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It's the shipping container talking to you on a Tuesday. And this is an overwhelming site for me. And I'm used to doing this local hour with two or three people in this zoom box and we start playing volleyball, some bumps, some sets and some spikes. We got a lot of volleyball players to play with today. I'm looking at a lot of faces in the gym. I feel like I'm an hour after hours with how many people I'm talking to right now.


But it's the shipping container. We're in the building. Greg Cody's here. He's looking a little old. I'm going to start assessing people. You guys looks ready to go. Dan is ready to go. Roy has the best set up of all of us. Billy, how are you? How are you assessing everything so far this morning?


It's been a very stressful morning. There's been a lot of just, hey, no pressure. Let's have fun. Who's starting? Let's go. Ready? Go, go, go. Ready to go. It's like just everybody calm down a little bit.


Have fun. Sorry, sorry. But you got your microphone plugged in today because I don't even see a fake wire connected to it today.


I did. I like holding the microphone when I did the show. But it is that thing is not on for sure. It in turned on.


I don't know if it's a different concert. I need it. I think I could just make it to the computer.


But OK, what you do or not do something. OK, start talking and then in the middle of talking, just move it like six inches to the right and keep talking and we're going to hear that there's no difference.


Go just do that for a second just to test whether or not it's actually in holding that microphone every minute of the show for about five hours, speaking into the microphone when the microphone doesn't work and we all know it doesn't work except for him.


And so I'm going to start right here in the middle belly. OK, listen, I'm watching these NBA playoff games now, shifting it over here to the right all the way up here to Jason Tatum, say things like it's more like a playoff game than I thought it would feel. It makes you realize, yeah, we're watching the NBA playoffs. We're not really watching the NBA. Wow.


Like you're not really talking into a microphone. So, guys, we try to tell you this yesterday. I firmly believe you've been doing this for four months because all the super oddities sound the same. You have a Yeti microphone, you think it's plugged in, but you haven't picked it on your drop down menu.


I think this to God, I'll walk you through this. And this is great. Radio Liberty radio today when I normally do is on this. There's a, I don't know, Quicksilver. I forget what it's called, something I usually record by on deposit. I send that file over to Stanza in an effort to try it sound better. That's what we usually do.


But OK, look, look at your zoom. Look, you zoom through what you see on the bottom left hand corner.


There's a playoff game today. No, OK. Let's let's walk through this. I'm sorry, Billy, you were actually being productive because I've been trying this for four months with Stu Godse and I've got nowhere. So maybe we really need to dumb it down and teach him because. Yes, right next to the microphone logo on Zoom, there's a drop down menu. There's an arrow pointing up and you can select the microphone that you're speaking into. Let's see if we can actually you just muted yourselves to God.


Jesus Christ. All right. Let's see if we can get this close.


That means he's better. They're definitely getting there.


And this is actually a drop up menu because the menu pops up, up, up and down an arrow.


That's point. Now, what are your options to that's. Slapped the microphone, saying the system built the microphone. Nima? Oh, there you go. The. All right. Yeah.


What had the check before? There you go. How is it going so much better? Four months of this unbelievable.


Four months of you not knowing how to do this. You sound so much better.


It's great. I'm glad I said listen. Better late than never. Come on, back up.


Don't need to be your mouth. It's getting my picks you up just fine if it's there on the table is amazing.


I mean, you know, stairs actually do this four months ago goes flawlessly. God, you sound so good. So much better.


Sounds like all your stupidities sound tinny because you're far away from the mic. And this is this is Zoome. One, two, one. How have you made it through the pandemic honestly without figuring this thing?


And the best part about all this is that I bet you great Cody should have probably been doing the same exact thing. Go ahead and make it. Let's do the same. Well, I have a I have a yeti. Sounds good.


I think this is plugged in and working to my mike is more professional than I am. I tell you that. All right.


There's a Heat playoff game tonight. Then today it doesn't feel like a playoff game for the afternoon.


It is not tonight. It's this afternoon. Did Greg Cody write an advance column in the Miami Herald? What was Greg Cody's underwear column about the Miami Heat heading into the playoffs?


Well, thanks for checking it out. I did not write yesterday. I was working a head on football section stuff. I've got three big things that I'm doing that are coming out in the first week of September. So I'm I'm not writing this week much, but it's not a play.


