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We're back, we're back. I'm Drew McGarry. And I'm David Roth. Together, we used to write for a site called Deadspin, but we left that site, as did all of our colleagues last year. And coming in September 20, 20, a new site we had built together called Defector Defector. And we're going to have a new podcast to go with it. This very podcast which has the name, the distraction you're listening to right now, fantastic D and together, who would have thought it never been thought of before?


The podcast for The Distraction debuts August 13th as part of the Stitcher Network. And you can go to defector dot com right now and subscribe right now that you have to go right now.


I'm going to hurt you. He's so big and mean. You don't want anything to do with that. That's right. That's right. My kids tell me I'm very big and mean and they would know best. So listen, the distraction August 13th subscribe to defector and defector Dotcom. We start launching in September. And thank you to the city network for hosting us. And we'll see you then.


In August, the distraction. A new podcast from defector Dotcom and the Stitcher Network premieres August 13th.


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