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This is the down labor part, sure, we've still got Sparkasse. So we wanted to talk about some of this exciting stock stuff going on here with someone in sports, from sports who knows and can explain how sports is being impacted by the last two days of trendy trading all over the place where the stock market is upside down because some Reddit comment section organizers have managed to attack and make Tumblr for at least a couple of days. The big Wall Street hedge funders that we all like to laugh, laugh at.


So we'll get to Tom Haverstraw in a second national NBA insider. You know him from around here for many years, host of the show podcast. If you want to learn more about basketball, Tom was at the pioneering front of the analytics of the game, the studying of the game in a way that was more evolved than he's been with us for years, so many years that this song is still, after all these years, the highlight of a career that has only soared beyond where it is.


It was when he first joined us as just a numbers nerd. I would stand in your face right now, what are you all doing now, what you gonna do when you got down to the. Get the stuff you load up, load up, load up, keep it. Hamas has ended up digging a regression to the mean and standard. Get her in a band of movies that I respect the little boy. If you want to shoot mid range, I'll be creating, in effect, a field goal percentage go called Helmrich be engross Ballarat to see me.


Median market algorithms to encode. Hi. Sorry if you didn't know better. Zócalo metrics for the intro. I love a show. I love. How about show. So I put that stuff in your face. So before we get to what you've written as a serious journalist for True Hoop Dotcom, can you tell us your perspective as you arrive in the Zoome chat when you arrive and you see Chris Codi shirtless, did you have any immediate thoughts? What how did you think that we arrived here?


I mean, he's in Miami. I mean, come on. I mean, that's what you got to do. I just don't know what the circumstances are. Look, it looks great.


I don't know the circumstances why we're here, but I'm glad to be here.


I don't think it looks great. Do you think his shoulders look feminine? Well, what did you just do, Chris?


Did you just, like, flex a little, try to look thinner? I'm just, like, sucking him, just getting everything real tight, just so everything's tight up, trying to get some veins going in my veins.


What did you write for Treuhaft? What did you write? Did you write about this or did you write about it affecting Michael Jordan? What what are the specifics of what just came up true?


When you say this, do you mean Chris Cody's shirtless body?


Well, he is shirtless because we've been talking about this crazy story. We've been he's gotten into the stock market. He's flexing because he feels strong, because he's gotten in. He's decided to get in on GameStop.


So I was following this GameStop story yesterday and scrolling through Chermayeff Polycarp Attias Twitter feed, which was just exploding yesterday. And he's a part owner of the Golden State Warriors. He's like a demigod among tech people. He's got like icepacks all over the place and he's talking about how he's going to, like, end this hedge fund.


And I'm looking at the thumbnail photo of this hedge fund that he is like waged war against. And it's a familiar face. It's Gabe Plotkin, the minority owner of the Charlotte Hornets, who just bought a big chunk of Michael Jordan's business with the short Charlotte Hornets a year ago. And it didn't get any buzz about a year ago when this happened.


It was Michael Jordan has sold.


You do that on purpose most amount to these two guys up the budget in a fund for not listening.


I mean, he just thundered through how you want to develop chemistry with the show. You just you got so interested in the weeds of these owners and minority owners fighting over dollars that you didn't hear Mike trying to get in there with a joke.


The buzz, I mean, I'm pretty proud of the pun with buzz in the Hornets there, so I probably should get that again.




So, yeah. So I noticed this dude and I was like, I know that face.


And I look into it and I realize that Michael Jordan is potentially exposed to this mess because Michael Jordan opened up a size of his company is a Hornets stake to these guys who are taking a bath, who are absolutely getting crushed in the in the hedge fund business right now. So Gabe Plotkin, who is the head of Melvin Capital, who came from Steven Cohen's SAC capital that was shuttered in twenty thirteen or in the early 2000s because of insider trading, trading allegations, this guy is now in the business with NBA owners and not only any NBA owner, it's Michael Jordan.


