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This is the down labor part, sure, we've still got Sparkasse. My reaction to what happened yesterday, while you guys know that I am a fan boy for Aaron Rodgers and I've got a crush on Aaron Rodgers because I marvel at the craftsmanship of what it is that he does for a living. And Mike surprised me by going to that deep, dark, visceral, emotional place where he was mad at Matt LaFleur for betraying Aaron Rodgers, for not trusting.


Look, this whole season where Aaron Rodgers was the MVP, the storyline as they were 13 and three and a great team because Aaron Rodgers was MVP, great stuff. The storyline from the beginning of the season to the very end was at the beginning. The Packers don't trust Aaron Rodgers. Look at who they just drafted. Right. And at the end, the Packers don't trust Aaron Rodgers. They're going to let Tom Brady end this season with all the disappointment that you just heard.


And Chris Cody was saying, poor Matt Lefler, he's getting crushed today for being a coward, a coward. When you have Aaron Rodgers, look at how Andy Reid plays with Patrick Mahomes coward.


Yes. Look at how Patrick Mahomes serves Andy Reid every need in those late games. And he has trusted he has trusted them. All they do is have double digit deficits in the playoffs and nobody thinks the game is over. They're the only team in the sport like that. But the four teams remaining in these playoffs, two guys, were all the teams on offense that were really good on third and long were you were still scared of them on third and long.


All of them. All the teams you're like because Josh Allen might run away from Josh, all the weapons the buffalo has got. And they were the team you feared least in third and long, even though they were the best team in certain long, statistically and third and long. The bills were very good in that situation. But in terms of reputation and weapons and everything you think about football, I fear Aaron Rodgers more in third long. I feel in Tampa, all those weapons third and long.


And I also fear Josh Allen running around on third and long beyond everything.


He's a very good quarterback. It just happened with those four. That's the guy you feel the less feel the least in that situation is Josh Allen. And you have a feeling Rodgers, Brady and Mahomes will be able to knock out a third floor. No problem.


Well, here's the thing about the chiefs, though. They're just totally overwhelming. It doesn't feel fair. You know what? You got to stop and you cannot stop it because they've got three monsters. You know, you have to stop Tyreek Hill. And that game begins with Tyreek Hill just dropping a bomb on which he's open because he's always open and it doesn't matter. They fall down nine nothing. And who cares. They're going to score thirty eight points because look at him, they're overwhelming.


You know you got to stop Tyreek Hill. You can't do it you know you got to stop Travis Kelce. You cannot do it you know you got to stop Patrick Mahomes. You can't do it.


The thing with Kelsey Stewart, it's fascinating to me at this point, much like and this is part of the betrayal of Aaron Rodgers that we're talking about, because when you have a great quarterbacks, two gods, he can make even someone that an idiot like me didn't think was a number one receiver or even a professional receiver. Davante Adams, when he came into the league, you play alongside that kind of greatness for long, long enough. Yeah.


And a chemistry will blossom and you will practice over 10000 hours of Malcolm Gladwell, his expertise, and a guy that a bum like me thought was a bum becomes a legitimate number one receiver over 16 games where you're like, holy shit, Davante Adams is amazing. He wasn't amazing yesterday. No, at least in part because with that team, if you stop Davante Adams, you're going to cause some real problems because the rest of what they've got out there is a pretty big betrayal, no question about it.


And just going back to the Chiefs for a second, their ability to come back to him when they've been down by two scores in the playoffs, Mahomes is four and one, I mean.


Well, but the thing about that team is I'm talking to you about the Packers and everything that happened there and trust the idea of organizational trust and the idea that Aaron Rodgers sounds heartbroken. They're heartbroken because Brady gets to do the thing again.


He's dying to do because he's so good at doing it. And his organization failed him again, even though, yes, he could have run for a touchdown maybe. And the way that the last half of that first half of the game happened to Green Bay is just nothing to do with why Aaron Rodgers lost that game. That's not his fault. He's been carrying bombs with that franchise for a really long time. And the thing of it is now you got that Kansas City has a thing with him that's ten years younger.


