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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the car rental studio, this is the day Ramsey Show where America hangs out to have a real and relevant conversation about your life and your money. My name is Anthony O'Neal. Joining me today in cohosting with me today is futur number one national bestseller, one of the best radio hosts to join a team.


I like that. Call out one and only Dr. G. Putting that out into the universe for me, man.


Hey, brother, you got to speak when my mentor says, speak what you seek until you see what you spoke, brother.


So I'm just speaking here over your life, man, because if if you win, I win. If I win, you win. I agree. Together we win. I'll take it. I love it. I'll tell you, we're here for this hour. You guys taking your phone calls around life, around money. Give us a call. Jubilate 8255 two two five eight eight two five five two two five. And kicking us off this hour is going to be Melissa out of Ohio.


Good afternoon, Melissa. How can Daddy and I help? Good afternoon, I had a question. We have a daughter that just graduated from high school and she's going into the Navy and will be leaving in November. And I'm just we've never had anybody in our family be in the military before and didn't know what would be the best thing for her to do with her money for the five years that she's enlisted or if there's anything else that we need to think about of doing before she leaves.


OK, so she's about to go into the military right now. Did she have any savings right now? She does. OK, how much? Probably about three or four thousand dollars. OK. Does she have any debt going into the military? No, no debt, all right, so this is what I love this you all are excellent parents. You all have set her up to win and to succeed. What what are her dreams right now? Why is she going into the military?


What does she want to do? There has to be a vision for her life before we can really address really what she should be doing with the finances.


OK, that she doesn't really know what she wants to do, that's part of the reason she's going into the military. She does want to go to college, but she doesn't know a career choice. And so she didn't want to start college without having a direction. And so that was kind of what prompted her to go into the military. She always wanted to travel a little bit. So she thought as she did that and she would also have, course, the money for college when she gets out.


Yeah, well, we have more in the direction of what she wants to do. Yeah, I love it.


This is a great route for her to go. All right. So this is what I want to recommend to you as a mother. Spend some time with her specifically over these next to two years, help her to really start identifying some of the things that she's really strong in so she can start focusing on that, because from the financial part, Dr. D, she's not going to pay for any school work. The military is going to cover her bachelor's degree.


And so with her money right now, I'm going to tell her to live below her means. So right now she needs to get a fully funded emergency fund. And I wouldn't even say go ahead and get six months fully in there. Then once she gets six months in there, then I want her to go ahead and start investing into a Roth IRA to really start investing into her future, because with her being young right now, she can have her six months saved up within a matter of eight months being in the military.


And then from there. Oh, man, she's it's a beautiful situation. She'll be a millionaire before she turns 55. She'll beat you there, Mom. So don't get upset at her. Get excited. Yeah, I will.


Hey, Melissa, can I ask you this question while I got you on the phone? I'm going to flip the tables on you a little bit. I know you called us to ask any question. You mentioned that you don't have any other military veterans in your home.


You're not a military family. What is your what is your thought process been when your daughter said, hey, you know what, I'm enlisting? I'm heading off to the Navy and that's the route I'm going to take.


Well, I I didn't hear it from her at first, so I kind of had a chance to kind of think about it a little bit before she actually come to me. And I, I I'm in full support of it. I mean, it is a little scary. We have three other adult children who all live within 30 minutes of us. So that's that's the hardest part of letting go of the baby, of the family. But I actually think it's going to be a good move for her, especially with what's going on in our nation right now.


Yeah, well, I want to applaud you for being able to take a deep breath and exhale and to know that you had a picture of next Christmas of all of your your baby chickens sitting around the same table. And one of them is going to be off serving our country, serving my family, a family you don't even know, and serving Anthony and Anthony's family and the rest of ours. And you were able to step back and say, you know what, this is best for my baby girl and this is best for our country.


And so I want to thank you for being a levelheaded, thoughtful, caring parent.


