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This is the down labor part show with S2 got Sparkasse. If you want to talk to Ron McGill, the telephone number seven eight six four five six four eight three seven, we have received a little bit of bad news here, magnets for magnets and cannot join us at eleven thirty eastern today. So the crushing of things in his bare hands will have to wait until tomorrow, building up the anticipation a little bit more. But again, if you want to talk to Ron McGill, seven, eight, six, four, five, six four eight three seven.


Roy, what do you have for Ron McGill of Zoo Miami? Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me. Thank you, Mike. I appreciate it. Christine, I'm sorry I forgot about you. That's my bad. Please continue.


Dan And finally, television actress Marisol Nichols has been secretly working as an undercover agent with the FBI in the fight against sex trafficking whilst playing Hermione Lodge. Is that how you see her name on the hit CW series Riverdale? Her story as an undercover agent will be made into a TV series by Sony Pictures Television.


Wow. Yes.


You probably know the name before the update. Finally unsuccessfully is also something I really don't think I didn't hear in about an hour ago. Those are two mistakes today, Christine. Oh, wow. Did I not get her name right?


Isn't it Hermione? I mean, he doesn't know he does. But I do know you're not supposed to ask. I mean, you're a professional. Armand's. Yes. That is the sliding scale that's got to applies to others. Ron McGill at Zoo Miami, seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four, eight, three seven. Sorry, Roy, I interrupted you as well. Not just Christine, but you as well. What do you have for Ron McGill?


Ron, the fires in California has taken down a California condor sanctuary. What happens in that situation? Are the birds able to escape? Are humans able to release these animals out into the wild?


Those birds are able to escape. You know, fortunately, zoos like the San Diego Zoo, the Los Angeles, who they've worked diligently on the California Condor Project, they've released literally hundreds of birds into the wild now where they were virtually extinct. There was a time when there were less than three dozen California condors on the face of this planet. Now there are several hundred of them, thanks to those those breeding programs. The sad thing is they're going to have to rebuild any kind of release hatches or release facilities that they have there.


But the birds are not going to out. They're going to they're going to relocate to another area. So they'll hopefully be able to rebound.


Billy, what do you have for Ron Magill of Zoo Miami? Ron, my dog, is a pretty calm dog, but for whatever reason, hates when people wear long sleeves, he's constantly trying to bite at people's sleeves. If they have short sleeves, he doesn't go after their hands, but he hates sleeves. Why does he hate sleeves?


You've got a weird dog. I don't know. I mean, I never heard of that before. That's just I've never heard of that before. Unless people are wearing like these these little hanging sleeves or something, you know, to these people, obviously, you know, like some kind of I don't know of ice skater or something like that, but I've never heard of a dog.


Are you wearing those really? Are you wearing those around the house? Are you wearing ice ice skating outfits around the house?


That is what it was. What do you have? What do you have for Ron McGill in Miami? Great.


Hey, Ron. Elon Musk of all people, has a neuroscience startup that is implanting devices in pigs brains as a part of medical research. How do you feel about stuff like that? And has there ever been an animal used in medical research that actually led to a significant cure?


You know, I don't know for sure, I know that there are certainly been animals that have been used in research that have led to medicines that have led to beneficial things. But having said that, I don't know if there was an alternative that could have been used. I don't know if using the animal was the easy way out and there could have been another way without without using or sacrificing the animal. As far as pigs go, you know, pigs in many ways are very similar to human beings.


Believe it or not, we we use pig valves, heart valves and transplants. We use several organ parts and transplants for human beings. So there may be some similarities there. Again, not being a physician, I don't know whether there are alternatives. My thing as a conservationist is that we always have to look to see that there aren't alternatives before we use an animal. Having said that, I know it's going to sound strange coming from my mouth.


At the end of the day, we have to realize there's no single animal life that's more important than a human life. I've dedicated myself to animals. OK, but I understand that we have to take care of humans first. So having said that, we need to prioritize properly that way, but we always need to make sure we've exhausted every alternative before we ever use an animal to help the person.