And furthermore, it's not just Tyreek Hill can run down the field faster than anybody in his totally unguardable the. Chemistry that he now has with Kelsey, where Kelsey turns and there's no way to cover him because the ball is going to be Drew Brees precise and he's too goddamn big, he turns you on his hip. You know, he's coming. You're guarding him. This play is to Kelsey and they've perfected something with that particular chemistry. And if they figure out a way to double cover it.


All right. On fourth and short, I'll throw over here to Tyreek Hill because I'm going to have those both those options on the right side of the field. And you're going to have to make a choice and it's going to be the wrong one because I've got this precision with people who are is excellent at what they do as I am at what I do. Aaron Rodgers had to move that out of Davante Adams, somebody I'm really wrong about, but I still don't know what Devonta Adams would be away from that quarterback and that precision that we're talking.


Pelosi and Hill combined had twenty four catches yesterday for 300 yards. Mahomes threw for three hundred and twenty five like they knew it was coming and they still couldn't stop the two of them. It's insane.


I'm not sure of Davante Adams is afforded the opportunity to save his NFL career because we thought Davante Adams was a bad wide receiver, in part because he was a bad wide receiver to start his career. This is not just something we made up and he's always been awesome. He had he had to take time to figure it out and he was afforded maybe the greatest quarterback of all time to figure it out with. That's probably an affront to Aaron Rodgers. Look, he's a precise route runner and he wins individual matchups.


Now, Davante Adams has figured it out, but the fact that he had to be patient for Davante Adams and not just get in Antonio Brown off the street, look at the weapons that Tom Brady has.


Look at the coaches that some of the game's greatest quarterbacks in this era, the greatest era of quarterbacks, have played for Mahomes has Andy Reid, Brady Belichick and now Bruce Arians. Hell, Drew Brees even got Sean Payton, Mike McCarthy and the flu.


But before this fourth down decision that La Flor made, he would have been getting credit for the season that he had in his offensive scheme. I don't understand, like why we're punting on the floor, because granted, it was a huge mistake at the most crucial time. But overall, he he's a big part of why that offense turned around.


Here's the thing, right? Devante Adams has had all that success.


Chris, look, I'm a fanboy for this guy, OK? It's an excellent look. I get it wrong all the time around here. But the reason that I fanboy for him and you don't hear me fanboy for anyone else is because I'm marveling after seeing that position evolve and all the ways that it has over 30 years, I'm marveling at how amazing that dude is at having the Drew Brees precision. And once upon a time, the mobility that was unusual pocket presence.


That's unusual. A craftsmanship that I had never seen from the position. And the reason that I feel betrayed by it is because you're saying what happened, the floor got to a championship game. It's one mistake.


And I'm like, he dragged that carcass McCarthy around for ten years, making him look better than he actually was because of how great he is. McCarthy had a great career because of Aaron Rodgers. How'd that work out in Dallas? Like, how how did that feel to you in Dallas? Did they feel organized? Did they feel like they had their shit together in Dallas?


I'm going to I'm going to start Revan down a little bit because I appreciate what Chris is doing right now, because I don't even think Chris believes it. He's being devil's advocate. The case for LeFleur. I hear that case. And yes, they improved year over year. They got away from not trusting Aaron Rodgers so much. And Aaron Rodgers is probably going to be league MVP this year. You think LaFleur had nothing to do with our personnel decisions this offseason?


They got one player from their draft class to play a postseason snap as a team. That was a game away with an aging quarterback from the Super Bowl last year. Luffler had input. They decided to go with Jordan Love in the first round and draft Aaron Rodgers replacement. That's not what you do with a quarterback that ended up having an MVP season. It's a betrayal, guys.


It's OK to criticize Aaron Rodgers. I agree with most of what you're saying, but Tom Brady has won with a lot less. He just has he has won with a lot less on offense than Aaron Rodgers had this year. He had one of the best running games in the NFL and he has one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, if not the past.


