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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the dollar car rentals to. This is the number one talk show in the world, am I the Dave Ramsey Show, where America hangs out to have a conversation about your life and your money? My name is Anthony O'Neal, and cohosting with me today is the one and only Dr. John Bellone, who has the number one new podcast in the world right now, that the John Doe only show. It's not the Dr.


John Deloney show, is it?


Yeah, we really wrestled with how to make it creative. And so we got our creative brains together. You know, there's a lot of creative folks here at Ramsey Solutions. And after months of wrangling, we came up with the uber creative Dr. John Delonas show.


So it is Dr. John Deloney show. Yes. So it not the John Bellone show.


It's the Dr. John Boloney show. That's right. It is. I see it right there on the screen, the Dr. John Deloney. So that's so creative.


You know what? We leave it up to the creativity. Folks here, they call themselves the creatives and man. They can sometimes just come up with stuff. You guys like me and you mere mortals, we never would have thought that. I'm wonderful.


I'm trying to tell you. So, listen, if you all want to call in and have a conversation with the doctor, John Deloney and the non Dr. Anthony, he'll give us a call at eight eight two five five two two five eight. 8255, 2005 will be with you on this hour, answering your questions around life money.


You know, we take all the hard questions mean you every show that we do together, we get some doozies, some tough, we get some real tough ones.


And I've only cried once, but we've had multiple people cry, hey, it happens sometimes.


Life happens to all of us. Right. Hey, speaking of you may not have a doctor doctorate degree, but I was going through some of our stuff here in the office. And I see you're on the bill on a big time speaking event with Gary V. and a couple of other rock stars. Tell me about this.


And it's just it's just a great woman. I'm completely honored to be partnering with teachable teachable dotcom, where they teach people how to start a business and if you have a business, how to really use the online world correctly. So they reached out to me about a month ago and asked me, like, hey, would you mind coming over here and teaching our people how to be good stewards with their money? How did you know if they make money, what can they do?


How to live below their means? How can they flip their money? How can they use the money wisely and avoid debt? And so I'm excited. Greeves on air with me, Dr. Nicholas. Dr Nicole is on there with me, Nicole Walters's author, also in there with me. And I'm one of the keynote speakers as well. But then they have about 50 other speakers. So I'm just grateful and I'm cool.


Man, I'm glad that you were there representing the message of reality, the message of real math and the message of freedom with folks trying to start businesses and doing it the right way. I'm glad that you're you're there speaking truth into that.


I'm trying to do it. I mean, I told them up front, say, hey, I'll get on there, but I'm going to teach our message. And my message is no debt build. Well, do it right. Don't even start a business with loans. I love it. I'm a I'm a teach them how to do it without borrowing money. So if you want more information, go to teachable dotcom. Forget Anthony. That's teachable. Dotcom forced Anthony to take his are like nine bucks.


And I would encourage you if you're part of this tribe and you really want to grow your online business, go check them out and rock with me. I would love to see our Dave Ramsey tribe with us. So teach about our conversation. Anthony, give us a call. Jubilate 8255 225. Let's get this conversation going. Let's go out to the beautiful city of Salt Lake City, Utah, and have a conversation there with Charlie. Charlie, good afternoon.


How can Dr. John and I serve? Well, I just wanted to say thank you so much, firstly, for taking my call. I'm very humbled, man. I'm very happy to get your knowledge and get your financial advice, because I need a little help. I've been reading the books and trying to do the right thing, be a good steward of the money. Just got married in my life. Thirty, thirty one American home together. Thank you very much.


I appreciate it. What? Our first home together trying to consolidate our finances, trying to get our debt in order. Also working full time. Thank the Lord to this covid nightmare. And basically my question is, I have enough money in our emergency fund or our savings fund to be able to completely make us debt free, pay her a little bit of credit card debt that she still has left a little bit of mind, which is ours. I know now since we're married.


Look at you already getting there, Charlie. Way to go, brother.


