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Most vehicles, most locations. This is the 11th hour show with a still got Sparkasse.


You will hear a snippet of Aaron Rodgers here in a second, but should we change the order on this to have Christine Lesedi awkward as possible, awkward as possible, do the end finally outside of the sacred sports space that the update says. But before you start yet another ad read, should we do that beforehand? And then have you do yet another ad read after that? Or should we do it the way we've done it the first two times?


I like her doing it after the ad read because if there is some stuff to criticize Christina about, we are able to do so. Fair enough.


All right. Fair enough. Let's do it. And finally, with maximum professional been doing this better than Stewart's for two decades. Christine, listen.


And finally, Frank Sinatra's publicist would audition and pay girls five dollars to scream at his early performances to get the crowd excited. That's good.


It is good. He is really good, Tony. Before we get anywhere else, people are asking for that, the twitch name again, please. What people can find is tomorrow to watch Heat Pacer's with us.


That will be Twitch TV, Backslash Libertador and friends. We're going to send out a tweet in a little bit so everybody can get on it.


Thank you, Tony. We will also have Chris Cody bobbing for apples before the end of the hour.


And remember, you can follow our social media channels on Twitter and Instagram at Liberato. OK. Yes, you got that.


Had to fall out of the sky for so many people. Chris Cody bobbing for apples.


Yes, it's going to happen here before we're going to try without any visual help, OK, because we're lagging some support from Bristol here in terms of getting us on television. We are going we got to do everything ourselves around here. We're going to try to bob for apples on the radio and see if we can make it entertaining before the end of the hour in the interim. Here's a little bit of Aaron Rodgers always enjoyed talking to this guy, always grateful for his time.


Hopefully we can ask him some of the questions that don't bother him too much, because I heard him recently talking about some of the things in the media that bother him, how things just sort of get taken out of context. So I'm hoping that we can have a conversation with Aaron Rodgers that is open and honest about stuff. But I also fear asking you the wrong question and then having you click baited because then all of a sudden we wrecked the relationship.


So help me understand where we are now with you talking to the media and the way that ESPN or other entities take the little things that you say and then turn them into something else that isn't exactly what you wanted to say or isn't the kind of honesty does it serve you? To be honest, I guess, in these interviews is what I would ask.


That is a hell of a first question. I was wondering if there was commas in there, maybe a period you're going to stop at some point there, buddy. Listen, I love you, but please do not project on to me things that are actually not the truth. If I state facts that are not really conjecture anymore, that go beyond the idea of a subjective opinion into more of an objective fact about the state of journalism today, that doesn't mean that I still don't participate in it and understand it's worth my issue.


As I was watching this, you know, it's video of Denzel. He's on the red carpet and he's talking about how if you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed. I think that's an opinion. And many people share not just in the sports world, but that there is a rush to be first all the time instead of a rush to be correct or truthful. And I think that the click bait and the lack of attention span for so many of the consumers kind of leads to that.


So, look, it is what it is. I understand that's part of the business now and that based on the real power for dollar, you know, that's kind of the way it goes. But I have an obligation to speak to the media every week. And then there's a few folks like you, too, and Colbran and Jim Rome and Dan Patrick and guys that I've, you know, done interviews with over the years. I love talking to those guys, but anything I say I know can be can be used for a headline.


And I think I'm just resigned to that's the state of media. And, you know, when I call it doesn't mean I think it's fantastic. But at the same time, you know, I understand it's the kind of the state of journalism.


Unfortunately, I've been wanting to ask you for a while what you make of what's going on in America. It's such a difficult, complicated time and it's a difficult, complicated question. But I can't imagine that everything that's going on in this country is escaping your attention.


I think if I had to pick one word to sum up what's been going on, it's it's fear. I think that's the roots of, you know, covid and many of the responses to it. It's the root of, you know, the social inequality and and police brutality. There's a lot of fear in things that make you feel uncomfortable, you know, and I think there's a lot of fear in politics that's really divided both sides where now there's, you know, an.


Dream right and extreme left, and there seems to be less moderation or less people who can look at issues, you know, objectively instead of partisan, everything doesn't have to be a political issue. There's there's still things that are right and wrong. It doesn't have to come down, in my opinion, to everything being. Was President Trump saying was Biden say that's the opinion I'm going to get behind. I think there's so many things that people really do agree on.


