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This is the down labor part, sure, we've still got Sparkasse. This has been a rough morning and Mike Ryan, I don't know what tomorrow is going to look like, are we going to attempt to do a show tomorrow based on our current conditions where we are adrift from the shipping container? We're going to bring Billy in here in a second by phone line, because this show has been a challenge today. No engineers around here, no Internet, no nothing.


I'd say it's been a banner morning. I've enjoyed school variety. I've enjoyed it.


Not even radio. It's honest to God. To God. This is a true story. The formation of this show in my mind before twenty years ago, before I met you or before anything was phone calls with my friends. It is Greg Cody being his funniest on the phone. I'm not even making that up. Yeah, it's just these conference calls 25 and 30 years ago where we would howl and snort with laughter and play the looks like game and do all of this cruddy stuff that we do around here.


But, Mike, I need some help here, bringing in Billy because I don't know what he's been doing all morning. We're bringing him in by phone.


Well, let me address your first question that you threw my ways. If we're going to be here tomorrow, that might confuse a lot of the listeners because the established workflow that we've had here for about a month has been Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Now, that hasn't stopped, Dan, from every Sunday morning texting me. What are the days we're working this week? So inevitably, Dan has a conflict, but we're going to double our output for Super Bowl week.


We're coming at you tomorrow, hopefully because of the established workflow that I mentioned. I actually told the Clevelander they could shut down power to the entire grid because a lot of stuff needs to be done on Wednesday morning, six, eight a.m. So the technical difficulties that we've had today with the Internet being out, I was actually worried about tomorrow. So my guess is tomorrow will somehow it be even worse than today, Dan?


All right, excellent. So we bring in Billy here. And how have you spent your morning, Billy? Because this is a you have never been available at this hour. You are always working. And because of everything that's happened right now, you've gotten to spend the day just sitting at home, not working. Hey, guys, it's Billy. No, I wouldn't say not working at the, you know, organizing march, sadness is coming up.


But more importantly than that, I've been watching first take and it has been I want to say, just because of our schedule, probably, what, like five or six years, if you don't include day since I've just been able to enjoy first take what a show or take it, who wanted what's happening there this morning?


Because we were just talking about we have never felt it's weird when I'm feeling this is not Super Bowl week for the show. I have spent a decade railing against Super Bowl week, and the first time I get kicked out to the curb, I'm like, hey, can I have some Super Bowl week? And I have a little bit. And it just makes me feel like a total fraud on the inside because we're in a studio with no shipping container.


No, we're talking to Adam Lefko, who doesn't have anything to do with the Super Bowl. We have not had a Super Bowl guess. And the last time the Super Bowl was literally in our backyard, that show you're talking about was by the pool outside. But now there's nobody working out. There were an abandoned hotel. Our futures are at risk. And I'm looking around a dark and cold room. I just got to Mike and we're calling Billy on the landline.


And Billy, you're telling me first take wins that first day. He's doing it better than we are today. Well, we are, what, 42, 43 minutes into first take, and you wouldn't know it from watching that it was Super Bowl week for them here yet, I think that's going to pick up later in the week. Right now, they're having Jarrett Allen on. This is their first guest of the day. If you don't include Swiger, who was sitting in.


I do, by the way. Wow. He went straight from get up the first take. I don't know how they did that so quick, but he ended. He had the last words on get up. Then he started first take. They covered in 42 minutes, from what I remember, two topics so far. One was Tom Brady and two with Aaron Rodgers and the Tom Brady was. Will Tom Brady play after he's forty five because he said he might do that.


And Max started by saying he absolutely will. Who would question him. And then everyone pointed out, Max, you question him, you're the last person we want to hear on this.


And then that argument went on for about twenty minutes where they were just, you know, going on and on, just pounding on poor Max the whole time. And then we moved over to Aaron Rodgers. And whether or not Aaron Rodgers and how that's going to end with the with the Packers and Stephen, they let them off the hook. And then everyone that Stephen A.. If this is any other quarterback, you wouldn't be letting him off the hook.


And then that went on for about another twenty one minutes.


Jared Allen has joined the show. Swag left for the moment. I don't know if he's coming back. Stephenie, by the way. Wow. He's aging gracefully. He's got a little salt and pepper going on now. I hadn't noticed that this is because it's HD or I just haven't been paying attention. But he's got a little gray in there. I like it. I like this first take show. It's pretty good. Really picked it up early.


I just saw a clip just getting started. I well know. I'd like to hear more. I can't wait to hear more, but I just saw a clip yesterday of Stephen A. Smith sort of in his prime as Stephen A. Smith where he was. I don't know. This had to be is this before his show got canceled and then he became a star with his own show, or is it after it got canceled and then he reinvented himself and created like.


