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So a lot of times around here we tell you that something is coming up and then we sort of get lost and forget about it. So Stuart's his weekend observations, for example, were supposed to be yesterday, supposed to be during the post game show. We sort of wandered away, did other things to Ghazi's weekend observations will be today a day late. But something else that we've wandered away from is I've told you that my father is on television basically because we would secretly taped phone calls with him where I would just call him after he'd games or Marland games or dolphin games.


And he didn't know he was being taped. This is how many years ago?


A decade ago? At least a decade ago. Yeah, probably longer.


And so people discovered that my father was sort of this cartoonish Cuban who had a lot of personality and was wildly emotional. I saw the other day that the Miami Heat sent out a tweet honoring him as the ultra Michelob Ultra fan of the week or virtual fan of the week. Like if there weren't so many rules around here, we'd all be surrounded by Michelob Ultra right now in honor of Jimmy Butler's national commercial.


Yeah, but let's call my father now. And I worry about this because it's early and he's been sleeping in lately, so I don't know where his energy level will be. But just so that the audience knows, he never knows that I'm calling him for the radio. This is not a bit I mean, it's a bit weird doing, but he doesn't know he's on the radio.


I'm guessing after big game one, you steal home court. I'm guessing a little champagne for Gonzales. Last last thing. I haven't I haven't actually talked to him about what he did or any of this stuff. So I'm going let's make this phone call to my father. And this is generally how our phone calls go. I don't know how this is going to go because we're just sort of doing it without any editing it. We're doing it without any you know, it's just live to tape here.


We don't know how this is going to go. I also want to get to Billy. He was asking a bunch of questions of Greg Cody, who covered a Marlins game.


What's the point of covering a Marlins game when you can't really get the Marlins or a lot ruder than the way I asked?


Yeah. Hello? Oh, what happened down there? What happened? What happened? What do you mean? What would have been Gonzo?


Oh, I don't know. Jamie got on fire and the driver was a speeding fire. You know, the bubble almost catching fire, you know. So what can I tell you, Gonzo? How excited.


Not it is what it is. How excited were you last night? Were you stomping around? What did you do for that game?


I just I just stay on my seat. And I didn't go to the bathroom. I didn't want to miss a second of the action there.


And where did you get excited? What happened? Can you believe that they shut down the Greek freak? What do you call the Greek freak? The alphabet, the alphabet. Yes, Alphabeat, what do you do? I can't believe how they slowed him down. I'm telling you, buddy, I don't think that the off of it this is before the big game. I think the ace is a little bit weak on the knees.


What are you drinking? Are you having breakfast? Why are you so you still drinking from last night? Celebrating last night because you had too much tequila.


Oh yeah. I'm having breakfast now yet I enjoy the moment. I said, well, you and I got the profile. How about you?


You got it wrong, Poppy. Poppy, the broom. It's going to be a big sweep. I'm telling you, Poppy, that the Mondal.


Well, I'm drinking some juice for breakfast. Why, what's the matter? It just sounds like you might have some liquor in it from last night.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I just that's what I was a special occasion. I put that a nice bottle last night. You know, after the game, I celebrate it. You know, he was it was something else, but nobody was expecting it to go to win. And look what happened. They won the war.


But how was you who made you excited? Who did you love? I mean, obviously, you mentioned Dragon and Butler. Who else got you excited?


Laughs Well, you know, also play well the title of hero play. Well, you know, everybody play well. Everybody days. They had a good defense. If it's important for the for the Alzheimer's, they couldn't in there at the end, they just fell apart. You know what I'm telling you, I'll be trying to fight for that. Yeah. Where'd you come from? Are you forgetting.


Hold on, Poppy. I'll talk to you. Hold on, Poppy. I'll call you back. I'll call you back. Hold on a second. I'll call you back. Just give me a second here. All right. Hold on. Something came up here. Hold on just a second. How much of an idiot are you? Like, what kind of idiot are you getting? I'm talking to my father during a secret phone call. My only idiot.


It's only because you're not sure I was it. I'll tell you. I'll tell you what happened last time you called. Your dad wasn't going very well and you looked at me to bail you out and my put a question in my ear. That was for me. It wasn't for you. And I asked that question because I thought Poppy was done. Now, perhaps I was rude for cutting Poppy off, but my it I just thought we would try to help out a little bit.