I can provide some details on these chips that Elon Musk is testing out on pigs. It's basically nonverbal communication. You can just telepathically communicate with someone else. If you think of a song, you could hear it in your head and also be treated for mental health disorders via this computer chip.


That's crazy. I thought I thought, Ron, that most of all, I thought many vaccines were because they were tested on animals. I thought animals were used all the time.


Absolutely. I believe that's the case, too. And that's why I'm saying that, you know, there are times when animals have been used and some in some instances sacrificed that in my opinion, were valid to save human lives. But again, not being physician, I just want to make sure we've exhausted every alternative. And I certainly don't want animals to suffer. I mean, you know, when you're when you test makeup on animals, listen, that's a vanity thing.


Screw that, OK? I don't I don't support that at all. And we're talking about a vaccine that saves people's lives. That's one thing. If we're talking about mascara to make a woman look prettier, forget that noise. You don't sacrifice animals to make them. I can read something to this conversation, I'm guessing here, but they don't work. Yeah, or how long if you're thinking of a Tesla. How long does it take you to get the Tesla?


Hey, listen, guys, but having said that, you have to understand that, you know, we do not use most of our brain. I mean, there's so many unexplained things. You look you look at children, you look at autistic children, for instance, that may not have a speaking ability, may not have ability to communicate, but can get in front of a piano and play Beethoven after hearing it once. These are these are examples of how the brain can be restricted, reprogrammed, so we don't use so much of our brain.


So I'm game for learning everything we can about the brain.


Parker, you're on with Ron Magill of Zoo Miami. Go ahead, Parker.


If we were to find a planet similar to Earth, like some alien planet, what type of life that animals are creatures. Do you think we'd find like what type of shape or colors or whatever? Gosh, you know, that's a good question. It's purely speculative. I don't know. One would think that, you know, water is the foundation of all life. So I would think that the colors. I don't know. How would you know, Ron?


How would you possibly know?


Like, if you go down because you expect me to know so many things because you make comments like, oh, you're an animal expert. Good.


A great asking you how come you don't know this, but you just can't know whether there are animals on undiscovered planets or animals on planets that have been discovered.


Well, thank you, Dan. Thank you for making that answer for me. I really appreciate it, because, you know, I'm a little defensive over the years, educated guess probably by the aliens are here.


I've been telling you this.


He didn't know the thing also that it's up to me. He did know that the sleep thing, it's how we learn that you like to wear ice skating outfits around. Now, Chris, Chris, you're on with Ron McGill of Zoo Miami.


Go ahead, Chris.


Ron, who would what would you say is the nicest animal in the animal kingdom? And please do not say dogs, because we've all seen dogs, how they react with other dogs that they don't know.


Listen, all animals have individual personalities. I cannot look at animals and say I've brought all their all these these are the nicest animals because every animal has the ability to be defensive, to be aggressive in the defense of things. So I don't think the nicest animal I mean, there are animals that certainly show a very altruistic traits. You know, you look at dolphins that will help out other dolphins. You look at a lot of the marine mammals that seem to be very altruistic, very helpful and and generous in sharing things.


So I always I have a huge love for the marine mammals. I just think there's so much we don't know about them and there's so much that they know that for me, I'm always going to kind of lean towards marine mammals.


Jason, you're on with Ron McGill of Zoo Miami. Close us out, please. Hey, Ron, is there anything in the animal kingdom similar to weddings where the community gets together to celebrate somebody finds a mate?


Yeah, that's a good question. Is I don't think there's really as much of a celebration as far as finding a mate, because usually the male has fought off other males to get the privilege to be with a mate. Most animals in the animal kingdom are not monogamous so that that ceremony changes annually or seasonally, depending on what you're looking at. But there are celebrations, for instance, for the birth of an animal. You know, I've seen an elephant being born in the wild and the entire herd goes into this like, incredible celebration, the trumpeting, the trunks, everybody so happy, everybody, they make this circle around the baby.


