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See stores for details. Welcome back to the local hour and there is a bleep ton of local sports stories to talk about, I don't even really know where to start first, so I'm just going to throw this out there. Oh, boy. And see which one you guys want to lead off with.


You have to say bleep ton there. There's adoption's. Yeah, OK. I probably shouldn't thank you for coming to say welcome back as well aren't we.


Just started.


We're just wondering if we miss if I missed something I was like a minute or two late. I was just welcoming everybody back from the weekend already with us already with this.


Welcome back. I would suggest we go back to the commercial break. Yeah, well, I've noticed. Welcome back. I mean, hey, it's Monday, everybody. We're giving away. Mike, take it on the chin very hard.


It's seven fifty in the morning. I mean, it sounds very tired. I am making a conscious effort to not sound Kokanee right now. And you guys are just riding me pretty hard for trying to take a normal tone with this local our considering some of the topics that I want to discuss, I don't think this is a time for jovial. I wanted to lead off with Dale talent and racially charged language in the Toronto bubble. But I guess you guys want the hijinx.


So what, you want Cocchi Heat fan Holmer type, or do you want to talk about the Marlins very disappointing sweep at the hands of the Tampa Rays. That Pablo Lopez, though, is pretty good in Miami is a tire fire. Armando Salguero is a Christianize apologizing in football back.


So, Dan, take it away.


Well, I'm looking into the middle. Boxier of the Zoome, we finally got a topic that is incongruously totally in Roy's wheelhouse, which is racism in hockey. And I'm looking at an empty chair I'm staring at and I don't know why Roy is not there. Maybe we'll get an explanation. You guys tell me when he gets back. But Heat playoffs really begin today.


What kind of confidence do you guys have? Because a whole lot of people are picking the heat. I'm surprised, right? Because the bubble is the bubble is straightened out. Right. The Lakers came back and made a whole lot of people look like fools. The bucks came back and made a whole lot of people looked like fools. Chalk everywhere. Right.


Like it's not with the exception of the heat right there with the five seed in that series. Yeah, but four against the five, you know, Utah, Denver, somebody is going to win that. Those are very mild surprises that the bubble hasn't actually impacted anyone. Roy, there's Roy Roy. We were just talking about Dale Tallon and you know, the Panthers. Where were you? I was changing clothes, diapers.


She just woke up. Sad life. Yeah. Yeah. That's more important. Yeah. Yeah. All right.


So this story is absolutely your wheelhouse. And I think a lot of people in the audience probably aren't even familiar with this. There's a lot of stories with people in powerful positions in sports right now and allegations of racially charged language and now racism like you're seeing in real Salt Lake. Roy, what's going on with these Dale Tallon allegations? And correct me if I'm wrong, he is no longer with the franchise. He was fired based off of that formants do.


Yeah, no. He also shamed the organization while no longer with the organization. Right. Because these reports came out only after he was let go.


It's a George Richards is with the report here. Dale Talent was not resigned. They were not going to resign him, so he wasn't necessarily fired. But Matt Dumba was edged out to make a speech in Edmonton while Chicago was playing Vegas.


For the uninitiated, can you give for the uninitiated, you're throwing out a name there that is not a household name. Can you explain who this player is and what exactly he's tasked with?


Over at the NHL, Matt Dumba, he plays for the Minnesota Wild. He's a part of the Hockey Diversity Alliance as well. So he was he went out and gave this impassioned speech about social injustice and knelt during the national anthem during the Chicago Vegas series. Ryan Reeves in the bond markets, Bond goaltender for Chicago, Ryan Reeves, defenseman for the biggest go to Knights move, had the hands on his shoulder. All three of those guys are black.


So apparently Dale Tallon made some sort of racially charged I hate that term. Racially charged. You're making. All right, wait a minute. First of all, this is called out. No, no, no, no, no, no. This is your wheelhouse and it's not allowed to be a racially charged seven second pause air quotes on radio where no one can see you. What was racially charged? Do we know what the word was? Do we know what the language.


We only know that Roy does it like that term. OK, but he doesn't like racially charged. You're interested in why he doesn't like the term, but he instead he wrote that down.


Well, why don't you like the term? Because, well, first of all, we don't know what words he said. So the term has to be used. But if we do know what the term what the word was, you shouldn't be using racially charged. You should be saying racist, racist slur or something like that.


