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And this is the down labor part. Sure, we've still got Sparkasse. Weekend observations are coming up. It is Dan is loud, wrong day. Everyone's ganging up on me. I'm not allowed to correct anybody. Chris Cody mentioned during the break that Dan said Mike Glennon would be good. I think that's unfair. I said that Mike Glennon, when I saw him in college, he looked like a professional quarterback to me. It does not rank Chris Cody I don't believe in at the very top of this list.


But because Dan is loud, wrong day is here. I will accept your mockery and welcome it from all angles today. That's the beating I'm supposed to take because Jimmy Butler made me eat it last night. It's the rare thing I don't enjoy eating. Christine Lacy, what is what is the continuation of this conversation look like?


And finally, Tweety Bird is male, speaking of being surprised to learn someone's male. Here's Dan. Oh.


Low blow, that's for you, Josh Allen, take maybe I'd leave it to our show is where you vote on the polls. Let's do it. Let's do, Stewart says. Thank you, Christine. Taggants this weekend, observations.


It is time for his two guys to share. He's getting notes. No one in the media will tell you what happened better than my boys. Two weekend observations brought to you by advance auto parts. Get a free battery test and free installation with any automotive battery purchased at Advanced Auto Parts Adventure Auto.


Only at Advanced Auto Parts, then No.


Forty nine point no. Oh, running for touchdowns? No. Jarvis throwing four touchdowns. No. Cody Pakhi. No. What? No. A handsome devil on the sideline and a three and one record. No Dan no. The Cleveland Browns. No or no back.


No that no is there because you may not have been with us earlier. You got to ask me if I could see Jimmy Butler scoring 40 points in the game.


Dad, do you think Jimmy Butler can give you one of those games? No. You know, it's my favorite kind of know the condescending. Yeah, it's the best of the nose.


No, Steven, a no cowboy hat, no cigar, no first take, no collision course. No. For those of you know that thought the thing. No, I've warned you not to think no or God forbid no said the thing. No, I've told you not to say no. I'm sorry. No, I tried to warn you. No, it wouldn't be the first weekend in October. No. Without the Preakness Stakes. Know what happened there?


No. The Cowboys defense is awful, but the Browns are still back the starter at a golf course when the course is playing cart path only due to bad weather. Who, before you go out to play, says, remember, boys, all four wheels on the concrete all the way through starter. Most people call you a douche, not me. I give you a twenty and tell my friends I love you. Florida Gator Tight end Kyle Pitts has six touchdowns over the last two weeks.


Dan, you know what Pitts has written all over them. He has sun all over it. And so today I got here and they're still guys are really good, Tony. Really good. If you looked up Sunday's in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Kyle Pitts. Once you have SEALs kissed by a rose in your head, it could stay there for days. Tell me I'm wrong. Well, I had Marlins will soar stuck in my head all weekend by Scott Stapp, so I can't tell you you were wrong.


And I infected Mike. As soon as I told him that I had it stuck in my head, then it was stuck in his head. No get kissed by a rose stuck in your head and see what happens. No, it's still there. No, it's Friday. No. Twenty seven and sixteen. No career record. No add ten and six. No overs. Last sixteen game. No. Why is Tom Herman not still the head coach at Texas?


No. The Florida Gators might be the best team in the country also. No, they might not be. No. How about that. No, it's easy. After starting I went to the Panthers have won two straight. No. And improved to to it to you know what in that role is putting on this team then? No, he's putting his stamp on them. One hundred and twenty six. The amount of points given up the last three weeks by the Cowboys.


Did someone explain to me? No, I would. Two thousand twenty Falcons wide receiver Russell Gage is playing a week after sustaining a concussion. Yet Davante Adams might miss a second consecutive week with a pulled hamstring. Hammy, I'm not certain there's anything more frustrating than pressing the wrong button on your Apple TV. Remote control? No, it's the worst. You click on the wrong show. I mean, there's ten steps to get back to where you wanted to get to know a tradition unlike any other.


The Brian Hoyer start. Congratulations to NBC. No for none or CBS. Excuse me, no. For not only getting the earlier game, but also getting the better game. No. Justin Herbert, how did you read? I wrote NBC. Listen to your No. Justin Herbert. No, just Justin herbut death, taxes and the Cameron brate three yard touchdown catch since everyone said Drew Brees was done, he has five touchdowns, one interception, a seventy eight percent completion percentage and a quarterback rating of one twenty two.


