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And finally, CJ McCollum apparently had 85 bottles of wine sent to his room in the bubble and keeps his hotel room at 50 degrees to keep the wine at a proper 10. Thank you, Christine.


That is great. It's a great fact and good work by CJ McCollum. Tim Kurkjian with us now on ESPN Radio. Tim, thank you, as always, for making the time for us. Can you tell us what's happening with the Mets and A-Rod and Jaylo and the sell the selling of that team? I'm no expert on these things then, but I think most indications are that he his group has a real chance to buy the meds, at least that's what I gathered in the last couple of days.


We'll see if that works out. The weapons are going to have to sell that team eventually. And it appears that Araz group has the money to do it and the support and the backing to do it. So we'll see if they follow through.


Have you heard anything, Tim, that explains Mets Marlins game canceled last night, that once we get 40, 50, 60 games into this or in the playoffs, if another team has an outbreak, like, what are they going to do? They can't do? Is there is there a plan after just, hey, let's have a bunch of doubleheaders. I don't think there is a plant, and because we've been making it up on the fly the entire season anyway.


Now, do they have possibilities if if there is an outbreak? Yes, that's one reason they're trying to come up with a bubble ideas. See if there is an outbreak. Maybe they can control it better in a bubble or maybe the control of worse in a bubble. This is the point is I think we've been flying day by day on this. And when a roadblock comes up, they sidestep it by saying, all right, we're going to play seven inning doubleheaders or could have 16 playoff teams.


We're making this up as we go. And I think we all better be prepared for that's the way the rest of the season is going to go, including the postseason.


Jimmy, the Padres out of nowhere became one of the most exciting teams in baseball. I love them. Any issues this past week with what to teach Junior did swinging hitting a grand slam late in the game. That was pretty much over.


I certainly don't have a problem with that. I think I think we pay our players to play nine innings unless it's a double header now and they only play seven. But I'm just not sure. In the big leagues you should just give up after seven innings and stop trying to score runs and everything else. Now, would I have given to teach the three those swing there? No, because potentially they could anger and upset the other team, which might make them play harder and beat me the next time.


The old school, when you do something like that, somebody gets thrown at. So one of my players is going to get hurt if one of my guys swings throw up by 10 runs. I asked Hunter, one of the real smart guys in the game, one of the real pros six years ago for a story I was writing, what would happen if you swung three and ten runs in the eighth inning? He said the next day someone would get killed.


That's how it works. So given that baseball players are, you know, the hard game played by hard men and they're the meanest, most remorseless people I've ever met in my life, and they're going to come get you one way or another, I wouldn't have let to swing there. But do I have a problem with a 21 year old guy hit a grand slam on a oh pitch? I don't care what the score is. No, I don't.


Does Doug Peterson look like he woke up in a car that on the podium? So does Doug Peterson look like he woke up in a car? How good is Fernando Tatis Jr. like? If I say to you, Tim, give me the three best young players in the game that you would want right now. Would he crack your top three? Yes, it would be him, Ronald Acuna Jr. and want soda. Those would be the three I would take because they're so exceptionally young that they have so much time in front of them.


And and Soto is an unbelievably good hitter. Acuna Jr. is is a freak of nature with the power that he has. But to tease is a shortstop. He hits at the top of the order. He can make every play in the field. He can run like the wind. And he hit 30 homers in his first 100 major league games. And he's got way more than that now. So, yes, you have to put him in there, given the position he plays and the skill required to play a premium defensive position like that.


And his speed is a separator.


So, yes, he would be one of the top three young young players that I would say, does Mike Budenholzer look like apprehension?


Put that on the pole as well. DeMar does Budenholzer look like apprehension or does he look more like an overcooked lima bean.


It's not terrible. That's not terrible. He does look in fact do it this way. Budenholzer what does he more look like. Apprehension or an overcooked lima bean. Tim in terms of those dumdum unwritten rules like what do you think is dumbest about baseball, like one that makes you go Oh come on guys, that, that right there is stupid. Well, I'm not even sure it's an unwritten rule, what I will never understand. And the one thing that upsets me terribly is a team gives up three home runs in a row, OK?