You mean Nicole Pietz, Stephen, a story, not the cold pizza show. He had his own show on ESPN to an interview show. He was going to be quite frank, quite frankly, his own show. And and then he left ESPN went into politics and has totally rehabbed himself. But I saw an old clip of him ripping Kwame Brown as part of the Pau Gasol to the Lakers trade. And that is an enduring run across television. That dude has had, as Max turns gray and looks up one day and realizes, wait a minute, I can't believe that this show turned into I have to be Stuart.


I have to be The New Yorker who gets buried here by Stephenie every day. And Stephenie is feeding on my soul as Max, whether or not he's dying over here and Billy's eating it up. You're Steven. He's still throwing haymakers Super Bowl week on a Tuesday.


Yeah. And Max, by the way, looks less gray. I don't know if we ever addressed that or that was just the conversation that we had after that. We were worried about Max. He looked very gray on TV for a long time. I like his hair. All of him like his face looks gray, everything looks great. But he looks great today. Deveney, I'm choosing not to believe that he had to show that we can't because he's about that about sixty shows since that have just been out.


I think he has a new show now, too. Right. Does he have a new show? Also my TV guide. I don't know what it is, but any time sports on SportsCenter is on it, just as Stephen A. Smith SportsCenter. So I don't know if that was part of his New Deal, where they just rename SportsCenter, Stephen A. Smith SportsCenter. That's some sort of glitch in my my TV guide. But every time. Oh, wow.


stone-Cold coming on later. That has to be a Super Bowl week thing, right? Why would so-called be coming on? Oh, wait, I know why he's coming on. He said that stone-Cold is coming on to predict his Super Bowl winner. It is Super Bowl week. So Stephen Allen, Sports SportsCenter.


That's why he hosts the one before the big NBA night. But I like your way better.


Yes, but I do have a question for Billy because he mentioned March sadness. Is there anything in the way of a little tease preview perhaps you can give myself in and or you do that, though? Are we even going to be able to do this anymore with Turchin? Because the key staple, are we going to have to retire that looks like game or do it differently? Kurkdjian wants to be on with us, but I don't think he's allowed to be on with us.


And I don't think we want to be sending Kirketon into a big fight with management about being on with us. He's got the credentials to win that fight. But what are we going to do? There can be a paid. Yes, like what are we legitimately asking? What's going to happen to the looks like game if we can't use him?


Kurkdjian you're still asking me questions over the air. OK, I'll ask it.


Not on the air eventually. I don't know the answer to that question.


The answer's always been no. I got a bank South Beach decision with Mike, sir, and Tim Kurkjian. That's totally innocuous.


All right. Well, speaking of all that, OK, ASV do it with Jeff Van Gundy, by the way, that never were done. They weren't won. It never worked again.


Jeff Van Gundy never got the game. Thank you, Bill. You're so right. Jeff Van Gundy, we tried. He looks like the queen of hearts. There's no disputing it. He's an all time number one seed, but Jeff Van Gundy never understood it. In fact, Billy, if you have anywhere if you can get all the Jeff in. Gundy's I think he might be one of my favorite categories I'd like to just go through the Jeff Van Gundy is with you, but before you get out of here, because this week has been crazy, it is something that you miss.


Yes or no, ESPN and Radio Row, because last year at the time you were in the center of everything, you were palling around with Derrick Henry. You were bringing pasta Leto's to people. The Super Bowl was in Miami. You were on radio row. We had James Wild thing. You look really don't Kenny Chesney.


Deontay Willink Wilder Who is that? I called James while there's an old running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that's going to start happening around here. Yes, but you had fun. Do you miss the in radio there it is Super Bowl week and my mom's akwa.


Oh, my God. What happened?


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So Billy, are you beginning to regret your decision to be on the pirate ship this month? As we're all floating around here and things today have been particularly disastrous? We let the engineer, the one guy holding the whole thing up, take the day off after three weeks. Yeah, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop was given the day off, a day off, and the whole thing collapsed. And now we're just calling you on the phone and you're getting to watch first take.


And we're getting basically a mystery science theater view of Billy watching first take for the first time in six years. And so do you miss ESPN already? Do you miss first take do you miss the Super Bowl week?


Well, I'm glad that you had me on. Thank you for having me on, but I'm not going to lie. It's kind of interesting. My first take I had to put it on. You have no idea what you're talking about right now. I don't know who he's picked. You know, I have a theory about this, Bob. Is it possible that Bob, when he left, just unplug something and he's like, you know what, they're going to give me the day off?


If they figure this out without me, then they're going to realize maybe they don't need me. So let me just unplug things like the yellow wire, red, red and yellow. And he comes in tomorrow and he's be smart, like as a for be smart.


