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Where we left our homes up in Bristol Bay for the waters of Miami Shore with a Hitler with the helm helmet, our severance pay, we find the pirate flag once more, pirate radio with the ship. And we got wind in our sales and the sky is blue. There's a devil up our nose. So much work to do. Pirate radio, where the ship is a wrecked ship, state the deck as Michael Hull Those fellows make more. And Billy is a worry that he's got the scurvy because of the lives of store pirate radio with the ship.


And we get wind in our sales and the sky is blue. There's a devil pano. So much work to do. Pirate radio. Now Roy is a chum when he's on the. He's the COO when we spring a leak and Stu is a messy business, and that's and Greg Sauted worst seats, we pirate radio with the ship and we get wind in our sales and the sky is blue. There's a partner. So much work to do. Pirate radio.


Someone yelled, Whore, who the hell is cabin boy? Somebody named Tony. Who knows? Once we got the. Well, I mean, jump ship because he knew we would sail to. Pirate radio with the ship and crew, we got wind in our sales in the sky is blue, there's a devil up our nose, so much work to do.


For the pirate radio, I'm assuming we'll get to the football stuff and talk about it ad nauseum during the show today, I also assume we'll talk plenty about what happened to Conor McGregor, because I blame you guys for the hype around Conor McGregor. Guy hasn't fought a decent fight in a long time and his mouth has carried him over several years.


It's an odd place to place your blame. I mean, I have to do with I blame specifically Billy. Billy's the one I blame for just this fiasco, this incredible fiasco of celebrating Conor McGregor for fighting Floyd Mayweather and just turning him into a cash machine. Dave, boxing. Yeah. And so we're in a position where Dana White finds himself. He just lost a monster payday. Kabui was making fun of basically Conor McGregor, not surprising given that they don't like each other.


But we'll get to that later in the show. I did want to start with the heat, though. I wanted to start with Bam Adebayo. I wanted to start with Mike's general frenetic fear and some 500 and Jimmy Butler's out and we think it's covid, but nobody knows for sure what it is. And since he's been here, weirdly, Jimmy Butler has missed a few games where you're just like, what's up there? What's happening? Like, nobody questions how much he cares, but what's happening in his life that he just sort of misses work occasionally.


Occasionally something will trickle in. Oh, he had a baby. Well, that's nice. Things tend to be pretty private with Jimmy Butler. This is obviously covid protocol. I don't want to be reckless and say he has the thing, but it's been two weeks now. And I saw a funny tweet on my timeline that Jimmy Butler is wasting Jimmy Butler's prime. He's hurting.


He's hurting the Miami Heat by not being around and revealing his value to the Miami Heat, as you see that. OK, and it doesn't help. That hero's missing a few games here. You're seeing games out of Bam and Hero where they are elevated and great. And also you see that the team is less. Then while they get their numbers, they get their stuff when Jimmy's out there. But the team is less then because Jimmy's not out there out the front of it.


Well, of course. I mean, he is their leader. He's he's a great player. Might the last time he played was January nine. So we are we're at fourteen days. You would imagine that Jimmy Butler is going to be available to the heat. And this week, I would think. Right.


I keep telling myself that you haven't really seen Avery Bradley Batum a bio is out for a portion. They've had their full team, a handful of games. I know a homer, but I don't think a team in the NBA has been impacted this much by covid protocol in the NBA and you could always say the ship will right itself. But in a 72 game season you have less time to do so and you're probably going to draw a really good opponent in the first round, even though the teams in the Eastern Conference are pretty bunched up.


If you have a good week, you can probably get a home court advantage in the east, but it's tougher with a shorter season.


Guys, the Knicks are happy. Strogatz is happy because Tibs is in town and he's got the same record basically as the Miami Heat's dugouts, is so looking for a reason to be excited about his Knicks. A better record.


They're eight and ten. The eighth seed right now, little Sixers, Knicks first round match up above that.


It's the best defense in the NBA right now.


