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See stores for details. A day in South Florida sports history, unlike we've ever seen. Because of a pandemic, we have an NBA team in the NBA finals and we have a baseball team simultaneously in a postseason that's been expanded, a marquee matchup. Both of them, the NBA finals, Miami versus the L.A. Lakers. Miami Marlins versus the Chicago Cubs. History between both teams and a 2:00 p.m. start and a nine p.m. start that maybe a few months ago wouldn't have seemed out of line.


But now I think we're all just sort of like laboring. How are we going to do this? How do you get through the day? It's interesting. So you got a baseball game at two o'clock, a basketball game at nine o'clock. Figure the baseball game is over at five o'clock. What do you do with those four hours in between? And, you know, I know Billy agrees with me on this. That's not a nine o'clock tip.


It's like a nine forty two tip. So you have like four and a half hours you get to kill between Marlins baseball and Heat basketball. I suppose you could do it with more baseball games. There's eight playoff games today. And Major League Baseball.


Oh, no, no, no. Between playoff playoff game, there's going to be a nap for sure, because I can't on a normal day, stay up until it can be like one o'clock in the morning game. You know, this is the thing about the finals, right? When LeBron was down here, it was fun games and everyone was excited about the finals. They're like, oh, my God, the finals, the finals. And then every year we're forgetting about this.


But every year we kind of reached this point by game two of the finals. It really would start like in the conference finals, right, where you're like, oh, my God, this is every day and it's every day until like 1:00 in the morning. And then it doesn't stop at 1:00 in the morning because I want to see all the juicy post game guys. So you're there and you're watching the interviews and you're reading Twitter. You're trying to see what everybody's saying about what just happened.


And by the end of it, win or lose, you're like, I'm just glad the finals is over. If we get a trophy, we can celebrate. This is even better. But I'm ready for a break, which is why you guys would always take like three weeks off after the NBA finals because it was just exhausting. And guess what? There's no three weeks off this year. There's just more of it. Now, as soon as that's done, your bye week like for in football or five in football, I don't know how long, how long this fight is going to last.


Give me one of those things that lasts like six months because it's like one day off, one game, really.


There's no three weeks off. I mean, as soon as the files are over, the next NBA season starts.


Well, no, I'm saying three weeks off between the games. I don't know how basketball gets away with where they play one game. They take off a month and they come back and they play another game. And then there's travel days. There's no traveling. All right. You're going from like the hotel, not the court. And that's it.


I think traveling I think the biggest break that we have in this NBA series is between games for and Games five, where it goes from October six to October six, from October six to October 9th. Thankfully, if and when the Miami Heat sweep the Los Angeles Lakers, we don't have to worry about that three day waiting period. And this thing can be over by early next week. Right. You have that there's that Tuesday, Tuesday game, then a Friday game.


So that's that's the longest at baseball ability, I think. Doesn't have any brakes. Right. At least through the first two rounds.


I mean, unless you win your hurt, your series early is just waiting for the next one to start. There's no off days, no days off.


What's the pitching matchup today between the Marlins and Cubs? Is Yu Darvish towing the slab for Chicago? It's Lester, isn't it?


No, it's Hendricks. What's Hendricks? Who at first I thought was Liam Hendriks. I'm like, Liam Hendricks is still in the league. Remember Liam Hendricks? He played on like a thousand teams and he wasn't very good and then he was good. You're like, wait a minute, Liam Hendriks is an all star. How did that happen? It was like ten years into his career. He bounced around, I think was like on the A's and he was like on the twins.


It's not Liam Hendriks. So it's Kyle. And he's going up against Sandy. And I'm telling you, people are going to think I'm crazy. I like these matchups. I like the way this has fallen into the Marlins hands. I like that they're playing the Cubs. I like their one two combo. Now talk to me at two thirty. And if Sandy's given up like three runs in the first two innings, I'm not going to be feeling the same because the thing about a best of three series guys, you can't lose that.


First of all, if you lose the first one, all bets are off in panic mode time.


