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All right, guys, we're back. The ETCs podcast, episode seven, we got a special episode today. I don't want to waste too much time, but Kevin is a lot going on right now.


And I got to get I got to I have to ask you, because somebody has to ask you. And why not? Why not me and one of us here, the NBA got extra petti with you guys this year. It seems like your team is going to be the story of a lot of narratives and the scheduling shows that opening night, your former team, the Golden State Warriors, this is your platform. So you can you can control your narrative here.


And you can you can you can kind of cap what is this?


Is this is is this just a regular game?


Are you waiting to block everybody out and tell all that shit out of here?


Oh, there is no narrative at all. I don't I mean, it's just a regular basketball game. I don't care too much about, you know, that drama that comes with that former team, you know, all of that stuff. I've been through that. OK, so I'm not trying to do that. We'll go to state. I love everybody. There is just another game. Well, it's got to be a little bit more than another game because not because of that, I'm sure, you know, we saw you and Steph when he came to Brooklyn last year.


Solove, you've been asked about Draymond one hundred thousand times Solove, but you haven't been on the court in quite some time. So I know you're excited. We've already kind of covered that, but that part has to be.


Yeah that part is. I'm excited about playing but the play some familiar faces is definitely going to be cool that first go around. You know I'm saying but being away from the game so long, I'm looking forward to it.


And then Boston, you are going to Boston twice in the next two weeks, right? Yeah. Like that would be a crazy environment with the fans. We're not going to get that this time. Maybe later this year. We'll see, but we'll see. It's going to be a fun year. The NBA is definitely buying in on you guys drama.


So that's on everybody's drama.


Oh, man. Lights, we could talk all day, but look, we got a special guest express.


I mean, in every way we've cast everybody when we talk to them, not even guys. We've given their resume and a resume sparkling. But this guy is an icon, a legend.


I feel like your name says it all. So, like, we'll talk about your resume. But we're here with the one and only LaVar Ball. How are you doing, LaVar? Hey, I'm doing good.


I'm always, you know, so big, big mo for you. Another son. Go on top three, another son make getting the contract you got you you did it.


You did what you say. All three boys in the league, just like you said. How's it been filled? How's the last couple of weeks been for you guys in the family?


I always being quiet and just because they told I knew they was all going to be all the way up to my boys. Yeah, somebody's got to be better than Michael Jordan. Why not? You and I also told honestly the guy got born to go pro. So we're like my boys, just like I hope we make it to the NBA. Know he was going to do that for me. My goes a long way. They want to be strong.


You really got to be like, oh, I you great. These next two weeks now I've been feeling great hometown. There you go.


It's it's got to be empowering to have a parent who believes in you in that way and then present something like going to the NBA as a reality from the beginning. Was that always your plan? Like if I saw them, they can do this, then they'll know and it'll be I don't know about easier, but they'll understand it's a reality for them. Well, it's going to be easier if you invest in something that's your home that makes it easier.


It's like all the hard work they put in and all this you develop their work ethic when you're young. But if you love something, like I say, to be successful in anything, this is what you need to do something and you only need one person it if you have more or less even better, but you need that one person to believe you can't do it on your own. So that's why people tell me when my boys are made to the NBA, you made all these sacrifices and all the sacrifices.


If you're going to do some hard ass work, I made those sacrifices. If I make it a family thing. My wife loved basketball. I loved basketball. So train them from a young age, being competitive and all. It was just fun. So the journey, a great cavanough.


You talked about this before. You mentioned how, you know, it'd be great to have somebody like LaVar in your corner that support matters, right, when you're coming up in U.S. history?


Most definitely.


I mean, you see so many different players and you see you hear the statistics about how hard it is to get to the NBA. And, you know, you have somebody who has training you that's got knowledge of the game, know the history of the game and constantly teaching you, you know, how to play this game, how to navigate in a life. I mean, you can only succeed no matter if you're going to make it to the top level of the NBA or you won't be, you know, when the G League or overseas, you're going to make some money in this game if you focus in and lock in and got somebody in your corner.


So I would I would say that's that's one of the most important things, you know, for me.


But for for Melo and Gelo and Lonzo, like they hadn't had through Talita, you know, then like those kids, you could tell that they play, you know, they love the game and they play all day, every day, not just organized ball, but with their friends outdoors dribbling a rock. I could tell that they was just students and just love to level.


I always tell people, you know, they characterize you as like mad man, some crazy dad and all this stuff. I always tell people, if you go to a U-turn, even like a low level, a U-turn, you're going to see a lot of LaVar Ball, a lot of LaVar wannabes. You know, you just a supportive parent in that environment. Does it did it ever frustrate you to be kind of represented wrong in that way to be to have your character assassinated like that?


I mean, when people outside and satisfied that can stop me from doing nothing. I say this a lot of people, you know, they cheer for the kids. That's why they take a few tournaments and all that stuff. It's a fun environment. Now, the people say I'm crazy. The sister was just jealous and under the rule approach, but I don't care about that. I know what I'm about. My boys don't come about. So we all good.


So, you know, if I mean, I'm like, oh man, we got to get LaVar our respect now. He got all this.


But now don't give me my respects the way you were before that. So at what age did the boys start playing together?


They started playing together, man. A guy told me this is story a while back. And it's as I said before, I going to have to coach all boys back. I was like, nah, I'm going to sit back and watch what you what they do. And I must go on his first team when he was six. OK, you know, the guy had was on the team. He was five and the coach, the coach, he had taken all the shots, couldn't play a lick.


That's what told me that next season I got to do my own thing with my boys. These dudes don't look for me. I never I never let him play for nobody. I always created my team to get the thrills like I like like this man. When you have three boys, I'll put him on the court every turn for the pros, like I'm like you playing in this game with these kids, just running with the ball. At least they got a way to sort of replay Lonzo seven, Gelo six and Melo was for what it is all those games like for you guys.


Like I taught him how to do things which is tense over the shoulder. I mean really because we don't throw the clock has got to be to keep running fast. Catch over your shoulder and Dolia two steps body here. You can't block the shot. You throw it like that but you can block the one is perfectly in from your stomach. And so that's why all the shots right here.