And it's like that, you know, at the risk of sounding really hokey, it's like in The Lion King, you know, when when when Rafiki goes up with with with Little Lion up to the top of the rock and you hold that line up and everybody goes and the jokes go up and then they go up and nobody celebrates. You see that and several species of animals, that celebration of a new birth.


Greg, why were you and Roy roaring with laughter during that? What was happening there, Greg?


Well, when Ron complimented the caller on good question, Strogoff murmured, it's.


And that's exactly why I was laughing. Yeah. Wait, so what are you saying?


That in real in the real animal kingdom, a monkey lifts up a lion cub?


No, what I'm saying is when I are you guys next week. See you later. See you later.


But I could only go free for some at calling up a landline at.


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Some good stuff today in the digital only big zui hour, you get Greg Coatis Undies stilled, thoughts on everything that's happened to him with the Miami Herald and a controversy that has gotten some national attention. You also get a phone call with my father, which is something we have not done in a while. So check out the big suey at your leisure. I felt like an enormous idiot yesterday to got when I am turning on my television. This is a real thing that happened to me and I'm wondering if it happened to anybody else, OK?


TNT, TBS did a nice job where they all, in honoring John Thompson, slung a white towel over their shoulder, as John Thompson famously did while coaching games. He was a big sweater. Jerry Tarkanian also used a towel that he used he used to bite on. But John Thompson passed away and everyone on the set had a towel slung over their shoulder. That's very cool. It's like a goose bump moment for me. Yes, it was a nice touch and it had some class on it, unfortunately.


And this is why I felt like an idiot when I tuned in. It was only a camera on Barkley. And when he had a towel on his shoulder, I just thought, OK, Charles is stopped caring whether or not he needs to wipe the sweat off his brow and has just put a towel on his shoulder because he needs it for how much he sweats on the set there. I didn't realize that they were honoring John Thompson. Do you think that happened to many people that they didn't realize because the camera shot wasn't on all of them.


It was just on Charles Barkley. And so I legitimately wonder, did the air conditioning go down in their studio? I'm certain it happened to other people because younger people are probably not aware that John Thompson, a guy who John Thompson is B, the fact that he wore big towel over his shoulder when he coach games at Georgetown. So I'm certain it happened elsewhere. And I know the the morning shows up in jail. And Keyshawn also paid tribute to that.


I was sort of spent a lot of plates yesterday. So I listen back to the podcast. Bomani spoke so well about John Thompson's influence. And I was really grateful that inside the NBA devoted so much time to him. This is such an instrumental figure in our pop culture and for black culture. When you do Black History Month retrospectives, John Thompson had so much influence on today's culture. He's a tremendous, tremendous man. I thought the same thing, though, when I saw the towel, I think I saw it on Shaq and retroactively after the fact I realized I had John Thompson towels, but seeing it then I'm like, wow, is he sweating?


Why does he have a towel? It was actually a pretty funny image.


Put it on the pole gamble at Libertador Show. Do you feel like an idiot for thinking that the towel on Charles Barkley shoulder was there for his sweat? Something that I want to get into in the next segment. Here you is what it is that is now presently falling on the neck of Giannis Antetokounmpo Even though it is just one playoff game in the second round you do not get to be a superstar in that sport unless you have moments that we remember in the playoffs.


It's not allowed. Luka in a loss in the first round, has one of those moments. I have maintained for a long time that athletes are more confident at what they do than we are at just about anything. So when Paul George is under it, it takes an enormous amount of strength to go out there and score 35 points in 25 minutes. When the Internet is laughing at you, you must have an enormous amount of confidence to be able to overcome that.


