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Dad, we will get to funniest thing from the sports weekend in a second. We will get to Stewart's his weekend observations as well. But Mike Ryan just looked up from his phone and his face was filled with a bit of delight and some confusion because, Mike Ryan, do you want to tell the audience what happened? Because it felt like looking at a teenage boy at an awkward time in his life when he's both excited and confused?


Yeah, I got a notification on my phone to check Twitter. So I checked it and I found out that Kevin Durant had just started following me on Twitter. And that was weird for me.


No. One, I don't understand why he would follow me. Myrto, I've been pretty public in my dislike for how he's approached, you know, handling the media lately. I'm not exactly Camp Kevin Durant. So this one is this one's puzzling to me, but I'm automatically flipping Dan because I like that follow. That one is valuable and I think this Kevin Durant guy has been pretty misunderstood.


All right. Well, let's do that, Mike. I think you should fire off right now while we're doing show. And funniest thing, I think you should fire off like ten straight tweets where you are overpraising Kevin Durant just to see if you can get in his good graces, because he probably doesn't know what you've said in the past.


You think? I mean, Kevin Durant is he's responded through incarcerated Bob, but he's responded to Stewart's. I think he's aware we we all know how sensitive.


He says he hears everything. He says he listens to everything. He says that no one escapes his attention in that regard.


I'm going to tweet out the NBA playoffs are lucky that Kevin Durant isn't in this because he would have made a mess of it all.


That's a good move. Suck up to him. I listen, I think that he follows me, but I can't send them any sort of messages. And Mike is right. Strangely, he talks to me through incarcerated Bob. It's a weird thing that Kevin Durant does on Twitter. He has a message you want to send to me, like you're being inconsistent, telling me I take the easy path when you can't even get into your car to go get your wife's shoes.


She goes, the That's the easy part. The other time to that directly, he tells incarcerated Bob to tell me that directly at Bob always comes through.


All right, Mike, how many how many tweets are you going to send out for the audience? Oh, you really want me to do that? I thought we were just doing content here. Baby, don't jeopardize this relationship for me. Come on. What do you mean?


He's going to send zero? He doesn't want KD to unfollow him or realize you followed him by accident.


Bill, he knows the game right now. I can't do that. Praise him is what I'm telling you. Praise him publicly. Just send out a bunch of tweets that praise him.


You're married now, so maybe you don't know how this whole dating game goes. But no, I can't just be cool about it. I'm going to freak out because Kevin Durant is following me. I got to play this cool.


Is doing a ten thirty tomorrow. Maybe he'll join the show. A rookie move that Mike could do but he shouldn't do is where you screen shot him following you and then you tweet out that picture like a big day for me, guys. Got a follow up from Katy and Chris.


Come on. I mean, yeah, this is pretty exciting, but the screen cap of it only goes to my group chats and my friend's private. Right. I'm not going to brag about that over a public forum like a radio show, for example. Time now.


Go ahead. I'm sorry. It's not me. I'm not evidently Chris wants to talk.


Well, Mike just made me realize I screenshot it one over the weekend because we all do that right when someone cool falsie screenshot it. Kirks, Kirch, Goldsberry called me over the weekend.


Wow. I fold, sir. Time now for excellent chemistry. Cody, you killed it today. I can't wait to see you, Bob, for apples with your father tomorrow. Put that in place. I want to see that. That is something that I will pay for the apple. I don't know what you're going to do about the bucket of water and everything else.


You're very generous. But in terms of apples. I think the coaches are good for it. OK, I don't I don't believe I don't think you know how good you think Greg is going to send you a formal expense report. Is your Foleo? Yes. Yes, I do, actually. Thank you to God. You know what I'm dealing with. There he is. The absolute cheapest time now for the funniest thing from the sports weekend. It's your home speaking, and I need you to do me a couple of favors first, could you get that blueberry that rolled under the fridge last week?


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Hey, people, tell us what sport makes you laugh hard. This is Weekend Edition segment would go. What made you laugh this weekend? Ha ha. Mike, I meant to call my dad, we had so many disasters today, I meant to call my dad live on air. Let's remember to do that tomorrow because I want to break down the Heat playoffs with him with one of those live phone calls we haven't done in a while on the phone through the board.


