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Welcome to the big series, a podcast exclusive, a risky move, just when you thought the show could not be more diluted to up like, well, why no more free Disney tracks? Now, here's the marching band to nowhere or mateys, blackface dance, binge stress eating and the habitual liar. Watch.


You guys can't be trusted to make sure you go home. We owe a pirate radio life for me. Oh, I found something that's better than the welcome to Moe's. That's just as polite when you go to Coldstone and they're like, hey, follow me to the stone. And I'm like, OK, oh yeah, I'll follow you to the stone. It's delightful.


Now, Moses' better than that. Mokoena knows better than that. Welcome to Moe's.


You can put it on your own personal touch, but it's just like, hey, you over there. Just come on, Coldstone. I feel like you're on stage too much though. They make too big of a deal. I'm like Moe's I think is is good. They're great. Yeah. You kind of walk in and you put your head down, you go through the aisles. Coldstone, I feel like I'm on stage. Like I have to react to them.


I have to respond to them.


You know, I don't like that they both sing when you tip them, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Colston's is weird man. They like they have to like, pummel your ice cream before they give it to you. Yeah. Yeah.


Their forearms must be so strong. Is that weird. Is that weird. You think that's weird. They scoop it out, they put it on this like flat surface and they got to like, like, oh you want some brownies in there. I'm not just going to put it in there. I'm not mash them in there with two these big ten. Isn't that what you're paying for though? Aren't you actually paying for I mean, it's also delicious ice cream and it's super decadent and rich and the most magical thing you've ever had in your mouth.


But aren't you sort of paying for the idea that they have to do the show of pounding your ice cream, even though they're not really doing much of anything into the they have to pound it into the stone.


That's cold. I don't even think it's the best show with ice cream.


If you've been to those nitrogen ice cream places, those places need to get over themselves. It's like, I don't know, it ain't science experiment. Finally, someone said it cheese.


And I don't want nitrogen with my I mean, I just want ice cream. That's. Thank you.


Oh, and do you know what I want my ice cream, chocolate syrup and gummy bears sometimes and cookie dough when it's safe to eat because sometimes it's safe and sometimes it's not depending on if there's eggs or not, but not nitrogen. All right. Now it's like I'm going to get sick. Dipping dots is another story, though. That was a yeah, that's another thing I love Tip. It depends how to be different and well, the rest stop ice cream.


That's the perfect rest stop ice cream. Oh, no different kind of future. Depends.


It's got to be such a like a rip off because if you actually welfare dependency, you realize how much less ice cream you're getting than a conventional scoop.


Oh, it's the future, Mike. That's how ice cream is in the future.


I went into what's actually in seven there. Yermo, can you please put it on the pole? Because I want to make sure I've got this question right, because he lobbed it in the middle of that frenzy arguing about ice cream. I love Batard show. I want to see if I have this right in order to honor to honor him. Know, Chris, did you say that nitrogen ice cream needs to get over itself? Is that.


Yeah, OK. It's like I don't need science with my ice cream. OK, so I put it on the pole, please.


Garmo does nitrogen ice cream need to get over it?


So science is how you got your ice cream, Chris? Oh, man. I was already there. I thought you were agreeing with me. Roy I was ready to be like, thank you, Roy. I never use what a science have to do with ice cream.


Ice cream. Which obviously, Mike, would you be kind enough pleased to just get that sound again? Because there were a couple of things from the weekend in basketball that were fun. I think these are the main things, although I think Petty Heat fans might enjoy something from this weekend as well. But I think the the funny sports stories in basketball, I think I have this right from the weekend where the Draymond Green Rodney thing, which was just an amazing it really did.


It did feel like it felt a little bit like soap opera, NBA crack cocaine the hell out of here.


Tough guy. Rodney Rodney survives now and then and then it's also I think second place is the way that Damian Lillard ended. He ended a Bulls game. It was an amazing game. OK, the Bulls are up two. There's just a scramble for the ball and Lillard ends up with the ball and has the presence of mind just immediately pulled up with three wins the game at the buzzer. It's ridiculous. He was shooting over a guy who's six eleven who was guarding the play ridiculously well and everybody was amazed by Damian Lillard and what he did in that moment.