Yeah, yeah. And I want I want America to hear what Melissa did. She trained up her child in a way that she should go. Hmm. She's going into her adult life with no debt, with 4000 dollars in savings. Now, people are probably it, but 4000 dollars is not a lot of money, Anthony. Yes, it is.


When I was a high school kid in the fourth, I had four dollars and I spent them on Twizzlers and Mountain Dew. Man But let's take it off for high school kids, nearly 50 percent of the people in the world right now cannot afford to pay cash for a 400 dollar emergency room. So this young lady has four thousand dollars sitting in her savings account with nearly 50 percent of the people don't even have 400 dollars cash sitting in their savings account.


They got to go to, you know, what bank? They got to take out a credit card. They have to go into debt to handle this. So I want Melissa to hear this. And to all parents hear this, this is what parenting is about, not all of it, but really setting your child up to leave your nest and go into the real world prepared.


We can we can make this the Mellissa Parent of the Week segment, because beyond just the finances, she also raised a daughter who is thinking for herself.


Who knows? You know what? I'm not just going to go to college because all my friends are going to go learn some discipline. I'm going to go learn some job skills. I'm going to go have somebody pay me to serve. And I'm going to spend the next three to four to six years honing my craft, one of my character, honing who I'm going to be. And that comes from being raised that way. Right, to not follow, just get in line because everybody else is going some way.


But to focus on serving, focus on stopping, serving, getting the good answers and then going forward with the rest of your life. Good for you, Melissa.


Yes, good for you, man. I wish I wish I could talk to her, her daughter, because I want to encourage her daughter. You know, she said that her daughter doesn't know what she wants to do. So she didn't want to waste money by going to college. Neither does she want to waste her time as a transitioning adult. So I'm going to go serve. Some will go serve, learn, grow, get paid. Some will be a good steward of my time so that when I turn 21, 22, I have money in my savings account.


I've learned something. I'm older, I'm mature, but this gives me pup. What is this hour going to be amazing? I'm telling you. All right. A book called How to Be a Mom. Yes, yes. Eight eight eight two five five two two five is Dr. D and myself in for this hour. We have a beautiful, beautiful people out here to lobby. So give us a call. They may want to answer your question soon.


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Kick it off this next segment with Laurie out of Denver, Colorado. Good afternoon, Laurie. How can I help?


Good afternoon, gentlemen. Thanks for taking my call. So right now, I live very meagerly on about two thousand dollars a month, but I'm about to come in to about two hundred thousand dollars from my parents estate. And I'm trying to figure out like, what is the best thing to do with this money? I am a full time student and so the first thing I know that I have to do off the top is put aside money for school.


But then other than that, I have probably three more years of school to get my master's in psychology. But then after that, what do I do?


So. Your inheritance, I guess, is have you lost your parents, unfortunately? Yes, my mom passed away two years ago, but I didn't find out until last September. Hmm. And then in September, my stepfather passed away and I didn't find out until the week before Christmas. Oh, goodness.


And the only reason I found out is because my brother was the executor and I was listed in the will.


So are you disconnected from the family, your family? Yes. Yes. OK, I'm sorry to hear that.


OK, give us. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, definitely. And we're sorry about your loss and we're sorry about everything that's going on around this situation.


But let let us help you out where you can use this correctly and effectively for your life. Right.


Because I know this money can change my life. I just don't want to blow it all.


Well, Laurie, it it it's not going to change your life. It will. You know, I'm saying. So you got to say this. This will change me if I am a good steward with these resources.


So let's walk that process. Do you have any current debt right now? Anything, though.


The only debts I have are like old debts and some old credit card bills that are in collection, medical debt collection. How much?


How much? And it's probably somewhere, well, total, it's probably around thirty thousand dollars, because I do have some student loans as well, and I owe my divorce attorney from five years ago. Ten thousand dollars.


So you're looking at 40. Probably OK. And then how much do you need for school for the next three years?


School is about twenty five thousand a year for this year. I already have some grand 25000.


What school are you going to law?


University of Northern Colorado.


