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It's that time of the week for another fatal convenience. This is a bite sized segment that addresses some of society's fatal conveniences and the steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of them. I define fatal conveniences as the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to tap water, shampoo, sunglasses, food. I dive into the hidden truths behind some of our everyday choices that could not only be harming us, but even killing us.


So let's dive in.


Welcome, everybody, to our next episode of The Fatal Conveniences and of my podcast. Grateful that you're here. I got a personal message, a private message on Instagram. And someone commented like, does it does inconvenience to have to be so intense in terms of just the name fatele convenience and fatal conveniences. And, you know, I sat without a second. And the reality is, yeah, it does, because we right underneath our nose and on our skin and in our mouth and all around us, in our air, water, food, soil, our environment is being invaded by agencies, FDA, USDA, FCC, etc, that are supposed to be regulatory bodies that protect us when things go in bottles and and go on shelves and things like that.


But you know what? They don't and they're compromised like crazy. So when I sat back and said, yeah, fatele Conveniences is an intense title. But here's the thing. I believe this at my core, knowledge literally is power so that these things don't have power over you. So we have to, number one, pull back and pull the sheet from our eyes so that we can see the reality of what's going on in the world. And the reality is that so many different things are not being protected.


All of your ingredients and supplements and food and big companies, they do not have your best interest. And let's just sit with that for a second.


That's the truth. You can easily I mean, I could make a career on fatal conveniences alone in any direction. And you can uncover another product, another system of things that companies are doing that are ultimately leading to this toxic soup that were being hit with all the time. And it's conflicts of interest. It's money, money, money. So my whole thing with fatal convenience is it's almost like I want to get your attention. So, yes, I'm keeping the title Fatal Conveniences.


I'm keeping it because it gets your attention and I want your attention because I want you to be empowered. Now, here's the thing. We have solutions for all this stuff. Problem, solution, problem, solution, problem, solution. I'm not just leaving you hanging here. So my next fatal convenience is hair conditioners. And I'm going a little deeper also in the same direction as shampoos. So my episode with Kenny Chesney number thirteen, I talked about shampoos, but there's so many chemicals and shampoos and conditioners, I had to dig more because I was just something about it.


I read an article and I was just horrified. So the amount of things that they're getting through, thirty one hundred chemicals under the term fragrance and largely none are tested. So when when a company puts fragrance, certainly on the shampoo and conditioner. Thirty one hundred chemicals are being they don't have to put on the label, they can just slide them in there and they have carcinogens, hormone disruption, etc.. So hear directly from the FDA, the agency that's supposed to protect you says this from their website under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act FDA and see ACT, cosmetic products and ingredients other than color additives do not need FDA approval before they go on the market.


You know that they do not need FDA approval. There is no FDA approval and these agencies are not looking at any of this stuff. OK, so I have a bunch of research here that I'm going to get into, I have a bunch of information, and just so you know, there's a massive list as alternatives to can conditioners and shampoos and companies. And I can't even list all of them. And I also can't vet all of them. But there is I'm from the Environmental Working Group and many other organizations that have put these lists together.


So still do your own research. I'm not saying I'm the authority over vetting hundreds and hundreds of companies, but there's great companies doing great things using food grade ingredients. So let's get into it a little bit. So why is this a fate of convenience, this conditioner, hair conditioners?


Because it leaves their hair beautiful and silky smooth and shiny.


And and that's why we use them, because we want to feel our hair feeling healthy when in fact, we've just rubbed it full of chemicals that are compromising you. So this directly harms you, your kids pollutes the environment and the waterways. And I want to emphasize, every time you change your habit, you're affecting the environment. Every time you change your habit, you're improving your inner ecosystem and improving the outer ecosystem. So these if you're not buying these products, they're eventually ending up down your drains in the waterways, in the earth.


And that has massive consequences. So if it's disrupting your home hormones, what do you think it's doing in the environment? OK, so we're playing a very bad experiment. Some of the top level things that I've I've that keeps coming up on air conditioners and certainly shampoos in the same category, pretty much memory loss, eye and skin irritations. So the very thing you're wanting your hair to be silky and smooth. It's breaking down the first layers of the epidermis and creating irritations and changing the microbiome and et cetera, as well as literally causing hair follicle damage that can actually lead to hair loss.


Hormone disruption, lowering male sperm counts and even causing cancer. These are the unregulated chemicals that are showing up in our shampoos and in this case, focusing on conditioners. If you haven't heard the shampoo one, that's number 13, the episode with Kenny Chesney on that fatal convenience. But essentially there's a lot of the same chemicals in these things. The ones that I'm going to focus on the most, the ingredients that I'm focused on the most are the fragrances, sulfites.