Those were two of the things I believe that Mike has the third. Mike, you go ahead and I'm not even I don't even know if you're going to go nuts. I don't know if you're going to go net.


Oh, that would be that lost last night four to one. But you're not going to go net.


I'm not going to go nets, although I will just. Say, once again, I'm going to do this every day, trade for Bradley Beal, he's amazing. That was a crazy finish. It went viral and I think Juju posted on at Lieberthal show if you haven't seen it. But no, Eric Reed has been salty this season. I don't know if you've guys have caught on to this.


This is so good. You guys know what he's going to be talking about here. Chris, you have felt this.


Eric Reid has felt the vibe of greed this year.


OK, well, I don't want to state this incorrectly because I want to explain this because we have different listeners from different parts during different parts of the show. Big Suey isn't the local our. But locally here in Miami, we have Eric Reid, a broadcaster who is an original Heat broadcaster. He introduced generations here to this team and sports and loving sports. And he's been there since the beginning. He's a hall of Famer, a legend by any standard in the local community, a professional of the highest order from a different time, really, because we're all getting old of broadcasting professionalism always so, you know, supportive of the team and not negative, but not infomercial and just classy and professional.


And you just sort of trusted him. And he's just seems like a really good person. It's always been the voice of the team since it's existed, and that voice has never been anything but maybe nasal, but also sweet. It's been a sweet voice, but he is he is cutting fools down by the knees this season. And it's it's stunning to see. He hit Hassan Whiteside with a backup center, the backup center for the Kings, and then he and then when Duncan made a three, he sort of Feili, he fairly wolfed.


We got shooters, we got shooters, which is the thing Hassan said when he went to Portland, when he did get shooters. Damian Lillard But Miami Heat got shooters too He's just cutting fools heads off He hit him with a he who shall not be named his very first touch of the game.


Hassan Whiteside gets the ball in the post and Eric reads like the backup center for the Sacramento Kings loses the ball to Kelly Immediate turnover He'd go the other way and yeah he does that We got shooters so he's like some tweeting players in games that he's calling and I don't know what his problem is, but Blake Griffin.


But he cut his head off and one of the games.


But why is Eric doing this?


He's one of the kindest men I've ever met in my life, one of the nicest people ever. And I'm loving this sort of it's not a healed turn because it's it's honestly shocking.


It's the classic professional Hall of Famer all of a sudden at the very end, oh, my God, he's got a shiv. He's got where did that come from? Did he fashion it in a prison when no one was looking? He is able to cut players and just puncture them with a shiv in the thigh.


I love it because that's what the Miami Heat radio broadcast is a lot more opinionated because Mike Inglis is there and he's just one of those more surly types. Eric Reid is always just class personified. And I'm not saying this is not classy at all. I'm enjoying this new Eric Reid, but he usually leaves the opinion for his current color.


It means more because he's classy, like Mike Inglis doesn't look. Mike Inglis doesn't go for class. He sidles up next year at a bar and he tells you about the game. And when there's a ten point run that the other team has, even when it's LeBron, Wade and Bosh, it's apocalyptic. He just yells at the television. He's been that radio broadcaster in this town for a long time. But you're right. The reason it's so jarring and shocking is because of how classy Eric Reid is.


This would be like Vin Scully doing this. I'm not putting out great and Vin Scully's category, but Vin Scully, a very nice man. No, but wait a minute.


But in Miami, he is absolutely Vin Scully. He is the longest tenured broadcaster who is liked because he's been there since the beginning. And you are so he's the voice of the team, like in a very in a very literal way. The voice of the team is a little bit nasally, but it's super loyal and it's got a lifetime job, even as some of the names next to him change and television changes and everything changes. Eric Reid is, by any standard, Vin Scully in this market for our sports announcing history.