Oh, is that the only school you can go to? It's not the only school. It's where I live, it's the closest major university, but then it's also they have the best known psychology program in the area. OK, I'll let Dr. Dean talking to that.


You know, he has a doctorate degree from a little bit of everywhere. So I'll I'll let him explain. I don't believe it at once. School is better than another school. I don't believe in our philosophy. I believe was the best school within my budget. But I may help you out on the financial side. And I started talking to the school side. So right now, right now, with the 200000, you're going to pay off all of your debt.


You're going to go ahead and do the right thing and pay off all 40000 of it. You can even go back and pay your attorney for the work that your attorney did to help you become a free woman. OK, and so now you're down to 160000.


I want a pause right there. Lori, do you hear what he's saying? Yes, and I'm going to I'm going to pass judgment on you, OK, because you've got money in collections, you've got divorce attorney that you own. I want you to take this moment as a reset and like Anthony said, and pay off every body you owe.


Yes. Right.


Yes. OK, yes. Yeah. OK, continue, Anthony.


Because we want because we want to do here, Larry, is we want to start your life on a good, solid, healthy foundation. It's a reboot. Yes, a reboot. So that way you're not you're not worried about your past. You don't have to hide from people. You don't have to ignore phone calls. You can answer every phone call, Bolly. You can go to your mailbox. Botley, you know, you can have that strong situation.


So now you have one hundred six thousand dollars. I'm going to set aside twenty twenty five thousand dollars in my emergency fund for three to six months. So if we take away they say 25000 dollars, you know, now we're at one hundred and thirty five thousand dollars. I'm going to sit down. What would a smart vestor and we're going to sit here and figure out, OK, what can I invest into? We're going to open up a Roth IRA.


We're going to invest into a 401k at your job, going to make some smart decisions there. And so let's say right now you only can put in about six thousand dollars into like a Roth IRA and maybe you can open up another account. I wanted to talk to Smart Vesterbro to start investing because I'm assuming right now that you don't have any retirement maybe other than a 401k Markiewicz.


I have nothing. OK, and how old are you right now, Laurie? I'm forty eight. Yeah. So that that's what you definitely do. So there are some things that we can definitely help you out with.


So after you invest, you know, I mean, right there, I don't like the fact if you go into a 25000 old school at age 48, I think you can find something that is a little bit less as far as cost still effective.


My philosophy, Laurie, when it comes to going to school, it doesn't matter about where you start. Does it even matter where you finish? It matters about how you finish and how you finish. Just two things. One, debt free. Two, was it in my budget right now spinning 75000 dollars to get a master's degree in psychology? You can't find a cheaper and obviously cheaper a more affordable route. And honestly, you could probably find something online.


Now, am I speaking this right as far as in in this area?


Yeah, there's there's again, I don't know I don't know the where you're bound geographically, but yes, the Anthony's right.


There's there's a hundred and eleven million different graduate programs and counseling in psychology. What do you want to do, Laurie. I want to camp counsel young adults at risk. OK, and so you want to get a look at the professional counseling license or MFT license or something like that and help young people.


Right. Which is noble and wonderful. I love it.


And I want to give you this this this silver lining or this light at the end of the tunnel. My mom did not go to school in her younger years. Her first community college class was at the age of 42, and she took another community college class the next semester, then another one the next semester, and she graduate with her Ph.D. at 58, I believe, fifty fifty.


And she was tenured at 63.


And now she's 70 years old and she's a department chair at a university. So I want to encourage you to keep going and follow your dreams, do the things that you want to do.


But as Anthony said, man, twenty five thousand bucks a year for a graduate counseling program is a lot of money.


And I want to back out real quick.


You're going to have to probably get somebody to walk alongside you, Laurie, OK? You have come into some money out of an estranged relationship in this money is going to feel different to you. This two thousand dollars is going to vacillate between. It feels really great and it's going to feel yuck and it's going to feel weird. And depending on what kind of guilt or what kind of shame or kind of anger, whatever came about with this estranged relationship with your folks, you're going to have to navigate that in a careful way.