Let's not pretend there's not the excitement. Right. I mean, it's game one of a Pacers Heat playoff series. And does anybody really feel like it? I don't. It's it feels like exhibition games without fans. It's just a whole different reality.


But what would I have to do? Who would I have to put together playing to get your attention? Because I don't believe that you speak for everybody. I believe the market that we're speaking to right now. And you're its lead columnist at the Miami Herald, the fact that you're sitting out writing about these playoff games is fairly amazing to me, that as the lead columnist at the Miami Herald, you're like, how do some football section stuff?


Yeah, that wasn't my choice. That was my boss's choice. Surprised you wouldn't discern that. But look, I mean, I'll watch the game.


I couldn't I couldn't discern it because you just said you're not interested in what's happening here. Like that's.


No, no, no, no, no. I didn't say I'm not interested in what's happening. It doesn't feel like a usual playoff series to me. That's all. It just the whole sports has changed with no fans for me. You know, maybe I'm alone in feeling that. But it's not that I'm still not interested. It's not that I won't watch it, that it doesn't have the playoff atmosphere that I'm used to.


Can you say that it does like they don't even bother defending yourself against these arguments because they're absurd. This is like saying that Trevor Hoffman wasn't interested in the fourth inning. No crap. Trevor Hoffman was one of the greatest closers of all time. And when did he do it? When it counted. Not in these first baby fake rounds. Round one, round two. Cody will be there when it counts in the NBA finals. Look at what's happening in the media, Dan.


They're sending some of the people out of the bubble and they're going to bring them back for the semifinals in the finals and then they'll be there covering it because they want to give you a break, give Greg a break. Greg's been doing this a long time. It's been a long year. He'll be there when it counts. This is the third or fourth inning. Greg hasn't even made it to the bullpen yet.


Thank you, Billy. Yeah, but I think the great point is right, even when he gets to the Eastern Conference finals, the NBA finals, if the Heat are fortunate to get that far, it's just not going to feel like that. I don't want to hear about Lukas great playoff performance and having it be compared to Michael Jordan, you know. Sixty three. He did beat the Boston Gordon on the road. Luca's doing it on a neutral court with no feds.


You'd have to go. It was a great performance, but there's no fans to deal with, no crowd noise to deal with, no road game to deal with. And that's part of the NBA playoffs is a big part of the NBA. All right. Well, the basketball was exceptional yesterday. Yeah. Really was good, even though chalk won. But before I go down that path, Mike's blood is boiling. And how much better? Your microphone sounds incredible.


I could do man feel it over here. How how angry he is at you right now.


Scott, yesterday I could have really listened as the local hour and the digital only hour, which is just rolls off the tongue. I was listening to those segments and it was just a light parade from Stukas. I listened back to it and it was just all lies to make him look good. And now I got over it on the drive. Then I'm like, I he's he's still adorable. I really like he really painted himself as a heroic father, not really a father or a good father.


But a heroic father, yeah, he spends the entire two hours saying how, look, I have to see my daughter play all American. And then I was told after the fact that I have to quarantine. It's super unfair. And then I just come on said no. You know, you knew about it beforehand. He's like, Yeah, that's right. It's just admitting to two hours of lies.


I mean, really stuck on this. I mean, considering that you just had a daughter just admitted that you can't get through halftime of the game, you'll learn one day. And I keep telling you, you'll learn that at some point in your life, watching your daughter being all-American is going to be more important than what your executive producer or the bad temper is going to tell you. She's upset. You keep going the Baltimore. And that's because you'll realize at some point you arrive at an age where you just don't give a shit what that little snot nosed producer thinks about getting a clear.


I say that lovingly, but point taken. Point taken. And it's totally fair.


I guess I'm a little confused as to why there's an all-American tournament in the first place during a global pandemic.


All right. That's a good question. That's a fair play.


Hold on a second, Gameau. Please put it on the pole at slightly better than yesterday, huh? It sounds better. The quality sounds better.


We know that if you could stop talking over me, we'd be perfect at Today Show on Twitter and you put it on the pole. Can you say at one point in your life you will not be giving a shit about what a snot nosed producer lovingly and you say that phrase loving.


I'm never going to escape the dynamic of Stewardson, you knowing me when I was 18 years old because I'm a thirty four year old father and it's amazing to put this on the pole as well.