Everyone zip it up. No Story by Zach Lowe. Know how LeBron ad and the Lakers are smothering opponents? Cliff Notes version. They have two aliens on their team. Cleveland Browns. No. Two points. No the hard way. Mike McCarthy is making Jason Garrett look like Tom Landry. No DeAndre Hopkins now seven catches. Forty one yards. DeAndre No, the Jarvis Landry is strong and you don't look now, but the Carolina Panthers are two and two.


I'm not sure why I wrote this. Also, it's totally OK to look. I don't know what I was doing. Why are you saying it for the second time, you know. But don't look down that rule. Make boy. So don't look at man rule putting his stamp on that team. OK, yeah. But he can like nothing's going to happen. REM's no congratulations. I'm doing just enough. No congrats to the Seahawks for getting the job done and congratulations to the Buccaneers for winning a shootout.


If Dimes is what you call someone who was awful at their job, their Danny Dimes, it is the term three wide doesn't get me nearly as excited as the term trips. Got to get darn credit. No, he was all over this Josh Allen guy now salt before anyone else did. If the Jets drafted Josh Allen and the Bills drafted Sam Darnel, Sam, Darnel would be Josh Allen and Josh Allen would have gotten Muno. No, I hate them.


No, I really do want to beat the Seahawks. So you'll have to kill Russell Wilson. No, literally no. At 014, I can't believe I'm saying this. The New York Giants are in the mix at one point over the weekend on ESPN. Com all seven of the headlines were about individuals who tested positive for covid or games that had to be rescheduled because of covid. How are we doing? Speaking of health, no reprisals. No, Dan, no.


Those are the weekend observation.


No, I am stunned that you did not have any Jimmy Butler savaging the observation. Didn't even need him today. No.


Geico presents Monster Counseling Dracula. Tell me how you're feeling, no one understands how lonely this. No one will even let me into their house. I knock and knock, but they ignore me.


Huh? What else? I look in the mirror and they don't even see myself anymore. If you don't see yourself clearly. Can you really expect others to? I'm having a breakthrough.


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If you're not getting quite enough of us in all of these venues between mystery crate and stupidity in South Beach sessions, the local our the digital only hour. Tomorrow night we will be watching the game. We'll have another watch party. The show will be watching the game on Twitch. Tony, what information do the people need to have if they want to watch the game with us tomorrow night?


Heat and Lakers over and follow Twitch, that TV and friends and will be kicking off their shortly close to game time.


OK, what time is tomorrow's game is at nine o'clock one and Wolf. OK, that hurts. 9:00 p.m.. Yeah, yeah. Marlins and Braves at two or eight p.m. Eastern. I mean, you can't even really get a nap in. This is difficult.


Billy, are you doing a twitch with Marlins and Braves? You are scheduling. You're going to do two of them.


You go double header day night at this basketball twitch now. So it seems like maybe next round, I don't know. I was aiming for like a Thursday game, but I don't know that people want multiples of these this week.


Well, on one day, you would probably be much. I don't think I know. For the week. For the week. I don't think it's too much. But you decide when it is you want to do one of those again. We will be watching watch party on Twitch tomorrow night. I wanted to ask you guys this question based on the finals, I saw a map of the rooting interests by state, which way do you think that would go to got 50 states?


Which way do you think it would go up there?


Which way do you think that would go? Like how how heavily pro L.A. or poor or pro do you think that the 50 states would go?


I think it's more pro LeBron and wanting him to see wanting people wanting to see him win a fourth title here. A lot of people don't like Miami. I would say, like, I don't know, thirty. Thirty five states for the Lakers. Yeah, it's 42. It's forty two states for the Lakers and eight for the Heat. I think the Dakotas were on there for some reason. The Night Sky Force.


What was that. Why. Yeah, there you go.


It's part of Heat Nation. They Sioux Falls.


That is what it is isn't it. But what is happening there? Because I thought the underdog is it Tyler Hero Snarl or the Miami Heat? Unlikable is it wants to is saying, I'm surprised that you guys are going for such a heavy favorite. I'm surprised that so many states are going for a guy.


Jimmy Butler's burned bridges now in three different states. So they're out, right? That's a good point. OK, fair enough. The Tyler hero snarl. That's not something that any one but Miami likes. Correct? The baby, the baby baby. Sharp teeth.


I really think it has more to do not with teams, but with a player with LeBron James. I really think there's there's a good amount of people who'd like to see him win a fourth title here.