I don't think that my community and both your headphones look at that ball movement by say you got there past.


No, I need to point out, if the audience didn't see what just happened there, I need to point it out because the zoom call erupted in laughter so much laughter that Greg Cody's laughing at you. Greg, go ahead and give me your appraisal of what we'll call my dad back in a second. And we're fortunate that he's doing that. I asked my shot up for a second.


Just shut up. Just be quiet for a second and stop pivoting and doing the thing that you did where you clearly did a moronic thing of talking to my dad while we were having a secret taped phone call. Will you just back off for a second? Let me do the show. Sure. Cody, how did you experience that?


I think the whole thing is hilarious, including the fact that it's illegal in Florida to record someone without their knowledge. So theoretically, the Miami-Dade police could burst into the studio and arrest you live on the air. But other than that, I think the bit's going really well.


Wow, great. Cody Bit, don't think we didn't see your tweets directed at the Miami Herald. We'll get to that. And I'm glad Greg pointed that out, because what I was doing there when I let my voice do it, just I quickly go in there. I was doing it to keep to prevent you from doing something illegal. OK, so that would suggest now Poppy does he was if it was an act of altruism to help, you are trying to protect me.


Right. It's again, if you don't understand what just happened there, OK, this is what just happened there. We were secretly taping a phone call with my father, who is an old person, and then all of a sudden Stu got started talking to my father. And thankfully, because my father's seventy seven, he didn't even hear him. He was busy drinking stuff and he ignored him. Now, can we call my father back and forth and joke?


You might as well just do it again at some point. So let's just call my father.


But now what if just you got. Yes, your dad said I was going to God's calls by. Right. But suggest to you know, I hold on. My son said that you're giving away like the Joe. All right, hold on. How do you want to do this? Tell me how you want to do it. The perfect execution of this would have been to call your dad, you saying, and then sue God. How about those everybody?


OK, here's the thing, though, Mike. And this is what makes it difficult. And we'll call my father in a second. I'm sure you're right. OK, I just have to defend myself against sometimes when Stewart is an incompetent asshole, especially on Tuesday, we may not know.


But this is the thing. I've got to defend myself against him getting the win because it's funny at the end, every time sometimes I'm going to fall in the hole, especially on Tuesdays when Greg and Stu got to do this to me.


I think you owe him an apology to be a competent asshole like it. Yeah, that's right. Do you think this turns into a win for you by what you just said, which has settled down? I said we could have done this a lot better. We'll get another crack at it. All right, everybody just breathe. Dan so you're sorry? To whom?


Incompetent asshole, incompetent ass will be saying I'm sorry to me.


Oh. Oh, what do you what just happened to go bleep yourself? I almost said, fuck you.


I mean, let's go ahead and call my father again. Do we want to go? He wants to God, I don't know if I want to anymore. I was trying to help you out of a lawsuit.


Don't you feel like a trip to Maryland is in the future? Oh, no doubt. 14 day Gaudí.


It's a very serious thing. We're doing a very serious phone call we're making to my father. Hello, I'm sorry I interrupted you, Poppy, were you nervous last night? Was it was it fear like in the old days or not so much?


Oh, yeah, it's always been. You know what I mean? I mean, there was a very close game at one point year, two point three point until the end. And they, you know, they broke it open with about, what, three, four minutes to go.


But they said, hey, how are you?


And that's how a bit gets ruined right there. That's how the whole thing gets ruined cylinder Poppy. I love it, Poppy.


I love you guys. Thank you. It is funny that he always says I love you to you guys. But when Dan says that's true, Valerie laughs at that, too. I do that off here as well. And he doesn't say, I love you back to me very often about Valerie.


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Greg, you want to recap the conversation you were having with Billy?


Well, Billy was asking me how it is to actually cover a sporting event during a pandemic with no fans. And I was telling them just how weird it was. And from a media standpoint as well, they you know, I was at the Marlins long delayed home opener and myself and another colleague from the Herald are alone in a radio booth that seats about 12 people.


And it's just the two of us on different rows. And you look out to an expanse of empty seats and it's an apocalyptic view. You know, I always say that sports without fans really isn't sports. It's some bizarre version, some facsimile, a weaker facsimile. And so, yes, it's so strange. And why do you believe he's bringing this up? What's the point of even covering a game when really you're not getting any access there other than just being in the building?