And I'm going to recommend you get a counselor, you get somebody, a friend, somebody from church, making you vulnerable with that will walk alongside you as you spend this money, because it's going to take on a a life of its own, a character of its own.


And it's going to have a weight to it that most grieving folks who are just dealing with, hey, my parents have passed away with a great relationship.


They left me a hundred thousand dollars. You're going to have a different situation here. And so I want you to own the guilt, own that transition and know that it's just going to be a little bit different than folks. And again, I don't want to be ugly, but you've got in a strange relationship with your parents. You've got to have a divorce. You haven't cleared up financially. You've got medical debt in collections. You're going to grad school at 48.


That tells me that you've got an opportunity to say, you know what, for the back half of my life, I'm going to do things differently. I'm going to hit reboot. I'm going to hit reset. I got 200 grand. I'm to clear up all my debts. I'm going to pay for my college in cash. I'm going to get a retirement going and I'm going to live the last half of my life with joy and optimism moving forward.


The key thing here, Lori, is you have to train yourself to be a good steward. You're not going to go backwards. You're going to go forward, use this money to do the right thing and to better your life and to make your parents proud of you. This is The Dave Ramsey Show. During these crazy times, the best advice I can give you is control the controllable. Let's start looking at major expenses like your monthly rent or your house payment.


Folks, mortgage interest rates are so low, now is the time to invest in your future. In just 10 minutes, my friends at Churchill Mortgage can share ways to save you serious cash through a smarter mortgage plan to speak to a specialist call triple eight, loan 200 or go to Churchill Mortgage Dotcom. This is a paid advertisement in MLS ID one five nine one in MLS Consumer Access. Doug Equal Housing Lender 1749 Mallory Lane Suite 100 Brentwood, Tennessee three seven zero two seven.


Going out to Atlantic City, we have a conversation there with Deborah. Deborah, good afternoon. How can Dr. and I hope. Good afternoon. Thank you so much for having me. I am looking for how to stay motivated in the midst of being sent to prison, so I paid off eighty thousand dollars for the nine.


Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You can't just you can't fly about it. You paid off how much you get.


Hello? You hear me? Yeah, I can hear you now. Eighty thousand. Eighty thousand dollars.


Yes, who and how much do you have left? I have 19 more to go. OK? That doesn't include my mortgage. OK, let's not worry about your mortgage right now.


Talk to us. Yes, I just mean, how how how do I say motivated? You know, I I was doing a little side hustle this summer. I was doing that, but that got a little dangerous. And I can't put myself up like that. You know, I was doing a little delivering food, OK? And in my last delivery, literally, as I'm coming down the street, a SWAT team is approaching the house I'm going to deliver to.


Yeah, and that's a good story right there, Deborah. How are you? How long did it take you to pay off that 80? Oh, gosh, I knew last year I can't really I, I don't really know, like six months or eight years. What do you think?


More like probably six years, OK. Oh, yeah, I'm. Deborah, when I had my head down, I'm doing as much as I can do. Yeah, you're doing what you should be doing. Let me ask you this question. Why do you want to become debt free? Well, I think that I'll be able to do more for other people, be alert. I mean, I serve and I give, but I feel like I'll be able to serve and give more.


And I also always had a desire to be an entrepreneur, but I would like to pursue that dream.


You just gave me your motivation problem right there, because Anthony asked you a simple question of why do you want to be debt free? And your response was, well, I think that dot, dot, dot.


So let me ask you this question. I agree with him. Why do you want to serve and give more? Every. Why does that bring you way? I like helping people. I like. See, other people win, I like encouraging people, like motivating people. Do you see what we're doing here? We're asking you questions to go deep. Because you can't get motivation from a surface answer. When you feel like giving up, I want to be debt free or because I let me see where I want to be an entrepreneur, why do you want to be an entrepreneur then when you answer that question?