He has never maybe on offense in the early years when defenses were different now. Now, to have a good defense, you need to just force turnovers. Tampa looks to have a good defense. And then Tyreek Hill in the regular season game at two hundred and sixty nine yards. Yeah. OK, let's separate the first handful of championships from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady because it was a different era. They beat the world's greatest show on turf with a great defense and with Tom Brady doing next to nothing in that postseason to deserve it.


Right. He had a drive and and one touchdown. From that entire way, that was an organizational obviously you got an organizational victory, the first one that Brady got. Right.


And the point about the defense is good because in his losses, the defense for the Packers in Aaron Rodgers postseason losses, they always give up 30 points or more. So that defensive point is a good point.


Not overlooking Rob Gronkowski. When is when is Aaron Rodgers had a weapon like Rob Gronkowski?


I think they decided to side with Martellus Bennett. They tried with Jimmy Graham. They tried with guys who were already spent whose bodies were already spent.


They kept adding pieces. Remember when they got Revis and Aqib Talib on the outside because Tom Brady gave them salary back? Tom Brady kept sacrificing so they could have these mercenaries in one to two year windows that they can make Super Bowl runs with any reap the rewards. No doubt he's one of the greatest winners of all time.


It's funny, you guys, because you said and this this is a change in my thinking over the years where you have always accused me of minimizing that coaches matter at all. And Belichick and Brady seem to have disproved that over time. Belichick seems to be better at all of this stuff than everyone else is. But without Brady, look at what happened when we all know Belichick is better at everything. And when you say Tom Brady has won with less, what you're looking at, I understand why you're doing it is players on the field.


Yes, but he's never won with less of an organization than the one Aaron Rodgers has been dragging around on his back for fifteen years because there's always a McCarthy there. There's never a Belichick. There's always a LeFleur making that decision when ten damn years ago, Belichick was telling you, ten years ago, failed on the attempt loses in the postseason to Peyton Manning because he's telling you, I've got fourth. In short, I've got to go for it here.


I've got Tom Brady. The math he did even in failing and giving Peyton Manning the ball back, the math. Bill Belichick, who knows what he's doing, did was I'm throwing the ball here with Brady because I know Peyton Manning's on the other sideline. I need to keep the football. I'm going to trust my guy because I also fear their guy. I'm going to trust my guy. At the moment that matters the most. That's organizational backing.


Even when it fails, that's backing. And this is what we're talking about. What you've just seen is sort of a seismic macro shift at the top of the sport where you see where in the margins the organization matters because Tom Brady is going to a Super Bowl and he played the lesser game in the one we just watched. Nobody is going to tell you Tom Brady played a better game than Aaron Rodgers there. And you've seen no greater structural disconnect among the legends as Brady beats Brees and now arrives here than that one right there.


You no one's arguing that Brady played better yesterday. The Times is always telling you wins are not a quarterback stat. And for Brady, they get to be a quarterback stat. But this is how it's all intertwined. We've been covering Brady and Belichick for so many years. This is where it's intertwined. They're both responsible for what happens there. But you better have a great quarterback. Aryan's. He's damn near 80 years old out there. He's he's coming back from health stuff.


But everyone knows that he is good at offense. Everyone knows that offense is evolving and everyone knows that that organization supported him in the huddle with players that Bill Belichick wasn't giving him at the end.


I agree the organization is important. But let's be clear. The Bucs organization was a laughing stock for ten years. Dan, I mean, they were disaster. The player matters. I don't want to hear about Aryan's. I don't want to hear about Belichick anymore. Belichick does not deserve to go into the Hall of Fame.


As far as I'm concerned, Brady won everything yesterday. No, no, no. The first year. Nineteen straight years. They win that division. The year Brady leaves. Belichick doesn't make the playoffs. Brady makes the Super Bowl, the Bucs a disaster for a decade. One change. Tom Brady leaves there, goes to Tampa Bay, boom. There in the Super Bowl. Coaches are meaningless. You said that once.


