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This is the down labor part, sure, with this still got Sparkasse. I think I heard a mistake, by the way, it would be her third of the week, I think she tripped up on Willard's last name. So I have I'm keeping a running tab here. I have a card and index card. She's made only two mistakes. I would make that per update, but she's made that all week. I believe she just made her third if we want to go back to the tape.


All right. Well, let's see if we can go back to her here and get the audio a little bit better. You were saying, Christine, I'm sorry about McCarthy.


Yes. Yeah. I think that it it fits in with the show in the useless montage of NFL sound you play every Monday.


Well, yes, OK. Yeah, we felt like it did. But it sounds good, though. That's the thing. One of the things that's great about not just the update sounding good, him saying it sounds good. Yes. I want my coach to say I don't know what you're doing if you're not here to win the Super Bowl.


I know it went like when they say that, like, you know, I'm a Bills fan, so I will just use the Patriots, like, when they like, oh, you know, Super Bowl, we that's our goal every year. Well, no kidding. Right? In every sport, every team, every sport. That's why you're here. I like that.


Take Christy, will you be honest with me? I have an index card. You've made two mistakes thus far. Just tell us something off the grid. Listen, did you trip up on Damiens last name? I did a little bit. I think you're going to catch Fortunate.


I did a little bit. Wait a minute. Does it sound like Strogatz is rooting against you? Christina does. OK, that's OK. I'm sorry he's putting that kind of pressure on you aren't that bad. You had an issue with his name.


I don't know why. It's always been a little bit of an issue for. All right. Oh God. Eye on you. He doesn't have an eye on that bubble anymore because he's not interested in the NBA playoffs. Thank you for being on with us. We will come back to you in a little while. You got a little unruly because I want to get to this George Karl Mark Jackson beef because it's nice and spicy. And I want to get to the Lakers and how Anthony Davis was very much a fountain of youth for LeBron.


That's exactly what it's supposed to look like on the days. LeBron can't bring it. That's why Anthony Davis is there. But still got I've got a problem on my hands here, Mike. Stewart appears to be jealous of the essay that we did during the best hour, he doesn't like that we're making some changes around here. There are some adjustments that we've had to make because corporate is throwing a lot of things at us. And as we make these adjustments, we're bringing you content in a different space than usual.


The third hour of the radio show can be had digitally. Mike, like the the BBC's hour today, more than anything we've done this week. And it's got an essay in it. And I find that Stewart is jealous of every time I write an essay, even though no one at ESPN seems to want my essays because they don't want them on highly questionable, they don't want them on SportsCenter. So the essays are very Bob Costas. I'm not even sure the audience wants them.


Every time that I go falutin with with an essay, I don't think the audience wants it. It doesn't look from the look on his face like he wants them to take a hint.


If everybody is saying we don't need this and maybe just don't waste your time writing them, I feel like if it's Rick Riley, I definitely don't want it OK with you. It's debatable, but I feel like if someone's going to deliver me an essay, I feel like Tom Rinaldi is the greatest ever of it. And he's really, at this point in my life, the only one I want to hear doing an essay. That's all I'm saying. But we were laughing and we said maybe on Monday, perhaps I will do a Mezzeh.


How about that? He wants this fagots, wants to do it because he wants an essay to God's wants to do MSA it making a mess or is it something on Lionel Messi? Oh, I must say Messi.


Are you going to do it because you don't actually do anything? Like when it comes to writing, you always say, I'm going to do this thing and I'm still waiting for you to do a personal record book that you said like Billy Refuse. Billy's looking real good right now. You got you were going to do it. You're stuck at his personal record book. And he said, I'm not getting involved with that project and it'll never get done. And even if it got done and I did it, I'd never get any pay.


And here we are. It's the easiest thing in the world. All you got to do is give ten thousand dollars to somebody to do it for you and you haven't done anything on it.