Well, I've been I'm going to put him on Forbes personally. I've been writing the checks. It's not on the checks. He's not Bob. He's Robert on the checks.


So Billy, when you're watching first take when you're missing the Super Bowl, how are we going to recreate as a producer of the show the Stu got bathroom through question? What's the single most important thing? I think it's the only part of Super Bowl week we need to do. What's the single most important thing the Bucks have to do to beat the chiefs in the Super Bowl? But if we're not going to have any guess, it's the only thing we need for it to feel like Super Bowl week around here.


I don't think we literally need anything else, but that requires guests. It requires a working phone line that requires us not to be kicked out of the entire sports mainstream media.


I mean, maybe tomorrow, Billy, we could just litter the show with a bunch of old school radio row guest and perhaps we'll just ask him that. You know, Mike Golic, Gilbreth, the Internet works.


We just go through one after the other and ask that question again and again and again and nothing else and get out and have some sound from old because how else are we going to do this? We are totally outside the grid right now. We this does not feel like Super Bowl week around here. I can't complain about not being a part of a Super Bowl week. And furthermore, that's my go to device. If I don't have that, what do I do?


I miss the Super Bowl. All of a sudden I'm like, I'm not sitting here lamenting. No, give me the contents of Gilbreath giving his opinion on what happened to the Cowboys this year. And I'm missing. Oh, it's all going down here down at radio. That's just slapping people on the back, giving them a pass. The Lieto selling some one 800 flowers. You missed the whole thing. I got a prediction from Cequent Barkley. So, Billy, what do you miss the most?


What can we recreate tomorrow to make it feel like Super Bowl week around here, to make it feel more like what first take is going to feel like tomorrow?


Well, the first thing that we haven't done that we do every year on Super Bowl week, it kind of kicks off the week. We haven't had a certain someone come on and give his prediction and maybe play some music for us. Oh, fake Howard Cosell by phone. He's going to do it by phone, Kenny G. We're going to ask him to hold a phone up and play the a phone up to our phone and throw our tin cans and walkie talkies.


It would have been nice to see him over.


Billy comes back tomorrow.


He's just going to fix the plugs that he unplugged is going to be worse than today because at least the lights are working and we're still putting out a podcast. There is a post generator.


What if they go and buy a generator? We don't have a printer yet.


A podcast would be a very soothing experience with a constant hum of a generator going on in the back. Billy, do you have in front of you somewhere the Jeff Van Gundy looks like does your computer this is not the best way to do this. Usually there'd be a production meeting or at least a production meeting in one of the commercials. Billy would scramble, not listen to the show, would find the Jeff Van Gundy looks like because I had requested it three minutes earlier.


But in the in the moment, he is on the phone with us doing the radio show, just speaking into his phone. So I don't know if you've had time to look at your computer and find the Jeff Van Gundy. Looks like. Have you?


I have them. There's twenty one of them. Do you really want to read 21 of them?


I think I want you to read them, do I not? Because what are you going to do, text them to me? Am I going to our Internet site where you can take a picture of it and text it to you?


You want to take a picture of it and have me read them because I could read some Jeff Van Gundy. You can filibuster by just telling people what's in the March Madness tournament this year, what you're excited about, because I'm sure we've got more than 64 great ones, right?


Oh, yes. And this year, the March Madness tournament is going to be looks like we're going to have I'm going to have those and there's going to be anybody that's also looks like we're going to have those. And in total, when you combine the 64 or 68, really 68 because we're playing games plus the thirty two, we're going to have 100, 100, looks like in contention for two titles.


Have you decided have you decided the voice? Who is the voice yet? Now we can't use any of the Renaldi, any of the either the bob the bob leaves. You guys have gone through the weekend. We can use Renaldi. Yeah, well we can use Renaldi. That's right. Yeah.


Right now the plus is go piss Mike.


So I love piss Mike better than that. That's a great idea to really be great. Go piss Mike as the voice of March set. You are brilliant. Great idea. He's hired me. There's nobody better really.


That's all we can afford him. That's the best we can do. Go piss Mike.


That is the best we can do. He's got a great voice. I'm telling you, the guy could do voice. He's going to be our voice over guy. You don't piss Mike.


I love your pirate shit, man. You all right with no internet?


Do you want to read some of these Jeff Van Gundy or do you want me to know?


I can read them. I'm a good reader. All right. So are you ready to do twenty one of them?


Yeah. Let's let's not say exactly twenty one just in case I miscounted, but, you know, in the 21 ballpark. All right.


