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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solution, broadcasting from the car rental studios. It's the Dave Ramsey Show where debt is down. Just king and a paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW. The status symbol choice. I'm Dave Ramsey, your host, Anthony O'Neal Ramsey, personality number one bestselling author, is my co-host today here on the show. The phone numbers, triple eight eight to five five two two five. That's triple eight eight two five five two two five.


Gavin is with us in Yukon, Oklahoma.


Hi, Gavin. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Better than I deserve. How can we help you?


So a little bit of backstory. I'm 18. My girlfriend is 17. She's a senior in high school this year and I just graduated. She wants to go to college and major in art history, but she's told me that she doesn't think that there's much job opportunity there. She wants to go and learn some more. And so I guess my question is, is at what point is it my time to say something or time to say something? And then what do I say?


So I don't come off when I'm not caring or about understanding her situation. Oh, man, that's a real good question. How long you all been dating? Almost a year. OK? OK.


All right. All right, all right. Now, let me ask you this question. What would you say? Like, what do you want to say? You know, I'm a little harsh once per day.


So what do you want to say?


If you're harsh, per Dave, that's really bad.


So but what would you say if you could say anything you want to say? And he didn't worry about her feelings for a second. What would you say?


Yeah, I would say that you need to think harder about this because you have some money saved up and you could get through it without putting on student loans or anything. But is it really worth spending eighty thousand dollars to go to a four year school to get a major and something you can get a job and you know.


OK, cool. And here's here's what I would suggest. Since you are you guys are in a relationship, I want you to step back and see if you can help her find out something else that she's good at, you know, because if she's saying that there's no job atmosphere, there's no job opportunities in this field, maybe you can help her identify something else that she's good at, that there are some job opportunities. So rather coming at her that would say, well, you know, hey, what about this?


You know, you're really good at communicating. You're really good at listening. You ever thought about this opportunity? If you do this, it can honestly cost you a little bit cheaper over here. And you could do this going to more. Is it art or is it history?


So she wants to go into art history. I know. I heard that. Which one is it that she likes the most?


She like she's she she says that she can appreciate art and she likes how it's developed over time. So it's kind of both. Hmm. OK, so he could I'm just trying to figure out, is she a history major that needs to teach history in high school or is she a graphic artist?


Yeah, I think that she would have be one of those two options, it would be definitely on the side of history teacher. She doesn't want to make art. She just likes to appreciate it, like how it's developed over time. OK, well, here's a good rule in general.


The extent that you can influence someone is 100 percent directly correlated with the depth of relationship you have with them.


So a casual relationship, you really can't influence someone. OK. The UPS driver, the drop stuff off at my house, his name's George. He's a great guy. I talk to him. I say, hey, George. He says, hey, Dave. But I don't really get to talk to him about what he's studying in college.


I don't have any relationship that's way on the outer rings of relationships.


All the way in the inner ring would be my wife.


Right. And so then my grown kids and then people that are good, close friends that love me and can speak to me about things and I can speak to them about things that they need to change or look at.


But outside that people don't really listen to other people. It just it just pisses them off that you get involved in their business. Yeah, and so don't you know, don't be an Internet troll with your girlfriend, is my point. So, you know, make sure that you are that that the that your relationship is deep enough, that let's just change the relationship for a second.


Let's say this was a guy that you have grown up with since you were eight years old. You played baseball or football with him. You've hung out, your dad's took you camping together. You are best buddies all the way through high school and he's getting ready to make a dumb decision.


Well, you just put your arm around him and kick his little. But wouldn't you? Right.


Yeah, but you've got the depth of relationship to pull that off in that scenario that I just laid out.


And so you've got to tread lightly because you're about to test when you start this conversation how deep this relationship is.


Yeah. And and know when to stop, you know, and then once you test it, if you see, that's OK, I cross my boundaries back up and don't bring it up again until the relationship worries that you can't bring it back up in a safe place.


Yeah, they've got to know that this is not about you. Yeah. And that you actually do know them and you're thinking of their best interests, which is what you're doing it sounds like.


But translating that to her and then becoming persuasive in the argument is, is based on the depth of the relationship. So this idea that you know well, you ought to be accountable to so-and-so, not accountable to you.


I never met you. I can kiss my butt. I'm not accountable to you, you know.


You know, some guy has thirty five people in his charge. He's pissed off at me because I don't use the King James version and FPU or something, you know.