Awesome. I'm like 54 percent sure that'll work. OK, well, we will try to make a call. We did this actually. I think that's where the TV show started. We would make these surreptitious calls to my father. He never knew when I was calling to tape him. And it's been so long since we've done it that we will absolutely fool him tomorrow. So let's make sure to do that. Aroy, what would you say is the funniest thing from the sports weekend at the Sweat this weekend?


The Tigers have now lost 20 straight games reunion's.


Wow, ouch. And the Tigers went into that game like they had a plus 500 record and they've lost that many times to the Indians. Mike, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Here come soccer guy again. I thought Twitter was all watching this with me because there were all like superexcited. But it turns out Amarant and Damian Lillard were putting on an absolute show on a channel that I didn't have. So I was watching the Champions League quarter final between Lille and Manchester City. Manchester City have Pep Guardiola as their manager, won so many trophies with arguably the greatest club team ever in Barcelona. They've spent a billion dollars since Pep Guardiola has come to Manchester City.


They got such an easy draw. Lionel is terrible. They're seventh place in the French League. They're a Cinderella. But now, because of the pandemic, Dand Champions League knockout rounds are single elimination. So you could have the grounds for an upset. Lionel, go up to one. Legacies are on the line. Can Pep actually win the Champions League without Leo Messi? Oh, my God. They've spent so much money. 80th minute Leone or still winning two one percent of the box absolute center three feet away from a wide open net.


Raheem Sterling is put in millions of these goals in his career, hits it to a satellite. It was an absolute sinaer. It is honestly one of the worst misses ever. Pep Guardiola sees this moment. It comes crashing over him. His legacy has been ruined and tarnished by this easy Miss Leone score. Immediately afterwards, Pep Guardiola console's a water ball bottle starts chugging it as if it were vodka. And it was that Denzel Washington movie flight. And it was actually quite funny to see someone's legacy be absolutely tarnished.


Guillermo, put it on the pole, please, at Lebed Today Show. Are those the most annoying 90 seconds in the history of our radio show? 90 minutes. And also put it on the pole, please, is the douchy thing someone can do pronouncing it bath Ballona. Oh, God.


Finnie like that little bit wordy. Just a little bit.


But you guys are with me, right? That is hilarious. Chris, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Any time you can get enraged. Rece Davis on Twitter. I'm a fan of this. Billis tweeted out a picture of SPO Erik Spoelstra dressed casually because NBA coaches have been dressed casually in the bubble. And Jay Bellus is basically saying, I hope we can see this extend into the future after the bubble coach's dressing more casually. And Rece Davis not a fan of that opinion. He says, You are my friend Jay. I have immense respect for your opinions except for this one.


This is a terrible take suit up tie, the perfect Windsor and most important accent with the right pocket square. You're welcome. Wow.


Arrogant, straight arrogance and fire from Chris Davis. You know, ESPN doesn't like that ESPN on ESPN crimes, so I'm sure there will be suspensions involved there. Chris, I want to understand something about you, though, because you're a lovable oaf, because I can't imagine people, if they got to know you having any real problem with you. Didn't you have Twitter beef this weekend, didn't you? I was really surprised to see you in the middle of Twitter beef because I think of you as a lovable beanbag chair.


Yeah, this quarantine has changed me. I've told you guys that that just weird things are happening to me. I'm much more sensitive than I have been in my life, actually. Like, I'm just very irritable, unchanged and. Yeah, I mean, this guy don't get me started on this guy on Twitter. Most people that say mean things to us, they don't have podcasts or stuff that I can go listen to and judge them. But somebody came to me with some noise and I was like, oh, wait, this person actually has a podcast.


So I listen to, like, three minutes of it and that's the end. Hey, hey, guy, if you're going to come at me and say I'm bad at this, be better than what you were when I listen to your crap right. Guy on Twitter and I'm not going to say when you get there.


Wow. Way to go. Well said. Yes.


That ending especially. Yes. Tony, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Clayton Kershaw in his start had the open jersey that I wish I could have if I was a pitcher. I would just kind of show like as much as possible do one of these moves. I think that was the funniest thing.