But there's a fear of voicing opinions about certain things that are against partisan line that you may hold dear to you or that that you may believe in. And I just think that until we replace that fear with the love and we're going to be in this in this predicament and it's, you know, a love of oneself, a love of each other, and then an understanding that the system that we've built will only improve if we create a new system, because I think there's just too many things locked into the system that will not allow it to change.


The fact that we still have two political parties I think is one of the greatest markers of that. I would think there's many people in this country who look and wonder and scratch their head. Why are these really the two best options to lead? You know, we've always in America felt is the free world.


What did you make about your legs, about face on Black Lives Matter, kneeling like all of that, like as that happened and it was a tense time for all of you guys to be in that. I don't know how much thought you gave to kneeling. They could have used a white quarterback who was a free thinker to kneel. But I understand why it's difficult to do that with your customer base, your position and bringing attention to that stuff. I don't know how much you wrestled with it, but what did you make about what seems like just corporate about face?


That was I don't know if it's sincere or not, but it was weird to see after four years of punishing Colin Kaepernick for not playing here.


I mean, that's an interesting subject. I think it's pretty obvious some of the reasons for that. You know, I saw something recently that the kid from I think it was Orlando who stood up. And I guess, you know, he's standing based on his faith. But I did resonate with one thing they said, and I'm paraphrasing, but it was if you're standing there, that doesn't mean that you don't support the Black Lives Matter movement. And I think for many of us, it was, you know, a few years ago it was we talked a lot about what we wanted to do in order to show a united front.


And I think the pressures around all of it made us do what we did. I think one thing that we've tried to talk about a lot in our leadership group is now that there's even more awareness and the problem has continued, what action steps can we do to continue to move this from awareness to real change? And I think that's what we've been trying to do here conversationally and and money wise with the Packers is make sure that we are looking for organizations and looking for legislation that can be amended or changed, that can help change the system because the system is broke.


When they say they talk about racism or inequality, it's systemic. I think people forget that sometimes when I believe that means is the systemic part is built into the system. And unless we change that system, then there won't be a lot of real change. So the awareness is great, but I think there needs to be even more and more thought. And there has been and there's been some amazing things that guys have done. But the system is what needs to be attacked at this point and changed.


Thank you for giving us as much time as you did. We always appreciate your time and thanks for being with us.


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Dan, it is time for straight talk. And of course, this brought to you by Straight Talk Wireless.


We will get to Chris Cody bobbing for apples in a moment. He's mad at us. He's making faces. He doesn't like that. Every time he has a suggestion, he's the one who's forced to do it. I have no idea whether or not this will work on the radio or not. We'll find out together. But to gods, before we get to that, have you seen any of the footage of finally, after a year of what had to be pretty unpleasant for the head of the Toronto Raptors, Masai Ruggieri, who ended up as they're winning the championship, getting shoved by a police officer a couple of different times, that police officer then in a lawsuit accusing you, Jeary, of assault.


And then we all saw the security cam footage yesterday. Have you seen the footage? Because you, Jeri's lawyers, finally released the footage. Have you seen it?


Yeah, I saw it. And it becomes very obvious that the security guard was the aggressor in that situation.


Well, if you want to see what it is that's happening in America right now between black people and their distrust of police officers, where you get into a situation where you're the head of the Toronto Raptors and you're getting aggressively pushed around by a police officer who then takes you to court saying you assaulted him, this will be yet further video to make you wonder whether or not your reading police reports that are facts or not facts because this dude created a mess for you, Jeary, who had the credentials to wander around at that facility at a time that should have been joy.


And he's been dealing with that for years to God because the guy took him to court. So now he's got to hire lawyers. And finally, his lawyers released. They took us a year to God. Right. We're in the next playoffs after a pandemic. And now we've all seen the video and we're like, oh, God, police officer, you're gross. You're gross that you would use your power that way on someone who has power and the rights in that building.


He showed remarkable restraint, Stewart, because that was so disrespectful, what that police officer did to him in that spot. And it's not as disrespectful somehow as what he did after by lying about what happened there. No, you're right.


And now now he's countersuing. So it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. It's hard to see him losing the countersuit. I got to be honest, it's an odd way to get into bobbing for apples. I mean, the setup was a little bit weird.


Well, your fault for starting us with sponsored straight talk and needed some straight talk. What was I going to do? Straight talk, Bob? The apples in need. I gave you some straight talk, some societal straight talk right there. And now we can Bob for apples.


You are going to close out straight straight talk now as we get Bob for apples freely.


Yes, but not freely, but within the confined handcuffs of corporate selling of everything that we're doing around here.