So, you know, are you guys in agreement with me that. Well, first of all, you're in agreement with Billy that Jeff Van Gundy gets the looks like game less than anyone who's ever been on our show. One hundred percent goes on and he doesn't understand why it's funny and it's because he doesn't think he looks like these things that Billy is about to read. His brother does. His brother gets it. But this this this goes right by the head of Jeff Van Gundy.


He doesn't understand what we're doing. He doesn't think anything looks like what we say it looks like. So go ahead. What do you have here, Billy? All right.


Jeff Van Gundy. Looks like your uncle's ghost.


Your uncle's ghost. Ready for another one?


Yeah. All right. Jeff Van Gundy looks like the senior senator who has spent his career building towards the passing of a single signature bill, only to have it undermined by the young, charismatic newcomer Felgate.


Keep going. All right. Jeff Van Gundy looks like the queen of hearts. We know that one. Jeff Van Gundy looks like the nuclear expert kidnapped and forced to help the villain in a Steven Seagal OnDemand movie.


It's been fun as no movies has been have been made to just sort of scan and find just a batch of Seagal movies where you could see his face and played over the years. I recognize it because it's like a mirror.


Go ahead, Billy. All right.


Jeff Van Gundy looks like the nervous scientist who helps develop a chemical weapon for a Russian spy network, then betrayed when he finishes it and slowly whispers to double 007 as he's dying. Get out of Tangier before it's too late.


That's from more. Remember why you're so good. Yes, yes. Maybe we should read some of these to Adnan. Maybe that's the next incarnation of it, because Adnan is a former ESPN employee. But that would welcome in Adnan past security. So we've got to take that under consideration. What else you got?


Jeff Van Gundy looks like the movie villains put up put upon lacky. Becomes more and more aghast as at the evil plans finally standing up to the movies. Is someone dying?


And what is happening? Is your dog OK there? Someone dying? Yeah, I don't I didn't know if you could hear that. And I was a little concerned.


Well, your confidence went to hell in the read because you were feeling it. That's worse than Cody and Feni.


Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what's going on. I think she wants a treat. You want me to handle that?


You're going to reward that behavior by giving her a treat.


That's the worst thing you can do for what do you when you just you know, I am miserable death. Sad for sure. He looks like an evil scientist, incompetent assistant who always unwittingly spoils the scientists evil schemes. Noticed I moved away from the one I couldn't read. Yeah, I think he looks like a spelling bee official.


I think it's important to go from the long ones to the short one. How about this?


Jeff Van Gundy looks like a nervous speaker who has multiple errors in his PowerPoint presentation.


It looks like the Eagles coach. Isn't that what the Eagles coach sounded like? Like he sounded like he realized as he was talking, I'm an imposter and everyone can see it.


I emailed that sound today. If the Internet works, it's somewhere. What happens to emails when the Internet doesn't work? Do they just live out there? They just floating out there until Bob plugs that thing?


Well, what's some other sound? What some other sound you felt like we should have gotten to today? Because I haven't had access to your sound choices. What was the stuff? You were excited. There's Internet on your phone.


You know, great idea. You know what? I'm going to play it on my computer through my phone. You can hear the sounds. How about that excellent sound.


So, Mike, he wasn't able to send you any of the sound today that he had no Internet? Dan, I mean, I have it on my phone, so I was able to see it.


You want me to play some clips here? Just tell me what. Let's go.


Let's go. As low budget as we could possibly do it.


Let's get off the phone. I'm going to call Ron McGill, too. All right. Go ahead. Ron McGill will be part of our postgame show or. No, I'm sorry. I got the Times confused. Ron McGill will be before this. Very good. Let's keep it moving.


All right. So what do we want to play here? We want to play the the woman that was arguing with LeBron. We want to play Nick Sirianni. Do we want to play some Gronk sound?


You want to play high?


Gaila Go ahead.


Do Gronk do LeBron LeBron first. We haven't played any of that sound.


All right. Hold on a second. Ready? Here we go. Tell me if you can hear this came out of the game looking for you. That's what I just said. Listen, let me tell you, I think LeBron James looked at my husband during the game and talked about out and I said, I'm going to go go talk to my husband.


That's my husband one more time. Yeah. And you said, how do you feel? You shut your mouth. All right.


Very good. Billy, give us all your thoughts. There wasn't a great listen, but you can tell us what you thought as you viewed that.


Oh, did you hear that? How was the quality?


I could hear it. Yeah, it was pretty bad. But just give us your thoughts on that story. It was not the best maybe let's not yell at each other, not the nicest thing LeBron, though. I mean, honestly, you're going to get someone kicked out in an audience of like 50 people. What's that about? Well, he said he didn't want her kicked out. That's what he alleged, I mean, that's what he has to say, though.


They what he wanted them, though, is he going to want to get kicked out? You could say no, she can stay. Let's be real. LeBron is running. What's going on there? They didn't just decide we're going to kick this person up. Come on in then. Come on. So we're not going to get to this first take.