I believe that that's what he does. That is what he does. Play offense. I just play defense.


You guys see Bam and Kyrie try to exchange jerseys and the ball the bald heat security guard ran over. I was like no fist bumps only Dave.


Yes he is. He's a bit of a menace. I've told you guys the story before but in the locker room he just very quietly in a media scrum, grabbed my hand and then my elbow and it felt like my arm was paralyzed for about four days, like very quietly. I don't know how he did it. He was just fooling around with me. He wasn't he wasn't actually trying to take me out.


This was chummy security guard. This was this was this was him being playful.


It's his party trick because I got out of an elevator and a season ticket holder event and that's how he says hello.


He totally immobilized me. It was terrifying because he was just saying hello. That's all he was doing by grabbing my elbow and grabbing my wrist. And my my arm did not work right for four days. Like I felt I felt memories of him for four days because he's the bald head security guard who doesn't have a name. Now, you know, it's Dave that's inside information. And he was Alonzo Mourning's body guard. And he never says anything. He's perpetually professional.


He knows everything because one of the things that people don't know about these professional organizations is that there are all sorts of things that happen that we never hear about. The fact that they could keep Jimmy Butler private when he's got this level of celebrity. Incredible, right. But there are all sorts of things that happen in organizations that the public never knows about because of these sweepers, that these multi-million dollar organizations have to make sure that nobody knows about it.


What was it that happened with? Mike, what was it that happened specifically with us, where we looked up one day, we had something on the podcast, this happened to Dana White this weekend. You guys were Dana White made the mistake, the idiotic bullying meathead mistake of taunting the Internet and hackers, which is just a horrible idea. So I'm assuming that everything that happened with ESPN plus this week is because Dan White was saying like a 50 year old man, we caught the hacker, we got the guy and started talking bullying tones.


And then next thing you know, his pay per view doesn't work at all.


Well, outside of his general support, there's a reason why Dana White is cozying up to the 44th president of the United States, because in a covid relief package in some of the fat that's in there, some of the pork is the UFC has like full autonomy now to go after streamers. And you're like, whoa, how does that get me back to work? But, like, they just jam these things in there. So immediate results on that.


Dana White took down every illegal stream, including the legal one, because ESPN plus had all sorts of issues for this fight. I was looking at my timeline. I'm like, I'm one of the lucky ones that got in and able to watch this fight. Everyone was complaining. But, yeah, he used that government influence. And he he it's been very difficult for the UFC and every pay per view event to avoid these illegal streams. All you need is one working and then you hop on your friend's Instagram, but you know exactly how they're going to do this.


Each individual streamer that orders the pay per view will eventually have an individual code and that code will be detectable on the Internet. Someone just has to scan one of the screens that has this individual code so you can get to the root of the streamer that is putting this out there so you can go ahead and prosecute the person that has let all these people into the tent with their legal stream and then making it illegal.


Billi, can we play the sound? How does this work its press conference sound? And since we moved to this new format for the time being, we have not actually played very much sound and I haven't seen very many options from the sound sheet. Can we play the sound of Dana White sounding like an old man? Very happy when someone asked him about illegal streaming and then basically saying, yeah, we caught the streamer, we've got the streamer, and then next thing you know, ESPN plus isn't working.


I saw a lot of people saying that that's karma for letting the gods go.


You let's to got to go and all of a sudden your business starts falling apart because that that is big business.


Dana White lost a lot of money on Saturday night when Conor McGregor went down. And maybe they make that Diaz fight, which is ridiculous. By the way, the guy hasn't fort's in twenty nineteen and was washed then Masvidal. He was washed before he arrived at Masvidal. But yet he's such a payday that both fighters Saturday are talking about fighting Diaz next when he hasn't fought since 2019. But Dana White lost a lot of money on Saturday night because if he could have gotten Shabib out of retirement for Connor, that's a monster.


