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Yet let me know when you're good to go in the city.


I had to remind him I see Gilligan the arrow now it automatically sinks.


OK, so let's start with those words right there that you may have heard if you're in the audience, because, well, we'll get to a Heat game. We've been marveling this morning at the fact that got, for the better part of six months, was responsible for a great many of our audio issues and was responsible for all of his audio issues.


We'll get to that Heat game in a second. But Mike and Mike feel free to make fun of. Got a little more here about the fact that he was using his microphone wrong for six months.


He's always very quick to correct me. Any time I say you've been speaking into an unplugged yeti for the entire pandemic, he's always quick to say no, Mike, it was plugged in. It just wasn't activated. And you don't have to you're still he's still learning how to use this. I like to hold it my own overmodulated to your voice.


Just leave it on the table. It picks you up just fine. All right.


Hold on a second. Before we get to that and before we get to this Heat game, Chris, can you just articulate for us, because right before we started with this this morning, stuck out for some reason, was on the couch in his living room and it allowed the flame to pool in the back of his throat. Can you can you explain to people just how bad if they think he sounds bad now, can you explain to them how bad he sounded not five minutes ago when he was laying on his couch, holding, rubbing his belly?


The thing he was doing is he was sitting in this position that was real slouched with like the most the worst body posture you could imagine. That's how he was sitting. And he just sounded like all the phlegm was just like lodged. Yes. I can not I thought he couldn't sound worse than he usually does.


But just so you got to in that position while complaining, while complaining that he's tired as well, very tired from the last two days of real work that we put in around here.


Yeah, exhausted. I mean, you and I do the show. We're doing bonus hours. We interviewed Aaron Rodgers. I went out and played five holes yesterday. I started on the 11th hole because that's the legendary hole, or Mike Ryan stuck a driver for about one hundred and ten yards out three inches from the hole. So I'm a little bit tired today. I'm sorry.


I mean, I don't know what you know, I know the audience during his pay, he came. I know you are slurring.


I think the audience can totally, totally understand somebody who's so tired from five holes of golf. I think everyone in the audience really understands your plight.


Stargardt's lives matter. I believe we should start chanting in the street because we support your five holes of golf, fatiguing you just the classic 11 through 15 holes and you go back home.


Yeah, all the through sixty and then back home to watch the. Yeah. Six holes maybe. Yeah I tee off on sixteen but I wanted a hole hole because I was close to home. I pick up I five and a half holes let's call it.


I draw in your mouth what has happened. What, what just happened there is he tried to cover up that he was correcting Billy's math and his math was actually wrong as what was happening. So he just threw his sausage fingers at you and started yammering because he didn't want us to get in there and start mocking the fact that he didn't understand how many holes he had played yesterday.


Let's talk about let's talk and tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I'm wrong because I've noticed this with you lately. No matter how tired you are, you're very quick to get in there and try and pivot when you know that you've allowed us the opening to make fun of you listed all the days or string together.


All the holes are stringing together. I have no idea. I don't know where I am, what I did, what day it is, what. Holleman? No idea.


All right. Well, before we get to the Heat game, let me explain to the audience what we're doing around here, what we're trying to do around here. And we are sorry that we have upset your routine. We have also upset our routine. We have to figure out the workflow on this, because right now we're not doing it exactly right and it's affecting everything. It hasn't helped that we've had two days of unholy audio issues, so. I was arguing at five o'clock in the morning with somebody who was complaining that less is more, you guys are doing too much and I'm like, it's two days.


We've done two days. And yesterday we gave you as much content as we usually do. It was the first day we gave you too much. But just let us figure out give us a minute to figure out what the right amount to give you is. We don't know right now. And so this week, because we've been thrown into a little bit of upheaval, because ESPN doesn't want us to give you the same amount, because if it was up to ESPN, what we'd be giving you is just those two commercialized hours, which is not enough room to do anything, and then you'd really be mad.


So just give us a minute to figure out how to do this. It'll probably take this week and then by next week, it'll be something that feels a little more routine. But we understand that your routine has been upset. So has ours. Bear with us. Hopefully you can have some patience with us, more patience than I had with whoever it is I was arguing with at five o'clock in the morning before I realized, what am I doing?


I was just about to jump in and say, just your standard five a.m. conversation about life.


