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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the dollar car Richard. Your life, your money. My name is Anthony O'Neal, and with me cohosting the number one talk show in the world, in my opinion, is my good friend, dear friend, Dr. John Doe. And we are here to take your phone calls and talk about life. Talk about money. Talk about relationships. Talk about dating. Talk about mental health. Talk about your marriage.


Talk about all of that stuff. This show has become much bigger than just only money by the visionary and by the owner of this company, Dave Ramsey. He said, I want to help everyone out and provide hope for all areas of their lives as much as we possibly can. So I'm no relationship expert. I am a money guy, but we have got to be here who can definitely speak into your life. And I can give a little bit of my thoughts, but it's no expertise.


So give us a call. Chappellet 8255, 225000, Triple eight eight two five five two five. And we're going to keep this going. I'm glad to Minneapolis and have a conversation with Kara. Am I saying your name right, Kara? Kara. It's Kara, Kara, Kara, good afternoon. Yeah, how can I help? I'm so excited to be on here. Sorry to start with that. I'm like shaking and jittery, but hey, Carrie, we're shaking and jittery, too.


So go ahead. We're with you.


Good. OK, so I am a single mom and the last five, six years I've just been trying to get on my feet, so to speak. And now I'm at a place where I really want to stop renting and really think of renting. But I'm like terrified of ownership and big payments. I'm just like terrified of money in general. And I don't I don't have the best grasp on what I need to say, I guess, in order to be at a good spot.




All right. So give us the basics of where you are in life. What's your gross income right now? Year. Right now, it's eighty thousand years. OK, is it going up anytime soon? Probably not. OK, so we got a base salary of 80000 dollars. Do you have any debt? No, not anymore. I just paid off my credit card, so I'm completely debt free. Look at you. Congratulations. Just getting back on my feet.


You've been kicking butt, dude.


Come on now. Which I know. I mean, it's yeah, it's been a it's been a long road, but I'm I'm super lucky and I'm very blessed to be here.


And what's your how much do you have in savings? So that's also my question is I kind of I don't know if I should do like a redistribution of my current funds right now, so I go in savings. I have twelve hundred. OK, but I have about. The thing about eighteen thousand an investment right now are in growth that mutual funds are in single stocks. Both OK. All right, so here's what I want you to do. I want you to get on the phone with a one of our smart Vesterbro because we need to get you out of the single stock.


So when you go ahead and get those into a growth stock mutual fund. And so right now, here's the basic. All right. Here's the basic of what I need you to do and what I'm going to do. And al Qaeda and myself, we're going to bless you with something in his phone call to really help you get solid, because I hear it in your heart, like I hear it in her voice, that you really want the knowledge to make the right decision.


And these kind of callers we love talking to and we even hope we love helping them get even further along a journey. So don't redistribute those just yet. Your investments, because we need to get in there and make sure that we do it the right way to get you over to in a growth stock mutual fund, especially as a single mother, you can't afford to lose money on single stocks. And nearly 80 percent of the individuals who invest in single stocks lose their money.


So we're going to get you out of that. Moving forward, what you're going to do is you're going to stop investing right now, all right? Not stop, but you're going to pause, pause on putting money to your phone, OK? Pause and putting money into a growth stock mutual fund. OK, pause that. What I want you do is go ahead and just get at least three months set aside for your emergency fund. How long do you think it would take to get three months of your expenses in a an emergency fund?


I mean, I can do it, I'm I'm really committed to this. I mean, before this call, I was trying to budget and I'm pretty committed to saving about like eight hundred a month until I feel like I have enough. So that's kind of where my head was.


Cool. Great. Grace. That's what we're going to do. We're going to focus on that. That's your focus. Until you get to three months of expenses and the senior care expenses are your hair. That's an expense expenses. Are you going out to eat? That's an expense. Expenses are, you know, your kids, you know, put all that in there. What's your lifestyle that you want to be able to maintain? If something happened for three to six months, then from there you're going to step back and you're going to ask yourself, OK, do I really want a house?


And if you really want a house, is this thing called 3V, are you going to save at least 10 percent to 20 percent to put down on a home? Can you buy a house as a single mom right now? Today, no. Can you in the future? Absolutely.


And we're going to walk you through that process. So after that, this is a work. See, I want you to stay on the line. Kelly is going to get you information and we're going to bless you with Ramsey. Plus free for a year. I want you to give the get this. Yes. And I want you to watch the classes every single day. You got Dave, you got myself, you got Hogan, you got rich crews.


