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This is the eleventh hour. Sure, we've still got Sparkasse. Mike Ryan has had no time over the last few days to do much of anything or weeks or even months in terms of maybe not just creative fun, having creative meetings instead of engineering meetings and meetings about bills and meetings, about audio. And so what has leaked out of him creatively at a time that he's handling a bunch of garbage that isn't creative is just the bare minimum effort of a radio segment called yea or Nay or.


It's like trying at all. It's ridiculous. It is lazy producing of the highest order. But before we get to a new segment that I can't imagine what it's about 10 years of evolution on highly questionable, where the only Latin thing was my father in the words si no that anyone understands. Now, Mike has decided you I'm going to bring in an evolution ten years later into Pirate Yard or Norge.


I'm glad you have the C or no experience. It's going to be crucial for this bit in that it's the exact same bit.


All right. Except not in Spanish. Before we get to that, though, and before we get to why it is that Chris Coady is shirtless, if you're just joining the twitch later in the day, it's a Yorga Nargiz.


Yes or no? You got it.


Oh, wow. Before we get to that, though, I want to marvel at this creature you got, because for a number of different reasons. If you have watched over the last, what was it, eight years that we were on ESPN, it was a weird thing for us to be a part of. We never really fit there. They never really understood what we were doing. And we were immature and they were not. And then we left after eight years.


But one of the things that I think was eight years, right? Eight years, nine years. Eight yard yard.


Yes. You're going to get this game.


One of the things that we were trying to do while there, the whole goal as a whispered secret to the audience, can you believe we're here? How we got here? What do you mean? He's feuding with Wilbourne and running on the set of Sports Nation. It's the guys he shouldn't be allowed in any of these places. They're professional places. Why aren't the guardrails stopping him, the electrical fences? And so the whole goal was have him climb to the top of that ridiculous four to six mountain at ESPN.


We're only serious journalists talking about serious journalism things and see if we could get Stewardson around the horn. And one day God bless PTI and then just have him be at the top of sports as the sports fan. And it got derailed right toward the finish line. We didn't quite get there.


All right. We got the college game day. We we didn't quite get to the top of the mountain. But the great thing, Mike, before we get to your grandma, I thought that was the top of the mountain.


No, before we get to the north, the great thing about this do got a sense everything is now. Kind of quietly in a way that's super amazing. The top of the mountain foresta got as great as these things are, college, game day or talking wherever, Monday Night Football, the top of the mountain over there was not achievable. But on his podcast, stupidity in a playground made a mess just by him and all the garbage he is rot and greed.


He is wrought over 15 20 years counts is having the Jets coach on, which is kind of his dream in terms of afternoon sports talk in this business. The last Jets coach was legitimately got his friend. He would text with the Jets coach and now at the top of sports or at the bottom of the top of sport or at the bottom of the bottom of sports, two gods has a relationship with the Jets coach and interviews him immediately on stupidity they granted to God in the pirate ship, to gods in his own world.


Over here in the corner is getting the best guess that the pirate ship has gotten so far. The pirate ship has been a month. You're floating at sea and we haven't got a guest of the stature of the new Jets coach because we are barnacles on this sport. We did have Aaron Rodgers. I'll remind you of that. OK, fair enough.


Second best guess, and I'm still mad at Rodgers because he's given McCaffrey all of those. He's given McCaffrey all of it. And that should be ours. We should be in that playpen, not McCaffrey.


Well, the season's over. And Roger said he was a free agent when it was time to get out.


I wanted to get it, Mike. I wanted to do a weekly show with him at ESPN. We could have been doing this already.


Yeah, he's getting paid by Patinack and we will add him to the list.


Hey, Bob, I know I'm the and Bob's a bigger priority right now.


I know, but we want A-Rod don't play. I mean, we would like A-Rod and Aaron Rodgers. I mean, I'd like which one would you like more? Why did you just do A-Rod?


