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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from a little car rental studios at the Dave Ramsey Show where dad is dumb. Cash is king and the paid off. Has taken the place of the BMW. A status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey, your host. Thank you for joining us. America, Rachel Pru's Ramsey personality, best selling author is my co-host. Today here on the air, open phones at eight eight two five five two two five.


That's triple eight eight two five five two two five callouses with us in Minneapolis.


Hi, Kelsey. How are you? A little nervous and doing, although how can we know? Yeah, so my husband and I, we bought our house last October. We don't have any kids. We really love the neighborhood that we're in a pretty big lot. However, we love planning ahead using your steps or in step three right now, not to wrap it up. Anyways, in about five years from now, we will need more space, more than likely.


And so we're just trying to get some information and understand what the day ways to do it. If we take out a new mortgage and move outside of the cities or do we stay where we are and take out a construction loan instead and spend less money that way? Currently, we're set to pay off our home in full in seven to eight years from now using your program. But this need is coming up in five.


What's going on in five years? We told our own kids that we are starting to talk about what that looks like for us timeline wise. And we have a limited number of bedrooms and we'd like to expand the house up in the currently the housing market. We're at the low end of the market. We've got like the ugliest and cheapest in the block. And so we're actually about one hundred and fifty two hundred K below the average price right now selling in our immediate neighborhood.


And so a comparable house that we're looking at would be even more than that for what we're looking to have in a number of bedrooms and all that.


OK, well, I would say a lot is going to happen in five years. And so I feel like you don't have to make this decision now. I would wait. Right.


And then once you have a baby, maybe you have another one and you guys are like, OK, we want to move everything. We change. You may say, hey, we want to be closer to the city. We may say, hey, actually we want to be in the suburb or I mean, who knows what's going to happen. So I just don't feel like I feel like this decision. I don't feel like you need to make it right now.


I think you're OK to sit and wait and be patient, continue the baby steps from retirement, start. Yeah. Working that mortgage down. And then once you get to the point, OK, we want to start moving, then look at your options and see where you guys want to be. Exactly. That's what you did. Yes, you were in a house and, yeah, I mean. Two babies come, the third one's on the way and you'll start thinking about, OK, where do we want to live?


And but you would the house you built that you in which then just moved in about a year ago at.


At the location, you built it five years before, you could not have possibly anticipated it didn't even exist for development. I don't think I know. But I mean, the point and that's what I'm saying is I can't you can't like just to make the make the call.


You can't. You can't. And you can't know what you're going to do because you don't know what your options are going to be, what your your feelings towards things are going to be. And so it's a yeah. You know, you don't need to worry about it.


Yes. I like the idea that you guys are planning ahead. Kelsey and I talk about a lot just dreaming and thinking, OK, what are my goals, what am I saving towards? And your money helps fuel those dreams. I think it's still fun to dream and say, yeah, what if we built a house? Well, what's it look like? You know, it's just like have fun and dream, but don't feel like you have to make a long term decision from five years to today.




And piling up some cash and being debt free put you in a position to make choices when you when you gives you options when you do get to the point that you're ready to make that call.


Mattsson, Greenville, South Carolina.


Hey, man, how are you doing right now about yourself. Great man. How can we help? Well, I'm kind of in a catch 22 here. I just recently went to Financial Coach Master Training back in March. A great program, by the way. Thank you very much for that. Thank you. And so I'm getting plugging away and it's and it's been going pretty well. And to a point where now I really consider this God's calling on my life.


As far as for my career. My question is, I currently am doing I'm working in a restaurant kitchen making thirteen an hour, and I was driving from west as well on the side just to create some savings. But I've had a car accident about a month and a half ago and so it's kind of taken that income away. So my question is, how do I try to increase my income? You know, the support getting going with the coaching business to try to get it to where I can do that full time.


You had a car wreck or you injured? No. No. What happened to the car? The insurance company declared it a total loss, so I'm basically we are we are one car family right now.


What did you not have insurance? Yeah, we did they give you a check when you buy a car? Because we didn't we didn't have enough in savings to buy the car. Then they give you a check for the car when they totaled it. Yes, they did. How much was that? Twenty eight hundred. OK, and so you got that money? Yes, sir. Won't you buy a car? We're looking for a car right now.


