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I signed for them. Isomura, after my first day of training with driving home, I was to the great quality of life. I want to say this amazing me. Phil Higgins with us for deal or no deal. Ronald Koopman, can he fix Barcelona and can the club rebuild around Leo Messi, who is apparently what is the exact line here? I have spoke with Koopman.


The pillar of our project is Messi, says Joseph Barton Mayo, who seems to know a thing or two about football. Obviously, he says Liam as his best footballer in the world and like, we're not going to get rid of him so he can come and do it.


It's a tough one as well, because. I wonder deep down what Ronald Coleman actually thinks about having to work with Lionel Messi. Does he think, yeah, a great one of the greatest, if not the greatest footballer we've ever seen. But if I wanted to build something, what massive part of it we can go in and be the guy that says, right. First thing, get rid of him. And then straightaway you turn the crowd against you like he is a he is a club legend documents for that winning goal in the 92 European Cup final against Sampdoria.


But looking at that team that starts against Bayern Munich the other night, six of them over thirty two were over Messi and Suarez included. And one thing that was very noticeable was that they didn't do a lot of. Yeah.


So, you know, if you want to compete, though, you absolutely. Quickly, if you're if you've got Messi, you get all the other to do the running for you as the creator. That's fine.


And also as well, I think if you see if Messi is in a more vibrant and energetic team, you probably see a more vibrant and energetic Messi as well, I think, as well.


The whole notion that Suarez is completely finished isn't fully accurate. You can have Suarez be your next striker who plays in the cockpit, El Rey, who plays in some of the group stages, gains in the Champions League in those victories where it's a routine three no win at home in La Liga, you stick and you stick them in and like, you know, it's going to be fine.


You're not going to draw those games to all. You're going to win those games three nil next season. If you add in a little bit of muscularity in midfield and maybe to new soundtrack's, I don't know how that conversation goes with it as far as for Ronaldo and said, you know, he's just not as good as he used to be.


So we're just going to put you on the bench for most of the season.


But you're not a man, Carterville. You need to be a better man catcher, as Christian would say earlier on. Well, you need to take him aside and say, hey, I love your hustle. What? We're going to need you. Big minutes. Yeah, big minutes in big games.


And then, you know, he's like I actually I used to play for. I apologize. Well, you played for them. Yeah. Now, I'm not sure. I think Suarez is probably his career is probably going to go somewhere else. And, you know, there's talk I'm going to MLS team and actually talk to going back to Ayak. So it'll be interesting to see how that works out. But is as far as one of Massey's amigos and that kind of has a big say in who is there, but it obviously hasn't worked.


What is it like and stuck. It really ripped and get good to football again. Like we don't see the picture there the other day of like Suarez with carrying a little bit of timber with Robert Ivanovski is absolutely shredded at the moment. Like it's he's not 60. Like he can get into good shape again.


I don't know. But I'll tell you something, when you get over thirty, it's harder to shift those pounds, you know, and I'm sure. But Robert Ivanovski the wrong side of 30.


I know, but Ivanovski is a completely different physique to Suarez. Suarez is always I wouldn't say he's, he's big chunky but he's a bit rounder than Lewandowski has always been a lean gold scoring machine, whereas Suarez, you know, is obviously in great shape. But I don't, I don't think we can compare the physics of Ivanovski and and Suarez and Suarez. This game has always been, you know, built about probably covering more ground. You think of when he played for for Liverpool, he was just an absolute menace to defenders and all sorts of them, obviously.


But in terms of the energy put in, he just he was just a constant ball of energy, whereas Lewandowski is more about being in the box, finishing off the moves. Now, that's maybe something Suarez could do if as I said like I said, what Messi if you've got a more energetic team around me, it basically saying, as far as, look, you stay in the box, you saw something similar where Brendan Rodgers tried to do it with fire.


He said, don't be wasting your energy, making all these runs. Just stay in the 18 yard box and the ball comes to you. Just put it in the net lease.


Yeah. And let's building the team around him. Look, I would get rid of Griezmann if you could, and I would take if someone's gonna give you money for Suarez. Absolutely. But I like having him as a sub striker for a season. Isn't the worst thing that you could possibly do.


Paul Pogba, will he be a Juventus player again to do a sports reports that they're going to offer Manchester United Dibala plus cash for the World Cup winner who wins in that deal and doesn't happen? I have I think both win an idea because you just have fond memories of Paul Pogba, I'm Parrello obviously played alongside him then, you know, to get rid of Paul Pogba. Plus they get Dibala another attacking player and they obviously get a bit of cash as well.


And I know Pogba is coming back in and there's been glimpses, but he's been at the club for years and still never seen this so-called world beater. Thus, you know, I thought they were getting.


Yeah, but they've obviously got pregnant. Fernandez now, who is the go to man in midfield. And there's been a few games this season where you watch Pogba and you just think, why does he take that extra charge he always just takes? That's something he obviously gets away with when you played in Syria a few years ago. But the game is constantly evolving where teams are pressing. And if you're a pressing team, actually, Pogba is the dream opponent because he'd always take that extra touch.


And as soon as he does your parents, you're not. Take back to the Southampton game at Old Trafford where he got dispossessed for the for the first go. So I think if you got rid of them, that would be a great deal. Obviously, Dibala then brings another option in attack where you could play my way, but you could also play monopod in a Fernanda's role because Brenno Fernanda's cannot play every game next season. He just can't do it physically.


