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Thursday Night Football with John Giles. Johnny Giles is a national treasure when he speaks. Me and I'm like, yes, yes, yes. When he's on the show. I was in the car the other day and I sprinted into the house and turned on the radio. I love listening to him. I love Johnny Giles.


John Giles. Every Thursday at seven thirty pm on AMI TV Sports Radio Live 24/7 on the Go Loud app.


The OTB podcast network OTB and this is OTB Sports Radio, I signed for them after the year after my first day of training on a diving home, I was up to the great quality of life.


Walk to a circus. It's amazing. All right, the tables are turned this morning, Jerry, you're in the hot seat of the analyst was our number one analyst is here, as ever, transfer insider Philly. And you're very welcome, both of you folks, for another edition of the. Let's get straight into us.


It's widely reported that Tiago Silva, 35, could be on the way to Jose. How did he perform last night? And is he stable enough for Frank Lampard to build around? Thirty five year old soon to be thirty six, so by the time the Premier League season started, thirty six offices had a radio career, a PSG and the standout moment for me last night for ourselves is when Robert Levin Dyleski pushed the ball by him and Thiago Silva trips him.


And then disputes the foul, but it's a one year deal. That's what they're looking at with Chelsea. And, you know, it's a case of Chelsea lack, probably talkers and leaders in that back for back three, whatever formation Lampard wants to go with. So it's certainly it's not one for the future. It's just get them in, get a bit of experience into the center of defense, because we know Chelsea conceded far too many goals. If they get I mean, I don't know who did the play with them, who is their their best center have to go alongside Thiago Silva, obviously.


Looks like Ben Chilwell is coming in. That sorts out the problem at left back right back. You've got options there obviously. Osman Aquata you can play Reece James as well. So it's, it's one, it's either like Ruediger I was taught or was their best center half but his confidence Charton like they still haven't talked about bringing in a new goalkeeper. So bringing in Thiago Silva is not going to.


Solve all their problems, it solves one of their problems, maybe, that you look at Chelsea to concede a lot of goals from set pieces, but I think that comes down to the keeper as well. So, you know, he has been up until last night and there were the best defense in the the Champions League. So, you know, he is the captain of that team. He was the the marshal of that defense. So that has to count for something.


But certainly his best days are behind them. But maybe one season might be the worst idea. Say enough, you know. Players can look quite old quite soon, so we don't know what he'd be like in the Premier League. I'm surprised. I thought there was a lot of talk that he got to Syria. I thought maybe it's a league he played on before, maybe go back. But Chelsea looks like they're going to get this done.


Arsenal Target Philip Continue refused to rule out a move away from Barcelona in the Champions League for Bayern Munich. Mundo Deportivo report that Ronald Neumann wants him to stay to be part of his plans at the camp. Knew what we learned about him in the Champions League running. And what impact would he make it? Arcel. I think we're cutting out the best you're going to see a continue is when he plays regularly, so, you know, he's coming off the bench and these games, obviously with scoring goals, he was setting up goals and, you know, a decent chance of a free kick.


Last night, actually, think back to he scored a stunning free kick for Liverpool against Arsenal on the opening day of the season, on the opening weekend of the season, a few seasons back. It was when Martin made his debut for Liverpool as well and put one of the top corner at the Emirates and maybe a more confident Coutinho last night would have threatened the return of us in the gold.


But yeah, if he's playing regularly, then you start to see the best of Phillip continue. But if you think back to when he left Liverpool, obviously Liverpool got a huge transfer fee from. But you have to ask, has it been a success for Catania to get away from Liverpool in terms of individual honours? He's won two Spanish league titles. He's won the Bundesliga title. He's got to travel now with with Bayern Munich, including the Champions League.


You want to call it a Rey. So he's got all the honours, but he hasn't been a regular for either Barcelona or Bayern Munich. He needs to be playing regular to get the best out of them.


And if you do get regular football into Philip Katinas legs, then you are so certain he will be the better for us.


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This one is for you, Premier League survivors Aston Villa are being linked with a 30 million pound deal for Celtic striker Olssen Edwards.


He netted twenty six times for the cells, but would he make an impact south of the border? I think if you look at the players, it moved from South recently to the Premier League, some of them have done OK. You know, Kieran Tierney starting to come back. And I think Virgil's obviously been a sensation. And I know that Saudek don't expect to have him playing for them whenever the transfer window closes, that he will be gone, that there are enough Premier League teams who are looking at it.


And I don't know how he performed in the European Games. I'd like to see the split of SBL versus European Games like Villaine Goals. I think that's going to be better by virtue of the fact that let's assume that they keep great, that the players back from injury, who they bought at the start of the year, and then some of those players who they've had will actually have a year's Premier League experience behind them as well. There's there's depth there.


