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It's the shipping container Freking with you on a Friday. We got a show today, boys, I feel good about this one. It's a local our flower.


Chris is the first voice you hear and that makes everybody happy. So let's get right into it, Mike, before we mix the second voice you hear.


And that makes nobody happy. The Miami Heat are up two oh in the playoffs. And boy, is it is coursing through my veins. The culture, the ball movement, Miami Heat, impactful basketball is back. It's been a minute. Oh, what a performance yesterday that I barely got to watch because we were doing a live watch party on Twitch, which went pretty well. Tony, credit to you. That was actually pretty smooth. Thank you.


Boys told you was going to go smoothly. Yeah.


All right. So knee jerk reactions is the best ball movement I've ever seen from a Miami Heat team. Goran Dragic, his best point guard in Miami Heat history. As ridiculous as this, also apologized to you on that publicly apologize to you for arguing with you yesterday about saying that Goran Dragic was better than Tim Hardaway, and he said, nope, Tim Hardaway. And then he apologized you publicly after yesterday's game?


Yeah, I think it's important to note Tim Hardaway is a superior player, but his best basketball days, his absolute apex was in Golden State. Miami got him because he was perceived as damaged goods and he had a borderline Hall of Fame career after that trade to Miami. He's got his jersey hung up in the rafters. But Goran Dragic for what he's done with the Miami Heat, I think with this season nice little bounce back from last year, he I think there's a real case to be made, especially from efficiency is the best point guard in Miami Heat history.


He's just missing memorable moments. Tim Hardaway was a part of many important playoff series for the Miami Heat. If Goran Dragic can be a part of this winning series and maybe be part of a conference finals appearance, then I think he locks it up.


Chris, it's Kuttler you guys are doing. But Goran, Dragic and Chalmers are three and four all time in heat history and point guards because it's a little thing called the NBA Finals. And if you make a big shot for a heat, the heat in the NBA finals, you get moved up on this list.


Mario Chalmers, Gary Payton, one and two all time on the Miami Heat list.


Nice feeling you go Payton. Gary, where was Chris going to start the show. I feel like he was headed somewhere.


Oh no, I mean there's stuff like I'm like a road with many avenues that make sense. I couldn't go anywhere. All right. There's one place I want to go that's not heat related, but I feel like we're on a heat. A little vibe right now, all the throw to you here and then we can go back to the heat. Mike touched on it, everybody's into the best lately, Dan said that the jazz nuggets, the best basketball he's ever watched, like said the he was the best thing he's ever seen.


Charles Barkley said Memphis. Portland was the best game he's ever watched the playing game a week ago. Everyone's on the best right now. So what I want to know is I want to know what is the absolute best one thing in the whole world? Is it your favorite song at a concert playing? Is it the perfect bite of food? Is it seeing loved ones extremely happy?


What in this world is daglish in the hard network? And that's a good nominee. I want to know what the overall best thing is, period.


Second place for me would be sex, first would be to God. Wow. Well, I'm going to go a fresh unisex. I mean that a fresh I put you ahead of sex. Are you better think I put you at it. That's a really great being. Handed a batch of fries being handed the bag at the McDonald's drive through, reaching your hand in there, feeling. Oh, it's a little hot. It's hotter than I. What's all this salt on my finger tips and pulling out one of those that they call them doomsters.


A very long crispy yet soggy in the middle fry.


And it is just nirvana filling your house keys out of your pocket and landing on your house key first without having to do the whole fidgety thing. Actually, just like when you pull them out and it's like a gun in a holster and the key just happens to be right there.


That's a great Chris. One of the cool things about my new house is I have one of these smart locks, keys to unlock doors, a thing of the past. Oh, my God. A touchpad to get into your home. It is. I hate rifling through my keyboard.


You have a fridge with, like, a computer on it. I have a fridge that I go, Hi, Bixby, play the National and it just like plays music. Hi Bixby. Play wop and it does at a high Bixby. Get me a number and it worries me and the future is here.