Yeah, my sleep has been thrown off by everything that's been happening around here.


So is mine. I'm going to sleep at eight, 15 at night. Now, that's fatherhood, though, isn't it? No, that's also just like I wake up, I do some work around the house. I'd be with my daughter. I come here and then I got just so much stuff to do around the house and I don't have a television, so I'm just fully devoted to doing this. I was able to watch the hockey game, though.


Well, you're like bragging about that for some reason. Like it sounds like right there. Thank you, Tony. It sounds the last couple of days like you're bragging about today. I will I will make time to watch the game as if we should be celebrating you.


I mean, it's tough. I had to go to an ale house. And because it's the only place that has TVs outside, because we sell in Miami-Dade County, we so have this ordinance that you can eat inside. So it's the only place I I carved out a portion of my day to be able to watch this game. It's the only NBA playoff game. I was able to watch that in the finish to the Bucks magic game. How about that?


No home court in the NBA. Didn't you have two TVs in your old living room? Why don't you just take one over to your new house? I left those at the other house. I left because those TVs are 10 years old. So I did take one TV. With me is a crappy TV that I have is going to be the guest room TV in this house, but I don't have the cable boxes set up yet, so I'm just basically off a fire stick.


I know everything there is to know about Big Brother because that's on CBS All Access and randomly. I'm following the Bruins Cain series like it's like my life is on the line because the NBC Sports app is easy to follow. But I can't follow along the other NBA playoff games.


Or you can get get the Fox Sports go app. Then you can watch Sun Sports and you can watch Fox Sports, Florida, and you could get the ESPN app and then you could get the ESPN three streams. I walk you through this stuff.


Yeah, no, I know about the ESPN plus like I used to have to be able to watch live option on it and something happened three months ago where I can't watch live TV channels that I pay cable money for. So I got to get the Xfinity app. But it's not available on Amazon like it's a whole to do. And this is a really crappy TV. It's not fun. I don't like watching games from my bed because I'm so tired I end up falling asleep.


So I went to the alehouse and I had myself a classic playoff game viewing experience at four o'clock in the afternoon.


Technically, Orlando is playing at home, right? I mean, technically the magic word. Oh, I put it.


I put it on the wall. Put it on the bowl. Please let Batard show. Technically, doesn't the magic have a home field home court advantage throughout the playoffs? Also put on the pole, please, at Batard show, is your crappiest TV always automatically the guest room television? For some reason, the guest is always inflected with your crappiest TV. How was the alehouse, Mike? Was it any form of normal?


It's all outside and man older I get, the hotter it gets. It's just too hot to do anything. This was covered.


I'm just like, this is getting so old to call them snot nosed yesterday and he's going to sleep in A15 and complaining about the South Florida heat. It's just impossibly hot outside.


Have you guys seen this? The weather. What is going on? It it took me fifty minutes to get seated at a little cocktail table. It wasn't big enough to hold more than just like the pitcher that I had was catching up with a friend. Two birds, one stone friend was in town six feet away. Massen and sipping beer through my mass for all the people out there on social media.


And it was it's weird. I mean, this is a very bizarre time, but it was how how surreal it was. Obviously, I'm going to remember how surreal it was. But also it was strangely like normal to be able to go to a bar and watch an NBA playoff game at the classic time of four o'clock in the afternoon. All right. Well, let's talk about that NBA playoff game, because I thought Chris Coatis analysis yesterday was pretty horrific.


We we knocked him down very gently, but he said too evenly matched teams, according to the pundits. And then I went and looked up all the people at ESPN who had predicted that series and all of them predicted the Miami Heat and the betting favorite there, an overwhelming betting favorite because the Pacers have, you know, ten guys named TJ, a couple of holidays and you know, oh, I was going to say A.J. Warren. But he's one of the ten guys that they have named TJ.


But did Eric Reid really call him yesterday, Myles Turnover?


Did he call Myles Turner Myles Turnover? Well, that's I wasn't sure I heard it right.


Can someone can anyone who watching the National League, can anyone help me? Oh, Mike, what are you doing? I always watching it. I thought he'd fans I thought he fans had an allegiance to the original broadcaster Eric greyed. Been there since the beginning.


