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Most vehicles, most locations. All gassed on the day of Avatar, Joe appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your SportsCenter update. Stanley Cup quarter finals. Bruins beat the hurricanes four to three islanders defeated the Capitals, four to to the avalanche, beat the coyotes, three to nothing. The flyers got past the Canadians two to one, and the Canucks won against the Blues five to two. Several game dos tonight, bluejackets versus the lightning Blackhawks versus the Golden Knights Hurricanes versus the Bruins and Flames versus the Stars.


And finally, the North Carolina Aquarium and Pinel Shores that employees drain the waterfall, which for 14 years served as a wishing fountain for visitors seeking to trade their coins. For good luck, the aquarium said employees sifted out about one hundred gallons of coins, as well as objects, including eyeglasses, toys and jewelry. They said employees do not yet know exactly how much money was removed from waterfall sports that have brought to you by blue emu.


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It's simple pain relief, blue emu, maximum pain relief worked fast and you all stay for all the latest headlines and information during the SportsCenter on ESPN Radio all throughout the day. That won't be happening next week, I'm sorry my microphone was not on because Mike was too busy flirting with the computer back there because we are not terribly professional with our sports updates. And so we're losing our sports updates beginning next week.


I was actually company standard. I was actually happy to hear Christine Lacy. I used to do Sunday morning radio in my in my home by myself with my dog, and Christine Lacy would do the update. So I was excited to hear that she's going to be a part of what we are doing. It means less content, of course, because we're perpetually in a spot where we have shrinking around here. You may notice that beginning August 17th, everything around us is going to sound a good deal different than us.


So we will be here from 10 to noon, but we're excited Easter and we're excited about some of the other stuff around that as well, where we're be able to do a local owl where you could check out today's with David Samson. It was really strong. There were a couple of revelations in there I was not expecting at all. And we will have a podcast, exclusive hour as well that's going to debut next week. Like among the things we're going to do, fans of this show should be excited about this part of it.


Like next week we're figuring out how to, you know, watch a game with you, watch a game with you away from here, maybe a Heat playoff game or something as the playoffs ramp up beginning next week. So there are a number of things that we're going to get to next week that we will tell you about next week. But I don't have a lot of confidence that we're going to actually execute any of those things because.


We are a marching band to nowhere. And so for many months to God like this has been something that we just walked away from because we get distracted sometimes, or at least I've walked away from. And then Mike goes on paternity leave.


But we had this wonderful thing. We were in the center of where Dana White and I were working toward fighting each other. And I want to give people all of the back story on this because they may have missed all of it. But this goes back to God in our history doing this show. How often have you ever heard me, like, invite someone to fight on the air? How often have you heard that?


I want to say maybe a half dozen times, maybe name another one, because I couldn't remember it off the top of my head. Maybe maybe you and Cody. I have threatened to fight back, but that was playful.


The only time I thought bleep got real was with O.J. McDuffie back in the day. Oh, that was real.


Oh, yes. We've we've cleared that all up. I'm glad for you guys. So am I. Given that O.J. McDuffie has told the story of trying to get into a fight with Darryl Gardner, realizing Darryl Gardner had one hundred and fifty pounds on him, and so he went out to the Adolphine parking lot and went to his car and got his gun.


So that is a good football fight. I am glad that you're going to take it. I'm no O.J. MacDuffie was known as somebody who might have taken anybody with or without a gun for people a hundred and fifty pounds heavier than him. Nobody wanted to mess with that dude. But here's some of the back story here, because I don't think people actually know what happened in that interview and where it went sideways. I mean, we have been we have loved in a white forever.


I mean, he's been to our Miami studios. He's been through here for highly questionable. We were talking to him a lot before mainstream people were talking to Dana White. And what happened during that interview is I was trying to do an interview with him that the media doesn't do with him and he doesn't talk about money, about where it is that his labor is underpaid. And I knew it was tricky subject matter. And this is what else I knew that I don't feel like the audience is privy to, like I had signed already human resources paperwork that basically puts me a strike away for violating company policy from all of that Trump stuff 12 months ago, talking about racial divisions.


And so the one place I thought Stewart's that I might actually get fired here is if I run afoul of one of these corporate partners, an NFL owner who doesn't like what it is that I've said, because ESPN has these partnerships with these giant moneymaking corporations. And Dana White doesn't get asked questions like this about how he makes his money. And during a pandemic, he's making monster money for this company at a time most people aren't. He's got a heavyweight fight that a lot of people are going to watch on Saturday.