He doesn't seem like he's going to be able to get out of retirement. And Conor McGregor loses and all of a sudden a whole lot of value goes down with him.


We'll get to Billy on that sound in a second. The hacking group, the hackers, it seems like a group. You just don't want to talk. You don't want to piss off because they're a silent group. They're quiet, they're living in the shadows. And they're not really trying to bother me or you. They're trying to bother big establishments. Big organizations at Dana White needs to tread lightly because I feel like with a touch of a button, they will shut your life that you don't exist anymore.


Yeah, I know it. Put it on the poll.


Does Dana White have to tread lightly around hackers? And what can you tell me about the sound where he was delighted? It's his one move. His one move is being a bully. Be a smug bully meathead. And he tried to bully hackers and his Saturday night went to hell.


I can't tell you yes or no. I mean, we don't have a department that that answers those questions anymore. I can send it over there. And just legally speaking, I'm going to step back and say, use your best judgment up to you. Get it on me. If it's a press conference, play it.


But we're all a little scared of Dana White, naturally, because of how effective he's been in taking anybody down. We'll get that sound going. I think the big fight is what they've already alluded to. They have a ready made trilogy now, Paula McGregor, they've already set that up. I understand where you're coming from that he lost a big money fight with Habib Habib. Coming out of retirement is going to make big money, maybe not koner money, but Koner Perea three is going to make a ton of money, just like nonsupport.


Who is going to make a ton of money? So, Conor McGregor, people gravitate. That's why Logan, Paul and Jake Paul make a bunch of money on paper borders. The celebrity aspect of boxing and combat sports is always going to win out. He's always going to be a pay per view draw.


You got any economy to lose then to set that up, right? That that rematch. Right.


It's the benefit of having Connor lose in that poor is now elevated because he beat Conor McGregor and you already now have a ready made trilogy because they split the two.


Well, how about what Kobe has to say here or Habib has to say here on Twitter, this is what happened. He's talking about Connor losing, getting knocked out, being mocked on the Internet, I do celebrate God, I do celebrate any man who has the courage to get into a cage to fight for money stripped down to his vulnerability. Because what can happen with one mistake is the world is laughing at you because you've gotten caught clean and you're knocked out and everyone likes to laugh when a big mouth gets humbled.


But here's what Habib had to say on Twitter. This is what happens when you change your team, leave the sparring partners who made you a champion champion and are sparring with little kids far away from reality. He's talking about Conor McGregor. Dana White was also quoted as saying that Habib told him, hey, everyone out there is very far beneath my class. It's not even that I'm staying retired because I promised it to my late father. It's because I don't want to fight any of these bums out here.


They are lesser than me. And he's one he's maybe the one guy in the history of the sport that can say it as someone who's never been in trouble, someone who goes out there and fights hungry people and matches their hunger. And Conor McGregor has been famous for a long time to gods, and he's gotten a little bit sloppy. And his life seems, even if he looks and shape his life, seems a little reckless. And I want to read something to you in the next segment, because I got down this last week.


I started to talk about something as it regarded Conor McGregor. And as has been happening often around here lately, we got sort of lost and wandered. But I want to get into next this article from The Daily Beast. And I want to get your thoughts on what they write about Conor McGregor and the specifics of the relationship with ESPN. We'll do that next.


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I glanced over that because I was doing a million things. I couldn't believe it. You got your hands dirty. What did you do?


I was just all I did was park a car in front of somebody, so that's all right. So you offered your battery?


Yeah. Yeah, you did. You did. You put the negative on the negative. Positive. I'm positive. Dare to do any of that.


We can talk about this now. We're going to talk about this now.


Let's talk about it then. OK, so you made it seem like you popped open a hood and got the negative and positive charge and you were coming to someone's rescue. You just merely drove up to someone's car and offered your healthy battery. Is that all you did? Because I would imagine that the battery in your car is very difficult to find. Well, it's funny. You might not know where.


