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All right, it's supposed gameshow we're picking up right after the show ended, and I want clarification from Dan because I hear him and I'm certainly willing to listen, that the NBA pausing their play would help because out of all the options, this is one that hasn't been explored yet. And when you look at the options of what can we do, that certainly the most dramatic option. But you say take away money from the owners, potentially the only way the owners miss out on money at this point, because it's not like they have gate revenue is simply removing games without making them up.


So you're saying playoff series are shorter now? Is that the scenario you're painting?


I am saying that when Kyle Lowry is texting that all options are on the table, that they are going to their owners looking on how and their commissioner who listens to them, looking for ways to maximize the fact.


I don't think that this is disputable or subjective, that stopping playing games brings more attention to this activism that had quieted a bit then playing the games wrapped in uniforms and social messages that if you make a civil rights stand in the middle of all of this, the impact of what it is you're doing is larger. It's why they were conflicted about going in the first place, Mike, because they thought they were being used as a propaganda tool to entertain and distract the masses from this cause that they care about.


But I think where Mike is headed is the people who stand to lose money in this equation perhaps is not so much the owners, but more so the NBA and and the TV networks. All right.


Well, Dan mentioned that, you know, the NFL treats its employees differently. Yeah, the NBA does that, too, because they treat them like partners. It's a true partnership with the players and the commissioner and the owners in a way that we don't see in the other sport, which means they're also going to be partners in the losses if they actually remove games. And I'm trying and trying to figure out here if that actually helps, because I know it does more than potentially not doing anything.


However, it's not exactly not doing anything because they are using the platform within these games to constantly remind you, hey, we know it's quieter out there. We're uncomfortable with that. Don't forget, keep your eye on the ball. Look at the back of my jersey. I will take this postgame opportunity with this microphone to not talk to you about the game, but to talk to you about what's going on with social injustice. So I'm not really sure that helps, even though it's really the only option that's left on the table.


Let me put it to you this way so that you understand what it is we're in the middle of and the nature of this partnership and how Adam Silver leads and the fact that as of two days ago, I saw that same video everyone else saw and I never jumped. I never made the leap to boycotting games. This is what's happening in the bubble right now where reporters are talking to players and players are questioning the worth of what they've chosen to do because of what's happening outside the bubble.


And while Mike brings up a good point, how do you further this cause the best? This is what I would say to you. The NBA just figured out how to successfully get its sport to run during a pandemic.


That's really complicated. It didn't have anything in the way of precedent. It was important enough to them to get those players back in that bubble. It is important enough now to listen to those players, to see if the most progressive minds in sports can actually execute something that gets their employees heard during this time. So they don't feel like sellouts in that bubble. Selling something on behalf of the NBA, protecting their money as bodies as black as theirs are shot seven times in the back while unarmed and trying to get into a car in front of love.


Well, one of the things that just sort of crossed my mind in in that bubble, you have players that have literally gone out and marched, Jaylen Brown, Malcolm Brogdon, even though his team just got eliminated, Enes Kanter and many, many, many more actually went out there. So I can see some of those players. Hey what am I doing here. I should be out there. I could be doing better work out there than in here.


So if, if that is brought to my attention like it just was, I think that yeah there's, there's credence to it. I was just trying to figure out exactly what that accomplishes because I think that's what they're discussing right now.


My is the best of the options inside of that bubble. I don't even know feeling so many things. So I think you can make a very solid argument. Let's have these games and make it all about, well, get in there.


I don't know the answer to your question. I find it fascinating that over the last forty 48 hours, they're exploring all of the options. When they say we're exploring all the options on the table, they are intent on leading the show today. Had a whole lot of serious social commentary because it is interesting that the NBA would be considering a decision that I had not even considered when it is that this started that the pain of that. Would be so much that they would say, hey, let's consider the idea of boycotting game.


Well, I don't know if it's the NBA that's doing that right now, which is the Raptors who have lent a voice to that.


I don't know. Marcus Smart lent a voice of that to know. And Chris Mannix is doing the reporting in the bubble where a lot of guys are questioning what the hell they're doing. They're just cashing checks during this. But we've had enough of the serious social commentary today. And somehow, again, I got knocked aside on being able to tell this Miami pool boy story because there's not enough attention that can be brought to what is happening right now with the Falwell's where the head of Liberty University, OK, this is a place that won't allow people to hug for more than three seconds.


Like this is a religious school wrapped in those religious things that are the moralities that bother some people who aren't religious hired. You freeze about religion. They're anti hugging. They're anti hugging. More than three seconds. Four seconds is the devil's work. Three seconds evidently is OK. Anything. It's like being in the key in in basketball. You know, sometimes you're allowed three and a half seconds because the referee doesn't notice, but it's usually a hug of three.