OK, they will get to it. It's we're going to spend the rest of the sound you have. Go ahead and play some more sound. Let's just go through Billies takes through his phone. What's the next sound you have?


Here we go. Gronk, remember him. Hold on one second. Yes, it was media. They kind of.


What I said is one of the things that Gronk said, what you remember about those awful workouts the first time he goes, oh, man, oh, I tricked them. I tricked them a few times because I would bring a shirt, my shirt out, and then I would bring another shirt out. So when I'm running the sprints, I would throw myself like 15 times for for that session, that workout session. But I would run in a couple of different choices.


You only have like two or three reps so that when the next time came, I didn't have to sell myself because I already felt myself running in a different shirt every time on that one day. And he has had a clue that his day that I was checking, I'm about half the time that got to the Super Bowl outsmarting his own coach.


I can't believe that's still playing in Super Bowl is so great. It is so great, Billy, that Gronk tricked his coaches by just changing shirt so he didn't have to run sprints. He's like a bleep. And I've had a bunch of surgeries that came out of retirement because I'm six, seven polar bear that can always be open. If you just throw the ball totally in my hands, I'll never not be open. So I'll come out this season for Tom and just block for him.


I'm the greatest tight end ever. That's fine. I'll just roam around here and block and every once in a while I'll break somebody's season with a one yard catch for twenty nine yards.


So good actually tricked his coaches or Aryan's. It's like what, what are we going to do. What am I going to do. Put him in timeout. Like whatever. Who cares. Gronk changing his shirt.


Because I wouldn't be surprised if Gronk is changing his shirt at the beginning of every clip that he set it right where he's taking off the ball right now, three days and now he's sending ten clips, all of them in a different shirt, all of them one sprint, a poorly a poorly edited video. One more Billy, before we get to Ron McGill here.


Wow. Decisions, decisions. OK, here's Patrick Mahomes on what team and Travis Cusi Spirit Animal would be man spirit animal nickname.


I would like to be like a warm that's like a wolf kind of running around my pack and being able to be a leader and someone that ought to be used to attack and accuse the elite must pass. Oh, what a pass you by Travis. Chelsea, what do you think? Shinji's Travis man it's got to be something funny. I think you'd be like a giraffe. You know, these guys of just out there racing around the field trying to make something happen, you know, kind a different, different things that he can run around and do stuff with.


It is always a good time.


OK, Travis, that it's OK. Not great.


You know what? We'll cut out that last one and just toss him again while he was trying to do that, had it in Darren McGill, a little animal, you know.


Yeah, Cinergy. That right. I got it. I think so. We did it, though, right?


I know it would have been good to have a meeting and not called you on the phone line and done this line.


But Billy, just so just so darn it, I no, I mean, you chose that over Kendrick Perkins talking about James Harden going to strip clubs every night during the NBA finals.


I had that. I had now, but that's not useful to me. Now, you instead throw us a giraffe and just useless sound. I'm here for doing this this way where you get to analyze your own sound. But what kind of bad judgment is that? That that that sound immediately made me, again, not Miss Super Bowl week. OK, let's ask the quarterback what kind of spirit animal he would be and also what would his tight end be?


And he's wacky quarterbacks.


There's a giraffe. A giraffe.


Yeah, OK, I don't miss you. Or Super Bowl week anymore. You get out of here. We overplayed our hand with you trying to go about, you know, thirteen minutes longer with you than we needed to. We had a hot streak with Cody and you, and then at the end, we get it back to you.


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So here's Ron McGill. And we don't have any shipping container here to talk to Ron McGill. But there were a number of things that I wanted to ask him today, beginning with there was a whale found in the Everglades and I didn't understand. I thought I was being fooled by the Internet. I don't understand what it is that I just saw. So please, Ron, explain to me what kind of phenomenon this was this week. Where was this common knowledge somehow in your world that there were damn whales in the Everglades?


Well, a whale can get into the Everglades because, remember, the Everglades empties out into the ocean. This is a problem that we're having with a lot of the ocean areas where a lot of this water is just emptying out with all these pollutants from the fertilizers and such. So since the water can empty out, something can certainly swim up and get in. That's where you get the brackish water. That's why you have things like crocodiles and animals that live in partly salt, partly fresh water.


That's where the waters come together. So well, theoretically, sure can go up and get up into the Everglades area. But he wouldn't be able to go very far because it's not deep enough areas there. It could become stranded very easily run.


I recently went to the zoo, had a wonderful time, by the way. I've noticed that you've have you have a lot of massive iguanas that are basically part of the attractions at this point because they're all sorts of neon orange.


It's really cool to see.