So how much is Michael Jordan exposed to the hedge fund losses that we're seeing on Wall Street? I don't know. But I talked to one hedge fund manager yesterday over the phone who said the losses are catastrophic here. And if Michael Jordan wanted to sell to these guys for a one point five dollars billion stake in the Charlotte Hornets, I don't think they have the money now.


So explain to us what it is that happened yesterday, that you arrived at the waged war. Why is there a war being waged not not the macro throughout America against the hedge fund guys? Why is this particular war being waged where this guy is going after the minority owner of the Charlotte of the Charlotte buzz, as you like to call them that?


Well, Gabe Plotkin, as one financial sector insider, I know how I just stumbled that out of my mouth.


But there's a hedge fund manager called Gabe Plotkin, the Luca Donchak of hedge fund managers. He is the wonder kid. He is the golden boy, as he told me of this world. And they think it's a lot of people like Chesnoff think it's an unfair world that these hedge fund managers who are controlling billions and billions of dollars are pinching the market and basically rigging the game so that they enjoy huge profits. And people like Mark Cuban have come out yesterday siding with Chamar against the Charlotte Hornets owner, part owner and saying, this is great.


I love what Wall Street is doing. And so you have Michael Jordan in one corner with the hedge fund guys.


And then you have on the other side is Mark Cuban. Chermayeff and Trolleybus Voulgaris, who was an MBA, better now the head of Quent at the Dallas Mavericks, who's like when CHMOD announced that he was going to run for governor yesterday, Bob Voulgaris tweeted out to is all his followers, I'm going to California because Chmod is running for governor. So all these NBA stakeholders are in this battle because of this idea that hedge fund managers are running a rigged game and it's not fair.


And finally, the everyman gets to have a say and have power. And this is a market correction. My people are saying they're getting attacked. These hedge fund managers are getting attacked. I think the more accurate way to portray this is that hedge fund managers have been attacking the everyman for so long and now people think, all right, now it's a taste of your own medicine.


Well, time something you brought up there, though, that is fascinating to me, is some of the names that you're talking about, whether it's Voulgaris or Mark Cuban. These are guys who are visionaries ahead of the game in business for a long time. The fact that they're on one side and that Michael Jordan's in bed with the guys who I guess made their money less honestly, according to them, I like the other team better than I like the one that Michael Jordan's on.


You like the cube.


And I like I don't know whether it's sound business or not, but the idea that they don't like that Michael Jordan has gotten into bed with these men, hedge fund managers, Nobel Plotkin's, a dirty it's a dirty term. What you don't like is Blockin has been bullying around people for many, many years to make to make himself a lot of money. And now he's getting his comeuppance. OK, I'm going. How do you think that spelled? I have no idea.


Go ahead and spell that. Let's see how you come up. ING's Oh, I'm up and come up. Come up in whatever.


God, tomato. Tomato. You nailed it.




I was hoping you'd ask me how to spell Plotkin Haverstraw, the part that I find cool about what it is that you're saying. And I don't know how real or enduring this is what you're talking about, but the idea that Michael Jordan would get into business with the wrong people who would gain their money in a way that feels a little less earned than everyone else, because these hedge fund characters who have taken over some of these spots in sports are sort of the bare naked greed of how do I get in the game?


How do I get these big toys? I'm a billionaire, I'm new money. How do I get to play with the big boys? And now Cuban's part of the old guard. And vulgarised is somebody who comes from like the gambling webs of understanding how to stay ahead of the math. So when those two guys are coming for you and saying you kind of deserve the game of this in public, hey, let's fight over dollars now. Let's see what you got.


Michael Jordan, we like our chances.


Yeah. Mark Cuban was on CNBC this morning, like when CNBC is doing a call of someone who is going to be well versed on this subject.


They go straight to the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, the face of Shark Tank investing. And and Mark Cuban just plainly said, like, yeah, this is all very scary. Like the feds probably should be regulating this a lot more is that these hedge fund managers have a black box. Like you can't look up what their positions are, like an ETF or a mutual fund. A stock like you can look up these stocks and the numbers underneath them and decide whether you want to invest in them.