It's funny that you should say that, because this is exactly what happened. I'm not making this up, OK? I'm headed into work this morning and a friend of mine is stranded nearby and says he needs help with his battery. Can I just swing by over there? I was walking into work, but I went back home and I got my car and I parked in front of him and I told you guys I was going to be a little bit late because I had to help somebody with the charging of their battery.


And so I parked in front of him. And then I'm staring straight ahead and I'm staring at my console and I know how to open the trunk and I know how to release Lloyd. Listen, I know how to release the parking brake. Yeah. And I'm looking around and I'm like, I have no idea how to open the hood on this car.


Where is the button? I know where is the button on the hood of this car. And now I was I felt. Mortified and I'm you know, I fell to my knees screaming at this guy, why did my father never teach me anything and all that stuff? But I was I felt better and less ashamed when he searched the car. And he's like, man, this is complicated. He's someone who knows about cars. He's like, this isn't where it's supposed to be.


There's supposed to be a button here somewhere. Because I was looking at and I'm like, what am I missing? How can I not find how to open this?


There's a good chance that your car battery is in your trunk. Well, here's the thing.


So then the next step on it was I couldn't have found that car battery. The only thing I found was the manual that helped us find the car battery because the car battery is hidden somewhere. And once the trunk was open, we couldn't figure out where the car battery.


Well, I'm surprised you found the manual. I mean, I did find the manual. That is what I successfully did. I can successfully read put it on the pole. Gilmor at Lebed Targ show. When it comes to cars, can you successfully read on my old Dodge Avenger?


The battery was under the tire. Well, and there was a point where you can charge the battery in under the hood. So where was the battery in your car. I don't know.


He ended up finding it was after reading the manual. I still don't know. I went back to the car to text you guys that I was late because I was helping somebody fix their car battery. That's how that happened. Wow.


So you did nothing. You you went back, got your car, drove it to his car. He did all the work. I wouldn't say I did nothing. I would say I was a hero who got his car started.


You and I have a very differing form of opinion on this one because I believe that he'd still be sitting there waiting for AAA, which was coming at nine seventeen in the morning.


You'd be in. Yes, I tell you what, I thought I might as well have ridden in on a white horse that doesn't need a battery or a manual. I might as well have ridden in shirtless with flowing hair on a white horse.


No wonder you're so revved up today. Let me ask you guys. God, that's our battery. And we keep the battery.


Is that in the. Yeah, it's here. It's in the big win.


We kept the battery. What we don't know is if we kept advance auto parts right now, we'll find out soon.


Yeah, it might be repurposed to a complete battery, but we I mean, we desperately want them to be a part of the show.


I did a sales call. Dan was on it. I've never been on a sales call with Dan. And so we desperately want them to be a part of the show. We'll see what happens. It's going to be the Drive Kings battery.


And the second I.


So, Chris, I heard you say, though, New Year. We'll get to the Conor McGregor stuff in a second in the Dana White stuff in a second as well. And the Bam out of bio stuff that we wanted to get to in a second. But I heard you say, Chris, that so far your new New Year of New Me continues, that you have been unsuccessful so far. You've been successful with your resolutions through three quarters of a month.


Well, that's right.


You know, it doesn't really matter about results. Like I'm not going to stand up and show you my stomach, like it's not about that day and it's about feeling good about yourself. It's about living a healthy life that you can feel proud of. And yeah, I bought a I got my bike tires fixed, so I've been here. I can ride a bike now. I eat. I'm an almond milk guy. That's a new thing. It tastes just like milk, actually.


A little aftertaste of almond, a little nutty, but yeah, I'm, I'm liking it and I'm not seeing results yet. But that's not why I'm doing this.


Dan, get off my back. Why are you doing it? Just doing it because it's long term. I think I'm going to see results like I know. I don't know. Dan, you can relate to this. You started diet two weeks in. You're looking in the mirror and you're like, where is it at? I need to see some results here. I'm just going to punt on the whole thing.