You had the best people in the money space that we're going to literally walk you through the whole process. And by the time you get done with Ramsey, plus, you're going to feel so confident in yourself when you go purchase a home. You're going to cry when you're at that table because you don't have any yet. Your kids have freedom. You have freedom because you did it the right way. And I believe if you follow what we teach, you could be doing this within the next two to three years.


Thank you so much. That is incredible. Thank you.


When is the last time you cheered, Cara? When I lost my chair, yep, for nobody but Cara. Oh, my gosh, it's such a great question. I mean, honestly, actually, fairly recently, because I would cheer. I feel what my cheer.


What what what did you celebrate? I actually stopped drinking.


For how long? How long are you are you sober? Three months. On national radio, I'm celebrating you with you. That's a huge deal. Heck, yeah, that is so funny because I'm told by three people, so we go three plus 17 million. Congratulations. Right now, here's number two. I want you today after you get off this call, I want you to find 10 or 15 minutes. And I want you to back up the last three to five years.


And they've been a hard, crappy season for you. And I know it has been. And I want you to write down all of the things that Kara has done. That's extraordinary. And I want you to write down the names of the people that helped you. One of those is getting out of debt. One of those is picking yourself up after divorce. One of those is not drinking. And and and you're a rock star, Kyra. And the next step is, is emergency fund.


The next step is homeownership. And that just goes on from there. Congratulations, sister. We're glad to be walking with you. Oh, man. Hey, Carol. Sounds like hell. If get the information, we'll get you that rapti plus free for a whole year. Your life just changed today. At Takeover's, we believe a great pair of cowboy boots should be comfortable right out of the box so you can stand with confidence no matter what the day throws at you.


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Blind's Dotcom's 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed means, even if you miss measure or picked the wrong color, they'll remake your blinds for free.


You get free samples, free shipping, and with the new promos they run every month, you'll save even more. Use promo code Ramsey to get the best deal. Today's question comes from Kelly in Florida. She visits Dave Ramsey Dotcom to ask, I'm getting married next month and we are in agreement to combine finances when we get married. Some of my savings comes from a life insurance benefit that was received when my first husband died shortly after we got divorced.


I've also been able to save from Social Security, received for the kids. My fiance sees those savings as a household amount and believes it should go it should all go to our combined pool of finances. I'm struggling with the idea of not keeping some savings separate for my kids. Any advice when it comes time to combine finances?


Is it ever appropriate to keep some separate?


I've got some initial thoughts on this, Anthony, but as the money guy, I'd love to hear what you have to say for those initial thoughts is this. I am 100 percent all married couples need to combine the savings. Absolutely. I am 100 percent that death benefits, Social Security benefits received for kids need to be reserved for kids. And so this is one of those unique situations where a family is combining and there is some specific money for a very specific purpose, which is for the kids.


I'm not a fan of prenup agreements, except when there is a million dollars at stake. That's when it gets into cartoon money or when folks are combining blending families and there's a specific money amount reserved for kids.


So I'm not suggesting they have a prenup here, but I am suggesting less that their money is kept separate as in secret or as in off the books, but more that they agree. As a group, there is a life insurance policy that was developed for these children. It is the children's money that's not going to be used for a bathroom renovation or a new car or anything like that.


Yeah, I totally agree. I think the your income earned income is combined. Life insurance from the kid's father is for the kids. Right. Bottom line. So you put that into a SAPE, a separate savings account and or you can put that into like a 529 and invest it somewhere specifically for the kids so that what you're gaining compound interest may be on it. But I totally agree with you on the idea of separate.


Makes me think of secret. And those are two different things. So, yes, separate is not a secret. Kelly, don't keep a secret pile of money somewhere. That should be something that you and your new husband talk about.


Yeah. And that's a hard conversation if he's adamant about that money going in the general pot so we can buy some some fancier groceries. Absolutely. But yeah, that money is is on the table, but it's on the table for the kids taken care of.


There we go. Absolutely. Where are we going next, man? Let's go to Bend, Oregon, and talk to Jan Bend. Hey, Jan, how are you? Good afternoon. How can we help?


Hey, I'm. I'm fine, thank you. Hey, Jan, before we get going. How are you? Y'all doing OK out there? Yeah, I've actually three hours from then. OK, but one of the major cities, so good deal.


