is he Pacer's at one o'clock and we'll be going live very close to that. It's going to be looking pretty good. I've already seen some some original sketches on how it looks and I'm excited.


What is Twitch and what's an ampersand?


Very good. We should probably explain to the audience how we're going to do this on Twitter. I tried to get Mike Ryan on a DJ set on Twitch. He never got his audio right. I struggled with all of the video game elements of it for about, I don't know, 80 minutes or so. Are we a confident in any way that we're going to be able to pull this off? Mike Ryan, this has been a training project, so I don't feel like Mike Ryan has any understanding of what we're about to embark on.


I've tried Twitch. It's a very tricky platform at the beginning, and there's all sorts of bandwidth issues. And I got the hang of it after a little bit at the initial go as a tire fire, as I anticipate this one might be. I am extremely confident that we are going to be able to put together something that people are going to like and people are going to be able to watch. Do I have to join Twitch? I mean, how does this work?


Tony, you might want to get with Stewart's on that one because he was using his microphone wrong for six months. Like, if you haven't handled that portion of it, your confidence needs to go way down. You're a little too confident if you have not got like I'm not confident Stewart is going to get to where he's supposed to be at the appointed time. So I don't know why you would be confident that Stewart is going to figure out Twitch in the next 24 hours.


But regardless if you want to watch this game with us tomorrow, virtually watch he pacer's, you might be able to do it if we can successfully marching band to somewhere where he got here after the dunk levitated showdown.


So he doesn't have that, which could be good because he doesn't have that in his memory, but it could be bad because he doesn't have that in his memory.


The dunk let Batard show. For those of you who do not know, we tried to do this once with ESPN, with lights, with cameras. It was an unmitigated disaster. I Khursheed Mike Ryan was a bit of a mess. Mike Ryan was talk about this anymore. Mike Ryan was sitting on the floor in the middle of a dirty room at the end of two hours late two though dead.


At the end of it, Mike Ryan was sitting on the floor and saying it can't go any worse than this. And then a waitress showed up and handed him the check out.


Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers, next.