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Welcome to the Big Show, a podcast exclusive, risky move, just when you thought the show could not be more diluted, locked up like real wow, no more free Disney tracks.


Now, here's the marching band to nowhere or back face dance, binge stress eating and the habitual liar. Watch.


You guys can't be trusted to make sure you go home. We owe a pirate radio life for me.


Adam Lefko is there with a very helpful advice to me to try unplugging everything and plugging it back in. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


OK. And we have tried that. So thank you, Adam Lefko, for joining us. We are still in the same dire straits we were in before where the shipping container is right now working in unison. Mike just told me we have no contact with them, as if phones. It's like a postapocalyptic area around here where we're just in a studio. It feels like a zombie movie. I don't know if the power's working right. We don't have any engineers.


It's just us in a studio and we can't even reach the shipping container. I mean, this was radio in the 80s. I mean, I feel alive right now. We just figure it out. We might as well be doing this, like walkie talkie. And so now we're walking, talking in Adam Lefko. He's got a busy night tonight. Weird night tonight, because during the pandemic, this is not the way this job was supposed to be for him, because this is a cool job, a big job.


This is part of Adam Lefko arriving at some mainstream popularity, knighted by the big boys. That's the that is the world outside of ESPN where people want to exist to talk sports. And he's a part of what they're doing now on Tuesday nights, which is the younger version of what you know, I think Charles is on the record saying he's only going to do this for a couple of more years and then he's going to retire. And so they're next they're next over there.


When it comes to the basketball partnership. Yeah.


He also has the Lefko show podcast. It's the NBA on TNT and it premieres tonight. And so and Adam does a tremendous job. I've said this before that I think he gets a better Shaq than Ernie does. I do. I just feel like I'm old. And he's also the reason that he's lining up for Ernie's throne as well over there is because he learns the things that you've got to learn in a way that is at least somewhat egoless in a business that has a whole lot of ego in it, that he is there to serve the others.


Yeah, I don't doubt at him as someone who warship's broadcasting and has learned and always wanted to do some of these things, that one of the things that you're writing down notes on early on is because you know that he exists there to make sure that the other guys are the stars, that you almost don't even notice him, that he's just reeling it back in when things need to be a little more serious because he's the arm that all of them respect and trust.


And all those dudes would do anything for that dude. They're like family. Yeah.


And yet when I talked about that last time, a little birdie told me that Chris Coady was saying that there's no way that Lesco actually does that. He's just saying that it's all it's all a lie. I just you know, I wanted to see if Chris could, you know, is he there is a specific. Oh, my.


Can you call Chris and we're going to do this. So wi fi here by walkie talkie. Can you bring Chris in by walkie talkie? So far we have no wi fi.


And I realized I realized Bisou got this there that in a little way he's actually excited that the power has gone out because then he gets to reminisce about what it used to be like in radio. He gets to teach those lessons again to the young whippersnappers there. I made up his voice.


I'm telling you, Lefko, we should take faxes right now. I mean, we should we should take a while. That's right. You started from the day where you were taking instead of calls. Faxes? Yes. No. Oh, yeah.


Oh, and I used to hand Hank Goldberg faxes all the time. Yeah.


Is that for real? Sorry. Go here come the story. Oh no.


Old timey radio spliced together a reel to reel. Remember that lefko. All right. Well left goes to you.


There I was. I was calling it on my rotary phone.


Howard asking the Lefko, how old are you right now? Because he said you guys are a couple of mensches cutting it up. But I feel like you're ten years younger than Stuart.


Yeah, I'm thirty four. A little bit what the gap is. Okay, but what what do you know about faxes to the studio. You weren't you were the guy.


Don't I just I can really connect well with, you know, Jewish guys that are lost in the past.


That's my job. OK, so here is Chris Codi and now he wants Lefko is called you out. Chris Cody by phone. He go had left. Go file your complaint at Chris Cody so that he could defend himself here.


So the last time that I had the honor of being on this esteemed broadcast, I said that I was literally studying Ernie, that I was not listening to Charles or Shaq or Kenny, that I was trying to figure out the fine tuned nuance of what has made Ernie Johnson a broadcasting legend and Hall of Famer for. Thirty years, and I was told by some people that afterwards you were like, I don't believe Lefko. I don't think he's really doing it and I just need to hear it.