Can you call it thirty four year old Father Stoneville?


I'm going to be a fifty year old man with like thirty plus years of experience in the industry. I'm still to it's not no good deal but I get it. And Sucrets is absolutely right. That's that's the winning hand. I'm just flabbergasted at how this was allowed putting parents in this position. It's a good question, and I know it's it's it's a very fair question, Mike. I question it myself whether or not we should be going, whether or not I wanted to go, whether or not Rachel should go, whether or not we should be playing in any sort of sporting activity at all.


I really did. I did not know the rules of going to Baltimore, coming back to Florida had to be quarantined for two weeks. That was my excuse for the first trip. The second trip. I absolutely know it. And still Thunder Road ahead. Anyway, what I'm telling you is I would feel comfortable doing it. I didn't know if we were right to be doing it, but my daughter wanted to do it. And she had one opportunity to do it is work very hard.


And I was not going to be the one to strip her of that opportunity.


And if you listen to yesterday's two hours, you know that you thought you could get away with it being that you went to New York and circumvented all the rules. I did, yeah.


Billy, you don't care about the heat play offs. The Heat playoffs are here and you're immersed in Yamamoto last night. I don't think that that guy is going to be in the major leagues very long here. I think they're well, he's not. He was sent down already.


They should have sent him down while he was out there yesterday. I couldn't believe in the second inning. He's got a one to count on somebody and there's a runner on first. And, you know, they're not even trailing. They're leading, I think, one, nothing in the game. And the pitching coach is already out there trying to soothe him. And the announcers are saying this is where it can unravel. And I'm like, wait a minute, it's a one nothing game.


There's a man on first and a one count. And it did unravel after that. Like they had it. They had it pegged.


That's why you need to stop criticizing Holly. I'm telling you, he knows his stuff. He knows what's coming. He can see it as it's happening. And the Heat playoffs then. I don't know about you. I like talking about games after they happen. I don't like leading up to the games and discussing what may happen. I like discussing results so we can talk about the heat tomorrow. We can talk about the heat today if you want. But I mean, listen, here was my Marlen's experience yesterday.


I was recording some stuff for the mystery crew that went along. I was trying to edit it. So then I go over it. I'm like, oh, let me put on the Marlins, call myself down a long day. It was over six hours of recordings yesterday. My brain was fried. I was trying to edit this stuff. I just couldn't see straight anymore. So I go and I turn on the TV. First thing I see, two run homer, five one.


I go, all right. I think I'm good with this game today. We'll check back in tomorrow and see how things play out because five one in like the third or fourth or whatever it was, I'm like we're about a week away from the the team coming back. And then we'll put up a fight, a five one bad enough that they have the five one comeback in them right now.


And then I saw Logan Forsyth was pitching later in the game. And I'm like, I think I made the right decision. I save two hours of time today. They had the claw, Forsayth had the claw changeup. I was watching that. When you need your bank, Capital One is right in the palm of your hand so you can check your balance deposit checks, pay bills and transfer money from your phone with a top rated app, and when you're done banking, put it back in your pocket.


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No, I would love to talk about the playoffs. I would I actually this is a rare instance where I could use a little preview because I've just been out of the loop. Could you recap what happened last night, Greg?


And you give us a preview of Heat Pacer's basketball. Can you even do it right now, like if you had to do it off the top of your head? The basketball yesterday was very good. The first game was the best of the games. Donovan Mitchell put together a game that basically hasn't been seen since Larry Bird was calling Michael Jordan God. And he lost just like Jordan did. I don't know how anyone stops the combination of Murray and Jokic when they just go to one to you don't even need three other nuggets out there like I don't know how anyone stops any of that.


It was magnificent game that you guys didn't want to talk about but preview the Heat Pacers.


Cody, I think it's an even series and you're going to make fun of me for not having a strong opinion on it. But they finished with the same record, I believe, and the Heat had no interest in winning the last game of the regular season. I don't know who's going to win. I think the heat of the better team, I think they have two stars on the on the court this year, and I think they're going to win.


But it's you know, I don't have a strong feeling about this series. Does anybody I mean, there's I don't think there's any way to tip this series strongly in one direction. If you tell me.