Yeah, but you can't stop the ball. The hole. OK, I shoot. You know, but, you know, I do like this, you can't block it like that, so that's a shoe on top of the head real early, an early age. And we used to outrun everybody. Never get tired. So the whole time in throwing that ball and as soon as we get it, we just throw it sideways, backwards, because Melo Angelo was always at the top of my system.


So the pressure hard is hell when the ball is shot in spread to the other hand, make a mess. Miles was a very good rebounder playing the guards, but you can't see if they missed it. Throw it down. You got to chase Monta to every single play. And if they make it so, take the ball out so quick. Throw them anyway.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. You got to play fast at Chino Hills. When I first seen Lonzo six six at the point guard I just, I knew that was just a different you know he was going to be, he was going to be the future. I felt like the future at that point guard position at that size because everybody's gonna have to match up with him like did you. And then Melo did you, did you feel that he was going the you know, he's going to be that total?


Yes. Most of the time you're going to be the height of your dad or a little bit taller. Yeah. Now I'm six six almost to make it to six six. My dad is six too. I got four. The brothers, my shortest brother is six three and then my oldest brother is six five. I'm six six and then another one of our brothers, six, six and otherwise six said so I'm like this all my boys going to be six six.


The fact that I married my wife is six one and everybody don't get an answer from her that put them at six, seven, six, eight in the world.


So I guess that to say like you must with players when you watch them, when you envision your boys coming up, especially seeing those two because they too tall point guards playing NBA point guards, six, six, six, eight, like you had to see something different from from watching the game. You know what?


I'm good at the point guard spot because usually it would be centers in a high school and junior high. But if we played so high when it was in when Lonzo was third grade, but Jones in a second and Melo was in kindergarten, I hadn't played in the league. That was for middle school. He's played great teams, so we always played even though these before the age it was always playing indoor spots and always, you know, and then when, you know, when he was in junior high, we was playing high school teams and people was always mad at me because he was like a bar.


You don't take a chance at all this. You only stay in Ontario, Chino Hills of Anaheim. I said, let me tell you this the best. Can you eleven. Your team cannot beat the worst. Sixteen team in boys is faster, even if they can't play a little bit faster, stronger. And that's the mindset I always had. And so, you know, a lot of people as a boys are growing up want to play on a team.


I say, you know what, a lot of good players will play with Joe, but you can win with that team. But can you win with the right team? Because guess what? At the end of the day, that's where you going to Iraq as team. So learn how to win. I mean, you could. Yeah, that makes sense.


At what point did you guys start gathering like crowds in kind of a reputation around Chino Hills and around the area? That's where it becomes this story locally, like when it was baby, you know what I say?


We we tear Chino Hills. We got certain teams in their Manaslu. You know, I went outside of that to where is more Derwish in Ontario. So now a lot of people in the firm, a lot of people was like, I'm not gonna let kids this up. I've decided they going get hurt, so we're not gonna let them in league. And then a lot of it, like we got a fast break and you can't press in as the OK, because Ontario, my buddy, let us play man.


He's like decides to what they get hurt. Man, you can't do this. I say, well I'm going to go through this.


Eighth grade is crazy, but I had a strong wife that when you're not my size now you be like, you grow like this so let them go. Yeah. So that was a big part because usually the motherly instincts come out of moms. I mean, that's the last thing they want is are they kids.


That part that part is big though. Like in that coach. In a new coach. The past matter. The parents matter for the players, it matters for the coach. It's like he can hold a player back if you have them, like, you know, not to put down the moms, but if you had the mom, that's like Yodo hit him, it can really hold your kids back. So that's a big part of it. That's a big part of what you are doing.


To read a little bit about like I said, her mindset is like mine.


I want her to fail because you got both of them has also done a lot of people I consider my boys lucky amigo. You know, to even have a woman that loves basketball can stay in the gym all day long. I got to go with the girls, my girls. But it was like a family man. We train all week just to play and see how many people ask me to work.


Yeah, you don't have to be talking about all the good stuff they just put down, you know. You do. Bamblett. You have to understand with all that good. So it's all right, but you try to have less balance, but it was never like, well, you did good, your dance, it's hard on you guys you would like me to pass. We lost about to score 45 points. So that's what we takes to win.


That's our trade.


All three of my points. At what point did you realize this could be kind of like an empire?


Well, I realized that when I when I got involved with my wife, her this is like this and you take this money and you invested some got a real estate or whatever, man. What if you invest in something that's yours? Your was what did you put in it? Millions of dollars. You got the time and was just a beautiful thing and the journey has been great. And it's all and like what I mean by that is if you have a passion to do something.


I had my boys playing all these sports, but they gravitated to basketball. You cannot be 10 years old. And playing football with dudes is 14. They to break your neck up. Baseball, you can make it. You can kiss you. All right. But in basketball, you could be playing against those 16 17. Why pass the ball or you're out the way you and just came running to knock you out? Yeah.


You know, a lot of stuff, swinging bats and all that sort of crazy. But basketball, you can be very young and still understand the game and get out the way. If you're shooting your IQ is good. It's like this man who run the world, man. Is it the little guys? Is not as strong as the big guy has to do with the IQ. Biggest dude in the world is seven feet and five hundred people who don't run the world, the little ones do don't run the world, the one with the smartest brain going on, that's what people look like.


So where'd you grow up playing ball?


In L.A.? South Central. That's where I'm at. That's where my boys play that game, because the teams that was called back at our base back in it was Crenshaw and Manual Arts. It was some Presson running Soccers Ball. So that's the style. Always had my boys play that. And, you know, what's it like to stay on the narrative for that? Yeah, it's not real basketball. Screaming Rons and being a team player from all the ball don't have a shot.


Perfect pass. Yeah, it's pretty simple, but what they say, there's no structure. You don't play with no structure when you got to play, take some kids to box out 30 feet from the basket and I'm still gonna throw it over your head while you boxing the other way. You will get no rebound.


But if you give me a quick little star, Melo used to cherrypicks almost. Watch your chair, Peter. Maybe when we went about one.


It's funny that that became the narrative of that style of ball. But you watch NBA now is long outlet is if you shoot at three I'm leaking out like they do that all day.


You don't do that. They throw one or two long passes. They said, did you see that fast break everybody else? Are you crazy? I took two of my boys overseas and beat everybody over here and I told them they can't win because you got to change the engine. I said, you guys are used to going to 80, 90. You might get one hundred and ten. We go two hundred and thirty. You go out.