I always watch the national feed and maybe I should revert back. But look, OK, it's done and dusted. He's no longer part of the broadcast, but I didn't want to watch the big three. We're always on TV and I just didn't want twenty Fiorentino calling my games. I would always pick the national commentators over Tony Fiorentino.


The national game was tough to the guy I was talking about, Ponce de Leon in the second quarter. I was like, what is going on right now?


No. And I heard something that he said because they really were pleased with themselves. I don't even know who the announcers were, but something about the rhythm of the Miami offense. And then one of the broadcasters said, are you saying in Miami that the rhythm is going to get Miami sound?


But I also didn't recognize the voices, but they sounded like they were created in a lab. It just broadcast their voices like just like that came with a 1980s video game.


Eric Reeds is not that right? Eric Reed, signature voice. For those of you who do not know, Eric Reed is one of the original broadcasters. He is beloved by South Florida, is one of the most popular broadcasters in our history. Super. I've prepared all the time, but has a voice, no matter where he tries to go get the emotional stuff gutteral leave from his nether regions, that makes it sound sometimes like there's a clothespin on his nose.


And I'm sure that this is something that people have noticed that it's not exactly a traditional broadcasters voice. In fact, you've probably never heard a voice like this before, listening to broadcasting people who say they called Myles Turner Miles turnover twice.


He did it not once, but twice. He loved to read it oozes pontes telephone guy your put it on the pole please.


At several pacer's at Libertador Show is calling Myles Turner Miles turn over the cruelest thing Eric Reid has ever said on the air because he's also on top of everything else. A very nice man like he's not, he's not very well, but often he's nice, obviously on air. He's nice. He's not critical of the sport. He's no Mike Inglis. When when Elite is going down from nine to four, all of a sudden you think that all of Miami is under siege by drones and Rushden striking?


Well, I mean, the Miami Heat gave him another opportunity yesterday because yet again, they blow a 10 point lead. The Miami Heat have blown more ten point leads than anybody in the NBA 16 times. They have blown a double digit lead and was looking like they might do that again. Dan, but the Miami Heat, led by Jimmy Butler, who was that annoying Jimmy Butler that you hate playing when he's got to cook and dude was hitting shots from the outside and Goran Dragic Oh my God.


I want to talk, I want to talk about both of these things with you guys. You got you want to guess when the last time Jimmy Butler made a couple of threes was you want to you want to guess the last time a month. A month ago, March. Yeah, they weren't playing a month ago. There's a weird question, a pandemic. Yeah, it's weird how you phrased it. I was trying to play the game with you.


I was going to say, like, last week you were going to remind me. It's like Yoda was like Yoda with a cadence of walking.


Yes. It was weird. They were playing that game. That's or Jimmy has added two, three since February. It's like, well, there haven't been games since February. So of course.


No, but there have been eight games is the point. They did play eight games in the bubble and he wasn't taking threes. And furthermore, I wanted to have this conversation with you guys because I thought it was funny. They had a list when they were talking about Duncan Robinson. They put up on the broadcast the Corona Light extra stat, where they said people who get their points by percentage from three in the league and they put Duncan Robinson with eighty two percent atop the list.


But it's one of the worst sports lists I've ever seen because they put Duncan Robinson ahead of these names, like I thought I was supposed to be an impressive list. Like you're not going to believe this. Duncan Robinson's percentage of points from three, you're crazy. Ahead of Steve Novak, Troy Daniels, Davis, Berton's Landry Schmidt.


How do you play the game? And is that how you play the game?


That's actually what I expected. Guys at just camp out outside, you're not going to ask Stephen Toback to drive the lane.


But first of all, Duncan Robinson doesn't just shoot three. He can drive the lane, but he just shoots that much from outside.


But what I wanted to ask you guys was the guys in order that you trusted to see if we'd get any disagreement, the shot is leaving their hand from three. Who do you trust? Because I think Goran, second on my list on that team, I think might actually be like I just expect it to go in. If Goran is shooting it after Duncan, who would you Tyler, you put you put him or Jae Crowder.


Jae Crowder is really it's been weird with Jae Crowder because his numbers with Miami have been quite good. I dare I say this was the Iguodala trade or really it was a trade to get Winslow off the books and maybe something else. But Crowder has been the better contributor, I think, than Andre Iguodala so far.