And it's a short list of people, right? The the broadcasters who have come through here, Beug will now be that somewhere else for someone else in Chicago. Right. OOG is going to be that kind of broadcast. But you're talking about guys down here, you're saying? I would say three of our broadcast career, the guys who have had the the most lasting impact because they've just been associated with a team that brought up your kids and you're sure your dad watched him and you're you're like it was John Sterling with the Yankees or Mycock with the Yankees or, you know, I'm trying to think of of someone else down there.


Jim Mandic with the dolphin.


He was there from the very beginning. Now, he was there from the very beginning as a color analyst, which was kind of weird. But then he became the play by play voice, and he's been there the entire time the franchise has been here. Not many people can say that for a franchise that's close to 40 years old, he's been the lone voice associated with it since the beginning.


I think he misses Tony Fiorentino. There I said it. That's it. Oh, my God, that was so unnecessary. We were just talking in nice terms about it. And now you brought it back to Fiorentino, who Billy thinks I ran off or we ran off or Mike Ryan ran off. Billy, you sat that one out.


When I feel like you were I feel like I feel like you. I feel like you were instigating that one nun and now those thousands to God said Mike thing.


They were leading the charge in getting that man fired for whatever reason. You're right. I wanted to sit back. You know, I don't know, Tony. But listen, one day we're all going to be Tony Fiorentino. Right. And we want some young bucks on the radio yucking it up, driving us out of town. No, not we probably won't like you.


You're going to happen to us inevitably. I mean, do you understand that we're in that space right now? Like, right now we are unemployed. Everyone here is working off of severance right now. We are floating spaceship in that space. And what I don't like, we sound confident, but we're floating around scared. And God buried his mother yesterday and we're doing these shows for free and nobody's getting paid. And in the middle of this, as we talk about broadcasters winning him, I want to explain people to people here as you join Clamber Clammer aboard the pirate ship here, you've heard his voice temporarily, but Whittingham is is officially aboard.


Here he is scampered on. And if you do not know his history, Whittingham is an amazing broadcaster who was an amazing broadcaster like six years old, where we were playing his clips in Miami on a just very early on his clips at the College Station.


I love your timeline of Chris Whittingham getting younger and younger. You have him now is a 16 year old at college.


And boom, Chris, did you do any play by play at the age of 16? He was a prodigy. I was a fetus and I was doing play by play. He was a he was he not a child prodigy?


Is a broadcaster yes or no?


Well, no, he wasn't a child. All right, prodigy.


OK, whatever. I think he was twenty then. He was in college. He was there to be a prodigy, not a child prodigy.


We keep making him younger and younger. You were just a sweet little innocent baby when he started listening to us, right?


Yeah, I started listening. I it was headlines drawn from the Terrell Owens Show back in the day as they need to listen to the show. And I've been a listener ever since in dad's defense.


Be gentle with us, man. We're getting older. Like this stuff is going to happen. The timelines are off. I mean, we're going through a lot. We're stressed out. My mom is no longer with me. I might die. Thank you for no say for us.


I needed that wasn't forced at all. I'm just say Dad and I are getting old and we could use like you guys just coddle us a little. Like just stop being so mean.


You literally could have said Super Bowl week. Excuse me. You're right with your mother, you're 100 percent take that out like, OK, don't leave it in my dad. Take it. I just defended you did leave it it you got to leave it at the fifty fifth big game is this weekend.


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I have a situation I need to discuss with you guys.


There is a I don't know how to I don't know how to do this amongst a sea of text of people wishing me their condolences. Very nice there is. Because covid happened so quickly. There is still a friend, a good friend, I would say that does not know. And he checked in last night. I feel so bad. I don't know how to respond to that. Said, how's mom doing? And you guys seem mortified. It's OK.


We can laugh a little bit. It's my mom. It's awkward though. I know it is. But how do I respond to this that you probably tell them what happened?


Well, he's going to feel so bad text that you can't text. She's dead.