So I knew my line of questioning was going to be bothersome and agitate him. And so at the end of it, because I know I'm a strike away and because you remember what happened when Manfred Manfred's baseball, like you remember what happened there. Like, I was afraid. I was afraid that something was going to happen where I ran afoul of Dana White again within our company. That's already happened. One time we were doing an interview with Tony Kornheiser, and evidently that's where he got mad at me, I think because we've always had a good relationship and all of a sudden it went sideways.


And next thing you know, he's on with Halle Berry on SportsCenter and it escalates to this place.


After that happened on the radio last week on the Dan Levitas show, Dan seemingly challenged you to a fight for charity. How serious do you think that is about doing this? And what's your response to that challenge?


Dan Levitan is a big mouth. He's all talk and no action. And I can promise you, if he's even remotely serious, it ends very badly for him. But I will give you this. Dan, let me start. If you are serious, I'll put up two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for whatever charity we come up with and we can do it, pal.


OK, challenge accepted with big money. To Dan Levitan, you have 24 hours to respond.


Not big enough money, I'm afraid you're going to need. I'm the headliner. There's the guy I might not be.


He even he said himself, a lot of people would want to see me get knocked out. A lot of people nobody wants to watch fifty year olds fight, but a lot of people would want to watch me get some pain and also struggle. I believe this is a bit of a no win position for Dana White because he's supposed to beat me. But if I catch him with something, if if I catch him with something got seriously, that that video is eternal.


Like people are expecting me to take a beating. I've seen the betting odds people were taken. I was a plus five fifty. That's an overwhelming underdog that under appreciates my weight advantage and my smothering tactics. Oh, I just thought that was your weight advantage.


What if you catch him with something? What's going to happen? First off, I doubt you can catch him, but what if you catch up with something?


Imagine the video. Imagine the video. So anyways, my brother has made some fight posters, Leba,, if you want to see what free Ortiz looks like and an old timey fight poster. But because we don't finish anything around here, Mike goes on paternity leave. And so that mother who got was it three times I asked him for an update and he said the call had been scheduled and then moved like they couldn't even execute a call on this.


Where are we with this fight?


Happy to report that the call did happen and the fight is not happening. Oh, for the love of God, he cited some sort of liability here for him.


I mean, he the lawyers are protecting him. I'm going to break this dude in half. Disney's holding me back like lawyers are holding me back his bald head. I will crack it open if lawyers let me. Yeah, that's what was happening.


The lawyers wouldn't let you drag down a white. I want to hear more about these smothering tactics, because the only thing I imagine you smothering is like nachos with cheese. I'm not giving away the game, I'm not telling you what my game plan is with Dana White, I'm telling you that I've imagined over the last couple of months just Internet footage going viral of me catching him with an elbow and all of a sudden just him spritzing blood from that bald Lex Luthor head.


But that's your strategy. What if I catch it with something like I have a puncher's chance? Well, this is unbelievable.


Why can't we? You can you can always fight them unsanctioned.


Like like Rocky five style.


Like, where am I allowed to do that? Am I going to get in trouble when I when this guy who's making so much money for ESPN, I harm him and put him in the hospital for a month like a Campi on ESPN television and can't be in the octagon.


But who's to say ESPN isn't in charge of a back alley behind Cleveland or Dan?


Or we could get the clicks from that like a dirty Kimbo Slice video on reality.


Greenstreet front page that man. He's moaning. Oh, I see Mike call. I see my current reality kings in TV and film it and put it on his site. Is the big dirty fight in a literal Clevelander Alec.


OK, I give in my discussions with ESPN and the litigious history of One Day in a White, I'm led to believe that being white put a stop to this behind the scenes advance auto parts.


I just look man to God. It's a fireable offense. If in this climate I take out ESPN's big moneymaker by cracking his head open. I don't blame the lawyers for protecting him on this one. I don't. Bear Grylls is going to be on with us at noon Eastern, TJ Warren going to be on with us 12 thirty Eastern. A tweeter writes in, you can always tweet us at Lembit, show a lot of crying emojis in my face here, laughing in my face.


This tweeter saying Lebed targe show wanting to put the dirty video of him in Dana White fighting on reality kings' while not knowing it's a porn site.