But these hedge funds are black boxes. And so they make these positions on companies like GameStop where they're highly leveraged and they're hoping that GameStop essentially goes out of business. You're making a short you're saying that this stock will fall and it's it seems like a very dirty game. And Mark Cuban is sitting there on CNBC as one of the loudest voices in the room and saying, yeah, I I got my portfolio out of this business because I'm scared.


It like it is scary what's happening on the market, the stock market right now. And this is a battle that is being played on CNBC, but it is very much an NBA story.


How else? Well, Trump is the I mean, he's a guy who is part of that Warriors investment group, which is a private equity tech VC Capital Investment Group. And if they're hemorrhaging money because there's no one in Chase Center, some of these some of these players that we're talking about might become louder voices in the room or have larger stakes. And like like, let's say Michael Jordan, if he if he's exposed to these losses. One thing that's unanswerable right now is how much business does he have with these guys?


Does he have money with Melvin Capital? Does Michael Jordan have money in D1 capital? Who, as far as I can tell, the latest is that they're down 20 percent in three weeks. This hedge fund is down 20 percent. These are his business partners, and if they just signed Gordon Hayward to this huge contract, what happens to the Charlotte Hornets going forward? We just don't know. It's very early. What are you guys doing?


What are you might get a little nervous, sweating in the kitchen. Get a little hot. I am. I am losing it right now. Oh, no, don't sell. That's what I want you to do. These are scare tactics. The hedge guys are going to sell high. We all know this. We're seasoned vets. We just have to stick together and hold on time and hands, maybe diamond hands little more just with no more.


You just tweeted out fun story until GameStop hits zero. Well, Darryl Moore is in on all the hedge funds and oh, there's something there.


Tuzman Daryl Morey is the GM of the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers. The CEO right now of AMC is the CEO of the Seventy Sixers back when Sam Hinkie came aboard.


So this is like it's all small circles here, like the NBA is very much in the middle of this GameStop story.


And I was shocked to see, like, all this all this frenzy was happening yesterday. And no one was talking about, like at the very center of this is Michael Jordan. Like he's he's in business partners with Melvin Capital.


You heard Tom trust the process and just sell in April.


Mike, I want to get at whether Michael Jordan is Tom Haverstraw coming onto the pirate ship and alleging screaming because Tom Haverstraw is one of the pirates. He's been with us for a long time, even though he's not officially a pirate and he's an NBA insider and he's the host of the Harbor Show podcast. But we love having him around our stuff for reasons like this. He's shouting a story no one else is kind of noticing except in these, you know, these shadowy nether regions of the Internet where these people fight over Bitcoin.


It's a tricky story that not many. So it's a complicated story. But are you getting on the pirate ship and you saying, hey, Michael Jordan's wealth is under siege here? You don't know that, but you're speaking in alarmist tones. That is making the audience and me actually maybe not the audience, but me. Wait a minute. Is Tom saying that Michael's in trouble here, like in real trouble with the money that he's made in his life because he's overly leveraged with these guys who just wreak money all the time.


But new money, right? We don't know.


We don't know. What we do know is that the Hornets announced in September of twenty nineteen. So give or take sixteen months ago that they were selling Michael Jordan was selling a stake of the Charlotte Hornets to these two Wall Street investors. And there was like two paragraphs, a personal statement from Michael Jordan saying like how much he really likes Gabe and Dan as he described them, and that they were industry leaders and that they were great entrepreneurs and that they were leaders in the tech space, which I don't really understand how that is like.


I would love to hear what you would say about these hedge fund guys being leaders in the tech space. And so there obviously have very close business ties. The question is like how deep do those business ties go? And we just don't know, like the Hornets did not disclose whether it's a thirty percent chunk that he sold or a ten percent chunk. But one thing that's interesting is in the statement that Michael Jordan made, announcing the partnership with these hedge funds is, hey, they want to keep this team in the Carolinas, too.


They've committed to keeping this team in the Carolinas, too.


The only way that Michael Jordan is saying that is to reassure the audience that, like when or if this team buys me out, they want to keep it here, which is very interesting.