That's exactly what I would know. Come on. I would I would revel in the opportunity to do that. I have so much fun with your. Becoming dark when winter with you. I have so much fun because a lot of people just assume that someone my age has both of their parents. So I love dropping that dead fish in people's laps. Just here. Let me I'll write the text, OK? Oh, maybe send a meme or a gift to kind of lighten the mood a little bit along with it.


I promise. I love Billy a minute. Wait a minute. This is an actual thing that's happening with you guys. He's now mentioned that three or four times. He's like he is now not as if Stukas isn't carrying around enough in terms of weight and grief he now is carrying around. Also, how do I help this friend who has waded into this mess? He's a little late to the game. He's arrived two days after the funeral and he's asking me, hey, John, how's your mom doing by text?


You can't hit him there, Mike with us. She's dead.


And then use a cliche, just respond Pushing Daisies.


That's on his friend, though, honestly, like, if you're going to wait that long, you need to do what everyone else does and just ask around, like, you need to start asking other people. So that doesn't that's what I was doing. I was like, hey, has anyone hurt? Has got this body like you need to ask other people so that you don't have that situation.


I just don't know. I want to respond. I just don't. And Mike, if I respond your way, he's going to be hurt, like deeply hurt. He's going to feel bad. And I'm not going for that. But I did. I just found it funny, like, hey, how's your mom doing?


I found it funny, Jeff, that you could send it said, bam, she's dead.


Oh, come on. Come on. What's the picture?


It's somebody in a do rag. I also found something from the affair, from showtimes, where it's just a caption, she's dead.


That's how you lighten the mood. Attach it to a Jeff, I'm going to send you a few options.


All right. Thanks. Oh, I found one of Tony Sparano with. It's very difficult. No, it's just she's dead to me. I the football. He buried a football. Don't you remember? I do remember that I went the native. Well, wait a minute.


You thought Mike was going to call up Jeff of Tony Soprano?


No, Tony, you always confuse him and me. Yeah, but yeah, coincidentally, they're both dead. Yeah. Wildcat.


Oh, God, Mike. What? I mean, it's he's just the facts.


Oh, prime mortgages in front of it. Yeah. I thought Mike was going to send me Tony Sparano burying a football. I mean that's that. No, I don't know. But this one, this one should kill. Oh jeez.


All right. So can I backtrack for just a second here?


Billy's more uncomfortable with this that I know it sounds like. Take it.


Oh, just send them. Do you have Apple Music? Send them Daryl Hall and John notices she's gone.


Just like I said, he's gone. He's a dead fan. Oh, really? Yeah. But yeah. Yeah.


You don't want to think your dad died do unless you want to run that as a joke.


And I'm totally with you know, OK, he's crossed the line cross you like them on you laugh now you're like OK Mike. Now you've crossed the line, you act them on. It's your fault.


Oh my. Oh.


Can you imagine receiving a text message back from Sue Gods after you just genuinely even though you've missed the boat on finding out that she's passed on? Just getting the response of a music video from 1976 is she's gone from Hall and Oates. I want to be with that person in the room.


Your process is on. Hold on. Is it a person is that a friend of yours who gets the shows to gods? Can can you send him a video message of you and Mike dancing to that song?


Yes, I'm dancing and I get all the money. I made it. Yeah. I swear to God. I was just going to say we're two seconds away from someone suggesting we call him on air to deliver the news.


So you're right. It's a great idea or not. It's a great idea to break it to them on the A cameo.


So it does make some money off the deal.


I am not the only one in this spot. All I'm doing I think I'd be OK with all of this. I've just I'm processing my dad listening to the show later. That's that's kind of what I'm doing right now.


Oh then yeah. I should walk my whole. Wow. But your dad. OK, look, I don't want to keep I guess I did some pretzels. There's no avoiding.


I didn't get them back from I paid overnight back and forth on all the nonsense here that there is to go through in terms of emotions because you go through the grief and you go through the laughter. And I don't mean to borrowers got such pain here, but we have seen him hurting here recently. And I don't actually know whether to talk about the Nets game.