Although after yesterday I'd say Jimmy Butler, I mean, it's a who matters most.


That was really cool when he got the turnover in transition fastbreak dunk and him just saying, whoa, whoa, like great energy.


I'm surprised you're trying to dunk on me for that game saying that the Heat dominated. It was a really close game and it took Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic playing very well in the fourth quarter for us to get the result we did. I'm not saying that the Heat aren't a better team in the series, but I do think that this is a lot closer than you think and I think you might be. Your vision is blurred by that local broadcast.


I'm not overreacting to one result and I'm not dunking on you because the Miami Heat won by double digits yesterday. Your analysis yesterday was that the pundits were saying that they didn't know who was going to win the series. And when I went to look it up, everybody was picking the heat.


Well, I actually referenced yesterday that I was watching the TNT broadcast and in that those pundits, they were very like, this is a coin flip. And Barkley, even after the game yesterday, was just like Butler went crazy for them.


But it's not it's not a coin flip. There are heavy betting favorite. And Barkley said a bunch of things yesterday. He said that the Lakers are going to get swept because they lost game one and then wandered around the booth with a broom. And he said that James Harden, one on one is a better scorer than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or anyone who has ever played the game. You guys do realize, right, that Barkley is gods, that he gets to say whatever he wants and none of it sticks to him because he was telling us to jump.


Shooting team wasn't going to win the championship when he was analyzing the Golden State Warriors before they won a championship. Like nobody remembers what Charles says. He just gets to say whatever he wants.


But what pundits are you holding up that are much more reliable than Barkley? So because Jalen Rose, Chris, go ahead and look at ESPN dot com.


I want you to do this while we're on the air. Go ahead. I think the heat are going to wait. No, no, but go ahead on the ESPN dot com. Feel so bad for Chris. Look at the prediction page and you tell me how many of the people we're going to go through with me are the five say the Pacers are the fourth seed poor Chris.


Yeah, but like a his defense of his only two people to choose from. Right. So, like, if me and Chris were racing, we could have a close race and everyone can say Chris won. Someone has to win the game. It could still be close. And everyone can say, well, this team's going to win, but it's going to be close.


OK, but when Chris is saying that the pundits are split and I go look at the betting odds and I go look at what they're predicting on ESPN dot com, please look it up for me because I don't have the numbers.


Yeah, but you guys are talking about different pundits. He was talking about the TNT pundits right here in the lifting of the sun. And he's right, Chris. I don't think I ever said every pundit in the world is picking this to be. I was just saying I heard the national team. Broadcast saying this is a close series and I hear all the Heat fans like Dan Levitan saying that this is easy and it's just I difference is so easy.


I think he said the networks were split. I think that's what you meant. Most of the ESPN people go one way and go the other way.


I think what he meant was. Dan, you're right. Right. Thank you. Thank you. Now we can move on. I saw take on Twitter, by the way, I actually think this is a classic sports radio topic because at first I saw it on my timeline. I'm like, get out of here, someone said. Goran Dragic is the best point guard in Miami Heat history and naturally, as I'm a stat nose kid, but I remember Tim Hardaway, so I'm like, get out of here.


And then I look at the stats. Goran Dragic is the best point guard in Miami Heat history, and if he has a couple more performances like that in this playoff series and maybe beyond, hopefully they can upset Milwaukee.


I think we're all feeling better about Miami's chances against Milwaukee, being that Milwaukee just lost to the eighth seed Goran Dragic, indeed the best point guard in Miami Heat history. It's funny that you say that because one, I don't think that you would have thought that when he was three for fourteen, it was the fourth quarter that made you feel that he pulled it out of the game.


It's his leadership and the fact that he's his age. The TNT broadcasters were like, does this guy age? He's had a very good year this year. He's Adso.


Go ahead, Chris. Don't listen to the TNT pundits. Mike, it doesn't matter. But I think that today is a good chance. You might not think it after game two.


Look, Dragic, we all thought that Dragic was getting old at the beginning of last year because he struggled with his fit and has had a bunch of injuries. It was a frustrating year. Really nice bounce back here. There's a contract season for Goran Dragic but if you look at the numbers Tim Hardaway made to all star games with the Miami Heat, but if you look at his stats, I forgot how inefficient Tim Hardaway was. Goran Dragic is an efficient player.


