Happy Scribe

The thing that I wish to know, the thing that I demand to know because there was a bit of a film on our show yesterday, it seemed a little despondent and a little depressed. The thing that I want to know is I talked to Billy and Tony and Roy and my care. It's got to be here in a second, is who has the guts. I want to know if anyone has the guts, because I don't believe that you guys have the guts anymore.


The media is acting as if it's mad at the Miami Heat. The media is predicting that the series is over, that it feels over. And they wanted a series. They want to see LeBron James challenge. They want to see moment. They do not want to see the Miami Heat roll over. They don't want to see a series that isn't competitive. They want the climax of the season to come with crescendoed. Do you have the guts?


I don't believe that you guys have the guts and I am utterly gutless. No shot if bam out of my own Goran Dragic can't play no shot. Probably given what we saw in game one. Considering the run that they went on with those guys out there, I wouldn't really like our chances if healthy but now no guts. I'm gutless.


Help me with this here. Have they declared Goran out because I actually was talking to heat people late into the night yesterday and what they told me was it took Udonis Haslem five days to come back from this back when he was twenty five. So once they said that, I'm thinking Goran's in his thirties, it's all pain threshold. He tore it completely and it's actually good. He can't make it any worse playing. It's all about how much it hurts and what he can withstand.


But even withstanding pain threshold, it took Udonis Haslem, the guy that Tyler hero, called the OG when he was on with us the other day. Everyone knows or assumed that his pain threshold is off the charts and it has only with twenty five and it took him five days to come back. So I would assume that Goran at the bare minimum, wouldn't be back till game.


For the latest on him is that he's fighting people in the organization to come out and play. He plays was crushed. Yeah.


Oh of course he works his entire career for for this moment in the professional ranks. It's a bummer. He plays a different game than Udonis Haslem to probably needing that feed for his more agile game such that it is as a veteran then Udonis Haslem. But the fact that he tore it completely because that's where the pain is, the extreme pain is when it hasn't worn completely and it's tugging and it's trying to get to the point of tearing completely. So it's a pain threshold thing.


We're assuming he can't play. You're not assuming you're going to see him tonight, the Miami Heat.


Listen to people doubtful. And historically, they don't really list people as doubtful. I don't know if this is like trying to boost, like, the culture and the individual heroism and bravery of those players. But they never list people doubtful it's either out or questionable. So it was a curious listening. So my Grion is gutless, that's it, it's done according to my Grion, like you can't you can't come back from this if you are saying after game one that you're gutless and you are Heat Holmer guy.


You've noticed this in the coverage, correct? The media seems angry at the Miami Heat.


We actually George Tadano systematically tear's that argument apart because it's lazy. And that's what was going on through the ESPN content machine. People just angry that I think they're still angry that they didn't get Clippers Lakers. But if you reseed, say we do this thing to Jay, Williams said. And now Jalen Rose was upset that this is happening. If you reseed, you get the same exact matchup at the Miami Heat, go through Boston in the first round, Milwaukee in the second round, and in the third round, they play Toronto, a team that they actually matched up better than with the Boston Celtics.


The Lakers have to go through pretty much the same exact path, too. So you end up with the same exact final. So that argument does not hold any water.


Who are these people that are actually angry? Because I see people disappointed that the series is not going to be a good one if they lose two of their best players. But who's actually angry? You guys keep saying people are angry that the Heat are on the finals. Who are these people?


Mike Greenberg, Jalen Rose, Jay Williams people, the content creators at this country? Well, no, I think they're creating content, but they're doing it lazily so much as to not, OK, let's argue for risk, because that will definitely be a different finals and one that's better than this one, because this is a huge bummer. Everyone is very publicly disappointed with how game one went and has very little hope that this is going to be a more serious series, more tightly contested.


But it's lazy because if you actually do the reseating, you realize that you land on the same exact finals, reseating or not, isn't the biggest issue is the injuries, right?


Like if the Miami Heat came in fully stocked, everybody healthy. This is a series that has a chance to go seven.


That is the way that people were picking it, I was surprised by the number of people who were picking the heat like this was not any kind of foregone conclusion. People seem to assume people seem to actually put stock in the teams that Miami beat. You see them dismantle Milwaukee, the best team in the league in five games, and shoot in a way where now everyone is saying everyone is saying, why is Rondo making shots in the bubble? Because it's just easier for professional basketball players to shoot in that bubble because of sight lines and no fans and everything else.