Because you don't know Roger you up so commonly referred to as A-Rod. Sometimes. Sometimes, yeah. Yeah. Which A-Rod would you rather have your network poddy, the Jets coach. How did that feel? Can we call him by his name. I don't think we know his name. His voice. Sexy Salus. His name is Robert Saola. Got a receiver once called Greg Salis. Yes. It's a confusion.


I am not certain. Outside of Dan Campbell, there's any coach that could take my coach, so I feel good about that. I haven't been this excited about a jet head coach. It's the last jet head coach. I mean, this is it. They finally got it right. And so he joined us on stupidity. And I was happy to get him outside of the ESPN umbrella because I thought once we left ESPN, I'd never speak to a jet coach.


You get. And so I got a mom. There's a budding friendship. He has promised me that perhaps during a preseason game he will allow me to call play. We'll say we'll see who's also the best man. And the floor is wet. I didn't know that. And Michaela LaFleur is my offensive coordinator. I found that out from the Jets head coach. I've been this excited since Weeb Ewbank.


I mean, that the hell is that guy? I don't know. Either way.


Remember, we've Ewbank, one of the great names in sports history.


No, no, not at all. Superdad, he sounds great. By the way, all the audio issues that plagued Hippolyte early on alleviated. It is a top notch broadcast with a top notch guess. Rob Salus, who poddy was amazing that dropped yesterday. We're hoping to have that be the usual day as the show is off. So Southy Chechen's, part three with John Skipper came out and spotted he dropped with Rob Sarla yesterday. Make sure to search out Lieberthal and friends.


That separate podcast network is where you'll find the side projects that we just mentioned. I keep putting up stewpot of these again, John. Skipper, how many more parts of this do we have? I mean.


Well, I wanted to ask Chris about this, and Mike and Billy had to go, so forgive us again. We're all just sort of, you know, this is work, OK? We're not supposed to be working technically and we are working. And so people have to go in and out of their lives. And as we mentioned earlier, Scott's dealing with stuff at home. And we are happy to be doing this for you and have been for a while because during a pandemic, it has given us something to do every day that makes the world feel slightly less weird.


But when we're talking, Mike, about Stargardt's unstability having issues with the audio, what was happening there? Because we are trying to get you the same amount of content. There are a number of degrees of difficulty in that. And I don't know what happened with Stewardson, the audio. But was he active? Was a terrible was an amateur.


What happened was he forgot to plug it might get pretty quick.


So that's all. That's all. Well, and then click on Yati microphone button.


Any particular reason your producer didn't tell you to do that while you were doing? That's a good question. It sounds the same over the zoom. It's it's a confusing thing. And there's just like a base level of professionalism. You expect for many months that Mike would get mad at me because I would sound the worst of my own pocket as your guest would sound incredible.


Dan Patrick knows how to sound good on your podcast. You have no idea.


But it's all grand, right? I mean, it's on brand. All of it is our brains. Fagots happens on brand into things all the time that are just two dots on brand. So of course the product is sponsored and sounds. Terrible because the guys didn't plug in his mike. And while he's talking to the Jets coach, you got it right, though. But half the episodes have sounded good.


Yeah, I'll remind you, only one of these podcasts has been number one overall. Oprah shirtless.


Chris, what is mystery? Great have because, Mike, you've got to get that sound. We wanted to get it for Ron McGill. Ghost, goat, piss Mike. We wanted to reestablish.


It's not safe to keep looking.


All right. So, Chris, tell people the back story because Chris is going through. This is actually a funny idea because Chris is going through some of the obscure characters and seeing where we end up going piss. Mike has been asking over a decade a question in a funny I don't even know where the accent is from. I guess Chris will tell me in a second. But we have tape, though. One of the inside jokes on the show for about 10 years is this guy who called in to Ron McGill one time and he sounded really unusual.


And he also asked a super unusual question. And so we have over the years played that as a last question to Ron McGill. For the better part of 10 years, Chris has tracked down this person. This backstory has to be fascinating, does it not, Chris? This guy is a legitimate this guy lives much differently than you do, and we do, correct? Yeah, I mean, he's actually his voice gives off that he you think he lives in the woods when you hear him talk, but his voice is actually more normal than you'd think.