Fifth, phthalates, parabens, triclosan, propylene glycol, sodium, lorrell sulfate and ammonium. There's also urea. That's in most of these. Yes, that is urine. Ladies and gentlemen, they allow urine to be in our products. So while the US Food and Drug Administration classify personal care products, it does not regulate them.


There are no legal guidelines or boundaries for shampoos, conditioners and then for manufacturers to follow. There are no legal guidelines or boundaries for these companies of shampoos and conditioners to follow, there's no regulation, there's no guidelines, there's nothing to do whatever they want, throw it in there, and then if something causes problems later, they deal with it. Why is that? A similar theme that I'm seeing around this whole space?


The descriptive, all natural has become a buzzword in the beauty world for environmental friendliness. We know that they're just using that now. But with shampoos and conditioners, they leave out all these chemicals causing lather the lathering agents, emulsifiers synthetic fragrances containing hundreds and hundreds and even thousands of harmful chemicals. So I'm going to dig down into a little bit of the sulfates, sulfate dry things out, beat up the skin. So stay away from sulfates. They were developed as a surfactant, meaning that they reduce the surface tension of water and they kind of loosen up dirt and oil in the hair and sculpt.


So they they loosen those things up. But the issue is that sulfates, they're way too good at their job and they're then dry out the scalp as well, causing itchiness and then eventually break down and cause brittle hair and the coarseness of skin. So that's that's a really thing. So they market all this shiny stuff and and the feeling or even the the smell, it feels good. That feels clean. It smells good. It smells clean. All of that stuff are largely chemicals.


Second one is parabens, usually a really big one in this space to avoid a lot a lot a lot of shampoos and conditioners have parabens. They've been using that since the 1950s to preserve as a preservative. And also, it also extends into a lot of body care products. Here's the issue. It is absolutely known as a hormone disrupting chemicals. So what does that mean? The parabens act and go into and act in the same way as in the estrogen pathways.


So what that leads to is for men, guess what, increasing sperm abnormality and morphology, as well as dropping sperm count and the ability to sperm for sperm to act for women increases and changes menstruation cycles increases the the because of the estrogen flooding in the system, girls are going into having their periods sooner than they should because of the estrogen dominance in their system. And then obviously, when the the later in life, the menopausal time for women, it makes it infinitely harder and more painful for women in menopause.


Synthetic estrogen in male and female bodies is not a good thing. Here's the other thing that parabens do with the estrogen effect in increases insulin resistance. You're doing all of this hard work. You go into the gym, you're trying to eat, right? Can't get rid of the way. So your body also is toxic, right? So that's this toxic exposure. Heavy metals potentially. But the parabens themselves and the estrogen dominance is causing insulin resistance. It's not even about the diet anymore.


So many studies have cited that they're studying parabens like crazy in the long term. Effects are showing up and increasing, increasing and accumulating in the bodies with an undeniable. Aspect of causing hormone disruption, the next crazy chemical is triclosan, triclosan is a is a thing. They use an antibacterial not so much, and sometimes in shampoos sometimes and conditioners, but obviously in hand sanitizers and all of that stuff. I just want to touch on it. But it's at a mune toxic compound.


So the very thing you're trying to do, antibacterial and then your toxifying your immune system. So stay away from triclosan. It's bacteria killing, kills the healthy bacteria, throws off the necessary balance of bacteria. You do not want to kill beneficial bacteria, antibiotics. And in the body outside the body disrupt. There was a 2015 study. Triclosan has been shown to undergo dermal absorption in both rodent and in lesser degree human skin. So it's basically saying that it goes directly through the skin, causing all kinds of problems.


The EPA has awarded it as a endocrine disruptors. So again, now your endocrine system yet again is getting hammered. Every one of these ingredients that I'm listing off is causing and current disruption. OK, that's that's a very big hormonal shift. And the hormones that are regulating every system of the body is at the effect of these chemicals.


And we expect people not to be a bit crazy and depressed and exhausted and stressed out. And if you don't take care of these chemicals underneath this, then then it's almost impossible to do this. So it's causing huge disruption and imbalance in the thyroid, creating almost impossible homeostasis of the thyroid. The next one is fragrance. I'm just going to touch on that again. That is their beautiful way of saying I'm going to hide thirty one hundred different types of ingredients and that I don't need to disclose by the International Fragrance Association that they somehow lobby that to to happen.


So every time you see fragrance, unless they absolutely list out their fragrances. Now listen, use essential oils, use these natural fruit extracts, all of that stuff. There's no reason why shampoos and conditioners can smell good. Just don't use the synthetic con because it's causing all kinds of different things. When they say it's a trade secret or proprietary information and they say it's a fragrance, then basically you can call them as that's B.S. and fifth, phthalates p h t h a l 80 s are a group of chemicals used in hundreds of products and they're even with phthalates are also used in toys, vinyl flooring, wall coverings, detergents, lubricating oils, food packaging, pharmaceuticals and a ton of personal care products and a lot of hair stuff.