You're going to be one of these people that gets kidnapped by their house. Yeah.


Oh I'm a guy, I am very busy. I am super uncomfortable with how easily my house can be hacked because everything is on my phone. The AC. I never thought how awesome it would be to be able to control AC from my bed, but it's a you're in control of that just by a normal key and then you can't get hacked.


I mean you don't buy a fridge that you talk to in control of all these things and you move into some sort of a mansion I moved out of where I moved into like a series.


I might have a smart house. I moved into a smart house.


All this stuff was there. It's stuff that I would never myself purchase. It came with the house. And now I realize why there's something to this. But I'm a little uneasy by depending on all this technology when I used to be a manual guy.


Hmm. I have a question. Since Chris is talking about the best, why don't we and Dan, maybe this is more of a conversation for you. Why do we as a society, why are we so obsessed with finding the best everything? Why can't we just watch things, see like, oh, I have a theory and I'm curious as to your thoughts on this. I feel like this is a human race. We're just kind of looking for a reason to exist, right.


So that we have this legacy. So we say, I saw the best this ever. You don't know that. It's just you thinking it's the best. So you give yourself some sort of validation, your existence. What are you.


I don't think that anyone's best could possibly be better than my best of Utah. Denver, game one.


So, no, I don't quarters good. We like making a list there. He is still talking into a microphone that doesn't work one hundred feet away from the microphone.


That one's work and it's plugged in. But I've told him a million times already he can just leave it on the table and it has to be. I like it right here. Mike, he's on the other side of the room to entertain.


Your question, though, about like why people like to do this thing with the best, I think is our own selfish narcissism. Our time is always the best time. And so the thing that we think is the best is the best. But let me ask you this question. You guys mentioned these fries and everything else. Do any of those feelings or any of those feelings better than when you're erupting, having to go to the bathroom and you finally get there?


Who that's that's pretty good. I hear that. It's really good. Yeah, it's pretty good. Yeah. That is the best. The diarrhea.


Poop is the best. Diarrhea or pee pee pee.


No, no. You just if you have held it in forever and the moment you get to the toilet and sometimes it comes out before you put your butt on the actual toilet, it just starts coming out because, you know, you've arrived at a safe zone where you're not going to the toilet bowl. Dan is right. That is the best. In fact, that's number one. Laboratoire number two is that is that number one or I guess it's number two, possibly the way you're describing it.


But is that number one across generations like is that a place really that we can all get agreement on where any time that I go through history and somebody is out there saying, you know what, the best thing is this coconut that I just discovered, the first coconut in the history of coconuts, you're like, no, sir. The thing that's actually the best is when you have to go to the bathroom and you don't have to hold it, you can find a piping system that will flush it into the ocean.


Well, that's the thing. People before forward just like so happy, like, oh, fire, this is great. And now any fridges that are playing music and talking to us, like, where are we going? Because at some point they're like, oh, you're key. You just talk to it and say, open door, who cares? Miki massages me as I enter the house. Like, what? What do you talk about?


Yesterday I was at Publix and I was like, do I need LeCroy? And I just picked. My app and I saw a live feed of my refrigerator and I was like, yeah, I could use some mousse of a baby monitor for your refrigerator.


Yeah, inside. It's crazy. You guys want to see what the inside of my fridge looks like now that baby.


Listen to me, guys. That baby I said that baby is going to raise Julietta. It is going to learn how to raise his baby. That's not even going to need to do anything. Just put it in the fridge. Oh, wow. Nice fridge. Very organized.


Nice tallboy. Stella. Totally organized. Hold on a second.


I put it back up there and have Tony do sort of a chronicling of all the things in your fridge so we could, like, snoop around.


So like this app also tries to guess what it is. So there's an option where it tags it, but then it's like way off on the tags. I don't think it understands what Lacroix is, but what a stupid fridge.