I was I was laughing when I was. This is a bad way to frame this. But when I was purchasing the Chevette gift. Yeah. You know, where I went to Chiva Dotcom, I'm like, I you guys would find this money. I would, because that's always been real, right? Yes. I found it at power forward from the Denver Nuggets dotcom that there's a shiver dotcom.


That's a good idea. I should have thought of it. I was not aware that he said the process about. Dad, by the way, yeah, so maybe he got them. I hope so. OK, can you can you find out for me? I will talk to him and say, did you get my car? I didn't get a thank you, which I kind of thought was like, he's got a lot on his mind, but I'll check.


I'll see. Maybe he wants to call it. Wait a minute.


It was my classier than any of us because I did not know to send a shiv a gift. I did not. I'm I don't. Did any of us other than Mike send the shiv a gift?


I don't know what I don't know what a shiver gift is, but I sense something. I sense something is going to show up. On Wednesday, I sent a text message. I got your text. Thank you. Sounds like Billy did.


And shit again, it sounds like mine's the only one I got there.


My text got there and my text got there. Yeah. Oh, you're more than a text. All your text. Where's the key left there.


You deserved you deserved the next laugh there. Yeah. Let's talk about the nets for a second. And that nets game last night because to God did you see that you did make time in your grief to get all of the details? Because I had one overwhelming feeling. OK, because when you look at the numbers on these nets to guys, it's wonderful. OK, the nets have an offensive efficiency right now. That is the best in the history of the sport.


They're number one in the league, best in the history of the sport. And they're trending toward never better offensively than this team. And defensively, they their rating is the worst in the sport and then the worst in the history of the sport by Miles. And so they are terrible defensively. And you simply cannot win a championship if you are that terrible defensively. But you're going to be fun as hell to watch because you got three trolls on your team and they're going to play a lot of offense and they're not going to be able to guard anybody.


And so last night they are up five with 11 seconds. Nine seconds left is Bradley Beal is coming over half court. That's a game. So the Wizards are down five. They're losers they Bradley Beal is on this crazy Terpstra got to where he's got ten straight losses in games where he scored forty or more points. Ten straight losses. That's the longest streak in the history of the sport. It seems like he should score less than forty. I mean, OK, that is good math by you, but selfish.


So down five, he comes down with nine seconds left and he hits a three and then the inbound. It's sloppy. And Russell Westbrook, the worst shooter by percentage in the history league. And that team fractured apart because of everything that happened with Durant and Westbrook. And that team could have, with Harden, been winning championships across this last decade when Kyrie and LeBron were fighting over him. And then right in Kevin Durant's face, Russell Westbrook, right.


That player on the loser team. This is the end of Westbrook's career. He's not going to get many moments like this. He got the MVP and average triple double. But everyone can see that's not going to age terribly well with efficiency's going from wizards and he'll play four years in the league and the usage rate can't be what it is and be on a good team. He hits a three. He's terrible at threes. It's been terrible by volume worst in the history of the sport.


Right. And Durant's face Durant is crestfallen. The Wizards beat the Nets and now the crushing pressure starts on the Nets, where they become something that we're laughing at. But in the middle of all that, as the Internet howled and laughed, I managed somehow to feel bad for someone you guys know. Do you guys know? Can any of you? Because I did not enjoy that video. Not it did not enjoy laughing at the three trolls in the net.


And this is why they exist right now. It's why they're the most interesting team in the sports. The guys, like the Sixers are the best team in the sport right now. Mike's going to have to eat it there, I think, very soon. I don't think he's going to be able to hold off now that they've got shooters and they're going after JJ Redick. I mean, the Clippers are the Sixers are really good. Utah is really good.


But Mike, you are now officially scared of the Sixers, correct?


No, no, no, I'm not scared of the Sixers. Well, how did they do in the playoffs last year?


They didn't make it out of the first round. They got a lot of ground to make up right now. And I understand they're up, what, six games on the Miami Heat? They don't hand championships out in. What month are we in on the NBA calendars on January either. February.


We've been there is it's February. We did this as recently as October.


I'm so confused by this timeline. Your seven games behind them. Oh, really? Yeah. OK, I'm a little nervous.