I'm listening. And I'm and I'm taking your guys at your word. I completely understand that and believe in you. So, yeah, a little bit of a little bit of credit card debt, no student loan debt, a little bit of car payments left, plus the total debt, the mortgage. OK, so right here, total debt we have is going to be eight thousand dollars in combined credit cards. And then you combine both of the vehicles that we still have left to pay is going to be at 9000.


So total seventeen thousand seventeen.


How much do you have in your savings account now? Right now, currently, I have exactly seventeen thousand five hundred dollars in our rainy day fund. Seventeen thousand five hundred dollars in rainy day fund. And what's your annual income combined? Annual income combined. Is roughly eighty five thousand dollars. Are y'all both stable in your jobs right now? We are both stable in our jobs currently right now, working full time. She had to transfer work from home and I am a contractor, so I work a standard government, nine to five.


OK, so in her job, there's no foreseeable issues coming up with that in the near future. Correct. Correct. OK, so Charlie, I'm to tell you something, I think I know the answer, but but I'm also going to tell you something, too, that's going to be a little shocking. You're not going to use all 17500 of that. You're going to use 16500 million of that, because I want you to keep a thousand dollars in your emergency fund.


OK, so when you hang up the phone for me, Charlie, I want you to take out hundred dollars. I want to go to wipe this thing go. And then when you get paid here, probably sometime either this week or next week, the 15th is right around the corner. You're going to take the other five hundred dollars, pay off that debt, and then you're going to get aggressive of getting your savings back up to at least minimum three months of reserve.


OK, OK. But I love the fact that you you're asking the question and I love the fact that I believe that you're going to hang up the phone and you're going to do this. Have you all taking Ramsey Financial Peace University from as yet? Unfortunately, no, we just found out about the podcast a month ago. OK. All right. So here's what we're going to do. We got the DNR going to bless you and your wife with a free Ramsey place for a year.


OK, and what I want you to do is I want you and your wife to sit down there and to watch this together. I want you all to get on the air, pick a pick a Tuesday night, you know, make pizza at the house, don't go by any piece, make peace at the house, get you a Coke, maybe a Diet Coke like Dr. John loves.


And watch this together. You're going to have Dave Ramsey myself, Chris Hogan, write your crews. And I believe that would you all becoming debt free here within the next today and possibly by the end of this month? I really want you all to have a solid, solid foundation that's going to really set this marriage up to be healthy and productive. And this is a beautiful start.


Oh, it's going to give them language to dream together. It's going to give them language of freedom together. And it's going to be something that they can accomplish step by step in their young marriage. It's awesome. And this is awesome, man y'all eight eight two five five two two five down to John Delon. Anthony on the way here to have a conversation with. Finding quality meat to cook at home is harder than ever. That's why I am a huge fan of Boutcher box.


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Going down to Greenville, South Carolina, I'm going to have a conversation here with Alex. Alex, good afternoon. How can Dr. John and I icer. Well, some guys says, first of all, I want to say thanks for taking the call. Oh, man, thanks for giving us a call, man. How can we help? Yes, sir.


OK, so just to give you a little context right now, my on baby step number to go and working on that, hopefully be done with that in the next six or so much, OK, because I developed intent, which I plan to do, and then I'll move on to step number three. And then I really want to save up for a down payment for a house, you know, and I want to I feel pretty settled in the area I live and, you know, just kind of want to invest in that.


So I guess my question is, even for the emergency fund, I don't want to have that nor saving up from a down payment in the same account as my debit card. I want to put it somewhere else, you know, to protect I think it's me and we agree where where do you want to put it?


So you sound pretty sketchy. Yes, I think that's a good I'm just kidding with you that we agree. And that's a good. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Definitely trust myself. That's my question is number one is where like where do you recommend I stash that. How old are you, Alex.


26, 26. OK, cool.


And so the main principle we teach here is stored in something like a money market account. OK, it's not going to be attached to your checking account. You get a little bit more interest rate on there. And I personally do not store mines in a money market account. I actually store my emergency fund. And when I was saving up for a home, I actually store mine on an online savings account that gives me a lot more entries. So those are called high yield savings account and you can get that one online.