All right. That was straight talk is brought to you by Straight Talk Wireless. No contract, no compromises.


All right. So, Chris, how do you feel in general? First of all, tell the audience who's just tuning in and doesn't understand what's happening here, how this happened. There's the bucket. There are a couple of apples. I like to see it on the zoom. I don't know how this is going to work on radio, which is not a visual medium, especially since ESPN has neglected us and can't get us on television. So, Chris, tell us what it is that's happening here and set it up for us.


Well, the other day on the show, somebody named Bob was helping us out, and the first thing that popped into my head was bobbing for apples. So I simply just mentioned bobbing for apples. Billy did this thing where he's like, oh, Chris thinks he's going to be the best at it when I really hate bobbing for apples. And now here we are dance that I'm going to Bob for apples today. And now what I have here is not a bucket.


This is a big pot that I would cook a big batch of soup in a cocktail.


You've got an old fashioned Grandmont boiler, Consuela.


Yes, it is big enough for my head will fully fit in it. My wife is over here in the middle of an important meeting to my left. Peruvian lobbying for. Well, hold on.


I'm not sure we'll fit. You've got to you've got a substantive and bloated head, but it's OK. But man. Oh, man, Chris, that's cutting it tight. Like it's not like you have a lot of room there. I mean, would you want me to do it like a full sized garbage can? You can do it however you want to do it. You're the one doing it. But you can I just ask him a question?


But, look, I feel like there's absolutely.


Listen to me, Chris. You guys are saying that we would have preferred a garbage can. But here's the problem with this right now is I'm looking at this. I feel like we have the very real potential on the radio of hearing you drown because your face is going to get stuck in how tight that Cassella is like there. That is not how people, Bob, for apples that that is you need something wider than that is going to come up for air and that thing is going to be stuck to his face.


Yeah, I don't breathe underwater. All right. So how are we going to do this? Are you ready to do it? Who's going to do play by play? How do you guys want to do this? There are only two apples thrown in the goswell. OK, and you said you're bad at this, right, Chris? You said you're not actually good at it.


I just said I did it one time in eighth grade at a Halloween party, and that's it. All right.


So let's see how this goes. We will find out together. Got your start timing over here, because I imagine whatever you're doing, no matter how long it takes for establishing a new Levator show record. All right.


Yermo has this devilish smile. Oh, he loves it. And therefore, I think Billy should should handle the play by play responsibilities, since he clearly is responsible for Chris having to do this.


I just believe in my friend. And you know what, Chris? I think you can do this. And I think that you can get an apple or whatever the goal is here. Yeah, I don't even I don't know what the goal is.


I'm wearing headphones, too, so this could be problematic.


All right. Well, you I think you could take the headphones off. I can't hear anything he can't hear. He's got to keep the head on the risk, which is his head. Can't hold on a second. We're going to both drown him and electrocute him here.


Like, OK, it's, you know, what's on the wrist. You know what? Oh, I a waiver. I mean. All right, hold on a sec.


Let's pause here and tease it. Chris Cody Bobs for apples possibly drowns and gets electrocuted next. Money, money, money, money, advance auto parts to God to tell the people where they need to get their stuff, if they need to keep their car looking clean, feeling clean.


Yep. Die hard. Die hard. What did I do there? What happens second time you've had a stroke while saying I know it's two syllables.


All gassed on the Dan Leveton show up here via the show Penzler performance line. It's that time of year. The NFL is almost a year. An ESPN fantasy football is around the corner. Draft your team, compete with your friends and take home the crowd. Sign up now, right now at ESPN, dot com slash fantasy football. Do it today. All right.


So if you've been around here for a couple of days, you know that Christine Lacy is just crushing these sports updates. It's amazing to hear how professional they can be when done correctly. But got always thinks he can do everything better than everyone else. And then we let him do it. And it proves to not be quite as good as everyone else.


I'm keeping track. She made one mistake. Ten, thirty one a.m. Eastern today was her first mistake on this show.


Yeah, because we threw in and finally at her at the last minute. But regardless, we can't put them in the sports flashes because those are sacred. They have music. They want to keep it stick to sports over there. They're cathedrals. And Christine Lacy is the high priestess of that cathedral. So let's let's go ahead and do the and finally here, the only place we're allowed.


And finally, Yosemite Sam's full name is Samuel Michelangelo Rosenbaum. Yo, Semite.


You are good.