And remember Bruce Arians, this isn't even seventy seven. He looks unhealthy. Come on. Did you put it on the podium at eleven today? Did you think Bruce Arians was closer to 70 or 80? And I don't mean this to disparage his looks. He just he doesn't he seems like not taking care of himself in terms of diet.


What is that that he has across his chest? Because I think it's a defibrillator now.


Are we in a dangerous spot? Where did he have something? We're in a dangerous place. Like he thinks it's OK. Wait a minute. I don't want to make fun of that. He had health and stress and it. It forced them away from the game and then and now he's got Brady, everything's healed yet, Brady, and it's not healed. He still looks 80 to me. But wait a minute. Thought he looked great. I want to look like Bruce Arians at that age.


Am I the only one? Seems like you.


I think you are so. Oh, not at liberty to put it on the podium. Do you want to look like Bruce Arians when you're his age? Because I'm surprised that you're saying that because I just thought he was 80. I thought he was closer to 80 than he is 70 because he looks like the stress of the job that he's wearing it, that it's not a very relaxed existence. I feel like he's like that's what I'm going to look like.


Like if I had to project what I look like at that age, I feel like Bruce Arians, let's go around and say what NFL coach we're going to look like when we get to be that.


Let's do that. Let's end this segment there. Let's end this segment with what Mike Ryan is going to look like. Offensive coordinator Aaron Rodgers at that. Whichever head coach has lipo and earplugs, that'll be me.


Got to look like Dom Capers and like Rex Ryan.


Immediately following the procedure, Billy and I figure out what Billy is going to look like. Billy, what are you going to look like as a coach in your 80s?


In my 80s? Yeah, I see Pete Carroll. I see some decmil some dick for me and I see some dick.


How about Dick Vermeil. Kotite.


I see rich Kotite was Roly-Poly last year, coach a couple of years ago that people said I look like, oh that's right, I'm the head coach of the Tampa Bay Vipers, all the rest of it.


But trust I give.


Yeah, for sure. Andy Reid. I mean.


Oh what's right and what's wrong with it. What's wrong with that. What's wrong with that. What do you mean. I just said do you want to look like Bruce. Do you think anyone's answering. Yes, I want to look like Andy Reid.


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It is time for his two guys to share his notes, no one in the media will tell you what happened better than my boys to dinner with the departure of James Harden, combined with a twenty eight point seventeen rebound, five assists, four threes performance that held the rocket's defeat. The Mavs. Dan, just like that. DeMarcus Cousins. Yes. Is back. Yes. Bogey just me. Or is this the fifth time Greg Olsen has retired? I mean, seriously hit it on the pole game.


Has Greg Olsen retired five times?


This year was the first year Tom Brady played on a wild card team. No observation, just a fact. Unbelievable. Virtual Radio Row, Taj Dream. Excited if we to do that. Virtual radio row. There's a virtual radio around this year. We're still going to avoid it.


I don't want to be a part of that nonsense so bad.


I listen to the South Beach sessions with John Skipper and I still have no clue what we're doing. In fact, I'm more confused than ever. Something about storytelling. Here's a story I'd like someone to tell me.


The stories title is Salary Benefits and Stock Options, Part three and four with John Skipper on not knowing what we're doing next.


Coming this week on South Beach Sessions Books Packers Brady Rodgers. Having the bucks are better without Antonio Brown. At the end of the first half, the Packers looked like the Jets. Here's a life role. You never, ever want to look like the Jets. The Texans good side. Barack Obama at this point to be their next head coach at the Sean Watson would still want to leave. And there he is. He's got a good hire. White forty five.


I don't know his first name. And he's certainly not white, but he's on the box. He's always around the football. You know what one might say, Dan? He has a nose for the football. Sorry, I thought you were going to make a white joke of some sort. I'm sorry.


Death, taxes and Cameron brate wide open in the end zone. NFL defense is news flash. When the Bucs get between the two and five yard line, they're going to go with the hard play action fake ad pass to Cameron Brate. And if they get to the one, it's the Brady Sneak. What a difference a month makes for all Gunnars, Slok Shaw and the Red Devils clop out.