And the pitcher thinks he can't get anybody out. So he gets the next guy off the plate by hitting him or thrown at him. You're not diving over the plate against me any more. So because the pitcher is so terrible, he's going to take it out on the other team by throwing at them. Look, I don't like throwing at anybody, but if you cheap shot the shortstop, take him out, break his leg. You're going to get hit the next time up.


And I understand that. But if it's just because you're better than the pitcher that you deserve to get thrown at, that is the most ridiculous thing in all the years that I've covered. And that really troubles me to me.


Last week, Dan asked you about Altuve. He's off to a, you know, a slow, slow start. He's picked it up as of late. But as a team, they have won eight straight. And I'm just looking back at that story. The mere suggestion that that team was great because of some video cameras in a garbage can is patently absurd. That's he was talented to. Well, of course, it is two guys, that team has been really good for several years now, and even though what they did was reprehensible, they should have been punished for it.


There'll be an imaginary asterisk next to that championship forever. To say that Jose Altuve may only hit because he knew what was coming is ridiculous. And even when you do know what's coming against today's pitching is still no guarantee you're going to hit a ball hard or get a hit. Their lineup is ridiculously good. And even though you're Don Alvarez went down, what, a rookie year he had when that team's lineup is together, it is devastating. And lately they've gotten great starting pitching from almost from nowhere.


And just another reminder, the manager there, 71 years old, has a pretty good idea what he's doing.


Chris, do you want to take up this argument that you're having in the chat with Tim Kurkjian instead of having it just in the chat? Let's speak in front of his face instead of behind his back. What do you have for Tim Kurkjian?


I mean, he's talking about three guys that he'd rather have, like young talent in the major leagues. And I just think he's sleeping on the Marlins third baseman, the groundskeeper, Brian Anderson, the groundskeeper.


Tim, does Jim Harbaugh looked like the overly invested father at a Little League Baseball game who won't stop taunting and yelling at the umpire from the bleachers, even though he was thrown out two innings ago and his wife is begging him to please leave?


Does Randy Scott looked like the child photographer whose go to toy for getting toddlers to smile? Is the bicycle horn.


What does Adam Silver does Adam Silver look like?


Dracula is a vampire accountant named Caligula.


What does Jim Schwartz looks like? He brings his own putter to a miniature golf course.


Does Adam Silver look like the loan librarian who spends his days slowly wheeling a creaky wooden cart of return books through the echoey halls of a purportedly haunted library?


Does Mike Chayefsky look like the mailman who continues to wear shorts and long socks despite the fact that it's now winter and 23 degrees?


We got so many good ones here today. Guy, does Brad Stevens look like a high school math teacher who tricks out trig and gets jiggy with geometry?


Did we do better than than Doug Peterson? Looked like you woke up in a car, which was your favorite, which you got to go. Calculus. Calculus was really good. Great.


Yes. Silver, you can't go wrong there. Those are boys so good, too.


Does Adam Silver look like he was freshly hatched?


So who got the Bellucci name mean something to you, but I'm afraid we might lose young people here in 10 minutes. We're putting a lot of different content to in a variety of places for you. We're making it a little unpredictable and we are talking. To. Jim Belushi, and I wonder if Billy or Chris even know who that is. Do you have any access to Jim Belushi? He's starting a marijuana. He started a marijuana farm, and he is one of the people in the gold rush on the way to trying to get that marijuana money or cannabis, as he calls it.


What do you guys know, Chris? What do you know about Jim Belushi TV show, according to Jim?


Like five or 10 years back on it. All right.


That's about it. OK, so that's not the greatest promo. But I'm not doing a much better job for our conversation with Jim Belushi in ten minutes. I just don't know whether young people have any interest in the conversation that I'm talking about.


And who could forget that he played Globo on Doc McStuffins for a couple episodes? I thought you had me at cannabis. Do they know Jim Belushi's brother? I mean, do they even know who John Belushi is?