It's just very shallow. Sorry, it's wide, but it's shallow in terms of the depth. There's a lot of bodies, but it's not none of them are that good. So spend the money, keep spending the money until you find somebody, because if you find somebody is going to score goals in the Premier League, suddenly they go from 30 million to 50 million. I what I do wonder why there aren't more at those middle tier Premier League teams who aren't in for and players who like who are out and available on a long day.


Like why is it only that the teams in fifth who were able to do it like ninety nine per villa skill point, we haven't had a Premier League signing that kind of feels like a bit of a coup for imitable the reaches of the disabled side for a while or somebody who's just coming off their peak or maybe even well past our peak. I'm talking about an the band can be signing that sort of huge name midfielder who comes in. It's like, well, what happened to that guy?


Or he's actually playing really well for Aston Villa, like Tevez, Tevez and Mascherino to West Ham.


That's what I'm talking about. That's the level of ambition you want to have that didn't work out very well. Nearly got him relegated for legal reasons as anything. And they and they both played crap, got it out for like three weeks at the end of the year. But that that type of ambition is what you want.


Your your two pieces of advice this morning. Keep spending money until you find somebody and have two levels of ambition.


That was basically a massive three three Europa League goals, apparently for. Edward, we are being told that Jaidyn Sanjo to Manchester United is dead. Is there any excuse for not paying up for the rising English star? Well, I'll tell you, if there isn't an excuse, there's going to be plenty of excuses if things don't start well, if you know this is the problem, that if you don't hit the ground running and obviously they're not playing on the opening weekend because of their involvement in the later stages of the Europa League.


But as soon as things start to go wrong or if you have a few bad results, then all of a sudden the name Jaiden Sanjo comes up more and more. Obviously, this was a deal that a few weeks ago looked like it was going to get done and they didn't get to that deadline of the 10th of August, which the Dortmund, etc. Now it drags on and it looks like it's not going to happen and. We know how good he is, and if said, if you need it, don't hit the ground running, then united supporters, people will start questioning at one word and he'll have to answer those questions and explain why they didn't feel Jaiden Sancha was worth the money.


It's a lot of money, but as we've said on this show regularly, it's not as if it's all up front. It's in installments. Manchester United have the money, but they obviously feel that it's too much, that one hundred and twenty is too much, that they feel like they're. Been made fools of by having to forget that kind of money, but as I said, if they have the money and he makes them a better team, I think you've got to spend the cash.


Finally, one this morning and it's a juicy one. Sorry, Jared wants to get to that one. Yeah.


At some point it's not it's actually not a lot of money when you think about it. Not really that you're paying one hundred and twenty million is the difference between one hundred, one hundred twenty and twenty million. And that 20 million is Daniel James or somebody like that who is going to be a fringe player in the team. So what's the opportunity cost in signing Jane Sanjo versus what's the opportunity cost and not signing them and the opportunity costs that you don't suddenly become a team who can compete in the two major competitions?


Are you going to be in next year? Sinem, spend that money. This is like Harry Maguire where you're not sure we're going to be good enough. This is somebody who is a decade ahead of them at the at the peak of his career. Atlantic profile is perfect for what you're trying to do. It could be a replacement for one of your front three. If anybody ever wants to sign them at some point, spend the money.


This is your time. Spent the money. I'm with you.


I think so. I think that's no matter what, you get them out at the moment, it's going to look like a snip in a little while. According to reports, Barcelona club president candidate hopeful Ferrari says the club has had talks with European clubs representatives about managing the site and the future, whether the story is true or not. We're going to talk about it. Can you see it happening at some point?


And what would a club Barasat team look like when they say that they talk to his representatives, that they just leave a voicemail, just does not count as talking to as they treat it as your clock up? That was what that was about.


The Jesus they. Yeah, this is the fact that he's trying to become the the next president. Let's promise everything and maybe the vote me in. But this is when I saw this story. It was one of those that I just thought, well, I knew when Koopman was appointed. I did say last week I kind of expected some of the Dutch players in the Liverpool squad to be linked with Barcelona. I certainly didn't think the club link would come in, but I think Liverpool fans, when they would have seen this story, would have just had a bit of a smile and thought.


Yet I don't think there's any truth in that at all.


Now, how how the tables have turned from trying to write new clauses into your contracts that Barcelona can't actually grab your players to the league. And sitting here with a smug smile on his face saying Liverpool fans and have it a little mind with us. That's it for this morning. Three years after my first day of trying on a driving home, I was upset and regretting it. What was it like walking to a house? It's amazing. OTB and this is OTB Sports Radio.


That was an OTB podcast, network presentation.


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