Mouth to ear. I'm just listen, man, it sounds great when you say it. You've taken notes, you're physically taking notes. And I believe you when you say that you're watching it and you are in your ear mentally taking notes. I just question whether physical notes were taken and it's nothing against you. It's just a thing a lot of people do. It's like I got to oversell stuff and I got to, you know, make this sound a little better than it is.


Nothing against you, nothing against you, you know.


You know, Chris, you're acting real great today. No, you're really not.


I wish that we could have done this in some visual forum. I would have shown you my eight different highlighters. I would have shown you my five different five by eight. Yes. I think you keep your three by five at home. And the fact that you would in a public forum, chastise me like this one, I respect the hell out of you. But to us, we'll talk about it.


Can't be both. No, I just love what I do love. And when Lefko says so very great, give you what I do love is that Chris has come up through the pipeline his way and Lefko has done it his way. Lefko has been crafting this stuff in a meticulous way.


He is about Chris Lefko, has been following E. J and Chris has been following me.


That's right. This is. And so what that is Byrne, OK, is that Lefko is very meticulous about doing this job seriously. And Chris is Chris who comes in and just as well, I don't believe he takes notes. That sounds like you're saying I love you.


So we have been on we have been on a collision course unbeknownst to ourselves for years for this moment. And now, you know, if Chris being the heel in my story, I apologize for where this.


OK, so you guys you guys need to understand that Chris and Lefko came up the pipeline the same way. Look at what? Birthweight, OK, because that's how it happens. Nepotism, Chris comes on here and questions how hard left goes working. Well, we can't get the wi fi around here to work. Chris, do you have any standard cartridge?


Can you lift up the wi fi and, like, blow in it and maybe it starts working?


He's tried that already. Yes. So why don't you take a picture of these physical notes and send them to Chris just to shut them up? I mean, what about this?


How about the two guys? What's the fax number? I no, it's all right. We're going to get the notes. Thank you, Chris. Do you have anything else on your way out? We'll call you later.


I mean, I still don't believe that he wrote that notes not a boy entrenched in his position. All right. So let's go see an Eagles fan before we talk about basketball stuff with him. He basically showed everybody this because I think he was the first one. You got to be kidding me. If you're an Eagles fan that you go from Doug Peterson winning Super Bowl with your backup quarterback to a coach and you never get this with coaches. Hey, a coach reputed to not be that smart.


So, Lefko, you do what you set up the clip for us here because you're the one who introduced us to. Oh, my God, no. This is Eagles fans are being introduced to this.


This is what is so crazy is I just get a bunch of tweets that are like, yo, man, it's really not going well. So I take a part of my afternoon and I pull up the press conference on my phone. And after five minutes I was like, what is happening? Like this guy who didn't call plays, who has been working with Philip Rivers. So it's not like he's been doing a ton of work. The guys been in the league forever.


He was pitched to the Eagles fans. Hey, he wound up in the interview. Hey, guess what? He didn't even have a suit. So we dropped down to make him feel more comfortable. And so I'm like, man, this press conference is going to be amazing. And after five minutes of like, nothing is coherent. And I'm not even talking about the way in which it's delivered. The sentiment of the statement don't they don't even make sense.


And so I took one forty second clip. And then when I tell you that there were multiple clips that could have been chosen that when I picked it I did not go, this video is going to have twenty two million impressions and over five million video views, which is what that clip has, is going to rumble around the NFL circles, causing players and coaches to reach out to me to say, hey, man, you got them all wrong.


And I'm like, I don't have anything wrong. I just took an unedited 40 second clip and said, Are you kidding me? That's all I did. And I have Eagles fans saying that I'm a fair weather fan. I always started the Super Bowl. Someone said that. Oh, because, of course, it was a test. Eric, the enemy that Adam wants the Eagles to hire a black coach, but he won't hire a black co-host.


Meanwhile, my co-host is Brian Westbrook.


Fact, you get in the eye of this like I'm like, can we address the main topic, which is the fact that I said less thinking equals Taiwan's takeover.


But of course, it was it was a wild ride. And I ask for your confidence. All right.