So, you know, I'm not accountable to you do I don't have a relationship with you.


But my one of my best buddies that I've, you know, read the Bible with and studied with and learned with or my pastor for for twenty years or ten years. Yeah. Yeah. They see something in my life. I'm accountable to them. They've got but and that's the same thing.


It's the depth of the relationship in order to have an impact and change the direction of some kind of behavior. Yeah, but you cannot do that with people that that don't trust that you know, that they know you, that you know them and don't trust your intent.


Yeah, it's a big deal. Jackson is with US Jacksons in Jackson, Mississippi, oddly enough. What's up? How are you?


Hey. Hey. How are you doing? Great. How can we help? So my wife and I are both teachers and we're in babysit, too, and I am making a career switch and this year in my last year teaching, it'll be my fifth year. And I was wondering if whatever I finished this year, if I could pull out, I'll have nineteen thousand dollars in my state retirement and I have about forty two thousand dollars left of student loan debt to pay off.


And you've only said you don't pull out of retirement to pay debt, but this is kind of a different scenario. Why is it different now? I said pull that out. Well, I guess the reason that I thought it would be different because I guess I can move the money over into an IRA. Maybe that would be the better decision.


Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. You're going to pay a penalty. Yeah. Yeah. You're going to pay a tax penalty, a 10 percent penalty. Plus you're going to pay your taxes on it. So you're intellectually and I want to borrow money at 30 percent interest to pay off my debt. Yeah, makes sense, I guess I'm just so eager to get out that I thought it would be make it a little faster, but I appreciate that.


And that's who always ask this question is somebody who's game on. Yeah, somebody who's got Gazzo intensity. So you got all the special sauce? Jackson just I'm just not going to give up a third of my money to the government.


I'm right on point. Yeah. Keep the eagle go after. Keep your money, though. Yeah.


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Anthony O'Neal Ramsey, personality number one, best selling author, is my co-host today on The Dave Ramsey Show. Tom is in Spokane, Washington. Hey, Tom, how are you?


If you are, you're breaking up with your phone to answer. So good. Dave, how are you? Yes, good. Good.


How can we help? So my dad is dying from a large brain tumor. Last August, they gave him a couple of weeks to live. Oh my God. So he's already surpassed well, father. And they said but we ran into a few problems. Yeah, well, like I said, he's made it way longer than we thought. So he has a house, he has about 15 cars. He has a small retirement account with like five grand in their.


My question is, my sister is the power of attorney, but we're reading that goes away when he dies. So what happens to all that when he dies? There's no will. So he has a will, it's not we can't really talk to him very well. We don't know if everything is in there. Have you read the. No, I have not. Where is it? I know it was done very quickly and because we thought it was going to he was going to pass very quickly.


Now, who did who did the oil? My sister, my older sister will get it from her sit down, look at it. That's where the stuff's going. Whatever that says. And it may have some broad strokes in it, like all of my known worldly goods are dispersed this way, which covers everything, right? It usually won't.


Some wills will list out if you've got a very detailed estate planning list out every single item. But the will is the guiding document.


It's going to dictate what happens. So let's say worst case scenario. Well, let's say none of the cars are on there or none of his retirement accounts on that. What what would happen to those? A judge would decide in probate court with an attorney, which means the will is a piece of crap. OK, they may not be listed on there, but I'm almost I mean, I'll give you a 90 percent probability that with some broad language that will addresses all of his assets.


OK, it's very you know, he wants even the template will abasic will that you buy freakin OfficeMax. It's a piece of crap. Does that OK? And so unless your sister typed this up, it probably addresses with some kind of catchall language for the other stuff. I'm not an attorney. I've just dealt with this like a thousand times. Right. She's the power of attorney right now. Yeah, but we're reading when he passes that that. Goes away.


Yeah, get the will and look at it, everybody sit down and look at it now before he passes and let's just have a discussion about it so that we're all on the same page and we go, OK, that's what this thing says, because I'm thinking it probably does not address every item that he owns, like your suspicion, OK?


But I think it does have a some catchall language that just says and the rest of my assets, other than these that are listed or anything not listed here that I do own falls under this or whatever, it'll have something that is like the umbrella catchall for the other items. And now the retirement account may have a beneficiary on it.


