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The OTB podcast network OTB goes the very best of off the ball. Are you crazy? This is OTB Sports Radio. You complete rookie.


What are you talking about? Are you out of your mind? Are you crazy? That's a brilliant maneuver by myself.


I just think it's been a hell of a life and a career. Yeah.


And thank you for giving me this platform to announce my retirement when I need to go into treatment was tough. You were given every encouragement and every chance to survive. When I was 13, 14, I was put in front of about 13, 14 teams that had OTB gold.


The very best of all, the bull weekdays from one p.m. and six p.m. TV Sports Radio, live 24/7 on the gold up football off the ball with Paddy Power as obnoxiously passionate about soccer as Frank Lampard after the final whistle responsibly CWI done that.


Welcome back to Off the Ball Saturday on Newstalk. I'll go with the three to five o'clock in the company of the former Republic of Ireland Captain David Meyler, the football correspondent of the Irish Independent Dan MacDonald and the broadcaster and the journalist Johnny Ward. Remember our football coverage brought to you with Thanks to Paddy Power? For more information on responsible gambling visiting Fluidness, you can text us on five three one zero six about the beautiful game. Tweet us out off the ball.


You can watch us as well on the social channels for Periscope out off the ball, on Twitter, on YouTube, on Facebook and on the new OTV sports app for iOS and Android Search. OTV sports in your App Store to download that. Now, hurry, hurry, McGuire. David, you played with him. He's had a very difficult ten days and incident. The Greece case rush through a guilty verdict, repeated bodily harm, attempted bribery and violence against public employees, a verdict and a conviction that's been nullified.


Now, there will be a retrial. I'd say you couldn't believe what you were saying. No, and like, look, I've known Harry probably for five years now, I'm going to first came out, the first thing I turned to my wife and I went, no chance like that. The accusation against him that he said, like, I'm the captain, Manchester United, I'm rich. Like, that's not Harry and he's not that type of lad.


I did tweet about it are a very few people had a few things to say to me about like, oh, you should get Overrepresent Monopod. It's not it's not in Harry's makeup, and, yes, I understand the circumstances. You're with your fiancee, you're with your brothers, you're with your sister. Obviously, the incident which happened to his sister is never nice. Like me and my pals that I've grown up have spoken about this. I've probably gone Lula, like if that had happened to me, but the thing is, Hardys, not that he's not a physical type.


I mean, I know no flights who if they were full to the brim and would have cut off people who would say things stupid. But he's not he's not got in. He's not got that in. I'm and I've been on many nights out with them. There's been times where he's ended up at my house, you know, like full and he's been ever so polite to my wife the following morning, everything. He just it's not him. I'd spoken to him a couple of days after he's released.


And obviously, he he explained to me what he explained in the interview and whatever. I believe him and a lot of other lives. All right. Fair enough. You think like. Yeah, they're probably lying there probably were up to no good. But with Harry, he's not that type of guy. And, you know, obviously, the court case was rushed through. His defense didn't have enough time to prepare what have you. So it will be interesting once they get all the facts and evidence into the court for the next time that, you know, he was obviously clear his name.


Did you ever get that hassle in bars yourself, David, because you were a footballer? Is somebody like Harry Maguire a target? You think in a place like Greece or wherever it might be in the world? It doesn't matter. Those guys are not. Well, the thing Heidi has, Harry is captain of one of the biggest clubs in the world, Manchester United would be one of the biggest supported clubs, all like Greece, is a renowned area for Irish English to go for the summer.


Obviously with the the country's getting ticked off because of covid. Greece was a place that was open that you can have to quarantine after. So there was going to be a lot more English people there. And I know you're asking me. They're like, oh, you've had over the years, I've had many, many an argument in Cork when I've been home of an argument in Dublin and a lot of time fellows want to come up to they want to talk to you like I speak on behalf of Hardy and, you know, the character they have of him or you've made mistakes.