I feel like there's a disconnect between the national media and the local media in the local media, you will hear how the heat are going to walk through this series, bring on the Bucs. We have we match up. Well, that's the big thing with Heat fans right now, is that we match I'm saying with air quotes, we match up well against the Bucs and they're leaning on that so much that I feel like we might lose this first round the series getting there, because that's like I just feel like the heat.


I don't know, because then you watch TNT and all the the guys are just like, oh, this could go either way. This is a really close series, but Heat fans think that the Heat should dominate this series. So I'm just always interested how the disconnect because the Heat fans think this team is for real. And I don't think the national media thinks that.


Well, I have about two weeks ago, I wrote a column saying for some of those reasons, match up and all. I wrote a column saying, don't discount the heat reaching the NBA finals. And then they proceeded to lose to Milwaukee and Toronto. So, you know, and that sort of changed my mind a little bit. I think they're going to struggle to get past this first round. If I had to predict, I would say they're going to win, but I don't think it's going to be easy at all.


I think one of the biggest things that we are missing is that which team and you don't have to answer which team has the best player, singular player on the court. Can we all agree that it's Jimmy Butler with the Miami Heat or TJ Warren?


No, we showed we showed the other day. Why not? We but the team showed played and wham, you played in a process.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Dan. So I can't say we what I'm talking about professional players in basketball. I didn't want to do that.


But, you know, a slip of the tongue, whatever they showed the heat showed that they can eliminate TJ Warren and make the other guys beat them. And can you guys name other Pacers?


I can, because I've I've actually liked the game of Myles Turner, but I'm not sitting here going to go through the Pacers roster. I believe they exist to be underestimated. Miami is a strong betting favorite. What you guys are saying is not exactly accurate when it comes to two evenly matched teams. You can make the argument that the Heat have two of the three best players on the court or maybe even the two best players on the court, if you like.


Bam! Adebayo more than TJ Warren Very different kinds of players.


I can't believe you're tossing that out considering your previous stance. I know he'd have the two best players on the court of sides are out there, but if I was an all star this year, credit to TJ Warren, who was good in the bubble.


But come on, TJ Warren was like the MVP of the bubble.


Yeah, but Bam! Unibody was a two way player to that. Look, I'm not going to argue on behalf of TJ Warren being better than Sam turned. I'm just sitting here telling you that the Heat have a favorite in this series. They have at the top of the roster. They have the best players. And I would also say to you, to Chris's point, what I saw in Utah and Denver yesterday made me feel like the Miami Heat couldn't beat either one of those two teams.


Like I. I don't think so. You disagree, Tony, or you agree that no one could beat Denver or Utah? No, I agree wholeheartedly.


They can't even be on the floor with either of them. I don't think that they can match up with Spider Mitchell. I don't think that they can match up with Murray at either point. I think it's just incredibly difficult when you have a big of that size and Yokich that can do everything to have him be guarded by Bam Malaby. You can throw them away like a toothpick.


I'm not sure that he could beat any team out West. I mean, if you put the heat against the Blazers, would you feel confident in taking the eight? Yeah, the West isn't as good, it's pretty top heavy and the Blazers are playing really well right now, headed into the playoffs to make that first round matchup interesting. But the Heat have shown and head to head matchups against the West that they can certainly hold their own. I think Sabonis and the injury question marks around him are big in the series because they aren't talking about TJ Warren as if he's their best player.


I like TJ Warren as a scorer. He's really improved. But if I were truly ranking, in my opinion, like the best Pacers, I'm probably settling TJ Warren in and around three four and that's even based off of current form. Sabonis is a better player and if he's healthy and there's a lot of questions about that, that certainly makes the series a little bit more interesting. But the Heat have shown it in head to head matchups. While the games have been compelling and I throw away that final match up, the heat have proven time in and time out that they're better than the Pacers.


I remember we have incredibly sad Victor Oladipo, who would probably be one of the best players on the court if he didn't take his quad in October whenever it happened. Like that's a big focal point of this team is that they brought him in to be their signature piece and all of a sudden he's not there and he's limping around and he can't play well in a magic season to Messinger. Thank you. Have a seat, but that's a little bit of the Heat playoff she has Oladipo.


I don't know what the rankings are that you're doing there in terms of Pacers that you're putting, are you putting Oladipo above TJ Warren.