And that would pass outside the will. It usually does, as a matter of fact, like a 401k. Yeah, it'll have a beneficiary on it like a life insurance policy does, and it'll just go directly to that person. If the beneficiary is the estate, then the will will determine what happens to it, but otherwise it'll go. If you're the beneficiary on the 401k, it's going to go to you outside regardless of what the will says.


OK, my last question is taxes on his house and his cars and everything, I imagine we'll all get.


I mean, it's not much 15, 20 thousand, maybe anything we didn't know about that income shouldn't be any taxes on any of it, except possibly the retirement account may have some income tax on whoever it goes to. And an inherited IRA does have taxes on it, but inherited money does not inherited houses and cars do not. OK, thank you so much, Tom, I'm sorry you guys are facing this, how old is he? All youngest, forty eight.


Oh, my lord. Yeah, well, I tell you, man, from having walked through this a bunch of times, you you know, you deal with the emotions, you deal with the spiritual aspects of something like this and Salvacion issues, and you also deal with the practical things, which is what you're calling about today. The and it does actually help you.


With the sadness and with the process you guys are going through as a family, if you can all sit down and talk about something like you're asking me and get the will out together and look at it and be on the same page, because the lack of harmony among siblings over something silly like what happens to a car is not worth it.


When your dad's passing. And so I would sit down with the gang and just have a little family meeting, very gentle, very kind, and say, OK, let's look at what this says and it's going to be good for all of us in ahead of time if we're in agreement on this.


David, learning opportunity even for myself here, because I have a will, but also having some I will power of attorney. I didn't know that when a person, an individual dies, a power attorney goes away as well. When in their power attorney go over. Now, it doesn't.


It doesn't. A power of attorney because you the power of attorney says that again, I'm acting like a lawyer. I'm not worried because her answer is that let's say you're the power of attorney for me, OK? When I'm gone, you you're signing my name on my behalf, which is what power of attorney is.


This doesn't work legally that that entity is not there anymore. And so you can't have a power of attorney on something that doesn't exist anymore. Leak from a legal standpoint, spiritual standpoint, obviously still exist. All that. That's what I'm talking about.


But but the power of attorney ends at death and then the executor of the estate becomes it starts to be in charge of executing thus the name executor. They execute the terms of the will. And, you know, we throw around will like it's a document. It is a document. Right.


But, you know, they always start out almost always with the same kind of little phrases like, what is my will?


Yeah, it's my will and my last statement, my last will and testament, my personal will, that Anthony gets this car and that Rachel gets this thing and that Winston gets that thing.


OK, that's my I want that to happen. That is my will. That's where the name comes from. That's what a will is. It's it's your will. It's what you will to happen upon your death.


And your testament is that you're testifying to that.


And so we should be updating that at least once a year minimum or as much as often as we need to add things to the will.


There's a major life change. Yes. If you move. Yeah. You got an update as well, because all well, law is all probate law. State law. It's not federal law. And so Louisiana has way different laws than Tennessee.


Yeah, California, Florida, way different laws.


California is like another country. Well, you knew that. But but the, you know, way different probate laws.


And so you need to if you move the state that you reside in at the time of your death, if you have a will from Oklahoma and you're living in Illinois, you probably have a will. It's got some problems. OK, very likely.


So if you move no one that have made your life, things happen. Yeah, babies. Babies turn 18 and leave. You're married, you're divorced. Someone else dies.


And, you know, it affects your what? You know, the person you're going to give the stuff to dies.


You know, any time there's a major life change, demographic change, meaning marriage, babies, divorces, all those deaths, all those kinds of things in your life, or you move, you've got to update it. Now, we update ours in detail because got it's a massive freaking document once a year. And we have a meeting with the family and the leaders of the company and and we go through exactly what's going to happen if Dave dies this year.


We call it the Monty Python meeting. I'm feeling much better, but.


Yeah, and so but, you know, but we're so freakin detailed about it because if you're not, the government will end up with it. And if you're not the family, we end up fighting.


And because I said, well, dad told me that's one thing. Well, yeah. Now everybody knows what dad thinks. Got bad, covers it in detail. Yeah. Once a year and then you update that puppy. So if you don't have a complicated state, you still need to have a reading of the will while you're alive. What the parties involved, you don't need a movie scene with the bombshell trophy wife and the idiot son. You know, that looks like a classic movie scene, right?