It doesn't even know Lacroix is. All right. So as you can see, I'm far away from the mike. As you can see up top, we got LeCroy, Coke Zero and fresh leads. These are meals that I just nuke because I've got no time to do anything nowadays and I've just been living off of these things. Here's some aberrated here's some beers right here. Over up here, you'll see some aluminum foil. Inside that aluminum foil are cookies that I use my own to make.


Yesterday for the first time, that smart oven.


Here's some oven I do. The oven is also synched to the the refrigerator. Nice. Yeah.


So it seems like your house does everything for you. So what are you so busy doing at your house? Getting the house to do everything for me and installing everything to make the house do everything for me. It's pretty small. Your house and stuff of use it. It's pretty wild. I know. I would, I kind of endorse it. It is pretty cool, but it's not anything that I was ever comfortable with beforehand. I didn't have any of these choices when I first moved into the house, they were pretty new appliances and I'm kind of enjoying it.


It's very convenient.


When you guys bake cookies, do you go with the where do you go? Do you go with the you know, the thing that you cut you just slice someone up and you go with a premade or a circular that many the large ones, which ones you go with when you bake cookies.


Precut for me, praecox is a break.


I don't like the tube because I'm too tempted to actually take a huge if I have the tube, I'm too tempted to take a bite of the tube. Well, same as they have the new ones that are now edible outside of baking them.


And that's also a problem too.


Even though I never stopped eating them because they're always at home, I just always assume they're all good now they're edible.


And now I can sneak one while the wife isn't looking, throwing in and I don't have to turn on the oven and I don't have to hear the beats of the four hundred degree temperature.


It's nice. I'm Dan.


Do you eat straight from the tube like the cookie too.


I haven't had a cookie since like 2009.


I hear you say that. I say pizza for a while. That seems to sneak up every once in a while.


Do you remember the last cookie that you had? Oh, please tell us.


Valerie made some gluten free cookies. I hate gluten free cookies. It's like our lady. Has it been around since thousand nine?


I was thinking a cookie, the way you guys are talking about not one of these fake like a real cookie.


I was going to make a joke that, yes, she was born in 2010, but then that would have made her immediately.


Would have made me a pedophile. Yeah, I would have made it made it awkwardly young. But I wanted to make a joke of the age difference. Good man and good way to go. And that you thought about it. You did say it. Good thing. Yeah. You didn't say it. Yeah.


Do you live a life like nothing you ever eat can be the best because you eat such terrible things.


Well but they're not terrible though. That's the thing.


They're not terrible things or they don't look appetizing. What's the last time the last thing you wait that you're just like this is bleeping delicious.


No one's ever seen. You saw me sneak. No one's ever described the best.


It's just fine, which is how you describe what you eat right now.


I'm not describing the food that I eat as the best. It's not the best. Nachos with dairy free cheese are not as good as those with real cheese. Nothing I eat these days is the best.


I'm checking the I want one Digman just kind of like as if I were to just drink constantly for one day. I would feel like crap the next.


No, but what will happen is I will meet. No, I'll immediately feel like crap like my body tells me because I'm eating like the same thirty five ingredients all the time matched to my blood type. My body immediately tells me by rejecting it as if I were poisoned. If I have for example like garlic or red pepper, if I eat something that I'm not supposed to because I don't know one of the ingredients in it and it reacts. Early with my body reacts like I'm poison, many people have that reaction to you, Danny.


He spoke of actually to God as he spoke of Valerie's youth and all the smartphone stuff like I need help with all that stuff we've arrived at the age. I'm wondering maybe help you with that stuff or do the girls help you and me with that stuff?


No, the daughter my daughters are both me. And that that is so fabulous. No clue. You kidding me?


I mean, the kids do everything for us, so I have a smart doorbell now, too. And there's this community within the app and it seems as though it's just like a bunch of old ladies getting tricked by fireworks, thinking that there's gunshots everywhere. But weird shit happens on this thing. Like there was like a creepy old lady that was just standing by an SUV and they post the videos on the apps for everybody to see, like, hey, look out for this creepy old lady that just lives by your SUV and then she disappears.