And so you have an option. You can store it in a money market account and you can go to your bank and have access to that. Or if you want to get somewhere like, well, right now with covid and stuff going on, interest rates online are about like one point two to one point six. When I first got into it, I was getting interest rates all of maybe 2.5 to three percent.


Oh, yeah, but they are coming down now, will be real there. But I believe once everything comes back down and things get back to normal and as things get back to normal, you can go they will go back up. So I would store your emergency. Fine. And your house fund on an online savings account or a money market account you choose from now.


OK, but before that and just just look them up and just. Yeah, yeah.


Address just Google highest paid online savings account and you'll see a lot of you see a lot of a lot of accounts come up. You got stuff out there like Ally and a lot of great banks out there that they're offering some good interest. So good question, man. Thanks so much for calling in. Yes, sir. Yeah.


So do you remember life for those of you who have gone through a few financial peace university, do you remember life before you got in to FPU? The money fights, the sleepless nights, hiding the fact that you were totally out of control. Thankfully, that's all in the past now. But there are millions of people out there who are searching for help.


If you've ever taken a financial piece or you've been impacted by what we teach, then leading and FPU class and helping someone else get on the plan will be good for your soul and for theirs for you. Coordinators are everyday, normal folks who have helped millions of people learn how to budget, dump debt, build wealth and give generously. We know that a lot of people aren't meeting in person because of covid-19. That's why we're offering a virtual FPU classes.


They're completely online. And with the free coordinator guide, you'll have everything you need to lead with confidence. You do not have to be an expert and you can make a difference. You can help change a family legacy for one other family, for a number of other families, become a financial peace university coordinator and help your friends and family win with their money. Yeah, get started by texting. Lead FPU to three three seven eight nine. That's lead FPU.


All one word to three three seven eight nine.


I love you man. Let's get back to the phone. Let's do a feeling good about that. Yeah. Let's go to Fairvale, Arkansas. I have a conversation with Grant Grant. Good afternoon. How out today. And I serve. Hey, guys, thanks so much for taking my call. I really appreciate it. Oh, man, thanks. My question is, so I'm 21 years old and the last semester of college down here and I'm working full time as a startup investment firm for about a year now.


And so moving into graduation and stuff, I've got my safety fund and everything fully funded. And currently my paychecks usually go in between my IRA and my savings for a down payment on a home. So for you, Kiran, good for you, rather. Thank you. Thank you. And so my house is covered by a university scholarship until next June. So I was wondering if I should forgo a little bit into my retirement and IRA savings and try to turbocharge my down payment on the house.


Yeah, you're 21 years old. How much do you have in your savings account right now for your house? So my emergency fund, that 10000 not and in my service to my home right now, I have approximately 13000.


OK, so we're not touching or even talking or even thinking about the emergency fund. So right now, you only have 13000 dollars now that you can use to go towards your home. How much of a house are you looking at purchasing in the future and how long? So the year from me out now. Two years. What are you thinking about?


Yeah. So my plan is next summer, whenever my university stipend runs out, I'll be looking to purchase a house and kind of in my housing market around here, I could get a small three bedroom, two bath home for around 150. Fifty two hundred and seventy thousand dollars.


OK, so seven and last question. Are you going to be there for at least three to five years, man? Yes, yes, I'm really stable with the company that's come on with, and it's going to be here for all of us. OK. All right.


So if we look at 150000 dollars in times that by 20 percent, you're looking at 30000 dollars is what what you would need to put down if you're going to put down 20 percent. If you put down 10 percent, you're going to need right at about 15 in between 15 and 16 thousand dollars. So you have two options here, Grant. OK, would you be young? No debt. You have you have an emergency fund of 10000 dollars. I don't have a problem with you pausing to aggressively save for your down payment on a house.


We call that baby step three B, here's the thing I want you to think about, though.


There's no rush to get into a house at your age right now.