All right. I'm glad y'all are doing well. How can we help?


OK. I'm not one of yours. That's going to be a millionaire. I.


Had to do a while, my husband left me and then right after the next year, my son committed suicide and I'm sorry I divorced him the next year and two thousand seventeen.


And he during that time, during the separation, he was to pay the mortgage. And then I took him to the doctor and he had lung cancer. And so he passed away and two thousand nineteen towards the end of his life, for some reason, I guess he just gave up the last four months or so. He didn't make the house payment and I wasn't aware of it. And actually I should have been because my name was on the loan as well.


So then it goes to into his estate and his daughter, who was the executor, decided she wouldn't be making any payment on my home as per our divorce decree. So I was banned over ten thousand and some dollars. It was ten thousand and some dollars behind, so in order to because they were the bank was talking foreclosure. So in order to not do that, I had to make a deal with the daughter. To forego the ten thousand dollars.


And she gave me the right of the house back, and then I had to go into a loan modification to keep it out of foreclosure. So during that time, getting having to make a house payment again, I was unable to pay the credit cards, one that my husband and I both get a job where you put all the bills together, consolidation. And so where where are you guys?


Where are you now? Where am I now? Yes, ma'am. I financially support financially speaking, I'm I'm doing OK, but I am not able to pay on my credit cards because the payments are so high, are they in collection or are they still with actual banks?


Well, they were one of them was going into to the court. They were going to take me to court for not paying that one. How much is that one? Twenty thousand. Yeah. And then. Am I a credit card reader? Yeah, what's what's the total credit card debt? Total credit card debt is around thirty thousand. OK, I did an agreement with one. OK, so how much money coming in, Jack? I have around.


2500 a month, 2500 a month, OK, and how much is your mortgage payment right now? My mortgage payment now because I sold my home out in the desert and came into town at six fifty three from eleven hundred before, OK.


All right. Here's the thing, Jane. We need to honestly sit down and do a budget. And I will even say that maybe.


Selling your home might even be an option to help you out here, if not selling your home, then you got to sit down with 2500 dollars, 600 dollars right now. Mortgages, not too bad.


I would go ahead and start paying on them. And when it comes to settling credit cards, you can call them and explain to them the situation and explain to them the story that you're in. And they will definitely settle, you know, collection agencies. They buy the credit card debt on like right around 10 to 20 cents on the dollar. So you can get half of that down like you or 20000. You may get them to negotiate it down 8500 dollars over two, three payments and they'll do a settlement in full.


But right now, you need get on the phone with all of them and you need to ask them, OK, what can we do? Because I cannot pay you back the full balance and just keep to have a conversation. Do not budge on it until it gets to the budget of where you can afford it. But right now, you've got to have a plan. You've got to communicate. You've got to stick to that plan that you know, you can have.


So sorry to hear about everything that's going on, but right now, that's only option. This is Dave Ramsey. Two of the biggest things that are helping you guys save money are community and a plan. What if you could get both of those things in one place? Imagine being coached and encouraged through a money plan that you know will actually work for you.


That's Ramsey. Plus, it's one membership that guide you through our three big hitters. You get Financial Peace University, the class that teaches you how to handle money the right way with people just like you, you get the premium version of every dollar that matches up with your bank and you get your our new baby steps tracking app.


Plus you get a ton of different courses, tools, videos, special podcast, access to financial coaches, all of it. You don't have to figure out your money problems alone. Start your free trial of Ramsey. Plus today at Dave Ramsey, dot com slash FPU. That's Dave Ramsey, dotcom slash F.P.. You love it.


Let's go out to Washington, D.C. and have a conversation with Brandon. Brandon, good afternoon.


How can Dr. Day and I help and how are you guys doing today? The reason I'm calling is, by the way, I'm a huge fan of the microphone. Listen to you guys every day, Matt. Thank you so much. Man, the reason I'm calling is I'm buying a house and it's a little bit of an expensive house, like a six bedroom, four bathroom. Four hundred thirty thousand is what were my Logansport, so forth, a dollar forty fifty thousand dollar home.


I make about fifty five thousand dollars a year and I know from the start that sounds crazy at the beginning, but I have five people ready to move in said other five bedrooms to rent it out. I'm going to be cashpoint two grand a month on day one, everybody signing the one year lease and I'm one one one month from the university, so it's not going to be in a hard place to rent out in the situation that somebody does move out, which is going to happen at some point.