And I've said things to people, you know, that I said when I was young, I was immature. I was probably full to the brim of drink driving, but I learned from those mistakes. I got older. It does happen. Fellows want to come up to you and they want to talk to you. You know, they want to they want to cut off you. And you have to. You have to. Like my father used to say, don't put yourself in those situations.


That was the big thing. But then again, there's times when you want to if I come home to Cork, I go with the lights. I grew up with the lights I went to school with. I want to go and enjoy a night out with them. I see them every if they don't come to England, I see them every three, four months. But you might get a fella then who wants once to cut off here because he just fancies it.


But then you get victimized. Certainly like the type that when we speak, Harry, it gets blown out of proportion because he is then the captain of Manchester United. Now, this is obviously the accusations against him are serious. I'm not saying they're not, but there's been times when I've been home and I've gotten a lot of crap. Some don't get me wrong, some you might you might bring onto yourself. And but at the same time, it's how you deal with this.


You know, if you are full to the brim, a drink you don't like, people come up to you and they want to cut off you, but they don't know what's going on in your life. I had an incident a few years ago when I was at home. I came home at fresher's week and me and my wife had a third miscarriage in the space of 11 months. And I wanted to go home and go, but give me time off.


I want to let off steam, albeit I picked Freshers Week, which probably wasn't the best time to go out. But I remember I was sitting outside McDonalds and and some fella just took a phone in my face and recorded me. And then he stuck it up on Facebook and it all. And my mother saw me for the shot. Everyone, look, everyone in my family saw it my way, saw it. It just went it went more or less all around Ireland.


But you know what I mean. That person at that time had no idea what was going on in my life. You know, me and my wife were going through a very difficult time. But this fellow wanted you to take a phone in my face and wanted to try and provoke me and get all. But it's it's part and parcel of it. You can't get away from it. I put myself in that situation, like, going, oh, so like you even see with with authority in the interview on the BBC where, you know, you might as well have any regrets or should you apologize.


And he said, well, no, that's the life I want to live, if you like. Should have gone to Greece. Probably not. Yes. He was with his family. His mother, his father were there. Like I said, all his family, like you kind of think that you can get away with it, but at times you can't because you're such a with certainty for how are you such a high profile? I'm not like at the time I was back home where I would be a recognizable face.


Yeah, OK. Well, David Modder, Don MacDonald, Johnny Ward. Lots more football chat after the break. Five, three, one, two, six, four. Text messages, folks out off the ball on Twitter. Back after this.


Just on the Harry Maguire discussion, we have to take a break there. Before I went, David was speaking so eloquently about his experience and what he knows Harry and what he believes. Maharey Asain highlights listening with interest to the Harry Maguire discussion. I think the whole thing stinks of some Yujin and Trem. Don, you wanted to come in on that.


Well, I know I listen, I just I was really struck by David Storey and I was sort of a sort of reflective. It was.


And I think it's it's an interesting, you know, like obviously there are cases in isolation that you just don't know what's happened.


And and there's often a thing about footballers on a on a night out. And it's always like it's almost a stigma that goes with it.


And of course, I mean, there are footballers that behave badly, like there's bad stuff to happen to sort of you know, you can't you can't defend, you know, like some of this great Australian lockdown and stuff like that, you know, various instances which don't reflect well on the profession as such.


But but sometimes, you know, there is this thing that footballers are accused of being out of touch with reality, but then when they try to do things in reality, then go out with their mates from home like they they they they encounter problems. So then what happens then? Well, then you distancia isolated incident. Obviously, I know a lot of footballers through true work and. Well, so what do you do? Well, they isolate themselves from that and they, they go to their VIP section and then they might have a lavish bill and then they're out of touch, you know, but you can't you can't actually win sometimes.


And it's sort of a sympathy that I, I do have having occasionally been in situations with sort of er players or players who who encounter this. And it is sometimes the thing with footballers, you know, I, I remember many years back being in a discussion with newspaper people, shall we say, and I think it was a story around and I think it was Robbie Keane was playing the guitar and give these and not a hide or something.