But I can tell no, Billy, he's the big winner today, but eventually he'll be the big loser once I get this thing done. Might tried to do it with me. He gave up very quickly and I don't blame him. I tried to lock me in a hotel room for a weekend to knock the thing out. The big benefactor here is going to be stands. It could be reduced to poverty by podcast. We have eight chapters done. That's all I'm telling you right now.


We have eight chapters short chapters. I want them to be short, but they are eight chapters. They are completed and he is going to make bank stew. If you want to get something done, you know who to go to. I took care of the twitch yesterday. I'll I'll take care of the record book. We can make it happen. Right. Wow.


OK, Anthony is back. He did take care of the twins yesterday. We successfully did something and the only time it was unsuccessful is when there was an interloper from the outside. Lorenzo, the record of everything made an appearance and just urinated and pooped on everything we were doing. As soon as we went to one of our old standbys, he wrecked everything. Billy, you're not going to defend Lorenzo on this. He was an unmitigated disaster on that twitch yesterday, and he's in keeping with why it is we're marching band that always marches into a corner of the room.


No, I mean, he was he was horrible yesterday. Couldn't figure out how to turn on his microphone. It was a disaster. I was going to say in terms of the record book, I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed because I think the fans already made one to have it for sale on the Internet. So I think you already beat to your own record book the fans just put together for you.


Hold on a second, Tony. This is the voice of wisdom here. When Billy comes to you and says, look, there's a lot of betrayal with stewards on this resume. Be careful. Like this is the this is a version of the show cheaters like where where you get women together and they're saying, don't be with that man because he will break your heart. He can't be faithful. Billy is giving you the voice of experience. He is the ex-girlfriend has been betrayed, making transactions with Stuart for a long time and never ending up with actual money, success or results.


It's not just that, though, Anthony. If they're telling you they can just give you ten thousand dollars, you know, there's a lot more than ten thousand dollars in this. It's two guys has his own golf cart.


Here's the thing, right? Playing with the show Cheaters. I can be the one to change him, though. That's the different. I see.


This is the mistake everyone makes with this thing. They're rubbish. They all think they're the world. I they're the one. They're going to make an honest man out of you. And I'll listen to me. Listen to me carefully, OK? That will never be an honest man. And he will never be made an honest man by anyone in the universe. I love the confidence from Tony right now because he is the host of Cheater's Cocky, Confident, even the way that he delivers his lines.


It's the exact same way the host found himself stabbed.


So we always get a lot of complaints around here, social media put this on the pole, please, Guillermo at Libertador Show, Does social media exist just as a poison? Well, for complaint and we've been getting a lot of complaints this week because people like their familiar like their routine. And we want your feedback on what it is that we're doing, even though you are hypercritical and very often entitled, because we know we have messed up your rhythms here with how it is that we're distributing the show.


Billy, please take up the voice of the fan here because you're tired of me. I've gotten the complaint all this week. Stop explaining the show. Stop repeating yourself. I'm trying to set something up over the course of a very difficult audio week. I'm trying to set up for the audience that we're listening to them and we know that their schedule has been bleeped with it's not our fault. We're trying for them, for them and by extension, for us, because we could use the support around here.


We're trying to figure out how to get them the content, the way that they're used to getting the content. So, Billy, why are you making faces here on behalf of the poor little fan who is is complaining that we're not doing quite enough work this week?


Just just ignore them. That's what we have to do. Just ignore them and things will work themselves out as they do. Don't go on Reddit. Don't go on Twitter. Just kind of follow your vision.


No, but here's the thing. People that listen don't invite criticism because then you get mad when they know.


But I'm not. No, but this is their voice. I'm inviting the feedback and I'm inviting everything that is a part of this week as we get to change, because when we initially started, highly questionable, that's a hell of a run for a television show. We're going to be a ten years like television shows don't last that long. When we initially started in the initial days, OK, it had a Max Headroom vibe. It's a very old reference, but there were basically splice cuts on the editing and people reacted very poorly to it.