He has one all star appearance as a member of the Miami Heat. Goran Dragic is a superior player.


Well, what's funny about that is Tim Hardaway comes from a different time in basketball math. When we didn't care as much about efficiency. I mean, Allen Iverson became an enormous sports star during that era, shooting the forty percent instead of, you know, what Wade would do or Kobe would do later on where they would get into 48 and 49 percent. But I have in front of me and I wanted to ask you guys, because my television, I didn't know if the color was right.


Does Goran Dragic have a touch of gray hair on the front of his head? Because I couldn't tell whether the coloring on my television was right or whether we actually had a gray haired, adorable. We've been talking to Goran Dragic since he was named most improved player and he he just won us over with that adorable accent because he basically is a stuffed animal teddy bear from a war torn country that you never want to fight. Like nobody wants to fight that dude, because however he got to wherever he is in sports, he's going to stay there and you're going to have to drag that basketball out of his cold, dead fingers because he comes from war torn and he is not on the inside.




He does have the salt and pepper starting to go on the sides, which is cool. But when I looked at Tim Hardaway sets and it is pretty when you do the player comparison, it is really surprising how well Goran Dragic stacks up. I thought Tim Hardaway was like this first scorer option. Not really remembering like how much Alonzo Mourning was indeed the score, but he was the best perimeter option. But his best season scorer in the ball matches what Goran Dragic his best season scoring the ball was in terms of points per game and Goran Dragic did it more efficiently.


Chris I have in front of me. The ESPN dotcom predictions of the Indiana Pacers number four versus the Miami Heat. Would you like me to just read them one after another? I'm going to read all of them. I'm not going to skip anybody. I'm just going to read every single one. Are you ready? I wonder how this is going to go. Jerry Bambury Heaton's six NICTA. Paula Heaton's six. Nick Freidel Heaton five, Andrew Hohn Heat and six Andrew Lopez Heat and six Zach Low Heat and six Tim McMahon Heat.


And six Bobby Markt Heat. And seven Dave McMenamin Heat. And five Kevin Pelton Heat. And six George Sudano Heat. And five Holmer Ramona Shelburn Heat. And six Andre Snell Heat. And six Mark Spears Heat and Six Royce Young Heat. And seven Eric Woodyard Heat. And six Young Misk Heat.


And six a of six. Get a lot of six or seven. Close series. Hmm, well, we covered that ESPN thinks the Miami Heat are going to win. I was I was just trying to defend you there, Chris.


I tried to look this up, Chris, to get your back. And I found an article from the Indy star. And the headline is just tried to find someone in national media who picked Pacers over the Heat.


I couldn't. I think the overall point I was trying to make is that there's just disconnect.


The Pacers are bad is why the teams or if people are picking six and seven game series, they think it's going to be a close series, though, and saying heat. And for Dan, you're turning this hit. So naturally, you're saying that you think nationally people think the Heat are contenders for the season.


Like not like I don't know what the nation is thinking. They're going to win this series. That's right. But I was speaking big picture. Like I didn't I never said that I thought the Pacers were winning the series.


I'm just saying I feel like the national media is I believe the nation is looking at this series and yawning and it's a vigorous yawn and the nation doesn't care.


But if the game last night, I mean, yesterday afternoon.


But if you force the nation to pick somebody, I believe that they just think on reputation, basically, it doesn't have to be based on anything that happened yesterday or these teams, the roster construction or anything. It's just based on I've seen the Pacers, they win fifty games every year and I don't know who their best player is. And Miami's probably got better players at the top of the roster every time the Pacers play the Heat in the playoffs. He'd end up winning.


Also, we did this at TJ Warren. He didn't ask for any of this. Like we lifted him up and now people and I thought TJ Warren played all right last night. Pretty good evening. Yeah, but when since when does he shoot threes?


Still got to help me out. Please help me out with this because we made a lot of fun of the fact that you said TJ Warren can get you forty five any given night, even though he had never given anyone. Forty five. We didn't. You did give a night. That's right. That was me who did that. And he had never made more than four threes in a game and now he's a killer. All of a sudden from out there he extended his range during the pandemic.


Serious basketball analysis that has no commentary on eight people in the zone. I was trying to look up what ask the question. I'm trying to look it up.