OK, so if I was you, rather than trying to rush to get in there and one year because you don't have to do it, I would take the opportunity to do both. I was I'm going to invest and while I'm investing, I'm going to save some money to go towards the house. So instead of getting there one year, it may take me two years. But throughout those two years, I've still been investing into my future and I've been able to also save for the down payment on my down payment of my house.


But if you're like Anthony, I really want to get into this house. When my college stuff comes up, then that's fine too, because you don't have any debt. You've already done the principles. But I'm just saying a little extra credit. I would take two years to what I can do both. But you can't do either. Sounds good. It sounds great. Thank you. Hey, Grant, where did this come from? Who put this in your heart and head?


You are not a normal 22 year old.


I am a 22 year old who is working full time, finishing up college, figured out a way to have the university pay for their their their room and board and in a startup. And I'll go ahead and have an emergency fund. And you know what? Why not? I'm going to go out and start planning for retirement and home. Who put this in your heart and head, man?


My father, he has been an avid Ramsey fan for as long as I can remember, and he has drilled that into my head.


So on on behalf of two guys, Anthony and I have got good father figures in our life, give you your old man a shout out what's his name and what does he mean to you? His name is Jeff, Dad, thanks for everything you've done for me there and thanks for setting me up for success.


I love it. Last question. Are you single? I am not for long, but not for long.


Fayetteville, Arkansas. Ladies, I better go get this young man right here. He's single. He got about twenty three thousand dollars in a. Come on now, ladies. Y'all better find him on Instagram YouTube somewhere. I love it that that's a sharp young man. That is a sharp young man. You only hear those kind of stories right here on the Dave Ramsey Show. We're always looking for ways to save money, and that's why I'm a huge fan of Honey Honey is a free online shopping tool that automatically finds the best promo codes and applies them to your car.


It's so easy. It's saving more than 18 million people over two billion dollars. Shopping online ad honey on your browser today for free. Make sure they know you're part of the Ramsey tribe by going to join Honey Dotcom Ramsey. Going out to Dayton, Ohio, going to have a conversation with Sierra Sierra, good afternoon. How can that be serve? Hi, guys.


Thank you so much for taking my call. So I just turned 30 to the first of this month. I'm a mother of four and deported from health issues, which makes, you know, a steady work for the kind of difficult. But my question is, when I met Mel, I do have a savings. But I'm just kind of off track, this is where I'm getting at. Do you have the. Financial Peace University, if you take the class, have you walked through the steps and with the community?


Are you just trying to piece this together from what you've heard on the radio and podcast and whatnot? Yeah, exactly. So tell me what your financial situation is right now, OK?


I recently moved in with a roommate back in April and she's currently not charging me any rent, which is awesome. But the money that I would pay for rent, I'm saving. OK, so I put it a like it's half of the house payment, but she said, you know, she has to make that house payment anyway. So that's why she's like not charging me that.


But what a saint that is. Man, what an angel for you right now. What do you think she needs? How much debt are you in, Sierra?


In my opinion, not much, I do have I have no light collection or anything, but I do have student loans which equal to 500. OK, is that it?


Do you have anything else? No. OK, so so you only have 5500 dollars in debt right now. Where do you work? Correct. I work through a call center. I work from home. I just started with the model months ago.


OK, and how much how much are you making a year there? Since you just started, what do you think you'd be making a month? May I ask that question? Maybe twenty six thousand annually, 26000 annually. OK, so what do you want to do, Sierra? Yeah, you're you're you're in a precarious situation. How many little kids do you got? I have for my 11 and 12 year olds who stay with their husband.


OK, so you have to they're living with you. And how how long ago of you all separated? Our divorce is final April last year for about a year. OK, and so you're living with a friend, you're in and what I would call an angel situation where you don't have to pay rent. This isn't going to be a forever situation.


And you got two little ones that, you know, trying to navigate a new job.


That is I'm I'm just guessing is a hard job. It's a soul sucking job. But it's one that man, it's got to be done.


