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So it was a weird day to day. We did the best we could under some trying circumstances. We figured this would happen quite a bit. So forgiveness, if you were hoping to tune into the normal show and didn't feel like it was quite normal because it was just me, Mike and Stu Godse and Winningham here calling Billy and Roy and Chris and Cody. I'm not certain Greg Cody being that good is good for the show, but it was good for us.


I mean, he was the best.


That is the first time in about ten years I have felt relief from Greg Cody because I could just go to him and have confidence that he was going to be funny. It's been and it's because he doesn't know that he's on the radio like it's. So I'm telling you, Stu got Greg Cody is at his most confident in terms of funny comedy and journalism when he's on the phone.


I know last week you guys were discussing whether or not we should be nicer to Greg Cody. And I love Greg Cody and you know that. But if he gave you that one out of every four shows, you'd be nicer to God. I'm telling you, this is what happens for those of you who are longtime listeners to our show and realize where and how we've been sort of imprinted by the original show that Tony Kornheiser did in the same slot on ESPN.


It was too hot for ESPN before Cowherd that was talking like a whispered secret on the Internet because the Internet was not the Internet, but social media and stuff was just getting started. And he was talking in the shadows outside of the FCC directly to the audience. People marvel from that show. How can Greg Codi be so competent as a journalist that Kornheiser goes to his Kornheiser being the inventors to God? I'm not going I'm not going to Super Bowl radio row to talk to athletes who don't have to say anything.


I have anything to say. I'm going to go to writers. I'm going to go to writers again and again, and they're going to be smart about this. If you've noticed two guys at ESPN, every president there has written on the backs of writers, whether it was Marc Shapiro who became the president of the company with his sports century series that ended up just putting Edwin popes of the world in front of a camera for no money at all. Tell us the stories the way a storyteller would to everyone who rose to power with the thirty four thirties congressional, you know, John Skipper, Bill Simmons on the on the backs of the thirty four thirty documentaries.


The Tiger documentary I just saw on HBO was just a bunch of writers sitting down in front of a camera and it was great. Not good. Great. I question what that would be because Tiger Woods is a mythological figure like Jeter, like Brady, like Michael Jordan, where we don't get real close to the truth. That HBO documentary got real close to the truth kind of shell.


That's a find. That is a find. My I always do that. I always put an end in his name doing that for a while and I always find you.


And one of the things that is happening as it relates to this and riding the backs of writers on this stuff is you get a documentary like the one that we just got. Have you seen that yet with your father?


I saw. So it's funny because you told me to watch it with my dad. I watch part one by myself and now I plan on watching Part one again with Dad, and then we'll watch part two together.


It's unbelievably good and it's unbelievably good because this is a guy I thought it was so much better than the last dance in two episodes because he didn't have any creative control. So you saw exactly how that robot was built? Yeah, you saw it with a macro view and you saw it was kind of like the Todd Marinovich story where a dad is so oppressive and making his son a dad, a Navy SEAL, a guy who is super disciplined and his wife in making a son who's a robot, who is so not human and so ultimately not black by his own identity in terms of where he fit in that worshiping white world where the Masters feels comfortable calling him out and judging.


Him, because he wasn't really black until he started doing the stuff that embarrassed the Masters, all of a sudden that white country club didn't embrace him unless he was the perfect symbol for the magical Negro. Then he did the stuff that was offensive with Perkins waitress's, literally, the rules changes, his pants are falling down because we never covered Barkley and Michael Jordan this way. And the Masters felt good that they could criticize their black man as being black in that spot.


And that's the one guy who was welcome into that super white world and was worshipped for being the magical Negro who didn't identify as a black guy that that club would feel comfortable named the Masters, the whitest club you can make the argument, the whitest club in America. That's not the Klan like in terms of just that. They want to protect no women, no black people. They do not want to be about modern. They want to do about when we refer to people as masters, sort of around a plantation that has changed recently.


Condoleezza Rice is a is a member there now.