But Billy, do you have the guts or do you only have the guts for the Marlins? Do you not even have the guts for the Marlins? Because you, Darvish is scary to you? You're scared.


You Darvish, are you kidding? And those cheating ass cubs and their fake weather machine, what are you talking about? What was that yesterday, by the way? A joke is what that was yesterday. Inclement weather. We have to cancel the game an hour before the game has even started. Did you see the pictures? People were tweeting out of the videos people were sending from Wrigley Field yesterday, I think an hour and a half in to what would have been the game.


It eventually started sprinkling. Something is up and I'm on it. I'm investigating what's going on here. And guess what, cubs? I already have a plan that I'm going to send to Donnie baseball. And I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it involves changing the starting pitcher because you guys clearly cheated so that you could study up on six, though, and you're not going to get six.


So today, if it was up to me, Billy, I'm going to start a task force with you. I have a friend of mine who is actually somebody that works inside the Cubs organization. He's a big fan of the show. He's not involved in this. He he may not be. He may be. We don't know. He may have left the water hose on at night. So the of the field gets flooded. We don't know. But he sent me a picture of one first pitch was about to take was what should have been pitched.


And it was completely blue skies. There was no with no weather, no rain. I'm going to send everybody the pictures. You put that in a Ziploc bag that is exhibit A.


All right. So you're calling them did you call them the cheating ass cubs? Is that what you.


I don't remember what I said. Well, I've moved on. I don't live in the past. And this is a quick moving investigation.


You're not really aspiring to objectivity there.


Like you said, you were exhibit A, we have it in a Ziploc bag.


But you understand calling them the cheating ass cubs doesn't exactly make you neutral anymore.


I don't need to be neutral. OK, I'm the prosecutor here. Right. Is that the prosecutor is the one that goes after the. Yes, the criminals. Yes.


Yeah. You're the D.A. And what is the prosecutor specifically accusing the Cubs of? Because Tony just said there was no weather yesterday. And I don't think that that's possible, that there was no weather. I think weather was present.


So what what are you we're investigating how much weather there was then, OK? Whether there was weather is what your weather. There was weather. OK, and you're going to what are you saying that you're going to send to Don Mattingly? You're going to.


Oh, he's already got in my game plan for today's game. Rest assured, it's in his hands on his desk in a manila folder. And your plan is just to switch the starting pitcher. That's that's your plan. Let them know what the plan is.


That's actually brilliant. Saving six. So the guy with the best stuff on the staff for a possible game three and if not worst case scenario, he starts game one of the next series. Well, so this can be spun into spun into a win because I mean, sexo going up against you. Darvish has been really good this season and most people would say they fancy you, Darvish, his chances in that match up. So that's probably a smarter play, right?


You know who else they fancy? Kyle Hendricks and what happened to him? Bombi Parcells. That's what happened to him. It was Mombasa's.


I also like. Did you like Billy? I can imagine. You OK? I don't know what you guys are planning here with this twitch and much of anything.


I'm not actually that confident, just if you're aware. Right. And this is this is a good position for me, because if the Marlins win today, this was good because Starling Marty got an extra day of rest, which he needs on his fractured pinky. Right.


But if they lose nefariousness, Sims was up, OK, Nefariousness Sims or racism's, which I think is a Dr. Seuss word.


Uh huh. It doesn't seem like a word that is English. But what I was asking you, because I think it would be fun to watch these games with you and because you have a twitch planned in the future broadcast so that people can watch the Marlins game with you. The thing that I wanted to ask you was about game one when they went to their sideline reporter during the broadcast and he was talking in the seventh inning before Bamboozles. He was talking about, well, with Hendricks, you know, you've got to start thinking about the defensive replacement players because a one nothing lead is pretty insurmountable.


With Hendricks, I was thinking of you and the idea that you were yelling at your television, were you or were you scared and agreeing with the sideline guy a one nothing lead is the time to put in defensive replacements. Right is Hendrix gives up a couple of bombs.


I was kind of laughing at the idea of putting in defensive replacements when the people they put on the screen were Cameron Maybin and Billy Hamilton. Because I said who? I hope they really think that one run is enough, because I don't think that's going to be a source of offense for them. Got an update on the task force, so my buddy inside our mole inside the Cubs sent me a picture. There was whether Dan there was whether there was a couple of clouds.