Hold on. I need to rewind everything and maybe not talk to Lefko at all about basketball. All he has is black.


Oh, yes. I mean, Dwayne, I love the idea that Lefko is a racist who only works with white people. It's like, wait a minute, are you not looking around at how lonely he is on the TNT and TV set because it's just him and Ernie out there.


But let's backtrack for a second here, because I love that you were fairly benign, Adam. You didn't rip anybody there. What you're just looking at is this real? I've just put up a 40 second clip of a guy sounding cartoonishly SNL. Not smart, like we're spoofing how to do how to not do this. And you weren't even critical. You were just saying, what the hell is this? This can't be right. How is this how does this reflect the franchise that I love?


And you turn and it becomes a race war in which you become a racist. Yes.


And I think it was unbelievable to watch in real time because I didn't say, oh, they should have hired somebody else. I didn't say this guy seems underqualified. I didn't say any of that. I just, you know, put it out there. And it just it was the first time that I had felt the wrath of the franchise that so many other media people have bemoaned publicly. Oh, man, Eagles fans are tough. Eagles fans are tough.


It's never come at me before. And for the first time, I was like, I totally get why people hate us. Like it all made sense in those few hours. No, it's took me to Michael Jordan. It was it was two days of like, I don't even want to go on Twitter anymore because these comments don't even make sense. But apparently. Yeah, I, I only yeah, that's I am myopic in my view of the race of my coaches that I desire.


I don't know.


I have no idea what's going on here. I mean, your co-host in life is black. No.


Yes, my sponsor is Nigerian. But of course, you know, I listen, it's been a long weekend, but luckily I can get prepared for tonight.


I it really should be on the wedding invitations. My co-host in life is Nigerian.


Please don't cancel me.


Let's go. Let's go. No, it doesn't need to end. This segment never needs then because we need to play the sound because I can't believe that Lefko has arrived at this place in the universe at 34 where he's in the middle of a swirl. I mean, just wants to be here to pal around, slap you on the back, have a good time and be smart and do journalism, do some jokes. Hey, sports are fun. And now he's being dragged through the streets of Philadelphia as a racist, blurting, hey, my goal in life is Nigeria's.


Next thing it's very important to me is that we build a smart football team, that we have a smart football team here, and I know we have the people in place to do that. The first part of that, the first part of being smart is knowing what to do. We're going to know we're going to have systems in place that are easier to learn. All right. Complicated to the defense or offense that they're going against, but easy for us to learn, because when we can put that, because when we can learn our system and we can get good at our system, then our talent can take over.


Less thinking equals talent, take over. But we need to have systems in place and we will have systems in place to do so.


Lefko is it? It's infuriating. You get angry or you listen to it.


There is a scene in the office where Michael Smith is asked why is he responsible for the success of the branch? And he goes on a forty second ramble about nothing. And afterwards he says, you know, sometimes I start conversations. I don't even know where they're going. It's like improvisations. And it was that to a tee like it was as if it was as if he wrote down on his paper a bullet point that said keep it simple. And then was like, you know what, it's just a zoom call with a bunch of media people.


I'm going to wing it. He had a week. He got hired a week before. And it's just it I just sat there dumbfounded and then people were, text me. They're like this. It's even worse when he gets to the Q&A portion. I couldn't even watch it. I couldn't handle it. It was it shook me. Man You call the Michael Smith.


It's Michael Scott. You had him hosting a six SportsCenter. Yeah, you did.


But Lefko, I don't understand as I'm watching what has just happened to you. I can't believe that what you're saying is true. There's no way that that whole press conference was like that lefko that. Can't be a random 40 second snippet. No, it isn't telling you it started off he started going around on different topics. He started say like it seemed like he tried to play the Philadelphia fans and he was like, listen, it's all about situational football.


There's a clip I like to show to people of the Vilanova shot to win the game. And you could tell that they knew what to do in that situation. And I was like, are you speaking to kindergarteners? Like, I hear that I have is like through the roof about what's going to happen next.


OK, so, Mike, do we all experience that the same way where we're listening to him and the delivery is so not coach, so not when the press conference, so not presidential that we're all hearing that. Wait a minute, this is the guy who's not ready for the school project. He's faking his way through this press conference, trying to say things that people want to hear. And he stumbling around because he's sort of faking his way through the book report.