There is some structure in the NBA and you know, the fast paced game. You can't play a fast pace all the time, and especially if you want to win, you know, later on in the season. You know, I'm saying so like you never thought about putting in that pick and roll or player off off the ball or you never looked at it that way.


It's a simple, simple play. That's all it is a game of mismatches. You find that role is very easy to come around and shoot or bounce pass. Very simple. You can play fast the whole time if you everybody won't do that. We've done that. Let's see. That's what they say. Hey, don't let me be no coach in NBA. Why I'm to be the first sucker to press you came for. Look, somebody's going to get tired.


You can say what you want. Somebody's going to get type of an angle because I don't think you could personally. And nobody does unless I get up and coach and I show you you can tell me what I can't do because, you know, the athleticism is a little bit different.


You be most athletic, stuck in the world. If you ain't got no win on a team, somebody's going to get tired.


You're not pressing, no point guard, no starting point guard. The league right now doubles as every single time and probably be wide open. I don't care.


We don't see. That's not I don't believe that's happened.


I'll only play that ball. I guarantee you, nobody on Fresco's. That's the worst. You put it out there to press point guard. So good. Yeah, you might get to twenty times, but we don't see what you will do for that. I'll tell you my heart that will never happen.


And if that happens, you get fired within the first few months.


I will tell you this every time you lose it will not press the whole time. That's what you're going to score. Then you do start coming back will be the last. Right. When you get down and try to hold true, in the end, you are going to get more of feel. You say if you already play like that when you first start the game, you are you in desperation. So unless the whole time philosophy sure about winning is if we miss a lot of shots in the beginning, guess what?


We don't catch you in here because opportunities don't catch up. Yeah, if we can make a lot in the beginning, you'll never catch us up with me so far front. Either way, we don't win a lot. That's my philosophy. Bledel It seems too easy.


They don't want that because it's got to be X's and O's and professional. They don't want to see that. But I guarantee you aren't going to be tied if I start pressing because they're going to be the whole game. And I tell you what, we're good because nobody's ready for that, because with all the players like I in of my league, certainly understanding the season, you know, but er but I looked at when I say that I never.


Yeah. You usually make it work so we'll see. You can get this man how you come up with your own brand. I know what they said. OK, we'll see. So that's what I said to him. I said what I said and waited for this day.


Speaking of that, how you feel about Melo with five and like I said, maybe always going to be good. They bought a brand. It's a family brand. They could do some other things. All right, with that, people switch and go to different things and stuff like that, but I got to tell my boys, man is still with me. They can do some other things. Well, that's fine. But I'll tell you what you think of becoming a billionaire.


What do you want to become a billionaire with a big ball of brand ownership. And when I die, where are you going on a triple B stuff is going. I got it. I got everything I get from water or rams, tires, clothing brand. I go crazy. And when you have ownership, all this going to my boy. So don't be like, oh, we're doing it, Harold. I created the G three to zero to be one for my boys, all under the umbrella of triple BS on the fact that I want you to go your own way and create your own bag.


So so now you have ownership and it's my thing. It's like not to just to make the money off the G3 and all that stuff was to, you know, put the money together and say, you know what, now you guys can have this money. You need to go spend it. But no rams, no ties and no God damn jury is to read up on your stuff. And I'm going to keep going. I'm going with this with the big baller brand.


People ask me this and they laugh about it. Well, you think about five years of war with a big ball of brass. It'll be the biggest brand ever.


I see a little smirk right there because, you know, I'm just I'm just getting started on the other brands. They had to get started, too. But I'll tell you what, I local and global, I don't laugh because I think it's crazy.


I laugh because the confidence you have when you say this in in is getting to the point where, like, people can keep doubting you and write it off as crazy as whatever they want to say. But here we are, you know, three, four years into you being a public figure and a lot of stuff you said has happened. So what about the show, the TV? So I always wonder about this because you raised their fame, two of them before that, all three of them before they were in the league, really.


And he kind of put a target on their back. Did you did you ever have a concern about that? Because they'll never walk into a gym again and people don't know who they are. Did you ever worry about that extra pressure?


People like to say a target on your back. It's a good target. You don't want the best game from the people. I don't want to come in and be like, hey, man. Oh, yeah, I really take my son to be weighing in. I hope you don't play too hard on just, you know, because I'm saying I want to play hard. That's why I do that. You want to talk. You don't want to target on your back.


If you a gangster, as you ask, don't get a deal. But as far as sports put the target on my back, they had it on him since they've been babies. I said y'all can be anyone so you don't win, but the majority of you ain't. So I love to talk about what I want would be a competitor. When you want everybody trying to come at you elsewise. Don't do this, man.


I want to ask about Zo New Orleans. How do you think you'll fit with Stan?


Oh, I'm going to see. But I like I said, I'm like I'm like the situation that you have right now. Like I said, the best situation is I mean, it's brothers. But I say that at least what's different is under way better this year on the fact that, OK, he's healthy, but the mindset of standards like zone, the ball's in your hand. Let me get Drew out the way. Let me let I play the game.


I ain't talking about. No doubt the first thing they say right now, restriction in practice. And you take away his best piece in the bubble and expect him to do like taking your best. We may not want to do too good for him or not. The team is good. Don't keep talking to Xylitol. Play the game and you got to let him the other boys go. But now you know what, Gentry? Frank, he like Frank.


He like you know, I like Drew. He like those are the guys I was before. So. So you're going to minutes from we're just kind of slide these guys in there and that's why you're not playing at all game and you're playing the whole game and doing what you doing. Try to do like I'm not playing with this to like the Chicago Bulls.


My play Lonzo for three quarters straight for three quarters. You only play in thirty six minutes like a high school game. You about twenty ten as on the fourth quarter some. Someday you might have to use a little more. You've been taught to play the whole game.


The not only try because he thought about it all the time so you find he won't let you do your time. But it's very easy. But I think with the mindset stangl be like, hey, we go play your ass to death, so we're going to run this stuff in there. We're about all these people coming and playing cards. We don't do what you do and it'll be a little more successful. What you think about, you know, they kind of chose them in a sense.


It's certainly true that they they brought back Bledsoe, but clearly they they want to put the ball in those hands. How do you think they'll play out out there that they haven't got the league to make to make them a little faster? And obviously, having seen that athleticism, but having by two at the wing, that can be the go to score for him, I. They don't have a nice balance, you know, I'm saying a plan to slow down fourth quarter game and playing that fast paced game sometimes, you know, like you said, they're going they're going to be playing.