Yeah, she is. She's really good. So, Christine, stay there for a second, because I want to I want you to hear how bad the says when he says he's good at stuff. So Stewart claims this happened many years ago, a marlins' baseball game. You will hear Marlins President David Sampson trying to cover up a whole bunch of mistakes. But Stewart's claim that he could do play by play better than the people of a baseball game, better than the people at ESPN.


And so me and Stewart did a Marlins game where we actually broadcast it. I don't know which clip we're playing for you here, but let's hear Stewart saying yes to God. You've got the sausage fingers out and you want to defend yourself before we've even played it.


I'd like Christine to listen past what she's actually going to hear and listen to the upside and the potential.


OK, so listen for potential here and then we will get your assessment, Christine Lacy, of whether you think that students would eventually, with reps be graded play by play.


So this is a pretty big festivities that include the shot he took in the face when you're standing on the stage talking when there's a hit. Logan Morrison with a big base set up the right side and Martinez slides it at first first, the third no out here in the bottom of the third inning.


Did he eventually have people sliding to people sliding back in the first place? It's the rare slide in the first two people I talk to.


Do you see some future there in play by play? Christine, as a broadcast professional, do you see some future? There are some potential, perhaps with some reps. OK, well, he got some reps in his wheelhouse, lacrosse. And the expertise was sort of lacking because he tried to make the best player a decoy and then the best player immediately won one of the greatest games ever played.


So I've noticed the last couple of possessions where it seems like they tried to force change and tried to force something. I'd rather see someone other than say, get the shot. She's going to show you moments later.


Now, to be fair, that was actually good color commentary except for the disaster. All right, Christine, we'll talk to you. Thank you. Right.


You got to take some chances and you got to say what no one else is saying when you're doing when you're doing that kind of stuff anyway.


Bob, Bobby, perhaps what we're doing that so that you can redeem yourself here. Stukas is going to give us the play by play. Chris is saying we have no time for bobbing for apples. We've got time. Plenty of time. We've got time. Chris, I know you're hoping that with all the ads in the way that corporate is selling this stuff, that doesn't give us room that you can get out of this. But you've gotten out of it for a couple of days now.


You're not going to be able to get out of it anymore. So Chris is ready. Chris is in front of a warehouse, kashala a couple of apples. What are we going for here? He's got to get both apples.


Is that what we're going you've got to get both apples. I will time him and this will establish a new high water mark here on the day.


I really Billy, you're going to be really believe you're going to throw your hands up and be frustrated for Chris when you put him in this position. You're the instigator always on this stuff. And now you're going to be frustrated how unfair it is to have to get both apples.


Yeah, I mean, one seems like it's an adequate amount of apples. Why don't we try for one and then see if we can set a record at two now because it's a very small receptacle.


Right. So, like, it's going to be very easy to get one or two. Where the real difficulty is, is when you have a big base and you're trying to get that last apple. I disagree.


I think there's going to be very little movement here. And what's going to happen is he's going to go into the apple is going to hit him in the eye, and he's not going to be able to get it next to his mouth.


It's going to be like Austin Powers trying to reverse out of that hallway when he's just like, all right, all right, let's just be floating.


We've got a bloated, bloated, waterlogged corpse that is drowned in our lungs. Consuela, did you sign the waiver when? All right, let's do this. Go ahead to God. Set us up. If he doesn't get anything, then you got a filibuster.


You got to just make do I know how to do it then? I got it. All right. Chris Coady is sitting in his chair. He is bobbing for two apples because he said he could buy for two apples. We're still going for let's go so I can set up the play by play. Chris with his headsets on and his head is sticking his head. He could barely get his head inside of the ball where the apples are. I'm not certain he'll be able to get low enough to actually get the ball in the water, though.


There is a ton of water all over, boring, a goatee based nose and ears everywhere. Oh, my God. He is coming up with no apples, but plenty of water. It's amazing how soon the only thing that's going to be left in that pot is a couple of dry apples. And perhaps Chris, his face is in his head.


He is more ahead. Chris got one. Yes, he cheated with his. And that was that is one apple. All right. We will try to get the second one without cheating right now. Let's go to God. Let's go.


All right. It's pretty good. Don't cheat. Right. Well, one more apple to go. So Chris is stuck. His face back in there is going for the second apple. Can Chris pull off the impossible, having never done this before and then bobbing for not one but two apples in a three minute span while wearing headsets and putting his face on a ball where his face doesn't take an apple is tricky. Yeah, I'm second. Apple is tough.