Yeah, that's that's my last twenty years. Yeah. And I'm not seeing the results yet, but I feel better.


Right. You'll give it up in a week. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. You are really a life coach.


There's well I, I'm just telling you like it gets very frustrating when you do something religiously for two, two plus weeks and you don't see any benefits, any results of it, and then eventually you cave in. And so some people have the willpower to withstand that. Chris is not one of those people in my estimation. Now, I've been considering lipo.


What shit you might you shut up. I been I've been researching it. I watched this this documentary called It's a David Arquette documentary. I forgot the name already. David Arquette gets back into wrestling and without any mention, he gets like super chiseled and not a lot of time has gone by. And I kind of started getting the inkling to wanting lipo and watching Cardi B's Instagram stories about how flipping she is. Like she can eat whatever she wants and she's just going to get lipo.


So I'm kind of doing the thing like, you know, wife and I talking, do we ever want kids? This pandemic I had my body had such a great place and pandemic ruined everything. And you know, you know, honey, if you ever want anything like a liposuction, I'll get it for you.


Well, well, yeah. It was like the husband that buys his wife a peloton. It did not go well for me.


But what are you trying to do it just to get an opening so that you could bring. Sir, for yourself. Yeah, I was trying a Trojan horse today, and you were all over it. I was I was trying to like, we'll do a couples thing. It'd be fun. A little lunchtime lipo for the Ruiz clan. What do you think? Dangerous game. How quickly did you want to grab those words out of the air and shove them right back into your mouth?


I mean, thankfully, she was a little bit more receptive to such bad judgment. It was terrible. I don't know how to do it. Well, I just. What's weird, me trying to grease the rails that way or just like, you know, be a husband chopping up my hello fresh green onions and be like I'm thinking about getting a lipo.


I think that's less weird and less hurtful where your wife has to do the math on stuff to wonder, wait a minute, is my husband telling me in his subtle way that I need lipo? I can't believe that we're five minutes into this segment and that I got out of my car in the last story that I told. I got out of my car and looked at my friend with my hands at my side. And I'm like, You're not going to believe this when the hood wasn't open.


And he's like, Now, Dan, I kind of believe that you don't know where your hood is. And mine is not the most embarrassing story in these five minutes.


I'm feeling 35. I'm feeling the pandemic. I'm look, I'm Googling how does Elon Musk hair looks so good? I'm I'm specifically Googling Elon Musk is hair transplant because he has the best one I've ever seen outside of Matthew McConaughey.


Yes. Faqir, I think the worst part about that story is that you were just so focused on getting your own lipo, you didn't even realize you were insulting your wife because the end game was just how do I get lipo? Let me suggest someone else gets. Oh, they could find that insulting.


Oh yeah. Oh, Billy, I was I was doing the math in my head. I knew I was playing what to God's calls a dangerous game, so I was trying to shape it. There is no good way to try to Trojan horse your wife into a liposuction event so you can actually reap the rewards from it.


What are your target areas? My target area, it's just like I just want and I just make those articles.


Yeah, I just want apps like, look, I got this cut now and, you know, I'm going to do like I just wanted the hair.


The hair doesn't help the manscape. No, it hides it. The hair. The hair helps in this case.


I think it's just I see pictures of me bending down and gravity has taken its toll in my mid thirties in a way that it didn't prior to where do you get to your forties?


When did you stop giving up on the men's health six pack abs? Damn me. Well, no. Like everyone goes through this phase where you're like, I still have time. I'm still young enough, I could still do this. I can still get Gisel right. Everyone has them. I gave up about five years ago. I'm like, it's just not going to happen.


I'm going to tell you guys the true story here. This is the true story. It's not about me. It's about what just flashed on me when Mike lifted his stomach to reveal a hairy belly. Whoa. I simply saw and had a flashback to my own childhood. That is what my dad stomach looked like when he walked around the house in his thirties. Oh, no. When he walked around the house in his 30s, in just his tidy whities, it was a it was a carpet on a belly that jiggled.