They already play with that pace. But now haven't even Bledsoe in there. They could put Bledsoe at the two guard WIZO and play even faster and run up the court with zylon at the four, you know, I mean so they got so many different lineups out there and having there's always that league out they're going to be tough.


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LaVar, I've always wondered, as the boy started kind of growing up moving out, that two of them were out the country, so it was then in New Orleans, you guys are a little more separated than you used to be. How did you maintain that strong relationship that you guys have had their whole lives? And you know what kind of complications you guys went into?


We didn't want any complications or the fact that I've told him this from day one. As we get older, you cherish the spots when you're together because as you get older, you don't have your own family. So you can't be Christmas. We're going to be together as you grow and you get older. So you might be lucky to get together on Christmas or Thanksgiving. So you share some moments when you do. But I already let them know that, hey, you might pick a job, whereas Monday through Friday you will be OK.


You get a lot of money, but you're traveling the whole time. So what you try to, you know, are you let them know. Like I said, the best thing about this band I consider life and everything is fun in the beginning, but it's pain in the end. What I mean by that, that I should have a hell of a lot of time playing basketball, being restore some, but eventually the spangle stop. And that's what the pain is used to improve.


Screeching and all that go on to pray eventually. It's got to stop now and I feel bad but good. You got to find something to take that void. But it ain't nothing that it's ever going to take that if you're playing basketball all your life, you know. And so so it's a lot of good. But you got to understand the bad that comes with that. But if I let you keep doing that, when it hits you, when you stop playing, the fact that I remind you all these years, it don't hit you as hard.


And it is a hard as a father to kind of, you know, let go a little bit and let them kind of start doing their own thing as they step out. What do you mean?


It's like I don't think it's hard. I think it would be hard if I had to hold a goddamn member of my son's nineteen.


I mean, young people in college have already said any profession, they already millionaires. What's what's bad in that? And it's not like people are going to do that. They always been my own man. I never told you only to do this, and that is to make the right decisions. But if I can tell you what's going to happen, it's bad down this way. You have to go through that experience for me to be like, hey, don't do that.


I told you, I don't know. I just got my boys. Like I said, people say, Oh, I love the way you push me. I will never push them, push me in resistance. Oh, God, if you don't like what I'm doing, turn your ass off and go all the way and do something else. But if you understand what I'm doing and you keep following this to be a successful guess why? I'm guiding you.


It's OK, not as dope, and this is a really good way to put it, you know, I think from the outside, I think the way people painted as you pushing them and people paint it as like you threw them on the court and trapped me. But it seems like the more we learn about you guys, the more we talk to them. You know, they wanted to they wanted this just like you did.


Well, here's one. We're far more successful sign. And whatever you do in know is just killing me where, you know, some of these folks be like, well, you got to let them know you're going to let them go. You don't want to hold on to your independence. But I'm telling you, son, you're always going to be treated when you sign an endorsement deal. They don't make so many billions offer you like I told all my boys, whatever you sign, whether it be is Puma branded by whoever he is, is gonna go to the moon.


But like I say, with no ownership, you cannot be a billionaire with our own and nothing. I just had to tell folks that's what they got to understand. They took all the players. I'm just telling you also so different. But that's what America didn't want is big baller brand. A black man managed to come and talk about his ownership. When I go out to some of these athletes, not go to some of these athletes and they believe in themselves.


And I'm talking about these first and second picks, the yo man deal is going to be way better than the deal you get on the fact that I'm giving you 40 percent ownership. So what would you say if you believe in the sales, let's say we sell a million shoes at a hundred dollars, but you doing your five year deal and you get 10 million for endorsing my shoes? No. How about I give you 40 million? Take 60 million at the end of your career.


We flip it 60, 40, 60. Oh, wait for it. My way is. Oh, shit, I can't even get his own handbag. How does that work? You can get your own handbag. So what I'm saying is when you leave me, I want you to say I'm taking my stuff, I'm gone, but you can take it with you. That's the difference between the size of some of these other guys. You can't take them.


I can take my bees with me to these other things. You can't take them.


So I have the there is is it like that for all of the businesses you've set up for it, for all of this, like the Facebook show and everything else, like you've been able to maintain ownership and all of that. Right.


Right, right. One thing I talk about is the ownership and ownership. Like I said, people don't understand. Like even they like to say, oh, the reality and reality show and stuff is genuine. That's why it's so cool. And I'm throwing drinks on people and going out, making a fool who knows how we are. That's why Facebook loves what you do is follow me. Are you just follow me, come on, the story lines.


Here's the thing, we wouldn't even be talking if I wasn't doing that. What I mean by that is I'm supposed to make lots of money. Let's go. But I'm also a businessman, which they don't understand sort of things that I do. These folks is looking like, oh, man, the ball is a big ball. No, it's for me, the big baller brand. Don't go on the fact that I create if I stop, guess what?


No one big baller brand. But I have to focus on my boys now, the blobbies is, after all, what is supposed to be my thing and my wife, Chope, go get to the NBA whether you should go one day or ten years. That's how long you stay. But we don't actually believe that you guys have a different kind of fanfare, like I know people who know you guys and don't follow the NBA, you know, they know you off the show.


What is that like for you? I mean, I know it covid. It's a little different right now, but what's it like for you on a day to day stuff?


It's just me and my boys are super special. And he was just all these cameras in front of. Check this out. I'll make them like that and make them like that if I don't make them like. What I mean by that is they want all the notoriety they want, like people try to create oh, they don't want to be under bright lights, they don't want to do it. Dad is just out to. Now, this is all just entertainment anyway.


That's why no entertainment. So guess what? You don't want to entertain a bunch of people like these dumb not to be talking about. Oh well I can play without a circus around here, let alone a circus. We don't know the circus.


You are seeing somebody doing a circus would be man, if you want to call this what we know we have sold us in all the extra baggage that you travel with no baggage must be a vagabond.


How do you think that experience in Australia helped Miller? I mean, it was great for not playing basketball. You know as well as I do, if you let it get passed by, you go to temple to to play and think about it. And you got to know this man. That's why I said, you know, Melo had been all around the world. He then we could have went to China and made more money. But it wasn't about the money.