OK, well, I mean, and then you're back driving again, right? Listen. OK, and then your income comes right back. Yes, sir. OK, so so you're looking at your question, you want to be full time doing coaching and working on that. So, yeah, I mean, I would say work and I focus some of your time on that and try to increase that business. And then by the time that you're able to, over time, have enough income coming in from that, then you can drop the 13 an hour job or drop the lift job, do what you need to do to cut those hours down to continue to coach and add up that, oh, maybe I misunderstood.


I thought he was saying, how do I replace the income that I lost due to losing the car? And I was going get a car and start doing it again? Oh, it was to me, but maybe I misunderstood.


So, yeah, I took it as he wants to do coaching full time. So I know he wants to do that. But he said until I get to that point, I need to create some income. Yeah. And I'm like, we'll go back and do what you were doing before. Get your car. That's what that's what I was thinking. So, you know, I have no idea. I'm not sure I'm lost now. All right.


Open phones at eight eight two five five two two five. You guys jump in. We'll talk about your life and your money. What he's referring to is the CMT. We call it financial coach master training.


And we have that whole series online that you can go through and learn how to do one on one coaching.


Some people do that as a volunteer item at the ministry, at their church and that kind of a thing. Or just to they just want the knowledge. Other people, like in his case, are wanting to you know, they coach for a fee and help people for a fee. And we send them referrals as well. And once people call us in your city, we don't have coaches all over.


We send them to someone who has been trained by us and then they can sit down and they charge a fee.


He's just not been getting enough of that business yet to be full time at it, but wants to be. And that's cool. That's cool. He'll get there, I'm sure. Very good. Good stuff. This is The Dave Ramsey Show.


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Rachael, these are so popular. You were just signing one just a minute ago. Beautiful.


But at it, yes.


I'm like singing the YouTube screen right now for the four new covers done original art from one of our graphics people were awesome. I'm sure it's just it really.


And there are some pink in there and the Dave Ramsey show esq. I love it. Look at the pink on the screen. What's that mean? It's just it's just I love it. I love. Bring it. It's some pink.


Oh, there it is. Look at it. It's gorgeous. It it is pretty. So anyways. Oh I know, but it's incredible. It's it's like I mean all you ladies out there, you'll love it.


And you just signed one at the break for somebody out in the lobby from last year's plan.


Yes. Yeah, yes. She said she was getting everyone's signature. People are. So I signed Kristie's product. I was like, sorry, Christie.


I mean, the people have been using these planters for years. And it's it's can really every year we make them they've been getting better and better and better. And Christie's getting better and better and better.


And it's not just like, you know, calendar in there. There's so much good content throughout the year. So it's it's awesome.


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You can see how beautiful it is, you know, watching YouTube right now. See all the pink.


All right, Lindsays with us in Sheridan, Wyoming. Hi, Lindsay. How are you?


Great, thanks. How are you? Thanks for taking my call today. Sure. What's up? So I was just calling my husband and I are currently making five to nine contributions for our daughter and nieces and nephews and it kind of came up in discussion. What do we do? We want to be able to give them all equally. But, you know, what would be your recommendations or thoughts on if one of them went to a trade school or something?


That doesn't cost quite as much. We're kind of thinking, you know, what would we be able to do to help them out equally if they don't choose the same path in life?


If that makes sense, if you had the same amount of money and there wouldn't be unequal?


Well, my thought was, you know, like if one of them went to a trade school that only cost twenty thousand dollars, they would have the money left over.


They'd have the money left over, wouldn't they? They would, but I mean, if it can't be used for an educational purpose, if they're done with their education. My thought was always there. You have an idea like if we wanted to perhaps help with, like a down payment on a house, do you think it's wise to invest it all in a five to nine or go other routes? So we have more than one option? Well, I mean, most people do not get enough into their 529 to pay for college.


OK, and so most of the time, this is a theoretical discussion, so most of the time the answer is put all you can in a 529 because it's still not going to be enough, even even for trade school.


Now, if you're way, way, way ahead of the curve and you've done a great job and you're worried about having two hundred thousand dollars in a 529, and then they go do something for 60 grand at a trade school, that's a valid concern then. And if you're really looking at those actual numbers and that's actually occurring today, then you say, OK, I'm going to split it off.