But he did say I will say it did start hailing at about five thirty.


While we would have been bad for five 30, the game would have been official by then. Yeah, no, that would be five thirty there time. That's six thirty this time. The game started at two to the four and a half hour. That game would have been exhibit B, put it in a zip block. Do we have any of the hail.


We we may not, but I'll try and find some. That's the thing about ice, Dan, the perfect crime. You've heard about that, right? What is the perfect ice with a perfect crime, the perfect way to kill someone is with an icicle. Because the weapon melts. I've read all I've heard. I had never heard that before, where are you, Exhibit C. I don't think that's Exhibit C, impaling someone with an icicle. Perfect way to kill someone.


Yeah, because think about it. Everyone looks for the murder weapon and look for the murder weapon if it's melted. Billy, when are you doing the twist?


The perfect crime. Hail to ruin a baseball game. Hmm. Guys, just good news, if game three happens, is going to be the only baseball game on Saturday. You guys are rooting for game three. I know. What's up?


Exhibit the I think you're taking this whole, like, attorney thing a little too literally because Dan is asked you like four direct questions about the twitch.


And this is an ongoing investigation. Sometimes when investigations are going on, you have outside distractions that are trying to keep you off point.


And, you know, wait a minute, where were you yesterday? Dan Le Batard?


Billy is deep in character. Mike, the thing that you're not understanding is he's Daniel Day Lewis. He is deep in this attorney character who is who is prosecuting the Cubs for being cheating and who's on your suspect board.


Because right now, Len Casper, just because of his association with the two franchises, needs to be up there with a red piece of yarn.


Well, right now, no one has been ruled innocent. There are lots of things going on, but nothing gets by. Daniel Day game Lewis.


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If you listen to the big city today, there was some breaking news when we were actually taping Bam autobio has real difficulty lifting his arm over where his shoulder is right now. That's it's not just the wrist. It's not just his shoulder. Now, you add the next train into it. And I think Miami could potentially survive the loss of Goran Dragic for a couple of games, even potentially the entire series, if you are at your most hopeful. But bam, on a bio that that that's too much to overcome.


Part of the strategy here is just bombs away from three. Goran Dragic is a big part of that and bam, finding open shooters working inside out is a big part of that. I think it's too much to overcome if you lose both these players down.


The reason that it's not for a game, for a series, it is, but for a game it's not is for the same reason that the Bucs were able to beat the heat without Giannis when they were down three. A game in basketball doesn't mean much. You get a bunch of Lakers shooting poorly you can steal a game. But yes, that's just generally hopeless in terms of winning the series and I just feel it in, in what it is that's happening around the sport where the question being asked after game one in a way that isn't just feeding the content machine because I am good and tired of somebody going down to zero in a series and then somebody saying that the series is over after one game.


You don't often hear that. You don't often hear that. Even if the Bucs had lost that way in game one of the final, nobody would be saying the Bucs are done. It would be ugly and unpleasant. But people will be like that happens sometimes in a single game.


But I think with this particular series where you have the Lakers blow the Heat out and the Heat had three injuries, one of them to their leading scorer, the other one to probably their best defensive player. I mean, that seems problematic for me.


I can't think of a worse case scenario than the one that's hit them. Like, I can't I can't think of how you can make that worse than their top three players. There are two all stars. And the guy who has been, you know, as good as anybody during on the team during the entire playoff run, leading scorer for first round, second round, third round.


And the one guy that's out there rolled his ankle pretty bad. And you're asking him to up his game to a certain level and really match LeBron James. And Jimmy Butler's not that kind of player. He's a guy that we're debating whether or not he's in the top fifteen. He's going to need to be a top five player on the planet. Maybe he can get you a game and buy you time to get some guys a little bit healthier. If you can make this a five game series, that's the longest break, the break between game four and game five.


And maybe some guys can get healthier. It's just really hard just being objective here. What is the line? It opened at six and then the news of Doubtful came out.


And I imagine I think it's seven and a half them. I there's there's a back door opportunity. It's this is going to be really hard, man. I'm basically rooting I would love to take game two so I can work myself up into a hopeful and read injury reports. I want to see the culture game. I want to see, you know, we could have ran we could have punted on this series. We have the built in excuse already.