But he's got some crazy stories, basically how it started as we tracked down the guy that you told the story about a few weeks ago, the guy who got drugged in Miami, a listener of our show, he came down, had his birthday here birthday weekend, got drugged and still had a great weekend because he just loves our show. He got to meet Billy and I and he got drugged, but it was still a good weekend. Long story short, he is best friends with Pitts, Mike.


Oh, no.


Who got drugged in Miami just happened. Are you kidding me? That's friends with Go Pitts. Mike. So we said we can't just talk to you guy who got drunk in Miami. We need you to bring in Gopadze. Mike. So tomorrow's mystery great is Billy Roy and I talking to the guy who got drugged in Miami and got pissed. Mike All right, stop right there, because that is shocking. But so this is the deal of where it is we are right now.


We are not doing the show tomorrow because it's been with us. There are things going on in Stewart's personal life that need tending to we every day here, all of us on the business, getting this up and running or doing a number of different things. So we are off tomorrow. But if you want to ration out your addictive morsels to God, sister poddy, the sound is good. And he is talking to the Jets head coach who's sexy and his last name is not Sallisaw or Salad.


I love this marketing campaign for stupidity now in good audio.


And so here is Chris telling you that a mystery crate is going to drop. And this is the back story because this is a deep inside joke for many of you. I'm guessing many of you haven't.


Once the last time we've been told this, you said the better part of a decade and it's quite the opposite. First off, he asked it once and we should stop playing it for maybe about seven episodes. So this is a deep Leveton show cut.


Oh, hi, Rob. Good to talk to you. I had a question. Is it true that the male doing tricks females for urinating on its own face, so get to know go.


I love that.


I don't know why it was so comedically perfect. Let's analyze it for a second, because it's the comment. It's the combination of this that you're driving around in your car at the time because I don't know, maybe this was podcast time, but whatever you're driving around and a caller to a radio show calls him. And it's a show on ESPN Radio and it's a show ostensibly about sports and why are they talking to that animal guy and why are they talking about the animal kingdom?


This doesn't have anything to do with sports except for the rare times somebody calls in and says, how would a gorilla do as a defensive end? And Ron breaks it down or should an elephant be the one handed the ball at the goal line or a rhino? And we rarely talk sports with Ron McGill. So you're driving around and you're listening to ESPN Radio. And this might be the reason that all of these people were always trying to get Ron McGill off of the radio, even though he was wildly entertaining at ESPN.


You're driving around. I want to listen to sports, what happened in the game last night? And Ron McGill is talking about whatever it is, we're asking nonstop questions about the animals and not sports. And then at the very end, this guy makes an appearance with this comedically perfect accent, combined with the got combined with the way the question dismounts where we're all just looking at each other.


Oh, hey, Ron, it's good to talk to you. I had a question. Is it true that the male billy goat attracts females by urinating on its own face?


Really stuck the landing.


Oh, yes, Mike. Chris, how much did you enjoy doing that? How great was it? Sell, sell mystery. Great as something people need to be listening to tomorrow.


I mean, this dude, Craig and go past, they have a really interesting relationship and a lot of their stories involve urinating.


There it is, a little on the nose for go piss.


Mike, don't you think, Mike, we will get to Yard or Nareg in a second, but I've been trying for two days to talk to you about something that I believe the Miami audience would like talked about yesterday. Denver, you never went you're never going to beat Denver, right? Pandemic. No pandemic. You go up there, you're going to lose ten. So that game has never was that game even close, because I think it was in Miami, that game it was, yeah.


Jimmy Butler finally got up out of the shadows, 182 was played a mile away from the studio. So not in Denver.


I had it being a loss. That was a road loss. It was not a road loss. But what is happening with Bam! Adebayo? And this is from a Twitter account. Jimmy Berner.