That's the better question. I don't know.


Oh, well, that is that is actually the better question, Chris. Billy, do you guys know who John Belushi was?


I've seen Animal House. Yes. Know who's John Belushi?


Billy, look, you can do that if you want, but everyone you don't want die hard. You surprise me all the time with the things that you don't know. Like why would it why would you know? When did John Belushi die? The 80s.


Like, it's OK for you to not know John Belushi before Billy was even born. So I'm sorry that I that I that I patronized.


You're older than me. He pretends like he's like 50. I know.


But the difference with Mike is because Mike was watching all these stupid reruns, we don't have cultural gaps on the old stuff that we do with you guys, because Mike, when he was like four years old, was watching like The Jeffersons and all this stupidity and so kind of a bit of an old soul, like not quite like Roys, Roys.


I mean, his wealth of knowledge about things prior to his even being born is greater than anybody I know. Oh, I'm sorry that I insulted you, Billy.


I didn't mean to hit you in a sensitive spot there because Mike's only one year older than you and he can flex every once in a while. She was oddly defensive from Billy Do because you guys like, oh, god, you're so stupid.


But don't take offense to this.


It's OK to be stupid, you guys. And no one like you're constantly displaying how you don't know anything from, like, the 80s. You're proud of it.


The odd thing to get hung up on, we have not talked enough about what happened yesterday or two days ago with Tom Brennaman because it can't be talked about enough to got there was comedy and seriousness in this. And if you're not familiar with what we're talking about in terms of a viral apology that was both funny and amazing and awkward, I guess I should say, that's more than just both. But here is the situation. He has been caught on a live mic using a gay slur.


He did not know the mic was live. And so hours later, he's in the middle of a broadcast. He's doing play by play. And this happened.


CASTELLANOS To leave things off, Jim Day's going to be taking us the rest of the way through this game as Holland takes over on the mound. I made a comment earlier tonight that I just went out over the year that I am deeply ashamed of. If I have anyone out there, I can't tell you how much I see from the bottom of my heart. I'm so very, very sorry. I pride myself and think of myself as a man of faith.


As you drive in a deep left field by Constantinos, it will be a home run. And so that'll make it a four nothing ball game. That's amazing.


So that's Fox Sports, Ohio. There's the guys. But something we missed yesterday when talking about it, because the comedic timing of I'm a man of faith and then a home run at that moment when a lot of homophobia is wrapped in the Bible and religion, like I'm a man of faith being the specific note that he was hearing that he was hitting their targets is one thing, but he hasn't been fired yet. And I'm kind of surprised he hasn't already been fired because this is not the particular kind of shame that people want around their organization.


I'm not the one who's always out here calling for firings, but this is absolutely about his good name in that market and his connection through generations, through his father with that specific baseball team.


He did lose his NFL gig that he has.


Well, because it's an easy choice. That's an easy it's an easy thing when you don't have the family link and you don't have the protector's and the name and the relationship. But I would just tell you to guys like the symbolism is pretty echoing here when you consider the idea that. He showed in that call, I know that calls funny, we spent a lot of time laughing about it yesterday, but the idea and the symbolism of showing more respect to the game of baseball and more respect to the craft of doing play by play, then you extended to human beings who happen to be gay.


The symbolism of that is fairly stark and echoing. And finally, chocolate milk was invented in Jamaica.


Who knew three mistakes this week? Was that one what went wrong?


You know, just so you went away, you're closing out my week with you guys. Yes. Yes.




Anyway, Jim Belushi has a new docu series at Growing Bellucci. I am actually very interested to check this out. It's on the Discovery Channel. Again, Jim Belushi, John's brother, growing Bellucci. It's on Discovery Channel. He sits out with dad to discuss.


Jim, how did you get into the marijuana business? It seems very competitive these days. It seems like a lot of people are trying to make some of that marijuana money.