Dan, I think you felt bad for Joe Harris, the guy that was inbounding the ball and that got the withering stare from Durant. OK, let me describe this for the hour.


Is it a big game? Thirty points. Nicely done, guys. That is correct.


And so the ranch stare in the mirror. OK, but much like the aforementioned. OK, Rodney McGruder, just like saying that name, saying that name that way derisively is comedically funny. I want to laugh at Joe Harris for being the guy at the center of all of that where he made the bad inbound and then the ball just goes to Westbrook and you see him flail. You see him want to blame somebody, you see him realized, no, this is my mistake.


You see the fear in his eyes as. Westbrook rises up and he's thinking to himself, Oh, I'm going to lose this game with that pass my this is going to feel really terrible for me. I've had a good game, I've scored 30 points, I've been a good player. But now my name is Joe Harris and here comes the ball. And of course it's going to go in the net because my name is Joe Harris and I am going to deflate.


And the withering stare that Kevin Durant is going to give me is the inbounds, the ball and says, I'm Kevin Durant and you're Joe Harris. And Joe Harris is going to fall on me. The Internet is going to laugh at me because I've been avatars in the eggs while wandering around the Internet looking for validation and the Internet's going to fall on me. And it's your fault. Joe Harris. And I want you guys to look at the body language of Joe Harris because he absorbs that.


As you're right, Kevin, it is my fault. I just I just did that to you.


It seems like what you feel bad about simply is his name is Joe Harris. I mean, and you're right. I mean, if Rodney Magruder was Rodney McGruder, would it be different?


Could he be the guy that he wants to be? I think he could be tougher. Yeah, I thought you were going to feel bad about the dude that missed the bunny at the end of that game because I was going insane in sequence. Kyrie Irving made a pass in front of wide open dude under the basket and it was a bunny that he missed worse than Tim Duncan's. His name is Timothy Carbonaro. Well, I didn't even see the last.


Wait a minute. So you're telling me that four and a half seconds left in that game, the Nets got an easy shot? I don't even see the last rebound.


Somebody's right under the basket on an inbounds TLC. Mike, I'm floating right now. Yeah, I'm trying to process my dad and whether or not he's going to be OK.


I have to go back and you sit this one out if you're your dad. Yeah. Playoff day told we got a bad show. Tell him I was a no show. Is Nowzad off the Presidents Day? And today we weren't on today. That's a good idea.


Bill, what do you think? He's going to text me back. Thank you. You didn't get them yet? I just I paid thirty five dollars for overnight shipping. OK, he said he didn't get him yet, otherwise you would have thanked you already.


It's a sweet and salty crunch. It's like a chocolate covered pretzel. I was very proud of it.


He didn't get it yet. Hmm. Well, that's disappointing because I paid a lot of money for that and a lot of nice gifts from a lot of people.


I said minus to God, now I feel like a jerk. What was the nicest gift you got? Oh, I got some. Let's see. Bomani sent a nice flower arrangement. Sarah Spain did the same super grateful John Skipper, our new boss, did the same game.


Everybody was the nicest flower arrangement of the bunch who was a skippers. I'm not just saying that because he's our boss. I am. But I mean, there's no way Skipper purchase those, right? I mean, there's no way.


I think he did. But that's what I know about him. I think he did. OK, I know nothing.


All right. Are you not supposed to send something other than flowers? Because I was doing some research and now you get some whatever you want. I said food to chiva it. It's not frowned upon. You're always going to take someone being kind to you and be grateful. People have sent food.


People have sent all kinds of all kinds of gifts. Someone sent a. A coffee cake, I love a good coffee cake, yeah, yeah, I got one of those people have sent prime 112 for dinner, like they just send you food and stuffs and you dinner. But no one's got me anything terribly original.


But it's been very it's just the thought of getting something from Sarah, Spain the next day. I mean, super thoughtful. She's great. And I wasn't surprised that that was the first gift that arrived at my door. So here's how she is first got there the next day.