Sarah, Spain, by the way, who's coming on later? Because she's a Cubs fan and she has an event tomorrow. Sarah, Spain has like the cheat code. She's watching these games from the roofs across the street and Wrigley.


Bill, how is that cool? Like, how does she do that? And then people were saying like, oh, my God, you must have paid a lot. And she's like, it's free. We need to ask her about this, because I'm pretty sure if I just walked up there, I couldn't go up to the roof of that bar in Wrigley Field and watch from across the street. So I don't know how it's free. I don't know if she bought the building.


I don't know what's going on there, because remember, her husband's a secret billionaire. So I don't know if that's how she's watching these games. I don't really know what's going on there. But she's going to come on later and she's going to talk a lot about the Cubs. And I'm trying to be reserved and I'm trying not to get into a feud with her about this, because I also know that it's only three games and you only need to win two.


And this could be done by tomorrow at four thirty in the afternoon. And do I really want to say all these things that I'm going to immediately regret for Thursday, the afternoon once he starts, I know that I'm going to say something about the Marlins beating the Cubs and I'm going to have to live with it forever if they don't win. So I'm trying to be cool. I'm trying to be patient. I'm trying to just breathe in slowly.


Yeah, lots of games, one pitch at a time. Do my part from my couch root on the fish. Objectively, of course, I'm not going to have a rooting interest because I'm in the media, but I'm going to be watching the game.


You're wearing a Marlins cap and shirt. Well, that's, you know. Don't worry about that, right? I'm still watching these games as a, you know, unbiased member of the media. Mm hmm.


Are you going to have anything left by the time the finals roll around, Billy? That's what I'm telling you, I need talking about so much is going to be taken out of me and these playoff games, playoff baseball last forever. Also, there's like four hour games. I don't know what it is. And I have never seen an ABC game, so I don't know how many commercials are going to have to deal with ability. Hold on.


If the Marlins win. Right. Let's say there's a huge hole on the Marlins where the bottom of the ninth today, today, the ninth walk off.


Everybody's happy in Chicago.


So if it's going to be very upset, hold on. You know what I mean? There's a hit in the top of the ninth. Marlins take the lead. They close the door on the on the Cubs.


How do you sleep and take a nap from fourth?


I won't be able to 9:00 a.m.. There's no good to sleep on Friday when they clinched. I couldn't sleep. I was just up. I was watching. It was like the most strangely emotional regular season clinching game ever, where Mattingly is crying and Rose is crying and everybody's crying. Talking to Jessica Blaylock, who I think was also crying. I couldn't tell them, like, is she crying? I don't know. She's crying.


Jase Blaylock was crying.


It was an emotional day, man. Emotions were running high voice. You got a little choked up while you were I did. I started crying, yeah. So this game, she has to remain neutral. That's the only reason I brought that up anyway. So I digress. So all three games are slated for Wrigley.


And then this is the last round where they're going to each site right out of the bubble and go to the bubble.


Yeah. Then they're in the bubble. And you know what happens in the bubble? Anything, anything can happen.


Anything can happen. Well, I think the two things can happen. Cincinnati or Atlanta. I think those are the two things that can happen. And we're all rooting for Cincinnati, although Cincinnati's top three starters have been amazing this year, haven't they? They got that wasn't Luis Castillo.


Marlin at some point was actually traded in from Matt Latos. My Bower's been good. We're rooting for the Reds because of why? Well, because they're not the Braves. Because the Braves have absolutely smashed the Marlins this year. If I know Billy hates run differential. But if we look at the run differential in their head to head matchups, well, that's what happens today.


The run differential, zero zero, a clean slate, a I guess files are tonight. I feel like no one wants to hear about the Marlins except for me.


Now, this is weird because this is a massive sports day in South Florida, one of the biggest sports days ever where you have two playoff games, one of them an NBA finals game. And I want believe, Mike, I expected you right off the top like you got. He got Lakers, LeBron, you got LeBron not really addressing the rilly question asked by day, met him the way he should of. OK, let's say that name finally got around to it.