Yeah, that's a that's a fair question, particularly in the in the age of journalism cutbacks. I wonder if the pandemic is going to really lead to a different way of covering sports. You know, I wrote about last night's Heat game from my house where under normal circumstances, I would have been in Orlando or in Milwaukee. So it's yeah, it's a strange situation. And you're right, when you're when you're interviewing coaches and managers and players pregame and postgame via a zoom hook up that you could do just as easily from home, it does raise the question, why am I there?


Because even the atmosphere that you're covering, the ambience that you're describing is diluted by the fact that there's there's none of that, really. There's no fans. Everything you're describing and seeing is just a weird version of itself. So it's just been an eye opener for me. Just from a media standpoint.


This whole coronavirus is did he answer your question of like, what's the point that he answered answer? I understand. I understand what you were asking him, like going there. What are you getting from going there if you can't get near anyone and can't actually do any of the reporting that involved? Like what? Don't you get a better experience? Are we at the point and I know that years ago in newspapers with how bad the deadlines were, I had gotten to the point where it was a better experience because deadlines were so stringent to watch the game on television, more informative, more thorough than it was to go to the games.


If you can't talk to anybody, if you can't get close to anybody, is it just press conference access? Like what are you getting from going to the game?


Very little and not much is the answer. And I'll be honest with you. I mean, it's it's you can cover an event and get on Zoom just as easily from home as you can from an empty stadium. And that's I think journalism is going to be grappling with that moving forward.


Well, that was going to be my question, because the press conferences will see like in the post game shows, a lot of them are done via Zoom and you could join Zoom from wherever. Right. So at a certain point, you're risking your own health to kind of be there just to say you were there. Right. Like the announcers, the broadcasters don't even travel with the team. They're watching the games like everyone else. They have more monitors, obviously, than everyone else.


But like, you'll feel it sometimes. I can see the broadcasters needing to be there, but even them it's kind of been determined, like you don't really need to be there. So why would a columnist or a beat writer need to be there if they don't have that direct access with players?


Are you just going out of habit, Greg? Like out of because you must or to say that you were there?


Yeah, I mean, there was yeah, there was an obligation there. I felt that the Marlins are playing the first actual home game in the pandemic. And I just felt like I wanted to be there to experience that. Did I have to be there? No. Have I've been back since? No. Because you know, what you do is you miss everything you used to take for granted, which is used to be able to go into a post game locker room and seek out the one guy that you wanted to talk to about something.


Well, chances are he's not on the zoom unless he was the star of the game. So, you know, you're not even able to get anything unique from somebody because there's you know, there's the manager and there's the two stars of the game on Zoom and that's it.


I know why he went. I know why the snacks. They have a good spread set up, good press box spread.


Actually, even that's different. My beloved ice cream machine at Marlins Park has been disabled, so that's one less reason to go.


I know this might sound dumb and you guys may, you know, consume journalism, media, whatever, like reporting differently. But kind of to Greg's point out of going out of habit, like I will see who's there. And even though they have no access, virtually like almost no access, aside from the zoom, I still going to take what they say. If they put a picture up like they're in the press box, I take it like it means more than someone who's not there.


Like I'll see like a Craig who's there. And he's taking pictures of, like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch section that they have now. Oh, my God. Is there again. All right. Whatever he says is going to be right.


There is a certain value to being there, even if it's minuscule. I mean, I can tweet something from the stadium that that conveys the weird atmosphere or something like that that I couldn't do from home. But to the larger point, there's less and less reason to actually be at an event when you don't have direct access with the people you cover.


How important is that to the Herald, though? Like you're saying, it's a routine for you. And I'm wondering, isn't that more like a Herald company thing where they want to be able to say they have someone who's close or at the game close to the action?


I would say yes, to a general degree, you know. It's just makes for a more professional operation when you can say that we actually have people covering this game from this game, but it also becomes a give and take, because if all of a sudden I'm flying to New England for the Dolphins season opener and the trip is costing the Miami Herald a couple of thousand dollars that they could say. But just having me write it from home, what's going to be the corporate decision there?


I don't know. I haven't discussed that yet. How much am I going to be traveling? Am I going to be traveling at all any more in the foreseeable future? Unknown territory?