You don't get the show. All right. So, you know, some of this backstory here, because it's been a little bit weird with me and Miami Kimbo Slice a long time ago, the late Kimbo Slice ended up on the cover of ESPN the magazine. And basically it was at the advent of the Internet on a porn site where he was a bodyguard for some guys who would have these street fights. And that's how Kimbo Slice went to the mainstream as a like a whispered secret on the Internet.


He existed. His fights existed on this porn site. Again, I see Mike reality.


Yeah. His handlers were people in the porn industry. Yes, that is correct. And Miami and Kimbo Slice sort of went together and then since then birthed weirdly from those same streets is whorey Masvidal who who then ends up growing like he learned at Kimbo Slice his knee. Kimbo Slice is credited for discovering George Masvidal and now he turns into what it is that you see in front of you now, the former baddest.


And no, that title wasn't on the line. Oh, it was on the line. So he's still the reigning defending title.


So the other title was on the line, but that title was not on the line. I thought Ousman said he was going to put it in his closet with stuff like that was a title fight.


That's fair enough. Actually, I'm willing to make that a non title fight as well.


So there's a fight this weekend, though, that I got to imagine that people are going to be interested in. Dana White is saying that it's for the greatest, greatest heavyweight of all time. And my initial objection, this was like when Mark Jackson said initially that Klay Thompson and Steph Curry are the greatest shooting backcourt of all time. He said before they had gotten out of the second round. And and so I was like, get out of here.


And then I'm like, wait a minute, who's better? So who's better? And so when Dana White says this is to decide the greatest heavyweight of all time, step and Daniel Cormier, I want to I want to argue, but it's hard to argue. Daniel Cormier has been he's been a good champion. He and sleep was a good champion. And there are two fights have been good heavyweight fights.


Randy Couture maybe would be the argument, but he's winning coteries, winning the title like forty four years old with a broken leg.


Right. Right. UFC really met its apex in popularity as Randy was getting older and I think he dropped the belt, the Brock Lesnar at UFC 100. So a lot of like the ardent supporters of the UFC now that are a little bit younger, probably don't even remember Randy Kottoor all that well.


Actually, one of the first money fights that Dana White had was with Randy Couture. Makes me wonder if Dana's leaving him out of that conversation, at least in part because he was one of the first fighters to expose that. These guys aren't very well paid.


But why do you want to fight it so badly? Why won't you just accept that maybe this is it? Maybe this is exactly what Dana is saying. It is.


Oh, just because you know me, I don't make those decisions on one night, one punch like that that erases the like Daniel Cormier's resume doesn't change for me if one punch catches him on Saturday night. Yeah. And Dana is in fight selling mode, but it's it's actually a pretty good take. I'm with that. And Daniel has a legacy that he needs to protect some because he runs up against these guys. He's so excellent against everybody else. But Step and Bones Jones, there is a mountain to climb there.


There is a he can make his career and it's been a brilliant career. If he wins this fight and lay claim to greatest UFC heavyweight ever.


I am interested. I know you make fun of Mr. Godse because I go technical on stuff. But one of the reasons I've always liked the carnival barking of Dana White in that particular sport is because I just love so much the arts in May that to me it's my favorite part. Seeing the arts fight against each other is why it has eclipsed boxing for me in terms of something that I like to watch. And the specifics of Cormier had steep for two full fights and all of a sudden steep just realize is tired.


In the fourth round, both those dudes stripped down to just their vulnerability. It's like one of the bravest things that fighters do getting into the Colosseum and doing that down, stripped down to their courage. Cormier had him beat, was just walking into his punches, pawing at him and steep figure it out. No, if I hit him in the right side with body shot, I'm going to crumble him. And I just saw an interview with Cormie.


Cormier's denying it because he doesn't want steep pay to know that that's a place where he got him. He's like, I they were just body shot, but they were 11 of them stewards and they opened them up for the shot that finished him went Cormie had been dominating him over two fights. I mean, that's an interesting fight on Saturday night, though not as interesting as what would headline if the lawyers weren't keeping me back from going after Dana White Baldhead.


In the next 90 minutes, you will get Bear Grylls in the next 90 minutes, the show will talk to TJ Warren and in the next 90 minutes, you will get Roy's thoughts on nut milk.