Yes, you. You are someone who does look like he wants to show off some chest, you're real quick last week to tell us about this pro-am basketball that you played in Billy. What is it that you found was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


And golfer Tim Herman trying to drink a bottle of water with a cap still on it. That's always fun. I think you were a little too hard on Chris Cody. Social media can be a very mean place. And if you ever receive some criticism that you think it's unfair, you absolutely should start a bunch of secret accounts and start defending yourself through those secret accounts.


I got what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend, the last team, last place, even the MLS, the Mets 1940 had the same number of wins as the first place in the Marlins. No, I didn't say.


There you go. There you go. Mets baseball. Baby, are you excited or you revved up the Marlins lost two of three. Before we get to Stewart's weekend observations, I actually wanted to talk to Billy and Chris some more about how they feel about this team because I thought some momentum was lost there. My funniest thing from the sports weekend is absolutely what happened with Don Mattingly and the Negro Leagues curator for the Negro Leagues Museum. If you did not see it, and I imagine most of you didn't, I can't imagine.


I really do feel Chris and Billy like we are some of the only people in the world who saw how funny that was, where Don Mattingly is getting ejected and the broadcast team for the Marlins is simply afraid to interrupt this guy who was absolutely a yammering hijacker with his soundbytes. He did the same thing to the sun, the Sunday night baseball game between the Yankees and the Red Sox, where they thanked him for being so gracious with his time, but he wasn't gracious with his time.


He took everyone else's time like he was wandering around yesterday. And he managed to get right in the middle of a Don Mattingly argument. That was the most exciting part of that game.


That always happens to me with Marlins games where something happens and I'm like, oh, let's go check Twitter. Maybe everyone's talking about it, you know, like how he Twitters the thing. Marlins Twitter, not a thing. I think I saw one person tweeting about what we are talking about with that broadcast. But like, it's just basically the three of us watching the game in, like two other people. Who's the voice of the Marlins here? Damn boy.


Hollandsworth, at some point during the show today, it's know how old was Buth those boos? That is when control of it. I mean, let's go to control over your own boos. I mean, who is it?


Sue God. Gods. Two guys did spend a segment in one of the breaks screaming, grab control of your booth. Severino Paul Severino is the lead voice of the Marlins in a clutch my pearls.


But all that all those vulgar words at Mattingley was using. Is it really necessary? I don't really like the foul mouth in sports, like Draymond Green four, for one example. I don't like this guy at all. No one. He was totally wrong to blow up what is honestly one of the greatest dynasties we've ever seen in all of sports, one that was built, not bought totally on the wrong side of any altercation that happens in the locker room, taken that stuff and making it public.


What a bomb that guy is.


Billy, did you see the differences between the Braves broadcast on Mattingly? Objection. Could you hear did you see the video and audio from the Braves broadcasts and how different it was watching it over there than the Marlins game? Because the Braves didn't have the Negro Leagues curator from the museum hijacking their broadcast? I mean, I did see it, but you know what I want to talk about, but stand now that we're talking about the Marlins in baseball, you guys know this, a bunch are back this year, extra innings.


People start out on second base and extra innings in baseball have now become a Buntine contest. Have you guys caught on to that yet? It's incredible. Small ball is back, Dan Levitan. And extra innings have become who's best at blunting the runner over from second to third and then bringing them in with a sack fly bunts. Even if that happened during the Braves game, should carry would have taken care of business. You want to know why that's a man, a veteran of the booth who has control over his own booth.


He would never let that get out of hand like Savina, whatever his name is.


Billy is so right, though, with this Marlins team, small ball baserunning. Tim Kurkjian has complained on this show about how baserunning is terrible in baseball right now. If you watched the Marlins baserunning over the weekend, especially Friday night, he would need a cigarette afterwards.


I appreciate you saying the phrase Billy is right after the particulars of me asking him a question and him going to bunting that had nothing to do with what it is like, literally nothing to do with what it is that we were talking about. All of you in the shipping container familiar with Billy taking shots for Billy, like all of you know what it's like to try and feed Billy. No, no, no, no, no. You will have you in a minute.