We need to stop worrying about Michael Jordan and start worrying about Michael Ruiz at this point because. Holy shit, OK, buy the dips, people. Hold on. A lot of people are getting scared right now. It's unsettled. But look, we didn't get this far by not holding the line. Hold the line, Mike. Is this a big or not?


This is my life you're messing with right here. A lot of red.


All right. We got into the the seven digit territory. OK, Rush a little uncomfortable. This is what they were letting dangerous. Someone told you it's Robin Hood. Robin Hood, half Dutch.


Yeah, Haverstraw. Did you just come on to this podcast? And after our entire show of Mike Ryan and Chris literally losing his shirt, did you just tell us that Mike and Chris are holding on to the rope and the people who are on the other side of the rope that they're going against are Michael Jordan money and the Michael Jordan hedge fund money that is going to bury them now because they've invested in GameStop and Michael Jordan has invested in these hedge fund guys, in these hedge fund guys who have invested in him or Michael and Chris now in the game to lose because they're playing Michael Jordan.


Well, which side do you want to be on? Right is on one side, you have the tech giants, Silicon Valley, and on the other side you have Wall Street, you have the billions crew.


I want to be on Jordan's side and Michael's like off.


Off her albums Voulgaris Mark Cuban there on one side is saying like, yeah, invest in bitcoin like this. This whole frenzy on the, on the, on the stock market needs to be like checked a little bit more like if Melvern Capital goes under or if they take huge losses I think Jemmott said on the air yesterday. So what, they don't get their summer house in the Hamptons. So what it's like if these hedge funds lose billions of dollars, that's capitalism.


That's what the market is supposed to do.


Can you explain to the audience and to me the back story of the gold standard of this world and why it is Micron should feel safe and should feel safe because they're on his side, like Chamitoff and the pros and Elon Musk.


The history. Yes, the history. You're saying a name and I'm asking you to give the resumé of how it is that person arrived at Goldenboy of this world where the people in his army are the Cubans and the Voulgaris is because this guy is viewed as the standard. What what is happening here that allows him allows you to feel that he's going to win this fight? Well, I don't know that he's going to win this fight.


I don't know enough about the business on either side to say, oh, that's that side with them. It's just when you look at math Attia, his business has been Facebook originally. And then he came out of Facebook and became social capital CEO of DC firm and became a tech giant, you know, billionaire and making bets on companies.


He has five stacks, like more than five specs that he's heading up. These are all very large terms. Basically, this guy is a very big deal in the tech space. And so when he tweets out yesterday, I'm going all in on on GameStop and I here's a screen that grab that stock went skyrocketing just by him jumping in in the marketplace and saying, I'm buying.


And, you know, it's it's it's crazy to think that a tweet from Elon Musk can cause Etsy stock to skyrocket because there's like a scarf or something that was from Etsy that Elon Musk tweeted out.


And suddenly people are trying to buy Etsy like these players have so much power. And so on the other side, hedge fund managers have so much power. But I think Chermayeff, those people on the tech side, Silicon Valley money that Joe Jacobs of the world who own the Golden State Warriors are saying, our team is going to win this.


We need him to put his name behind AMC. Stat like I need a tweet in the next minute. Yeah.


What's the latest here? So I haven't checked the stock. Eight dollars and seventy cents.


GameStop is down fourteen percent. So it's OK. Elon will save us. He'll give us a life raft if we float off. And then he revealed to the world that he's the Antichrist. It's all good. It's all going to play. In the time it took me to say that sentence, it went from 14 percent to 17 percent. I'm going to get a little scared.


I'm good talking to you. Anything from your true hope story? Anything else we need to know before you get out of here? Give give the audience as much as they can so they don't have to actually seek out the article. Yeah, it's a true whoop.


Dotcom and the whole winding road of how the NBA billionaires are at the center of this story and Michael Jordan is at the center of it all. This does feel like a billions episode. So go read it at where this goes from here. I don't think anybody knows. But check it out.

[00:20:34] basketball question real real quick. Oh, good. As Bradley Beal And why should he trade Baumol? I mean, he's Ray Allen to point out what's good about Bam Adebayo.