It's it's a scary world out there. And apparently a mile and a half from my house, it's just straight up Sodom and Gomorrah.


What does that mean? All right, I genuinely want to talk some basketball, but it seems as though the sound of my voice turns everybody off and I look at a zoom and everyone, to my knowledge here on the zoom outside of maybe the Knicks fans do God's congratulations on that. Apex picks God's support, Miami Heat.


So maybe it's just me trying to do it. Chris, I'm going to share the rock with you because I know you were into the heat result yesterday afternoon. Maybe you take a stab at a heat topic.


Yeah, let's let's play this Jimmy Butler sound. Jimmy Butler is very interesting to me. He's very calculated. He's really smart. Dude, I feel like everything he says has a deeper meaning. So let's play the sound and then I have some reactions to it in this sound. He is talking about Goran Dragic, his teammate.


That's my guy, my my all time favorite teammates. I don't know. We just we just connect, you know, we love the game of football. Soccer. I think I'm how SILVANIA all of this stuff works out for the better. Enjoy Miklós together. So I mean, that's that's just my guy. He's just a great human being. He does whatever it takes to win, whether it's coming off the bench when he knows that he's just started, he knows that he's all star or starting like he's doing right now.


He's just so smart. And he'll do anything, absolutely anything for anybody. But I think he's a proven winner. Two things, first thing, do you think he is contractually obligated to work in a Michelob Ultra drop into every press conference, maybe once a week? What do you guys think? Is there like what's the play there? Or he's just doing it to be nice to Michelob Ultra. And they pay his checks. I finally saw that commercial that everybody was talking about.


Really funny. I think he's grateful to have a national endorsement and so he's going to protect that endorsement. I don't love as much as we love Goran Dragic. I love him saying he's a proven winner when Goran Dragic has done precious little winning.


I still can't watch the European Basketball Championship. It's not familiar with that taking Slovenia on a majestic run. He's actually one of Europe's great winners in terms of international basketball. We give all sorts of respect to Carmelo Anthony for what he's done on the international level. Have some respect for Goran Dragic.


Part of the sound, though, that I found most interesting and kind of bothered me is that we both love football, a.k.a. soccer. OK, I feel like Jimmy Butler. I feel like this whole thing with with Goran Dragic is just a Jimmy Butler can build up what a soccer fan he is. Just don't say a.k.a. soccer in that spot. If you're going to go football and talking to a bunch of American media members, you just got to assume they know what you're talking about.


When you drop in the AK soccer, that's where you lose it. I'm a soccer fan and I get turned off by that as anyone else is.


This just rubs me the wrong way, the way I know Jimmy's got some true soccer bona fides. He's legitimately good friends with Neymar, and that's why he was wearing the Neymar PSG. He supports wherever Neymar goes and she's in the Champions League final. So he's a big time soccer fan. I know that he's trying to teach Tylor Hero about the game. So Tylor Hero just goes with him to these PSG bars and he forces his love of soccer on his teammates.


So Jimmy Butler, if he continues playing the way he is right now, like this team can make like he has to be what he's been these first two games and that's asking a lot. But I feel like they can make the finals if he's this the whole playoffs.


I mean if he's this is a facilitator. If the Miami Heat make shots at this clip, they can beat anybody with those wide open looks at their generating with the ball movement. Yeah, I don't think they can shoot that well over a sustained period. But right now we're shooting performances like they got yesterday, really in these first two games. Yeah, I'd be worried if I were the Milwaukee Bucks.


I've got a friend of mine who was very nervous trying to talk to Pat Riley one time and he just sort of stammered his way through, you know, team playing well, eight of eleven or something, regular season. And Pat Riley just sort of stared at him because Riley's done a great deal of winning. And he's like, yeah, it's just the middle of the season, whatever. Yesterday after that game, I actually texted Pat Riley and I'm like, the ball movement on this team is ridiculously good.