Well, why do you want that? You see for me what gave me the motivation to not just get out of debt. Let me reveal myself to you on this show. I purchased my dream car maybe about, what, four or five months ago I purchased a BMW 750. I pay for a cash. That was my dream car.


I took it back. I took back. Deborah, let me tell you why. It's because my parents didn't have a wedding when they got married. My parents never took their kids out on a vacation. We never had a family vacation. My mom didn't get her wedding ring until she was three years into into the marriage. You know why?


What motivated me was I want to be able to take my kids to Israel. I want to be able to take my family out of the country every year. I want to be able to leave them with wealth. And so I took my BMW back because I switched up and made a wealth move because of the deep why on inside of me. So you have to figure out you have to be practical. You're doing the baby steps. Now, what you're missing is what is that deep?


Why? If I was to keep talking about my why I would cry on this show because that motivates me every single day to get up every single morning to do what I do every single day to help people, because helping you all helps me get closer to my deep down vision. What is that thing that when you think about it, you get fired up, you start crying, you get emotional and that 90000 looks like it's nothing, because every time you make an appointment, every time you dump into wars, you're getting closer and closer and closer to your wife.


You don't have time to say, well, I think now you need to be able to say this is what and this is why I'm going to bust my butt every single day to get closer to my goals. And we can't help you with that on this show, all we can do is inspire our friend Chris Hogan says you got a dream in HD. May I say something similar, which is you got a you've got a dream and a picture.


So my my challenge to you, Deborah, is to get this evening, get with a loved one with the friend, get with somebody that you trust you can be vulnerable with. And I don't want you to use words like, hey, I think I think I want to do this.


I want you to draw a picture.


I want you to draw a picture of you in five years. In two years, in one year, you are debt free in what is around you, who is around you, who are you hand in money to to help? Who are you helping feed? Because that seems to be in your heart. What does your house look like?


What does your neighborhood look like? What are your friends? What are you all laughin sitting around a table?


I want you to paint a picture of what that's going to look like. Anthony has a picture in his head of two knucklehead little Anthony looking boys getting on a plane to go to Israel.


Right. And he's got bags with them. He's got a vivid picture of what that's going to look like. Deborah, when I was getting out of debt, you know what I wanted more than anything?


A full night's sleep. I had this dream of getting out of bed and on a Saturday morning, just feeling light and feeling free, feeling like nobody didn't own me, right. And so it was a very tangible, real thing for me. And so you cannot you can't go anywhere unless you know. Exactly.


Where you're going and, you know, when you talk about drawing pictures, man, you're so into it, you're so right. If you walk into my office right now, it's pictures like stick figures. Me wife to three kids home is real dream car kids smiling, kids playing golf because I like golf. Hopefully they'll, you know, pick up golf. I hope they don't. But go ahead.


But it's like I wake up every single day and I pray over that picture. Hmm. And when I look at that, that's not that's not just my wife. It's I want to be able to I want to be able to provide for them. Hmm. You know, to this day at 36 years old, I have not been to Disneyland.


I have not been to Disney World. And I will not go to neither one of those places until I take my kids there because my family couldn't afford to take us there. To this day, there are certain things that I have not been able to do because my parents couldn't do it. I, I had the hardest working parents because they were wanting to provide and I'm like, no, I want to switch up. So now what I'm doing is I'm positioning myself.


At the age of 36, I got rid of assets that were depreciating.


So in the next two years, I can buy something that turns into seven figure assets that are appreciating me because I want to provide for my family the way that my family could not provide for me.


I want it to start with me and from my kids, from my siblings and our kids on were changing the way our family does things that small y and that starts with a clear, crystal clear not.


I just, you know, I want to get out of debt. Yes. I just want to run a marathon. I just want to lose some weight. Yes. That's just not how it works. No. You've got to have it ironed out. Right.


I have to move. You know, America, if you're listening to this right now, I'm sorry that we went off on this whole tangent here, but I'm not. You know why?