His trajectory right now is trending four years in. He looks numerically like Greek freak. The ceiling isn't that high is it.


I think it is MVP ceiling. I mean if he's already all NBA caliber now, he just keeps developing at this rate. Like why not MVP. I mean people said that about Giannis Antetokounmpo two years in like really MVP and sure enough he's back to back MVP.


We're rallying. I just refreshed and I just made two thousand dollars. Come on baby, buy the dips, buy the dips.


AMC is down fifty six. They're saying it's all right. That was down at ten now I'm back up to eight. Come on baby.


Thank you for being on with us. Always appreciate it. He's a national NBA insider, host of the show podcast. Thank you for being with us, Tom.


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Chris shirtless Chris, who has lost his shirt in the stock market today.


I smell terrible. Right now I'm sweating. This is not a pretty sight right now. You're what you were telling us, though, earlier, that you have a professional late night snacking tip. And I didn't hear what it actually was. I thought I think of Stewart as our authority in the late night snacking department, Peanut Eminem's and ice cream after he's taken strolls before I do those things just to stay awake at this age.


What are yours, Chris? What's what's your pro snacking? Late night snack? You're not at all a byproduct of you being high temp.


Not at all. I protect my prep. It is a lesson. My kitchen is near my master bedroom. So it's it's an adjustment I've had to make in my late night snacking where my wife I always feel like she can hear everything I'm doing. So I wanted to have late last night a bowl of cereal and I was like that those Frosted Flakes falling into the bowl. It's going to be so loud, she's going to hear it. So what I did was I poured the milk into the bowl first at a play, and then you pour the cereal onto the milk there for no loud noises, no cereal landing on to that loud bowl because, like, those things are louder late at night, right?


Like at midnight, pouring a bowl of cereal into a bowl, like pouring cereal into a bowl much louder than it is at 9:00 a.m..


Something that goes unnoticed. Yeah, something that goes unnoticed in the morning, but certainly does not as you get later into the evening. You are right about that. But the cereal is not as good when you go milk first, cereal second. You notice that, right? You do.


You do sacrifice a little quality, but it's worth it that the wife is not waking up. I got another late night bowl of cereal. Huh? And that's another thing I like to completely get rid of all the evidence. Like I wash out the bowl, I wash the spoon. It goes back like she doesn't need to wake up and see a bowl of cereal in the bowl. All the evidence disappears.


How much secret eating do you do, Chris? Seeding a lot of it, man. Not as much. I'm trying in the new year to, you know, do less of it. The stock market yesterday, like last night, was a bad night. You don't want to know the stuff I ate last night because I went to sleep. I was down a thousand dollars. I woke up, I was up fourteen hundred dollars, and now I'm back.


You don't want to know where I'm at, right. Who is handling the polls today? Because I want to ask those two questions via a poll at Libertador Show. Does cereal taste less good if you pour the cereal in after the milk? And I also want to ask the question via poll. Do you quietly pour your cereal at midnight because you don't want your wife to know that you're eating?


Everything's dangerous after midnight when you're married in your yard. What jargon? Nanana. What is it?


I mean, quit with that kitty shit right now. Can't you see I got some real life problems. What. That was interesting what Haverstraw said.


I didn't understand a single word we should get Biehl. You guys weren't interested in my course. Of course I'm interested in Tanjug. See what's on my face right now.


So many red numbers on my screen right everywhere. What is happening right now? What is happening is worth the money. But the Jets, they must go. No, no, no, no. It's rallying. It's rallying. The rallies already started. Christian Jesus Christ. Do not bail. Do not bail. Hold the line.


Diamond strong hands down size. No, hold on to all of it and buy the dips.


Buy more if you can. There's all sorts of you know, if this is a bet, you really love life.


Do you guys realize that you right now are in the computer in the Michael Jordan meme where he's saying and then I took that personally, like you guys are actually going against you're going against Michael Jordan for money and Michael Jordan and Michael Jordan's going up against Elon.


We all know who's behind this. OK, we're going to be fine. Hold the line.


Maybe how much money we lost today. You know, it's good content we're giving, so maybe we can be compensated for it from somebody.