I think that the funniest part back to where you guys were talking about with the broadcast, there's a few times in this season where you can tell that the broadcaster, Severino, for the Marlins doesn't know like what's happening in the play because they're not at the ballpark when they're on the road. So those parts are actually like, I get excited when those little moments happen. It's your apartment speaking and I need some favors when you're singing in the shower, just try going up the key.


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And here in this conversation, I'm actually a little surprised that Greg Cody's credentials actually still working, considering how he publicly tore apart his employer.


What happened there for people who do not know some of the backstory here? What happened there, Greg, with you, your podcast, you like to talk about any of this?


I think my company would rather I didn't, but I'm certainly willing to talk about it. I tweeted something.


So it's out there and and basically, you know, hang on, I'm going to turn off my phone.


I love it. That's great comedic timing. We use that in the podcast all the time. The great comedy show, by the way, he still has a landline. Does anyone else have a landline? And what is going on with that? I have a landline.


Of course you do all these. Really, really sorry about that. Perfect. Yeah.


In the great comedy show podcast last week, we addressed at some length the Armondo Salguero situation. That's been a controversy within the newsroom. And we did about six or seven minutes on it. And the podcast comes out every Monday morning.


Can you tell people what that controversy is before you get into your promoting of the podcast? For those who do not know, can you tell them what the controversy is, please?


Yeah. One of my colleagues at the Miami Herald sports, Armando Salguero, who covers the Dolphins, tweeted something that proved pretty controversial. He was watching a Tennessee Titans video in which Ryan Fitzpatrick or Ryan Tannehill, the quarterback, was mentioning that that America was founded on racism. And in and of itself, that's tough to deny when the father of our country, George Washington, had slaves. So Armondo then tweets, I'm sick and tired of America bashing by people who have never lived anywhere else and would never live anywhere else.


And that hit a sour note with a lot of people because it was perceived as him slamming protesters racial injustice. Protesters Mehndi Marquez, our publisher, quater tweeted in response to that, essentially saying, you know, freedom of the press allows columnists particularly to to have latitude in what they express. And I then tweeted saying this has become a thing. And so I want to say I stand on the side of Ryan Tannehill and all athletes and all Americans who understand that systemic racism is a part of this country and that we have to face it head on, not with denial or excuse.


And the podcast comes out Monday mornings at 10 p.m. Sunday night. The one of the high ranking editors and my boss called me on the phone and basically told me that that's not running in the podcast. It was censorship. Now, this is a difficult time for newspapers, and you know that better than anybody. And The Miami Herald is a great company and it's trying to do good work under the most difficult circumstances possible with cutbacks in an era where the president is a.


a First Amendment and referring to the media as the enemy of the people. It's just a tough time all around. And what Armondo tweeted has caused a real tempest within the newsroom. And they're trying to deal with that. And their thought was that if I publish that in my podcast, that it would just fan the flames. I thought that what I said deserved to be in there. I thought it was a valuable conversation to have. And and I hope that in my next podcast, I'm allowed to be to discuss it and to be truthful about it.


So you know that that's the situation. And I want to you know, when I said that The Miami Herald censored me, I'm talking about this one very specific situation. The corporate ideal in the Miami Herald's journalistic ideal is not to favor censorship, but in this one case, they excised that from my podcast. And I was very upset about that. And I spoke my mind.


Greg, what were the ramifications? Because I was surprised to see you do that. I was surprised to see you do that publicly. Were there any ramifications for you?


Yeah, the same high ranking editor and my department boss had a conversation with me yesterday to express their disappointment that I was public with this. And I had a one Herald Guild union representative on that call with me, as is my right where a union newspaper now. And, you know, it was reasonably amicable. It's not as if I were fired or suspended or anything like all of that is uncomfortable.


Did you know going in did you know going in while they. Can't really punish me and not him, me objecting to censorship while not punishing Armando Salguero for what it is that he did, you knew you were in a safe space there? No.


Well, reasonably speaking. But, you know, their argument was that what I tweeted hurt the brand and I made the argument as respectfully as I could that I don't think my tweeting that hurt the brand, that I thought the Herald missed an opportunity. And I've told them this to their face, so I don't mind saying it on the air. I think The Miami Herald really missed an opportunity to be perceived as out front on this and very transparent and willing to talk about this podcast by or this controversy by allowing their most popular podcast to speak about it, frankly, on the air.