We won't have got to speak English. Got some great weather. And I'll tell you something, you know, you don't know this, right? But my man over here, you got to have had to hear some people say the boy will, OK, I don't have to be willing if I can have somebody help me. And you know who helped me. You are not my man, Jack. Yeah, Jermaine. You know, he's a good brother.


I could be my little brother. Katie. Good to hear. Great to understatement. Bilello is out in Australia with a guy who believes in my son the way I believe in it. He told them it's going to be the number one pick when he was asked via his tutelage of the game. Now you've got a dude who from the grimy streets of Detroit, made his on his own with no help. To his mind, set is different. To be with million people, you mature so much when you expect that if you Hanieh with no dude that's 30 years old, a 20 something years old dude is 40 something with a family.


So we're going to have the right mindset. And even tooter superstars like yourself, you know, that dude's mindset, man, that he was saying, hey, let's go to the club. He constantly working on his game. He constantly got to look at and feel like he say he got Melo not trying to make the NBA. That was my sentence to be a Hall of Famer who goes into the league doing that most NBA guy. We later we got a lot of money.


Let's go buy some stuff and a word about that man. That dude was one of the greatest things because his mindset is from the hood. To talk to a boy like Melo who ain't from the city, from the hills, but his mindset is like me, from South Central and from teacher. You know, you got to have that one do, and like I said, that was the greatest thing ever. But people who understand me and J.J. talked every day, Miyamoto talked every day.


They still got a family man and got kids at home and left him to go with my son. Are you kidding me? Who does it? Nobody. So that's why I consider myself the luckiest dude in the world to run into my man like that. And he's been around people that played the game. So he knows these games. So he could, for all my sons, all my flaws don't get played at Detroit.


Mercy then bounced around the NBA for a few teams. Play Milwaukee, Toronto.


Excuse me, he he was on my summer league team and training came with me my rookie year, so I'd been on him for 15 years so I can vouch for him. Good. Do some plays that allow you Brooklyn, I think to. So now he knows the game and having somebody like that around that experienced the NBA at that level has been around Jalen Rose. He's been around you know, he's been around some of the top level players. Allen Iverson, you know, I'm saying that sort of had that experience and just dumping that on Melo over time and keeping the focus is good.


I'm not sure how perfect this guy is to go. Yeah. For him to know you and being Melo those guys, he was my favorite player. The scoring is dribbling and being as tall as you are. So guess what you do has a relationship with you is to make Melo would like you see how his daughter has no come off.


It is like you ain't been around long enough to live with this do dad and also to give him his career and showing him the right thing. But like I said, it all lined up perfect for Melo to to be, you know, to do it also in the game of basketball. And no one is sort of five points. I never watched film and stuff like that. And get on a level with the technical intricacies of the NBA game, you have to be there and know that, you know.


So that's that's why I consider that. I mean, it's a perfect lineup because you are a superstar and Melo wants to be he's been a superstar, but he got to know how to do it. He should be a superstar one year. Everything you're going to win that, you better perform all that.


And you got to be on the tour. What people always say. Well, you've got to work all your work, Larry. Yeah. It's like I understand the comment you made the other day. The guys, you're going to be 100 hundred percent in your mind, 100 percent. But you are getting older. So do you want to be cerebral with the game is what I'm doing. And it makes sense because eventually at some point he'll be someone like he was twenty one twenty two and just say, oh man, I'll never get.


Melo has learned how to take care of his body, you know.


Come on, you don't throw the ball out. Let's go. Who don't you this while you're nineteen like you try it. I'm glad to know that I should my doing it changes everything. So I feel that Melo on the fact that JJ has been overseas as a perfect guy to go overseas. You are number one, pick whatever they treat me like you. A ten day contract. That's your mindset. It's different man. So that's what I'm trying to do something.


But I still do want to play the game and all my boys, Gelo included, they want to just win.


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Kevin, do you think the path Melo took is more beneficial than kind of what you did to the one and done, which would obviously have been what he went to? You know, you're the you're probably the best one and done of that ever, you know? Do you think that's better? And then what would he end up doing going overseas and really playing pro ball against pros?


I mean, no matter where you play, I mean, it really doesn't matter when you a good to be honest, like, you know, it's going to be one year and then you write in the league. So no matter if you want to make this decision or if I want to make some money or not, you know, I'm saying at that point, you know, you're going to be the best player on every team you play on and you just waiting for that year to get to the league.


So I think either route is cool. Melo would have been great, obviously, for, you know, for the whole country playing in college for you. Obviously, that made them a lot of money and that bought them a lot of, you know, views and eyes on on the game itself. But going overseas and learning the game and being a pro early, that's definitely beneficial, coming in with a little bit more maturity than some of your peers.


I think that's going to help as well.


He seems to have a maturity and it's funny, I was, you know, researching for this convo. And one of the things I came across is when he got his Lambo. And Kevin, you were one of the people who stepped up to say, oh, that's kind of that's dope to me. Why are you guys crying about this? And I think people wrote him off as this immature kid. But then when you hear him talk and you see his game and you see the path he took, like he he didn't take the path of a typical number three overall pick and could have been number one over like he got it out of mud in a weird way.


And I think I think it has shown the court I think, you know, the what he's known for his command of the game in the way he attacks. So I'm fascinated to see him play the war. Are you excited? I mean, of course, you're excited about your son. He's playing in the NBA. But are you excited about the role in the team he landed on and kind of what you see, you know, could happen out there this year?


No, I'm not excited. I know it's great to see line up the right way. And like I said, I was saying that about was percent about the road. Your take is what situation you generally take. Their road has won some money. What do you think? I'm going to win a grand or whatever the show and all that stuff allow him not to go to high school. Just so you know what to study for the Spanish, if you don't have no money, you ain't going to do that role that he took.


Nobody can take that. You know what I'm saying? So is this the best road, this road that you take on the fact that you are where you are and at that moment you're going to be like, yo, what are you doing over there? And going to say you're going overseas and you ain't got no mentor like JJ, you ain't got no father like me was going to go to UCLA until I do something crazy with my son. And I say, you know what I know about you?


You know what ain't been good since I have a ball over at UCLA, so I'm letting them know we got to do nothing. So of situation, the things that we've done was was a different route to give him where he at. But I don't want people are you go overseas to get mad, you got to have some money to go over there, maybe have a place, go somewhere. You just get lost in the shuffle because nobody's speaking our language.


