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See stores for details. We have some breaking news here where the NBA players have decided to resume their season, I thought all along to got that the best way for them to bring attention to this while not sabotaging their effort, is to do it for a couple of games and bring the attention and keep the platform. And the people on the other side of this will now criticize them to God. Where's your conviction? Right. The money you came back for the money, but the point was made that got our attention.


And I truly believe that they're not sabotaging anything by getting our attention and then going back to play and then going back to answering questions the way they want to while staying in the bubble and making the point. They made a statement period. Games were lost because they want racial justice.


They did. And there's a couple of things to kind of keep in mind. As teams lose, they'll be able to go back out into the public and affect change and be part of these protests however they deem necessary. You want to be a part of this stuff. But as the playoffs continue to roll on here, the platform for the guys, for the teams that remain in all likelihood, LeBron, Kawhi Younis, guys like that, it only gets more magnified.


It gets bigger.


As we roll on here through the play, I'd like to see additional reporting to see how we got to hear from the Lakers and the Clippers last night voting to end the season on Udonis Haslem, talking to a group of players and saying, I don't know how we can have a season without the Lakers and Clippers. I'd be interested to find out who guts and I have found the leadership on this to be extraordinary. Adam Silver, again, living up to his reputation to gods, because I believe without knowing anything, this news is just breaking.


Now, my guess is that he got in there as an advocate, as an ally, as a partner. He got in there and explained to them the ramifications while also being on their side in a way that substantives so they can trust him. They don't think he's playing an angle like the NFL. Players always think about NFL leadership. They think he's on their side and he works with them. I would love to hear the reporting on what kind of peacemaking Adam Silver did to quiet the emotions of this and make these very strong men not feel like they were being asked to dance and smile and entertain for an America that has some discomfort around what it is that they were protest and LeBron leaving the meeting and the Lakers and Clippers following him, that's impactful.


I think he knows how impactful that is. But it's not like he left out of the bubble because that would truly end the postseason. So there was absolutely room for negotiation after he left the meeting and the teams remained in the bubble. They spent the night there.


That's no small thing and no easy task. By the way, what you just pointed out, what Silver has to do, because you have to be able there's some salesmanship in there. And what I mean by that is you have to be able to convey to your players, hey, I am with you, I am on your side. I support whatever it is you do. I hope you guys know that. But here are the financial ramifications for the things you worked very hard for as a player.


I don't think that he's just. But I heard this could break the CBA, the current agreement they hold.


There are all sorts of business ramifications and you're talking about sales. But what I have seen again and again in the relationship between Silver and these players is because he listens to them, because he considers their humanity, that the way to reach them would be guys. If we now postpone this season and you guys go into this fight, we will lose this platform. We will lose this money. We will lose a lot of different things. We will lose some of our customer base that doesn't want to have to be denied.


It's entertainment. And also, though, I think the the biggest thing, if I had to guess that Adam Silver was telling them, is this moment can happen in the bubble with you guys actually effecting change by giving the people their games back, but showing them, hey, we were going to take them, but we have decided not to take them for reason X, Y and Z that we will continue to have soaking every playoff game you're watching where it's not an abnormal thing at all all of a sudden to see Black Lives Matter on your court.


So my guess is that they will use this platform in a way that tries to effect more change. There will be critics on every side, as there is with anything in the way of leadership. But I ask you again to examine. The crisis that Adam Silver found himself in the middle of and I ask you to re-examine. How this sport. With science coming at us and learning and discovery through a totally unexpected and unprecedented time, got into a bubble and successfully completed its season.


Successfully resumed its season and then how we went from there to yet another crisis that made it seem like the season again was in peril, and I don't know how he slalom course that, but I look forward to seeing the reporting on what the conversations were like between Adam Silver and his partner, LeBron James. LeBron James had the all star schedule changed when registering a complaint. And my guess is that LeBron does not return to that bubble, given what he has seen, his role as an activist take on an America if not persuaded by an Adam Silver leader who had an agenda.


And yet trusts him so much that he returns to the bubble, even though it suits Adam Silver's agenda to get everybody back quiet and playing again.


And we started recording this post show thirty six seconds after Woj sent out the tweet. So news is still trickling in. Today's playoff games have been postponed. So I imagine they're still trying to formulate the full plan. And that's a lot of trust extended to Adam Silver, who I think has earned that trust. They're trying to figure out when they're going to actually resume play and probably map out exactly what they're going to do with the platform. That's even louder about what's going on right now in the world.


I'd like to know those details as well, because we're doing this where I'm watching SportsCenter as we're doing this and there is footage now, obviously, we can't hear what's being said, but it is just Adam Silver, LeBron James and Giannis in a hallway talking to each other like I want to hear the steps that were taken. The conversation, details of the conversations that were had leading up to this decision will have to inform you because you're not going to read anything.


