Happy Scribe

So I promised these much anticipated Kyrie Irving thoughts, and God said we already talked about it earlier this week. We did.


You might challenge me on it. I said Kyrie did the Kevin Durant podcast. The CD is a podcast now who doesn't. And he did a podcast. The talking. They don't need a coach. Steve Nash is not really our coach. It could be Jack Vaughn. I'm tired of hearing about it from Kyrie Irving. You guys challenge me on this. He has done nothing. He has one ring, one big shot, and the only reason he has those is because of LeBron James.


And if he gets another one, it will be because of Kevin Durant. I just I'm tired. I don't want to hear from you anymore. I'm tired of him. That's it.


I mean, Kyrie Irving annoys a lot of people by being a bit of a know it all and coming off or thinking that he is smarter than everyone. That is not something that people like too much when you're also a flat earth or. Yeah, I think Nick Wright described Kyrie Irving as a one twelve IQ that thinks he's a 180.


I'm wondering though, because I, I tend to just find there are so few. I think the guys that you very little have heard from me over my entire career. I've sort of disliking the personality types of athletes because I value the content and I value interesting. And I'm grateful for any of these guys who isn't like Russell Wilson. I would not even want to interview Russell Wilson because it's just going to be impossible to get anything out of him. So I like that a guy has jagged edges.


I guy I like that up for work related reasons that a guy is forever bringing us content. But in terms of unlikable traits, the sure way to get there is to think you're smarter than you are. Like it's a pretty easy way to get because I'm fascinated. Right. I think we like this team. I cannot tell you how annoying America finds this team. They want to punch Duncan Robinson and Tyler Hero and Kelly Olynyk in the face. Kelly Olynyk like basically injured Kevin Love on purpose That's on his resume.


He doesn't say so but he's considered a dirty player. He was trending last night for any number of things that he was out there doing. This Miami Heat team is viewed as unlikable but we like it. Yeah, no doubt.


The other thing with Kyrie that really bothers me is he puts himself at a level with LeBron and Kevin Durant. And what I mean by that, if Kevin Durant came at himself and said, hey, I don't really need a coach, I'm Kevin Durant, like whoever coaches me, we're going to be fine. Right? Look at Frank Vogel. When he didn't have LeBron, he couldn't beat the Heat. Now he has LeBron. He's beaten the Heat.


It's a players league. LeBron could say, I don't need a coach. He is a coach. LeBron could go somewhere. I can't say it. But where is your tipping point on that? I think, though, I think Kawhi could probably say it. I think he wouldn't say it.


But LeBron Kawhi maybe Steph, although I know there are four guys in the league that you feel like you would give a pass on making the commentary. I don't need a coach even understanding in that league of player empowerment that the coach is supposed to be just an ally. Yes, yes. But those are the four best players in Kyrie. By agreeing with Kevin and starting that we don't need to coach. I know you do need a coach Kyrie Irving.


OK, you do. Those four are at a different level, but what does he want. A championship with LeBron. I know, but now he's got Kevin Durant like. Right.


And to win a championship because of Kevin Durant. I mean Kevin Durant doesn't need a coach. Kyrie needs Kevin Durant, LeBron James.


I think that you're diminishing the number two on a team while you elevate Pippen all the time, but I don't think he thinks he's the number two. That's the problem.


But what he was saying in that interview specifically was this is the first time he's playing with a guy that he trusts to take the big shot more than he trusts himself. But he played well with LeBron. Right?


It's a slight on LeBron, but he's yes, it's a slight under LeBron. And then LeBron is doing the penny press conference where he's talking about his relationship with Anthony Davis like it's a new girlfriend. And what he's saying is we don't have any jealousy between us. There's no jealousy. And he was sub tweeting. He was tweeting Chiru.


And that's on the heels of Kyrie's comments. LeBron came back and said that if LeBron he should say that he's better than Kyrie he won Kyrie a championship. Kyrie hit that shot that we all talk about because LeBron put him in that position so there were more.


Kyrie thought you weren't there. Were there the whole thing again. No but you did a different time. You brought the whole, you brought it. It was a whole new discussion. It was, it was fresh and different.


He's so tired, he's, he's just tired now. Mike just gave me like a good job that like I did it better this time around than I did it the first time.


You were elevated by Dan Levitan. You finally got to hear your take. Right.