And you just because I don't see a lot of male stomachs with hair all over them in my daily life, you just remind you just conjured the image of my father as a mid thirties that two years ago I kind of had a false midlife crisis.


And now we're just full bore into this because my Instagram ads have told me that I'm having my midlife crisis, so I might as well lean into it.


And I've settled that. I don't want the fruity hair transplant because I don't want the scar on the back, even though I plan on growing my hair long after this transplant, which is definitely going to happen at some point. I'm going to go for you, Dan, because that's what Muskat, I don't like what's happening here.


Mike's doing this thing where he's like a skinny guy who's like, oh, I'm so fat, yet I'm still willing to lift my shirt up in front of everybody and show you. It's like, all right, if you're really fat, you wouldn't be lifting your shirt up and all proud of it. Like you're that skinny guy that's telling everybody how fatty is. And the fat people are looking at you like buddy. He's relaxed.


He's the skinny guy who's telling his wife how fat she is. According to the bad news, the wife is receiving the information, the terrible move.


And even in my explaining it, I did it poorly because I'm telling you, it didn't land as poorly as it should have and I should have just never gone there.


I actually, in retrospect, thinking cutting up green onions over my hello fresh saying, you know what, honey, I'm thinking about getting liposuction is actually the best possible way. It's not terrible. I don't understand why that was like you were concealed. You didn't want to show her the shame and the lack of what you perceived as masculinity. Getting health tips from Khateeb. Yeah, and Elon Musk really wants to get in on this fake hair discussion because you're right about I didn't know he had fake hair.


I didn't know he had fake here. Had a good time to go. That's a good type. Yes. Yeah. I mean, look at like old pictures of Elon Musk. He's a totally different guy.


Yeah, totally different. Yeah. Yeah. Put it on. He thought about Botox better.


I've been thinking about cool sculpting. What do you think about what's. It's like, I don't know, I just seen commercials for it, and you go in like 15 minutes, you're in, they freeze some stuff and then you come out, your Gisel, you have it seems like.


Yeah. Quick, easy, affordable old school thing. Doesn't that cause like ten thousand dollars a minute or something. I don't know. I put it on the pole. Garmo did you know that Tom Brady and Elon Musk have fake hair?


It's the Instagram ads, I'm telling you, because now all of a sudden I want to buy this rubber band for my abs that if I had me convinced that if I just walk around my block immediately, I'm going to get the abs that I'm seeing on this guy that's just so damn effective. They're constantly, constantly telling me that something is wrong with me and I'm starting to believe it. And now here I am putting olive oil on my face like Jello because she's telling me she's never had Botox.


And I need this 10000 dollar olive oil man is looking at FUI hair transplants and concocting ways to Trojan horse my wife into getting a liposuction just so I can.


What about your cheekbones? Little low, really? Well, now that we're on the subject, if we're going to go in, maybe just, you know, a little look see by the doc, what can we do here for the weekend package?


How long do we have to wait until we can talk about people at ESPN with fake hair? Oh, is that disparagement? I don't think so. I think you can talk about that. Let's wait. I don't want to be the guy that pops up and then we do it like let's wait a little. What? It kind of did it for comedic effect. I don't know.


I mean, look, we don't have to spotlight anybody that's had the same haircut since 1992.


Oh, I thought for sure when Billy came at you there, Mike, with the cheekbone thing that you were going to hit him with f you be after your FUI stuff. I can't believe she had that you sank into the idea.


No, because I thought him. No, no, this is helpful. I looked at it as a constructive criticism so I could get better. This is going to I'm going to end up looking like the cat lady by the end of 2021. But Chris is right.


Like there's nothing more annoying than the tall, handsome, good looking guy complaining about the awards that he has. Oh, my God. To look like a little fat. Oh, please.


Come on, guys. Come on. Liposuction.