And their feedback was helpful in that we immediately left behind something that we were going to be doing that was a part of the structure of the building of the show. We left it behind in a couple of days, never to return to it. So I actually want the feedback. It's just that the whimpering is kind of excessive when you're looking at we've done this for five days trying to make a transition that none of us wanted to make on our own that was forced upon us.


And so I actually want to ask Mike about how people should consume this. But Stewart, before we get to the Lakers, before we get to George Karl and Mark Jackson, what advice do you have for me?


Well, first I was going to say a ten year run. Congratulations. I had no idea. That is a long run on TV dance. Other TV show, The Art of Conversation lasted two episodes, just to put it in perspective. Yes.


So that that's the way that, you know. Yes. That usually it's really hard to keep a television show afloat.


But it Dan's defense. What I would tell you is ability just just so we're clear, like one of our long time listeners who listens, that consumes the show on a daily basis. OK, his name is Jesse. He has reached out to me and he's asked me, hey, how exactly do I listen to this? And so in Dan's defense, he is trying to explain it to people who have consumed this thing one way for a very long time.


He's asking, in what order should I listen to this stuff? What is it? I respond to the way Billy would, hey, figure it out, do OK.


And Mike. Mike, that's fine. Yeah, you guys figure it out. And Mike is sitting here trying to get people the things in order so that they're the big complaint we're getting is that because we're putting the digital hour out and the local our out so close to the radio show that people can't listen to the radio show live because they're trying to catch up, is that something that's going to change? Is that something we can change? Yeah, sure.


You guys want to get in at five thirty? Let's do it.


No, listen, I think you can dismiss those criticisms out of hand because in terms of, like, how most people consume our show, nothing has changed except they get us earlier on their phone. Most people listen to us on demand. I have the metrics to back this up. So while I trust me, I wanted to say live on national radio, too. And a lot of people enjoy the listening live experience. You have your choice. You can still listen to us live.


I mean, you can listen to the local hour and big suey. Sometimes what we're discussing on the national show is a callback to that, but most times they live independently. So if you're alive, listen or go ahead and listen, live and get back to local area, big city at your kind of leisure. But in terms of a listening experience, there's more of us and it's sooner on your phone. So it's a win for the audience.


So that's what we're dealing with here. And I know you're tired of hearing from us on this subject, and you won't anymore. For next week, all I've been doing this week is sort of trying to help set people up for what the future's going to look like, I'm not going to keep doing this the way we've been doing it this week. I'm not going to keep referencing these things. But most people listen to our audience is different. OK, you guys eat it all up.


But most people listening on radio, they're coming in and out of their car on radio. Most people listening does terrestrially don't even know that we're no longer on in the noon hour and find out when they're like, why Mike Greenberg here when they get into their car one time.


It's been a self-involved segment, but I do want to echo the sentiments that Sue got shared. Congratulations. Ten years on a highly questionable, not easy an establishment program. I have immense respect for you and Bomani Jones, the people that carried that show, but I can't help but find it funny. As immensely talented as you and Bomani are, you guys try to spread your wings without the old man? And how'd that work out for you guys?


Hold that thought. Let's sell some ads and say you don't want on the big suing.


Get it on demand whenever you want it.


When you want to go beyond the highlight, there's the ESPN Daily podcast, go deeper to the stories of the moment, get the exclusive access and insider perspective that only ESPN can give you. That's ESPN Daily podcast hosted by Pablo Turei. Subscribe and start listening today.


Wherever you listen to podcast, do we get advertising on Pablo Torie's podcast as Pablo Torre read stuff for Lieberthal and friends and for us? Or do we just read stuff for Pablo Tourie?


How does that work? No, come on. Oh, no, no. That's not how that one works. We just read it for them. But it's a fair question. Like Mike, I do a promo before stupidity for the Woge pod almost on a weekly basis. Is Woj doing that for us? Occasionally, yeah.