I think that would have served the Herald very well, particularly because what I said on the air was very evenhanded. I defended Armando's right to have tweeted what he tweeted, and it would have served the Herald very well, whereas censoring what what I said did not.


It's an interesting story, Greg. I like how brave you sound. I think it's a legitimately good cause that you're espousing there. But I want to know how safe you felt doing it. I want to know if you felt well, this if this is the hill I'm going to die on, then this is the hill that I'm going to die because he knew he wasn't getting fired.


And so how do you know? He thought for a second that he'd get fired by the Herald. There's no way Greg does this.


I think it brings up a good point in terms of the way the press sometimes behaves with others versus how the press behaves when things get a little too close to us. Like I've made this argument at ESPN for the better part of 15 years that we should cover ESPN the way we cover everybody else. But when it comes to the stuff that's a little too close to the bone, we get a little uncomfortable. I do feel like ESPN should cover itself the way that it covers others.


You believe the Miami Herald should cover itself the way that it covers others? Like we wouldn't allow something. We wouldn't allow somebody else to get away with the thing you're talking about.


Right. And honestly, the one time that I felt like my job might actually be in jeopardy was when I spoke to my wife of all people, because, you know, she's a partner in a large law firm. She's management. My wife is management. And so she was honestly telling me that what I put on Facebook and what I tweeted might have crossed the line in her view as management. And certainly my management at the Miami Herald felt the same.


But, you know, I I feel like I was put in a position where I wanted to be very honest with my readers and listeners and anybody who follows me. You know, I just wasn't going to hide and act like this was was OK because it wasn't OK. And the union has been very strong in support of me. And I've heard from so many colleagues who have been behind me. And it's been very heartwarming, actually.


I actually I here's the thing. I'm really I'm in a difficult spot because I do believe that what Greg Cody did was genuinely brave. I also know Greg Cody well enough to know the narcissism involved with people taking five minutes out of his podcast against his will becomes less about freedom fighting and more about just not being wanted. Doesn't want anybody to break rules for him because he wants the freedom of that podcast to be one hundred percent free. And how dare they edit five minutes out of his podcast?


So what is it? Is it both? Is it freedom fighter journalistically and also incredible narcissist?


Probably a little bit of both. I'm going to be honest with you, but that ripped the heart out of the podcast. And it's now mysteriously all of a sudden, it's the shortest podcast we've ever done. Why? Because the best part of the podcast was erased.


Foris which is it with your father? Is it journalistic freedom fighter or is it narcissist who doesn't want anyone bleeping with his podcast?


All you know, he was definitely texting me the downloads for yesterday saying how they were up after the rub that the podcast just, you know, he's very happy with the downloads. We got you that much.


It's also a perfect spot for you, Greg, because you're like the best five minutes are gone and no one's heard those five minutes but you and Chris. So no one knows, actually. Good or not, it sounds like it's freedom fighter who's been censored, who had the best in the heart of the soul of the podcast, was torn away from you and the listeners. And no one wants to hear it. And it could have just been, no offense, crap, five minutes and no one would know the difference.


It sounded big about it. It wasn't that controversial. He basically was just reporting the news.


Yes, that's that's what's funny. It sounded like you were doing some real fence sitting. It doesn't sound like you were actually calling for anybody's firing or reprimanding anybody. You were just chronicling events.


But do you have the. Floods, I mean. Well, no, I mean, certainly I defend Armando's freedom to create what he created and don't think he should be fired and all that. But what I did that I thought was valuable was I explained why what he tweeted was off-putting to a lot of people. It was an anachronism that reminded me back in the Vietnam War era, protests reminded me of the bumper sticker America Love It or Leave It.


The idea that if you're protesting, you're somehow perceived by some as being anti-American. I find that very offensive. I think the people who are protesting in the Black Lives Matter movement are very American and they're protesting for a better America. And I support that with all my being. And that's the kind of thing I was discussing in the podcast that was like the hardest part of it right there.


Like, that's what you just heard. That's what they took out there.


So now you have no longer been censored. Greg, are you going to get in trouble for this or are you going to have to get on a call with a union representative because of what we just did here?


We're going to see, OK, a couple of hours.


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