We'll get them next time. That's not really what Jimmy Butler is about. Jimmy Butler's out here saying we're going to win, still even understanding the injuries. So I want to see that. I want to puff my chest out and be proud of my team one more time.


This was something that I wanted to discuss a couple of days ago. And I'm just curious what your guys thoughts are on this, because Jimmy Butler, I keep reading about Jimmy Butler's reputation as a bad teammate or a cancer or whatever, a difficult teammate. And I don't really get it. Stewart, I don't understand. I know that he was pushing, you know, Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins in a way that it seems like they probably needed to be pushed.


They were young players coming into the league. Jimmy Butler is not going to have a whole lot of tolerance for a man of millennial mentality. Right. He wasn't the problem in Chicago. Nobody thought he was the problem in that locker room, even as that locker room ended up having problems. And I don't recall people saying he was a bad teammate in Philadelphia like he just left Philadelphia. I recall people saying that he was a welcome addition in Philadelphia and that Embiid and Simmons needed him.


Agreed. I didn't, I didn't listen. His teams have a perform that well so maybe that's the problem. And you heard some stories about him and Wade really separating themselves from the team in Chicago and I think that's where the bad teammate stuff really.


But again, it's a bunch of millennials, like a bunch of young players.


So get to your point, though. There was some smoking at. Division between the established players and the head coach, he did that in Philadelphia with Brett Brown and we see there's still division between Embiid and Ben Simmons and Embiid doesn't shy away from being very pro Jimmy Butler. It seems as though there was a division between line in the sand. You're either a Jimmy Butler guy and Embiid fell on that side or you're this more. I hate using this word in this context but more millennial sensibility.


Ben Simmons type.


Right by the way, that lines nine and a half now Lakers are minus nine and a half over the Heat. So.


So why doesn't Wade get bad teammate if it was him and Jimmy Butler conspiring against the rest of a very young boozer? Well, we did build it. There's just both multiple examples. It started in Chicago with Rondo, Wade and Jimmy Butler saying this is crap, this head coach, this is a mess and you young guys aren't worth it. He was aligned with Tebow in Minnesota. The problem there was the players. He's exonerated not only by the fact that he's in the finals, but you have the benefit of hindsight with those franchises, those locker rooms, those players, and you know that, oh, they're a problem regardless.


Look what happens when Jimmy Butler leaves these franchises and they're left to their own devices.


Dad, do you the Jimmy Butler can give you one of those games? No. You don't know. Like what? Like because they need that.


So he gave you one of those games against Milwaukee.


He was capable of winning, but with the full know with Bam of bio's sort of being the trigger on everything they were doing offensively. No, I don't think you can get a forty point Jimmy Butler game out of nowhere when he's going to be their only offensive weapon, like he's going to be their only offensive creator. It's not just that you're losing an all star. And Goran Dragic, you're getting the two guys through which the offense runs when they're out there.


So now what is going to happen? It's going to be LeBron guarding Jimmy Butler. Like what?


Well, it's going to be Jimmy Butler guarding LeBron too. So he spends a lot of energy on the defensive side. Both teams, both teams are switching. It seems as though Miami is implemented this soft switch, which hopefully doesn't carry over to game two. But the person that really initiates the offense is Jimmy Butler. And it's a lot better of an offense when he's finding guys like Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic. Now he's finding guys like Kelly Olynyk and Kendrick none.


I mean, Tyler Herot probably gets Tyler here is going to be amplified, but I don't know if you guys saw game one. I don't know how great of a thing that is right now because after the thirty seven point game, I don't know if he's feeling himself. He's he's decisive. I'll give him that. But he's making bad decisions out there.


Tyler Hero. Well, that's a super small sample, right? I mean, he had a rough time in the last game against the Celtics and he had a rough time in the first half against Lakers decision making, though I'm latching on to the decision making decision making with him.


While decisive, he makes up his mind about where he's going to go. And sometimes that is in the back. I get it.


But we're two games removed from him. Thirty seven points and one turnover. The decision making was fine.


Two games understood. I think that when you look at what happened in the first game, Duncan Robinson and these guys are all being introduced to the height of playoff basketball because you're going up against LeBron James, an all time player, and Anthony Davis pretty much a consensus top five player in the league. And you're going after that with Jimmy Butler. That's pretty clearly not enough if Bam's not going to play at all.