I'm just going to put some in a mutual fund in that kid's name. And I'm the custodian. That's exactly what I want to do. And that's a custodian because.


Are you. But I'm not doing that. If you don't if you have 5000 dollars in your 529, you're putting 50 bucks a month in there.


I'm not doing that. I bet you don't lindsy, though, because you're talking about a down payment even.


I mean, are you guys how much is in the 529 today? I mean, they're all like one and two years old. OK, you have to worry about today. I, I don't worry, it just came up in discussion and we thought, well, shall we go this route?


Yes, you should go this route. You should go this route until you have enough in the 529 that it starts to be an issue. And, you know, so if you get up to 100 or something in a 529 after that, you can start talking about putting some of it somewhere else. If you think that kid might be a trade school kid instead of a, you know, a four year kid. And by the way, either one is fine with me.


I'm great with that.


So but yeah, but but don't don't split it off today and you know, fifty dollars or fifty dollars. That'll drive you nuts. Yeah. And you're missing out on all the tax benefits because it's going to grow tax free in that 529.


So the college world is a changing.


It's changing. We're talking about that here in the break. I know. And there's a lot of I mean, I've heard I think probably more in the last two years and even more so since the pandemic and everything and how much online has gone and everything. I mean, it's just it's crazy that people really are kind of questioning, OK, what's education going to look like in 20 years? Right. She said that there those kids or the accounts are one or two years old.


But if you have kids, Littles and I once and I were still funding kids college, we're still doing it. But I think it is an interesting conversation, though, of what education could look like in 20 years. But you were saying at the break, you're like, yeah, but it's higher education is not going away. You're still going to be using those funds.


But it's I don't know. No.


I mean, are people going to there's two things that have happened that have jarred everybody out of there. They're they're zombie like since about education. And one is this student loan debacle, epic failure of the student loan system.


And and one of the results of that huge mess is that higher education is has shot through the roof and cost.


Yeah. So it's so stinking expensive that it's making everybody go. This is just stupid. And then the second thing that's happened is pandemic. Now they're still trying to charge for all that online.


And and you can't go back and you socially distance.


And so there's four people in the class or some kind of crap and they're going, oh, that's not exactly the college experience and air quotes I had in mind.


And so they're going, no, I'm not paying full price for, you know, only if I don't do online. I'm going to jump on somewhere and take a point dollar course, screw this.


And so that has changed the consumer's mindset of education. Those two things have given really given higher ed to black eyes right now. Yeah.


And we I know we don't have a crystal ball. You don't have a crystal ball.


But seriously, though, what do you think if you were to predict in ten years, I mean, like, look, the online stuff has just shaken everyone to the court because people are I mean, everything like the things you thought were never going to happen happened during the pandemic. And people are so comfortable with the Internet. I mean, even Ramsey plus. Right. We were able to launch what was a standard class for so long online. And we and and it's amazing.


So, like things are changing so quickly in that regard. I mean, you don't have a crystal ball, so it's unfair to even ask about it.


I'm just curious your thoughts on what education could look like, especially higher education, where you're paying. Well, I'm forty grand a semester, you know, a year at these private schools that aren't even meeting now.


Like, well, it's well, obviously, if they don't start meeting, nobody's going. I mean, they're going to lose all our customers. And so, you know, it's it's like if churches don't keep meeting, don't start meeting again, then, you know, it's going to be there's going to be a fallout there in this country that's going to be unbelievable. And so if people don't get past the fear on these things and you start coming back together then and I didn't think it would take as long as it's taken, I thought it'd be back to normal by now.


So what the crap do I know?


So I don't know anything. But but I do think higher ed, for the first time, people are stepping back and giving it a really hard look. Yeah. And not to say that it's invalid because I really do not think higher ed is invalid. I really think it's valid.


I if I would want all of my six grandbaby's today to get a four year degree, that would be my goal as their papa. Dave, am I going to be mad at them if they go get a tech degree? No, I'm not going to be mad at them. But I think there is a benefit to a four year education. I still believe that.


Now, how we go about doing it. Yeah. Eighteen years from today for little Charles right there, maybe a whole different way of doing it.


Seventeen years. Almost a year. No. OK, seven taken away. He could do it in sixteen because he's so smart. That's right. We don't know. Genius. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. Rachel Cruz Ramsey, personality best selling author, is my co-host on the air today, open phones, a triple eight eight two five five two two five. Roxanna's in Tampa.