Denver is four and five at home this year. Miami never went to Denver and of course, never went that Denver when playing in Miami, that would be hard to do. But the stat I saw that was really encouraging, no matter what's going on with the heat season right now is the following in year four Greek freaks, two guys. Twenty two point nine points a game in year four, Adebayo twenty point seven points per game. Greg Freak, eight point eight rebounds per game, fourth year, Adebayo nine rebounds per game.


Greek freak, five point four assists per game Adebayo five point four assists per game, Greek freak 52 percent shooting at about 60 percent shooting Greek freak 77 percent free throw shooter. Adebayo 85 percent free throw shooter So he's a basket worth Adebayo is a basket worth a game offensively and Greek freak was at the same point in his development.


Incredible and he's been to an NBA final somewhere that it's got to excite you a little bit if there is actually a a range that he can develop that would make him the guy and oh and also his all of his handle on the metrics that measure this stuff. Ninety five percentile or above in terms of how well he handles the ball with his usage rate, are those numbers worse. Probably the scoring is right.


If Jimmy Butler's playing all the time I look his stats are better because Jimmy Butler is not out there but and Greek freak a lot of times was playing with somebody who wasn't Jimmy Butler's caliber. So yes, of course, those numbers get skewed. But I prefer to look at the efficiencies that have the accounting stats be equal is fine. But when you're talking about some of the efficiencies, you're talking about out of bios, he's trending toward Greek freak. That's what you can't do a lot better than that.


Screams Kevin Garnett to me, too, which is an amazing place for him to be at because he wasn't projected as this. And a versatile player when they make smart decisions, one you can trust bringing the ball up the court. No ceiling for this player, really.


So Tom Haverstraw is going to join us to talk about what's happening in sports. But I want to talk to him about that. Mike, is he joining us this hour? Is he joining us next hour?


He'll be joining us after Yade or not. We'll have to pick up the pieces then, but he's joining us sometime around ten thirty. He will talk to us about basketball and an article that he put up on True Hoop. It should be live today about the business, the sports business implications of what happened on the stock market. Michael Jordan was impacted, was he not? This article will be about Michael Jordan.


Lots of hedge fund people have teams in sports and have interest in owning teams in sports.


And, yeah, there were consequences to the actions of a few predators.


So this is breaking news here from Adam Schefter. Deshaun Watson officially has requested a trade from the Houston Texans per league sources. He actually did it a few weeks ago. The new head coaching hire, a 65 year old guy, David Kelly, has not and will not alter Watson's thinking. So Deshaun Watson is out, right? He's going to. He's out. Yeah. If he's got a no trade clause and he wants out, Deshaun Watson is officially open for business.


And I think Mike is right when he says earlier this week, yard eighteen teams are going to be interested.


I agree. I also told you that if the Texans hired Barack Obama to be their next head coach, he still would have left that place. So this is never available.


This is a fairly surprising thing. And I know that we've been talking about it for a week or so. His unhappiness and Schefter has been all over the Deshaun Watson is unhappy, but a quarterback who is top five, top six, top seven in the league. Good. He's going to give you a decade of good. You know what? If he's healthy, that is never available. Teams keep that. You have to be profoundly and grossly mismanaged to arrive in a place where that's what you're losing.


It's fairly amazing to step back from all the stuff that has happened with the Patriots, where you get the guy next to the guy and you hire the guy. And it's I'm not even talking about Bill O'Brien here. The guy in charge right now, the Texans is their pastor, is their it's their team. It was their team. Chaplain Bill Belichick has been quoted as saying, yeah, that guy doesn't know anything about personnel. And so they're just scrubbing their fumigating the entire organization and they're throwing away ten years.


They could not do right by a guy who's going to give you ten years of great at that position. Nobody disputes this, right? There's not no matter what the dissenters are on different quarterbacks, college quarterbacks, black quarterbacks. There is no dissension in our audience. On the subject of Deshaun Watson. Anyone wants that for ten years period. Stop. I think maybe Chiefs fans and that's about it, but no one would disagree. How could you disagree with it?


If you're a Dolphin fan, you should want in the trade anything they can to get them.