I was wondering what's the most invasive pain in the ass animal that is always giving you fits over at the zoo?


Well, it pretty much is iguanas, because iguanas, what they do is not only do they just leave their poop everywhere and these massive piles, but they also are compromising the exhibit areas because they make these tunnels into the side of the wall that collapsed. The walls in the exhibits kind of collapse down into the moat. So that's a real pain in the butt. Plus, every day you've got some painting going, oh my God, whatever, because it's got out.


You got to come over here.


We've got people calling up the front, you know, like a 911 call.


Oh, my God, it's going to kill me.


It's it's a big old iguana. And people are panicking, especially the tourists have never been down here before and don't realize that these things are now part of our natural environment. So they're just a pain in the butt, just keeping up with them. They'll go in. They'll actually take other animals, fruits, the gorillas. I've seen these gorillas, 400 plus pound gorillas eating their food. And an iguana walks up this big milestone and it's up and down and the gorilla backs off and iguana takes is like his lettuce or apple.


I mean, give me a break. There can be a real pain in the neck.


The weather's going to dip down to 40 degrees down here. So many of those iguanas may start falling out of trees. What's your experience with this phenomenon? Do you have any things in place for what's coming up here for you?


Answer that, though, Ron. Pat Riley was mortified. Pat Riley, godfather of the heat, because he did not know this about iguanas, about South Florida as a California guy. So when I say godfather of the Heat, I'm talking about also the temperature, because he buried a bunch a bunch of stiff iguanas were in his backyard, all of them stiff in his backyard. And he buried them. And in burying them, he likely killed them because they were not dead.


They just react that way to the cold. Right.


A lot of them may well, some of them may have been dead. I mean, it depends on the size. I mean, the cold does kill some of them, but a great deal of them look like they turn slight gray. Their eyes are sunken in their heads. They look like they're dead. What we really cool is if he buried them and all of a sudden you start seeing the dirt move and they start coming out of the dirt like a walking dead type thing.


How could that be? You probably freak out, go, my God, they're coming back from the dead. How cool would that be? Because that's very possibly could happen, Ron.


It was very cool seeing there were so many great videos that people took and shared on social media of their animals playing in the snow. And I'm wondering, which animals why do animals love the snow so much? Because there are crazy storms going on throughout the North, Northeast and Midwest. And I've seen dogs and pandas and everyone enjoying the snow. Why is that?


Well, look at kids. Look at kids, too. That's why the kids enjoy the snow. It's just a matter of playing and jumping and sliding. It's just this wonderful energy that you're able to get out. You know, I remember being a kid up in New York growing up in New York City. I go out in shorts and a T-shirt when it was snowing to throw a football because I just didn't feel the cool kids. And a lot of animals don't feel the cold.


You don't see, you know, tropical. I know you're never going to see a snake in the snow. You're never going to see any kind of reptile in the snow. You know, elephants may look like they're enjoying the snow. They don't enjoy the snow because elephants are very sensitive to the cold. But as far as pandas, you know, dogs and cats, good layers of fur on them. They enjoy the. No, the same way the kids enjoy the snow, you know, it's a place to play and be carefree and fly around and do all kinds of goofy stuff.


An answer to my question, do you have a protocol in place for when iguanas are falling out of trees? Is we? Yes, we do. Well, unfortunately, generally speaking, the iguanas here have gotten very intelligent to where they don't go up in trees, which is why they're always surviving these iguanas now burrowing themselves into different burrows where they can stay warm enough to survive the cold. And that's the adaptation that's happening to a lot of iguanas now.


Whereas, you know, 10 years ago when the first cold streets came out, the first generation of iguanas were, you know, all over the place. They went up in the trees because that is their initial natural instinct to go up into the trees, to stay away from predators. Well, the ones that couldn't find trees, they made a little holes in the ground. They're the ones that survive. So what happened when they reproduced? That gene was passed on to the next generation and now the majority of those go in the holes instead of going up in the trees.


The ones that go in the trees are the ones are going to die, the ones that go into holes, the ones are going to survive and eventually adjust. Where are you going to be getting more and more of them further north in the state? I predict that within five years you're going to have iguanas up in the Panhandle, maybe even up in Georgia. I want to go back for a second to something that Ron was talking about, a couple of different things.


I want to go back to this whale in the Everglades in the second as well. But you mentioned iguanas might be the greatest annoyance. And when I was at the zoo with you recently here, when we met Dan Levitan, the officially named hippo at the zoo, that is now Dan Levitan, I'd like to hear more about that hippos life and how that hippos life has changed and how those wax hippos named Dan Libertador selling. But before we get to that, didn't you tell me the cats were more of an annoyance than iguanas that day, were they?