All I'm saying is he is the superstar. Granted, he's not LeBron James. He has a career high of fifty three points for one night.


You need Jimmy Butler to play like a superstar, but he's not that kind of superstar lineup.


But can he be for a night, I guess is what he's talking about. What are you talking about? What can he be for a night like? Are you talking about take thirty shots and and score 40 points? I'm saying he needs to be north of forty point. Need him to be the guy that after you got the knee injury, Minnesota still strolled into a practice and dominated Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins with a bunch of DNP coach decision guys while only scoring one bucket in the practice.


I don't know if he can do that honestly, if you're rooting for something improbable, but far more likely thing is Anthony Davis getting injured, then Jimmy Butler scoring fifty, I would think. But who knows? Jimmy Butler is not buying into the fact that this series is done. He that's just not how he's cut. We all know that he sounds ridiculous. Now, in interviews to the nation, I wouldn't put it past him because he's like literally the only option if Bama and Goran Dragic can go.


They have to put it past them, though, Mike, because that's not the kind of player that he is, especially on a team where he's going to be the primary option, where the Lakers, who have an exceptional defense, not not decent, it's an exceptional defense and they've got a legitimate rim protector. Explain to me how you guys have Jimmy Butler getting into that stratosphere when the shots are difficult to come by and they're going to be leaning toward him?


I personally don't I don't want he's asking if he can. Yeah, I'm we're just asking the question we're looking for.


This is where we are in the series with the reality of the injury situation. You're you're just seeing hope and praying that Jimmy Butler can become a top five guy and not. A top 15 guy. It's odd that we're just asking a question as if you have the answer. I mean, it's I don't feel pretty confident he does have the answer.


Right, which is no. How about culture next man up. How about that?


How about Kendrick Dunn, the next man. The next man up as Kelly Olynyk Why is it Kendrick None in Runyon's.


I mean the difference between Kendrick and Goran Dragic is not that much that you can't hope for Kendrick. None to give you the kind of game that you would want from a guy who was second in Rookie of the Year voting. But the reason that I question what you guys are doing with Jimmy Butler is because it's not even like you can bank on a consistent jumper, like maybe Jimmy Butler can play a super aggressive game and get you twelve free throws or something.


Maybe Jimmy Butler decides to go neck first into the paint and try to create stuff for their three point shooters. But I just don't know how you get the monster scoring game from a guy whose jumper you don't trust.


I mean, he can do it though. Like he scored forty by by shooting well from the field. He can do it occasionally. But your nonpoint is probably the best one. Now in terms of production, Kendrick Nunn proved in the preseason, this is a guy that's capable of going for 40, even especially if he has more opportunities, not counting on that. But the Gulf and talent may not be that serious, but certainly the Gulf and trust is massive.


When you talk about Goran Dragic and Kendrick Nunn, No.


One, no keep and trust Kendrick Nunn, and especially because his shooting has been bad except for the last game throughout the postseason. But let me ask you guys this question. At the risk of sounding totally absurd, because I like Jimmy Butler as a player, I do not mean to disparage him when I say I don't think of him as a superstar. I think of him as an excellent basketball player. But if you ask me who's more likely to get thirty points tonight because they get hot from the perimeter, I've got a couple of guys on the team who aren't him that I would think of in terms of Tyler here, out there, and not just in terms of shooting.


They know Duncan Robinson goes nine for ten from three, but I'm not expecting four for six.


If Jimmy Butler does erupt and give you the forty point game, it's because he's getting to the line 14 times. And and conversely, he's getting people in foul trouble if he does that. And that affects the actual talent that's out there on the court for Los Angeles. So if he's going to line 14 times, that's two fouls maybe on Anthony Davis. And maybe you can get lucky, but you're going to need to get lucky this game.


If those two guys are out for Miami, I imagine the audience is listening to this and saying these guys are not only hopeless, they all sound like dopes, like thinking that this is still any kind of series, like they all sound like they're doing. It's not over. I don't. Oh, OK. He does sound like the dope then because I want to be OK. Not abundantly clear. I kind of fear it's over if those guys can't play, it's not over.


By the way, Jimmy Butler, game one against Milwaukee, had a forty point game in a thirty point game against the Bucks.


I mean, he got my mike said the three times while we were doing the segment should have been listening.