I just couldn't believe that he fulfilled all the stories about him because I've never heard what a coach was hired. Hey, this guy is not smart. And then that press conference immediately confirms all the reports.


How is that possible? I hope he wins it. Well, yeah, I hope so, too.


I mean, look, my my my crowning glory in terms of, hey, you guys overrate the leadership is less miles eating grass on the sidelines while winning winning a championship.


I want this guy to fix Carson Wentz it when five Super Bowls with oh, please, let's have the dumb guy beat Bill Belichick.


At the end of his career, Belichick can't figure out how to get past the dumb guy.


You can't play this clip and not have a conversation about Eric Benami, because it's absurd to me that Eric, the enemy, is not being hired when he's standing next to the guy. Yet all the guys that stood next to the guy that stood next to the guy that sit next to the guy to sit next to the guy are getting hired, how do you circumvent that process? Wait, because you sit next to the guy that you just fired, his old OSI.


I don't understand what's happening.


Get to this level, too. So this guy after it, I was like, I need to see what his coaching tree was. And so he started off in Kansas City under Todd Haley, and then he moved to the Chargers, where he's under Whisenhunt, and he was working with Philip Rivers. And then he comes Frank Reich, and he became, it seems like Frank Rake's like no one guy. And so is it worth not taking the guy next to the guy, as Mike says, Eric mean next to Andy Reid, where if they win on Sunday, he has the same amount of Super Bowls as big for Marty and Don Shula.


And yes, he coach your franchise before and maybe you're a little bit salty about it, but you did hire Peterson. But on the other side, you're just going to take the offensive coordinator that got away. These guys like, are we ready to start hiring Frank? Right, guys, as if he is Andy Reid. Like, I don't think we're ready for that comparison. So this guy didn't call plays just like Eric Frienemy. I think it's very fair.


And I think that I have watched Eric the enemy's press conferences many times. And while there have been moments where I'm like, you know what, I don't know if he's got the conviction to leave the room. I'll tell you what, after I watch that, sign me up like it's not even close. And I think it is. I don't think it's not healthy or I don't think it's presumptuous. I think it's necessary to go timeout. Why was this guy not OK?


And this one is even though it's only after a press.


I mean, what it ends up being, though, in this America and this is not where I thought this conversation was going to end up, because I prefer to just laugh at the dumb guy. But I will say that the enemy can now be held up in this particular America after this summer, after we may have already forgotten because they're back to playing sports, that the NFL, the conservative NFL kind of just sort of in front of everyone caved on, hey, you know, we got it all wrong on the Kaepernick thing and you guys who were arguing for three years.


Yes. Nathan Peterman deserves a start more than more than Colin Kaepernick. And you guys were saying on merit, on merit, he wasn't that good at the end at San Francisco. And you just saw what happened to Deshaun Watson being good and finishing and twelve because it's hard to be good in that sport. He was still a good quarterback in his prime, that the enemy is the coach of our time in real time, where we're all like, oh, come on, man.


Like you just gave the Philadelphia dumb guy the job where the enemy is. The guy where the black man standard has to be that much higher than the white man's. Because what the black man gets a lot in these press conferences to got is doesn't do the press conference well enough or doesn't do the interview well enough, or in the case of the Dolphins, when they're hiring clowns like Cam Cameron instead of Mike Nolan, because they're Mike Tomlin. Mike Tomlin, excuse me, because they're CEOs who appointed himself white guy who was a search firm.


Yeah. To find the next CEO of the Dolphins. Looks in the mirror, finds himself, finds himself in an interview with Mike Tomlin says that guy is too hip hop and then hires a bunch of people who looks like him. I mean, you can look at the enemy in real time and be like, look how much harder it is for black man in the Trump America. Coaching staff and Eagles coaching staff looks like, dude, perfect, like I'm telling you, they look like a bunch of guys in the back yard making videos of throwing toilet paper onto the rack from like 40 feet away.


It's 100 percent resonating with the owner.