I mean, how you could disagree with it is that guy has never evolved into that thing coming from college and all the places that we doubted. He arrived at exactly the right point in terms of sports evolution. Bill Polian getting out. Lamar Jackson getting in. Wait a minute. Quarterback can do this. You can do it cheaply with a quarterback at this position. You can have him be an athletic athlete. This is a sports evolution in real time.


Sean John to John Watson five years ago is not a sure thing by any stretch that he is now. Deshaun Watson is someone who's being argued against as he heads into the draft because these walls hadn't fallen yet. Right. So Deshaun Watson, people would have made the argument. He went where he went. He went middle of the first round, correct?


Yeah. I think early, early teens. It was the ones here. I believe it was not a sure thing once here. It was a travesty. It was a true Besuki here. But he is such a sure thing now that if I put these Clemson quarterbacks next to each other and say, who do you want to Sean Watson or Trevor Lawrence? Deshaun Watson is the sure thing.


Now, Trevor Lawson.


Well, you're almost four years of seeing him, but this past year was his best year. You understand my point that the quarterbacks from Clemson, in terms of the sure thing, people are tanking for Trevor Lawrence, that's what the quarterback has always looked like. We doubted Deshaun Watson in a way we do not doubt Trevor Lawrence because of the time the position college quarterbacks are going to be doubted. Black mobile college quarterbacks are going to be doubted.


They took him with a twelfth pick in the draft. And I'll remind everyone, I just said Patrick Mahomes, but he did have a fairly big lead, first half AFC divisional round or championship game last year over Patrick Moms'. He's great.


There were questions and not just because of where he was. Driskill was drafted ahead of him.


This was my second overall, I believe Mitchell Robiskie was Dabo Swinney was saying, if you pass on this guy, you're passing on Michael Jordan. And we all laughed, every single one of us, because those are insane expectations. Now, while the NFL might not be Deshaun Watson for Michael Jordan, might be Patrick Mahomes Shawn Watson, it's top five at his position right now. Never have they become available. Now, the actual hall that Houston can get can be limited.


Yeah, I would say this guy is positioning himself to be to receive in exchange for his services, the biggest trade package ever. But with his no trade clause, he's actually hurting the Texans by doing that, because you can just say, no, I don't want to go there. I want to go to one or two teams. And you have to pick the best package from those two teams as opposed to thirty one other NFL teams. It's real power.


It's a it's the labron power that we haven't seen flexed in the NFL.


But if one of those two teams is the Dolphins, you can get a nice hall back for Deshaun Watson.


That's fine. And one of the things I want to talk about here, though, is the analysis of what it is that you're getting, because I feel like because you got Mina Kimes has been saying this forever.


Right. And it's in her Twitter profile. Wins or not a quarterback stat. And you were just saying as if this is Deshaun Watson doing that he was up in the playoffs. You said seventeen points. They were up twenty four. Nothing against the Chiefs. And it wasn't him. It was them that were up. And it wasn't him that lost that game. It was them that lost that game. But he was very close. And then this year happened.


Wins are not a quarterback stat. This year happened. And I think we all through our hands up and said, look. We know DaShawn good, you can't trade DeAndre Hopkins and expect him to be as good. And here this is Chris.


If you're thinking about him in a Dolphins uniform, you got if you're thinking about him in a Jets uniform every second of every day, what I'm about to read to you, OK, is why this person knows while flexing the LeBron power. Hey, I'm great. Put me somewhere and watch because I just got torpedoed by our disorganization of an organization. Deshaun Watson, according to pro football focus, when throwing 10 or more yards downfield this season. Without any of those skill guys.


Sixty one percent completion rate, that's first in the league. One hundred and thirty two point seven passer rating, that's first in the league yards per attempt, thirteen point two, that's second in the league with nobody. This dude was better than everybody throwing the ball down the field with nobody. But he lost. And winds are not a quarterback stat. And now he's available and he's got real LeBron power. He is young. Twenty teams in the league would want him.