He got around to it. It took him a while. Yeah, whatever. And I'm Mike. I'm surprised you are not fired up nine o'clock. I thought that's where we're going to lead today. Fired up. I'm not the only person on this case, though, that says I've seen plenty of Miami Heat playoff runs. This is only the third playoff run such that it is in Marlins existence. And we're going an order of we're going in order of events today.


It's a two o'clock start on ABC, and I'm excited about it, too. I mean, I'm going to be watching this. I'm I'm still learning the team. It's a byproduct of watching most of their games on mute. But, yeah, the playoff playoff baseball is a different animal. I've never seen this round of the playoffs, so I wonder if the intensity is going to be there. I'm curious to experience it for the first time like everybody else.


But yeah, there's an NBA Finals game tonight. LeBron kinda gave us the bait on Pat Riley and then walked it back some a little bit. I think he kind of realized what he was doing, an unfair shot at Dave McMenamin. I think everybody kind of understood what Dave McMenamin was looking for. Yeah, except for LeBron. Yeah. LeBron is doing this thing where he's starting to put stuff on the media like it's the media's fault that Erik Spoelstra isn't considered a great coach, which is just an absolute straw man at the time.


But this is the strangest NBA finals experience for me. And I don't know if you guys feel the same way. I'll bounce it around the horn. But in 2006, obviously, you had the pressure up. You got to do it with Shaq, your mortgage, the future in Caron Butler and Lamar Odom. And you gave up great players. And Shaq is of a certain age. So you've got to get this done. You have to win with Shaq and then they enter that NBA finals.


People forget as an underdog and quickly went down. Oh, two. Yeah, but there was immense pressure associated with that. Let's bail them out. Game three. But anyway, with, with the Big Three, there was immense pressure on every regular season game. So you knew by the time you got to the finals and you lived through the series with the Pacers and Bulls and Celtics, your intestines were a mess. You were a nervous wreck.


And I think we all lived it where after those games, like peel me off the floor with a spatula, this one's different because it's house money, at least entering it for me. I'm a huge fan. I love the Miami Heat. I want to beat LeBron James in the NBA Finals. But as a five seed making this this run that nobody expected, I'm just sort of let's roll out the ball. Let's go. I love being the underdog.


Beat us if you got the guts. I'm not going into this game nervous. Maybe that'll change once a game gets going. But this is a feeling entering a finals that I've never actually had. Billy, do you do you agree with me that this is a house money series and I did my degree with it?


I feel like after one game, especially if the Heat win today, you're not going to feel that way anymore?


No, I feel like they should win. Well, yeah. I mean, you get the NTSB wants you there. Yeah.


I mean, I don't know if it is or not. I don't know if I agree. I know what you're saying. Like they don't want another game. You're happy. It's been a great run. They took you to places you never thought you never thought you would. This year, but I think once you're there and the opportunity to beat LeBron James in a bubble with no fans, no travel, none of that stuff, I'm not certain of his fans agree.


I think the Heat fans, maybe because the team has been so good, Tony, that maybe there are expectations, hey, if we beat the box, we could beat the Lakers. Why not? Yeah, I think those expectations were one of the things, at least for me personally, that I've been missing since we talked about, OK, 06 was the first run for the championship for the Miami Heat.


And then you had to make the blueprint work for the Big Three.


I feel like since I was so young at that point, like learning basketball and really understanding what the game was and what the stakes were, I get to where I am now and rooting for the Miami Heat.


I feel like some of my neurons have been burned from how high the stakes were with the Big Three that we come to the series.


And I'm like, yeah, not big mistakes as there was back in the day. And it just it's hard for me to get that. And friends have told me it's hard for me to get that same high that I used to get because when I first had that high, it was like, man, I'm flyin now.


It's like, you know what? I don't have it anymore. We'll see what sort of juice gets added to this, even with Boston and I don't like Boston just because of what I consider to be one of our fiercest historic rivals, not the fiercest, but up there. Twitter wasn't the battle ground that it was with the with the big three, but it was. Yeah. This series, though, pits probably nationally recognized the two most annoying basketball fan bases in terms of Twitter.