All right. So you like him now? I mean, you like it more.


Yeah, they dissipated. He changed all that when he won for Cleveland. Scream Cleveland, this is for you. Famous, infamous, back to mega famous, more famous than ever before conquering hero. He changed a narrative about him with one essay article and then a championship. Thereafter, he left.


He didn't forget where he came from. He went back to the place that he came from and he brought it full circle. He won them a title.


We're going to marvel at the way he managed his career, no matter how it. And because. How can you argue with the way all of it was done, like you can have your quibbles about not liking a 25 year old doing a television show with ESPN, but he triggered a decade of player empowerment in his sport. And at the end of it, you weren't actually that mad about the television show he did, because look at you now. You're all rooting for him against an underdog who's not supposed to be there against a team.


That is a surprise and an underdog. And that's usually what people love in sports. But here you're frontrunning with the favorite, your frontrunning with the favorite. How mad were you really like how mad where you really if he could fix it just by going back there, I guess you are that mad to begin with.


There are small things, you know, in his resume that you could poke holes at. They're very small minded things like Dan Gilbert finding at the same time that we found out that he was leaving Cleveland. But I think when you look back, you're going to find a great athlete who did very little off the court that got him in any sort of trouble would make people dislike him. In fact, he did so much off the court that would make you respect him even more.


It's just crazy to think right. What the journey has been that he's not the one that disappears last night. But the twenty five year old brought in to help be a fountain of youth for him was the one that disappeared last night. And you can marvel at any number of things, right? Even as Goran Dragic is out, even as Bam out of bio is out, LeBron James has never missed a playoff game.


I mean, one sense does that make when he plays that physical style and is that big with that body, what's what sense does it make it all in that sport where guys are always twisting ankles that that guy has never missed a playoff game?


I'm waiting for him to age, too, because a thirty five years old, he still does. That spinning move doesn't matter to Jimmy Butler. Guarding him like Jimmy Butler is strong and he still at will. And usually it's an and one.


Well, how small did Jimmy Butler and Tyler Hero look next to him? They're not small human beings, but how small do they look next to him last night?


LeBron look small next to Jimmy. Yeah, that's right.


I know. But, you know, but I don't know. No, no, no. I talked to him. He did look smaller.


It's loud wrong there because you said Jimmy Butler was incapable of putting up that game. You, quote, put it past him.


Yes, I did put it past him. That's true.


Even Meyers Leonard at one point tried to, like, wrap his arms around LeBron and he couldn't contain the the thing that was interesting about watching Jimmy Butler last night is the specific difference between what he would do when LeBron was on him, where he stayed on the perimeter, sort of roaming around, and then the moment he would get the pick that he needed and the switch that he needed to take. I know, but how excited you would see that immediately if LeBron if somehow he didn't get what he needed and LeBron stayed with him, he wouldn't go to the rim.


I think he only did it once on LeBron in the second half. It was a different Jimmy Butler the way that he was played when LeBron was on him, but they couldn't keep LeBron on him. And whenever it was anybody else, he didn't care who else it was. But the size difference between the two of them is interesting, even as that stat we gave you earlier in the show. Yesterday. There were 32 possessions where Jimmy Butler guarded LeBron James and on those thirty two possessions, LeBron James had nine point and seven turnovers.


This historically has been LeBron is the easiest path to the title, even when he won it in five against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Oklahoma City took game one and you saw had the Celtics series before that. This isn't really adversity up to one. But if Miami gets another one, then it feels like I said must win.


So what have they played? They played an eight of four, a five and a five. Is that what they've done? And like they've they haven't had a top three seed on this run to the playoffs so much as Rockets.


It's not even so much about the matchups, even though they did lose game one to the Blazers. Right. It's about oh, there's doubt here. Can LeBron do this? LeBron always likes to make it interesting here. There hasn't really been any doubt. You had Charles Barkley knee jerking to the Blazers recent form, but there hasn't been any sort of adversity for him. If Miami can get another one and more time to get Bam healthy, I mean he avoided Giannis and Kawhi that's it.


That's what he avoided LeBron. Geico presents Monster Counseling Dracula. Tell me how you're feeling, no one understands how lonely this. No one will even let me into their house. I knock and knock, but they ignore me.


Huh? What else? I look in the mirror and they don't even see myself anymore. If you don't see yourself clearly. Can you really expect others to? I'm having a breakthrough.