And somebody in your situation is making it work and you're doing it from home. Also juggling two knucklehead, fun loving. Right.


Little maniacs. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be? Well, I. I want to be able to move out of here by April of next year, just want to make sure that the 21.


And I'm working on my business degree, so I'm hoping, you know, I won't finish until 2022, though. But anyway, I just want to move out, be sufficient and continue to work for all my goals. I want to invest. My goal is to. In the franchise and then take. That revenue and into other investment opportunities, so I'm proud, Sochua, here's where we start.


We start with baby steps, and right now, OK, here's the facts, we made twenty six thousand dollars a year ago. We have 5500 dollars in debt. How much money do you have in your savings account right now? So I don't know when my savings, I have seventeen hundred, OK? All right, so here's what I want you to do. Take 700 dollars of that and go ahead and pay off 700 dollars worth of your 5500 dollars in debt.


I want you to follow the baby steps because baby steps turn into a jog, jogging turns into sprinting and running. I want you to get enfranchising business if that's what you want to do. But right now, what I want you to do is really start attacking this debt. Now, here's the thing. When you hang up the phone for me, are you home right now? OK, cool, when you hang up the phone for Dr. John and myself, I want you to cut off your phone.


I want you to cut off your computer. I want you to tell your babies to leave you alone for at least an hour. And I want you to sit down and write the vision down on paper that you just gave John and I. And I want you to write it down in detail.


I want to do this. I want to do this, and I want to do that. And here's why I want to do it. And then I want you to write that down and copy it three times and put it in three different places where you see at least three times a day. And every single day when you wake up, Sierra, you are going to read those things and you're going to attack your debt.


You're going to get on every dollar budget. You're going to go ahead and take Financial Peace University. We've given away two of them today. You know, we give away one more as Kelly is going to be upset at me. But I like you. And so Kelly is going to give it to you. You're going to take Financial Peace University for free on Dr. John and myself.


You're going to get on every dollar budget. Thank you so much.


You're so welcome, because we want to help you get there. When you start your business, your franchise business, you're going to call back into the Dave Ramsey Show and you're going to say, Dave, I don't want to talk to you.


I want to talk to Dr. John and I want to talk to Anthony, because a year ago they helped me get on track because it starts with air, but it starts in your mind first so we can give you all the practical stuff. But if you don't get the wisdom that's in your head and you really use that and you really get that clear vision, you get a clear path which Ramsey plus is going to give you the clear path. Then when you get that information, all made is smooth sailing from there.


OK, you're not going to be a single mom struggling to get through the baby steps. You're going to be a single mother that's cruising through the baby steps. You're building wealth and you're giving your kids a bright future. And speaking of kids, Dr. John, speaking of kids and so hold on, Kelly. Don't give it information. She's going to take care of you. But speaking of kids, no parents want their kids to experience the panic of being unprepared for a crisis.


But teaching them how to be smart with money can feel like a huge job. I mean, and I know it can't because half man. Anyways, we've got you back, though, right here. Ramsey Solutions with our fully digital self study courses, you can rest assured that your teen will know the right way to handle money and never make sure the same money mistakes that you made will be made by them. Ken Coleman and myself did an amazing job putting it together, helping young people learn how to get a job and also make smart money moves.


So listen, parents, I want to go to go to Dave Ramsey Dotcom Fortgang for Self Study. Again, that's Dave Ramsey Dotcom for Self Study.


And you're going to see the middle school and high school curriculum there and also a career curriculum.


And I'm not trying to brag about the person that's on the screen, but that guy who's on the screen has a lot of energy.


Your kids will not be bored.


They're going to laugh. But while they're laughing, they're going to learn something. And I wish not to be I wish my parents gave me something like this.


That's exactly right. And it's no surprise that the education crew, our education team, is having some of the best months they've had in the history of this company. Yeah, the word is getting out all across the country, especially during lockdown, especially as people are having to home school and coming up with new curriculums. What an extraordinary way to not only teach some of these core subjects, but to put some wisdom that will change the behaviors in the hearts of your kids and keep this legacy change going on forever.