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Two more exhibits, by the way, I just got more exhibit Anonymous called Source Inciter, if you will.


Yeah, what you get, you guys sounded crazy last segment. And while you guys were doing that whole thing about Jimmy Butler and he's going to score 40 or whatever. Evidence was coming in fast and furious, we've now moved up to Exhibit E, F and G, if you'd like updates on this case, Exhibit Aedin quote, Seems like the scouting department was worried about six Stow's stuff, Exhibit E and Baggett, who said there's the exhibit.


What is that?


That's an anonymous source. We can't reveal the source because then they will not be anonymous anymore and we'll lose the source exhibit F quote. It's way colder today than yesterday. We postponed the game to make the Miami team play in 40 degrees weather. I mean, that sounds like an admission of guilt. Now tag it and bag it. Exhibit G, if you'll see right here. Wow.


He's holding up in a plastic and a plastic bag. That's a cell phone with Scott. A latex glove on. Yes, because we can't contaminate the evidence.


Of course, that's a weather map of some sort. What is this is a tweet that Father Manny sent me yesterday. And it's a weather map, as you can see clearly over Chicago. It's in a bag. It's my cell phone because I don't have a printer here. But I wanted to make sure that this was still.


You don't want any fingerprints on that phone hacking the evidence.


Exactly. So now my phone is in a bag, so hopefully I won't need it later today. But it's going to be part of this investigation. And it says, quote, I mean, those two clouds over Lake Michigan stock up on water and canned goods now was from Father Manny along with the weather map.


So man of God, a man of God is calling them the cheating on his cubs. Is that what he is suggesting, that they're sinners?


I'm not here to say that God is on one side or the other, but we'll leave that up to the people to decide.


Well, explain to me where it is we are. If you're just joining us, Billy has decided to prosecute the cheating as cubs.


He has become looking for the truth then. Yes, that's.


I'm sorry I didn't say it that way. He has become Daniel game day game Lewis. There has been a task force he alleges has been assembled. He's got a source in the Cubs organization that we are simply referring to as Tony's boy. What is happening? What is the update on the investigation? What can you give us in the way of information?


The task force has not only been assembled, it has been mobilized. How so? Well, we're mobile now, we're moving, things are good, things are in motion, they have boots on the ground, boots on the ground in Chicago, we have boots on the ground.


We have boots in the air. We have boots on the Twitter. We have boots in the sky checking the clouds. No stone will be left unturned to find out what exactly went on yesterday.


What is happening with you and Father Manning? Explain to me this relationship. What do you mean?


I just don't understand the relationship. Like, why is he sending you a weather map?


Because sometimes when people see nefarious systems, as we said earlier, they like to you know, it's almost like we have a tip line right on Twitter. There's a tip line. And when people get tips, they send them in. Someone else sent in a video of a guy screaming, screaming into a traffic cone yesterday outside of Wrigley Field. And he was just making unofficial announcements about the weather. And the man who was screaming into the traffic cone and was sent to us, I believe is his Twitter handle is at super underscore, Dave.


Now, it's not the Super Dave because he unfortunately passed away. But this at super underscore. Dave was screaming into a weather cone outside of Wrigley Field, where was a weather very sunny, and he announced it's too sunny to play today.


There he is saying bag H. There was a video.


Really help me out here. I've got multiple follow up questions here. And one of them is simply, why couldn't you get out without laughing that you had been sent a video of a fan screaming into a traffic cone?


Because there's something in my throat, you know, seasonal allergies, Dan, that happens to the best of us. Pollen is in the air.


Any other any other people send you stuff that would make it seem like the cheetah has cubs, which we do.


We have a tip line that you would like to direct people to.


Well, you could just tag any of us on Twitter if you'd like to do it that way. Or you could do it. You could do it. Well, it's not anonymous if you sent an email, because then we'll have your email address. But you know what? Email it to unus giveaways at Gmail dot com and let's see if I had a ball for that and then maybe we can access the evidence that way.


OK, you want to create a tip line or what do you use?


Give it its Gmail. It's a whole thing. You have to enter a cell phone number and I've created way too many Gmail accounts, if I'm going to be honest with you, for various reasons, you know, to secure sports betting, dotcom stuff like there's too many girls out there that have my phone number attached to it.


At this point, our mole inside the Cubs is doing work and trying to get us at least the biggest things that are happening from the last forty eight hours before the first pitch today, by the way.