I think I prefer Myles Turner over T.J.. If I were building a team because I like when Myles Turner does and Oladipo just looks like a different player right now. Although Oladipo still even though he's lost a little bit of quickness can still defend. Yeah if you're making me build the team and I have like another off season of getting Victor Oladipo healthy I make TJ Warren fourth that go Sabonis Oladipo Myles Turner and then TJ Warren.


Well I think that's what he's doing if Oladipo he's not but if he's healthy he's the clear number one on that team is the clear best player on that team. The reality is he's not 100 percent, he's not healthy. That works the Heat's benefit and we'll see if he can exploit that. It just gets a fort like I don't know how you can feel very confident with two teams over this evenly matched.


No I'm not. It's not that I'm confident, it's that when I'm watching what we're talking about on the disconnect between what Chris is saying between the local media and the national media. And I watched that game yesterday between Utah and Denver that felt like two really evenly matched teams. They feel a good deal better than the four in the five over here, like those those teams you watch them play and it feels unstoppable. The Pacers are perpetually underestimated. Scott, you've been saying for how many years now?


Five years you've been saying quietest. Forty and twenty in league history about the Indiana Pacers. They're clearly a good team, but any one of their number one players wouldn't be the number one player on any of the teams in the West.


And keep in mind, guys, we keep talking about teacher Warren. His status is also up in the air, which is I think there are just so many injury questions surrounding Indiana, which is which is why some books have the Miami Heat at like minus three seventy to win this series. I know Miami has very streaky shooting, but the health of your team at this point, Indiana is a really good team and it's unfortunate that we're not seeing a true fair fight between the two teams because that's an absolute toss up.


I was more speaking about the heat long term in this playoffs, whereas Heat fans think that they have a chance to make it to the finals, whereas Barkley was saying on Tuesday or whatever, he was doing it, the heat don't scare anybody. So it's just the heat. And I feel and I and I know I brought it up before, but it's it's the it's the weak matchup. Well against Giannis Take that makes Heat fans think that they can get to the finals when they may struggle.


I think that they're better than the Pacers but they could. This could be a long series.


I think you're also dealing with a situation where you're playing in a bubble. You don't have to go on the road. So I think one of the exciting things, even though Greg and I are ten minutes removed from saying this doesn't really feel like the true NBA playoffs is when you take the fans out and having to go on the road to win big games, it's basically a neutral court every single game. I think fan bases feel like they can make a deep run into the NBA playoffs and find themselves perhaps making a surprise run to the NBA finals.


And I will say that's the one thing that is exciting about this, where you you do have the feeling, even though all the one yesterday, you do have the feeling, all the top seeds won, you do have the feeling that there could be some upsets here and some surprise teams making a deep run into the NBA playoffs where normally you don't have that feeling. So that's a cool thing about the Heat in six place.


I think that pays about plus three ten down. If you want a nice little bit. I think that's good. And Charles probably is a good barometer for the national media. I think he bases his takes on the fact that he doesn't watch certain teams. So when he says the Miami Heat don't scare anybody, it's just a tell that he doesn't watch them. But I, I can tell you that the Milwaukee Bucks don't like playing the Miami Heat. They put their own voices to the defensive problems in the Miami Heat.


Have the one skill set, depends if it's on or not, but bombing from the outside, they can shoot over Milwaukee's lane. And so when he says they don't scare anybody, they scare the best team in the league.


The do you know the origins, Cody, as a guy who writes about gambling for The Miami Herald as it relates to football, you guys know the origins of chalk? Because I don't know, I say that expression all the time, but I don't. And I know what I'm saying in terms of the favorite. Put this on the pole, Gearman, because I think maybe pieces of the audience not interested in gambling doesn't even know what the phrase Chalke means.


Do you know what Chalke means in sports? But more than that, you guys have any idea, Cody, do you have any idea what the origins of the phrase Chalke are? No, I don't.


And I'm embarrassed because I love knowing little minutia like that about words I don't.


I assume it has something to do with, you know, writing odds and everything on a chalkboard, but that's just a guess.


You know, I watched this story when bookies first started recording bets. Sorry about that, Michael. They did so on a chalkboard. Yeah, that's right.