And his response was, it's been two games. Oh, champion mentality right there. I feel like if you have if you ask Pat about the playoffs, be like it's the first round. This is what I told you guys when it was like me and Pat Riley. We don't think this is the playoffs yet.


And I cannot wait to see if the Marlins make the first round of the playoffs just like a playoff game to see what your reaction is going to be to that.


But that's different, right? Why how is it why is it different?


Because they lost one hundred games last year. They haven't been in the playoffs in forever. And there's different expectations. You say just be like two or three out with a week to go. We'll fill out playoff games. Right.


I already feel like they're in the playoffs just because they're having meaningful games in August.


The Heat weren't in the playoffs last year. I mean, I understand what you're saying about expectations, but I mean, this is this is to have a team that you think legitimately has a shot to get out of the second round. We haven't had that since that that Hornets series that went to seven and then the Raptors series, it's been like, what, four or five years? Dwayne Wade's last team, right, or was it was not his last team, his last team that he took deep into the playoffs where they played the Raptors and they took him to like a Game six, they took him to a game seven and they lost.


Yeah, they got blown up. That was Dwayne Wade's last year before I forget what happened on the timeline. But I think he decided, hey, I'm going to take a break from the game and then I'm going to come back to the Miami Heat. I believe that's how that happened.


I believe so. What happens here? Because Billy has dismissed the first round of the playoffs as it regards the Miami Heat. But I figured that you would have lost some of your enthusiasm for the Marlins based on what the Mets just did to them. Like a minor league team could literally go nine and six over 15 games in this schedule. A minor league, a legitimate minor league team could get lucky for 15 games, but you're going to get exposed over time.


I feel like all the Marlins stuff went away this weekend where the Mets just kept clubbing them. No, you didn't feel like that.


Well, they're coming back and they still been out. They've been missing their actual team for like two weeks. We'll see what happens now when they play the Nationals, but they're still in it. I mean, it's because, look, if they make the playoffs this year, it's a fluke because they're probably going to make it, not because they're winning their division only the only way they can make it.


I understand your enthusiasm in that regard, but I would have thought it would be deflated by what happened against the Mets. Like Stukas isn't even paying attention to those Mets in these conditions, and they really just beat you upside the head. Yeah.


What do you want to say? The heat are better than the Marlins, you guys. I mean, Marlins is a game and a half hour. Well, you know, it I mean, it's yesterday's game got postponed, right?


Because I said yeah. Because someone with the Mets tested positive for covid. Are they good at what? What's the plan by Major League Baseball if some of these covid outbreaks happen when there's less time to make up games? Because I think right now the whole plan for Major League Baseball is we'll kick the can down the road, make up the games on the back end of the season. But no one's really explain to me what the plan is if one of these happens towards the latter part of the season where you can't just kick the can down the road.


I just doubleheaders, we'll figure it out, just that there's no time, it seems to be their strategy for everything, just like this one. It's fly by the seat of. Exactly. We'll figure it out when we get there. And if we need to do a triple header, that's three innings and we'll do three to three innings.


I kind of like it's such a mutation of the game, such like a transparent cash grab that I'm kind of in on it.


Oh, I'm sorry. I'm you know what I'm laughing at? I'm laughing at you have us all being Peter Pan. You have baseball being picked up by a wire by the seat of their pants. And just like I'd like to, I still don't understand the origins of that phrase. But it's a perfect phrase because that is what baseball is doing. Rob Manfred has been picked up by a wire by the seat of his pants in forty games from now.


He's just going to fly over everything that's happening and not have any control over anything. Some sort of crane just allows him to swing him by the seat of his pants. Where does that same come from? Is it is it acrobat or is it the circus? Like what? It's such a it's such a great phrase. I'm sorry. Damn it. Everything that was happening here, it just makes me laugh. Stuart's getting it because that is what they're doing.


They are they are going to figure it out. Forty games in by flying by the seat of their pants, making it up as they go along.