And they're going to fight in the lawyer's office with a walnut lined paneling and they find out what's really happened with the old man was thinking, no, you do all that stuff while your buds alive. Yes. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. Well, we all have enough on our plates, right? The last thing we need is to not get a good night's sleep. Think about how effective you're going to be during the day if you can't even think clearly because you didn't actually arrest.


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Thanks for joining us, America. Anthony O'Neal Ramsey personality, is my co-host on the air today. Danielle is with us in Athens, Georgia. Hi, Danielle. How are you? Hi, Dave. I'm doing well. How are you?


Better than I deserve. What's up?


I need your help settling a lively marital discussion for about a year.


He actually encouraged me to call in because I've been very dogged and what I think is the right thing to do.


You said your husband. Say that again.


We just been discussing it for about a year. OK, and he encouraged you to call this show.


Yes, answers. OK. Yeah, and hi, Anthony, glad to hear from you, too. So broadly, our question is, should we buy and flip a fixer upper or Anthony is to love it, pay off our student loans?


Well, you know what I'm going to like. We actually know what both Delvina are going to like. But what's the argument? I mean, what are you saying? You. Would you like some context, please? My husband and I have been we've been married for seven years and actually take over the wedding and we've only been dating if I'm not up to date. He's the oldest of six. There's nothing to fall back on if we totally feel like so.


We've always been fairly conservative in our spending and have student loans and no credit card debt. But my masters is in nonprofit management, business and social work. So so we have to be creative with how we fill our budget. So in essence, we bought our first house in twenty fifteen. It was like eighty two thousand dollars. It's like thirty five hundred dollars down payment. And he renovated the house himself so we bought it for 80 to put 14 or so into it over two years.


Sold it when we had an 18 month old and I was seven months pregnant, sold it for one twenty eight five and then took that thirty five thousand dollars profit put as a down payment on our current house. OK, so we want to be able to use his skill set. His dad built there one of his houses when he was 12. He and his brothers can all tile and they refinished floors and built roofs. And so he really wants to get into we're in Athens.


It's a college town. He wants to get into rentals. I want to be completely debt free and very low risk before we consider that.


How much student loans to nineteen thousand five hundred eighty three dollars and then. Our net is about seven and mine fluctuates. Last year, I was coaching a lot at a local boutique fitness studio and we've always used his as the foundation and then I kind of part time breaks. But then we have a three and a five year old. So we my work doubles around.


So to me, why during the year you've been talking about this, you couldn't have already paid off the student loan. Excellent question, Dave. We refinanced to a 15 year with a cash out in actually on March 15th of this year, which was two days before our county locked down with the intent to pay off the student loan immediately. And because everything locked down, we decided to give it six months while there was a break on student loan interest rates and build up our emergency savings.


So we're at a three month now. We didn't want to have only a thousand dollars in the bank during covid just in case, because his job is pretty secure. But we've always done a lot of. So are you back to work accommodating my extra? I, I am not. There's no fitness jobs. So why why are you.


So you get enough cash out of the refinance to pay off the student loan.


Right. Correct. And you're still sitting on that. That's right, Dave. OK. And so while you're sitting on this egg. He starts to go, I want to buy a house with instead. Hmm, he's been thinking that since about May. That was not the agreement when we refinanced the House, that when we refinanced the house we were going to pay off the student loan. The reason we did it was covered. Hit. Right, and so while why because but here we sat on this egg and is starting to correct now and he's starting to lose his mind and go on about how.


Yes, that's accurate. And what was he still working during, covid? Yeah. Oh, he's never quit. Never quit.


So yeah, so she works in it for the university and works remote right now. So his income followed.


But then you let me help you out. This is this is Anthony. Maybe more commo version of day for you.


OK, I want you to get the get the money and go pay off the clothes. I mean, just, just, just, just get the money. Go pay off the student loans. And then once you pay off the student loans, go back to the three months. Then after three months, then I mean, we just don't work the baby steps. You know, I think a lot of people right now just are getting, like, money hungry.


Oh, I can I can use my skills to make more money. And that's fine. I want you to make more money, David. We both want to make more money, but do it on a solid foundation. So what does he do for a living now?


He went back to his bachelors. He's an I.T. You how many hours a week to work program software? He's forty hours a week salary. Perfect.


Perfect. OK, so let me tell you, I got a buddy of mine that's good with laying tile and putting up trim and doing carpentry work and fixing a gutter start a little remodel business. And last year he made three hundred thousand dollars profit. Oh man. So these are skills that are valuable.