Yeah, we're not. I'm losing a lot of money today.


Yeah, well, you shouldn't be using your severance on this. This seems irresponsible. No. And by the end of the day. All going to be laughing with beachfront property on the moon. Dude, if I get close to even, I am selling everything. Oh, no, it's all gone. No, you've lost it. Oh, it's not on your team.


I mean, you you you hampster honestly. You just come in, you see a passing fad and you're not a lifer.


Where were you on Monday, huh? Where were you? You're going to be known you since you in high on Monday. OK.


OK. This is all about the G six. You know, two weeks from now we're going to be laughing after halftime of the weekend's performance. He's going to fly back with us on our six. You know what? You're right. A hundred more AMC.


Let's go. Let's go to Jupiter. Chris, you you were also saying because food is your wheelhouse. If it's not cereal we're talking about. I didn't understand what you were saying. I need to I think we might need to talk to your wife here at some point, because what happened with your grocery list, you have food related subject matter every time we take a break around here, what happened? What were you saying happened with your grocery list?


Well, I feel like I can speak to a lot of people here. I'm terrible at tackling a grocery list efficiently. Like if it's milk, eggs, all like, you know, 20 things on a list. I'll walk into the dairy section and I'll grab milk and then I'll go back to the produce section. And I realize I forgot the cheese. So I got to go all the way back to the dairy section. And then when you can nail a shopping list efficiently, it feels great and I never do it.


Stewarts, I feel like you can relate to this.


Well, I know what you're saying because you're what you're you're not going in with a good plan. So you're not realizing that the cheese is near the milk and that certain things. So you constantly have to go back and forth. But when you nail it with no brakes on a Sunday stroll through Publix and you get it all right, you don't have to go back to the aisle for anything else. It is one of the most underrated feelings in the history of feeling that you are right.


The answer to this problem is you need one of these lists and my wife recently got them. It's a list that breaks down the section sections. Yes. Yes. So there's a grocery store. There's the dairy section. You list all your stuff there. Do that. If you were doing a list, just twenty three things listed without them organized, you're doing it wrong, right.


Because you're putting one through twenty three in no particular order. And I'm calling from aisle the aisle bouncing around and it becomes a pain in the ass. So you're right, if the wife could maybe categorize these and then I'm always calling her, asking her where this is, where that is, and then I just end up buying what I want because I usually walk in there and I'm pretty stunned, you know, just get a smart prioritize, get a smart fridge.


I have an app or I can just look inside my fridge when I'm at the supermarket.


You don't have one of those? No. All right. I got some stock advice for you.


So she's just before we get out of here for the day, before we finish up again, we're not going to be on tomorrow. You will be able to get to poddy. You will be able to get part four of South Beach sessions with John Skipper. That may be five parts. Chris, where are we? Mike, where are we on the idea that possibly the John Skipper interview, yes or no? It's going to be your gurnard, Chris.


It's going to be five parts or four, five parts.


Datto I. I find that you may need to to get in early on our IPO at Meadowlarks, the fourth part is going to go out tomorrow and mystery great as well with goat piss Mike. But I want to get out here on a note that we did not address today. And it is a societal note. It is a serious social justice topic. So many of you who are tired with your sports and your hijinx of having the serious stuff and don't want us to do that anymore or want us to just give ourselves over to the wacky laughter that never addresses the stuff in sports that makes you deeply uncomfortable.


Then you can go now and you should go now. You can get that stuff tomorrow because I'm about to talk about X. Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Chad Wheeler and how he was charged with domestic violence and was arrested. All right. Yeah, Strogatz is leaving for the day.


Billie is long gone. And I'm just going to read to you from this story because I think it deserves attention as football tries to gloss over this stuff. I think we just recently had an anniversary on the Ray Rice stuff, didn't we?


It was in our really keep it in my calendar. No, but I thought I was celebrating these things. I didn't want you leaving. Didn't you say you were leaving? But what is the second thing about you were going to leave you? We're going to leave.


And then you came back in just to say we celebrate these things. Yes. To Gods. I celebrate the Ray Rice video. Yeah.