We'll have you in a minute. All of you are familiar with my particular frustration of lobbing thing up to Billy. That's easy for us to talk about and him just detouring because that's not the thing that he wants to talk about. But what he does is bunting. That's what just happened. What what am I saying that's inaccurate, Billy?


Well, I didn't I didn't actually see the video as a thing, so I wasn't going to pretend to see it. And I know if I would just be like, no, Dan, I have it. Then you're going to yell at me like, oh, every time I want you to say aloud, you say nothing. And every time I want you to say nothing, you said so I was like, you know what? I can talk about one thing.


So let me just talk about one thing and see if maybe we steer away from the video question because I didn't see the video. Now, let me ask you a question. How do you think Boob would have handled that situation? You're friends with Boob. He's a professional broadcaster. What would you have done?


You know what actually can you call boob real quick, Mike? And let's do weekend observations here. Maybe after weekend observations, we can get boobed thoughts on that, because that is the rare good idea from Billy right there. It only took five hours today to get to one, but we finally got to one. Thank you, Billy. Let's do in the interim.


Hold on. You want me to call Boog simultaneously and hit the beeps on the weekend observations?


I'll call Bug you guys. How are you going to pot a boob? I will call Bug and ask him if he's available and give him the phone line to call in order to talk to you.


And a meager defense of Billy right there. What Dan did was very mean. I would not blame Billy whatsoever if he decided to go into business for himself and maybe latch on with a super team, for example. He's accomplished everything that he possibly could on this team. If he wanted to go to the most established show and dominate there, he would be well within his rights and no one could criticize him for it.


Not a single one.


Mike, can you D.M. Kevin Durant, and ask him if he thinks that Jesse James looks like Joe Maddon now?


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Odor eaters destroy food odor with the best in odor defense. Maybe a couple. All right, let's do weekend observations. I'll see if I can get a hold of Boog while we're doing the show here. And I will try to also support what you're doing with weekend observations.


I might have a question for you. We've got observations. All right.


I'm going to stay right here, but I'm also going to text Boog. Also, I want to establish I love the chair for that. Seward says every time he sits down, it's like a whoopee cushion effect. I think I want to try using that as the transitional sound going forward. Yeah, let's it.


It is time for his two guys to share his notes. No one in the media will tell you what happened better than my boys to dismiss with games starting at one p.m. and ending at midnight and virtual fans who spend the entire game confused, trapped inside of an experience they can't get out of and have no idea how to use. It'll be unlike anything we've ever seen. But Dan, make no mistake about it, the NBA playoffs are back. Why not?


This appears to be making quite the Messi or Barcelona. When Sacramento informed BLODDY Debord's he was fired as king again. He took a drag from his cigarette, shrugged and moved on with his dad. This one page story arc eventually formed. He was fired as King's assistant, GM. He did the same thing.


Not only would I pay to see John Moran play play basketball, not only would I pay to see Jabarin play basketball, I paid pretty good money to see someone named John Marad in concert and feel pretty confident that that concert was going to be good. I'd rather have Damian Lewis career there it is than Kevin Durant.


Oh, you are? Oh, my friend. That's way off base. Kevin Durant's an NBA champion. Did you see the accomplishments he had with Oklahoma City taking that team well before they were early to an NBA finals, only to get done and by LeBron James, who had the weakness to go pair up with other people? Who does that unless you, Kevin Durant, get the power to get away from the microphone?


You agree with my take earlier, the same exact day earlier today. And this is it just me or does it feel like anybody can beat anybody inside the bubble? It's a tradition unlike any other. And, Aaron, Judge Wayne's on the DL. Yes, it did. They fired him. Yes. I had no idea. Page's story arc image was the Kings assistant general manager. If you knew nothing about them at all. And they come walking down the street and your friend is trying to play a trick on you and what a weird trick this would be.


And he says, hey, see those guys over there? Lawdy D-Box ad pages. Thayar could be a good team. World famous spies. Yes. Would you believe then that was a good team? You're underrated team, right? They're Formula One. Dre is my baby. My baby teeth give over the heat. We have a standing ovation and we move on the second he was bad. Wait a minute.