No, occasionally either. There's like sort of like a pod sort of partnership amongst the podcast and the ESPN umbrella, where sometimes if you listen to Marty Smith's America, he'll promote stupidity. There is that. But ESPN Daily has certainly been prioritized by ESPN. Aren't can we stop doing that, though?


No, no, not at all. It's important we care about public. We don't care about Pablo, but we want Pablo to care about us.


I feel like Pablo didn't care about us. If you watch the twitch yesterday, Pablo Torre, while he was recording ESPN Daily, jumped into the twitch. It was it was wildly popular, that twitch thing.


Pablo had me on ESPN Daily then. He cares.


Christine, I'm sorry. Please continue.


And finally, there's a three hundred ninety three year old reland shark that was discovered in the Arctic Ocean. It's been wandering the ocean since sixteen, twenty seven. It is the second oldest living vertebrate known on the planet behind Greg Codi Blizzard.


That was so good. I'll take one of your mistakes off, Christine. Put it on the board, please. Guillermo at Lieberthal show, did you know that there could be such a thing as an animal, as a shark? Right. That's been with us since sixteen, twenty seven. That's ridiculous. Tim Kurkjian going to join us to get in about 20 minutes. Jim Belushi, as we continue to try to skew younger. Jim Belushi is going to join us as well in the eleven o'clock Eastern hour sitcoms.


I want to get to this quote here from George Karl, because you rarely see coaches go at each other publicly. Coaches really protect each other. Coaches become broadcasters and they still protect each other. But here is George Karl, who's always done stuff like this. George Karl is totally OK slicing people and he says after hearing Mark Jackson's criticism. On television, he tweeted out, quote, I heard Mark Jackson is taking shots at my defensive coaching during tonight's broadcast.


Remind me, how many all star teams did you coach, Mark? How many deportees, how many finals appearances? And this is the killer right here. You got how many of my teams became dynasties right after I left.


Oh, oh, oh. Oh, my God. I good Lord. He chose the nuclear option. To be fair, that's only happened once to Mark Jackson.


It has only happened once to pretty much anybody but Baron Davis, to God, our friends. I don't know who to call here, George Karl or Baron Davis, because Baron Davis comes after George Karl with how are you considered a Hall of Fame coach when you ruin more careers than you help, we may be deceiving. So who should we call here? A friend of the show, George Karl or Baron Davis?


I feel like George Karl. I'm going to have his number. I feel like he'll respond quicker. He'll be on time. Barens kind of hit or miss. He gave us a great week. I love him. I think George Karl is the safer play here just because I feel pretty confident in our ability to get him over the next 90 minutes or so. George Karl, you're right, though, is not afraid to take swipes at barbs at anyone.


I mean, he's just he's he's crazy that way.


How many of my teams became dynasties right after I left is just a killer of a sentence. But he also mentioned and I always love when people do this because they don't say defensive player of the year to worry. Everybody's in a big hurry. They've got to shorten it to deploy. Which reminds me of this song about Draymond Green. Billy said something that I found simply shocking to Godse. And I believe that everyone here that is within the sound of my voice is also going to find shocking, even though I am someone who doesn't want to overpromise and under deliver, Billy said.


The NFL starts in less than three weeks. That is shocking, Billy.


Why should you believe? That's why I double checked the NBA playoffs. All right, so we've got Tim Kurkjian here in a little while, that looks like game is very popular. It's actually I think it's supplanted Ron McGill as the most popular segment we do, making Tim Kurkjian giggle. But what's happening? Why is Tony's hands and his head? Is this something that can be on air? Why is Billy distracting me? What's happened here?


Well, then Chris has been with his mike unmuted here during the Zoome. So you heard him humming along. You just heard him sneeze. He's doing a lot of weird things of this mike on.


OK, thank you. Are all of those things on air carrying on the family tradition of coatis who ruin the show accidentally?


No, it's not on air because I always have to. You always have to leave room for a Cody being a coyote.


