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Over the course of the show here today, as appendages have fallen off and we are sitting here running the gamut of emotion between panicked and laughing, and I'm just talking about the stock market. You also have just us doing the show around, everything going on with the gods who had to leave. Billy had to leave. We will be back on Monday because we've got a lot of plate spinning. But one of the plates that we have spinning and I wanted to discuss this with you guys and with Mike because we are testing something at World of Suey Dotcom, where we have wanted for years to have the ability to make instantaneous art and put it on T-shirts and sell it to you and just experiment with art and jokes in time, in real time.


We've enjoyed doing the twitch for you today, Mike. This was a success, right? The idea that our engineers got us up and functioning in a way that if you watched us on ESPN News, I don't know exactly what people saw, but if they went to Twitch, they got a reasonable facsimile of what they're used to in terms of seeing us on television.


Big shout out to Alex and Jay that helped put this thing together. I should you not. And this is not to throw stones, but I've done these before at a previous place of employment. And it wasn't this seamless and fun to do in the past. So I'm really impressed. And it's good to know that the pirate ship also has video capabilities.


So we don't know if we're going to keep doing this right now, but it was nice to see it function today. I look forward to going over all the mistakes that we made and having you guys provide your feedback so that we could fix up what we were really encouraged. Right. Because this has been a bit of a struggle here. I don't think, Mike, you had no idea the difficulties in engineering that were in this place in terms of having to do all this stuff where we go from one day to the next and we've lost all of our infrastructure.


Oh, I did.


No one else did, but I did. But but thanks to Dan and his seemingly limitless checkbook, we've been able to get the right people in here to know what I didn't know. And they've been tremendous and we haven't missed a beat. The fans are getting the content and they're enjoying what we're putting out there. So far, the feedback that I've seen has been people really enjoyed being able to watch us again. I think maybe perhaps I don't know if the viewers caught on to this, but we enjoyed the visual sandbox as well.


The thing that Twitch would provide us, Mike, is that live it would that live element where people would be watching it. And that's the dangerous element that's missing when you have podcasts where if we're doing it live, we can't just sort of stop and edit it. So anyways, we'll talk about all that stuff off air. We'll talk all about that stuff on air with you as we figure out how we want to do this in the next incarnation. But at the moment, I am sending everyone in this room a text, Chris Whittingham, Chris Cody, Roy Bellamy and Mike Ryan.


And I am going to present to you an argument that Mike Ryan and I were having off air here as we arrive in a place where we are trying to sell T-shirts to you of live art or art that has happened on the show. And my brother just made and we will have stuff that world of suey dotcom soon that will be more than just T-shirts. But for the moment, it's just T-shirts that we're just testing, sort of how quickly we can get things in your hands.


But I believe without going into too many details, guys, because we don't want to spoil this, I believe that the one that you have on your text right now is the best one that's been done this week off of Amino Hassin coming onto the show, coming on to the pirate ship and saying, look, he can't follow rules here. He's just got to do it his way. On the group chat last night, I asked everybody in the group to come up with a pirate name for I mean, better than Captain Double Dribble, because Captain Double Dribble is was what my brother did and we needed to do better than that.


Admittedly terrible. Yeah, we need to do better than that. And so we had some nominees and we settled on one that Mike is now not allowing now corporate mike speak around it. However it is that you need to speak around it. Guys, please don't betray any confidences here. But the name that we have chosen for the pirate, which I think is funny and was provided by Billy Mike is saying that we cannot do it is the best of the names we have.


Please do not repeat the name because Mike doesn't want to get in any trouble with anyone here, but I think it speaks to the character the best. Mike, what can you tell the audience about what you and I presently embroiled in? I am arguing with an executive producer who is crazed and manic because all day to day he's been trading and losing money. Two thousand dollars at a clip.


Thankfully, I haven't lost my my judgment when it comes to show decisions. I don't think because this is the when you run the risk of crowd this be a group text, you have a bunch of people with nothing to lose and no no skin in the game. So the idea was funny and the art was put together. I thought something went without saying that you probably shouldn't do there.


OK, well, here we go with. Giving without revealing it to the audience, guys, Roy, the name of amines character in the middle of the T-shirt, funny or not funny, it's funny but not doable, Chris funny or not funny?


Funny. Let's roll the dice. Winningham Funny or not funny, let's protect ourselves legally here. So can I say it, Mike?


You can say it and you sure as shit can't put it on a T-shirt. I'm so mad.


It's wordplay. It's a wordplay that we're not allowed to use. Right. But inseminating.


How good is that shirt. It was 780. How good is that shirt.


It's great and it's not made less great by removing one of the jokes that we cannot do. And we've probably already spoken too much about.


Well, how about giving me a better name? It's amino acids character. Let's crowdsource this. Let's send it out to the audience. Who wants to be clever? What's the hashtag we can put on Twitter so that the people can send us or read it or whatever it is they want to go send us a good pirate name for a T-shirt involving amino acid? I want to get this T-shirt out there because I think the art is really exceptional.


Use hashtag pirate. I mean, and send us what you think to be a means best pirate name. It could be a play on something from his past and known pirates. That's we're trying to meld the two worlds here. Let's do that and don't get me sued.


Hashtag pirate. I mean, am I. And send your best applicants, the community, the trained community around our show. We appreciate that. Very often they become very good producers for the show. In this case, you will become producers of art, whoever it is that comes up with the funniest name, that's the one that will be on the T-shirt. All you have to beat right now is Captain Double Dribble, which doesn't seem like very much of a standard.


See if you can do better than that. What do you have shirtless, Chris?


The porn pirate. The porn pirate. It's not as good as what's on there right now, is it? Now, it is not the one that's on there right now.


Pawni pirate. I mean, it depends how you're viewing this. I think it's much better than what is presently on there.


Chris, can we see your nipples? Is there any chance here as we peter out for the end of the show?


My Peter.