ATWAL Cats are by far the most dangerous animals for us here at the zoo. First of all, of course, they can predate on the smaller birds, but more importantly, they can also carry a disease called toxoplasmosis, which is deadly to things like kangaroos, any of the macropods. It can also be very dangerous to other cats. You know, they go into different areas. They leave their feces behind. That's where that's where the toxoplasmosis is found.


And it can become deadly to several groups of animals here at the zoo. So, yes, cats, not to mention, you know, things like mange and parasites, fleas, ticks and that stuff like that. They are conduits for bringing that into the collection, which we try to protect with every means that we have. But we can't stop these cats that can jump over eight foot fences and dig under the little holes and, you know, find their way into all kinds of things.


So, yes, feral cats are the number one problem as far as non-native animals go in the zoo. They're just not considered an invasive species because they're a domesticated animal.


But didn't they eradicate at least one species from your zoo where you simply did?


They did. They eradicated kangaroos from the zoo. That's why you don't we don't have kangaroos here at the zoo was our kangaroo herd was infected with toxoplasmosis brought in by cats. It was deadly to those kangaroos. And we felt that that we can no longer have kangaroos because we can not subject them to that type of exposure unless there's a way we can come up that we can guarantee that no cats can get in, that they can not transmit that toxin.


Unfortunately, we're not going to have kangaroos or wallabies or those types of, you know, marsupials in the zoo again.


Did you learn that then with those deaths? Because that seems I don't know whether that was a mistake, an oversight, whether there's any way to keep cats off the premises.


That's what we're trying. Dan, we try everything we can, you know, building standard moats, building high fences. Cats are unbelievable, physical, you know, machines as far as their abilities to jump, to dig, to get under areas. There's so, you know, got there like gymnastics, you know, the gymnasts of the animal world, they can get almost anywhere they want. So we're working on it because we would love to bring kangaroos back.


But we can't do that unless we can guarantee we can keep the cats out and we're trying everything we can. We've certainly reduced the population significantly by putting up extra fences, extra wiring and things like that. But I still see one every now and then. How is it only takes one, yeah.


How is Dan Liotard, the Hippo doing any news on the Dan Liotard the hippo front that we can share with the audience?


I got to tell you some, Dan Halbertal, the hippo is doing magnificently well. As you may remember, he was born with a little bit of a palate problem, a congenital palate problem and have some surgery, has some plastic surgery, has some of the best plastic surgeons come in there and fix that palate problem. He still has a little bit of the problem with the food kind of goes up into his nasal passages. But, man, he is thriving.


He is eating like crazy. He loves the attention. People have come by and asked, where is Dan Laboratoire, the hippo? So when we got to over the hippo, you see people taking pictures. And, you know, I see them taking selfies with Dan Liotard behind them and and then loving and loving the attention. I mean, he's feeling like, well, he is he is the most recognized celebrity status pygmy hippo on the face of the planet.


Look at that.


All right. So if people want to support Dan Liotard, the Hippo and Dan Leopard, the hippos cause is wrong because they're all about this hippo at the zoo that is officially named Dan Batard, introduced to others as Dan Le Batard. Our audience has been kind of amazing with Ron Magill in this endowment. We've been joking about the general size of Ron McGill's endorsement and how it keeps growing here on the air a bit.


But it has been unbelievable. What what is the recent count? What can you tell the audience in terms of how it has supported the animals?


And you during this time, I will tell you that the recent count is just from Dan Libertador listeners alone over the past two weeks, we are approaching 40000 dollars plus. And this is from I think it's 32 different states already, 32 different states in the country. You know, donations ranging from five dollars. One person donated ten thousand dollars. And I was like beside myself. And then people doing things, having their companies match that. The donations.


I mean, just incredibly generous people. I mean, everybody from, you know, blue collar workers to doctors and dentists. I mean, I'm just amazed at the diversity, the generosity. And like I say, they're all each going to get a personal letter from me, but they need to know that that money is going to be protecting animals in the wild for generations to come.


You're welcome. Well, where do they go, though, instead of taking the victory laps to Gotz? How about telling them? Because you keep you keep he keeps forgetting this. Ron is very bad at business matters about money. He's kind of naive. And so you keep forgetting to tell people where to go.


Well, let me tell the audience, because they're listening to a podcast. And every time Ron McGill joins us, we put a link directly in that podcast description directly to Ron Sizeable Endowment.


OK, and we love his sizable endowment around here. And we will not have anyone speak ill of his sizable endowment. It is something around here that we will embrace getting it done as a show.


So, Billy, Billy, what just happened? We're going to talk to Ron for a second because Billy has fallen out of the sky. But Billy, what just happened with you and Mike and the and the guest like?