Yeah, he's improved from from three. He's improved just generally overall. But now we've lifted him up to be the best player. What's happening with him is sort of what happened with Lance Stephenson, where he tries it, where he gets in this fight. And he's just a little alkan. Now, that was a wide gulf that time. Like Lance Stephenson was going at the best player in the world at the time. But people are trying to turn this into TJ Warren versus Jimmy Butler to Alfa's.


TJ Warren is a very good player, but in a kinder way than Jimmy Butler set it. He's not quite at that level yet.


Open up until 2008, Jay Warren has never averaged more than one three per game in 2009 at one point eight threes per game. So if you're asking me for a definitive date or, you know, somewhere around there where he started hitting threes, it was somewhere around November 2008 to. TJ Warren, when he came out of North Carolina State into Phoenix, was supposed to be a force, supposed to be somebody could get to the group at any point.


And was that for Phoenix?


And, you know, in basketball circles, everybody thought the kind of underachieved because of how big he is. And all of a sudden he went to Indiana, found his shot. And every time I looked up, he was hitting a three in somebody's face yesterday. I think he played a lot better than just good, like he was obviously their best player.


Can you guys help me understand something? Because, yeah, I do think that Mike is is being unfair to TJ Warren because he lost.


I thought he was good yesterday. I thought he was good for especially for TJ. And I thought he was just as good as Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler just happened to win the game because Goran Dragic had a great fourth quarter and TJ Warren is looking around and Oladipo is in the locker room. Yeah and there's and there's no second player he can go to other than Myles turnover.


I think my my my overall point is people are looking to TJ Warren to rescue them and win them. This series like an NBA superstar, he is growing, he's developing, he's NBA all bubble but he's not quite there yet, I don't think. And for TJ Warren, he played very good. It's a little unfair, the expectations that are now on his shoulders because of all the injuries that well, Jimmy Butler did that to him.


And then Jimmy Butler said that that rivalry is dead. And then Jimmy Butler yesterday started looking back at the bench and doing a you talk too much symbol with his hands. And people thought it was directed at TJ Warren, even though it was probably directed at an assistant coach who had been yapping for the Pacers.


I mean, he's nine of eighteen. Four or five. Three, T.J., It was good yesterday. Yeah. Thrusted into his father. He's not accustomed to being the number one guy in a playoff team. What do we do with Jimmy Butler? Because the analysis, even a year two years ago from Stan was that of Jimmy Butler's your best player. Your team's not very good. Jimmy Butler's the best player of the year. Pretty good. I mean, it's pretty interesting.


Guys, remember Malcolm Brogdon? He was Rookie of the Year. He's supposed to be this great point guard, disappeared and then all of a sudden reappear with Indiana. Was actually playing pretty good yesterday, too. I completely forgot about him, by the way.


Yeah, Brogdon is a really good player and they got him at a pretty good contract and Milwaukee kind of miss him at first. I think the Miami Heat, it's going to be pretty simple. If Jimmy Butler plays like that, more than likely they're going to win unless they play a team full of superstars. And we'll see what happens with Milwaukee. But if you put.


But he's going to put up bad performances and they'll lose yesterday went as well, not just in the game that the Heat were playing. What you saw from Milwaukee is a reason for Heat fans to hope about the second round, like Milwaukee. That was staggering to watch that Orlando, with the home court advantage throughout the playoffs, was taking every Milwaukee came out of the at halftime scored points.


And every time every time Milwaukee made a run, Orlando punched back. And you guys have to be marveling like I am at the skill level and evolution that we're talking about on guys taking threes with hands in their face from a long distance. But also you're watching that particular game and you're like, really? Now. Vucevic The Russian can make threes whenever he wants, like all of a sudden the Russian has two guards calls him can make threes. And then we went to USC.




What. Welcome back to the local hour overtime, by the way, because some things are changing around here and what we're putting out can be unpredictable, for example. Next hour, the digital hour that comes out, you might be expecting show today. You are not going to get the traditional show today. You're going to get on what we're calling the big suite, an Aaron Rodgers interview. We talked to Aaron Rodgers for a while. Stewart's Mike and I, he was very nice with his time.