It just had cameras on us and allow us to move like that, because I would tell you this, you ain't got no talent to escape from Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks, Chino Hills, all your talent is in the hood and you do so song be ready to break ground. I got to go. I got to kill his whole family. And that's that's how that thing rolls, you know. So everybody's situation is different. So don't get caught up in.


This is the way you're supposed to go on drop out of school. If you ain't got no goddamn plan, don't do that. Great advice right there. All right. I'm going to do this and you ain't got no place. You can't just do that. But don't be stuck on it like you don't need no education. I'm not like that. You still got to be smart to learn. So this guy has money, believe in you and guide you to those.


Those navigate you through those waters.


But do a lot of parents look to you for advice now? You know what? This that that is so true, Dowdall. But I give him the same advice when I was trying to kids in a class and all that. I just believe in your son. And what was I say on the positive show? You could be a big baller, whatever you do. That's what I'm trying to create with my new mobile by Luiseno, my brand with the new breed, which is to make you guys think differently.


You don't have to be a rapper or a ball player. I told them I make thousands of dollars being an athlete, but I make millions of dollars doing what I do now. So, hey, you know, I don't have to be the best rapper or the best NBA player or NFL player. It's a lot of guys who play in the NFL to play somebody that's not.


Well, that's that's a good point in some Kevin and I've talked about before, like kind of showing people someone kids on kids from the hood.


Like you said, you don't have to be the rapper. You don't have to be the athlete. You could be this. You could be right. And I know it's you know, Kevin, it's important. You are I know you've set up tech programs and schools and stuff like that.


Like when did that become important to you to show because you're grooming your kids to for greatness on the basketball court and a different type of life. But you wanted to show other people this message as well.


I'm going to follow this rainbow, which is growing up and know people just ask me, man, I'll be walking through the store, my boys. Yeah, I was like, No. Three and four years old. And the ladies used to come up to me and say, how do you get all them kids to follow you? Your son's not in the store.


I don't have to hold a hand. I'll have to be told. Don't touch that. It's how you raise your kids. So I've always been positive in that part. And I to bring my kids to you. Yeah, but I ain't dealing with nobody's kid. I'm taking my first, you know. But the more we get in our life, that's when people kind of look back and say, oh, he's from our area, he's our guy.


What was your saying twenty years ago before all this? You know, now all three of my boys, my take on the world's greatest father, being the world's greatest father for a long time. Because in my mind, all the way I have raised my boys, I consider myself girls great as well. But if I don't get a father to be. So you don't want to invest in your kids don't have you may see some romance or some.


I've wondered about the way players are branding themselves now. A lot of that has come from your blueprint. I love you. That's all I want to say. Like, how does it feel to watch that kind of happening? Kids are becoming celebrities off Instagram and they're not even NBA kids. You know, there's other reality shows. There's there's all these other stories.


I go back to this man. Where we from, Mando? People in our neighborhood or whatever manner they could be some superstars was the easiest thing to get drugs and Prada, OK, and they become the bad suckers on the world selling their thing. Can you imagine they put their mind to a business or somebody going to do something? We just get the easy stuff. Here's the thing right now. If you want to get rich, you got to sell a product was the easiest thing to get for these guys, and that's why they become big time deals.


But the only thing you got to watch out for a good shot or do some of the best, you're going to jail, but they can sell the hell out of anything. It's just like me. I'm selling some, but I'm getting from what I'm selling t shirts and shoes. The same thing about everybody who sells something that's not illegal.


But you are able to do a lot of stuff you set up on a corner and running things in the bill. I guess you get a chance to close the door, but nobody's going to go with them stories. So I'm saying if you put your mind set in the right situation, it's going to allow you to be successful. But sometimes you're only coming from a low income neighborhood. You try to make things work, and we always seem a way to make it work.


But sometimes to be on the bad that. But the mindset is there. And now I think these dudes understand and they self worth. I'd be like, wow. So they create little things. It's entertaining YouTube. And so it's like, hey, I love it. I love it.


Kev, when did you first come across the bow family and start interacting with them?


I seen Lonzo play at a Christmas tournament. I think it was in Florida. Maybe it's going into his senior year. He made somebody fall and then I start following their games and then you see just those three, you know, just wreaking havoc.


So I want to say weird to Melo graduate high school. I mean, Lonzo graduated in six states.


I want to say a fifteen is when I first heard the ball family and then after that it just exploded.


Yeah. Because we were doing that up in Florida. We played Malverde. Yeah I remember that. I watched, I watched the highlights of it. Yes.


We finally played them. Second set to work detail man before the game I told him it was like, hey, no way you're going to be down on a day to day. I said yesterday probably to be into a cases maybe. So I was talking to let's see what people don't know about that game. We beat them eighty two to eighty three and you know Lonzo to this day. But what people don't know is we have 41 points and my boys scored all the points except for four points.


It's wow.


Watching that, did you ever have issues with parents from the team who just felt like that was a showcase for your kids and things like that. Did you have that kind of dream earlier?


You know, we had they just realized that I was going big ball to roll everybody. I told them to get here one thing, you know, eight seconds and all that stuff and eight seconds on the shot clock. We're not doing it because he is the boys are treated like rock stars. But I've said he never got tired and they played and just had everybody watching them. So I was like, I'm like, leave. We've got to score, get better one or the other.


But I'll tell you what, this ain't even about the school. There's a reason I'm a metal play. I'm really I'm all three of my boys. It wasn't even Chino Hills no more. It was like the ball boys. I was all entitled and I told them I was going to be like that. And I told, look out, sit back, relax and watch what happened. You get Coach of the Year. This boy got Naismith Culture Year.


Because you listen, if you don't listen, you try to act like you got these acts and those are some special letters, so happy to let it go through like that. But it was very productive on the fact that if I put the time in as far as training them and having them shoot, do all this stuff, I don't just throw them out there. But I know you guys can do now. You've got to prepare for it. And that's what they did.


And all the notoriety. Check us out. The boys are selling out everywhere they went. They didn't give me an example of play the whole time. It was a video game stuff, all the overtime balls like all your highlights and all this and give me a dime for that was a lot of money made on the ball family before before the Paul family started making that money.