Hey, Roxanne, how are you?


Hey, guys. Thanks for taking my call. I am about a month into Ramsey, plus I'm loving it. Good. And I have called today because I also, as you advised me to do, I got rid of my very expensive car and I bought a six thousand dollar beautiful car.


Nice for you. So and it's paid off, which I love. So my next question, though, is I have a lot of student loans and I'm a public educator, so I have the public service loan forgiveness, which is a program where if you pay for 10 years, you get the rest of your loans forgiven.


Now you don't. It was a scam. Have you not? Have you not read the articles? 95000 people have applied for it after their ten years of service. Eighteen people have had their loans forgiven, everyone else was denied. Oh, wow. No, it's not they didn't do it. They scammed you. So there are some there are some loan forgiveness programs that are real. That one is not has not worked out.


And I would not wait 10 years and hope that the government keeps its word because they haven't.


OK, I would just get the loans for that was my question. My question was, do I wait wait it out or do I put it into my debt snowball.


So debt snowball and get rid of it. How much debt have you got? It's about two hundred thousand dollars. Wow, man. Oh, my goodness. What grade do you teach? I'm in a K eight school. I'm an assistant principal, OK? OK, good. And are you single or married? Single. And what do you what's your what's your income? My income's about 63. How long have you been an assistant principal? For about 12 years, OK?


Oh, it's going to take you a while. I hope it doesn't take you 10 years, but that's that is a small shovel and a big hole.


And so you might you may be starting a tutoring business on the side to get some income coming in and try to double your income over a period of time here so that you can attack this at a faster rate. But the your return on investment, 200000 invested to get a 63000 job was horrible. It was a horrible return for you, I'm sorry for that. I'm glad that you're there and I'm glad you're an assistant principal and I'm glad that people like you are serving.


I'm very sorry that you're that foreign to get into that, to get that kind of an income.


I mean, so. My goodness. Yeah, it's going to take you a little while, kiddo, but I would not be waiting on the government to do it.


I'm going to just start chipping away at it and figuring out what I can do to get my income up and attack it as fast as you can. That's distressing.


Well, it's so hard when these I mean, you get these numbers like that and sadly, they're they're more common than not these days. I mean, like that upwards of six figures people. It's the reality.


And so that it just takes I mean, you take a lot of 250000 dollars and then there are an empty you're 150, 200 a year and it's just oh oh.


So it goes off. You guys have not listened to the eight episode series called Borrowed Future that a podcast that the Remzi networks did.


You guys need to go listen to it and.


So you understand how bad the student loan program is? You know, we the people, it is destroyed people's lives and we the people are doing this to ourselves. And you and I are guaranteeing these loans because we're taxpayers.


And so and we're putting people like her in bondage, allowing her to do that to herself and oh, I'm so sorry, what a horrible I'm so sad, but yeah, and this is why the student loan program has to be stopped.


It's not working. It has to be stopped. It's out of control. It's an epic failure. And so it's just. I mean, she she's going to be scratching and clawing for a while. It's just heartbreaking. All right.


Yolanda is with us in San Diego. Hey, Yolanda, how are you? I'm fine, fine, I'm very nervous, but thank you for taking my call. How can we help? This is a state related question. Just some background. I'm in baby step two and I've been going really hard at my debt. But prior to me joining your program and my brother actually, before he passed away a year ago, had always every time I saw him while he was ill, was telling me about this land, acres of land that we had in Louisiana.


And he was like, you can't let this land go to waste. You have to take care of this land. He had learned that my grandfather's land, who had oil being drilled on it, of which oil royalties could be collected. It's also classified as Timberland, and I think it looks like it's over 40 acres. And so he passed away and it has been put heavy on my heart to go ahead and delve into this situation. So I've done some research.


I found out that the land is in my grandfather's name, who passed away back in 1982. And since then, my father passed away in 2011. And then my brother, like I said, he passed away in 2019.


Are you the only survivor Boya or were there cousins and nephews and I?


So from my research, I do have one surviving brother. My other two brothers passed away. They also had children and my grandfather only had two two sons. My dad and I guess my uncle. I have no relation, had no relations with them. And so right now what I did was I really did not know how to handle this. I reached out to an estate attorney in Louisiana who says that I need to have a land succession performed are done and he's going to charge me thirty five hundred dollars.