Well, Billy called the guest signed just now. And when he called me out on it because I answered the gasline ESPN Radio Guesclin just muscle memory. I guess we're not ESPN Radio anymore. I could just pick it up and say the phone.


Phone line. Yes. Hello Billy. Yes. Or hello. Like normal people do. Billy, what do you have for Ron McGill?


Iran, it's Billy. I was reading that Southwest Airlines recently joined a bunch of other airlines in banning emotional support animals because they had things like peacocks, cats, pigs, miniature horses, comfort turkeys like that on airplanes, but they're still allowing service dogs. So what makes dogs more of service are more qualified to be service animals and peacocks or cats or pigs.


OK, not it's not it's not. There's a difference between a service animal and emotional support animal. If it's an emotional support dog, it's not getting on the plane either. It has to be a certified service. Animal service animal is an animal that will alert if someone's about to have a diabetic, a seizure will alert, you know, if something physical is going to have an epileptic seizure. These are dogs that provide that service or guide a person like leading, you know, leading a blind person.


So that's a dog that is providing a service. The problem with these other people with emotional support animals is the abuse that people going on and playing with a duck in their hand to go, oh, no, it makes me emotionally stable to have my duck with me, you know, and then the duck is pooping all over the place. There's no control. I don't blame these airlines because a lot of a lot of people made it bad for the real people that really need the emotional support animals.


You know, when you start walking on with a goat on your plane, you can't do that. OK, this is not some third world country. People have to take into consideration sanity, you know, sanitary conditions for other passengers on the plane. That's the bottom line. So that's the difference. A service dog provides a service. It's not something you hold in your lap. Oh, it just makes me calm. It makes me feel better.


No, that doesn't work.


Controversial statements from Ron McGill. Do not bring that up, Doctor. You are outraged. Do not bring a doc on the airline as your comfort animal. Thank you. Roy, you're on with Ron McGill. Go ahead, Roy. What do you have? I'm going out to him like he's a caller as he's calling in on the phone line. Roy is on the phone line, no longer sponsored by ESPN. Roy, what do you have for Ron McGill?


Superpower on a elderly hiker spotted a moose on a trail and ended up getting hurt by the moose. If that's unavoidable, what's a good way to calm down a moose and have moose, like, go away? You know, if you're going to get hit by the moose, you've got to play dead. You've got to curl up. You got to protect the back of your head and just play dead because you're not going to outrun the moose. Now, if you see them is coming at you, get behind a tree, just keep on.


You know, it's going to look like a comedy of errors, but you just got to keep that tree between you and the moose. And if a moose is coming at you, it's either a cow defending her calves and she's just going to stomp on you. But if it's a bull that's in rut, because what happens is when they come in the breeding season, guys and their handlers are out, they just go nuts. The females make the males stupid at that time and they will just go after anything that they think might be a threat to them being able to get to a female.


So, you know, if that's the case, you could be in bad shape. They're just beyond beside themselves. It's not one of those things. You going to put up your hand and go, hey, bear, no, that's not going to work. If a moose is come at you, putting up your hands in the air and saying, hey, bear is just going to inevitably end up with you getting gored. Dominique pause.


Mary Lou Retton.


Oh, wedding cam. Can you put it on the pole, please, at Lebed Today Show? Did you know that the way to get away from a moose was just to hide behind a tree at Tajoura? I want to update the polls before we get out of here. Chris, we haven't done it in a long time, and I'd like to do that.


It is Super Bowl week. And I do have a question for Ron. Hold on a second. I've got more animal question. Just one more animal question. The whale in the Everglades, did they not discover that that was a new species of whale? How often is that discovered? Aren't they writing about it as if it's a new species of whale?


Ron, I have not heard the specifics on it. It could very well be I. It it might be a subspecies, it might be some animal is kind of evolved to do something differently than the species has evolved from, but I'll have to wait for the final stuff to come out because to say it's a new species of whale, a new species. Wow. That's a big stretch. When you have a mega vertebrate that large discover new species, even though the ocean is huge and we know a lot less about the ocean, like I said, than we know about the moon, I still would be very surprised for a new species of whale.


All right, Ron, what's the single most important thing the bucks need to do to be a.


What the heck was that, what do you mean, just answer the question? What's the single most important thing the bucks need to do to you? Well, you know what? I think Stargardt's Blue is online line. I think he put the joke too far in the end instead of right in the middle. I think you're supposed to get sick in the middle. So this doesn't feel like Super Bowl week. And this is the latest example. Let's finish off with a better closing question for Ron McGill, please.


Oh, hi, Ron. It's good to talk to you. Oh, yeah. So is it true that the male for females was urinating on its own seats?


It's true. Missed you. Assuming you guys have a great week.