But you should check out the documentary from that perspective, because it was interesting to watch sort of the racial undertones on everything that was happening there. And specifically, they did it so well. Stewart, because I got to know better. An athlete, I feel like has been covered for a really long time without us being able to see all of it, how that turned, how his father is not a drug addict and not just a sex addict, but addicted like he was basically somebody who got with an obsessive compulsive personality, trained by a master disciplinarian and his bride, who seemed to be tougher on him than even the father was.


I was thinking, Todd Marinovich, it's funny that you brought that up, but it seemed like Tiger wanted it.


Did you kind of get that? They made a robot out and they made a robot ill equipped to deal with life. They made a sex addict, a drug addict, a golf addict, because they were both so disciplined that they broke up with his girlfriend by letter? Yes, they broke up with his longtime girlfriend like it was clear that Tiger Woods was writing a letter that wasn't written by Tiger Woods. He was a PR statement from back then. They broke up with his girlfriend of many years.


So you get the full picture on that in a way that was fascinating. I want to talk about it more, but I've got to go to Chris Winningham on the polls, because we have had we have these polls at Laboratoire Show and we haven't been able to do them for several, several times here, several episodes. And now I can't go to Billy because he was on a phone line. So, Winningham, you're going to do the polls.


You're going to do him from when? For the last week. All right. Wow. The last week.


He's OK. But what was my original point with the writers? I know there was an original point before Tony was good today.


Oh, that's the point. He was on the phone line. Thank you, Chris. On it. You I mean, all of a sudden we're tigers.


I'm sorry. The point being that Greg Coady is good. If he just picks up a phone line and calls the Kornheiser show, it's when you put the lights in front of him, the drugs on the night that he comes in here and doesn't understand why the lights are on during a cat. If it's just him talking to a phone, he understands what he has to do the rest of the time, assume a microphone, everything else. He can't be competent at the details of radio.


I mean, that was more efficient. I mean, all of a sudden we're talking about Todd Marinovich. Yes, that's fine. I'm sorry for the digression. I'm sorry for the detour. Let's just get to the polls at eleven today. Show I'm yammering. I'm Billy. What do you got here?


Winningham The polls are not brought to you by a sponsor. Can a guy named Gay Vincent ever be good at basketball?


Eighty three point eight percent of the audience said no balled out against the Sixers.


In all fairness, I think he also looks funny for a game. Vincent, he's also it's not just it's visually he's funny.


I still think Strauss is funnier.


It's true that a nice game he did like seventeen tonight.


Do you know what an ISP is? Sixty two point eight percent of the audience said yes. Mike, what is it? Please forgive my ignorance here. Maxus. No, an ISP Internet service provider, of course.


Did you know that Pete Rose showed up to wrestle mania as a chicken thinking? Sixty nine point eight percent of the audience said no. Cool is artisanal.


Just a word you add to something to charge an extra twenty dollars.


I'm not so good. So true.


Your dad just texted me. He got the pretzels. Ninety six point seven percent of the audience said yes.


Did he get the deluxe or just the pretzels? Did he get the gourmet pack deluxe?


Artisanal. Do you know what artisanal means? Sixty two point three percent of the audience said no, no.


What we discovered was handcrafted, I believe, made in a non mechanical way.


What is Chris most worried about when taking off his shirt? Therefore, Choices Flab was the winner.


What are the other choices here? The other what are the other choices? Flatwoods fifty nine point six percent nipples.


Let's go back here. So wait, that old dynamic, are we done with this? All going to the moon stuff? We were trying to get a t shirt out fast and furious world of sushi, but we had a lot a lot of breakdowns here. Now we understand why it was so hard for Disney to make the t shirts when you got a lot going on t shirts. Don't become the most important thing, and so we miss the moment on Diamond Club.


Stay strong, stay firm. The moment is gone.


So they're just cheating. It's so unfair.