I can't quite remember the context of it, but I remember being in a discussion with sort of newspaper people and they were saying something about, you know, you'd never see you'd never see Brian O'Driscoll doing that. And I was sort of quite young at the time and probably didn't really speak up. But I'm sort of thinking, hang on, I'm I'm at in Dublin a couple of times a week. And, you know, I'm seeing our rugby players all the time.


And by the way, that's fine. Look, that's absolutely. Normal and fine, you know, but there's there's always a thing sometimes about like footballers being out, and it's it's something to do with how much they earn. And there's a sort of an attention and a pressure that comes with it. And you do have these stories. And that's why I just like David speaking about the the the video outside McDonald's or whatever. And like how often do all of us in life, like, you know, hear stories about such and such?


I met that fella, whoever it might be, in such such a place. God, he's a bit of a it's a bit of a prat, as you know. He was, you know, and you wouldn't know someone could just be in bad form at that particular time at that moment. And it leads to like a broader generalisation. So I just think it's just it was a quite honest and open debate to start. I can't say what happened in the in the Maguire instance.


And, you know, but it's it's something to sort of take into consideration to some degree that like if you want if you want sort of your sports stars to have some kind of normal interactions in life where they encountered people, you know, people need to back off them on occasion. It's probably not always that easy for people to do it, but it can result the problems.


But I don't know, I assume, David, like you probably encounter people at various clubs like you get scarred by these are instances and then you shot them. They shot themselves away. Like there's actually a sort of a thing where you can't go out, like a lot of players don't want to go out into the town that the club they play for is, you know, they'll gravitate towards Manchester or whatever, even if they're playing elsewhere, because you just there's too many risks attached to Darren Gibson at Sunderland.


That time was sort of a, you know, got recorded on a night out. And it just it was a disaster for.


No, that's the problem, it's we're in the we're in the money of technology, everyone has a phone, everyone's recording. You know, I could like I could sit here for two hours talking to you about different occasions where the know were different things have happened. And you said when you get older and you look back and you reflect on them, you kind of know what is going on. What what am I doing? I like like I said to my father, like my father said to me, you have to take yourself out of that situation.


I found myself in the park and this was before my son was born. I was my daughter who was two, and I was quite busy. Nice summer's day. And my daughter was around playing nicely. And a father came up and said, Can you get a four to my five year old son? And I said, I can't. I'm I'm minding my daughter. And he said, Oh, you can't take two seconds. But in that split moment of talking, my daughter had gone out of my seat and I'm thinking I'm in the park with my daughter.


And this fellow was persistently at me. And I just like I nearly lost the plot because I'm thinking I'm just trying to play with my daughter. She's give me I said, can you give me 10, 15 minutes? My wife is coming to collect us. Would like he just he kept resisting. And then my wife came and he was like, oh I'm sorry. Eventually and we took the photos thinking, imagine if something had happened to my daughter while I'm taking a photo with another child.


Just give me 10, 15 minutes. It's like there's different scenarios where all this stuff happens. And like you spoke about Darren Gibson, like. You know, he's he's had a few drinks, he's talking to some of the some is holding the phone and everything he says has been recorded and then it's all over Twitter and it blows up.


It's just everybody is OK to make headlines with their phones and be the fellow who captured something, and it's also ruined the moment because the villagers be the people that are just delighted to see a David take a photo or a quick video or whatever, and you'd be delighted to give them your time, most the majority of people. But then it just ruins the moment I you get the people kind of feeling that they own you as a piece of public property because they see you on TV and because you're a white person.


Yeah, well, I feel like I could talk about another occasion I had in Cork where somebody come up and they've had a pop off me. Right. And I've kind of like my pals then kind of get their backs up thinking, is this fellow going to try and hit me or something? Whatever. And and I just said to him, I said, Have you got a second? And he's like, Oh, no, I don't want to talk.