Yes. Yes, I remember parents, the caliber of your child's future is depending upon the choices you make right now. If you want their future to be bright, make the choice to give them the education that they need to be successful in their adult lives. Go to Dave Ramsey. Dotcom forced laughs self studies. That's the best choice you can make when it comes to their financial future. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. Eight, 2005, 2005, Dr.


D. and myself are sitting here having a great day.


The scripture of today, if the iron is blunt and one does not sharpen the edge, he must not or he must use more strength.


But wisdom helps one to succeed. Ecclesiastes 10 ten. I'm going to read that one more time. If the iron is blunt and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength. But wisdom helps one to succeed again. Ecclesiastes ten ten.


Paul Coffey says nobody's a natural. You work hard to get good and then work hard to get better.


I like that one. I love it too.


And then Anthony, we've got today's Blind's dotcom question. Blind's dot com. Find out for yourself why Blind's Dotcom is the number one online retailer of custom window covering. You get free samples, free shipping.


If you're an idiot like me and you measure wrong, they will take them back and and send you some new ones.


And with the new promos they run every month, you'll save even more. Use Promo Code Ramsey to get the best deal. Rules and restrictions apply. So this one is for you. This question, Anthony comes from Stacey in California. She visits Dave Ramsey dot com to ask my daughter starts college and we figured she would get money through scholarships or grants. She was not approved for anything except loans. I'm a single mom, but I'm doing OK financially.


The loan she qualified for have high interest in fees. I have enough savings to pay for her school. My question is, should I pay for it, loan her the money or another option. My older child did not go to college, so I also don't want this to be unfair.


I'm not I'm not a fan of you depleting your savings account for your daughter's possible future.


Here's the thing.


Mother and anyone in America listening who may be in a similar situation, if you have a savings account and you are fully invested into your your retirement. And your savings account does not go against your emergency fund. I mean, you just want to be generous. Yes, I have no problem with you helping your child go to college. You're not paying for all of it. And you're not going to tell your daughter, you know, you're going to pay me back.


This is a loan. We don't teach debt, OK?


Especially not in families. Yeah, no destroys families. No, no, no. We gave it. Here's the thing I'm doing. I'm having a conversation with my daughter, a daughter. You didn't get the scholarships, OK? This is what I can do. I can pay for 40 percent of your school. I can pay for six percent of your school. But you need to come up with the other portion. You need to get a job.


You need to sit down and you need to come up with a game plan to really help this, because this is not my future.


This is your future. And I'm willing to sew into your life. But what I'm not going to do is put my future at jeopardy because you can go off to school and quit and so sit down, have a conversation, have a real honest conversation, guide her along this process, let her know where you can help and put some put some requirements on her to step up for her future.


I love you recommending that kids, young people have to have skin in the game.


You're going to have ownership of their life then. It's not there's no value to is just for free. Right. Look how high school kids, most of them look at. High school is just something I got to do. Yes, right. Somebody else is paying for it.


Somebody else is invested. And this is just the thing I got to do. Yeah.


And if you treat college the same way, then I've seen thousands and thousands call it just something got to do in the ones who are paying for the ones who are grinding it, especially I see this with adult learners who go back to school.




Hey, I'm putting my money in this like I need to learn a thing here. Right? I'm learning skills.


I've got skin in the game on this one. Moms and dads, you do not do your kids any favor when you just give it to him for free, right?


Yeah. You know, and I know YouTube, social media probably going to kill me for saying this, but, you know, like like right now we don't have a student loan crisis problem. We have a parenting problem. We have parents who are raising these kids to make them feel entitled. Because I'm your son, because I'm your daughter. I deserve this. You know, you've paid all my bills all this time. You've done this, you provided this.


You everything. I said that I want it. You've done it, Mom and dad. So you're going to do this, too. And you know what? And that's not happening with my child. I'm putting it out right now. My my child's going to learn mama first because I know that it has to happen. She or he going to learn daddy next. And after that, he's going to learn or she gonna learn to work the word work.