Oh it's only oh whatever.


Only shlock up. And I got the last name. Right. Right. Oh yeah. You nailed it. Chlapowski So inside. Oh inside.


Are you guys doing that for athletes that cannot act. Me Jordan Whitehead. Say Brown you'll be lucky if you're playing for the Browns or Saints next year because guess where you're not playing Green Day, Mike Evans. Now you know why he does it. Throw you the ball that much, Mike, if you want some advice on how to turn it around on Brady. So your hands were rusty from the lack of balls. Brady, through to you this season.


Little play out of the Stewart's playbook. The third in a dart to Johnson. Peek at I mean, peek Tom Brady. Did you see it always dance pretty.


Scottie, you had so many passes that were bad. Yes, but not that one. Not that one. That one was a dart.


You can still be Brady on, you know, seven or eight plays a game, all of them winning the game. Super Bowl.


Scottie Miller can scoot deceptively. Mike Evans, don't be surprised if you are traded before the Super Bowl. Brady and Gronk like riding a bike. I have no idea what that means, but it's like, oh, what is it?


It's like riding a bike. I thought the same thing. It's like Gronk, quiet all game. Wait a minute. He came out of retirement to block. Oh, look, the screen pass. It's like riding a bike for thirty one yards.


I didn't really I thought it was exciting riding a bike, a polar bear on the bike. There he goes down the sideline. Oh look, Gronk is galloping again. We had the same thought at the same time watching the football program.


What Joe and Troy have to wear the same jacket. It's weird. I mean, seriously, put it on the pole gear.


Is it weird that Joe and Troy have to wear the same jacket then you know what they are?


And Roger stands for Not Running. Tom Brady has played an eighteen percent of the Super Bowl.


Believe in Jesus Christ. No issue with the flag, but can you not wait four minutes to throw it? Matt Flor, you have Aaron Rodgers and you chose Mason Crosby. The game between Belichick and Brady is over. Brady won everything. And by the way, LeFleur, even Mason Crosby looked confused. Stasch this one away in these, someone should look into this file. Rog's looking a lot bigger and faster in January than he did in October when the what's going on there?


Tampa Bay has been blocking all season.


He hasn't had all those bolts falling out of his body because he's taking forty hits a game because he's doing forty catches a game.


You look at Spry that solves the Tampa Bay Bucs, the rare game. Where does it matter if they win or lose because they're already home? It's not win or lose or go home.


It's win or lose. And then afterward, just go home. It's your home. That's the other part of this. That's unbelievable. Really, Brady, you're going to be the first to ever play in a home Super Bowl game. Seriously? I mean, can you imagine being a Belichick living room? Yes. There's no way he enjoyed that. Two guys. There's a deal with the devil. What I'm telling you here, I'm breaking this news.


I hope ESPN has to run with it. Mahomes is going to get covered like something's going to happen here. And Brady, it's going to be Brady against Chad Henning. If that's what needs to happen for him to hold up another trophy, Goodell himself might give it to Mahomes. Erik Fisher already tore his Achilles. Exactly.


Exactly right. It's a deal with the devil. I said it six years ago. He just made the first Super Bowl ever. Everybody home team and forty three.


You think I should get Botox? Hockey started. Television, does it get more uncomfortable than the halftime tease with the CBS pregame show pretending they are sitting around watching football and yucking it up? Geez, Phil Simms bills Chiefs Shippey since Dad said Tom Brady was finished in 2013. Brady is throwing for thirty thousand fifty five yards. Two hundred and twenty two touchdowns.


Fifty seven interceptions. He has won three Super Bowls, played in four and in less than two weeks, will play in his fifth year call game up.


Put it on the pole, please. Has Tom Brady had three separate Hall of Fame career?


I had no idea. A 30. I'm sorry, I had no idea. A 30 day supply of Crestor was three hundred and eighty six dollars. What the hell? Speaking of health or price, then those are the weekend observations. Added benefit. That is.