I expect an MVP to look like an MVP, but that the mental part of whatever it is that Giannis has going on in his head, it is going to be tempted right now by a matchup. It is going to be it is going to be tested. Excuse me. Not tempted. It is going to be tested by a matchup that is difficult for him, for a variety of different reasons. It's, you know, it's Jae Crowder, it's Iguodala, it's two guys who were traded specifically to bother him in this moment.


It's what Pat Riley calls those mediæval moments in the playoffs, and they are putting maximum pressure on Giannis to be stronger than what we've seen because when I ask you playoff moments in Giannis Antetokounmpo right now what you think of is Kawhi kind of took your soul last year you had a better team and Kawhi won the championship by finishing you at the end of your season.


That is straight talk it has brought to you by straight talk wireless. No contract, no compromise.


This show ain't free time for some at Mike Ryan.


You had a joke you wanted to put there. You had analysis you wanted to put there. I don't know.


Sometimes my chemistry is worse with him in studio than it was on Zoome. No, I just wanted to supplement what you were saying.


Mike Budenholzer famously a coach that doesn't make adjustments in the playoffs, not doing Giannis any favors by not having him blanket the Heat's best player because at the very least you could say your playoff moment can come on the defensive side of the ball and that can help their offensive side of the ball to have Giannis not on Jimmy Butler when Jimmy Butler's got a forty burger going is a massive massive betrayal of what you're supposed to do as a head coach.


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Pardon us, Christine, please, we interrupted you, the president of the United States, his limo has a refrigerator that's full of his blood type. Danz limo has a refrigerator that's full of Klondyke that erases one mistake.


They let me up.


Are you going to say that as if it's a criticism like go ahead and put it on the pole gear at Leveton show? Wouldn't you like to have a limo filled with Klondyke? Like, I don't even understand that as a just like to have a Klondyke to be born. So Greg Codi of the Miami Herald is with us. Thank you, Christine. I mean, Alhassan is going to join us in the post game show because he says that means the gods have been talking out of our bleep.


So he's going to correct us if you want some basketball analysis from a more informed source or is Mike Ryan likes to call him one of the most brilliant minds in basketball when he text him for analysis on Heat basketball, I mean, will join us in the post game show.


But the aforementioned president of the United States has been very clearly using sports or trying to use sport as a political tool to speak to his base. And he is there are a whole lot of folks out there telling on themselves when they sort of enjoy the TV ratings of basketball, sort of enjoying, hey, the black sport over there, the social message board. Look at how we look at our cost you viewers to to be WOAK. And Anthony Crupi from the athletic.


I'm just going to read this to you so that you have some context for what it is that's happening with the ratings. And this is just information for you to do with what you please if you want to be discerning or if you just want to trust that the president of the United States and his motive and agenda is to protect the flag and patriotism and democracy and freedom and not just drag black people when he can because it is a political tool that gets used quite a bit and has for a long time.


You could go all the way back to McCarthyism to sort of understand that, you know, fear of the other is something that is a very easy thing to use as a political tool to get your sheep in line. So this is Anthony Crupi from the Athletic. And he says, see, the fundamental problem is that the audience isn't here in the amount of bulk from even a year ago. Nielsen data came out for the first quarter. The data lags a little bit.


And it was the first time ever that mobile phone use apps and the Internet beat live television used for all adults. That data is for anyone 18 years or older. The cord cutting in the second quarter was something along the lines of eight percent, that's a record. The idea that the coronavirus and the attending lockdown shelter in place was going to be a boon to television viewing never played out. There was a four or five week period in the very beginning, back in March or April, when there was about a four or five percent increase year over year in TV usage.


But that disappeared right away. As it stands right now, television viewing, this is important here, right? Listen to this is context. As it stands right now, television viewing is down eight percent year over year for the summer season. It's down 19 percent for broadcast television for the 18 to 49 demo, which, if we are being honest, is who the NBA and pretty much everyone else who advertisers is interested in. That's down thirty six percent in the last four years.