No, no. You'll tell me though. Yeah yeah. It's not like you're going to actually check in with Ramona Shelburn or Woj or any of these things I was reading. Where's that message we were promised today?


Well, I wrote two paragraphs. I could tell you that today, probably not the day for a message also probably not the day for MVA magnets for Magnussen, but we went forward with it anyway.


We sort of had to choose. Yeah, actually, one of the two action Bronson meeting his hero or the Massai Billy Chris.


Tony Roy, how did you feel about today's show? There was not nearly enough shipping container in today's show, although I was glad we were able we were able to talk to Carl Douglas together. Roy, how did you feel about today's show?


Well, I wasn't here mostly for the show because my Internet has been down.


So you tell me, Dan. OK, well, that is fairly shocking to me that we learn after the show that you were a silent not being around because of your connection, as you usually are when you are around with a successful connection. So I will go elsewhere with my question. Billy, how did you feel about today's show?


Good show today, Dan. Top for the week, I'd say. Thank you, Billy.


One of my favorite moments was just be drowning, totally drowning in the world's strongest man in action, Bronson, the ceiling of his car and you just moving away from your microphone, jiggling with laughter that made your headsets almost come off because you were laughing in my face so much it wasn't so much you.


The problem is with what was going on there is that we were on Zoom, right. So like Magnus for Magnussen and Action, Bronson could probably also see me laughing when things are not going great. I actually try to like, duck out of the camera, frame it just like try to keep it to myself because it was hilarious what was going on. It was great, but I didn't want them to think I was laughing at that, because when you're laughing at no one knows what you're laughing at.


I had to do that when Dan asked Magnus about actions, music, and it was just very clear that action Magnus had very little knowledge of anything. That was the pause one song. So I had to, like, go out of this room and I was laughing. Oh, I checked out some of his other work.


And Tony, you're still laughing at the awkwardness that we that we threw at the American audience today.


I think one of the best parts, Dan, and not to dunk on you for a second, was when you asked Magnus Magnusson about Latin Grammys.


Did you think the song had a Latin beat?


Is that is that look more under that impression? I mean, I'm going to give you guys guys, I'm going to give you guys in the audience, OK, a sneak peek into everything that was happening here.


OK, I get surprised all of a sudden on my zoom by a world's strongest man while I'm doing a radio show that you may have noticed, had some delicate subject matter in it. So I want you guys to imagine from my perspective, OK, is the guy who is supposed to be talking and leading this pirate ship to nowhere. I'm sitting here talking about things that are societally echoing and then boom, nineteen ninety five appears giant muscles in my screen and I just immediately start talking to him out of nowhere.


I wasn't expecting to be talking to him then.


Not just nineteen ninety five like midnight late night. Nineteen ninety five.


That's right. And so I am discovering this person here, I haven't had any time to do any of the show prep that would explain to me, hey, action Bronson and magnets for Magnason are going to be on together because they're meeting for the first time. So you heard my genuine surprise learning that on the air because I had no information in front of me at that moment that a world's strongest man appeared and then action. Brunson's technology didn't work and my producers were all laughing in corners, trying not to be seen by action.


Bronson and. Magnificent as they roared with laughter and Roy was not available to me in any way because his Internet went deaf. So I'm searching the premises for where do I get help here? Honest to God, if you would ask me right then, Chris. Hey, Dan, what's going on here? I'm like, clearly magnets for Magnason is hosting the Latin Grammys. I had no idea what was happening here. There was nothing but chaos in my producers were flowing into the room laughing.


The options are laugh or find a way to fly up to a cell phone satellite and fix the cell phone, saying, I can't do that. So I'm going to laugh.


We're trying to bring positivity to you in this moment of panic. That's what we're trying to do. We're healthy.


But you guys did scurry out of the screen. And even I after the MVM, I kind of left the studio because Tony was laughing so hard. And at some point it had to feel like he was just doing a show in Burbank.


Listen, I need the audience to see this part of it, because I don't think the audience knows this part of it. But Mike and Stewart certainly know this part of it. Very often. What ends up happening on the air is me looking at stuff, God saying MVM, and it's just the last drop in the bucket.


And so I lash out at him for no good reason just because nobody knows. Hey, look, the producers have fallen out of the screen laughing at the awkwardness of this moment. Chris Coati does it with actual breakdancing where his shoulders just make him go right the zoom.


And then I'm looking for help from somewhere so that I can feel less alone than what I get is M.V. And then it's just you imagine it's just me staring at a guy whose English is spotty.


Maybe in Iceland you're obsessed with this Iceland portion of it.


I just don't know where he was joining us from. We'll find out tomorrow. Yes, we have him. Do we have action Bronson again tomorrow night?


How am I supposed to know you? Some pixellated face in a car.