And so instead of the traditional hour that we do, we're just going to spend sort of a half hour with Aaron Rodgers talking to him about stuff. And you don't know what you're going to get in which our like. I do expect at some point here, those of you who do not want me and Stuart in the local hour, because you think we fouled it up with our old guy stuff, we just had the conversation off air where Mike Ryan was raving about Jay Augustine and Stu got blurted, he's still in the league.


If you want analysis from people that are more informed slightly than the got, you can get it on the local hour.


We will be in and out of it. You're not going to know what it is that you get any one hour. What you are going to get, though, tomorrow. We're going to attempt to watch that game with you on Twitch. We're going to give you more details on that as the show goes on.


And given our show's history, it doing anything, I imagine this will go flawlessly the first time we attempt it. But I'm very excited about Aaron Rodgers on the big sweep today. Make sure to check that out. No one really gets Aaron Rodgers like this dame brings a lot out of him. And Aaron was super gracious with his time. I wish we could air the off air conversation that we had with Aaron Rodgers because that was just as good. But I think Aaron Rodgers will say some things that will make some waves.


D.J. Augustine, by the way, he does that occasionally reminds you that he's still around D.J. Augustine can occasionally be the one in a four one series.


I thought it was interesting because when we were watching The Last Dance, basically what you're saying there is he's B.J. Armstrong in Charlotte, where during the last dance, B.J. Armstrong took a game from the Bulls and he did this last year.


Did he take a game from the Raptors single handedly like D.J. Augustine just does this occasionally. That is something, though, that, Chris, your Pacers are in trouble when the Miami Heat have withstood D.J. Augustines. Best blow your your beloved Pacers are in some real trouble because you just got the D.J. Augustine game and they squandered it.


What do you think that you are getting me to the point where I am going to be rooting for the Pacers?


She was three of eleven. I mean. Yeah, but he was dishing the ball. And I think pretty clearly still thinks D.J. Augustines on the Pacers, even though he's on the magic.


And that's a good point. We all right.


And he was three of eleven percent of eleven and he was dishing out over there send people up, setting up the Russian, put it on the pole at LeBron show who at Batard show you can stop watching games on MUE brooders mixed up. I do what I did. I did. I did. Because you know what. Because I had read the idiot on this show. This is the eighty.


Let's look up all the pundits. I think Jorgensen is still on the Pacers.


Dan, who would have thought the guy who thought he was out of the league most embarrassed right now? I'm nervous.


Oh, look, it says Kevin Pelton here says that he's on the magic.


I merged both games. That's absolutely what just happened. Tend to make me feel a little bit better. Mike, can you call someone who's even older than I am from the Libertador family? Can you call my father so that we could get his analysis? We tried to do this yesterday. At some point we will tell you the funny thing that happened on air that day off air. I should say that day will not be today. But we tried to call my father yesterday.


My mother picked up the phone and I do not want to ruin my mother's privacy. So we will tell you that story at one point. Billy, what do you tell the audience as Mike dials?


Oh, all right. Hold on. Hold that thought. Hold that thought.


Hello, I'm on. They make people like them popping up and all gone, so they may not be going with the heat gone, so get their bodies.


Yeah, they good. They did good last night. So that was good for them. Who played well, Poppy? Who were you excited about? What do you play? Well, I don't play well. All of them. They play well. But those were the two guys that they played very well in the fourth quarter. Were you scared? Scared in the fourth quarter? No.


Why should I be scared? Well, what was the game was too close. Is that what you're saying?


Oh, Poppy used to poop yourself. You dropped your pants one time because you were so nervous during the heat run. And my girlfriend was in the living room and you just took off your pants in the middle of the living room and then walked outside because you were scared because she's on.


So you don't get scared by first round match ups.


They are now playing very well. So I'm very happy for them. How about the how about the Pacers? Do you dislike anybody on the Pacers?


Hold on for a second. Very good. Yeah. Yeah. Today's our anniversary. So that's a special day for us. The basis. Yeah. Oladipo played well you know what you know Bobby, what happened there with Mom in the anniversary.


Is she trying to get you away from the phone. She doesn't want to talk basketball because it's your anniversary.


No she says that. I remember that today is our anniversary. It sure I remember it that well forget it. I just, I just get up. Get out of that. You just got me out of bed.


So did you forget it was your anniversary before mom told you?