Well, we'd like to refer to it as cannabis. By the way, there was a gold rush into the recreational expansion of the legalization of cannabis. And I kind of got into that. I have this farm in Oregon. Ninety three acres, and I know what to grow. And it was legal in Oregon. And I went, well, the new agriculture. And so I started growing 348 plants and now I'm up to, you know, 800 plants.


How difficult is it like what has happened that you didn't expect? I imagine that that's part of what the show covers, right.


I I'm an actor. I say other people's lives right now. I'm growing other people's plants. It's farming. I mean, I have done a study. I look at I'm a little different than the other people are are licensing their names to make money. I'm a farmer. Agriculturists at this point. I've got my metaphorical bachelor's degree on this TV show. Growing Blue is basically my master's thesis. It is about farming, it's about growing, and it happens to be marijuana and all the challenges that we run into.


The main challenge is what most farmers fight gophers, bigger squirrels, aphids, Rusick, mites, grasshoppers. I freak out when I see a grasshopper. The soil is going to be the right mix, the right blend of perlite from mulch. It's got to be sixty four degrees in order for the micronutrients to feed into the roots, in order to create the values and the THC values. I mean, I'm grown and I'm boots on the ground.


How did you decide to do it? It's what I'm asking you.


I just had this great piece of property and we were right in the middle of what they call the banana belt, southern Oregon, which is the perfect storm for growing. It's got 290 days of sun. I got a beautiful river to feed the plants from. You got a perfect P.H.. It's like Arrowhead Water, Fiji Water. It's a beautiful spot and a spiritual spot. You know, the Native Americans were on the spot many, many, many years ago and were unjustly chased off it.


But I have a sweat lodge there. I don't know. Just was an accident.


You have said I've read you have said that you thought that cannabis could have saved your brother's life. Is that part of sales or is that something that you really believe at your core that cannabis and what you're doing in farming is something that could have helped your brother stay alive?


I think it help a lot of people. I think my brother had to from getting his bone running football. He was all state all conference. He had the most tackles in high school. You seizure one. I was a senior. We didn't know what was going on when he got into college and started using alcohol and pot. And I think that was kind of a medicine. And I think if he was a pothead, he'd be alive today. If we thought of cannabis back then.


The way we think about it now, we think of it as a medicine. I use it as a medicine for my own PTSD. You know, I'm microdots. Should I take a little bit of time? I take a little piece of chocolate night to go to sleep instead of Ambien. I take a little bit of a hit instead of Xanax or hard liquor. It's a pathway for veterans of opiates. We overprescribed patients. It helps relieve anxiety, sleeplessness, all signs of PTSD.


It it's also stimulates creativity and enhances the sound of music, the taste of food that touch your meat lover's skin. It gives you a joyful feeling, a euphoric feeling that brings compassion and empathy. It's all the wellness of cannabis. And that's the journey that I find. And that's the journey that I found in this show that we very well thank God. I'm hoping to express the thing where people are curious because you see me grow from seed sale and, you know, it's tested, it's clean, it's cared for.


It's love. And it's safe. Forgive my ignorance when you mention your own PTSD, what are you talking about there? Well, look, I think everybody is screaming inside their body, especially this younger generation, have such anxiety. But I think we all suffer from some kind of trauma. I mean, not all, but a lot of people and traumas caused from traumatic experiences like mine was the loss of my brother in such a public way. And it's such a tragic way.


There's also through severe illness in a family, you know, the number one fear in life is death. But the number two fear in life is the collapse of family family. So we fight to keep our families going and they collapse and collapse from alcoholism, from a death in the family, from an illness in the family. Divorce is a traumatic experience for the children, especially. I've been involved with divorces. My father lost his business to the mob.


We were broke. That was dramatic. I mean, there's a lot of trauma that happens in people's lives. And we all scream inside. We manage it. But what do we use to manage it? We use alcohol, pills, addictive behaviors to manage our screaming. All I'm saying is cannabis is a very safe, non violent, generous of spirit medicine that just produces such great feelings that I believe helps the collapsed family heal. But you know what?