It's not easy to be a vampire, but with Geico it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance. Thank you to all you gentle souls who clawed out my face by pointing out that the Denver Nuggets were a three seed. You are correct. I am sorry for the mistake. I am leaking confidence. I have been wrong today in a way that echoes from sea to shining sea. So my apologies for forgetting that the Denver Nuggets were a three seed and not a four seed.


I deserve all of your wrath and all of your criticism and all of your hate and all of your poison and all of your name calling. And I am indeed fat and I am indeed hideous and I am indeed incompetent. Let's go out to Christine Lacy and allow her to continue. And finally, natural redheads require higher levels of anesthesia than other patients. Speaking of things that put you to sleep, here's Dan.


And just lazy. Just lazy. It's unbelievable. I mean, Christine, you've got to demand that somebody do better with the writing of those things. Those aren't your heartfelt opinion. Thank you for being on with us. Here we go. Still got a tweeter writes in and we'll get to funniest thing of the sports weekend in a second. LBJ didn't avoid Yanase or Kobe. LeBron showed up where they were supposed to meet and those guys were no joke.


That guy. Emoji crying, shrugging emoji in a basketball emoji. You know what, I love that guy, and he's right. He said he didn't avoid them. He met them exactly where he was supposed to meet them, and they were no shows. That's a great take.


I am standing in the way was only that loaf of bread from, as we mentioned, the third seeded Denver Nuggets. Please stop yelling at me. Please. Please forgive me. I am deeply sorry. OK, I just I, I'm sorry. They were indeed two games better than the four seed. I should have known that. And I'm really sorry. Time now for the Funniest Thing from the sports weekend. Hey, people, tell us what inspired sport made you laugh hard.


This is Weekend Edition, a segment we call What Make You Laugh this weekend. But he is from the sports weekend is brought to you by Dell for your small business needs called Dell Technologies adviser today at eight, seven, seven as Dell again, it's a totally reasonable thing for you to be enraged by. OK, I understand it is worthy and a difficult, troubled America in twenty twenty for you to escalate this to the top of your list of concerns above all others.


I got it wrong and I'm sorry. I don't know how to apologize. I hope I have my job in the morning. A two one pitch to Castellano, deep to left. Mike, what was the funniest thing from the Sports Week?


Well, shout out to funhouse at back after this for putting this on my radar. Mike Francesa on September 15 tweeted, I hear Browns who are clueless looking to trade odel since then, the Browns are three, you know, 40 points per game. And Odell's stop complaining for the first time in his career.


It is Mike Ryan is enjoying himself some thirty point Brown games. Roy, what would you say was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Mike Goaled senior called Bam autobio sound all the way different guy.


I mean, he's not nearly as good, Sam. Autobio is not is not good at all, actually. Sam Sam Adebayo works in the produce section of WHOLEFOOD or is a tennis player. Østergaard So what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? Jimmy Butler Yeah, that's true.


Billy What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend than the forty Niners had the ball in the half yard line and then Malik Jackson of the Eagles, when the referee's turned around, just kind of slid the ball about a yard further with his foot.


It's only what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend and yesterday during the Lakers and Heat game.


It's something that happens to the best of us were Kyle Kuzma went to go give D a handshake and all of a sudden there was a miss and he had to give himself a hand clap.


Yes. Meanwhile, Tyler Hero and Jimmy Butler could slap five without even looking at each other as Tyler Hero snarled that baby sharks snarl.


Chris, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend during UNC Boston College, an official on the sideline was very vigorous, vigorously waving his arm to signal for the clock to keep rolling.


And in this motion, he cut checked one of the UNC coaches I saw I saw that as well, which was the game that I saw the highlight of running back, breaking away from the secondary and flashing the peace sign and then getting tackled before he got to the end.


That was the Kentucky game, I believe, as a wide receiver. It happened a couple of times over the weekend and they lost the ball before they fumbled it.


Kentucky's a seam rose. Seventy two yard run stopped just at the goal line because he did the peace sign and they and they lost by one point.


Right. They low they ended up losing. I didn't realize that they didn't score on that.


That started with Tyreek Hill. He would do it at like the fifty because he knew no one was going to catch him. But he keeps warning kids in college, hey, wait until you're in the end zone. Yes. Don't don't do that unless you me. More on here's what we've got from the Detroit Lions. They became now this is the Detroit Lions are known for failure. I think they have won. A single playoff game, the Detroit Lions, since the 1950s, if I don't have that incorrect, they have not they've made not one, but two of the greatest players ever at their position quit during their career.