Conditioner, shampoos, hairsprays, lotions, soaps, shampoos, they're hidden ingredient and they're under, again, that fragrance. And these in animal studies, they've caused severe liver damage, kidneys, lungs, reproductive systems and and a particular underdevelopment and morphology in testes. So the fifth phthalates are under the fragrance. And if your company is not not calling that out, saying it's phthalate free, then I would run from it. And then I just want to touch on propylene glycol.


This is a causes all kinds of allergic reactions in the body and it is an ingredient in antifreeze. Oh, dear God, let's put it on our skin.


Let's put in products and put it on our children.


No way. No, no mass sodium chloride sulfate ammonia or ammonium lorrell sulfate or cause I I irritations hair follicle problems and disruptions, asthma attacks, all of that stuff. So if you're having asthma issues you want to stay away from, look at your personal care products, look at air conditioners, look at your shampoos, synthetic fragrances, again, hundreds of chemicals that show up in that space. And we need to be aware of that and again, be aware that.


Uria, they put in all of that stuff and they they there's many different terms and we'll put that in the and the show notes. And so, again, people there is so many there is literally I'm looking at a list right now and there is a list of hundreds of compounds and they probably have about 50 that we are going to put in the show notes and what I want. And then the good news is I have research articles that you can look into this stuff, but then I also have shampoos and conditions that are best for your health.


So there's one the topolice called one hundred percent pure kelp and mint volumizing shampoo and that great. You know, you can just you don't have to use shampoo all the time. You can wash your hair and just let it be natural, you know, so it's, you know, always stripping the hair down is not that good for you anyway. So I wash my hair.


I mean, I wash it all the time, but I don't use shampoo, but maybe once every two weeks, three weeks.


But it's always it's always clean because I'm washing it, but I'm just not scrubbing in harmful. Well, you know, any kind of shampoo over time is just could potentially irritate. So I'm going to leave these all in the show notes and then you'll have a way out, you'll have a way through and you'll have a way to transfer this habit into a healthy one. Put healthy, healthy things on your skin, on your I want you to use healthy products.


I want you to receive the nutrients of essential oils of of of plant botanicals and extracts. I want you to do that because it should be beneficial not taking your health away. OK, Dr. Bronner's it's another great company doing great things and doing good things for the planet. So a shout out to Dr. Bronner's as well. Farm Green Organic Enzyme Shampoo's man. That sounds good. HENNAH, guys, color enhancing hair mask. Look, again, you have to do your own research.


I found a bunch of Joao's Tree Tingle shampoo found at Trader Joe's Lemongrass Shampoo. It's a lot of great stuff. Love, hair, shampoo. What is that one? Wow. So there are some good I'm just going through the list here. There's some really good. So vote with your dollars. Support these companies that are creating health for your hair, for your skin, for your scalp and for the environment. Remember, what you're doing with your money is voting and what you're consuming is affecting you for your health or not.


And so and that is directly affecting the environment. You want to be an eco warrior, be healthy, be aware. And also that will absolutely affect the environment. Then tell your friends, tell your colleagues and give people gifts of these new alternatives and they can just switch on over. OK, that's it. For the fatal convenience. I just want to stress again the hair conditioner side of things, but it's kind of right in line with the shampoo thing.


I just want to emphasize that a little more because people were asking about where to get some of these things, and that's it. Ladies and gentlemen, again, be your own advocate. You are your health care advisor and administrator. Don't ever give that up, OK? So be aware, be happy, love everybody and do the best you can. And remember, changing habits might be a pain in the ass beginning, but again, you will be better for it in a matter of days.


You will be integrated into a better way of living. That's what this is all about. All right. I love you all.


Things are tuning in. I hope that left you feeling inspired to take a closer look at the things you might be doing that could use some tweaking for a better breakdown on the payroll convenience. As we discussed, you can head to Derrinallum dot com backslash Fadal here. We have a ton of info on how to be more aware of them and how you can avoid them. Remember, it starts with you and the choices you make. And if you haven't had a chance to check out the interview I released earlier in the week, here's what you missed.


Every morning we've talked about our morning rituals, how it's just no compromise, right? Oh, absolutely. I mean, and that morning ritual and the evening ritual, those are the bookends on your day. I can't emphasize highly enough the importance of having those rituals. You know, even my my my team, you know, I own a supplements company and I've got my speaking career and podcast and blog and all this stuff. But my team knows, you know, unless it's some phone call in Dubai that I have to take early in the morning, nothing gets scheduled until about nine thirty a.m. when I wake up at five or five thirty, I'm using that time for quiet time prayer, listening to something spiritual or devotional or uplifting as a mountain, a walk in the sunshine, you know, easing into the day, caring for my body, journaling.


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