And I said, Sit down for a second. I said, what's the problem? He said, I'll see you there with your mates. And I said, Did you go to school with me? And he says, Oh, no, I didn't. And I said, See all these fellows here? We all went to school together. We all live within three hundred yards of one another. So we grew up. Like I said, I can ring anyone that mothers know.


No, ask them to call me and tell me they could ring my parents, my parents come them. That's how close we are. And then he was there going on and on, and I was like, I come home and I want to spend time with my friends, the people I grew up with, you know, and you're coming over and you're you're having a pop off being shown in Iran. And by the end of a ten minute conversation turn, when will you're actually all right.


And I said but I said no. I said, are you going to go talk to that person over there and talk to them? And he says, well, no, I don't know them. I said, but you just explained to me that you don't know me. And he said, Yet you feel you have the right to come up and call me all sorts of names. But you don't know me either. You know, and that's and that's the problem, then you want to take yourself out of those situations, but then you miss out on spending time with my friends or, you know, doing something with my wife because somebody wants somebody wants to get their word in and say something.


I've even had occasions where I've been in England and my mother and father have gone for a drink on a Friday or Saturday night and somebody's gone up to them and had to cut off them. No, I'm very fortunate that my father is been involved with professional amateur sport. But in my mind, the hurting and football should be professional in a way because of the dedication, the clothes, the whole the whole package of the gear. But he was able to deal with that.


But my mother got upset, like you've got some 40 year old man common abusing their son, you know, to the mother and father. And then, you know, it's kind of like it's a shame that a couple of days later, I catch up my dad in the fall and he's telling me about something like that at the weekend when they're just trying to have a quiet drink, said people. People don't understand a lot of it, you know, and then you can understand why people get bitter, you know, and it is a shame.


No, but I'm talking about the negative experience. I've had so many positive ones and I've met so many incredible people from playing football that it's not just all negative. So I do need to say that as well. What are the positive experiences?


You know, all those jerseys in the back of that wall? Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, I've got all of them out there. See if I actually ask that question, if Messi leaves, first off, I got to take that down and then try and get a new one.


But he's in Brazil with punters, though, coming up to him, John.


No, no.


But you get to meet people. You know, a lot of people like the best boys. I'll get someone. If you bump into a footballer, the footballer doesn't want to talk about football. You know, I'm not going to ask you about your work and examine you and your performances at work. That's not like what they want to do. And no, I've just people have been so nice, you know, like I don't even know where to start.


You put me on the spot. They're all like, you can even think about it because there has been some great things, you know. Yeah, yeah. It's interesting.


But I'd say like there are lads, David, then that, you know, that shut themselves away from it just because they don't really like that attention. Effectively, the higher profile you go, the more secluded you probably have to be to somebody, because as you mentioned, you put yourself in that position. There is an element of your you're told you're asking for it, but I guess maybe some of the absolute A-list stars you've sort of played with or encountered, it's sort of pretty hard for them to to really do that, to go out with their mates from school and do anything like that.


Yeah, of course.


And look. Then it's about identifying your local kind of hold where you can kind of go, where you know everyone in sight there. And imagine if if you guys wanted to go for a drink that these fellows are nearly going into poker. They want to know every single person in the room so that they are left alone. It's just kind of an old Hawai'ian. It is a shame at times in all that when the beautiful thing is when I go home and I go with my father for a drink when I go home and catch up with him, but we go to the pub where he knows everyone in the pub, so it's fine.


And you don't really have you might have fellas come up and tell you what they're there for. You probably known to my father's friends for 20 years. Twenty five years. So it's fine chatting them about life, you know, and but yeah, it is a shame.


Football off the ball with Paddy Power as obnoxiously passionate about soccer as Frank Lampard after the final whistle. Gamble responsibly. CWA done that. That was an OTB podcast network presentation.