Did you go to Chevette Dotcom? I'm going to tell her I'm very mad at Schmidt Dotcom right now.


Pretzels? What kind of pretzels? They're chocolate covered.


It's artisanal, sweet and crunchy. I was Verity's. Yeah, yeah. I mean, that's like nitrogen is not sweet and crunchy train.


What is artisanal. I mean what does it mean. You know, it's just an up charge like resort. What does it mean. Knows what it means. It means an extra twenty dollars.


Put it on, put it on the Laboratoire show Yermo. Do you know what artisanal means. And you're just saying it's an up charge. It's the twenty percent up charge. Yeah.


They just throw that on there. I'm telling you, if you go to Burger King in the beach, if you check your receipt, you get charged a resort fee in Miami Beach for going to Burger King. That's what artisanal is.


Just the word, a fancy word, fancy, fancy word that allows you to charge an extra twenty dollars. Billy's right about this.


There's all sorts of peanuts and this pretzels covered in sprinkles. And, you know, it says it's artisanal.


withI seems like a guy who knows what artisanal means. Yeah. It means made in a traditional or non mechanized way.


So you really lob that one up the crust that she really did. Well done. Winningham, can you please? I wanted to continue the conversation from before when we were talking about Eric Reed and broadcasters in this market. The place where I was headed is who are the people who shaped you through your childhood as someone who started caring about this at a very early age and decided in college this was the path for you. Eric Reed. I've got to think that you think of him as a giant in the industry, even as you can be critical of the way that he does broadcast, because you have learned things about broadcasting and you might not do X, Y and Z the way he does it.


But you you are raised by this man as a broadcaster, were you not?


Yeah. And he puts out Instagram's of like his game prep and I'm absolutely blown away. But it was actually Mike Inglis that was more formative for me. I just remember always listening to WIOD in the car and the first basketball game I ever did was just basically an impersonation of Mike Englis on the radio. And that's kind of how most broadcasters start. Just whatever is familiar to their ear is what they end up doing and then they eventually form their own style.


But I was kind of blown away as you guys were talking about him being critical. I've always kind of noticed. Have you noticed that when team employees or people who work for official broadcasters all of a sudden when players leave, leave, kind of get the knives out and they've been kind of holding on to these stories for a while. I feel like Hassan Whiteside is one that team employees have been waiting to go in on for a while.


Well, he represents over the period that Eric Reid has presided over as the voice of Heat basketball, the period of Heat basketball of Pat Riley's era and beyond the guys, because he was here before Pat Riley, before it became the family organization from the town, the the sports crime family that we have in Miami with the Miami Heat, all lifers and loyalest, all a whole bunch of people. You never have these organizations where there's just not a whole lot of turnover.


Was there since Coach Ron Rosene, who's still apart. If you have the NBA league pass, you can still watch his antics during halftime in which he screams at a producer to stop rolling tape.


Sorry, I'm hypnotized by it every time he's like getting meaner.


How great is that? Stop and stop it. Stop it. Let's rewind now. Go back. Hold on. So Ros is very threatening and not forward. I love that stuff there. I hold it right here.


Let's not make this whole thing to me. He's 78 years old, OK?


I want you guys to understand these creatures that the Miami Heat, his birth, these these shriveled and sonnett and rocks these pots right now. Right. Know what you're trying to do.


There's some poor producer who's worked so hard on this video thing, and this guy is yelling at him now running at Jansa, give him one of those easy buttons for Office Depot that he hit.




I'm convinced he's been doing this for like eight years now. I'm convinced Ron Rothstein thinks that that actually has power to stop it.


They just gave me one of the staples. Easy, but the staple is you like it like a jacket is so uncomfortable. Boxtel It's like almost all right. It's the most comfortable television. That job has been saying, hold on.


I need to explain the audience, all of the backstory here, because it's going to be uniquely funny to people who grew up on Miami sports. And this will run the gamut. OK, from. People my age you got and your age to 20 year olds, and this is what you need to understand about Ron Rothstein at the end here, he is a human being who is made of sandpaper. OK, this is the first thing that, you know, I need to understand.