It has to it's the only thing that makes sense for all the good that the Rooney Rule has done, because I've read articles that tout the fact that the NFL has never been blacker and coordinating positions and executive level positions. It's really doing good work. But there are very few black examples of a guy like Brandon Staley or Nick Sirianni. Brian Flores is probably the best comp as a guy that stood next to Bill Belichick wasn't really we don't know how much he was involved in making that defense successful.


And he gets a job in his mid to late 30s. He's like the only example of that. But Nick Sirianni has come a dime a dozen.


It kind of reminds me of Popovich and what he's doing down in San Antonio with Becky Hammon. I think that it's what I'm seeing from Belichick. It's what I see from mainly, though, Bruce Arians and Andy Reid. I think it's something that will be a topic this week is the fact that on one side the ball is going to be, Eric, the enemy going up against Todd Bowles, two of the coordinators that were passed over in this process, who's whose defense for tables carry that team to the Super Bowl and the offense carried the chiefs to back to back.


I think the fact that Bruce Arians, all of his major coordinators, special teams, defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, all people of color, the fact that he has women on his staff, you know, I hope when Sean McVay went to the Super Bowl, everybody said that's what I want, because he's at this stage, it shows it's proven commodity can be successful. My hope is that we can also look at the diversity of these stats over this week and go, wow, it is possible, it is doable.


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Check that out wherever you get your podcast. NBA on TNT premieres tonight, the Tuesday edition with Lefko, Shaq, Dwayne Wade and the guys. A great show. And Adam does a tremendous job. The Sixers are better this year than they were last year. Why?


Because Doc Rivers has this team going in a way that Brett Brown did it. And I think one Embiid looks more focused and he looks in better shape. I think that by having guys like Danny Green and Steph Curry, if we're going to go really deep, they're just two guys that know where to go. I know that you guys had Josh Richardson for a few years in Miami, a very talented player, but not great without the ball. So suddenly there's space for Simmons and Embiid and Embiid playing at an MVP level.


I also think that there's just with the league with certain teams missing a bunch of games because guys haven't covid or postponements the Sixers that have been able to handle it pretty well. They got there very early on in the season and they're in a bit of a groove. But if I was going to go a little deep in the weeds last two nights ago, they were they went on a twenty one or two run against the Pacers after losing the entire game and every ground game that I have ever watched, it was the opposite of that, where the Sixers would normally be up for three quarters and below it.


It was the first time in five years where they've been down for three quarters in my mind and won it. So I think they're a real contender. But I also think that the Eastern Conference team we're going to see tonight is The Contender, which is the Brooklyn Nets taking on the Clippers seven o'clock NBA on TNT Tuesday.


OK, even though Brooklyn's got the worst defensive net rating in the history of the sport, even though they're trending that way. Before we talk about that and basketball, though, I'd like to backtrack for a second because Lefko really knows what he is talking about, OK? He has studied. He is meticulous and he knows his stuff as it comes to these things that we're talking about. It's not it's not just him making it up or winging it. But you said at the start of that answer to the Sixers that Doc Rivers has got him going.


And you said at the end, Brett Brown, it didn't look like that. My question to you, Lefko, go, who's not a coach warchus worshipper necessarily. If I ask you what matters more, Doc Rivers got them going or they traded Al Horford and Josh Richardson, who fit less well than Curry and shooters, and now they're going to trade for Redick and more. He's going to turn it into a three point shooting team and the reason he took that job is because wait a minute two young superstars.


Yes please. I'll take that. Go ahead and criticize Simmons all you want. I'll take a guy who creates more threes than anyone in the league. Which one's more responsible there in terms of analysis?


Man, that's just the the ultimate sports radio question. In a sports world where we know that there's a percentage for everything, which one is more? I would say that what Maury has done, unlike I think when you said the unloading loading of the Horford contract, I cannot express how much of an energy suck his presence was on the court. So I would say that the moves that Murray made are probably more because it gave the roster for Doc. But I guess what I'm seeing out of Embiid and what I'm seeing out of Simmons and the fact that Simmons and Embiid like each other down like there were questions in Philadelphia for years if these two even wanted to coexist and their energy on the court now is different.


I give all of that to doc. It's just, it's a different type of experience. When you go from a coach where he's always been there and he lets you get away with everything is what it seems like with Brett to a guy like Doc that can talk to these people as professionals, as men at a different level of accomplishment. But I think the roster building is probably more because the pieces are just better. But I'm telling you, Doc has them friends again.