You want to come over here? I need to pick your brain on something.


I believe that the loans Ray Rice situation was something that happened during our radio show when we were on in the afternoon and was in real time the worst of the domestic violence situations we've ever seen in sports because it had accompanying video. And while it didn't rise, obviously, to what happened with O.J. Simpson or Rae Carruth, it's one of the few times that we've had to be faced with what domestic violence looks like in sports as sports is replete the Hall of Fame and everything else.


So your daily, your Huddle's all over the place. It's replete with domestic violence. Now, this isn't to say it's just in sports. This isn't to say that it's the majority of sports. Just like in society, sports has many bad apples and the grand majority of men in sports probably are not beating their partners. But when something like what I'm about to read to you happens and you have the photographic proof that, you know, you've got a guy right now fighting in UFC Hardy, who was two, what is his name?


Chris Winningham. I'm forgetting that guy's name. Is it Greg Hardy, the guy from the the Charlotte Panthers who bounced around Dallas Cowboys? Carolina, yeah. Sorry, Carolina Panthers. And he ends up in UFC fighting for a living violence for a living, as opposed to the violence he was doing for a living, because the details are so stark on how he abused a woman throwing her on a bed of guns that he was too hot for even the NFL.


So this is the story out of Seattle. I'm just going to leave you with the details of this. And I'm going to tell you that the black woman in America when it comes to violence is someone who has experienced much too much of it and is stronger than we deserve, because the history of black women being beaten in this country is awful and offensive. And Chad Wheeler was formally charged Wednesday following his arrest on suspicion of felony assault, domestic violence.


The King County prosecutor's office filed criminal charges of first degree domestic violence, assault, domestic violence, unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest against Wheeler. A spokesperson with the office told ESPN he is accused of twice choking his girlfriend until she lost consciousness. The details in this story where he's surprised that she's still living and he says, like eating, I think, from a bowl of cereal, looks up and says, oh, you're still alive. She he wanted her.


He outweighs her by like 200 pounds. And the whole thing started because he wanted her to bow to him and she would not bow to him. And now you have all over the Internet the photos of this beautiful woman. And you can see just how beaten she was. Her arm was broken. The whole thing felt cruel, inhumane, cold in unspeakable ways, scary to be outweighed by 200 pounds. A football player like honestly, Wheeler is barely a professional football player.


He only played like sixty six snaps or something ridiculous this year. But he and he's a backup tackler. He was. I'm assuming the Seahawks will get rid of him, even though they've had if they haven't already gotten rid of him, this this crime even as an allegation and not a conviction, this crime, you cannot survive it if you're a backup offensive lineman. The details on this, even though they're just allegations and not a conviction yet.


But in the middle of that story that I was reading and I couldn't help but think and I will again say on the front end, there is no way to arrive. Well, when you see those photos. Compassion for a man 200 pounds heavier than that woman scaring her to within an inch of her life, where he's flippantly saying while eating cereal, allegedly as she walks across the house, all bloodied with a broken arm. Oh, you're still alive.


I'm surprised you're still alive. In the middle of that story. I saw some details about Wheeler and bipolar stuff, and it just made me wonder about what happens inside the head of someone who plays that sport for a living in the violence. When the brain chemistry is altered and a phrase like bipolar is thrown around and you can't find an excuse for this man because there is only one victim and it is the girlfriend that he was beating this way to within inches of her life.


But when I read bipolar, I'm like, what happened? What's the darkness happening in that man's head? Like, what's happening inside there?


Is he there? Is he himself? Would she recognize him or is he having a bipolar episode? Is this you know, Robbins is still out here getting arrested, Mike. He goes drinking the week before the Super Bowl. None of us have any way to deal with it. The Raiders locker room rips him up and down because the most important thing in football is to be accountable to the man next to you. And he went on some he had a psychotic break of some sort and still deals with it all the time.


And I'm always reading about Barret Robbins, like found in front of some Seven-Eleven at the the bottom of the depths of rock bottom because or Delante West, because they take control of this bipolar brain chemistry stuff.