That's why I hate that term. Well, unfortunately, we don't know what word that he used. So I'm forced to go with racially charged remarks, racially charged.


That's fair. The point that he makes is fair there. Yes, Chris, I like the idea of every show.


At the end of every show, we go through everything Stewart has written down for the day that he wrote that down.


We're going to like the you know, I wrote it down and it was a mental note I made in my head.


You know, I didn't really write it down, but I could start writing stuff that Dad knows I do write stuff down, stuff that I write down like weird legs. That's it's we I don't know. But I'll start writing stuff.


I want to keep that seven second pause, by the way, was me trying to find the word comment.


I do want to kick it about that down seven seconds cause I was like, what was that. It was all done. It was racially charged. There were air quotes and then you just lumped in with thing. The word that you were looking for was comment. There we go. Let's go.


I mean, it's early. He's changing his daughter's diaper.


It seems as though Hockeys have a bit of a reckoning because Mike Milbury, who has kind of been telling himself for a minute and Jeremy Rolnik is out, you're seeing a culture change for a sport that hasn't really been forced to change in a very long time. And there's a lot of old guard in that league that aren't going to pass the most recent compliance videos. So, I mean, just systemically what's going on in hockey?


They're obviously not the most WOAK league they went on playing on until someone said, guys, we need to stop playing. Obviously, it's a majority white sport and it can't be lost on the audience that it's a Canadian sport, too. So there's that dynamic.


There's just like sort of a regression, a I'm guessing that there's not a whole lot of interaction with black people where you're just simply hearing some of this stuff out is what my assumption is on that. And so you're going to get a whole lot of people who feel like they're stumbling in from the 1920s. Absolutely, because in these types of things gets stomped out because it's all about team, team, team, so when you have something as divisive as race is concerned, that's not going to fly, that is going to be kept selling, kept down.


So the players decided, all right, now it's time for us to protest. Unfortunately, the sport was so late to the proceedings that they get just absolutely hammered by everybody around in the sports media.


Like, why are you taking so long to do this? Especially in the initial response was was to give a moment of reflection for about seven seconds.


Which was which phrase?


Which phrase do you hate more racially charged thing or moments of reflection on that moment of reflection right now? Because that was that was going into my pause while we were trying to find the word comment.


So a bit of an upset that we started with.


Dale Tallon. It is the Heat playoffs. They start for real today. I mean I mean, Billy ended up being right. If you if you think your team is good, you don't really pay the first round. No mind in the Miami Heat were dominant against an injured and Indiana Pacer team, but they're playing the best team in the sport right now. They're only a five and a half point dog. Many experts, as Dan highlighted, orating.


It's the Miami Heat in this series. Why do you think that is? Is that is that just the elimination of havoc of home court, essentially?


I think it's for a myriad of factors. Number one, the Miami Heat, a good team that can't be lost on people. So the bucks the bucks are a very good team, but head to head the Miami Heat are two and one against the Milwaukee Bucks. They led that third game without their stars by twenty and then the Milwaukee Bucks came roaring back. So you have. OK, hold on. I need to share with the audience now. I'm being told to slow down on the air because Kokanee Mike is back because he's talking about what happens with the heat.


It always happens when he gets excited about the heat and we need to be ourselves.


I feel like this is a middle ground. You're overthinking.


Well, I'm actually in my Stefen sports, and your fandom for a particular team can be like a drug. I make it to make you feel even just by talking about he bugs, you might feel like you just snorted an eight ball. Just Mansori just trying to share the ball. Get out of the way.


I'm looking at a zone of like eight faces, eight ball. I mean, you know, I mean snorted. I don't know how eight balls are consumed.


I heard from a friend, but. Yeah, right. I you buy an eight ball and you would cut it up and you can snort it. It would be a little bit more to one frame. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


You don't actually snort, you know, Tony got in there with some real expertise just trying to set the teammates up and duck quickly.


But yes, many people, many people are picking the Miami Heat in this series to upset the Milwaukee Bucks. Too many because they were.


You're right. But it makes you uncomfortable, right? Yes.


I was feeling good about it. Like I just needed the means of the world. Maybe the Hawks, Madonnas of the world, we knew they were going to pick the heat. But when the other people start coming out of the woodwork, that is like I'm now I feel like the heat are going to get swept. Too many people are breaking the heat.