So and that's what I'm saying. I am a no to like if we know you are, you have full stop. You are number two. Total number two. Total number two. But I'm not I'm accepting of that. OK, I don't think I'm Dan because I'm not Dan. I'm not at ESPN if not for Dan. Then could say he doesn't need a program director or coach, I can't sorry. That's why it works. Oh, but I don't think that's accurate, though, in terms of like merit based in terms of who knows, radio.


I don't believe you need a program.


God doesn't believe what he said was accurate either. By the way, when contract negotiations come around a year or two just for the case of that argument.


Yep, yep. I'm a full number one. We start negotiating.


Well, I saw an article that was written about two Godse the other day and Stewardson. It was a very nice article. Where where can people get that article was a very good article. You were very good in it. And is it what it was its last name, right.


Isn't Barritt Sports Media. I'll find out the site. It was I was I was happy to do it. The guy who did the piece was a is a very big fan of our show. It was nice.


Well, but let's talk about this, though, because we were talking about Howard Stern earlier in the fact that he signed for one hundred and twenty million dollars a year. And we are the closest thing that there's ever been in sports to that show. In terms of just in our realm. I'm not saying that that is what we are, but we've got a lot of the same elements of that show. And in sports, we do a lot of the same things.


But one of the things that you said in that interview is, look, I've got ego. I've thought about doing my own show. I've thought about breaking free and and trying it myself. I think you were probably pretty close, weren't you? In some ways we can probably say it now. You were pretty close in some ways to being real interested in whatever the evolution of that morning show was before it became when go and go. Look, you have a very friendly relationship with the family and you were probably pretty close to being with Mike Senior and my junior in recreating that show now.


Yeah, it's Barritt Sports Media Dotcom, by the way, if you want to check out that piece. No, Dan, you were involved. I mean, we talked about it, so. Yeah, I think right when we started ten to one when greeting and go look at split up. Yeah. There were there were a lot of conversations about me. Go look and go junior would have been me instead of Tredway.


I was intrigued by that. So you would have been a number one. And one of the things that I said to you before, because you flirted with that show for a long time, one of the things that I said to you about doing the show would just go like senior is stuck out.


You cannot be the smartest person on the show, which is why go a junior was also on the show. He's gotten good. He's gotten really good. I heard you guys talking to the break. What is it that he he has been doing because Gulik Junior as a Chris Cody, recipient of nepotism, has taken that opportunity and he does not take himself very seriously, but he also has learned how to do radio.


Here's what I would say. And here's what Mike and I were saying with Chris. It's a great example. Chris is very there's no nepotism like Chris. You've gotten over that because you've worked.


There is it's the fact that we that were forced to dig his dad every Tuesday. That's a good point. Yes. But Chris is very good at his job and is only getting better. And Mike and I were making the point because I know Michael Jr. very well. I don't know the nepotism stuff at the beginning really bother him.


How could it not? How could it not? I love the way Chris has played that, where he just makes nepotism jokes all the time. But of course, you want to think that you did something on merit. But of course, people are going to think that he is. And this is accurate. He's at the company because his dad was at the company.


And not only but not only is Gojo a great person, what people have started to realize, which is cool, and this is what me and Mike we're talking about is Gojo has really worked hard at getting good at this, like maybe nepotism got him in the door. But since he's gotten walked through that door, he has worked extremely hard and become very, very good. He is smart, funny. He's entertaining in two and a half years, he's worked every day part and every overnight shift, it would seem weekends, but that's the ESPN way.


No drown somebody in overwork.


Well, that's also a good climb for someone that has that last name. He does like the random college football game that you're probably not watching. And he works hard. But he's also it's not just because playing people work hard. He actually has year over year improvement each year he's been in this industry. I'm a big fan of his. He's become a really good on air talent.


I remember talking to try once and I said, where do you when and where do you feel most relaxed when you're doing that show? He said when Gola Junior starts talking. And I said, Why? He said, Because he's young and he's really smart and he's really good. It's pretty impressive for try to say they've been doing this forever, you know.


And so where do things stand with you and the Golic family? Because Mike Senior was was taken out in a way that was pretty disrespectful in terms of reading about it in the newspaper. And he still doing games for us. But he also says, yes, but it's a clear demotion. It's clear it's clearly not what he wants to be doing because he's still giving like that's hard to do it for that long to be loyal to the company to be.