I mean, a four second hug should be outlawed. That's mad. Uncomfortable.


Put it on the pole, please. Gismo is a four second hug. Mad, uncomfortable. But for those of you who have not heard this story and I want to know from our shipping container, I did not include the shipping container enough today. And I have my remorse about that. When I give you some of the details on this story, the pool boy is named John Carlo Granda, which is just great. It's a distinctly Miami story. Twenty year old pool boy, Fountain Blue, the Falwell's.


Are not merely. People whose name is associated with religion and therefore morality, but also they helped reportedly the pool boy with four point seven million dollars to build a hostel that was gay friendly parties, the floor gets hosed down afterward. Oddly enough, the comedian Sambi a year ago told you, hey, what's going on with the pool boy and the Falwell's? There are some links here that are uncomfortable between Miami and hey, aren't you? Instead of building a hostel for gays usually hostile to gays, like, isn't that something that you guys do where the three second hug is not allowed?


Next thing you know, a while at the height of this empire. He's dirty, like dirty, dirty, like, likes to watch his sex, like so much, judge his wife, have sex with others while no, no, it's not just that he's dirty sexually. You can have your repressions in your judgment there. It's that you espouse that people who do that are wrong while you yourself partake in the most liberal of fashions like that. You yourself build an empire that is moneyed upon judging those people.


I mean, but are they hugging longer than four seconds? Do you guys have anything for me on this subject? Yes. Anyone want to talk about the pool boy scandal? Because I can't actually, this is like this is lightening up the show today.


I mean, is that all you guys don't want to have fun with? You guys are instead on walls and a pool boy, instead of paying attention to the religion of this that you're scared of, why don't you pay attention to the guy who likes to have his wife sex portion of this?


Now, any fair point? Anybody know anybody? Anybody, Tony?


Then I'll step into the breach here and help you out. One of the things that I found interesting, too, and this is one of the things that has come out since the initial story, is that his wife essentially fell on the sword and said, yeah, it's kind of my fault and fall. It's like, yeah, it's kind of her fault. We're not doing anything. It was all her. I'm going to take my out and leave.


And I thought that was kind of weird.


Did you do that on purpose? Which part? Fell on the sword. Hmm. Did you see, Chris, that the wrestler that Pat MacAfee was wrestling against had baby on his shorts? Did you notice that?


I did see that, Cody. Of course he did. What's going to happen with McAfee, Mike?


What is going to end up happening? What's he going to parlay that into?


I think headlining wrestle mania. I mean, he's good. He's really good. He was good at being a heel you could sell in the ring. I think he it goes as far as he wants it to go. I just saw, though, he he just announced a partnership with Sirius XM. So I don't think he's going to stop having his hand in multiple parts.


Are you talking about the overall I mean, or just the wrestling aspect of it? I mostly worry opponent.


I know I'm most curious as done with Adam Kolb.


I think that it would be a great story if Pat McAfee had every media option in the world and chose wrestling. Chose to be a professional wrestler. I don't think Pat McAfee is about closing doors right now. I think he's only keeps open and he's just opening doors. Right now, he's not going to say, oh, I'm going to walk through this one and close one behind me. He's not that's not his deal. He's going to open as many doors as possible and walk through all of them.


What do we live in a barn up in Grong?


Just do that, by the way, before he unretired, like he chose wrestling over everything else. Yeah, but McAvey is better.


Gronk was really unliked backstage and I know people have reported on that, but better wrestling. Pat Pat McAfee was also disliked backstage. He had a lot of what people in the industry call heat, but I think he won some people over with his recent performance. Chris, Billy, what's going on with the Marlins double header when I know you guys talked about it during the local hour, but you guys I wanted to know, Billy, I thought the Marlins really blew an opportunity here because I told you or I asked you to see if we could get a marlin on every single day during the pandemic or as close as they could stay to first place every single day during the 10:00 to noon.


So we would put a marlin from Miami, a South Florida story that the nation wouldn't care about at all from 10 to noon. But the Marlins said we can't really help you. And I thought that was remarkably shortsighted of them.


Maybe it's the way you just sold it, which is no one cares about them at all that makes them inclined to not really want to help you out with some of that stuff then.


But we wanted to be the show that would help, you know, help the Marlins and help people start caring about the Marlins. What a great story it would be if the Marlins made it to the postseason, if we could bring that story nationally.


But our guys realized that that story's happening with or without you. Right. So if they could do it without being made fun of, I think that's the way that they choose to do it. Right.


But rather than wait around for it to happen, what we were proposing was, hey, we're going to introduce you to them now, get you ready for the postseason.


You know how Pat McAfee is all about opening doors fans, more of a close the door tight kind of guy, right? I would.