This isn't basketball. This is television. And it's importance to Gotz because when people say ratings are down the down for everyone, including the president of the United States, when he speaks, they're just down. People are cord cutting. In the last four years, TV as a whole has lost 52 percent of its target audience. It's just gone and it's not coming back. I'm still reading here, OK? It's just gone and it's not coming back.


So the NBA came back against all that and it is down year over year. It's definitely doesn't seem like the kind of thing that people should in any way be concerned about, because what we're talking about is very limited ratings. The numbers don't get scale until you get to the conference championship series in the NBA Finals. Like baseball, you've got to hope for two big markets and you've got to hope for six or seven game series. So a lot of the Tomoe we are seeing online is just sort of made up out of thin air because it doesn't reflect the reality of the situation, which is nobody was really expecting huge ratings to begin with and certainly not the people who buy the advertising and certainly not the networks.


Now, that is a lot of context to fit into a tweet when you want to play this narrative about the TV ratings. But the president did tweet out, people are tired of watching the highly political and NBA basketball ratings are way down and they won't be coming back. I hope football and baseball are watching and learning because the same thing will be happening to them. Stand tall for our country and our flag. So he's making the correlation. President of the United States is making the correlation that if fewer people are watching, fewer people are interested in their messaging energies out on the concept entirely.


And you're losing people. That context would actually be helpful when you explain the fact that Donald Trump's speech has gone down over the course of four years from thirty five million to twenty three point eight.


So if we're applying that logic without the context, Mr President, then you've talked yourself into quite the conundrum, except that most people do not care when you're talking about confirmation bias, when you're talking about wanting to see your viewpoints supported, you will grab whatever facts or whatever things aren't facts that you want to support, whatever it is that you are arguing, so he can avoid what appears to be the inconsistency or hypocrisy of what it is you're talking about by never paying any attention to what his own numbers show when it comes to the court cut.


No facts. I've been doing that forever.


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Greg Coady is so, so desperate for positive news that he has announced that the Marlins have won the trade deadline. Billy is very excited in general about the baseball trade deadline, in fact. So that would be the first ever trade deadline that the Marlins won, right? I don't know.


I have to think Johnson once they got Ugueth Urbina once, didn't they? They got to win the championship. They traded Cabrera once understood. But they got Ugueth Urbina and won a championship with him as their closer. One of the rare instances where you just throw out this has never happened before. And off the top of my head, because I don't have to Google Seargent, I can actually counter you. Yes, Prince.


I mean, a lot of people are going to be holding up the Podres. Oh, they won the trade down. Like now it doesn't matter. It's not about the most moves. It's about the most effective moves. That's right.


Well, help me with something, because I believe the Marlins may have given up a great player for Ugueth Urbina. So even the year and you get there, being a leader ended up in jail, I think, trying to kill one of his gardiners or something.


Yeah, they traded Adrian Gonzalez, who turned out, oh, my God. And they're being a judge. Yeah. Someone on his farm got a machete of some sort. I'm sorry. I don't mean to laugh. That's not the part I'm laughing about. I'm laughing about that. A great player was indeed traded for a couple of months of there being a butcher, won the championship.


Exactly how many rings that Agan end up with.


So how exciting was the trade deadline for you yesterday, Billy, as you saw, was it a surprise that the Padres are all of a sudden in the game?


Oh, Dan, everyone's in the game. Lots of teams in the mix. Unless you're in the American League, then the playoffs are pretty much already decided. And why even bother playing half of those games? Because they pretty much know who's going to make the playoffs. But in the NL, a totally different ball game. Pun intended there.


Dan, I don't know what just happened there. Billy's face got very close to the computer camera and evidently somebody stuck something in Chris Cody from the way that the sound that he made there. Yes.


Chris, what do you have?