I'm not sure your husband necessarily wants to leave the field, but I think on the weekend he could build some decks and do some other stuff and he can make more money doing that than he can screwing around and flipping houses and bankrupting you people.


Thank you. I'm someone else's dime because they're in and they're.


Hello, no risk. They just write you checks. Yeah. For your work. Correct. That's my favorite phrase.


And we get to use and we get to use our skill that mom and dad are the dad taught me, which is a wonderful skill my dad taught me to swing a hammer to. It's a wonderful thing to be able to pick up a screwdriver and know which end works, you know?


And so it's a good thing. I'm glad he has that skill. But it is it's leading you guys down a bad path. You need to write a check, pay off the student loans as soon as you talk to him tonight. I want you to hide it from him.


But Anthony's advice is exactly correct. Interesting discussion. It is so it's almost as if you're heading in the right direction and if you pause instead of going ahead and doing what you're supposed to do, it gives you the opportunity to do stupid.


Yes, that that was a problem.


You can almost you could you know, you're going down the interstate and you'll get your foot off the gas and the car starts drifting towards the exit. Yes. And exit says land of stupid. Right? Right.


And that was the interesting thing. And I've done it before, Dave. You know, I you know, I'm do this then when I get it actually in my hands. Yeah.


You look at that pile of money, I'm like, oh, you look, maybe I'm a go over here now rather than going over when sometimes you just don't even see it, get it and do exactly what I was going to do with it.


Execute your plan. Yeah. Develop your plan. Execute your plan.


And then they did have a valid reason for tapping the brakes because of covid. OK, I'd argue that. But it is interesting that when you have a moment to think about it. Yeah, I've done that too. Yeah, I that's what I could relate to. I thought, you know, when if I just would go ahead and do what the flip I'm supposed to do instead of stopping and thinking about it.


It really because when I think about it, when I get dumb sometimes I just that that's exactly what happened there. Yeah. So interesting, very interesting discussion.


Now we got to say this to Dave. Now, when you're going into your emergency fund, you do want to stop and think and make sure that it is emergency. So we're not telling people don't think, but we're saying when you say you're going to do something, do it.


Well, you know, I've got I'm executing on a plan. And the next step of the plan is X. And if you pause and start gazing at that pot of gold.


Yes. You're eyes. Grolsch Yes. And you'll go into a gold coma. Absolutely.


Yeah, it's well, that's what happens. And that's very interesting that and they did it for the right reasons because they should have paused because of covid.


Yeah, I don't disagree with that. You didn't have a thousand dollars in the bank. What was her point?


And that follows what we were teaching people right in the middle of covid. You know, just calm down, you know, pause. You don't have to do a bunch of moves right now. However, it is also an interesting principle that here's what I'm trying to say, what he sometimes where overthink it, sometimes we overthink it, James, we overthink.


How do you how do you lose weight?


You eat less and you work out, you know, what makes you look thinner than wearing black, being thinner.


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Bryans in Beaumont, Texas. Brian, welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show. How can Anthony not help? Hey, guys, how are you? Good, how can we help? I work for a major oil company and my employer has just spent my four one kay match. Mm hmm. Going forward, you know, infinitely, I guess. So I'm wondering, should I continue to contribute or should I focus more on an IRA and can I roll over my for a long time?


And IRA, I'm still employed. Answer the last questions.


No, you can't roll a 401k while you're still there. We recommend matches first. You've lost that. The second best thing to do is Roth. Does your 401k have a Roth option?


Yes or no? Currently that's in the graph. OK, and well, that has the exact same effect as having your own Roth IRA. OK. The only difference is the Voronin case got a few more restrictions on it, but in terms of what it will turn into for wealth building, if you were invested in in the exact same mutual funds inside a Roth 401k that you were inside your own Roth IRA, you'd have the exact same results.


OK, so do you have good mutual fund options in your 401k? I do, but they are limited, so I figured with Iria I'd have more options.


Yeah, if you want to slow down your 401k and start your fall and start your Roth, that be OK?


Yeah, but you know, and then someday, if the match returns, then make sure you return and get that match, right.


Absolutely. Yeah. You know, we're all filled as you guys are taking a real hit. It's been a long couple of years and. Yes, sir, it's getting longer as it goes on. Yeah, it's been a dadgum boomtown up until then. Everything everything was on fire and all of a sudden it just went to nothing.