When, you know you know, it was like, check this out, man. We had a playoff game, OK? Usually when you had a championship game for us, for a city or whatever, you buy one ticket to go in and watch all the championship games. You know, they had two sessions with my boys played here, Tomball session one, session two and a session to only have one game. And that was our game. They had five thousand people in there, cleared out the gym, five out who everybody had a dream ticket.


To get to our game, you have to have a purple ticket. So everybody here to come out a double dip. And I thought you make perfectly good what they did. And what you do is sitting there all day and all these people trying to get in to see our last game change their opinion.


But we got to see that happen with the summer league, those first summer league, they put them in the big gym and sold out, sold it out damn near.


Like I tell you, ain't nothing. It just happened on accident watch. What they will do to Charlotte.


That's true. All I'm sure is going to go.


You put yellow in Detroit. Watch for that man looking at this covered bay. But I've got to think of everything. Go, go. But they are special and I expect them to do something special. Like I said, if you talk about anybody's name right now that the ball game is very strong on the fact that, OK, five, six years go by, my boys be in the middle of the game, but everybody like Léocadie and all the most, it's going to be go.


Who else is left to carry the torch for six years to get me out of this shit? You what were you will pay for it. Oh, no, man. Oh no. I think I'm thirty two right now.


We see, you know, I just don't know to me you know that new era just be so good. That new era is definitely usher in there right now. So I get what you're saying.


But I'm serious man. You should have to show my man still in alive my. Yeah. My car. But you look at anywhere from five to eight years you and oops, days after that it's going to be very hard. And your you're still going to mention the fact that you're getting older and the new crop is coming in.


Yeah, it's going to be interesting seeing because it's a lot of young dude that's going they already on the way up taking taking over that man with being the all star and all NBA guys. I'm interested in five to six years. I'm looking forward to seeing what Melo can do, especially Melo.


I'm an expert.


I'm looking at him like he's like I said, I say four years they all on the same team. Gelo is only going to be twenty six and of twenty seven and Melo that's going to be twenty.


So says Chris. Six years from this point forward it's like do you learn a game. It'll be the biggest in the game.


And it's like really just going to grow it going to grow so globally and understand how this thing is. I don't see him not being the face and they want that attitude. Man, I wouldn't even be talking to him like that. Like, maybe that's good. Why not want to be the face? Somebody's got to be the coldest. So you definitely want them all on the same team? I want them all, I think, because I know like I said by myself, they could win one or two of them be better, three of the best.


So anyway, I don't matter as long as they're on the same team anyway, I'm telling you they will win because you've got to make sacrifices to win. What I mean by that is a lot of times they get you guys to say you don't come here, your whole team come to this, we give you more money. My son Zach will never go for that. It makes so much money off the court. He played fifteen, twenty years together and now they say, hey, you got to give us one hundred and something and all this.


How about you can get us both shot blockers. It's a little rebound now you get the narrative that people want to win and play with the ball boys. A lot of teams won back in the day because they stayed together long. The reason Scottie Pippen wanted in Jordan, you're going to win when you make a sacrifice, the sacrifice that was made was paid, play the second best player in the league. I'll just give it to me. I'll let him play a few more years, Scottie, make a sacrifice.


But he didn't want to make it. He just made a stupid move, you know, but but if you see a lot of times they keep this team together. Man, man. That's why I always look back and be like so much Riff-Raff going in there. Because if you picture this team right here, you're OK, man. Now, that was I feel like we're dead, but let's our women say it would have been a whole different story.


We still to be trying to beat you up.


But like you said, let us let us build some continuity, you know, at the onset of the finals and then train away a big piece like that. Like, yeah, I get what you're saying.


It's not just about that money game is about, but that's how it goes in our league, is where, you know, some some of those decisions over your head.




Yeah, and that's why another thing where I say is that when my boys are playing together and people ain't never going to play together after everybody's contract is over, they can all decide to go with more. Yeah. So so that's what I mean by then. I'll be like, yeah, I'll take less money. I just won't play with my brother. That's going to happen hopefully sooner than later, but it's going to happen.


So I want to talk about Zello a little bit. Feel like we haven't discussed enough. He's taken quite the journey to the league. He he was going to he was going to get a G league run right before the pandemic. Now he's circling back. He'll be in camp, kind of. What is your advice to him as he's about to embark on this new journey in, you know, take his daily lessons on a new journey.


Is the same journey playing basketball? Keep doing what you do before you go. And you just want to be competitive. You want to play the game of basketball. I don't think I'm I have three boys in the same house and one I'm going to be like, oh, I don't think it will. Maybe they all would have been lottery picks or whatever, especially UCLA. But and when you do something different that makes the world go different. So we got to circle back and do something else.


Elsewise, he would have been in a tournament. It's how things were, the way it was, the way past the Sweet Sixteen. Now you've been in big top ten at the shooting guard the lighting. That's reporter up. I mean, if you can take a shower here, you can take my answer. But here's the thing. We don't like that. By MTV able to allow Mel to be where he because Mel will do the same thing, we went to UCLA, played one year out to make my little money with Facebook or whatever, and I wouldn't even think about starting up my own league, going overseas.


I just worry about me, make my money, and I'm not home to them often. So by him doing that, allow me to open up my eyes, I should get bigger. And bigger is more than just me and my boys now. So that's that's why I commend him on that, on a fact like like I said, they try to narrate and they'll tell you guys the full story or GQ magazine said, of course, one of his sons is middle son.


I don't make it. I said, I'll finish the damn sentence where I said, reality is one son might make it to possibly the second one. I usually make it sounds like Blake Griffin's brother or step brother or J.R. Smith's brother three is not going to happen. But I'm the luckiest father in the world and I guarantee all three I'll make it that it looks like I'm just saying, well, maybe it's good enough, but you're not going to make it even sound in a household if they cut from the same cloth.


You know, it just sounds stupid to me, but I let them go ahead. My boys know what I'm about. Like, I'm not going to hype up to a. I say reality, we are not supposed to make it, but I'm the luckiest person in the world the way I work or don't make. They don't want to cut it's a little bit, but that's cool, but you see what it is, that is true. So what's the plan for January 8th?


Is the family going to New Orleans like? I know it's a little odd now.


Well, we don't go nowhere, so they need you to do all that.


That's as I know, it's a little you know, it's a little difficult right now.