I normally do that, too. As a as a fan, I'm like too many people are out on this. But I think there are a lot of parallels between this and that, that warriors mavericks upset before the Warriors became their dynasty and they upset a number one seed mavericks. A lot of people were on that one. And a lot of people are on this one. And I'm just going to trust what I've seen, how this team is built, what the Miami Heat have in terms of defenders they can throw at the best player in that the last time that's happened, because that's a good example you're citing.


There were so many that was an eight against one and people kept citing the match ups and that Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs, we're going to have trouble with the speed and the the sort of versatility of that Warriors team. And a whole bunch of people were picking an upset in a sport that doesn't have a lot of upsets and doesn't certainly have a lot of upsets of that kind of precedent. You are talking about a Bucs team right now that was historically good during the regular season.


Point differential, ridiculous. And a whole lot of people are picking the Miami Heat for all the reasons you're mentioning about. Just people are seeing matchups and saying, look, they think that Bam! Can bother Pam and Jimmy can bother Antetokounmpo. I think Antetokounmpo is going to get Bam in foul trouble.


Yeah and the Miami Heat are good. Three point shooting team and Chris Cody made the comment that well that's the one weakness of the Bucs. I don't know if it's necessarily weakness they they make you shoot over their length. It's really hard to get inside on that team so you have no choice but to shoot over them. Yeah, they're susceptible to it because that's all they really give you. So I'm really interested to see how the series plays out. I think it's going to be a long one.


I don't know if the Miami Heat are going to win. Game one, I think goes seven. I don't know how I want them to get just the first one just so that we can see, just so that we can get some enthusiasm around here, get that first one on the road.


Yeah, that's that's the one. And some hope. Just get some hope in the fan base, some enthusiasm because everything that. Needed to happen in the first round, just happened, you swept the Pacers easily, never really even trailed, and the bucks looked a little susceptible even as they won their last four games by double double digits. They just lost the first one against Orlando. So you're hoping you could take the first one against the Bucs?


I think this first game is huge for the fact that if the heat come out and just drain through, if the heat have a great first game as far as hitting threes, I wonder if Milwaukee will adjust because like Mike said, their defensive game plan is always just take threes because you're not going to get anything else. So I wonder if they'll adjust and we'll see them actually, if they adjust after one game, you can tell that they actually think that if we stay like this, the Heat are going to beat us.


And Chris, the team looks confident. The team sounds confident. There is this sort of quiet poise and confidence about the team sort of taking their their cues from Jimmy Butler. I made the comment that Jimmy Butler along the season has just like created a lot of people in his own image in terms of attitude. He's molded these young guys. And now Duncan Robinson's talking to all sorts of trash on the court with a quiet confidence. Tyler hero the same way.


So those two things can't be true, talking all sorts of trash with quiet confidence. That's not a quiet picnic. And you can. Yeah, you can't. I don't know if you saw them miked up, but I mean, if you look at Duncan Robinson on the court, you would never know what he is saying under his breath. And it was actually pretty interesting. But I'm wondering if it feels like the playoffs to you guys. Like, I don't know if Billy's super invested in this because I'm starting to get amped up for this series.


This is the biggest Miami Heat playoff series since they played the Ratones, done an eight ball.


Chris, are you enthused about everything that's happening here?


I am fired up for today's game. I think The X Factor in this series is Wow shoulder. That is The X Factor, because honestly, it was a little bit of an X factor.


It's been a wild on.


Hold on. Hold on, Tony, why did you drop your head into your hands as I'm sorry we got by part I mean, it's got to be so annoying to the audience. Quiet confidence while trash talking and, you know, loves that people are molded in his image. And then this from Chris.


I mean, the Shoulder X Factor is not something that I think people would love on the SB or be like, you know what, X Factor. It's J. Williams, Zubin and K'iche on The X Factor today is his shoulder.


But I'm BSP and it's exactly what should be on the ticker.


I mean, sorry. I mean, obviously it's kind of a joke, but that is a big storyline in this series. Jimmy Butler, his health, like the way they talk you out of this, Chris, that's the X Factor.


That is six, seven, eight, six, four, five, six, seven high. That's what you do.


That's what you do when it's playoff. You talk to the fans, you get people excited. Who do you think's going to win? How much are they going to win? But what's the X Factor? How many games?


People who are you know what?


Excuse me, they're going to change the game plan, a three point shooting. What are we going to do? The bulk of the bubble? Well, how many games?