I guarantee you I would have been emotional and fiery if the Miami Heat somehow played the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers. Unfortunately for them, they got swept out of the playoffs and our trash team with a trash fanbase. But I would have I would have felt like, OK, I feel like a part of me is out on that court. I think once we get going with this game and we start watching it, supplemented with social media, parts of Lakers, Twitter might enter our atmosphere and we'll get that juice.


I'll be honest and emotional entering game one. I'm not there yet where something needs to happen.


There needs to be a spark so it can happen on social media.


Or perhaps I should see Rajon Rondo face and that'll change everything and bring everything back. That could be it.


Or maybe Jimmy Butler, a little altercation, a little bump, a little physical with LeBron James letting him know, hey, my team now, my team now. And we're going to beat you like I love that. I love that. Jimmy Butler is that during this series saying, hey, we're not the underdogs, we're here. We beat the box, we beat the Celtics, we're just as good. And there are no fans. I love Jimmy Butler.


I have fallen in love with Jimmy Butler.


I have. So when the Miami Heat played the Pacers, you feel like it's a rival because of the uniform, obviously, and their short rivalry, but also because of the TJ Warren and Jimmy Butler stuff. Right. And then that quickly dissipated as the Miami Heat ran away with that series Bucks. I mean, you want to beat the two time reigning MVP, but generally a likable team with a likable fan base. It's Milwaukee. Yeah, I've got no problems with then right now, Boston, you have the Boston media, you have the Boston fan base.


But in terms of those players wearing that green uniform, you don't have a playoff history with them. But you look at the Lakers now, you've never matched up with the Lakers in the NBA finals, but you got LeBron there, you got Vogel there, you got Rondo there. Hell, you've got Danny Green who's going to somehow revert back to the fastbreak stopping monster. No doubt in this series, they're actual players that the Miami Heat have a legitimate playoff history with on the opposite side.


So those players, those players specifically can tap into emotions, pass, and then maybe I'll get emotionally invested to the point where I ratchet up my dislike for the opponent, which adds fuel to the fire and makes for a more pleasurable experience if you actually win. But if you don't win, then it's a house money series and you don't wear it the way that you would have worn at the time. The Big Three.


All the pieces are there, right? Like Rondo Vogul, Danny Green. It just Dwight Howard just because he's there.


Who's missing? I say Lance Stephenson. But anyway, the waiters waiters is not going to waiters, is not going to make an appearance. He hasn't been contributing to them. Who's going to be the guy? Is it going to be Caruso? Who's going to be the one that gets under your skin? Wow.


What if Waiters gets the Sally Hill minutes for the Lakers? Oh, boy. When they're in a worse place than we thought up.


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The smartest way to hire. I've got legitimately no idea how this series plays out, you could give the prediction and who you think is going to win. And that's fine, but I've got no idea exactly how about you go winning, right, recall Lars and ask as we should.


And by the way, we haven't gotten Dan's prediction yet. Yeah, yeah. He used it for later, later, later. A day later. Yeah.


I've got no idea how this series goes. I've got no idea how you guard. LeBron Zone was cute and cool against Boston, but a thirty five year old LeBron James who can cut, who can dish, who's cerebral, who can make shots. I that's usually a gimmicky defense that he'd laugh at, even though Dallas had success with it in 2011. The Miami Heat have plenty of guys on the roster who, when they played elsewhere, were the designated LeBron stopper, from Jimmy Butler to Andre Iguodala to Jay Crowder held.


Believe it or not, even Solomon Hill was a LeBron stopper guy when he was with the Solley minutes and Bam Adebayo can match up with LeBron James.


I don't think there is. One answer is to how you guard LeBron James. I think there are several because there were several ways up in L.A. and that's like the only real comp that Giannis has. And LeBron is a more polished smarter version and a more complete version of that.