Not just the Mike Bibby teams. It was also the Chris Webber team with those two guys were on like those those teams got robbed by the refs so they would have beaten the Shaq Kobe Laker name one more player off that team. Let's see here, Chris Webber, we've got pager's three yankovich. We've got Vlady Dimmock. We've got Mike Bibby. Yeah, who else is on?


Come on, give me a roll from the Vikings. Come on, Howard. Forward, Chris, you've got something. Chris Webber was famously the power forward.


Yes, I thought I feel like there's the Christy. Isn't there a Christie on there? Chris Christie? I think there's also a Bobby Jackson I can you Rick Adelman.


I think it was a coach was it was Coreless Williamson on that team. How about Lawrence Funderburk? Please stop. Please stop. Lawrence that's a good name. It's a good name.


But they lost to the Lakers, although I did a big job. Bob, this Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton, right there, is better at his sport than any athlete in the world. Is that their Formula One in your face?


I think that I think we've all forgotten about NBA player out of Texas who made you all forget with a little less frank injury. Don't worry, he'll be back and changing minds. Yes.


If a series doesn't start until someone wins a road game, does that mean the. Layoffs will never start yes or no, all start at the same time, I'm to ponder other things to think about will there be two Heisman Trophy winners this year? They ask that one of us construct an argument that Barry Trotz, is it a good coach? I this at this point, I think I'd be shocked at both. One seed just made it to the NBA final.


But you didn't care who made it to the NBA finals anymore. I thought that was your take.


Like two weeks into the pandemic, I was keeping an eye on the ball, but I kept my eye on the ball. Well, I see how much the players care. Therefore, I'm starting to care a little bit more.


Good pivot. Excellent pivot by you. Go ahead and take a drink of water there, because boobed zombie has written back that he's got a half hour call. So these need to go on for another half hour.


If we're going to get the payoff of BUCSHON, be calling us back at bat. This is a tradition unlike any other Lionel Messi being overrated, brought Daniel Cormier. He's a midget. And I for an I can't wait for Dr. Dan Sugar to explain why Steve may be good for me.


OK, you guys want that. I can give that to you right now. If you want it. You want. I hope this week and I was away using it, spread out all the houses down there from not a as well, said I.


You busy now I'm tired of you like you are switching water.


Very good morning, Jesus. NBA playoff game. Show me one of these playoffs starting at three. I won't be able to watch him because obviously big baseball games beginning at five. Fifteen horse racing all day on a Monday. If you were wondering what Chris Baleka seven looked like, it looks like today, the bear Chris Paul said, quote, We're in a situation that none of us have ever been privy to. I played in a hundred and two playoff games, but I've never played in one playoff game in a bubble, end quote.


You also never played one in the finals. Oh, Jesus. What happened there?


What happened was Kevin Durant's Golden State Warriors that kept getting in the way of the Los Angeles Clippers.


Doc Rivers said Paul George is making Kawhi Leonard a better player. But Kawhi was doing just fine long before he started playing with Paul George. And while we're at it, long before you start to play it for you or those Dallas stars have a chip on their shoulder, I want people to fully grasp the last 18 to 24 months of something. I simply like to call the Knicks after working so hard on the court to be the worst team in the league, they are in the best percentage chance of getting the draft right.


And like Zion, Williams said, not only did they not get Siyam Williams, said Davis, you can get Moran. And if that wasn't good enough, they traded a generational talent at the age of twenty three in Cristoff or Zangas for DeAndre Jordan because he's Kevin Durant best spread and would help the Knicks when KD and it worked.


He came to New York to play for the Brooklyn Nets. That's right. I hate that great decision.


Great decision. Maybe the Knicks can sign me since now I'm Bess's with Kevin Durant. Also, this was a waiting list a thousand miles long for next season ticket. I think this. Just me. What is the thought of Alex Smith playing football again, making her. Baker Mayfield is playing the last couple of years. I've lost my son. I'm losing myself right now. This has become a weekly occurrence, yes, move, but to caress moralized this Juca the first flight home.


The Yankees are five and against the Red Sox this season.


And you most certainly know what that means, right?