Because we we we we speak in words. We think in pictures, man. And we say, hey, I just want to be healthier. If you don't define what healthier is, you're not going to get there. I just want to I want to be more money. If you don't know where you're going, you're going to end up somewhere. There's not going be where you want to be. I want to come to you tonight. You know, if you don't know what you're deep, why is spend some time with your spouse, spend some time with yourself tonight, cut off the lights, cut off the phone, lock the doors and dream.


And whatever you dream, paint a picture. I promise you, when you wake up Saturday morning, you're going to be a different individual. Today, scripture's second Peter one twenty one for no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. The quote of the day is from Brian Tracy. He says, Followers think and talk about their problems. Leaders think and talk about the solutions.


Now, folks, you guys, let's be real. These last six months have been rough, crazy town. It's it's been rough. It's been confusing. And I'm pretty sure your emergency fund may be getting low. You know, let's just be honest, but I want you to hear me right now. I'll say this loud and very clear. No matter what happens, I do not want you to touch your 401k. I do not want you to touch your Roth IRA.


I do not want you to touch your future, OK? If you have money in there, I do not want you to touch it. Yes. The government did pass a stimulus bill in March which lowered the 401k early withdrawal penalties.


I don't care. I still do not touch it. I know is getting heart. Get another job. I know what's going on. OK, but I do not want you to touch your future. But if you already withdrawn from your 401k, you can still put yourself on the right track for retirement.


Your first step is to find a financial adviser who isn't afraid to tell you the hard truth, the real truth, and nothing but the truth about your decisions. Someone like who I look into, we call them the smart best of pros. I want you to go to Dave Ramsey, dot com forward, slash Smart Vestor, and we'll help you find a financial advisor in your area that you can sit down with, have lunch with, get some coffee with and dream with and get yourself if you've already pulled from your forwent, get you back on the right track.


But this is not just for the people who pulled from it.


This is from people who just want to start the process. You know, I have a smart Vesterbro. My financial advisor is really helping me out right now with transitioning to coming from my my life now to where I, I dream big man. I dream big. And he was like, all right, this is what you got to do.


Here's what you need to invest in. Here's here's the income. Like I do money every single day, but even I still have a financial adviser. Well, yeah. You know, Dave Ramsey is is is the guru around money, but even he still has a financial advisor. And so my financial advisor just really gave me some good wisdom. So I don't care how smart you are. Billionaires have financial advisors. Check them out. Dave Ramsey, dot com forward slash smart investor, Dave Ramsey, dot com for smart investor.


And I promise you right now you will be happy that you made this decision.


I was going to tell you, Anthony, speaking of help and making the call. Hmm, I got some exciting news, man.


What kind of news? We have started recording the John Deloney show. Are you serious? Yep.


It's going to be launched in a couple of weeks. And I am. We're taking calls. Are you? And it is exciting and it's fun. I want to put the the call out. If you are interested in being on the John Deloney show. We're talking about relationships, mental health. We're talking about parenting kids. What do you do with that crazy neighbor? What do you do when your coworkers sits by you at the same desk and just nods when you're talking?


Right. Like me, right. Like you right now. Email me. Ask John Ramsey Solutions Dotcom that's ask John at Ramsey Solutions. Dotcom, let me know what's going on. Leave a number where Kelly can reach you and we will call you back and we will schedule Ian to be on the show.


It's exciting times management, absolutely exciting times, and I really do. Let's take one more call before we get off show today. Let's go out to Orlando and have a conversation here with Daniel. Daniel, good afternoon. How can a doubt today and I hope you quickly. Hello. I hope you're having a great day. Thank you so much for taking my call. Yeah, thank you, Daniel. How can we serve?


So I'm trying to see if I can get some guidance from Dr. DeVone. My brother has been going through some mentally unstable times recently, the most recent one. He wants to make corrected because he got aggressive on the house. And from what I had done research on. I think you might have paranoia. So I really want to see what's your advice on helping someone that their mental disease or disorder itself prevents them from trusting other people? How do you help someone like that?