What do we see here in terms of you want Bam on LeBron, you want Bam on Anthony Davis I think well for the most part. But this is not a man on man series. I think you give multiple looks and you try to unsettle them and you confuse them and you switch and occasionally use a baseline as your defender. You pack the paint sometimes. Yeah, I think you revert back to the defense. You saw more against Milwaukee and for it's a team in Los Angeles who, while very good and clearly in the NBA finals, has actually struggled in the bubble on their spot up shooting.


So you make them shoot their way out of whatever defensive look, Tony, you pour over the podcast. You're a big basketball head. What do you expect?


My one worry is this. Like Anthony, we have the best two players in the NBA still left on the Los Angeles Lakers. And my worry is this, that Bam is going to be so taxed by trying to cover Anthony Davis and LeBron James in different looks and different sets on defense, that he's going to be gassed on offense. Right.


So we have to have somebody who would be the main scorer. Who would you like to be the main score on offense? And Bam Adebayo you know giving burning both at both ends of the candle on in this game. So I think to me it's almost like leaving him on one guy, leaving him on an Anthony Davis where he can use his skill set to battle Anthony Davis in a very similar skill set between each other, then having to cover LeBron on the three point line in the perimeter.


I think that's a recipe for disaster on just gassing him out really quick.


So we're so classifying Bam out of bio as one of those guys that if he gives you his all on one end, you're going to get diminishing returns on the other end. Or do we trust maybe that? Do we trust maybe the growth and development that we saw just within that Boston series in which he was the Heat's leading scorer in that series? I mean, the final quarter of the elimination game in Game six, we saw Bam out of bio for a full quarter.


Give it to you on both ends. I think it's a it's a it's a very tall order for him to do that throughout his series, though.


And who's he covering? Right. We're talking about Daniel Tice for the Time board or the other Williams guy.


They had fourteen Williams players.


So what do you say?


Are you saying put bam, not even on Anthony Davis, put them on a lesser player, let him be active offensively if they're going to run, if they're going to run the at the floor and bring in a McGee. It's a McGee. Right, Howard. Right. Right. Like you almost have him play that help side defense on the lesser big and then always have him and help side to whoever it is. The problem is the heat or undersized from the jump.


Right. So you're going to have a Jae Crowder, you're going to have a Jimmy Butler trying to guard not only LeBron James, but also Anthony Davis writes like that, that missing big defensive big is going to hurt the heat in the series, I think.


And that's what I hope doesn't happen. I think they can try and figure out and SPO has some pretty good ideas of how to match up with LeBron after this many years. My thing is he wasn't he's not going to be guarding Tice the entire series. Right. It's going to be and it's going to be LeBron is going to be somebody and you're putting Jimmy on LeBron.


And in that scenario, you're pretty Jimmy on LeBron. But I take it Anthony Davis, OK, we've seen the Miami Heat be a good defensive team inside the bubble, one that doesn't really match up with the metrics they put up pre pandemic. They don't have that second big. And I don't I think it's a stretch to do this. But if we look into their previous matchups, specifically the home loss said, I don't believe Goran Dragic actually played in that game.


It was early in the season. It was a one possession game against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers absolutely destroyed Miami on the glass. And I do think because Miami specifically doesn't have that. Last eating second big on this roster right now, that that's going to be a real problem, second chance points really erase some inefficiencies at the Los Angeles Lakers might have some spot of shooting, for example. So I am really worried there. If Dwight's on, you go small, maybe you can exploit it.


But if they're going to get twice the amount of opportunities that you are, that's a great equalizer. I think the series is going to be one in the backcourt with the Guard play, right, because you look at the Lakers guards and you'd see their front court is better with LeBron with ADD, but who do you have on the guard play that can match up with Goran, with Tyler, with all these different guards that the heat are going to throw their way?


That's where I think the series can be exploited. Isn't that inefficiency with who do they have?


Rondo Danny Green. I'm forgetting the Caruso like guys that are just OK.


Morris Morris could be an important player for them. Yeah, the series is Avery Bradley.


Still though, Avery Bradley never made it to the bubble. I'm looking back at that game, by the way. Gordon did not play in that game. Duncan Robinson started. Kedrick None was the starting point guard in that game. The first Laker game. Yeah. Yeah, that was that was earlier in the season is a completely different team.