To get what? Who changed the lock? What why does it this door open anyway? I don't I wouldn't have been making fun of the Marlins, though. I would have had them on every day bringing attention to their franchise, introducing their players to the country. Isn't that something that teams would want? No.


At least your intentions are clear when you say flat out nobody nationally will care about this. But that's why we're doing it. That's exactly right.


But that's that's set in the privacy of the whispered secret. That is the post game show. Like that's something that people would actively notice. We'd just be putting ten denoon a marlin on every single day for three weeks. I think people would notice. I don't think it would go unnoticed that every day when Bill Belichick is on the morning show and Charles Barkley's on actress. Oh, let's talk to Don Berty.


How high? Three basses in one inning last night. How high how high up the chain do you guys think that way? Did it go to that arrive at Gita's desk? Because I think if dad's name arrives at his desk, the idea is done.


That's it. It's over. The answer? No. I don't think people are in place, so that doesn't arrive it. Yeah, I don't think Dan seems ever right. There's no one in place there. Oh, no, that's not true. And I had a secret meeting.


Was I not told you about that? I haven't told you. You met the captain.


I mean, a meeting at least it's refreshing to find out that you're bad at even keeping your own secrets to how things are starting to make more sense as to why.


But it was a very positive secret meeting.


Yeah, you're a marland since I believe they said no. So we got zero Marlin's. But who does that affect? Honestly, I want to discuss this in a way, because I have often said over the last few years, I've often said that we find ourselves in a position in sports media where less and less these people need us for anything because they could do it themselves. But I don't think that's actually true of the Marlins. I think the Marlins are one of the few places that actually needs in professional sports all the coverage they can get because their coverage is so bad.


And they're the one place that they can actually use this show for their own means. Because I wasn't going to make fun of the Marlins. I was just going to have a Marlins on every day for three weeks until we got to the janitors on their roster because they've been afflicted with the coronavirus.


Right. Did you invite cheats on the show? I mean, like, what happened?


It's never going to happen. I can tell you that. Right. But am I wrong? No, I'm just curious. Do you guys think I'm wrong in saying, hey, we'll put on Marlan every day and it's not an opportunity you guys would ever have under any other circumstances to be on a national radio show every single day to introduce your team and this charming story to the country? I would think that that would be one of the few kinds of publicity that they would actually want.


Yeah, what to get people to the stadium. Why do you think promotion right now?


They also are not all rookies like there's former all stars on this team. So when you say, hey, I want to introduce you to America, they're like, well, I've been on an all star team multiple times. Like America knows who I am. Just because you don't know who I am doesn't mean America doesn't believe.


You think that our audience can name multiple Marlin's. That's a thing that you actually think.


Let's not forget that they're I've already been snake making the case any stronger for why they should come on this.


But no, you think the country at large can name Marlen's. It's the point for putting them on the show because I believe their second baseman has a cool as hell story, a distinctly Miami story. You think that the Marlins don't need that story told, like it's the whole reason the people ever got in bed. Why do you think that newspapers were granted free access to all of these events? Because they wanted their teams introduced to the fans so that it could be spread across generations.


The stories are what connect people emotionally. I think the Marlins are short sighted in not doing that, even if we were simply making fun of them. I think they're shortsighted in doing that. OK, I'm with you guys, you've got to parlay a secret meeting into him on the show. What is the benefit of a secret meeting? And I'm picturing you guys in a layer. Yeah, you have to go through like you walk into a house, like a book that you pull out and then that bookshelf moves aside and it opens up to a secret down secret.


And that's where the meeting was. Yeah.


Where was the secret location for the secret meeting?


It was at his office. At the stadium. Wow. Sensitive office and zoned out.


Is it true that Israel it's true that you don't walk past the World Series trophy from 2003 anymore? I didn't notice one way or the other way say that Samson says I had to remove that trophy from his line of view because remember, Jeter was on that 003 Yankees team that was defeated. So we didn't want a reminder of the Marlins success.


The 97 one is still up there. Those hanging around, he replaced them all with Yankee trophies.


Mike, how are you doing complaining yesterday about the Marlins black jerseys and not being able to read the name like Samson?


Yeah, I mean, same same thing with the complaint for Samson to throw stones at at uniform selections when he had, like, the most garish uniform.


Can I ask you guys this? I really do think I think that that Samson our has a lot of good in it and a lot of possibility in it. Have you guys considered Billy and Chris joining that hour to call bullshit on Sampson in spots? Because I think that Billy and Chris have a hostility for Sampson that Mike Ryan does not have, that Sampson has softened Mike some, just like he softened my journalistic underbelly some. And I actually think quite the salesman.