And you have to suggest that maybe in my example, should I like to leave my house and move out if I don't feel safe because I want to help my boy, but sometimes I don't feel safe living with him. Well, your advice.


Yeah, that's a great question. Thank you so much. So there's there's I'm going to pass through this question and a couple different areas. First and foremost, your safety is always paramount. So if somebody gets aggressive, somebody makes you feel unsafe, then you call the police. There's just no ifs, ands or buts of that. You call the police. If it's a loved one, you call the police if it's a stranger.


Right. Right.


Paranoia or schizophrenia or any other of the derivatives, there can be a mental illness. Sometimes it can be. People have been watching too much Internet sometimes and buying into all kinds of conspiracy theories. It could be because they've had 17 monster energy drinks or different energy drinks and they haven't slept and they haven't eaten. And so it's a wide range. And so somebody who you love, who is violent, somebody who you love, who is is thinks people are watching them.


They're always checking the blinds. They're going outside. They're running around the neighborhood, those kind of things. Yeah. I'm going to I'm going to recommend that you do whatever you can to get them in to go see a doctor. Now, that's hard with somebody who is struggling with paranoia because doctors sometimes are part of the problem. Right?


They don't want to get diagnosed. They don't want to be seen. They don't want to be heard. And so that is challenging. The best thing to do when somebody is is expressing significant what you would say is clinical. Right. And you're not going to make that diagnosis.


Only a doctor is or a psychiatrist is, but you're going to want to get them in to see to be professionally evaluated. The challenging if it's truly schizophrenia, if it's truly pathological paranoia, that's a tough a tough road to hoe, row to hoe.


It's it's tough to be in relationship to love somebody when you watch them struggling with that particular psychological challenge. So get them in to see somebody, keep yourself safe and rally other family members. Often folks who are struggling from different types of paranoia have one or two people that they will trust and they may latch on to. But that's a challenging situation. Daniel, thanks for the call. Mhm. Yeah. Thanks so much for the comment. Hey America.


One thing that I love doing is I'm very active on my Instagram. You are very active on my Instagram. I'm always answering questions I love. I don't have anybody running my Instagram. So if you want to follow me is at Anthony O'Neal, you could do me a question. I try to get to them as quickly, quickly as possible. But I have a question here that I want to answer for you so we can you can go to Anthony O'Neal at Anthony O'Neal and Instagram, but Alonzo says I'm on baby step number two.


I know you say to tithe. However, my mom has been helping me out because I owe more than I make each month. She basically pays the majority of my rent. My mom has forbidden me to tithe what she says it is her money and that I can't afford to tithe right now. She's even mentioned cutting me off if I do. She's been a huge help to me, but I don't know what to do. I want to tithe, but I'm torn.


What should I do? This is a good question.


This is a this is a tough question because there's a spiritual answer. Then there is a she's living at her mom's house answer.


There's a this is not your money. Yeah, it's her. Right, right, right, right, right, right.


So here's the thing. Tithe on the money that you make. So if you have any kind of income, you tithe on that money, the money that your mom makes, that your mom gives to you, you be obedient to that and that that's that's her helping you. God, that's not you don't have to tithe off of that. But if you're making a hundred dollars from a job, then you're giving ten dollars off of that one hundred dollars.


If your mom gives you a hundred dollars to help with your bills, you're you're you're not paying tithe after that. But here's the bigger issue. You're living above your means. We have to figure out how to get your means, your lifestyle below that and get your income up. So tied off of your. Money, but do not tie off of your mother's, but if you have any more questions, America, shoot me a DM or follow me on Instagram at Anthony O'Niel.


Not today. Thank you so much, man. It's always a pleasure, bro. And also with you. Oh, man. I want to thank our producer, James Charles, who's not here today, and our associate producer, Kelly Daniel. The one and only remember, the caliber of your financial future will be determined by the decisions we all make today.


This is the day reality show.


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