I do explore a lot of these things that you're talking about and growing Bellucci, because it's called growing pot, it's called Growing Bellucci. So there's many different levels that are going on, but it's all about the cultivation and learning. As I learned, the audience learns about the safety and what goes into it and the processing from curing trimming to sales to growing, but also is about the business, the cannabis business. It's a new business, but it's also about me as a person growing alongside of this plant and how this plant has helped me see things in my own life, and especially with John and the trauma that I experienced from that, because I think people that are in cannabis are really suffering from PTSD and they use this as a medicine.


And I wanted to share how it helped me.


Jim, that was an expert professional Segway by you, where I asked you a question and you just put right in there a promo for your show, Growing Bellucci, Discovery Channel. Jim, thank you for being on with us. We appreciate you giving us so much time.


Oh, hey, man, it was a joy to talk with you, thanks to the back and forth, really, but. If you want to hear the remainder of that conversation, Jim is Dan's latest guest on this week's edition of South Beach S. So check it out. I'm very interested in listening to that. A very interested in watching that, Joe. That's our show on Twitter. I'll update one of the poll questions there, it's the big question of the day and they left that weekend observation.


Thank you. What is the show's greatest segment? Looks like with 62 percent of the vote is your leader right now, Danz essay's is picking up the rear here with seven percent of the vote, all just jogger's people joking.


You can get a fresh word, honest jokers, perhaps chassé from me on the new B.S. exclusively there because no one else wants it. Let's open up the club.


This is the historic first ever opening of the club at eight fifty one West Coast time in the morning. So most of these people, there are a lot of people in Los Angeles, West Coast, not even up yet got and we're already telling them, hey, Workday's, done, get into your weekend because the club has never been on earlier than it is right now. But let's recap some of the sounds that we have heard this week and beyond.


And finally, Chappellet goes through about two hundred and fifty thousand pounds of avocados every day, which I don't write. These, by the way, is almost as much as Dan weighs.


Christine, you're going to have to get a lot a lot meaner. You're being too nice. We don't need the nice. We need you to be meaner.


That was one of our three mistakes. What else is in the club?


There's a three hundred ninety three year old Greenland shark that was discovered in the Arctic Ocean. It is the second oldest living vertebrate known on the planet, HINDBRAIN.


So this is the great joke. She's so good. But it's also a good joke. She didn't write it, I don't think who else in the club we walk about a mile and a half every morning.


Oh, that Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Van Gundy walking around a bored bubble.


We walk about a mile and a half every morning, 90 minutes of cardio. We walk a mile and a half every morning.


I love the idea of those guys just in sweat sweatshirts with no t shirts on underneath. But who else is in the club? How long would it take you to kill me?


That was the best part of the city. Pay me a check.


You're lucky I'm a lover, not a fighter. So I felt like, hey, man, it's all good. Let me get you a beer and shot.


Yeah, but that escalated when I said your family's been insulted, instigated in the groin with a pool cue. Something to my wife and the security guard quick.


He refused to answer, refused to answer that. I'm like you. He insulted your wife. OK, it would be very quick. Who else is in the club. Do you have a side that you take because you can be pretty neutral.


You are fair, I think if it can be played safely, I'm not trying to be neutral. Did you bothered him?


Well, he can be pretty neutral though. Is this in the same vein as traffic cop. Same sort of insult.


You always do this with Reese Davis. You try to compliment him and it ends up being mean who else is in the club.


It's like spearing a fish. You've got to get in quick. You can't be slow on the bobbing for apples. How many regrets do you have there, Chris? The bobbing for apples. What kind of regrets do you have?


I mean, I wish I was better at bobbing for apples.


I'm fine with my bobbing craft as well in the middle of a frozen computer down a perfect end to the war.


OK, so you could check us out on the after show. The computer's frozen. We had a ton of audio difficulties. Thank you for bearing with as many of you did not, but we still are happy to have you around by whatever string you're supporting the show, even though this week has been something that you're done with us. So we're going to go off into the next frontier alone. I'm about to jump into a bathtub filled with done Julio.