And I think there is like four hundred dollars off of court fees and what the land is worth.


That's the thing. I have no idea what the land is worth. And were 3500 dollars.


Well, it's they are drilling oil on this land, so she's getting the royalty checks.


Well, that's what I asked attorney. So the attorney says that in the state of Louisiana, that is the oil royalty checks are uncollected over a 10 year period. That money goes to the state. That would be true. No, I believe that no one has ever collected any of the oil royalties for this land.


There may not be. But if they're drilling oil there, they might be and they might not be this this sounds like swampland in Florida to me. I just I just I don't I don't think you I think this is a pipe dream, kiddo. I'm not spending 2500 bucks on an attorney until I get a lot more information. I want to know what the royalty checks are, where they've been going. I want the line of succession. How many brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts and people are going to be splitting into this money?


You could easily spend 3500 dollars and get a net when you're done of a thousand bucks after the property is sold, because that oil that's out there, they're pumping natural gas out of there and they're not getting any dadgum oil at all. I mean, this is all this is all rumor and legend.


It's so funny. I'm the opposite. I'm like, did you hit a jackpot? I mean, like, how do you not know, though? How do you not know that there's just tons of oil royalties?


If it was a big pile of money, somebody would have already been jacked up about it. It wouldn't have been going to the teller. Somebody who's her brother would have been all over there camping out on the place. I get in there and dig around if you want kids don't don't don't drop a bunch of money on this until you get some more information. This is The Dave Ramsey Show. Our scripture that I saw him, thirty seven, twenty four, though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong to the Lord upholds his hand.


Theodore Roosevelt says the only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything. Absolutely true. OK, we all have.


This secret desire, wish fantasy down inside of us that a rich uncle we didn't know existed is going to show up and save the day, we all think the Calvary is coming.


And and I know I sound like an old grouch or something, but the Calvary's not coming. You are the Calvary. You are the secret sauce. You are the answer to your equation. The White House is not going to fix your life. You don't have a mystery rich uncle. And it's doubtful that you have an oil field that your great grandfather left you that no one ever told anybody about in the family. It's a fantasy thing that we all have down inside of us, that we want to be true, that suddenly that suddenly it's going to be easy.


Suddenly all of our problems are going to be solved and we're going to click our ruby slippers together three times. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. We all have that.


It's part of the human nature because we have in our spiritual DNA a memory of heaven. And we were reaching for that. And we have this thing that that's going to occur somehow. This is Utopia is around the corner. It's going to get easy. There's no struggle. There are no more tears. The rich uncle is going to die and leave us a millionaire or there's an oil field in the family. And so the problem you can get into, because we all have that.


And the problem is it never happens in reality. You don't have a mystery, rich uncle. You really don't. I mean, it doesn't happen the times that that happens.


If you're and I want people to spend your money and your energy and your time on things that do happen, which is you. Getting better, you winning, not you, there's no easy button, that's a commercial, not a real easy spot.


Yes, I totally agree. I totally and so you because every time this is how people get scammed. And it very well could be with our last caller that the only money that is made in this entire transaction is a lawyer gets paid. 2500 bucks, and she's in baby step to try to work her way out of debt, but there's this thing over in the mist that if I could pull the curtains back and I could get all the way, it's going to be a it's going to get it's not.


It's just I'm sorry. I don't think so. I think if there was a multimillion dollar thing happening over there, someone in the family would have already been cashing in, you know?


I mean, how screwed up an inbred does your family have to be to walk away from a ten million dollar situation, your cousins, uncles, aunts nearby?


There would have been everybody have been talking about it.


It wouldn't have been a mystery whispered as they on the deathbed of the last three people that died or something.


It would be like Guptara. I mean, think about it, folks. If your family had their ten or 15 million dollars laying around somewhere, everybody would be fighting over it, talking about it, arguing about it, looking at it, going where's those dadgum royalty checks going? If it's ten dollars and it's swampland, nobody gives a crap.


And then we will pay the taxes on, but it may it may take you 60000 dollars to get the back taxes paid on it, you know, and so this is this is that is wisdom of the ages.