That's it. The end, seven, eight, six, four, five, six.


Right now, I would be totally fine with you right here. Knocking Mike Ryan out of the way and just leading the show into the future that way with how we should be doing this, talking about X factors and just sort of puking preview sports if you want to. If you want to go. I love the idea of end of story seven, eight, six, four, five, six four eight three seven. Let's continue the story. So anywhere you want to go with this, please lead us there in terms of how we should be covering, I think all call should end with end of story.


And I think the only X Factor you can call in with is a body part. That is the way to do this. I think the least surprising thing in the world is Stewart's understanding how tapings work with caller interaction.


I mean, it's just beyond me. Who are you barking instructions to in the listening?


I have no idea. But it sounded fun.


I mean, The X Factor dog, he just called it tbsp.


And it's the local our you know, Robespierre's know where he is is no better radio Phil than giving out the number, though.


It's the easiest transition, isn't it?


Don't worry, guys. I already tweeted out seven, eight, six or seven. Nice. What's the X Factor in the Heat series? End of story.


All right. We will take calls on that bill, even though there's a degree of difficulty with the calls here. And you leading the show will do it next.


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So one of the things that always happens around here and you got to you're familiar with this because it's one of the things that makes you so popular is we have this tension between the nonsense, the hijinx and the serious stuff. I represent the serious stuff. And most of the people listening want the hijinx and the nonsense. And I want to get to Heat playoff talk. I want to get to Billi making a mockery of sports radio by taking calls of X factors in this heat series.


But this local story about Armando Salguero, the Miami Herald, longtime Miami Herald writer. And his. Back and forth with a Twitter audience and a social media audience that is now calling for his firing as the publisher of The Miami Herald has had to on a couple of different occasions here, clarify herself and not defend Armando Salguero while defending the rights of a columnist to express him or herself through free speech, but expressing himself in this climate where he's already called Colin Kaepernick Satan and is now wondering why Ryan Tannehill is saying in front of his team and a national audience.


Ryan Tannehill. Stewart, who doesn't say interesting things in public, is telling everybody that this country is founded on racist ideals and Armondo is arguing with people. No, it's not when it's kind of factual that the founding fathers owned slaves and that there had to be amendments. And like Bomani told us, not but last week that there wasn't real democracy in America until 1965 Civil Rights Voting Act. So basically, America has been democratic for 55 years, really in terms of allowing black people to vote.


And Armondo is now fighting these people. And furthermore.


Fighting them in a way that it feels like he's. Trying to save his job because there is a great deal of pressure in this climate and a pressure that the people who are talking about cancel culture and political correctness are really bothered, that Armando Salguero would express that opinion that the publisher would defend his right to have an opinion and then the publisher would be pressured into making all sorts of clarifications, because some of the things that he said are simply factually wrong.


They're not they're not opinions. They're factually wrong. And they've got the Miami Herald name on them.


Well, welcome back, everyone. So I'm torn here. You want to go forward with Heat X Factor? You want to take calls yet? You are sitting here talking about Armando Salguero, and I'm assuming you're probably going to continue to do so because while an interesting and important conversation, I'm glad we're having it. I would like to get back to X Factor in the book series of X factors and Leonard Fournette just got released.


Oh, what? I don't know. Yeah. Schefter tweeted out, I don't know what this is, what is going on in Nashville. Amazo and more coming out.


I don't know where I drafted him on my fantasy team last night, Tony.


Early for a draft to earn way too early this year.


Tony is shocked. His mouth is hanging open with the news that Leonard Fournette was released. Why is your mouth hanging open?


Because, Dan, they were one bad call away from being in the Super Bowl and potentially winning it. And then you look at their defense and their offense and they have completely cleaned house from a team that was built the right way defensively. And all of a sudden now all their pieces are gone.


Yeah, they're tanking for Trevor Lawrence for sure. Get back to our Moniteau. Yeah.


What are you guys doing? Let me give you an example of how The X Factor works. Heads on Twitter wrote Key.


The key is the key, and that's the X Factor.


Oh, wow. She's takes four or five, six eighty seven. Let me give you another example here. Adrian in Miami said, it's Goran Tyler and the defense shut down Milwaukee shooting for Giannis has to create and he will struggle against just like the regular season he'll still put up twenty to thirty four. Middleton won't live up to the expectations that a factor.