No, no. I knew that was my anniversary. Your mother just gave me the phone, you know, because the phone rang and she gave me the phone.


So Bobby is still God.


So why are you not? What's going on now, what are you up to? I I was doing the show. Poppy, anything special planned today? What do you got going on today? What's happening?


Oh, do they sell the wedding anniversary party? Oh, what are you doing? Where are you taking their big plans?


I'm going to go to Havana, 1957. That's that's got a date tonight. So I was going to be a nice man. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Very special day for us. So what's going on with you, buddy? Nothing.


But it's it's funny. Our anniversary was just a couple of weeks ago. I also took my wife to that same spot. Very good spot. Is that right? Wow. Yeah, he's lying to you, Poppy, that's not true. He's he hasn't gone to that spot. He's never gone and had Cuban food at Havana in 1957 where you can get a beaten bunny salad for 11 dollars. That is not what you got. So that's not what he does.


Poppy, I spoke like what happened? Will you please was last night. You still want to put him upstairs?


Oh, I spoke to him and he's on his way to the Hall of Fame and he's looking for someone like that.


You need a bomb to bring the king of the road. Are you kidding me?


Fifty three years, Poppy. I'm fifty three years. So I have I have another 30 to 33 years ago to match you. How do I get through the next 33 years of marriage?


Oh, always keep the wife happy and it's always right. You always wrong. Remember that I've been a confrontation and just roll with the punches. I'm telling you, you know, a once in a while bring some flowers, all these you know, you take the lady out and you know, all that good stuff, you know, but you've got to keep your lady happy. Happy wife. Happy life, right? That's the way it is. Happy wife, happy life.


That's that's an exercise for me to make everything happen.


Happy, happy anniversary. We both love you. The whole show loves you. We miss you around here. We'll talk to you later, ok?


OK. Thank you for that call. I really appreciate it. All right. All right. Poppy, happy anniversary. OK, ok, bye.


And that is Heat Pacers energy that made me sad at home for that whole phone call. My father, we just woke up an old man. That's what just happened. My father had no energy for that phone call. None. That doesn't that is not how my phone calls go with my father waking up at nine fifteen in the morning.


What does he live in Spain?


I mean, I've got him saving energy for later, if you catch my drift. I saw you listen to my my whole experience. You see, in fact, he's probably going through it right now. You have to do that. You have to stash energy away for later in the day. I mean, even if it it I mean, I'm not that old.


I was wincing OK during that call because every time my father said anything about his anniversary, I could see Chris Cody mouthing in the Zoome baby.


He did it like four times and he made me it made when we get on the air, it made me deeply uncomfortable. Yes, it would have been good on air, better than the actual phone call with my father, which didn't have any energy in it whatsoever.


There was a time it was very cute, the little chuckle that he gave. And then he is like, it's my anniversary. Heaven knows what your mother did to make them.


Heaven knows, maybe there's a little brother or sister for Dan regulation that early.


Brother Billy, how did you experience the entirety of that phone call? Because over the years, the way that we've done that and for those of you who have never heard one of these phone calls, you have to understand my father, since they were better. My father is a legitimate cartoon character, his energy level and his accent. And just how loud how boisterous and cartoonish he can be is the reason that he was the star of highly questionable. But basically what that felt like was waking up and badgering an old man who didn't want to talk about the Miami Heat and didn't have anything to say about the Miami Heat, although it was funny to hear him say he's a more seasoned fan.


I was not making up that story, by the way, before before I met my current wife. I was in my father's living room with my former girlfriend, and my father was so nervous during a Heat game that for some reason he decided to change pants right there in the living room. He took his pants off and my mother and I both yelled at him. He was just nervous. He was scared because it was the end of one of these.


I think it might have been the end of one of these heat maverick games.


That's a bizarre coping mechanism.


You ain't kidding, right? But my father's a total because he's a season fan now, though, that he pulled out his pants again. I mean, I've been there yesterday.


Billy said if you think your team is any good, you're not getting up for the first round. And very clearly, Gonzalo Leadbitter, things in the Miami Heat are very good because he's not getting up for this series. However, he might be good enough for your mom. Maybe, I don't know.


I was just going to make that same joke, but it disturbed me like it was a joke I couldn't make because I felt it in my spine.


If I had to bet, I bet she paid.