But Mike is right when he says no man, that no trade clause, yet another example of an organization being a disorganisation. Look at what you just did. You alienated a superstar in his prime and you gave him the clause that allows him to bleep you. You gave him the clause in that sport. The football player never has the power. Only at that position does he ever have the power. And even then, Aaron Rodgers is watching. Last year, they trade for his are they draft his replacement.


Aaron Rodgers doesn't have the power. Deshaun Deshaun Watson just flexed on that organization, betraying him. He just flex he can wreck that organization from here by just telling the Dolphins. Not your wear or the Jets. No, you're where I want to go at the very end. The thing I'm going to do is leave the whole thing smoldering behind me. What do I care what they get? I ask them to get me a new GM. I ask them to get me a new coach.


I ask them after that summer in a home I've lived in with my single mom because work done bought me a home after after that summer, I asked my organization after training DeAndre Hopkins. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about that summer in the street. I'm not talking about what they did to him. He didn't complain until he went to them and said, hey, how about I have some input on coach, on leadership, on general manager.


I don't have to do this shit again this season where I'm throwing the ball great all over the place and I keep losing because you you people don't know what you're doing. He can now talk that organization by simply refusing to be traded anywhere but one place.


It was clear he was unhappy with the moving of DeAndre Hopkins, but he was a good soldier. And he signed that extension, by the way, an extension that his agent and he maximizes dollar also along with that extension, got this no trade clause to eventually flex. And I imagine this was a plan all along. And yeah, you're right, he can essentially if show wants and wants to make this even more of a mess for the Houston Texans, you can say, I want to go to one team.


Yeah, because if I'm Sean Watson and I have my mind set on, say, Miami, I want that team to be strong. I don't want them to go.


He's got all the power. I don't want them to give up. He never has this much power. Never.


But they had to know at the Texans did. Because if you're trying to impress to Sean Watson, you don't do it with a sixty five year old first time head coach.


No, Schefter says it was weeks ago that he made the request. That's what I'm saying. So they must have known. It doesn't matter who we hire here, we're going to get rid of this guy because they hired a coach and Deshaun Watson still wants. That's not the way to impress Deshaun Watson.


A part of this to me that is most interesting. OK, that's the disposable sport. The bodies are disposable. What just happened, reported by Adam Schefter to the Texans organization, is the power of a football player who has realized the power of his contract, his leverage and how mad he is at his organization for betraying him. And so what has just happened in real time as you listening to this is a football player has finally gotten to the place where a trade request ain't a request.


He's got a contract that pays him a lot of money, it ain't requesting you will send me where I want to go. And if you're fortunate, I'll give you two places so you can have them bidding against each other. But if you're not, I want to go to blank and I don't care where it leaves me with your fans in Houston in the middle of Texas to Godse, where the University of Texas football team during this summer's still told to go out there and sing that song with racism in it, because the white boosters in the stands want to keep hearing their damn songs after that summer.


That black quarterback doubted for all the corrosive reasons that black quarterbacks have been doubted in that league throughout time as the sport evolves, that black quarterback just made the LeBron move in that sport where guys are never allowed that power because those contracts and those salary caps are restrictive. Those drafts are restrictive. It's not free market. It's not capitalism. It's not even basketball. We're James Dolan can have his franchise be worth five billion and still has clamps and controls that keep him from his incompetence, never losing actual money.


No matter how bad he is in football, they never have this power. The player never have power.


Yeah, you said twenty teams. I would say every team, but Kansas City should be interested in Deshaun. Well, every single team, with the exception of the Chiefs, should be in on Deshaun Watson. I'm including the Seahawks. I'm including the Cardinals. I'm including the Chargers. I'm including all these teams because that's how good he is. You already know he's good. You're hoping on other guys, like, I'm not certain. Would you rather have Deshaun Watson than Russell Wilson?


Because I would. Here's the thing. I don't want to actually do this with you, where we're doing the quarterback rankings of who I'd rather have or who should trade him or transaction sports radio. This is what I want to do with you. Football outsiders, Aaron Shots, our expert says, Watson, you love the transactions, right? You love the Dhruva actions. Watson probably has more projected future value than any quarterback to ever change teams in NFL history.


