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Welcome to Post Game Show. Everybody who's having fun today. Seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four, eight three seven. Are we doing calls today.


There's a call on line one on screen. Go ahead and have fun. Oh hey nine screen. Hello and hey what's up man. How's it going. What's your name. Attwell Attwell. What's up man. How you doing, Billy? I'm good.


What do you want to talk about. Well, how are you going to join us? You know what. What's your email. Tell everybody your email right now. We're going to invite you to watch the basketball game with us today.


It's. At Gmail dot com. All right, I don't know that we're actually going to send it to you, but maybe we'll send it is going to say anything offensive?


No, no. It's a really simple thing. Everyone's got an opinion on it. I have my girlfriend says for like for like when people compare words, when they say you say it this way, I say that's what I like. You guys like tomato, tomato. I've never met anyone in my life who ever said tomato in a conversation. So I don't understand that whole analogy. So I have a solution. I say we go, Mario, Mario, because I know people who pronounce Mario Mario all the time.


And my mom said, Oh, Mario brothers. I'm like, No, Mom, it's Mario. I'm like a tomato. But then so I wanted to take on that. And then my follow up is why do we call it w a W when it's clearly a double beat?


That is a great point. Wow. It is a double V, I think Dan says Mario sometimes. Right. Don't you say Mario Cristobal.


I don't know why that sounds. I do. I don't. I never I never, I never. But I do hear people say like how do you say Mario, I grew up Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers. No one was on TV, they say, by Super Mario Brothers.


But yeah, right. But what do you call Mario? Well, think about that. So I say Mario Brothers, but I called Mario. Ellie, Mario, Ellie, Mario. Well, he was a big time to Gore, maybe small forward for the rockets back in the day.


I think it's kind of trying to you're trying to stop me with information. You're skirting the issue, Mario. It's not how you pronounce Mario. It's like a different version of it's like and I get it's like my mom also says style for style. She's from the south and went from Pennsylvania. I just started. And I just want to correct things. I think this is a better solution to tomato stew. Have you ever heard anyone say tomato and your bleep in life?


Never, ever. So where does that where does that come along? In the lexicon of English? Like you say, tomato, I say tomato because I just feel like it doesn't make sense. I'm like, we should do Mario versus America. I do know people while I don't agree with the pronunciation, it gets a better comparison. As you say it your way. I say it my way. Mario, Mario.


It's probably the Queen's English. I was just going to say, you mean OK.


And I'm a bit I'm a bit of a struggle with the word snob. I like to read. So I like to think I'm smart, but I know I'm stupid. So, you know, I like to think that that leg up. But, you know, I hate to wear glasses. I come off as smart, you know. I mean but like, I got books placed in my library for the first time. People see this list. I read books, maybe about a third of them.


So. OK, Tony, why are you laughing so much?


Tony, what's the matter? Why are you laughing so much? Because this thing just completely dissolved in Billy's face. He wanted to bring somebody in and now you kick it.


Yeah, well, Billy, welcome to Leading. Welcome to Leading Buddy. You always get to be the asshole when you're the one. Get out of here, man.


Get this guy out of here already. Christ Almighty.


Get him out of here for my friend buddy. Yeah, I listen to you guys every day. You throw me out right away. What's up?


Yeah, we're just invited you to a party. Get the hell out of here now. Allow us to do the potential important super buy.


What could you please give me my answer for what you think about Mario.


Mario, as a writer and journalist, what do you think my answer is?


And then WWE. Come on here. Oh, damn. Which do you say WWE? Please have this person leave so that we can get I feel bad. I'm sorry. All right. Now I feel stupid. OK.


You said you already felt. Well, we're not. Well, you're not. You're not. Well, on behalf of the show, let me offer you the sincerest. And there's a deep drive to left by Kasyanov's apology to you, sir.


We got you guys. So you guys give me so much happiness every day. Don't please don't apologize to me.


You know, I feel that. Well, his name's weird. Thank you, guys.


I also have a butler's name. My sole real name is Attwell. These are. Well, it's.


Well, you know, I mean, this guy's name is too long.


OK, thank you. Well well, that's unfortunate what it is.


Well, he was a doctor. Apparently my grandfather was like a bad birth or something. And the doctor's name, is that also out of honor? They saved her life and I got stuck with that. Hmm. So that's the Victrola.


I'll get off now. No, I don't actually want you to leave. No, no. I'm just it's the thing I do know I'm already done. No, I'm the straight man.


How is done, Dan? Thanks, man.


Oh, I was just yelling and screaming. That's what I do. I yell and scream and then everyone gets to be in a winning position. When I yell and scream, I don't actually want you to leave. Enjoy the party with whom I first started with in the show.


I would turn off when Stu came up because I couldn't stand them. You were the reason I started watching. But as I started to watch, the more I learned that the reason I hated Stu is because he reminds me of myself. And I think, like I said, I grew to love him. But no, I'm not near the king. I just had some slimy just parts of my lesson.


Listen to me relating to me at well, just so that we can be clear on this. OK, we're going to get your email address and you're going to watch this watch party with us. That's the whole joke, is that I yell and scream and and and everyone gets mad at me and I'm the asshole.


And you get the joke. I get the joke. I don't have to explain it all. I know. I know.


I know. I need a strong them not just journalists and sues the court jester. I love it. I get the bit.


All right. So all of you. Who's Chris?


I just want to make. Did you guys get my answer? WWE, what do you think?


Who I mean, you gave me a lot double he it looks like a double whammy. Am I crazy?


I don't see it. Yeah, I don't see it as a double.


Some people can draw it as a W, though. A little kid writing, I mean, typing on your computer screen, it looks like a double read. I don't know, maybe, I don't know.


It's up to it's up to someone's preference, you know, tomato, tomato. Well, you son of a.


OK, Mario. Mario, how did you guys think? Charmeuse, charmeuse Gommers Kalmus know his first name. You saw him.


Maria Talma's. I usually screamed Thomas.


You say a different name usually screamed.


Yeah, just in general because he was. I'm surprised you didn't choose him as the best point guard in heat history.


I mean, that's who I apologized to. But Goran Dragic, tough matchup today with the Pacers game to watch it with us on Twitter. Victor Oladipo A clean bill of health He's available for the Pacers.


Boys, you are your only role on the show today at the microphone was. I don't think you said anything else other than that apology that was always interrupted by Castellanos the left.




I mean I'm happy with the day that I had today and you guys feel like taking calls when I think it went out.


Oh, it's been searching for the where's the where's the loser game show sound. I just like it. Well, joke for Terry minutes.


I was looking to I was too.


I thought it was going to be a fat well jokes I regret.


I know that would have been you directed at me even though that's becomes my real. That's the Mike Wheelhouse lately.


So upset with Christine Lizy for apologizing. I was like, do not apologize.


You know what's funny about that though? I just got done writing Christine Lacy, a long note explaining to her what I explained to Attwell, which is, hey, when I scream at you, I'm always joking, like I'm never actually mad at you. But, yeah, she blew it by apologizing in the middle of it. She'll get more comfortable.


And my goal is by week's end, for her to just straight up call you a piece of shit would be great if we turned her in. Finally did let her to see. She's nice. She's such a nice woman. Like I do feel like that should be where we want that to evolve to where like on our last day at ESPN, she's just yelling at me and also loving towards a real piece of shit.


It's her final one. Finally and finally, Dan Levy started really being honest about it. It's just a giant piece of shit.