That's multiple factors. Sometimes you need a couple of keys. There's a couple of locks on that door Chris. You should know that.


Yeah but I thought we were looking for X factors. Are we just looking for. Give me an X factor hunter. We need fact. We need an X Factor Hunter go to dangle. The buck has to be the X Factor because it's fear the deer time, the virtual board bangle. The puck is going to shake Jimmy Butler and it's bucks and for the deer of. But this is going well.


Yeah. Bucks and for. You want another X Factor we want to talk about? And what do we do? Do we do X Factor? Dad has more on Armondo. I mean, are we online, too, as an expert? We're all online, too branded.


I don't look at the Sydney spot, but I got another key to the game, too. I think Tallia is going to have a breakout performance in this whole. No, he's actually put his name down here.


OK, guys, keys to the game. Totally different thing. We're not doing that today. That's tomorrow's topic is keys to the game. Keep up.


Yeah, but the keys to the game, we're doing them after the game. I mean. Well, duties to game two point seven eight six four five six four eight three seven is the telephone number.


How do you feel like X factors is going so far?


You know, it's it's taking a little bit time to get off the ground, but it's fine now. There's no time to give up now. All right.


Before you go any further, before I have to get some important information to Tony, whose mouth is still hanging open for some reason about this Leonard Fournette release. This is from Warren Sharp at Sharp Football. And he's saying this is truly insane. Imagine having top ten picks, seven straight years and top five picks, six straight years and doing this. Blaine Gabbert at number ten, Justin Blackman at number five. Luke Joeckel at number two. Blake Bortles cut at number three.


Donte Fowler at number three. Jalen Ramsey traded at number five and now Leonard Fournette. They don't have anything for all of that. They don't have any of those in the most famous Super Bowl game short of the Super Bowl, in spite of all of that game short of the Super Bowl. This is a Trevor Lawrence move, right? This is this has to be.


Yeah, I mean, guys, they're just releasing Fournette. They're they're trading away guys for, you know, no value.


Something something else has to be going on with Leonard Fournette. I don't know if it's injury or something else. Like you don't just see that out of nowhere. It wasn't really out of nowhere.


They've been talking about trading him for a while. I don't know why they couldn't get anything for him.


Like, clearly, if they're really running backs are a dime a dozen now in the NFL. I mean, they got something for England and away didn't really I mean, he saw the market for himself and they got a fifth round pick. I know that there were whispers that they were trying to move him, but it didn't seem aggressive. This is this one's bizarre.


Well, Mike, not only that, and we had the franchise tag was going to make seventeen million and said, you know, I don't care. I'll take five million less just to get the hell out of Jacksonville.


Rylan That's what happened. Tony Schefter over here.


I feel like the X factor in The X Factor bit is going to be the next caller. That's what I think. Oh, wow.


Interesting. You guys don't want to do this. It's very I do want to do what I do. I want to do. I go back on line six. What's the X Factor? Give it to me. Zakzaky What's the X Factor?


Zach dropped off, but you can go now. You can go to A&E. Sure. Andy Whatever. Oh, wow.


They took penalties in advance. I just heard about Leonard Fournette and draft picks and blah, blah, blah.


Go ahead and see The X Factor. Definitely Eric Bledsoe hamstring report. It was terrifying. The Bucs without Bledsoe is basically like the Grateful Dead. Without Brett, it's it's tough to even listen to. It's a good point.


Brandt was that he was there third or fourth keyboardist back in the late eighties, going into the nineties. That's what he's talking about. And really the Grateful Dead that they're high to their absolute best is what Brett was playing the keyboards. And I think the box, when they're at their absolute best, is what Eric Bledsoe's hamstring is healthy and he can really play that lockdown defense. Top of the key. I mean, he is in your point guard.


Sure. So, I mean, I'd be grateful if you were dead.


Hey, what's a dime a dozen? Do we know what's important? And what would cost a dime for a dozen? Like where does that thing come from? I've been wishing to God I've been grateful for his death since he said they're dime a dozen. Did they know?


I mean, even pennies are ten for a dime, right. So you would agree that Fournette dime a dozen at this point.


The NFL. I understand. But what I'm asking you is what was once a dime a dozen that was a great buy. Was it like what could you possibly buy a dime a dozen. I don't think there's anything now that can be bought a dime a dozen, like not even paper clips.