But I just wanted to get you guys opinion on that. Hey, Brandon, I wish you could see Anthony's face right now. He literally passed out standing up.


Yeah, man Brandon, let me set this up, Frank. I think sometimes I can come off Aloha's I love to drive and I loved what you thinking. I love you're thinking about. All right. How do I take advantage of this and that and this and that and and I love it. How much do you make a month net western net pay a month. I make about about three grand a month, and that's about that's what the mortgage payment is, it's 100 percent of my pay.


If I have nobody moving it, if I have nobody living there, then I know you're screwed.


It makes you are.


I didn't know Brad and listen to me, but I know what happened to colleges last spring. No, no, no, wait. No, no, Brandon.


And I'm saying no, because I like you. Because I like the way you drive him right now. I love your energy. But bro, if something happens, you're done. You don't have no food to eat. You don't have no food to get you some water.


You got to go out there and drink out the spigot, somebody else's, because you can't afford your own. No, bro. Now, listen, do you have any other debt?


And I've got I've got five people are all signing one year lease and moving in with me. Brandon.


Brandon, what happened to college is last spring, I'll tell you, they all went home. Yeah, out of nowhere.


You know, people moving in with me right now, a college student. It's all people that I've known throughout my life. I know bad.


I'm telling you. I know you've got the math figured out for year one. Yeah, man, you're buying a house that you can not afford and it sounds so good. I get it. You've done the math and you play an Excel sheet. You're you're a sophisticated guy. You didn't even do it on a napkin. You did on a spreadsheet. You can't afford the house, man. And I know you've got to figure it out. You're going to buy it anyway.


Holler at us in a year and one month and we will we won't laugh. We might laugh at you, but we'll laugh with you mostly. And we'll probably cry with you some to know.


What about what about in twelve months when I when I saw you asking. So man, what about Granny Brown and calm down. Listen, I think you're asking about too many what ifs. You ask about too many. What about. Let me tell you, as a young man, I did that at 25 years old. Well, if I do this, I should do that. What about this? I do that. And it didn't happen the way that I thought, yes, you will get a lease agreement, but it still doesn't force them to stay in the house.


Yes, it is a legal document that says, hey, you can be held liable for it. But brother, if they move in and stay with you for three months and then something happens and they have to move out because they can't afford it, they can't leave, you're still held liable for that.


Now, if you have no debt, Brandon, if you have zero debt and you are like, yo, I want a house and you have a fully funded emergency fund and you have 20 percent to put down, go get a house that you can afford.


Now what you decide to do with that house and if you decide to rent that those rooms out, I'm all for that. But buy a house that you can afford that you are not depending on someone to carry the weight for you because that's not the right man.


And and my passion came from because millennials in these days and times are like they're like, yo, how can I get some extra money? You know, how can I do this? How can I do that? And they don't want to just do the the basic stuff so they can have a solid foundation to stand on like that makes no sense. You make three thousand. And here's thing. What bank would approve that. That whatever bank that is, they deserve to be fired, they need to go out of business to approve a young man who makes three thousand dollars a month, and you want to give them a three thousand dollar mortgage, what the heck is that?


So think about it. So you got the math problems with the math problem inside. You're calm right now. I am. I'm frustrated you're calm about this.


That's what happens when things get crazy. You just settle down a little bit. So here's the thing. I think through having six people plus you tossed in there at the end, your girlfriend's going to move in.


His girlfriend was gone.


Will be until you got seven people. There's a 100 percent chance there's a disagreement. There's a 100 percent chance there's a fistfight of some sort. There's 100 percent chance somebody's somebody's serial. And that means that they're going to do something to somebody else's car. A neighbor calls because the in the district, you can't have X number of people who aren't related, who live together. There's so many variables here and you get six or seven different human beings living in the same box and the math goes out the window.


And so the thing is, nobody loves real estate more than Dave Ramsey. He loves it. He's crazy about it. He's got hundreds of millions of dollars of worth it.


And so he doesn't make up these rules. He didn't invent these things. Anthony's not like breathe in deep. I'm not getting all calm because we think it's fun and we're trying to rob young people out of a cool opportunity to make money. It's not the thing. It's that I've just sat for 20 years with 18, 19, 25, 30, 40 year olds who are the wheels fell off whatever wagon they were on because they thought they had it figured out and then life hit him in the mouth.