You have their number. Well, you're on it today. You know, after 17 hours of radius to God, you are so tired.


You sound bored by the sound of your own voice right now. Call me a George Courneya. Holy hell.


But sound Billy just yawned. Billy, just Billy. You did. Don't Billy, you're young. How long are these weekend observations? Why are you yawning? Still Ghazi's yawning. He's bored by his own weekend observation as well.


I've had two bottles of water and have to pee so bad all that I'm like is this going to end or where are we going to do here?


We'll talk to you guys about the Courneya because I scratched my cornea when I was a kid and it was painful. I spent the entire night in the hospital. Let me love this.


Roy, what are you showing me on the phone? Because I, too, also have to go to the bathroom. What are you showing me on your phone, Roy? I'm playing words with friends right now.


Yeah, it was unbelievable. Like, he was bored by his own voice. He was who he took he drank water, like, seven times during that dugouts. Are you going to be OK for our new schedule? Because you you totally ran out of gas. And it's not like you came out of the rodeo pen swinging real fast either. That's how what happened.


What happened was I was up my voice a little bit hoarse. I was starting to choke and I was trying to keep confab during the week at observation. Make me realize we could just stop here and pick it up again because we're not doing it.


No, but we've got to do this stuff like it's like we're not going to know that's a disaster. If you're giving other people more work because you're willing to stop whenever you want.


No, why do I listen? I did it like I was doing it live where I almost died on air.


You know, I owe you an apology, Dan, because I said if we manage the time better, we'd have plenty of time to do weekend observations. Yeah. Boy, was I wrong about you. Sorry about that.


Well, let me let me go down this path for a second, because you got seems legitimately bothered, legitimately tired, legitimately sick. That was his voice you just heard. But I want to talk for a second with the audience and with the shipping container about the uneasy tension that there is around our show, because I feel like Chris and Billy did not like the fact that me, Stuart and Mike are a bit bothered by the way that things are being advertised at ESPN.


And it's not because we're simply being petty. It's because we've all seen the paper work that shows that two years ago they promised to promote us like the biggest show that they have. And since then, not only has that not happened, but they seem to be neglecting us in their promos, which is laugh out loud, funny, like it is something that while it doesn't feel very good, it's kind of perfect for us. And it's a claim that we can exploit while telling you guys what the secret jokes are here in the podcast, because the people making these decisions aren't actually listening to these podcasts.


Yeah, we resigned about two and a half years ago and part of like that whole resigning was we have a huge promotional plan. It took two years, but we finally got some pre roll on certain ESPN plus things. I don't know. I haven't I haven't seen it. And they did ask us to put together some deliverables for this graphics package I was supposed to air as a part of this. There was that conversation and then a very clear decision was made to leave us out of it.


And boy, they did Spain in fits dirty, too.


It's a weird form of art, right? I mean, that's what it seems.


It's so good. It's so good. And one of the things that we want to know, just so that you understand, we were not actually able to launch the way we wanted to today because it was an unbelievable cluster bleep. But just know that we have all sorts of stuff planned for this more freer format that we have before and after the show. But as you get indignant on our behalf and we appreciate the support, certainly just know that not promoting us helps more than promoting us because somehow they have turned and this is hard to do, the biggest sports radio show in America into a lovable underdog that's under siege, like we're under siege in ways that are overt, like it's not even something that you can't notice if you're paying any attention at all.


When it came across my timeline because our fans noticed and related and I was like, man, that's that's a bit of a bummer. I was real disappointed by it, especially because I knew people had worked on that. And I realize. What am I getting upset over some static image on SportsCenter that was airing on ESPN two actually did us a service is actually better.


It's better promotion for us than our brand to forget us or neglect us. I hope they just neglected us.


Just going back to the weekend observations of what I was going for there. Thank you for pointing it out. I was going very slowly because I was trying to fill for book. They told me a half hour. But you're bored yourself.


No, I wasn't asking you to bore yourself. Like, if you want to go slow, it's one thing. But you seemed from just looking at you like you didn't want to listen to your own voice, which is a first.


I love that Keisha and Will and Zubaan got Bill Belichick and we couldn't get booed. Yeah, excellent.