Right. You're right, I don't you know, I'm guessing at one point a dozen donuts cost a dime, that would be or maybe a dozen eggs that would be I'm looking, it says in the eighteen hundreds, many goods such as eggs or apples were advertised to cost a dime a dozen.


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Honestly, I don't buy it. I think I make very captivating writing and also an obvious news.


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I love the Geico after I use it all the time. That's all these news from Geico is.


Welcome in to the post game show here on Tbsp, it's a full hour. It's just a over.


It is, but it's the back end of the of the local level. But it's supposed to go on the local level.


The post the post game show, the local out like the middle is the game. We did the pregame show first segment. The middle is the game. And now we're on to the post game of the local hour. We are trying to show you take it side and how you advance the Leonard Fournette discussion, two thousand twenty, what you do in sports radio. And unfortunately for me, it's the same way you advance selected for the conversation back in the late 80s and 90s if you were Mike and Chris.


So I give them.


My God, that sounds terrible. So bad. But anyway, you look up we're four minutes from he's from New Orleans and you ask yourself what is next for Leonard Fournette? So perhaps it's the Saints, right, guys that Dan pointed out that he is not a pass catcher. Danny and Woody all of a sudden and I will remind all of you, including Dan, that Fournette caught seventy six balls out of the backfield last year. Oh, nice break.


Does all they did was check down.


How many yards per catch did he have to like. Did he have one hundred and fifty yards on seventy six catches the last of the weeds then.


Well wait a minute. Why you still got so excited about trying to figure out where Leonard Fournette is going?


Because it's not talking about Armondo. Yeah, right. That's an excellent there's just something about when you see a big time free agent, you go to the depth chart stand and you see which team in the NFL could use a Leonard Fournette in their meeting room. And I feel like the Dolphins are maybe in this conversation, dolphins in the conversation.


I think the most logical landing spot is the Rams because they seem to take every draft pick that doesn't pan out in Jacksonville. Blake Bortles, Jalen Ramsey, Leonard Fournette. They could use some guy that just runs the ball exclusively, but he was straight out released.


Right, so Fournette gets to choose where it is he wants. Precisely why not just Los Angeles. I mean maybe. Yeah maybe that seems like a good landing spot for Fournette.


Right, but a lot of good young backs in L.A. I don't know if he can make it there, you know.


Well this is the thing about you that's extraordinarily douchy, Tony, is that when this was being discussed during the break, you actually said as dugouts got all enthused. Hey, he's from New Orleans. He's from New Orleans. What about the Saints? And you actually said the phrase packed, running back meeting room.


I was aroused. It's absolutely true, though. Then you guys, Latavius Murray, you got Alvin Kamara. You got a bunch of guys in that meeting room.


You can't Mark Ingram, too, right? No, he's gone. He's with the Raiders now.


He's got another PAC, the running back room.


And in Baltimore, let's talk about, you know, other PAC, by the way, dime a dozen other PAC.


Billy, I do want to do what you want to do because I can't believe I'm going to take a shower the day of the second round of the playoffs beginning. We've been sidetracked and hijacked by Leonard Fournette talk. I don't know how that happened.


Well, because Dad sports radio, that's what happens. Someone becomes a free agent, right? Someone gets released. And as a host, what you do is you sprinkle out there that he may be coming to your team and then you build up hope in the Dolphins.


Oh, could he fit with the Dolphins? I don't know. And then you just throw one or two other random teams and then you figure out if he's a fit there or not. But you just keep hyping up that he could possibly come to your team even if there's no chance he's going to come to your team. And then, oh, and then you have the idiots that go out and they buy like the Leonard Fournette Dolphins jerseys already, that they're going to be totally worth.


It's like in two weeks. That's how it works.


Isaiah Jones on line two. What's the X Factor in this series?


Oh, come on, Isaiah Jones, you have to name it.


You gave a full name for some reason. Isaiah Jones.


Get to it, OK. Hey, OK. So to be fair, what kind of X factor we talking about? Are we talking sports related or just Isaiah Jones.


Right. You don't answer questions. OK, I'm out of here clarifying X Factor. Go on. Hold on.


Let's give Isaiah Jones a chance here. No, just trying to figure it out.


Right. So, yes, I'm from Kentucky and I just opened up Twitter and I see seventy six, four, five, six. I'm like, oh my God, he got a call. I had no idea what you're talking about.


We're talking about X Factor. I say I warn the talent that this might be the case considering no one can now stand in line.