That's how bad the Detroit Lions are.


And yet it was until yesterday that they became the first team in the history of the sport to lose six straight games after holding a double digit lead, the first team in the history of all NFL games.


We have to get to a stat of the day here, we've got a ton of sports to get to, obviously, because we are being inundated and overwhelmed with sports at every turn. So please, Mike, give me the short introduction, please, to start of the day.


Start of the day. Start of the day. In this start of the day. Start of the day. Start of the day in this year. Start of the day. Start of the day. Start of the day. And this year. Start of the day. Start of the day and start of the day. It is the start of the day. Courtesy of ESPN stats and info at ESPN stats, info on Twitter. The Eagles are in first place in the NFC East despite running three plays all season while leading in the fourth quarter.


The Giants and Cowboys have yet to run any and Washington ran 11 all in week one versus the Eagles. That division is the worst I've ever seen.


It's been for a while. I don't think that Dallas is actually bad, but they are. It doesn't matter what I think because I don't know what I'm talking about. But the Dallas Cowboys have allowed so many points that you made the point earlier that cowboy fans must be yearning for Jason Garrett. Mike McCarthy has started the season. And yesterday was Mike McCarthy angry him talking the only game they won? They needed a total miracle to win against the Falcons.


That is correct. They have one hundred and twenty six points, which is second in the NFC. They are one in three.


Well, how many points if they allowed? One hundred and forty six.


That's four games. That's four games. One hundred and forty six points.


You can't fault them. Yesterday they ran into an offensive juggernaut. Should be synonymous with great offenses in the league. I know you want to go to the top of the food chain with the Kansas City Chiefs, but maybe, just maybe you should mention the Cleveland Browns in the same breath. Wow. Three and one. What a season.


I want to say something, but I'm not allowed to because today is Dan is loud wrong day. I will remind you, though, that for whatever happiness Mike Ryan is experiencing at the moment, I don't know how he experienced Dallas's comeback late in that game. I do know that he was yelling at his television last night during the Heat game that he would kill Duncan Robinson himself.


Yeah. Yes, I was. I was yelling that he's missing a lot of shots and he's he's just killing me.


Now, where where where are your wife and your daughter? You're one year old daughter. My one year old daughter is a great sleeper, thankfully. So I was yelling this am I in my living room? And she didn't chime in. My wife did, though she agrees. She shares the same sentiment and also very thankful that there was a seven thirty start. I may have screamed, Jogi, man, I don't want anything serious. But you're not an actual murder.


You're not in the bubble to kill him myself. Well, I screamed, I'll kill you myself. And the frustration only because they've only played three games so far. We're just a bunch of guys talking sports, right? Just sports. Right. And your wife was charming and she was just frustrated. But if you walk that baby up, she would have killed you. Yes. I'll put it on the pole, please.


At Libertador Show. Have you ever shouted during a sporting event at your television, I will kill you myself because I'm strong.


But he was moments, right? Yeah. The Big Three late in that game. Luder making it a big up already by nine they were almost like what are you talking about. He was terrible.


He was shooting Sacramento a couple of times and of course that game. Come on man. It's been we're now on our third playoff series of this. Duncan, let's go. Come on.


Are you disputing whether or not that was a big three? Not today, Dana. Oh, I shouldn't do that. Right. What's the fine for that? What I did dispute that I can't believe I lasted as long as I did today without getting fined. I did indeed dispute whether that was a big three. So what is the fine for that?


Is it one dollar? I believe it's two hundred dollars. I thought it was two fifty. I'll tell you two fifty. That's fine. You just put down one. OK, one dollar. There it is. That is all you're getting from me. I was pretty sure it was my children. Forty nine more telling us we were wrong. I thought the maximum you were. You're telling us X amount of time, right. That's another ninety nine.


I love these days.


Five hundred dollars. But I single so happy that this is thirty seconds from ending. I was actively rooting at the end of that game for him not to get to forty.


Oh I'm forty with such a specific number he needed to get four. I didn't want him to get to the point three point forty flat. I wanted it to happen thirty nine so I could have won one dollop of dignity when I walked in a couple free throws that I was just handle might miss. Come on this one I'm yelling at the screen now. Do everybody kill you myself.


I kill everybody myself again. TWIC tomorrow night if you want to see that for yourself.