I mean, every trade deadline should take place. Every team should play. During the trade deadline, we had a situation where Jonathan VR was in the game for the Marlins, got traded in the middle. They had to get taken out of the game. I just love the drama that the Marlins broadcasters were talking about the trades, but they couldn't verify it. They're like, if the media's reporting is right, this has just happened. And Todd Hollandsworth was just like, no, I think it's happening.


I feel safe saying it. And the and the Ceferino was like, we want to play it safe. These are not official yet. And and Paul Todd hundreds like, no, I feel pretty safe saying this is bizarre. And they're just like, that's not how this works, Todd.


Everyone needs a Todd. Everyone needs a Todd to just shoot it straight. Listen to me. If John Morosi, John and Craig Masche, all the heavy hitters, if they're out there, Ken Rosenthal telling you what's going on, it's safe to go to air with it. All right. They don't make these mistakes. Let's just Todd, tell us what's going on. We don't have to play it so safely. Paul Severino. And by the way, here's a little twist in Jonathan.


B-R traded from the Marlins to the Blue Jays. Guess who the Marlins are playing today in Miami? The blue, oh, no way, but I never want to figure out your own way to Miami, V.R. speaking of everyone needs a dodge.


You see who won back to the Mets, Billy Todd, Bob back.


Chris, did you object to Billy's classification of heavy hitters for Jon Heyman and Craig Meche? There was something that happened there. And I believe those are information inside guys, no doubt. But I feel like heavy hitters might be a bit of an overstatement.


I mean, nobody has their finger on the pulse of this Marlins team like Craig really hit the nail on the head around that one.


Right. How about you, Greg? You say a seismic trade deadline for the Marlins who are 15 and 15 after 30 games and in the playoff hunt. Yeah, I don't think it was seismic, but I think it was calculated and smart because they didn't need to lose two consecutive shout outs to Tampa Bay for Derek Jeter to realize that they win with pitching and they like hitting in the middle of the order. So what they did was they got rid of a pretty good pitcher in Caleb Smith because they could afford to.


And they brought in a good middle of the order guy who's got a higher ups than anybody on the the roster right now in Starling Martey. So I just think it was smart what they did.


They brought in the best bat acquired on the trade deadline day. That's who they brought in. That's right.


Dan, not this middle of the order. You know, the best bat available yesterday. The Marlins got him.


He's Martey. Just did. He just did. Tell me, how much more do you want him to tell me? I think that's all he's got in his arsenal.


No, I have more. And then the Marlins are not. You said the Marlins are in the hunt. No. If the season ended today and the playoffs started today, who would be the seventh seed in the east and the east in the National League?


So Miami Marlins. That's right.


Tell them. Right, man. Yeah, it's a good time to be in Miami Fed.


Does it make you guys think what Billy says? The hell, we know the teams that are good. We know the teams that are state. Do we really need one sixty two to figure this out? I mean, it's absurd. I the fact that we're still playing 162 baseball games every year to figure out who the best team is, what you can figure it out, and 60 to 80 games is patently absurd, right?


It's too many. They should do that. No sports. They should cut it back. You don't need eighty two NBA games or hockey games. Shorten all the seasons, make it more compact and exciting because when you have a sixty game MLB season, everything is so compacted that it is exciting. It's already midseason for the Marlins. There's still a lot and over a long term over one hundred and sixty two games. Chances are they wouldn't be.


I, I don't think that there's any more in Billy's arsenal as a hype man other than tell them. But if you want to go and do this with the senior Cody Gregg, would you like to get just rolling on enthusiasm for the Miami Marlins? I'm encouraged this was an 11th hour show on ESPN Radio Live in a racist country. Geico knows there are many reasons why you ride from the thrill of the revving engine and pure adrenaline of flying down the highway to the confidence of knowing that Geico always has your back with 24/7 access to claim service.


But Ari Snider has one reason in particular that I had extremely large upper arms.


They won't even fit into most shirts. Thankfully, biking really embraces vest culture, so I feel accepted.


I go motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.