I'm wondering I'm wondering what his X factor in life is will be best X factor, anything you guys will all agree. Lukewarm pizza whenever it's too hot. You can't eat it both ways. He's right. Oh, yeah. Lukewarm pizza. He's right about what can be done about the X Factor. What does the X Factor. X Factor like X Factor like.


That is the exact. X Factor, because it makes your whole day better, like you aren't percent of the X Factor, you makes your whole team better just by having enough. So lukewarm pizza is perfect and it is amazing. The X Factor and I watch it.


OK, Isaiah, Isaiah Jones, what's the lukewarm piece of this series?


Mm hmm. What did you say? What's the load on this year's series? Yeah, this is one of the most disastrous calls in the history. Oh, no, he's great. He's great. Don't listen to dance. Please stop interrupting.


I say I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm trying before. Listen, so the lukewarm pizza X Factor, this series has to be the bugs playing. Forty eight minutes of the game to this day from Kentucky. Audio here, Bammes. This is going to body up on his last minutes. Going to rely on this is going to come down to the shooters. They're going to be so important because they're going to clog the tape. You're gonna see Kyle Korver, Wesley Matthews, Khris Middleton, Georgia.


They're going to take the final shot and that will be X Factor. And if that will and that will determine who wins for the bucks sitting right there, that's the lukewarm pizza X Factor, the game X of Rock'em.


Yes, yeah, yes.


I got one last thing to say. Yes, they're awful. And it's got your your maroma. Listen, listen to this real quick. Whenever I'm with my friends, they don't watch the show, so they don't get it. Like you guys always say, I will make the goods references like Lady Rivers or adding ice cream with it. And I just get looked at. They have no idea what I'm talking about. And it's kind of awkward, but I'm like, yo, I'm like some guy and it's cool.


I love him. Evans, thank you so much for the call. I appreciate the compliment, man. Hey, but I'm serious. That is the lukewarm piece, The X Factor. You guys will be talking about it throughout the week as it happens. We will. And I think it's going to be a slow series of 2006.


OK, you know what? ICE agents call us back tomorrow. Yeah, we're going to make that a daily thing.


It's a different show, though, as you had to give me a time, because right now it's 839. And I don't know what time you got to start the local assonance or whatever you call. We're taking it. This is the postgame show.


So you figure around eight thirty nine o'clock every morning.


So tomorrow at eight thirty nine, I'll call you back, but. Phys Ed Jones right back, but he did books in six already. That's the show I thought you were going to do with him tomorrow where you just do predictions. That's a whole different series starts today, though.


Yeah, exactly.


So what if what if he failed to win on the road? The series doesn't start until a team wins on the road.


Yeah. Is this a must win? No, no. No one must win. I don't know. It's a seven game series. No, I think the first the first must win game they'll face if you know, they're down to they hop on the bird back to Miami and they get to win game three, the triple play.


Yeah, but got to defend home court right in the hips.


Don't forget South Beach flu, too. I mean, those are that's a long way off to be stuck in Miami. Lots of possibilities for them to get into trouble off the court for the bucks.


Well, something lukewarm. He's right on the pizza, though, like if that thing is a couple of minutes out of the oven, right, I don't ask him to put it back in the oven. I'll take it as is, I think, lukewarm pizzas. Great now. I don't like that pizza's too hot coming out of the oven when you go to get it. I don't know how long, what's the right amount of time if if the pizza is out and they're taking it from a shelf and putting it in the oven if they're not making it there, but you're just buying a slice of pizza that's already out, how long is the right amount of time to have it in the oven?


Just like 60 seconds.


So it's been out of the oven for a while. It's just on the counter. You know how those pizza places on the beach have them on the counter already and they just grab a slice and throw it in their oven.


And I'm talking about like the two a.m. pizza place you go into that they take the premade slice, they throw it in the oven for a nice 30, 40 seconds. I know that move in. Right.


I would say I would say 40 seconds to no longer than a minute. Right. No longer the bollman.


The reason why it's called lukewarm is look at one time actually meant tepid, slightly warm. So they just combine the two. So it's a bit redundant. It sounds redundant.


So it's basically warm. Warm. Yeah.


You can just say, oh, that's Luuk as opposed to lukewarm, fascinating.


The things that you learn around here.


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They won't even fit into most shirts. Thankfully, biking really embraces vest culture, so I feel accepted.


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