Then we can we we've been doing this all season where it's just like I think the conversation is, can we give Duncan Robinson credit. This is amazing. What a testament to eat culture. No one really has anything that. Did he take a two point shot attempt yesterday? He took one yesterday. You got very excited. When their shots are going in, it's very easy to watch them against Milwaukee because Milwaukee's defense is good. They're going to be a lot of games where you're watching and you're going to say they're playing terrible just because the shots are not going it.


How many they make yesterday? What did they end up shooting?


Because they ended up beating the Pacers a lesser team by making, you know, half their three, but they're playing different post restart ball movement was part of what this team was doing. But it definitely seems like it's kicked up. And it's sort of when the Spurs beat the Miami Heat in five, Miami Heat had, you know, elite defensive switching. LeBron James was a best player on the planet, on both sides. And the Spurs just tired them out because the ball is faster than any defender.


It seems as though there is a conscious effort and granted, it's winning basketball. So maybe the whole they're just putting a premium on winning games and this is our best shot to win. But the way they're playing basketball right now seems as though this is all calculated and they're just trying to devise and perfect a way of playing to beat the Milwaukee Bucks specifically because this is the only shot you got at beating Giannis. They went 18 to thirty five yesterday from three, why didn't Kendrick Nunn all of a sudden not playing?


What's going on? Their coach's decision down there was that weird quarantine.


Look, the book on Kendrick Nunn, the reason why the Miami Heat got a player like Kendrick Nunn. He had off court issues. He was one of these troubled prospects. They developed them into a guy that's going to finish any they developed into a guy that's probably going to finish top three in the rookie of the year voting. But I think maybe just given his history and given how weird it is for him to fall out of the rotation. Tyler Hero, I think the Miami Heat are better for what has happened because Tyler Heroes playing more.


But I kind of feel I'm speculating here that maybe Kendrick Dunn slipped up somehow. I don't know if that's fair. I don't know if that so I would say that you'd want to get Tyler Hero play off minutes as fast as possible, given that none is someone who has been a surprise and fun. But in terms of how you value him, you picked him. They didn't they didn't have to pick him. They got value from him. But Tyler Hero was taken high.


And so they want to play a young player in the playoffs, which tends to go against the Riley thing. I would also say beyond that, something that's really interesting if you're a Heat fan and that what you're saying in terms of strategy, you're not just actually playing to just beat the Bucs in the second round, you're playing to end the Bucs so you can get Giannis because that's the condition under which Giannis leaves Milwaukee where he realized Wait a minute I'm trying to I have to do too much here.


I could be stopped by the Miami Heat. Let me go join that team so that we could build something with Jimmy Butler.


No doubt. And you were right to jump on me speculating but I'm not just talking about what's happened to none rotational. There wasn't a great deal of reporting. It seems there's a really good relationship between the local media and the Miami Heat where they respect all sorts of privacies, whether it's Jimmy Butler stepping away from the game. But Kendrick none had this weird isolation thing. No one knew what the covid status was. If he tested positive, no one really spoke to it.


So I'm not just speaking about what's happened. Rotation.


Hold on a second, though. Weren't they doing that where Derrick Jones Junior? I think what they were doing there is allowing each guy to say whether or not he wanted it made public. And so Derrick Jones Junior was fine with it being made public, but didn't Bam and Nunn both sit out and we really didn't know why they were sitting out. We just assumed they had test. But that was but that was before the bubble. Kendrick Nunn had an isolation thing, a quarantine thing within the bubble.


And there was like no real reporting done on it. And, yeah, they can respect his privacy. But I'm speculating what's happened to the rotation. Look, Meyers, Leonard, we have all sorts of question marks about Meyers, Leonard, and so does this, where people fall out of his rotation. But with Kendrick, none specifically. It's an odd time for it to happen. Kendrick Nunn is a bit of a ball stopper and he doesn't necessarily mesh with this style of basketball.