GME, GameStop, Dep't, all the way down to 90 bucks day. I think some people got a 75 today. It dipped all the way down. This was a stock that was nearing five hundred right on the get back in. And then Thursday happen and you realize, oh they can, they can just cheat, they'll commit open felonies and prevent you from, from making money. So today it dips super low and the cause is dead. And then something funny happened like 15 minutes ago, started to rise from the ashes.


It went all the way back up to one twenty five. And people are like buying back in and oh my God is are we hooking up right now. Guess what. Just got halted. Now everyone's jumping ship. They're just cheating. It's amazing, you know. Hey, you knew this was going to happen though. It's just never been this bad. I know, Mike, I told you last week, know those guys, you always win.


You did. But I and we all knew. You think the game was rigged. You didn't think this is a blindfold? No, I knew that it would. I knew that it was rigged, obviously. Hell, they were winning. The Reddit community was winning because they were taking advantage of the same rigging process. I knew the system was rigged and easily manipulated, but what I didn't count on was just felonies being being committed out in the open.


And, oh, you think you're up now? We're just going to stop you from buying.


I feel like what the pandemic has done and I don't want to get too macro on this on what has been a fun and challenging show. But I feel like everything the pandemic has done has sort of fast forwarded all forms of evolution so quickly that the bare naked greed of things and the bare naked commerce of what we are as a country simply can't be ignored because it's just more overt than it's ever been. It's always been disguised. The class warfare in this country has always been camouflaged.


And something becomes about fights over the minimum wage, the desperation at the bottom, the Snowpiercer train that has the guys, you know, the people living like kings at the top pretending like they earn their money because they're just finding it in their margins is a certain class of people continues. Hand me down across the generations. Hey, I tarred roofs for a living. I'm uneducated. I built walls for a living. I built fences for a living.


I worked in construction or sewage. That's what I handed down, a minimum wage, you know, living best I could to my child so that they too can have an education. This doesn't mean that this doesn't also happen to white people because it does happen to white people. But what you're seeing here presently is the most overt manifestation of that.


This is going to sound like a baby, but it's not fair.


It's it's it's not just gonna finish.


But when it comes, we had to by the balls, like when it comes to the rigging money game in this country, everyone who is poor can yell.


It's just not fair. This is like extra not fair. It's the same kind of like fair you can afford this night. Fair. Not fair. Like you can afford you don't it doesn't cost you meals. You're not going you're not falling into debt with this. Not only some people are. You are so people you might be too.


And you also have to account for just loss gains. I understand money. It's never actually real if you if you don't sell.


But some people are sending in is proof of fund seven hundred thousand dollar investments from writing GME to the moon. It's real in terms of like interest. You could point to it.


Speaking of unfair, I mean, The Marinovich is trying to take away Todd's childhood by sticking a football in his hand.


I mean, is Mike, can you please make sure that World of Suey Dotcom has your T-shirts up today along with the Amien t shirt, even though the moment has been missed, the T-shirts up there and no, not really.


I get too much.


He's losing his shirt. OK, at Batard show. Winningham what else we got in terms of polls.


So the choice is, again, we're flab, but nipples pale and other flab, one with fifty nine point six percent of the vote.


I thought pink should have been one of the nominations. Look, you. Well, can you read those four, please? So flab, right?


Nipples pale and other. Oh, that is what is Chris most worried about when taking off his shirt? Lastone will do today. What occupation do people hate the most? Winning the vote. Hedge fund manager apropo at forty six point four percent used car salesman in second, lawyer in third and other bringing up the rear.


I am so out of the t shirt management business, I got a couple of funny ideas. I'll send them along. They get up, they get up. It's just we, we need better luck to form already. This is just, this is the pirate asp.


It's getting tiring. It's well it's just if I may don't abandon ship my come on. If I say. Right now, because we don't have a corporate structure, everything is directed via a group text, which is funny and on brand, but also when you have like 17 people and it takes seven days to settle on a graphic design and get it up there and you put it out there and then one person chimes in, can we add a gold tooth and then dance like we had a gold tooth?


I'm like, no, it just took seven days to get to this point. No gold tooth. I mean, one and a gold tooth. I've got a gold tooth.