So your mole inside the Cubs is your mole. Is he is he a double agent?


Is he someone who's, like, secretly rooting for the moment he or she, Tony, don't confirm he or she is they they are inside the Cubs organization and they are also not willing to come out and say that they're a double agent or not. They do work for the Chicago Cubs. So the Cubs do sign their paychecks.


But the Miami person through and through, OK, a Miami person through and through who likes our show, who takes money from the Cubs but gives information to the task force and the prosecutor.


My kind of person, Anthony Rizzo, is from Parkland. Wow.


Hmm. But it is. But is he Tony's boy? That's the question.


Tony's going to have played basketball together, Dan. Remember, he played basketball with former athletes.


And while Billy, I do appreciate your shroud of secrecy and the fact that you want to protect your sources as anonymous, I do believe it's fair to call this person a he when we've been referring to this person as Tony's boy, I think at that point we don't have to go with she unless you're trying to just get people off your scent. I mean, we don't need to get into the whole gender thing down, but it's 20, 20, I'm not sure if we're going to do HESI or any of that today.




Just to Tony's boy, I mean.


Roy, how have you been experiencing this local hour? You have sat by and you have observed and you have listened and you have laughed and you have smiled and you're shaking your head sadly. Do you have the guts, Roy? Because I don't feel like you have the guts.


Well, I still I'm still hold on tight to my Heaton's seven prediction, but if we lose this game tonight, it's over. OK, very good.


All right. There it is. Ladies and gentlemen, the gut guts for now. Yeah. Normally one team loses game one and you have your team in a certain number of games. Well, this is what Heat and six looks like. This is what Heat and seven looks like. I don't think any of us had heat and seven looking like they lose two of their best three players and their best player turning an angle.


Can't believe it feels like you guys are bailing on. It does sound like that. Really does. I'm so happy with this season. This is great. This has been an unbelievable year. Now go get a title, man. You'll be happy with just making it to the finals. I mean, literally limping through the finals right now. And I'm I'm just looking for a moral victory.


But this is how to does that. You know, he's just so used to that success that comes with being a Jets fan that he can just tell people, just go do it even if all of your players are dead. I want you to beat the Lakers with just Solomon Hill out there. Just do it, Solomon. Be a superstar. I mean, he called your next man up. You're in the NBA Finals. Have faith in Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley and the team of Jimmy Butler to figure it out.


Your four wins away from a title.


I think Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra may literally have to play tonight.


Guys, I don't mean interrupt, but Ryan Flaherty just tweeted at me and he said, quote, It's in evidence Exhibit H. I'm not one for conspiracies, but it really makes no sense, especially since there are no fans to account for. Only thing I can think of is the Cubs, MLB not wanting to burn Darvish. If there were an in-game delay, hope the Marlins destroy them now. Exhibit H. Another exhibit.


Exhibit I Chicago Loosen Restrictions. Dumba Capacity, October 1st. My mom is saying we postponed the game, hoping they would give us a night game tonight and they could park the rooftops with rowdy fans led by Sarah, Spain. Oh, look at that.


Now, for those of you who cannot see us, which is all of you, because we're not televised right now, Bill, here, because this is it lives.


Abilio, get this in an hour or so, this whole thing, a blue glove, good news. I screen capped him, holding up the evidence with his latex gloves so that image will be out. All right. And the plastic bag.


Yes. This is what I want to explain to the audience. There's a plastic bag and it appears that the telephone is zip locked in it pretty uselessly because all he's doing is showing us what's on the telephone. But he's got the latex glove on, so he doesn't get any fingerprints on anything. And he continues to hold up the phone. And when this task force that has been mobilized ends up giving you the information or the findings of its investigation, then what, Billy?


Then the next proper steps will be taken. Do we know what those steps are yet? Just the next proper steps?


One thing at a time, guys. All right.


Have you ever watched a press conference with the police chief? You don't show all your cards.


Have you decided what you're going to do after you've used all the exhibits in the alphabet? What do you do after Exhibit C since you're on Exhibit I in the task force is still collecting data, double a Greek alphabet, exhibit Alpha Exhibit Sayda.


What's after part of the AMA? I don't know. We'll figure it out.


We'll go there on the pole. Girma 11 Tazo Do you know what's after Beda?