And he is a human being who over 78 years we have seen the coaching profession sort of grind these guys to dust where they turn Stan Van Gundy into this squaddie misery. When he's coaching, he can only laugh around the microphones. Ron Rothstein is the organization's sandpaper wizard. Ron, you got a lifetime job. You know why? Because you were the first coach. You did the cycle years, buddy. You're the guy who was the first one in the door at the organization, just like Eric Reed, right next to Eric Reed, Eric Rej Jäger and Fit and Lives a balanced life.


But you're a basketball troll from the Stone Ages. You've coached like the Pistons, you've coached you, you are made of sandpaper and now you're our lead broadcaster and you're not lovable in any way, except that you're mean to people. You're cruel and you can't stop it. And producers and yeah, they better you listen, producers, you better stop it. You listen. Stop it. You better stop it. Run, run, run, run it.


Now run film from two weeks ago. Do it now. Now go for it.


I'm going to become that aren't I, that already. You're Rosty.


Many times in this show I had one hundred and fifty Rothstein's in my zoom chat. Yes. That's where we do it with the sound.


I don't think anyone here was recording guys mom's funeral. Roy Roy.


I thought I sign that during I thought I was giving out assignments during the funeral, telling somebody there to roll on it so we would get the sound to that. Some call because I knew guys would give us permission to play it.


Well, after the got his eulogy, I didn't have the heart to ask him. It was just too emotional for me. You have the you have the final soundtrack. Do you have the audio from that funeral?


I mean, I could ask someone I have no idea who to ask, but I'll dig around if you. What am I doing first? I mean, Christ, I love you.


Ten minutes of that, zoomer. Amazing. All right.


How about a recreation? Because you guys were laughing about it. It was just old people yammering.


Listen, you got this, Lois, is that you? You get to see you.


You guys are you you guys here you you guys have taught me to found find the funny in a lot of this stuff you really have. So just hold on a second. President, get back to being Lois. He was out searching for Lois on the amount of people throwing down their bona fides, their resume. First off, like you turn the zoom on and they want you to know that they're there, right? That's number one.


I laughed at that, like, hey, I know your mom and like and then they're giving me credentials, like their resume. How? Well, they knew my mom and I found all of that amusing and, like, just laugh out loud, funny. And then you just had a bunch of people, like, they had to let me know they were in the Zoome they're attending and how long they've known my mom. I found that if I didn't want to hear it, yesterday was a big show.


We're here. Yes, it's about us. John, remember me? I haven't seen you in one.


And I'm just like you do me a favor, OK?


My mom's no longer with me. I don't care how long you knew her on Kris. Go back to searching for four Jewish women.


It was just one hundred people trying to have different conversations and. Oh, I hear Louise. Where's Louise? Oh, no, she's not. Oh, there she is. How are you up. You're gone again. Hit mute. And it was just like fifty eight conversations like two people having watched like it was fifty conversations on one Zoome.


I missed a lot of that, but when I logged in I swear I heard someone say if everybody mutes the Internet we'll work faster.


We said yes it was, it was sort of blind leading the blind and that everyone was going to sue God for direction, which, as you know, I've listened to stupidity. That's not going to go well. My daughter's handled the entire Zoom's situation. They did.


Can I can I ask a legitimate question? How the was Phinney so quiet? I was I don't know the same thing. I don't know. Now it's quiet. It's the landscaping crew. I'm telling you. I told you that. And I'm telling you now, whatever that landscaping crew comes around, he goes he goes nuts. It's crazy. He was very good. Very well. It is a good boy.


Yes. He bit me once. He did bite you and you don't like it happens all the time. You bit me hard and oh my foot. Sorry it hurt.


There was a perfect spot where Finnie actually barked in the middle of stigmatises eulogy. Yeah, right after a joke. Yeah. There's the funny I know.


What's the guy who was weeping. I think we haven't seen it. God's broken up like that. And I think at one point Finnie chose his, he chose to be his baqi is when Stukas was wounded on something bad timing or good timing maybe.