You asked me for money. Sure. Loans. You work for it. Loans, you have some skin in the toilet. You want to buy the shoes that you want to buy, whatever that is.


And I don't care what it is, if it's ten dollars out of a hundred dollars something, let them feel the energy and the process of working to get something.


Because when they hit the real world, if you don't give them that proper education up front, the world ain't given them nothing.


How much do you see with college students that they get tunnel vision in locked into a single school and that becomes the end all?


Be all. When I read this question, that was the first thing I thought was my daughter wanted to get loans and I mean, I want to get scholarships and grants.


Yeah, it didn't happen. So instead of saying we can't afford that like you would with a car or like you would with a toy, you just say, OK, then we're going to go have to figure out other ways to make this dream happen.


Instead of saying who's not in the cards for you, we thought that's going to happen. So it's going to be community college for two years. Absolutely.


And that's one of the thing I talk in my book, Debt Free Degree, that it doesn't matter really where you go to school. It really does. The only thing that matters is how you finish, and that is debt free. So if your dream is to go to Harvard, let's say, for example, amazing if Harvard gives you a full ride scholarship, go, OK.


But if Harvard doesn't and you can afford to go to this two year community college and pay cash for it, you go there, you know, because Harvard doesn't make you a better individual. I don't care what no one says. You can come out to me if you want. I really don't care. I know people who graduated from a prestigious school, but they're not prestigious people. Hmm. I know people who graduated from a community college transfer to a local in-state school.


And they are just prestigious. They are quality. They are hard workers. You know, what you put into your experience is what you get out. And that's one thing that I'm teaching young people and even parents that don't get so hung up on the name of the school, get hung up on the price of what can we afford. And we stick to that. And wherever you go, you give it your all, not just your all, you give it 110 percent, because what you put in is what you will get out.


And I know several doctors, several lawyers. As a matter of fact, my daughter, she went to a community college transfer to. NC State University, then she went to Belmont to finish her her master's program, doctorial program and man, she's an amazing doctor, but she didn't start off at Vanderbilt. She didn't start off at these big schools and have all this debt. She's debt free and making good money. Trust me, I know. That's fantastic.


The only only man in America that says, hey, doc, before before I take advice from you, how much you owe says only things that you're my doctor.


You're the doctor for me. I like it me and I like it.


Yeah, man, she knows what I do. She'll say, you know what? I agree with what you teach, anything. You know, I did it and I'm a doctor. I like it.


And and I just believe, man, that we have to we have to start teaching. Young people early on that you define your success, you define your future. I know several people who are very successful and they didn't go off to a four year community college. They went off to a welding welding school. They went off to a trade school. And they're making six figures. They're making a half a million dollars a year. You know, the greatest asset you have is your mind.


It is your mind. What you do with that will determine where you go. And I'm not saying education is not important because I believe education is the most important thing. But how we get the education, that's where I have some some disagreements with cool man, you know, that's where I have, you know, what not to do.


It's always fun doing a show. Jibaro. Well, I appreciate you helping me get smarter a little bit.


I mean, you help me get smarter. You're the doctor.


You know, I'm trying to get there one day, you know, what's your next YouTube series coming out? What you got going on?


I mean, you know, I got some stuff going on. We just finished the all white panel with. It was a very strong conversation with your cell phone there. That's making some some interesting noise. I put that out there. If you guys have not check that out, head over to my YouTube, YouTube dotcom for stars Anthony O'Neal. You see myself and Dr. John sitting there having a conversation about some of the things that's going on in America right now.


And I just want to sit down and just hear how white people are thinking, you know, and it's such a great conversation.


So go check that out. But not to be man. Thank you so much for letting me rock with you today, bro. And same with you, my man. And I want to thank our producer, James Child and our associate producer and phone screener, Kelly. Daniel, you guys remember the caliber of your future will be determined by the choices that you make today, so please make the right one. All right. This is The Dave Ramsey Show.


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