I think that Billy and Chris would be better at calling bullshit on Sampson than either me or my God. Have you guys considered doing that? Because I think it'd be funny, Bill. You don't like Sampson, do you? As a person, I think he's always been very nice to me, I mean, I don't have a personal issue with him. I just, you know, I it's hard to go around as the villain for all of these years and go out of your way to kind of like, antagonize the fans in the media and then years later be like, oh, but nothing personal.


It was just business. I don't understand why everyone's mad at me. It's like, well, because you were acting kind of like a jerk for a really long time and now people don't like you like sorry, you can't have it both ways.


I'd be nice to hear during the Sampson hour, though. I think Danzel is it something you want to do? Because Samson's kind of made of wires. He doesn't mind. You guys could actually roughhouse with him a little bit.


I mean, the door's always open. No one. But we've done that show. We've done these things, you and I.


Yeah, we've done it with the shipping container where they call them on B.S. I call them on B.S. I don't think you listen to my like I think Billy's distaste.


You call him. No, no, wait a minute. I know you don't because you ask the question. So I assume that's not fair. That is simply unfair. What it is that you're trying to tell you straight up right now. Listen, I know I know you keep the real Billy.


You're telling me that you would not enjoy calling bullshit on Sampson in a more forceful manner than Mike does it? Because I've seen you roll your eyes when Mike is talking to Sampson. I mean, I haven't been invited. He just rolls his eyes when I talk, period. This has nothing to do with. It's like a Sam's in his stories thing. And I don't want to be the one on the parade.


I think he wants to call bullshit on Mike. Not Simpson is not rolling his eyes. You you. Well, this is the thing, though. I want the distaste of Billy somewhere near Sam's, and I think that that would be funny. Go tomorrow. Tomorrow. Billy and Chris have it tomorrow. Billy and Chris have to call.


Forty five minutes talking to Sam's and so you could tell stories about whatever. No, sorry. The two countries hate you David. You ruined baseball in two countries like you're with it.


I just lost.


My favorite thing about Samson is because if one when you ask him about the Marlins like I live here, I'm a fan, I'm rooting for them.


But yet everything he says is just undercutting everything.


That's the part that I want them to call bullshit on, because I know that anything Sampson says about the Marlins, those two guys think is tinged in a biased bitterness. I know you're not listening. I know you're not listening because it's just a totally unfair criticism. I had to Ariel Ahwahnee be ruthlessly unfair to David Samson and make everybody uncomfortable. I call him out constantly.


I brought Billy specifically takes himself the victim in these situations and people like him more. So like, what's the point of calling everyone? He was a bully and he was just telling him things that he didn't like. It's the same thing Billy Corben did bully him. If I'm going to be honest, Billy Corben was super rude to him when he was on, like, you wouldn't even say a word. And I was like, man, I'm watching this happen five feet away from me.


And I feel bad for David Samson and I don't know why I do.


Nobody was as rude to David Sampson as Jason Lesia. Oh, yeah. I was covering up the series right now and I'm like, oh, man. Oh, my God. No, that was I was sitting next to him.


I'm like, can you, like, lay off a little bit? Like, this is so weird. We're in an empty convention center just yelling at Dave and reminds me, I got to get back to Jason, who has been texting me.


Hey, can I come back on the local power? And I honestly would say, yeah, yeah, you can come on the local our budwood tomorrow we're relaunching.


And I wanted to have a normal show. No, I'm doing this tomorrow. All right. Yeah.


I mean, we've had plenty of uncomfortable moments with Samson where people hold him down.


OK, Mike. Fair enough. OK, but the ones that are being brought up now are not. How mean Mike is to Samson. It's Corbett. It's Ariel Hawai'ian. Pleasure. It's Jason Lesia.


I've listened to most of these that Mike does with Samson and he eat called like I don't think that's a this this is Mike's polite way of saying, no, he doesn't want to do that.


He wants it to be a fun story. Time with David.


And that's why he was saying no. OK, first off, I thank you, Chris, for listening, but because I'm pretty sure Dan has not listen.


OK, Mike, stop saying that. Listen, I haven't listened to a second of you and Samson move off of that position and get to the place where Billy's distaste is either will simply no, no, don't shout at my dad. You attended to that five minutes ago would be best because you're asking Samson questions that I've asked him two months ago. You got to lash out at me, Billy. Open invitations, Billy and Chris. I'd like that dynamic next to.


So you're just telling us what you want. So, guys, you have David Samson tomorrow done. And does it tell you what? I am boycotting David Samson tomorrow. You guys have fun with it.


I mean, we did the local hour today. Well, I'm sorry. More work for you. Just make sure they just make sure someone writes my essay for me. Billy, Chris, you and me. We'll do Samson. The three of us are doing Samson tomorrow. Tomorrow morning. Yeah. Good, good. Hold him accountable. Mike, you write them as a cotton candy interviews.


No one listens to me at all. Worked so hard on this shit.