I think that's what it is, because if you watch Peaky Blinders, they run a sports book and they bet the horses and everything's on a chalkboard. So is that where it is? You're throwing it out like, you know, the answer is no. I don't know the answer. That's why I was asking the question, does does anyone on this call, on this Zoome call watch Peaky Blinders? Because Alison's been trying to get me to watch that show for the better part of a couple of years.


Where is Alison, by the way? I was told that she was going to be here. I also we had all sorts of technical difficulties yesterday.


Dan, can we call my father at some point and do a call with him? It doesn't have to be now. It could be during the national show. But I feel like he's got more enthusiasm for what's happening today with the Miami Heat than anyone on this call who is paid to talk about sports professional. Right now, all right. I feel like I feel like Roy's been boxed out and Roy has a lot of energy about this Heat game and we just haven't given him the space, the room.


Is that true, Roy? That's not true at all. So I can't get Roy interested.


Billy wants to talk about the Marlins gods and CODI want to complain about the fans, how it doesn't feel like the playoffs. Chris Coady says it's a push. Tony is interested, but only because he played pro-am basketball at one point in his life and wants you to remind you. Wants to remind you of that. Yes, Billy.


This is a hell of a fall, by the way, from the big three. EREIRA We're like no one would be paying attention the first few rounds of the playoffs because it didn't matter. Now you're like, oh, man, the Heat are so good. We're going to be here at six in the first round. All of this is going to so awesome. The heat going, oh, let's go.


And it's like, dude, if your team is legit, you do not care about this first round at all. You'll worry about it when you get to the later round. If you're this hyped about this team, you don't believe in this team. Well, I'm trying to do Gragg. Perhaps this will help to make it feel more like the NBA playoffs because it used to be a combination of I'd put some money down on the team and then we had the fans of the crowd, the crowd noise at all that felt like the NBA.


I am now betting five times more than I normally imbedding to try to get that feeling back. Believe me, it worked at the end. The Celtics, the Sixers last night I that felt like any of the best I've ever met in my entire life. And I covered baby weight to God.


I'm curious with as it relates to Cody and Gods, when you say not having fans there doesn't feel like the playoffs, I really don't think that if you were watching that Utah Denver game and you were a Utah fan or a Denver fan, that what happened in that game didn't feel like the playoffs. Like in terms of what I was watching and the skill level of the basketball and the just the unstoppable offense is how perfect they've gotten at doing this. Keep in mind, at the end of regulation, got I found this fascinating.


Just because you have pollution of the sport is fascinating to me. Like a player like Geocache didn't even exist in Michael Jordan today, that guy. So he gets the ball and how he missed the shot at the end of regulation. But he's going at Gobert. The idea that Gobert can move like that at that size to be the defensive player of the year and the Jokic could get a really good shot that is inches over the fingers of a leaping Gobert Who's gotten back into position as seconds tick down on the clock.


I just found the the level of basketball combined with the stakes to be excellent.


It's two seven footers playing a game that when you and I were growing up, we're played by guys who are six four. It's crazy.


That's the thing. Like think about this. I know we're going to sound old here Cody, but you're old enough to remember. I want you to imagine Bill Wennington at the top of the at the top of the three point circle just dribbling between his legs back and forth, back and forth. You're shaking it, dude. I want you to imagine, Will Purdue, I want you to imagine any of these people. I want to imagine hell make it just it's not even that long ago making Miami.


I want you to imagine Alonzo Mourning dribbling between his legs at the top of the three point line and then just shooting a jumper in your face. So Bam!


Adebayo and Bill Russell was barely six nine guys, barely six nine are taking the ball up the court now. You know, the whole game has changed and darn, I agree with you. The quality, the quality of play has been great and yesterday was great and today is going to be great in terms of the quality of play and the stakes. But for me, I think what's come out of this for me is that I really appreciate the fan element in sports.


I feel I appreciate the ambience, the sound, the imagery that fans bring in. It's it's just sports is different for me. Without fans, it's diminished for me. Ellington is right.


What is helping out here are the players are taking this a lot more seriously than I thought they would. This clearly means a lot to the players. They're playing hard. But Jayson Tatum said after the game it felt closer to a playoff game than I thought it would actually feel like. It didn't feel like a playoff game, but it felt something closer to a playoff game than I thought it would feel like. And I guess that's a good thing. Maybe as we move on to become more accustomed to this, all of this, we'll start feeling more and more like the NBA playoffs.