But first. I know you're very excited, Mike, about Roy's thoughts on nut milk, you've been waiting for days. We will get to them. I think maybe, but a tweeter writes in here, Lebed Today show, for God's sake, I'll be that guy, you filthy, filthy casuals. Randy Couture barely has a 500 record. Brock Lesnar beat Frank Miller at UFC 100 and Fedder is the heavyweight. And there's the goat emoji. Don't talk to me unless it's Masvidal.


He's not a guy.


Also ahead in hands emoji. Yes, our apologies as well to Cain Velasquez. There are five or six guys that you can mention that probably deserve a place in this discussion. But Dana White's got two of them fighting on Saturday and he says that's for best ever. Take it up with him. As you want to argue whether or not somebody is the third or fourth or fifth best heavyweight in the history of the division and bang on correction on the UFC 100 thing, I felt vulnerable going out there.


Brock Lesnar did fight. But as you said, Frank Mir, however, you listed Fader as one of the greatest UFC heavyweights of all time. And I dare you to go check out feeder's UFC heavyweight record and see how that starts. That's correct, sir. OK, we might be filthy, filthy casuals, Nick or Adonis, but at Nick Radames.


But we also know that fedora was pound for pound, considered the best, and then he fought in UFC and that stopped being the case. But you got us, big guy. You threw out a Frank Miller. You hit us in the face with a Brock Lesnar. You gave us a go to Mojie. You gave us a guy with a head in his hands and.


Yeah, sports. And I gave you feeling. Yeah.


If any, Migranyan, I wanted to talk to you because Mike is very excited about some music that is now in our lives. He has been wanting to God, I don't know if you've heard this. We don't have I don't think the musical rights to any of this.


I don't know, Dan, we didn't have the musical rights to it, but it is a commercial release. I am talking, of course, the song of the summer. You're wondering what's the song in the summer since there's no nightlife anymore during a pandemic, it is very clearly the MLS anthem produced by Hans Zimmer. And it is such a bang of epic proportions. I know you guys were watching MLS is back specifically to hear this rock and anthem.


Well, now I am happy to report it is available all across all streaming platforms. That's right. The Song of the summer. Let's get it to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, Hans Zimmer MLS anthem parentheses procession.


Are we allowed to play it one time? How does this work? When can we play? Because it's a commercial release.


I just do it. Like, I can only play it once, though. And since I don't have it in the system, you're just going to have to listen to it the way that I have over the last six months.


OK, so wait a minute. So before you do this, because we only get the way this stuff works, the rights and stuff are really annoying and it's affected the podcast and it's affected the live show. There are all sorts of rules when it comes to playing music.


Are you sure this is the time you want to use it? I mean, this is the time you want to go to it.


You can use it tomorrow. That's the beauty of this whole setup. Well, I feel like I want to hear it now, though, because can you explain to the people the history of Hans Zimmer? Can you explain to the people who haven't heard why it is that you're this excited specifically? Because it was pretty epic? We are. We went down this conversational path a few months ago with John Tesh, who did that rocking anthem that he gave us the rights to that we can play whenever we want, even though that's not supposed to be the way that's really binding.


But he told us on air stewards, he said that we could play the rock and anthem of John Tesh. If you're not familiar with his work, it's use a little bit older. It is generally placid. He has flowing blond hair even in his 60s. He used to be the host of Entertainment Tonight and he just wandered over because he's this talented. He just wandered over to the NBA and said, you know what, I'm going to spit a little something into my answering machine.


And you know what's going to happen in all the years after that? The answering machine is going to die. But my song is not. It's going to echo across decades, even though I'm the host of Entertainment Tonight and you Lieberthal show is you got you are welcome to play it as much as you like because I own the mother.


Bleep It brings a smile, a reluctant smile to the face of nut milk. Roy, look at him. He's weary and he's tired. But this song conjures up some childhood, some tache. Roy, you look like you're feeling something that resembles a corpse. Experiencing joy. Probably going to need some context soon on that whole nut milk thing.


Yes, we will get to that in a moment. But first, I just want to hear yes to God. I thought Roy was going to respond to you there with with the verbal.


Word he did not, but what that song does is it just makes you shake your shoulders and your head from left. That's what Roy was doing, forgetting for a moment that it's radio and we're not televised. And I was asking him a question. Also, he was assembling his important thoughts on nut milk, one would assume. However, I am ready to do it right now. I don't want to tease it anymore. Mike, you. I don't want to tease it anymore.