So has Dave, so has Anthony. Dave, Anthony and me have made those decisions ourselves. And we've had to look our wives in the eye and our friends in the eye and our parents in the eye and say, I'm sorry.


So this isn't because we're mean. This isn't because we can't work out a calculator. Two. We can do that too, brother. I promise it's because life will happen.


And when you take the variables that you set up seven people in a box, it's going to happen. Any time you deal with people, something will happen.


It's called dealing with people. And here's the truth. I'm not fired up at him. I'm fired up at the banking institution. Yeah, it's ridiculous. And this is why Dave, myself and this company, Chris Hogan, Major Cruise, we are fired up and we're going after the big bank industry because they don't care about people. They're setting this young man up to fail. And when he fails, they are not going to be the first when they help him get out of it.


Who does he call the Dave Ramsey Show? And so the banking institution, if you hear me, we work for a bank, you should be ashamed of yourself if you are willing to do that. And that's why I'm so grateful that we work with a company called Church Your Mortgage, because they won't even consider this kind of crap.


So frustrating, you finish this segment. Here's what I want people to do. There is no shortcut. Slow down. Be wise. Call for wise counsel. Set up hurdles in front of yourself so you don't do something dumb. And when something feels too good to be true, it probably is. The turtle always wins the race. Scripture today comes from Philippians, chapter four, verse nine. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in practice these things and the God of peace will be with you, John Maxwell says sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.


And I hope our last caller learned, but I don't think he did some.


I'm capable that he's going to buy the house on Tuesday. Yeah, he really is. But you know what? I'm going to wish him well. I'm going to wish him well. I hope it works out.


Yes. Where are we going next, brother? We're going to go to Medford, Oregon. Yes, Dr. Nicole. I couldn't see it. So I asked you that one.


Hey, Nicole, how can how can we help take the place? I've I had my first baby. That for whom? Congratulations, hubby. Thank you. It has been crazy. And we just got back into our house because we were evacuated from the fires and life has been nuts, but kind of getting back on track. I'm trying to pay off seventy five thousand dollars worth of student loans from down from like one hundred and fifty to go know.


Yeah. And recovered. I've saved about twenty thousand and we're planning for our second baby. And my question is like with a spreadsheet, I'm kind of using it and I'm totally the nerd, but I'm trying to figure out the ideal timing of getting pregnant. And I know you guys don't exactly advise on all of it, but it's related to the student loan debt. I want to be debt free to invest this time. The first lady was such a struggle because we were just really financially strapped.


And so I'm working now. I'm currently part time in the morning for, like telemedicine. And I think that I'll have to cut back on that if something goes wrong with the second baby. So I'm just I'm just trying to figure out. Yeah. Any questions you have. Let me know. I'll answer them. But that's the scoop.


So what exactly is your question? Should you wait to have a baby until you pay off your debt because on a screen says pay off house versus having a second baby? Like what was exactly your question?


I guess I'm trying it's like a race against the clock because I'm thirty five and I don't want to wait too much longer, but I have it kind of scheduled out where it will be about 18 months before I can take off at least. OK. And yes, OK.


Hey, Nicole, there's a whole industry designed to make women over the age of 34 feel like they're a thousand years old.


I know. And I'm very healthy. I'm not scared of that. But I just I really want to be close to that tree or that tree, because if I would have to cut our income down, we basically can't pay down our student loan, my student loan, because it's really hard outside of you debt.


Can you and your husband afford a second baby? Yeah, yeah, I'm not a huge fan of saying yes or no, don't have a baby because of debt. I mean, I'm I'm not a huge fan. I don't know where Dave stands, but I know for Anthony O'Neal, I'm like, if you and your husband want to have a baby and you all can provide and protect and raise that child up and be a good steward of that baby at this time of your life and do do what you and your husband want to do.


Do I want you to stop paying off your debt? No. Am I okay with you pausing to make sure that your baby is healthy and you don't rack up any more debt in the process of having this baby? Yes, but as soon as that baby comes, yes, we're getting aggressive. We're getting back to the gazelle, intense paying off your debt. But I think that's the conversation that today, that her and her husband should sit down and have and be like, all right, what's our priority right now?