It's nuts to Stargardt's. Do me a favor, please. Promote one more time what it is that left goes got going on both tonight and with his podcast.


And I've got to return favor to ask him on behalf of our audience that a boy NBA on TNT premieres tonight, the Tuesday edition with Shaq, Dwayne Wade and Adam Lefko and also the Lefko show pod of Parker. I'm sorry about that. And Candace Parker, my apologies to her and the Lefko show podcast available wherever you get your podcast. Let's do this. Can you for our audience, would you be kind enough to drop a phrase or two from our show into your broadcast tonight?


OK, so let me let me just set some lines. This is the issue with this show where we have a pregame show at fifteen minutes that starts at around seven. Then we have a half time. All that. And then the postgame show starts after the second game, which is Warriors, Celtics. So the question I have for you is, are we trying to get in that pregame slot or do you want to the post game, which is where the more the craziness happens?


Oh, well, we'd be just honored wherever it is that you were thinking of us. So we don't want to get too. We don't want to get. But how many. Phrases. Are we allowed? I guess it depends on the phrases. OK, here, we're all right. I'm going to give you a handful of phrases and you tell me what what you might do more. But life goes being a good friend here where he's saying, is there a certain portion?


Perhaps there's more viewers at a certain point, but I don't want to get greedy that way.


I'm happy wherever it is that he puts it right.


That's the difference between two of you, you know, and it's like, I don't want to be greedy. And Stuttgart is like for the biggest impact. We'd like ours dropped immediately upon starting.


Yes. Can you make your broadcast a tapestry just of phrases from our show and make your offerings also promotes stupidity for me. OK, so stigmatises. I didn't ask for any of this has been nominated.


OK, I'm just going to write this down. I didn't ask for any of this.


OK, hold the line or dayman hands. I don't know how much you want to go into pop culture referencing of, you know, hedge funds, things diamond hands was easy, you know, diamond hands.


I'm just waiting for an assist. Kind of like a no. Look, you don't have to worry about the injury, what those diamond hands. So that's that's an easy one. I could fit that in one.


OK, how about try me? Yesterday on the show, for some reason, Roy became an action hero in a movie and he tested someone and he said, try me as a catch phrase. I don't know if that's any good for you or not. I will leave it in your hands and you decide what you want. The bomb and a bag of chips has been thrown into the mix because of how awkwardly Ron McGill ended a segment last week, the bomb and a bag of chips.


That was going to be tough. I'm sure Shaq will be kind of that one.


OK, so is there another one? We've got four. I didn't ask for any of this time and a half to try me and bomb and a bag of chips and I'd give you a marching band to nowhere as well, if you could.


Any one of those five. Any of those five. We understand, even though we feel greedy as it is we feel I don't we feel greedy and awkward. I simply can't believe, though. Let it go and we'll let you go on this note. My apologies. I just can't believe the center of the swirl that you were in is an Eagles fan and a professional broadcaster where you had to get away from social media because the things that were happening were unreasonable.


Is it actually prepared me for tonight? This is my Segway, because now I understand why these athletes have burgers. Like, I totally get it. Because the thing is, is you look and you're like, wow, that was thousand 40000 tweets and blah, blah, blah. And then you go and look at like a copy account and you're like he gets that on every tweet. And so it actually very much made me understand the necessity for burners.


But to be honest, I also think it was the universe saying, put down your phone and prove Chris Coady wrong and bring out all those Ernie Johnson notes and you study those notes. I am dedicating my performance tonight to Chris Cody.


Oh, his.


Oh, you're and his he's just slander is giving me a sense of purpose. I am going to go to the gym right now and I'm going to bang out some push ups. Yes. And tonight, when I when I look into that camera, Chris, I want you to know that I'm looking out into your eyes, your soul.


I can't wait to watch this. I can't wait to watch it as well.


Did you just wrestling go also?


I admire your dedication to going to the gym, but I think you can do push ups at home. Hey.


Hey, Chris. Hey, Chris. Try me.


Yeah. Oh, I left. Yes, Adam. Thank you. We will do it more often. I'm permitting on your it. Love you guys.


Of course I'm always done.