But they have got a TV. I can watch them all. I don't miss it.


I love to watch my boys play, whether it be a person on TV. It's just like watching them play the game basketball.


It's a beautiful sight, but it's the first time they will be playing against each other. Well, and that's a story you got to play against each other a few weeks ago. I'm sorry. I get to watch them all the time. Go away. Are you planning to do any any traveling with them this year?


Again, I know it's difficult to covid and all that stuff.


I want to go back or whatever we've got going on. I'm on my property in the air there. But other than that, I'm taking some things. I got a take here, which is, you know, my wife that I got to make sure she I feel like you've laid low recently, like the last couple of years.


So everybody knows the oh, you lay low ain't laying Hualien most convey even before then.


We see that much in a place where you see that much. I'm doing other things and I got bigger. I got the big ball to bring in some of the staff. I still got to take care of me as long as I can say, hey, you going over so I don't have to go to Australia and you go handle things.


A little more diplomacy on the fact that if I were to went over there after the first game, I think the fact that I would have been like, you know what, we have to go talk to him and do it more. Like, I was like, man, my son got here early. He's bringing all these people to the game and you start crying. I see how you do without him.


You have a nice story and you got but JJ diplomacy, which is he was there and the next game, guess what they will start doing, didn't win when they first got hurt. And that coach got to believe him anywhere else. And now he's doing doubles. He's doing that in my league all day. And that's as far as we still play to play basketball. I do not want to lose. We had two things going for us overseas. One is we had the stamp on the USA.


They don't care who they say they want to beat. You come to the country. And another thing, the big mouth dance and he got the ball, brother. They can be so you don't play your ass off. That's why I love you. I go to the countries and be like, well, maybe I went to Russia, went over there and be on all the way up.


So are you ever able to one down?


Like I asked this as a father who I've been dying for my kids to grow out of my house eventually. And now your kids are grown and have been out. Are you able to wind down and kind of, you know, not be what people see is lavada the TV character or whatever.


Are you able to just kind of chill and relax where you go tomorrow? TV character. I know you're worried.


I'm going to be winding down. I'm winding down now.


You see me sitting around me playing. I'll be on the concentrate and do nothing else on camera. You give me all this money, but I don't change. Why do you all play a game of dominoes? Do I have to read it?


I'll play some before you play three times. I hear you. So I'm saying let me see all the heart. It's wiped out. I'm looking at everything.


I've got a great time and you know, one of the narratives they like to portray too is over. No, he hope he was. He was the holidays or he was the answer to couples. But hey, anybody got any family? If I give them much love, they got no disrespect to nobody who has anybody in the NBA is raising these kids. It's not like I'm hate somebody. I hate what anybody is doing so successful. So at that point where I know you wish all the players know they don't play and I don't want to be there, I want them to be happy.


Let me be happy. But they're not in this game. No, branch, go and be quiet.


Do I had it. I hear that. So what's next for you as the boys are kind of now getting getting that started and getting going?


What's next for you in a big while, the brand what for now is like I said, man, I've been tunnel vision for the longest. Just what about my boys as far as the big baller brand or whatever I'm doing, it's like, oh my boys, what is supposed to be. So now I can help other folks as it's going in with the big. Baller brand doing other things, other ventures like I'm a big star getting into I got some of my guys, that's from where I'm from being in Chino Hills.


And the people that surround me are never gonna go back to South Central, you know, unless my guys bring me back there. And that's why we had the turkey give away the Christmas things and give it back to the boys from Chino Hills up from South Central. That's the inner city. So. So now I get to give back to them and kind of go places and invite them and have talks and stuff like the turkey thing we had. And it was a giveaway down off for Forssmann where you don't get the number one pick and NBA players and my son and reality and all these people down on that corner.


I think what happens also is it's a good thing I'm getting to that grass roots thing now, man, which is which is a lovely thing, just, you know, growing up from there, but also giving other insight, going out to some other players to represent the big baller brand. Some people out there still walk out and Waterboys and No was giving them. I get that. But I want my boys to have their own thing and understand ownership.


And that's what I want some of these guys to understand. If I can just treat their hair a little bit, just like Steph Steph Curry, I've seen him with his little brain curry thing. I was like, oh yes, that's what I'm talking about. He said, No, no, I'm not saying I'm trying. It's a little late now, but I'm glad they listened a little bit. That's all I want to strike or inkling that somebody is my friend to just change the way of thinking of the ownership thing.


And it's going to be huge, whether it be one people, one person or a million people.


But things are going to change whether we excited to see whatever's next for the ball family for you. Yes, I know in my household, my wife loves the show. So I hear your voice all the damn time on Facebook.


And I know I feel like I know the family now because I was there so much at this point.


And, you know, it's dope to me to see the kind of impact you have on people and the people you've been able to make fans of you, even though there's a lot of people that are rooting against you.


So, you know, I'm a fan, OK, as a fan and we root for you guys may but understand this to us, as many people say, oh, we've lost a lot of people to hate on you. Who you know, the people on the street. They'd be like, maybe you guys coming up to me them. But you asked Otis that they're not doing that. So they want to take on some of these screens and stuff like that.


Oh, I know a lot of people who you call a lot. You you say that all the time. I wouldn't do that. I just be true to myself or true to my family. And I go from there and everything is good email.


So we wish you guys the best.


I know Kevin relates to a lot of people talk online and say that and we appreciate you doing this man who was excited to hear.


And I was going to say go a long time when it's genuine that you ain't got no hidden agenda in some of these posts. He's got to give me some crazy ass question. I give him a crazy ass answer about that man. We were just talking and just keeping it real with no hidden stuff. That's what I love doing that. Like I said, I love, you know, Katie's game. And as far as shooting people off as a crazy person play center man, that's why I love fake you like me.


I have his ball. I shoot. And people believed in you bordering on do I say he's so wiry but he can be as friend one 866 us. We love you. Oh yeah.


You got well so that's why I like things like that. Yeah. You good for the game. Good for the game. Thank you. Thank you. Put it in sports because you're a certain type. Yeah. You know how I go. Oh I appreciate so much man. For so man we root for you. Root for the family. Talk to you soon man. Hope.


Hope you got my brother. It's all I need. I'm a get on out here on TV. Good luck in your season man.


Yes, sir. Appreciate your brother. Yes, sir.