And then we then we put covid on top of that and destroyed demand.


Nobody's driving and buying gasoline. So there you sit with an oil oversupply and that drove prices down even more. And you guys are just hanging on. So I hope it turns around for your brother.


Yes. Appreciate it.


Thanks for calling in by open phones at eight eight two five five two two five. Christie's in Arkansas are Alaska. I'm sorry, Wasilla, to be exact. Hi, Christie. How are you? Good. Thank you for taking my call. Sure. A road from dogsleds in Wasilla one time. Fine. It's a beautiful 73 day. So perfect.


Good, good. How can we help today?


Well, my husband and I can't make a decision about Earth just having trouble making a decision about whether to sell our house and finish off our my baby step two. We have about forty thousand left on his student loan. Our house is worth about three point twenty five and we owe to sixteen. So we think we make about 40000 profit if we.


Do you like your house? We like it, but long term, we don't want to stay here forever. We've got three kids, they're 11, 14 and 17. So we're just looking at transitions. My starting college with them and everything like that. So lots of changes coming up. And I don't know if it's it's worth it to sell it or just tough it out for one more year. We've paid off about one hundred and ten thousand in debt over the past two years.


If you pay it off, if you did sell it, Christine, what what would you owe or will you guys be OK renting for the next three to four years to get you emergency here?


We are thinking maybe two years, but you might be more correct. We could rent for about 15 to 17 hundred months probably. And utilities would go down to because of the home that we're in, it's older and. Getting some work to boost the household income, again, about one hundred. Per year 100, how much, 115, 115, OK. All right, all right, you know, on this one here, Kristie, I'm going to say, if you all do not like it and you see yourself moving out of it anyways down the road and you are really cazale intense about getting out of debt a year or something, make a huge difference or getting equity in a house, maybe a couple more, a few more thousand dollars.


If I was in your shoes, I'm selling the house. Go ahead and get on a game plan to rent for the next. I'm say what your income about two two more years and then go ahead and save it to get back into the house that you all want to be in it. Not just you like, but that you love.


You know, I you know, one year from now after getting if you sold the house and paid off the debt, one year later, you should have 40000 dollars in your bank account. Yeah, because you could have paid off 40000. Yeah.


And now you don't have that debt and you're in you've got and you've moved down and house and so you should be able to save at least what you would have paid off in debt your stayed in the house.


And so one year later you ought to have 40000 and another year out of 80000. And so that 80000 minus your emergency fund is your down payment for your next deal. And that would be my plan.


And so if you're going to rent, do not rent something super duper expensive and nice, because the idea of this is to take a step back in order to be able to leap forward. Yeah, that's the idea. So make sure you get that effect out of this. That's very, very important.


And we suggest 25 percent of your net pay. So we're saying anywhere between maybe 15 and 20 max. You would say it's like a number wise. Are you saying just as cheap as possible, but that's livable. Yeah. I mean, on as a rental.


Yes. The cheaper the rent, the more money you save and the better house you buy with a bigger down payment. Right. And so rent is patience. And so don't pay any more for your campsite than you have to get your camping for two years.


Yeah, not literally but figuratively.


You know, Dave, people have a problem doing that.


Many people have a problem living way below their means to to go after their dreams. And it goes I don't think she does.


Yeah, I think because if you're willing to sell your house, you know, the trick is just don't fall in the trap of moving up into a nicer home than you're in now as your rental move, move into something that, hey, this is our adventure house.


He writes every every 500 bucks that you don't pay and rent is another six thousand dollars a year. Yes. And it's good money in your savings account. And that starts to build up a good strong down payment for the next purchase. You are on track, right? On track. Very good stuff. Truly, the Bible says if you that no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but it yields a harvest of righteousness and that's where we get live like no one else.


So later you can live and give like no one else. And that's the path that Krista and her family are on. Yeah. So the thing is, they are these little. When you actually go look at a rental house and you go, oh, it starts to go, oh, all that philosophy of living on less than you make and, you know, sacrificing to win. Oh, yeah. Oh, that's what this means. Oh, so, you know, before you put it on the market, you ought to go look at some rentals and know what you're getting yourself into emotionally.


And then if you still want to do it, and that's OK.


James Childs is our producer.


Kelly Daniel is our associate producer and phone screener. I am Dave Ramsey, your host, my co-host today, Anthony O'Neal. This is The Dave Ramsey Show.


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