So there is absolutely a tactical explanation for why he's fallen out of the rotation. But considering all the the weird vagaries surrounding that quarantine, I'm left to speculate.


Why wouldn't you jump to the conclusion this way that if the heat were built to win against Milwaukee and a right now mode, the thing that you have to do is use Iguodala and Crowder, the guys you got, and that if the thing the plan went as designed, that the way that we would have picked this to happen before the season even started is Meyers. Leonard is out of the rotation, replaced by someone who's been gotten at the trade deadline, and none is also out of the rotation, replaced by the growth of their first round pick.


Tyler here.


Yeah it seems as though because Olynyk remember Olynyk was a guy that also fell out of the rotation because Meyers Leonard. And that's not just a white guy taking minutes but Meyers Leonard can shoot from the outside. He's in a willing team defender. He's pretty agile for his size. I think he could help, especially when Kelly Olynyk is in on the floor. But Kendrick Nunn is absolute. It's absolutely right. If you're looking for a ball movement type of team, you're and one that can shoot from distance, even though Kendrick Nunn is a pretty decent shooter.


Yeah, I'd much rather have Tyler Hero and Iguodala and Jae Crowder out there then the skill set that Kendrick Nunn provides, unless it could also just be that they're all healthy right now and that there's just no room for all of them.


Yeah, but it's odd to have someone that was such such a big part of your rotation in team and then suddenly he just. That's it. It's on. Right.


I think it honestly is them like seeing the big picture with Tyler here. And to Dan's point, wanting to get him play off minutes because they just see the upside in him. And to my point, Kelly. Oh, during some of these season games, just like our go to scorer for a few games, and now he played like twelve minutes yesterday. So I just think everybody's healthy right now. And SPO has a lot of options.


It's not just seeing the upside because people do need to understand the way this thing is built and because of what time Riley has left with this team that they're not just playing for now beyond what we just said. It's not just playing Tyler here because you want your first round pick to grow and you'd like to win and you'd want him to get playoff minutes.


They have to have valuable pieces. They have to have guys out there that other people are going to want in the event that the honest thing falls through and they have to trade Tyler Hero to get something. They want that scene in the playoffs, the potential for growth so that if if it comes to it and you have to trade Bam and Tyler hero for a superstar in the off season, you can do it.


But the counter to that is Kendrick Nunn, a guy that in all likelihood going to finish second maybe in the rookie of the year. But that's a guy that you would like to show because internally they think Tyler hero ceiling is higher than Kendrick Nunn. That's what I'm. Scandrick done. That's what I'm saying to you, I'm sorry, God, I stepped on your line. I got I got two serious things. You guys should be apologizing. I got too serious with.


Well, that's why he's rubbing his left arm right now. That's a good one. It was a good one, but I stepped on you there. But I think that the nun ceiling, you're seeing it. You're not seeing the hero ceiling like it's not here yet. How old is. He's 19.


One of the things that really jumped off the screen outside of the ball movement was how Bam Adebayo can impact the game. But his counting stats don't really reflect the impact that he has on the game. There were moments in watching that game and again, it was difficult because we did a twitch stream. But his recovery speed, the fact that he has to get trapped at half court, this is a weapon that the Miami Heat at that size at six, ten, specifically because LeBron is a pretty big guy as well.


But for a post defender to be able to do that, this is totally foreign to the Miami Heat. And you can see why Giannis wanted to work out with him in the summer because he that's the player comp for Bam Adebayo not Alonzo Mourning that and everyone thought that coming out of Cantabile.


What did you think of the Twitch party. What did you think of how it went in terms of getting people to watch the game with us yesterday. We're going to try to do more of that. I don't know how much the schedules are going to line up to make it as easy as it was yesterday. But what did you think about the whole experience?


It was good. It was fun. Could have used me sending out the tweet with the address of some fans could join. But we'll do that next time. Don't worry.


What happened to Attwell, the guy that you wanted to invite to the chat that I yelled at and then reinvited to the chat and then was never in the in the zone?


