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And just take me home. I know your home is because I slept with your mama.


It's just replaying on Roy.


It's Roy Roy. We need to make you.


And what's your name. What's your name sir. Give me mercy. You know what you got.


My playing is eight is twenty years every time we come in. That's it's good morning for twenty years. Roy how you doing now. You've got Roy Bellamy is Nunzia.


Keep my name out your mouth but your ass.


That's another good one.


I love you Roy Roy you as an action hero.


This has got a lot of this has got a lot of promise here because all of us I don't think you're trying me had the intended effect because all of us were sort of bemused by the land the way that it needed to, because you were like, try me.


And we were like, well, what does that mean exactly? Roy, none of us are going to try you and you wouldn't want to be tried. And if there was a trying it, we'd all just walk away from each other asking why anyone had been tried and about.


I mean, I'm not talking about you guys. I'm talking about the random stranger that my you know, you were you were talking about Chris and you told Chris to try.


I wouldn't try you, Roy.


Oh, I've got you having a business card. That's your G. D and your last name business.


Esquire. Esquire. Yeah.


You only need to do that to that business. We have to absolutely create those business cards.


That's a new t shirt, right? It's going to be the first round of scrap metal.


Are you at all like media business?


That's going to be your email. That's none of your goddamn business and media. Don't you ever lend you money? Not a large.