It's just it's I am a young, youthful, hopeful person.


You well, and you're a conspiracy theorist. You love a good conspiracy and you love a good mystery. You love your mama loves a good movie. Why not?


And this is like a mystery and it's not. B it could be. It could be. And it's OK to investigate it.


Chances are. But don't place hope on the White House. The White House is not going to fix you, Joe Biden or Donald Trump or whoever ends up up there isn't going fix your life.


I'm old, I've seen a bunch of every brand and and every one of them comes in promising crap, and so far none of them have made my life good.


They just take stuff from me at the point of a gun, you know, called the IRS.


You know, they don't they don't give me, you know, and so I'm not watching the Democratic zoom or the Republican Zoom convention going, oh, well, finally, finally now it's going to be OK.


You know, we're not going to. I know. But it's just it is funny, though. Every election, though, they say this is the most important election, every election. This is the most important election. And this is the most.


And what happens up there is important because those people can screw up Christmas. Oh, my God. The island of misfit toys on parade.


And so, you know, but but don't place your hope on the wrong stuff. Let me just place your hope on those two hands that are in front of you, those skills that God gave you, the energy that he gave you, the creativity that he gave you, the power to work and earn money that he gave you place your hope on a system that you work, a system that causes you to get out of debt and build wealth and change your life and you change your family tree.


Now there's a place you can place your hope, you know, but but the answer to my business problems are not some dadgum consultant that comes in from the outside and has all the answers. They don't.


If they if they had all the answers, they wouldn't be a consultant, they would be running a business. I mean, I don't mind listening to a consultant and we do consulting with people, but we're teaching them and helping them do it for themselves. There's no magic pill. There's no pill. There's not a one pill I'm going to take. One thing's going to happen. It's all going to be OK. All of a sudden it's OK. It's not going to be OK.


You know, it's the same crap with the vaccine on Koven, it'll all be OK when there's a vaccine.


No. Well, no. Still because of it and people are still going to be nut burgers about it one way or the other. They're still going to be going crazy out there. Right. Same with the lottery. So I mean, the lottery ticket for a I don't have that yet. I'm looking for looking for an easy button.


Yeah, I want easy button. I want someone else to make this easy for me.


I want you longer to call back in six months. Tell me that I was wrong. Say, hey, I got ten million dollars off of some swampland in Louisiana that had gas wells on an enemy.


Yolanda, remember me? I believed in you.


I don't. I believe in you. No, no, no. I believe in Yolanda. That's my point. I just don't believe in her swamplands. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, I'm just saying. I mean, no, I'm just plan. Yeah, it's possible. Yes. So investigated. But but no. Yes.


Don't you're hoping your energy and everything. Yes. Place your dreams right now I hear your hopes and lean over on it to where when it crumbles you fall over.


Don't don't place your hope on the wrong things. It'll, it'll steal your hope and you'll be your emotions. It take you a decade to emotionally and financially recover. This is how people get conned. They're trying to get an easy button. I wrote a ridiculous book when I was six years old. My dad read and handed it to me called Con Man or Sinked, and this guy was a con man. He was a legitimate real con man and he'd stolen millions of dollars from people when he was in jail.


He wrote the book from jail. But the only I don't remember anything about the book except the vague sense of the story and this phrase, he said. It's almost impossible to con someone who isn't greedy. Oh, well, I was trying to get something for nothing, and the con man present you something for nothing, and so you bite me and if you don't if you're not greedy, you don't bite.


And I thought, man, that's an indictment of his victims. He obviously was in jail, he was obviously a jerk, right? Sure, his book was called Con Man or Saint because he wasn't sure. Well, we were all sure if we read the book, it was a con man, but the I wasn't a saint.


But the point is, point, it's true. And I find myself when I get desperate, then I'm in a sense that's a type of greed.


And I get I can get over in this thing and all of a sudden I'm doing stupid, but stuff that I don't need to be doing all in the name of desperation or easy money, easy money, easy money.


Hit the easy button, folks. You're your secret source. You're the answer to the equation. You can do this stuff. Rachel, thanks for hanging out, having me on. That puts us our The Dave Ramsey Show in the books. We'll be back with you before you know it. In the meantime, remember, there is ultimately only one way to financial peace, and that's to walk daily with the prince of peace writes Jesus.


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