And you guys have been saying he's going to demand a whole demand, a whole not if he's intent on wrecking that organization. He's not. We'll see. Right. We'll see. But if there's not eighteen teams competing, if it's just two and two, because he feels like it, he can't. He has you show me where he doesn't have power. He's not going back to that organization. They've moved on. They just chose the coach. That's moving on.


They've alienated a star in his prime at the most important position. It's over in Houston. There is no going back, no turning back from that. You got to show me where you show me where Watson's power gets Pierce. Give me a pinprick of piercing power anywhere where Texans could rise up and say, we don't care where you want to go, we're not going to trade you.


You're under contract. And then Deshaun Watson ends up losing money and inevitably he'll get moved. But he would have to suffer some financial loss if the Texans truly want to play hardball and we'll see if they do because they might have to.


You can't get out. You can't be so mismanaged that you give away that piece for nothing. Like you can't be that mismanaged. That for DeAndre Hopkins and Deshaun Watson, what you get back is crap. It can't be that.


It can be because you're witnessing it. I mean, they got nothing back for DeAndre Hopkins.


And if the job lots and lots to make sure they get nothing back, they're going to get something good for him.


They have to, I imagine, to avoid him incurring some financial loss. His agent and the Houston Texans will agree on a larger in scope amount of cities that he'd be willing to go to to sort of help the Texans out and help move him along. Because if the Texans are like you're giving us two teams, they know they're the only two in this mix and they're not offering us anything. I think there's something that's mutually agreeable between parties.


So you might see a list of like five teams, but it might be an agent who ends up doing this to get you understand. Yes, an agent might end up making this trade based on just what his client wants. An agent can go to Deshaun and be like, hey, are you okay with this guy being traded away from this team or do you want to play with him? That's that's what you're entering here, that power brokering here.


Agents have actually been handling a lot of trade negotiations across sports to actually keep that it's actually mutually beneficial for the teams and the players, too, if it goes through the agent, because you have plausible deniability when the media starts pressing you. So that's actually how a lot of trades are happening. Now, let's get it over with.


You've been in the pirate costume. I've been talking serious. You've been trying to avoid it. I know, but he wants to do. Yorga We're doing the show a little differently today. Forgive us if it's bouncing around at a speed that you're not accustomed to in terms of ten minute breaks, fifteen minute breaks. We're just doing four straight hours on Twitch to test this. How's this going, incidentally? How is it going on Twitter things? We thought everybody with this.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, Barnwell is making to Shawn Watson Trey proposals already has the Jets giving up the second overall pick, the twenty third overall pick and a 2022 first round pick.


And they get Deshaun Watson to the place where we bore the audience because we're talking about a quarterback whose value is high in his prime. Being traded in the audience doesn't want that.


The word has gotten out, though. People are just hanging on. When are they going to get. OK, and it's not because they want me to get back to talking stocks, because we're going to do that in a second with Tom Haverstraw, but through the sports prism.


Let's go ahead and do it. Yes. Ahoy, matey, welcome to Oregon, where it's a complex game with complex rules, it's basically true or false. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have to say true or false, but jargon, jargon. Explain your position on sports topics. Sure. Is everybody familiar with the rules of jargon Nagi if not Taibe thrown year and Davy Jones Locker.


Oh God. Oh no. Yada yada yada.


It was a test in your own past because if someone said yes, they'd have to walk the plank. Yeah. Let's get into ya know, shall we. You're going to lose your voice here. The first question of argument, a transcendent game that's innovative and not at all going to bore you with redundant topics, jargon. Archimedes, the Texans hiring of David Conlee will be enough to appease the show and watch it for an hour. You know, we've covered that, I guess.


I guess we're all in agreement here, nor have we known that would have been your first question.


I was a bit. Yeah, I was hanging the jib a little bit when I saw an hour's worth of Deshaun Watson and I was married to me script here. So you don't worry, I'll pour out some grog and I'll be an old jolly Roger. We move on to the second question of yea or no good timing on that. Completely coincidental that I'll have a totally coincidentally, we have to have octopus arms to fire everything off.