I just can't believe that we're at liposuction already and that Cardi B is your life coach on this, not just Cardi B, Kanye said that he got plenty of liposuction.


You see these bodies that happen overnight and you're like, how do they do this? Is it because they have Hollywood trainers? No, guys, stop falling for it. You know what it is? I'm a come out and say it. It's steroids. Dan, some of us are guys that are sitting at home with bad posture, looking at the sports game, flipping through their Instagram ads and consider buying a hat that you can wear in a pool just because they're sensitive about their hair line.


You mentioned steroids and it made me think of a commercial I saw during football yesterday. And keep in mind, we will get to this sound from Dana White and we will get to this Daily Beast story on Conor McGregor. But Intuit quick book has an ad, and I marveled that the punctuation on their ads to got was Alex Rodriguez. And the reason I'm marveling at it is I want you to imagine Lance Armstrong as commercial spokesman.


Like, it is very confusing to me what is happening with Alex Rodriguez. And I'm a person who never wants to take any money out of anybody's pocket. I just find unbelievable the hypocrisy of how we chased this guy around, called him names. He lied to everybody. And not only has he reinvented himself with every great media job that he wants, but on top of that, he is a commercial spokesman for people. He is clean enough after a year banned from baseball that I think represented the longest cheater ban we had seen since like Shoeless Joe Jackson was gambling on games and Pete Rose was gambling on games.


It was a year long suspension. I feel like what you're going to just say is Jaylo. And maybe you're right. I'm not actually.


I'm going to say he's charming. He's a good pitchman. And I think companies are willing to put everything aside if they could find themselves a good pitchman. Plus, he has really excelled in his post baseball career and business. And so quick books to me is probably a business tool that he uses for some of his companies, that he parlayed it into a big endorsement for himself. It's a heavy play.


But is there a precedent, though, for what you're presently seeing with A-Rod? Can you guys give me somebody who's a known notorious cheater, a guy that we chased across the landscape when he was a player in his prime? One of these guys who betrayed us, who got to rehab his image, Tiger Woods has gotten to rehab his image. I don't know how much advertising he's doing outside of golf. It wasn't I mean, he was a different kind of cheater.


I think Mike Tyson is presently enjoying a pretty good rehab. The hangover helped him out. I mean, Mike Tyson served hard time, not sports, not apples to apples, but Snoop Dogg really bounced back from that murder investigation. But mitigation.


Know, what I'm talking about, though, is impugning the sport, the integrity with something as specific as if you're in commercial advertising. The thing you don't want as your voice or face is someone who is known to be a liar, someone whose integrity is in question, someone who is impugned his profession with what is viewed as a character smudge, because he's not going to tell you the truth. That's the part I'm marveling at. Stewart. I'm marveling as careful as these companies are about constructing what their images are, they don't want their product endorsed by lips that lie.


Now, you're right.


I mean, listen, you don't see Bonds, Maguire, Sosa, Palmeiro, Giambi, like those. You're not seeing those guys doing a bunch of ads. It's it's a good point. It's but he's charming. And and J.


Lo has helped with some of this refurbishment.


His skin looks great and his hairline has held steady since the 1990s. And we're going to be honest, he's got a good colorist, Dan. Belichick, is that a cheater, technically, because they go to subway commercials? That's a good one, but it's not someone banned for the sport from the sport for a year because he was caught flat, caught and proven. The thing around Belichick is a good one, but the stuff around Belichick sort of has some penalties.


It does have some penalties and some fines, but it's a little more elusive where we're not quite sure how bad the cheating was with A-Rod. It was worth a year of his career. I mean, is Brady a cheater? Deflate it.


It's not going to stick to him. This is not cheating in the sport. It is a different type of cheating. Koby, bounce back.


Yeah, that's another kind of cheating. Let's get to that sound from Dana White. We don't have to do it now. I'm going to tease it again right now. We're going to get to that sound from Dana White and we're going to do it at the top of the big suit. Wow.


The rare double tease.