I couldn't invite him because we couldn't invite the fans because there was some recordings on there from before that they were going to get access to or something. So I didn't send it to the fans.


Yeah, Zoom's got very faulty security and I just don't want to be willy nilly about, hey, here's the access to the zoom, because that could fall into the wrong hands, Dan. And then all of a sudden, next thing you know, you're apologizing sincerely to an audience and have to call it deep drive to left field by Kasyanov's.


What big secrets were you guys revealing, though? We couldn't like? I don't think we'd do anything crazy that the fans would get a hold of, like, whoa, outrageous.


I just don't want to off air conversations in the hands of others. I don't want to be taken out of context. And I also we were recording content before and I just don't want that in the hands. Why is this so hard to grasp? And.


Well, you and him have a funny tension that way. And it's the funny tension around the show in general, where people want to do wacky things and there are always impingement to doing the wacky things. And then one of us, usually you or me, has to be the bleep hole who prohibits the wacky thing would have been more fun to do it the way Billie wanted to do it. And it might have caused a breach that resulted in all of us getting fired.


I don't know until we actually do it. But Mike is just trying there on the side of caution and Billy saying, hey, let's roll the dice with our careers and I get it. I don't know what could happen there, Billy. Exactly.


Should we roll the dice for Attwell to start a new Zombo? We're going to do something new and don't say bad things. And no one can take another woman saying bad things.


I don't want to have the precedent. It's not fun being the guy that says no. But then you have results like what happened to our show, technically speaking. And it would have been really nice to have some shots in studio. But instead he was quarantined for fourteen days because he made a conscious decision to go to Maryland. These are not fun things to be saying. No on the front end four. It's because I'm worried about what the result might be.


And it's maybe look, it's an innocent Zoome Nothing happened within that. Zoome That I'm worried about other people having outside of some content that we taped for the show beforehand. It's just I don't want the precedent out there. It's the fear of the unknown that I that I just don't want stuff in other people's hands.


I think we should start calling Dan and Mike Nana because in my house Nan and Pop used to live and then Pop would always let me do whatever I want. But Nana was always the responsible one. Nana was like, guys, you need to relax. You're going to get hurt. This is dangerous. You shouldn't do this, AIana. Yeah, they go. Everyone needs a dad in there.


I don't want to be. And I want to do the stuff that is dangerous. And I'll get a pop. Pop, that's probably not it's probably not prudent.


I'm so tired of being damn like it puts all you guys in the winning positions of being the rodeo clown. I want to be the rodeo clown. I would love for a dancer to appear and tell me I couldn't do things. Because they were too dangerous to all of our careers. I love that Danz painting himself as the careful one. It's just me and my avatar, like eight percent of my stress is created by Dan, might be my guess, my military arm, but I am at war sometimes with my own military arm.


Mike is doing. Mike is absolutely protecting me from myself and me from you guys and me from everybody.


It's just Danz out here. Yeah. Why don't we have the zoom, Dan? Because of you. Because, you know, I just got no conversation this morning.


I want to put the whole radio show on the two on Twitch. I want to know I want to put the whole thing on Twitch, but there are certain dangers involved with doing that. Look, you know how many complaints we get all every day. Why aren't you guys on the simulcast as if there's not a pandemic, as if we're not under corporate governance? Like, why aren't you guys on television? I want to put us on television. There are all sorts of nannies out there who won't let me put us on television.


If it were apprentice, I think if it were a priority that if it were truly a priority to get us on to television like it was safe for the rest of the ESPN radio lineup that was just unveiled, we'd be on television.


We're just not a priority right now from a marketing standpoint, it's just painfully obvious.


I mean, Jimmy's got the greatest lighting I've ever seen in his living room. And here we are like, hey, we've been on ESPN News. So I think our run is we've been on ESPN News longer than Dave Rabson. And curcumin is work. And I think we're just going to be an animation graphic for the rest of our days.