But Miami still generally has the same personnel. And I think those matchup problems still exist in terms of offensive rebounding. If Dwight gets Minuti, it's sort of you sort of lean into his strengths and hope they outweigh his deficiencies when Miami goes a little smaller.


My apologies. Dragic did play came off the bench. Oh you did. I was looking at a starting point thirty. He actually played thirty four minutes at nineteen point seven seven six six rebounds. Yes, he had a good game then. Right so that was back with Olynyk was still getting thirty plus minutes. Meyers Leonard was starting at center. It's a different team Mike. It's good to see Meyers. Leonard I that's actually the big right. Right.


We're going to see on the clock starting timeout. That's the glass ceiling big and that's actually not a bad call.


Is Meyers Leonard going to get the Solomon Hill minutes because we're trying to figure out who's that second big that can match up with the if they go with their Dwight Howard line up, who's a guy that can, you know, just lean put a hip into somebody and try to prevent those second chance opportunity? I think I have that guy. But Meyers, Leonard, just so we know that first game, twelve minutes, zero point one rebound. OK, well, he wasn't very good.


Yeah. I suggest that we put Haslem in to use those six very hard fouls and all of them on LeBron James. Every single one of them, Udonis go in and only foul that guy right there and he'll do it.


Obviously I'm going to mark out if Udonis gets any playing time whatsoever, I would start up. I just have them back LeBron for five minutes. Just come in. Didn't Popovich do that with Shaq? Like the ball is tipped and he immediately hackish. You do that right away with Udonis Haslem just throws a bow at LeBron James and SPO brings him off. Yeah.




Six very hard fouls that hopefully Ingram.


We really shorten the bench in that series against Boston, which has been supposed calling card when he had more top heavy teams, if Miami Heat's strength is its depth, he's still going a deep. Who's going to be the eighth guy? I don't know. Maybe it's Myers, Meyers, Leonard. In the second game against the Lakers, 113 to 110, the Lakers won. Meyers Leonard was still starting. He was the starting center, 40 minutes, five points, one assists, no rebounds, a two games against the Lakers.


Meyers Leonard had one rib on the glass either. We thought, yeah, that's what I'm saying.


I, I think you're going to see not that he's already earned the playing time. And given what the Lakers will show you, Tyler here, I was going to play a lot. But the part of Tyler Heroes game that you may need the most surprisingly, is his rebounding ability in a series like this where Lakers entering it, most people assume they have the rebounding advantage. Tyler here was an exceptional rebounder for his position. I think he's just exceptional rebounding.


Regardless, he's going to be one of these guys as he continues to develop and hopefully makes the right decisions. Zach Harper says what Tyler here is good at is making decisions. They're just often not the best ones with more playing time, more experience. He's going to be better at his decision making, but he could be a sneaky double, double or triple double guy if he is actually the plan at point guard in terms of initiating offense in terms of his growth and development.


Huge series for him.


Yes, you need his rebounding Dragic to not play in that second game. So that's what you were thinking of. That second game was a blowout. Miami, a terrible performance.


I think that's the big difference right. When you talk about this team being different, I think really what is different is Bam's a bit better. Right. Than he was even during the regular season. He was great. And Tyler here is just a different player playing with a different confidence.


It's always Duncan Robinson and Bam's become a more tenacious rebounder, too, because, you know, Boston's got some some glass leaders on their team and Bam just wouldn't be denied and then jumped off the screen. Milwaukee's also a very good rebounding team and he was better at reading where the rebounds are going, but he's also just ultra competitive. But I am starting to worry. Is he going to get gas? We saw in game five where he called himself terrible.


You're asking a lot of Bam on a bio for the Miami Heat to win. Jimmy Butler, I don't think can be their best player. He's going to need to be their second best player and you're going to need to see someone and presumably bam out of bio elevate their game to yet another level that's asking a lot of a player that we've never seen that from. And the other thing, too, is Jimmy can't disappear in the fourth quarter.