Yeah, we're not getting arenas full of people. And that emotion just pulsating through your television screen. But you know what you are getting, Dan? I see looks when people exit elevators. That's been reported. A reported detail by Woj. I see looks when players leave the elevators.


They're all coming from Damian Lillard but we get ice it looks it's so when you give someone an icy look is that like the head to toe you give them like an up and down look or is it just straight into the camera up you see somebody up but that sizing someone up is ice when I'm looking straight into your eyes and it just pierces you like ice.


I think it's up and down no, I think you're right, I think it's a good question. So what you're asking here, put it on the podium bit today, show an icy look. Are you asking the question, does an icy look look you up and down?


Wait a second. What's the difference between an icy look and a cold stare?


I think if I actually look goes from toe to head, not head to toe, I think you start out and work your way up. I think that's what it is. All right.


I've got a lot of questions here. Let's put all of these on the pole. Icy look or let's see here. How do we do this? First of all, does an icy look go from head to toe or from toe to head? But you're conceding to me that an icy look is up and down because I also am confused about the difference between an icy look and a cold stare.


I think I know what is happening here. You start in the eyes and you go down and back up. It's like kind of like it's not just a starting low and going up. It's you start at the ice, go down to the toes and back up to the ice.


You get a piercing of the lips, a curling of the upper lip. Please don't confuse this. This is very difficult as it is. So we've got cold stare and icy look. But what was the other one? There was some there was another one you guys threw into the mix here.


Someone out there I think I see. Look, an icy stare can qualify as an emerging icy looking cold stare.


Judges gather at the same.


It's your home speaking, and I need you to do me a couple of favors first, could you get that blueberry that rolled under the fridge last week? It's throwing my feng shui off. Second thing, bundle your home and car insurance with Geico. It's easy and we could save money. Lastly, I know you were thinking of painting the nursery back to off-White, but I'm actually feeling this baby blue didn't think it was my color, but I am pulling it off.


Geico for bundling made easy. Go to Geico Dotcom today. All right, guys, enough of this nonsense, Miami Heat playoff basketball, when I say to you guys sweating in a movie, what is the first thing you guys think of as an iconic scene of somebody sweating in a movie?


Because I have two nominees and one of which I think is the ultimate winner. Does anyone want to go or do you guys want me to throw my nominee out there while everyone wants to get in? This is very exciting. We're going to go to Billy first. Billy, who do you got? OK, before we do that, are you bobbing for apples today with your dad or is this something that you conveniently forgot? You're going to believe that the leading that's what it's like to lead with Billy.


That's what it's like right there.


Well, I think we're supposed to be this marching band to nowhere, and I'm trying to get us somewhere. So we tied this whole thing. We spent hours yesterday talking about bobbing for apples. And I just want to make sure we don't forget the bobbing for apples.


I have apples that's that have apples and I have a bucket. So if you want it, I can do it. I was going to say along came Polly, oh, when he started eating the the Indian food and he starts wanting to dinner, that's not even the sweating.


And I was thinking of in that movie, I was thinking of playing a game. Hoffman playing against the shirtless guy who was hairy, who that guy looked like an iconic sweat scenes in one movie.


Roy, who is the guy who does what? I explain that that guy looks like that Philip Seymour Hoffman was playing pickup basketball against and rain dance. He was putting up terrible shot after terrible shot. And then Ben Stiller's face goes up against this guy's hairy, fat, sweaty. He's like a hairy Rulon Gardner.


It's like, I think Andrew de Klerk meatloaf. If he had blonde hair.


What do you have, Tony, for a famous scene, this might show my age airplane. Remember the inside of an airplane where he's just drenched in sweat, just covered in sweat?


It was mine. Thank you, Tony. That was good. Wow. You guys are both going old your age. Are you, like, 50 years old? This is like twenty years before you're aboard the airplane.


Airplane was like nineteen seventy seven when that was a shocking. I'm not saying that he's not right because it is a famous story, but the fact that he would have to go back more than a half a century to find one and twenty years before his birth is slightly shocking. Now, the most famous SWAT team is the first mission impossible. Tom Cruise is hovering over that computer and he has a floppy disk in his mouth, which is just like, whoa, floppy disk.