One of the biggest names in the company's history was getting traction to get up every morning and give opinions to America or just do a show every morning where you really altering your life. To go from that to not doing that all of a sudden like that is a cold turkey quitting. That is not the easiest thing for an aging person to do if they've tied up some of their identity and what they do for a living.


I think he was hurt by how it went down. But 20 years mornings like that's that's brutal. I think what he really wanted out of all this was to make sure Michael Jr. was secure. Well, and is and he is. But what I was about to say is that he is not on speaking terms, Mike Senior anymore with Mike Greenberg. They and he said he hasn't spoke to, I think, very much or at all since since they broke up two events and say hello in passing.


They're just not the the friends that they convinced, as they were when they were the biggest sports talk radio show in America.


He was he was on my podcast the week after. His final show was a really good interview. And what he said was that Greaney did not reach out to him. He has not spoken to Gruene. So all that is accurate. But he was very appreciative of the message Greaney left on Get Up where he said spending time around. Mike Golic, senior, if you the reason I'm the man I am today and the father, more importantly that I am today is because I was around him for so long and saw how great of a dad that he was.


I mean, it's sort of a first family of ESPN, right? There aren't many of them there. The shops, the Goldex, like there aren't a whole lot of you see the coatis, the Hasselbeck that you see throughout sports.


Right. You see the sons are now coming, Frank Junior, while Frank Gore senior is still in the league. Ryan Weathers. Right. You were saying last night this guy looks suspiciously like David Weathers and then it's you. You look it up and it's his son all over the place. There are so many codenames. Kid is about to come up and play in the big leagues. The Blue Jays infield and the whole infield is all but a bunch of famous kids.


But in terms of first, families like the Golic name means something at is.


There's a Michael Pittman junior in the NFL right now. Right? Mike Pittman, junior. Now, the original Michael Pittman had some of the largest biceps you've ever seen to put together. Is his son also ripped in an unreal one?


I remember when they had the backfield of Michael Pittman, Junior and Thomas Jones. Oh, my gosh. He was like a muscle and fitness centers spread in Thomas Jones of the body issue for all the ammo. How did you feel, dear? How did you feel about John Carlos Stanton and his shirtless photo shoot? There were some sexy images making the rounds here yesterday as he's hitting five homers in four days.


I mean, are they the same ones from before that guy? What he's doing, sexy, wet and oily.


He's got four, four games only Manziel and Reggie Jackson have done. I don't think he has five. Correct me if I'm wrong.


He hasn't been bad for them when he's healthy. Now, he has been fighting through injuries sometimes and the productivity isn't completely there. The problem with him is you just don't get to see a healthy Giancarlo standing out there for the Yankees, right?


I don't know. He's dead to me. But that is the problem is injured when he plays. He's great. Yeah, but he plays as an MVP. Yeah.


It would appear that all he needs to do is be healthy, which is a larger than normal task for him. Billy, how are you feeling today? How are you and Chris feeling? Marlen's to 08 and they put you on MLB Network, which is totally disrespectful. I'm sorry. It's worse than I was one.


I mean. That I'm nervous, I mean, yeah, I don't know. It'll be fine. I mean, I'm glad it's at two o'clock and I don't need to wait around all day for this to happen. And I need to wait for till seven o'clock and then have a seventh inning meltdown at ten thirty at night at least. This way I can you know. Walk it off or eat or something. Guys, we have a Slaters scoop, the Miami Dolphins have been given clearance to go full capacity of sixty five thousand fans at Hardrock Stadium, according to Governor Decentered.


No serious, it says. It does said now, he says. The team, though, says their current plan of thirteen thousand fans remain remains the same for their next home game.


I want to say I want him to go to the game, sit on the 50 yard line and be surrounded by twenty thousand fans without wearing a mask. Go ahead, do it.


It's just a curious spin. Don't fear it while it hospitalizes the commander in chief. I don't understand this at all.


I mean, that is horrifying. There's no way I really hope that Stephen Ross steps in and says politely, thank you. But no, we're not we're not going to do that just yet.


I mean, mad.


I was intimately mad. I just told to sit in the middle of the fence and then the man sitting me.


It's all right. You could be Mad Men doing.