It's like spearing a fish. You've got to get it quick. You can't be slow.


All right. So he is going back inside. He is going. He is. We are. Why? We can't do it within your quiver.


His face is very red. His face is very red. Redder than it usually is.


Yeah, that's unfortunate. Big job, Bob. He is not. I mean, I don't. How do you like them apples?


Let's go.


My private jet isn't going to field itself.


Roy, what did you say about Claire? About Princess Claire. My daughter's judging you. Chris. Claire, what do you think?


Ask Claire what she thinks of what's happening here with Chris Coady because he's still trying to do this.


And what do you think about a Chris feeling? What do you think? Yes, she's judging you. Yeah, she's just like you boys when the microphone comes to her.


You say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, three or three protected. Chris is still trying. We will continue to watch him and we will get you an update.


Try suction instead of waiting. Oh, no. What do you mean no? You suck suck in water. He signed a waiver, but three out, three protected.


You got to tell the people and we will see. Oh, wow. Now Chris is embarrassed. Daughter embarrassed of her father is in the mix. We will continue to give you updates as they're available. ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance Casper, the sleep company with outrageously comfortable products at not so outrageous prices so close to God.


I've got some serious social commentary for you after the bobbing for apples. Can we close that book? How do we feel about Chris Codi just quitting at the end there? A valiant effort. He made himself a fool for us, but success was not to really be had. He got one apple. He cheated to get that.


Did our audience love it? Yes. And that's how we define success.


OK, very good. So time for and this is an awkward Segway from bobbing for apples to serious social commentary. But you've heard me talk before long before now as we have a, you know, modern day civil rights crisis in our streets. You have heard me talk about the soul selling that has to take place in college football. Never mind that there's an uprising, a total uprising. You will hear from Bomani Jones on this in the coming days because he's really thoroughly reported, talked to a bunch of kids and you will hear from him on the crisis facing college football tomorrow.


But something happening at Louisiana State's dugouts is part of the soul selling transactions that have to happen. LSU got good fast, OK? And oftentimes in that sport, that violent sport, oftentimes what ends up happening is Urban Meyer gets a bunch of guys who are arrested and and wins a championship and then feels like compromised principles all over the place. The Colorado football team at one time won the championship and Sports Illustrated did a report on how many of their guys had been arrested.


You just have to make compromises if you want to get good or you're going to lose to the people who. Just decide, hey, we don't care about morals around here, we just want to win football games. Urban Meyer, Florida, read that story. It's crazy.


Yeah, I mean, but there are a lot of them. You could find it all over the place, usually with the championships. What you will find is the background noise. The soundtrack is police siren. So now USA Today has reported a story here. And these things, two guys are hard to get published. I told you in a different time in America. I remember with lawyers, athletic directors, I was doing some serious journalism to get a story published on the University of Miami football team that had allegations, you know, twenty five years ago that Dennis Erickson was punishing guys who were accused of sexual assault with Lapps, that that's how it was being handled a quarter century ago.


Now, Ed Orgeron, who was on those University of Miami staff to got a long time ago, you got to hear this story. Read it, USA Today. It's hard to get these stories printed. You have to check with a lot of sources. This is not just some random accusation. It's not merely he said she said USA Today has had to talk to a lot of people about what happened at the time. And this story is dirty, so dirty that you're going to be shocked by what Ed Orjan is alleged to have said deep, deep in the story, because the details before we even get to Orgeron are unpleasant.


But to former LSU students say recently released Washington football team running back Derrius Guice, rape them just two months apart. In 2016, when Guice was a rising star freshman on the LSU football team, a USA Today investigation found that the women's allegations were shared at the time with multiple people at the school, including at least two coaches and athletics administrator and a nurse. Yet the school does not appear to have done any investigating the quote that's really damning from a leadership position and again, allegations for the moment.


But USA Today has to vet this stuff through lawyers in order to get it printed. There is a quote from a former player or Jorunn saying everyone's girlfriend sleeps with other people. That's how Orgeron handled one of these situations, according to USA Today. Now, I don't know what's true there. You could read the story yourself. The Washington football team, as I mentioned, has cut guys and there are some there are some quotes in this story that make you wonder, well, wait a minute, what happened there?


Are there extenuating circumstances? And now this report comes out with USA Today. And in the macro's, you see college football players fighting for some rights and stuff. Please understand what a dirty business that is, a dirty, dirty business where people make a whole lot of money. And the cost sometimes if you want to win a championship, is lawless disregard for principle.