Do we want another child? Do we want to pay off debt? Like, what was that? And then together they go after that, that priority. That's exactly right.


There's a there's a control you're worried about losing control, huh? Well, control, it's like it's such a struggle to pay with one. I mean, we were making fifteen thousand dollars one year the first year the baby came and there were problems like she had to have a surgery. I know what it's like to struggle and not have money where you just can't pay hardly anything. Are you are you still in that situation?


Yeah. Are you making 15000 a year, right? Yeah. A year. Like it was bad. And now we're making like eighty four right now because I'm able to work and so and he has a better job. Right.


So it's like a plan plan. It's totally natural that your, your heart and mind is just reliving what he just went through.


Yeah, of course it was scary. Yeah. Of course it was frustrating.


You you guys got to peer over the edge there and see that it's a long way down.


You're in a different situation financially. You are trying to do the right thing. There is zero guarantee that you're going to decide next month to get pregnant, you're going to get pregnant. I've known a number of couples that have no problem getting pregnant with Kid one, and then it takes one to four years for child two. So this is one of those situations that you can you can have a reasonable plan, Anthony. You can have a direction. But there's so many variables there.


If you're in a different place financially, you've got a plan together. You've got two partners on the same page with you. I'm with Anthony. Go have a baby. Go. I have a baby smart about it. Be safe about it.


And if you don't want to have a baby, do you have honest enough with yourself? Don't blame a spreadsheet. Decide I'm scared from last time. I'm not ready to do that yet. Let's try. Let's think about it in a year and let's keep crashing on the debt.


There we go. Going out to Grand Rapids, we're going to have a conversation about what walk. Good afternoon. How can doubt today.


And I have. Hey, how are we doing? Good about yourself. I'm doing good. So.


Hey, guys, I'm a pretty recent college graduate, just about a year and a half now. I'm trying to figure out how I should tackle my loans. I've got about fifteen thousand dollars in federal student loans, about 74000 in private student loans.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. So the coronavirus put the federal loans into a national forbearance. I'm not currently paying them. However, since they are broken up into my lowest, you know, the lowest student loans, the baby steps would tell me to pay those down first, even though I'm not paying them. Yeah. So my question for you is, what would you guys recommend paying the federal student loans or the private student loan since I'm actually having to pay the private ones, yeah.


We're going to take you to debt snowball.


You have to pay the federal ones, too. It's smoke and mirrors, brother. Just forget what the headlines are. Yeah, follow the plan.


Follow the plan. OK, guys, line them up. Smallest and largest. And this is not a math problem. You know that. Yeah. So we want to build momentum. So you want to see things disappearing, disappearing, disappearing, disappearing, disappearing. And what's your income right now? What's your gross income? About forty eight thousand forty eight thousand dollars a year. And how much student loan? Total debt?


89000. About 89000. Yeah, yeah.


So right now, honestly, I would pay that off. So you're not racking up any interest? I would just really start putting money towards what? You're not getting the federal student loans because now you can pay that off without racking up any interest. And then once you pay that off, then you're going to tax the ones that are gaining interest. You need that momentum and you trust me, you'll thank us later. I can't give away any more free stuff.


But I want you to go to my Web site, Antônio Dotcom, and search ten bucks. I want you to get the my my short little book. It's like eighty pages. It's called Destroy Your Student Loan Debt. All right. I want you to read that Milwaukie do some RE5 possibilities. I'll walk you through how to pay it off quicker. It's only ten bucks. It will take you hour and a half to read it. There's no intro I get straight into.


This is how we destroy your student loan debt.


So go to Anthony Anthony O'Neal dot com and check that out or you go to Amazon.com. But if you go to Anthony Dotcom to get other resources there for for free. And so for anyone listening right now, if you're like this young man like Walt Disney, I have a lot of student loan debt. What do I do? I'm telling you right now that book I spent maybe two days just write anything and I just say, hey, I want to help people.


I mean, I really do want to help people not to die.


Thank you so much, man, for joining me today. And don't play with you. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes. I want to thank our producer, James Shoutin are filling in for not filling in, but our sources produce. The baddest phone screen in the world, Kelly, Daniel and yo, I'm going to thank you, America, for chillin with us today. Don't forget the caliber of your future, especially your financial future, will be determined by the choices you make today.


And you made the right one by listening to Daddy and Anthony O'Neal right here on the Dave Ramsey Show. Have a good day.


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