But now I unleash the crack and for me Hearties, you know what a heart he is. And it's what's going to explode because of all your cholesterol drinking this green juice right now you clap of thunder.


Ah, yeah.


You got your script in your fat joke and you're making it no matter what.


Aaron Rodgers will think the Packers fix their issues by firing their special teams. Coach still got yardage or Nurk York. Explain why. I mean, the special teams coach is the coach you fire when you can't fire anyone else. Listen, it sends a message. The entire organization you screw up. I'm going to fire you, except if your name is Matt LeFleur because I can't fire you. But it sends the message and I like messages. You are Gurnard Knaack.


But explain why this is what the segment or I will throw you into the briny deep. I didn't know there were explanations as weird elaborations.


I thought it was just your Gorner, not your gargano and explain your position around me. Walked up back. He sounded deeply and publicly unhappy in a way that was emotional and unusual for him. He sounded like he was saying goodbye. Now, maybe he has changed after the emotions of the moment. Maybe he's less depressed and he will have perspective after three days. But he sounded like a man who was done with the organization because it it betrayed him the way Deshaun Watson has been betrayed.


Time's almost the perfect timing, I missed the dismount. Oh, you're a carouser, this one, probably too much grog. I think Stu got to one that's around the Storro yard. No, wait a minute. There is a competition jargon. Can I drink tequila since we're pirates and we're narking? Of course you can. If you have a bottle of rum, I'd like some of that to pass it over to Gotch. Justin Fields's second on your big book, yada, yada, yada.


He is sucking on my big board. I believe he is. Listen, here's the thing. I want him and I think he should be number one on everyone's big board because I feel like he's a better athlete. I am not sold on Trevor Lawrence and so I am more than happy if the Jets let the guy who was number two on most people's quarterback depth charge, but no one on mind. I think he is that good. Just it feels about that.


You've got you're an old sartaj. Yeah. You know exactly how to play this game. I do, Don. Same question. I feel like I've got track record. No, I want to play this game for ten years yada. Nah nah. What was the question. Justin Fields a second on your big board out your is he your big board at home. Is he.


I don't have a big board be marooned and we move on without moving on. Is Justin Fields better than Heisman winner Trevor Lawrence? No, that wasn't the Heisman with Devonta Smith.


Yes, but I'm very clearly talking about quarterbacks. Are you already in the gorog?


I've got a killer bottle open here. I need a winningham. Can you get me a little cup from the other room there, please? So I have something to pour this in.


Also, pass me some booty and lose because I'm a pirate, you see, and I like Chris.


Pass me some booty to be called tequila.


Tequila, Fragonard. And I'm. Next question, final one. This one's worth double points. My daughter's chances of going to pirate school hinge on the economic success of Chodak. Yarragon, why are we talking Haverstraw? Is that next year going to be joining us in about 15 minutes? What order do we go in? My daughter's chances of going to school May 1st is only our student. My daughter's chances of going to Pirzada Young's on the move in general about the way that you throw money around in these gambling ventures that get risky and dangerous.


But our adrenaline rushes in a way that seems unsafe for you. And I realize I sound like a parent when I say that. But yes, when you're betting Chodak Mike and Wall Street bets is leading you into the future and you've become addicted over the last two days to the stock market. Yes, I'm generally worried about you. Wait a minute. He doesn't know how to drink tequila. He just brought me a tiny little cafecito cup. What is that?


A better drink it straight out of the pie, right out of the bottle, just like a pirate would do was the question is damn worried about Mike? I don't think that's what you asked. Worried about me daughter Juliette. Right. There's a financial success hinging on Chodak. All right. Well, that was an interesting game that we will never play again here on our show.


I wish to God it forces you to do all the content carrying. And the whole joke is you being a pirate, it feels like briny deep is where you ran out of material.


I literally have a list of material. I went through it, I burned through it and I said no to three of the last question. I've got a short I'm Haverstraw now codecs that 12 percent. No, dammit.