That was crazy, right. And how much information could you possibly fit on that? Actually, like, little floppy disk, like you can't have the world's secrets on a floppy disk. When I had to use to make things like Microsoft Paint, I couldn't fit like four images on a floppy disk. I'd have to get the whole bundle of like 20 floppy disks. Remember, they had to see through floppy disk somewhere like yellow and orange. Those are like the WUO.


These are the rock stars of floppy disks. And those weren't even the real floppy disks of lobbyists for the big ones that actually flopped at the little mini floppy disk. But that one Mission Impossible, remember, is hovering over the little thing. And then the sweat is like dripping down. You're like, oh, my God. And then he has to catch it before it hits the ground. And the guy's in the bathroom doing number two because they poisoned him.


And then he came back and the knife fell, spoiler alert. And then it landed on the desk. And then he looked up and he's like, whoa, what's going on here? Because the knife was in the desk in his sweatshirt.


Go ahead, Greg.


Well, I'm amazed that I actually have an answer to a movie question.


Bill Murray, before you give us the answer to the movie question, just out of curiosity, because I want to see how this is going to work during the digital hour and the rest of the show. When you put your finger up and we're all waiting for you to talk and then the silence arrives and several seconds go by and your son is forced to say, go ahead, Greg, like where are you during those three or four seconds with us doing the radio show?


Yeah, I don't want to throw anybody under the bus, but Christopher had signaled to me that he was going to throw it to me. So so I was waiting for him as about half of the things I do wrong on the show. They're not really me doing anything wrong. It's just you making fun of me. But whereas like Bill Murray in Caddyshack, the scene where he's alone in his creepy cabin and he's just about to plunge the dynamite, to blow up all the gophers, he's sweating like a pig, you know what I mean?


He's sweating like I don't know.


I know the scene. You mean I'm just still marveling that Tony picked a movie that is older than the one you pick.


And these are all great suggestions by you guys. You got to have you nominate anything.


I have the the Rocky four work scene. I have a volleyball game, beach volleyball game, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer. There's a great spot there, wasn't there? Great. What a scene with Dale Duke and Predator. Wow. I could have sworn. Yeah, he was just shaving.


He was just shaving cream because of all the sweat on his face. Rulon Gardner has his middle toe on top of his refrigerator.


You know that you guys see the rock working out and he sweats through his leather work, felt like his workout belt, like all the way. But it has like multiple sweat stains. So, like, this is a regular occurrence. You know how much you have to sweat to go all the way through leather. Was it like on Rulon Gardner? Gardner went on like a snowmobile trip and he got lost and he had to build himself a shelter. He thought he was going to die.


He got frostbite and they had to cut off his middle toes. So he has his middle toe in formaldehyde on his refrigerator to remind them of his mortality. He was also shot by an arrow at a very young age. So what's my wedding scene, you guys ask? Here it is, I have the top two sweating scenes ever. You guys, these are all great nominees by you guys, but the top two are Ace Ventura, pet detective when he's inside the rhino and it's been taught when nature calls or I'd be that guy when nature calls.


I have it written down here, too. When nature calls. I don't know why I said pet detective grimmett one is Titanic the hand on the window maybe.


He's sweating, there wasn't anyone, was it sweating, it was just it for the hour fogged up because it was a sex scene.


It connotes no sweat now. It does.


It does. Oh, it does. Oh, I don't think so.


When I think of that scene, I don't I think of it things are hot and heavy and it's an enclosed vessel where the windows are not down.


Baby, that's not sweat. How can you start this topic and then be so bad at it?


And how did we make it? By the way?


I have a story about because I'm guessing that the majority of the audience doesn't know who Rulon Gardner is. But let me tell you who he is. He is the American who somehow defeated the great Russian wrestler Alexander Karelin. The only reason I know that name is because about 15 years ago on PTI, I was asked for the most dominant athlete in the history of sport. And I gave Alexander Karilyn, who hadn't lost. You guys got to read about this dude like he had.


He wrestled and hadn't lost a match and I don't know how long. And then Tolis, Rulon Gardner, who's got a body like he had a toe at the time, who's got a body like mine, beat this guy from Russia who's like made out of wires and muscle. And that's the only thing I can tell you about Rulon Gardner. That and frostbite.


That's local, right? Yeah.


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