Right. We can't have a Jimmy Butler who's o4 one had has no assist, one rebound.


And just for eight minutes of the game, he's disappeared. Right. He's in the corner somewhere.


He's not handling the ball and creating offense. One of the cool things about Tyler, too, is that he's great at picking spots. Right. Like he's great at being at a spot for rebound. And I think that's what makes him such a good rebounder, is that he understands the crimes of the basketball against the rim.


He's always in good spots.


And I think that's another thing that can that can be exploited in this series is in Boston and with Milwaukee. Those two teams were really great guard rebounding teams. Right. You have the Lakers who are more big dominated rebounder.


I mean, obviously, Rondo is who he is and he's going to grab rebounds because he's just a freak athlete. But there's there's definitely an exploitable way to get around those offensive rebounds is getting the guards involved in trying to get rebounds.


I'm getting this from Matt from Hambo at Paul Himbo on Twitter, LeBron and nine finals appearances. They've only one game one once he's won in eight in game one. NBA game one was a series that he ended up losing against Dallas. Yeah, LeBron always shadowboxing. The corner, him and Wade there, forget it was game two. We felt like that. Oh yeah. We felt like that series was over.


What was it? We want him to win or lose game one. I don't know. Well, that's a good question. Yeah. You know, when.


Yeah, seems like when he loses, he wins. When he wins he loses the Mackley. Except the two times he lost that he won.


Well how many, how many finals series has LeBron lost when he actually had the better team.


That's the one. It's the one oh seven versus the Spurs.


Spurs were better. Spurs were much better. Yeah. Yeah. He should beat the Mavs. You should have beat them. They were the better team. Yeah. They beat the Spurs, which is the closest thing to a tie I've ever seen in an NBA finals. And then the Spurs took it to another level and everyone could say the Spurs were better than Miami at that point in the season. He actually won one, that he should have been down three one.


But every single every single one of those series against the Warriors and Warriors were easily favored in terms of being the better team.


But it's interesting when he's lost game one, he is three and five in the NBA finals. And when he's won game on his own one in the NBA finals, so Billy's question is a valid question. And do you want to win or a loss tonight?


Well, hold on. Hold on to that.


Like a binkie, if they actually lose in game one, you think it turns from Ebele as soon as this tips off.


And if they win, if they take a lead and God help us if they're up to nothing, because then it's not going to be a house funny series.


No one must win or Mike is going to set fire to the blaze.


Oh, every little well, everyone's going to be fired in the organization if they lose to LeBron after being up to up.


I love Mike's casual projected into this series. I have somebody series gets the hell out of here. I swear it feels different than any of the. My only frame of reference is the other NBA finals at the Miami Heat have been on. And this, for very obvious reasons, is different because no one expected this.


Billi, forget about it. They wouldn't game wanted to. If they're up five after the first quarter, Mike's going to expect them to win the series.


Yeah, 100 percent. Yeah. This is, this is going to be this is going to be. Wow. And you don't have couches yet. So what do you do. Do you just pace around. I say and I don't envy your wife.


She has she she already told me I'm out.


She said she saw the start time. She's so pissed at the six thirty tip off teams are gone. Right. I think she speaks for the majority of the East Coast because those six thirty tip off times were great. She told me flat out, no way I make it. Don't expect me there. Mike, it's LeBron. It's the Lakers. She she just dismisses it out of hand. I don't blame her. You take it.


I do take issue with the six thirty start times, but then you realize that people are going to lunch during the three thirty start in the West Coast before just grabbing lunch at work.


It's like, you know what, we could kick it back a little bit out of the Marlins game starts at eleven on the West Coast, waking up little fish. I think it's all I found in the attic is curse no, its eyes are just very lifelike. Then what does its head keep spinning in my mind?


I think that is scary. You know what's really scary missing out on Geico is easy to you can although you can manage your Geico policy. Why not?


Let's play with another dog or we can just bury it deep in the ground.


Happy Geico. We download the industry leading Geico app today.