I'd like to dominate weekend observations or your essays as most popular segments as well.


I was going to say making Chris.


But we all have our we'll put them all on the pole, put them on camera, put them all on the pole. What is your favorite segment? And then just put those specific options just to see how few votes Dan's essays get. I mean, if it's one thing my naked Chris naked Chris, I want naked.


What happened to the naked Chris show? Why? How often did you do that, Chris Cody you were doing? I really enjoyed the idea that you were trying to create the visual for the listener, trying to create the, you know, in a radio studio, nude, freckled, pale, heavyset, sitting in a radio chair this way while doing a radio show. How long did that last?


Well, don't forget that I always kept my shoes on because the floors were sticky and I always wore a hat because that's my thing. But so other than that, I didn't do it because, you know, I wasn't like, you know, Billy and Mike would sometimes try to, like, hijack the segment and stuff. I don't know. I just I started just doing naked Chris bits just as myself, because it was like my chance to be wacky.


But now I just do that stuff all the time. So they merge naked.


Chris, do we need more naked? Chris, do people miss naked? I mean, after this conversation, Naked Chris returns next week on the local. Oh, wow.


OK, so so we're going to get next week a promised Mezzeh from Stewart, who's going to who's going to write that for him? But he's going to read it better. All right.


So next week you have that to look forward to. Allegedly, I feel pretty comfortable that we will remember not terribly comfortable because we forget things around here to do naked. Chris? Well, I should phrase that differently, to have the Naked Chris segment done next week and also a message by Stewart's. But these are the contractually obligated three minutes that every radio and television show at ESPN is contractually obligated to talk about what happened with LeBron James last night. It's a little known contract clause that was snuck in by Maveron Carter when no one was looking and has been a source of what ESPN does for about ten straight years.


More so now than ever, though. LeBron coverage last night, two guys, you see, for all the flaws in their blueprint for all the Dion Waiters and J.R. Smith mixing and matching that the Lakers have to do in a panic, you saw exactly why it is that LeBron James wanted to pair up with Anthony Davis as the person who's going to keep him young, because the thing that happens with excellence, even excellence of LeBron James, his caliber, is that you can do it consistently, less often.


LeBron James throws in great game after great game. They lost the game that he was great in game one. But yesterday was a 2010 Dallas Mavericks type stinko from LeBron James and they won anyway.


It helped that Damian Lillard got hurt, but the the the Trailblazers had their worst offensive game of the season of the entire season. They've been averaging one hundred and twenty six in these games in the bubble and they scored eighty eight.


Sorry, I just want to clap it up for a one seed tying a series, one one with the HCN. That incredible, incredible Anthony Davis for playing like an all star is amazing. But then they really did.


They were aided by the fact you're right, that Lillard and CJ McCollum twelve of thirty from the field, but the Blazers did what they had to do. They stole home court and as this thing heads back to the Rose Garden, we'll see what happens.


I mean, one of the toughest places to play in the NBA, he figures he's going to keep writing that joke like I went home smiling yesterday after a very long day for two reasons, OK? Because you referred to Sam Hankey, you said more like Sam Stinky and because and because Stew got yesterday. And this has to be a world record for anybody, but especially for got. You got spent four hours doing nothing but making the joke over and over again about home court advantage in the bubble.


It was four hours. It was unrelenting. Still, God's making the joke about splitting on the road, even though everyone's playing in the same place at Disney World.


Why? And if there's children listening, please change the station. Now, why couldn't they just send the mascot costumes to the bubble and have a mascot just in the different mascot costume shooting t shirts at the virtual fans or something like why couldn't we do that?


Because each team was allowed. Thirty seven people only and a whole lot of team employees that want to be in the bubble aren't allowed to be in the bubble in the mascot mascots. Not important.


No. You get a universal mascot that just changes costume to costume, depending on who the hell understood the math.


Thank you, Billy Kurkdjian next.