A bit of hope, though, because these are the growing pains in bringing more attention to these things. I know Seahawks fans that I've never heard of this player. This kind of stuff is happening throughout the nation, stories that you'll never hear, stories that you'll never think about, women dying from this type of violence, mental illness playing a factor. Sometimes you just have people that are just pure evil right now. Any time I get sad because we start focusing on something that maybe ten years ago we wouldn't consider, who knows if a football player like Wheeler, if we even know about this, if they if he faces any sort of suspension or punishment, let alone being cut the way that he was hours after this became public, any time I get sad about that stuff, I realize we've come a long way.


And even though it's darkness and holding a mirror straight up to our faces and we don't like what we see, we're getting better at addressing them. This is not something that we would have ever discussed. We would have never discussed.


You had to have a certain level of fame to in order to have the likes of a Dan Leadbitter talking about you on the national show.


So I do think that we're getting better, but we very clearly have a long ways to go.


Well beyond that, though, the question that I would have for the victim in this case, if she indeed loves him because this brain chemistry stuff can be complicated. I was he there was the man that you love inside of there, or is this a psychotic break that happens when you're bipolar and the mental illness is so strong that someone who allegedly loves you can sit there and eat cereal or whatever as you walk to the bathroom broken and like, was this a constant thing or does it just make an appearance when one of these episodes is there?


And where does the brain chemistry stuff coincide with what he does for a living and he's banging his head against people? And are they treating it well when in that sport it's not? Talk about this stuff with your teammates. Hey, I'm dark. I'm I'm having suicidal thoughts. I'm thinking about my girlfriend killing my girlfriend. It's you know, it's largely football still isn't equipped for some of this stuff, like the idea of not just football. No, but no, nobody is.


But I'm saying specifically the gladiators who are in the middle of, hey, we do violence for a living. We are the biggest and the strongest in the fastest. Other men are afraid of us. We are the most violent on Sundays. What we get is the best of the adrenaline rush because we are more powerful than mere humans.


They're ill equipped for it, but they were far more ill equipped prior to, as you alluded to, the anniversary of Ray Rice's incident that did bring about change and the NFL reflected society and that growth isn't always going to be perfect.


Pretty. You're going to learn from public mistakes. Evans knows Roger Goodell made several mistakes, er made several. Not that this is analogous, but he made several public missteps with Colin Kaepernick.


And now, even though this head coaching cycle wasn't anything to hang your hat on the executive level, at the coordinator level, the NFL is blacker than ever because of public shame and embarrassment. And the NFL's putting things in place to help some of these players with mental illness and these types of issues. They're going to get better. I don't know what was going in this person's head. I just found out about this person yesterday. It sounds awful. This is the worst possible first impression to make.


I know nothing about him.


Worse for her than for absolutely anybody. But if indeed what I'm saying is so that there's some darkness in this man's head that he can't control, that makes him become someone else that is evil and. Cruel and awful in a way that gets him shamed this way, there would be some pain there as well. If you're interested in sort of addressing the humanity of both of these people, obviously one of them deserves it more than the other right now. But when I read bipolar in the middle of that, it just made me ask a bunch more questions of like what's going on in that dude's head.


Does she recognize him? Never mind the pattern of abuse in this country that makes the abuse sort of forgive or fear their way into continual abuse. I would just love to know some details there, Mike, in the uncomfortable spots of, like, do you love him? And is that the real him in there or is this a recurring theme? Is this something that always happens? Or do you not recognize this man because he's whapping having some sort of psychotic break?


It also makes it very difficult to talk about all of this stuff because we don't have the answers to those questions. Regardless, we're not going to be here tomorrow. We're going to do the postgame show here in a second. I hope this twitch experience was fun for you as it was for us. We're going to keep playing with the format, keep experimenting a hell of a dismount from you know, I know I got all serious and stuff.


We did social. I just saw the story and I didn't want the whole show to go by without us discussing something serious just because we like doing some of the silly stuff too. Awkward ending, admittedly, postgame show is next. We're going to try and sell you on a mean T-shirt that I really liked in the post game show.