I want to hear off of your phone right now. Hans Zimmer. I want MLS coverage. I want to see if it's as bangin as John Tesh.


Oh, it's incredible. Why don't we kill two birds with one stone here? Get Roy's thoughts on nut milk to the tune of the MLS anthem by Hans Zimmer. OK, very good. We are combining a lot of things here. But I mean, that's a little distracting, Mike, because. All right, just start the song and I will see whether I go to Roy during and build up the anticipation here. This is on Zimmer off the phone of Mike Ryan.


No, no. It's a more violent and not Roy's thoughts on non-metal nag's.


Bear Grylls going to join us in about 10 minutes, I want to ask him, among other things, you remember that Drew Brees story, the story that Drew Brees told about, like just killing an alligator with Bear Grylls. So we're going to talk about that and other things. But we've also got TJ Warren scheduled at twelve thirty Eastern, the guy that is, you know, the breakout star of the bubble, even a bubble that includes Devin Booker and Damian Lillard and TJ Warren.


Also, this happened. This is an actual thing that happened. This is the comedic pacing of this show, the gods laughing at me and the universe aligning we had for reasons that are hard to explain a conversation about TJ Warren in which, you know, and it's going to be Pacers and Heat during the playoffs and you're going to get Jimmy Butler against TJ Warren. But Jimmy Butler said TJ Warren is not in my class. And then Stewart said something that at the time was statistically wrong.


He said something that you will hear here. And then the first time TJ Warren played after that in front of us, he made it statistically, right?


Yes. You got to argue that he can get your forty on any night. Forty five. And this was Dan's response to that.


As you say, TJ Warren can give you forty five because I'm going to go the opposite on that. I'm going to say TJ Warren can't give you forty five on any given night and then the very first given night he was given.


Dan what did he give you. So we've got to play that for him.


Right. That's got. But do we run the risk. We're not going to he's not going to be mad.


At the very start of the interview you used to be a lot better at buttering up a guest than one. Let's try to go back to vintage Dan, butter you up, get you comfortable. And then here's the insult that I had before you joined us. But now we're friends.


Now we can all laugh at me. Sorry to tell you how to do interviews, but it's been a rough go of it lately in terms of protecting our relationships. It has.


Yeah. He's not going to be mad at me. He's certainly going to be mad at you.


I mean, he's just been his biggest ally, his strongest supporter in the media. You're a day one, TJ Warren backer. All right.


So let's go and let's do this with TJ Warren at twelve thirty. But before we get to that and before we get to Bear Grylls, we have Roy's thoughts on nut milk. Give us what you have here, Roy. We've been waiting for this.


Yeah. So my wife sent me out on a test to find some nut milk for the family. Right. So I go into the store and I'm bombarded by all these options. And that's not even including the grain, milk, the rice, milk and the oatmeal, but with some on hazelnut milk, what's on the cashew milk, almond milk.


And obviously, the thing is this milk is for people like that into lactose. Right. Well, I wonder whose idea it was to basically milk a nut. OK, so I'm very good.


Thank you for doing that. I know how you go about milk.


I wish that that phrase had been how the last segment ended, because I forgot to mention that during the middle of everything that was happening at the last during the last segment, I very clearly and obviously pulled a groin and it was Mike's.


What I love nut milk, I do, I just add to his point, though, I've got no idea how you produce milk from a nut. I don't know how hard you squeeze on a nut. I've never seen milk come out of it.


So I love macadamia nut milk.


I love almond nut milk. I coconut milk. Are you lactose intolerant?


I have discovered that my body feels a hell of a lot better if it doesn't have any dairy in it. So I am actually weirdly a bunch of nut milk in your body. That is correct. Way too much. But I avoid the almond milk in the cashew milk. But the macadamia nut milk is good. Coconut milk is is good. This is more than I thought we'd be talking about, this precludes us from being able to talk about Hank Williams Jr.


, which I'm disappointed by.


I never tried not milk. It seems like you have nothing but not milk. I mean that broaden the horizons you got. Yeah.


Whatever happened to whole milk? How about all these milk get over themselves.


All right. Very good. Put it on the pole, Tony, please. How about all these milks get over themselves. Yes or no?


Bear Grylls.