He won't last. And there's a chance he can always leave Brendan Fernanda's on the bench. And you say, right, Dibala, you start this one. And if things aren't going well, you can bring on Brendan Fernandez. But United we saw the other night, they don't have good options off the bench. I'm not saying the battle starts on the bench, but he would be a welcome addition to the Manchester United attack.


What about trying to get the wheels in motion that Inter Milan actually get into the mix here? And Pogba would obviously like to reunite with Antonio Conte. Inter Milan would love to have another option in midfield, try and take them closer to Aventis and Manchester United would probably take Lautaro Martinez. Is that the sort of player that they probably maybe they don't need at the moment more than Dibala positionally, but quality wise up front? I definitely feel that they need another ace in the pack.


And Martinez obviously one of the hottest properties in Europe at the moment. You might want to go elsewhere, but there could be a few different maneuvers that could be pulled off here because Pogba, we're talking about the United States and I suspect.


Yeah, absolutely. And like he obviously has fond memories of Syria. And now, obviously, Inter Milan are quite fond of going to Manchester United for players. And they've I mean, in a few days, we could see a few former United players left in the Europa League as troublesome players. But Martinez, I wonder, is he going to be in that conversation for the rebuild of Barcelona? Gerrard mentioned there by Greisman, if if they can get Greisman off their books, could they bring in somebody like Martinez?


Obviously would be an excellent station to Manchester. You know, there's so much talk about United on the front three. And, you know, I've heard people say that they need to know that they need an out out number nine, but. I think they just need more more attackers anyway, that if they did have somebody that could play central, if you look at the front three at the moment that they have, Greenwood obviously looks like the real deal.


He looks like he's going to be exceptional. He already is playing at a high level, but he could go to another level. Marcial just keeps improving. Rashford, actually, of the three has at the poorest. He's been in the poorest form since the restart and that has to be down to the injury.


Yes, you know, he was meant to be ruled out for the the rest of the season. Obviously the season gets postponed for four, three months, so he comes back in. But I think people probably expect the too much. And it's almost, you know, you still have that option.


If you had somebody like Martinez where you could bring Marcial out to the left and play games out there. So there is versatility with the front three that I just mentioned, then throw and the sixty games.


Exactly. They played microstructure with a broken back last year. Let's just remember that's how desperate they were at one stage. I will say I didn't get a return.


So Messi staying at ten I think it's ten out of ten that he stays this season and Pogba being united at at the end of the transfer window at ten.


I think he's still going to be the player. I'm going to probably go eight matches. They're also being linked with a move for Boorman's. Twenty three year old West midfielder David Brooks as a Gaydon Santo alternative. Is he good enough to provide the kind of impact Manchester United need?


Well, certainly not the same player as Jaiden Sanco. Obviously he's left footed, but he likes to play Outweight going back to the other night and the severe game of the Social got criticized for not bringing on any substitutes early enough. He brought on Daniel James, obviously an international teammate of Brooks. Brooks is different, whereas James is more direct. Brooks has a bit more subtlety to him. We talked about him last week about me linked with Go to Liverpool.


It's hard to know if we didn't really see much of them in the season just gone because of the injury.


But before here before is where we saw the potential in this player.


So again, it goes back to this is a guy that you can bring in and yet you have a look at him and yeah, you spend twenty five, thirty, thirty five million on this and you hope that it really works out or you try and hijack the Tiago deal for thirty million and you go, that's exactly what Manchester United need right now.


Well if if you asked me if you had Thiago in there and said to Paul Pogba, you know, have a better midfield straightaway in terms of what they're looking for, it's probably could they both play could you actually just put Tiago in instead of marriage? Well, yeah.


I mean, like I mean, it's a completely it's a different people say protector there.


But if you've got Tiago and you've got the ball, the whole decter. Exactly.


That's why you centre back for a little bit better. OK, we got down the rabbit hole there. ESPN say Sheffield United. What man United's Dean Henderson. Twenty three on another year's loan deal. Meanwhile, Sergio Romero has been linked with both Leeds and Everton. And potentially Chelsea should also offload the English keeper to reaffirm David to his position as the club's number one. But I think he's going to stick with the hey, I think for Dean Henderson, he has to ask himself, does he want to go back to United and try and get his place off the head where he's basically going to play cop a cop and he doesn't even have the option of playing Europa League because United in the Champions League and obviously today is probably going to play all those games as well.


It was interesting the other night that he went for the hey, where's Romero has been his his goalkeeper. And look how that worked out in the Cup semi-final against Chelsea Romero. He's obviously happy to sit there or else he should be buying. And then solo shows door saying, why don't you play me in that game against? I played all the Europa League games and you dropped me for for the biggest Europa League game of the season.


I had didn't work out. I mean, to say he didn't do much wrong. I know. But still, I mean, if I'm if I'm a Romero, how did that work out? Did you win?


Did you Sergio Romero is probably said he must be happy enough to sit on the bench. He obviously knew when he came to the club.


It's one of the best jobs in world sports. You earn millions for doing no work.


Yeah, but sometimes you get called upon. That's funny. Like, I wasn't really I think of Adriana the first day of last season where a Friday night at Anfield is thinking, this is I play for Liverpool and Alison gets injured and he's thinking, Oh, I am playing for Liverpool. And, you know, it worked out all right at the start.


But Liverpool fans kind of change their opinion of Adrienne towards the end of last season. There are some backup quarterback who are in between eight and 10 million here for standing on the sideline and holding a clipboard. That is definitely the best job in world football.


But being second choice goalkeeper at a super club where you're probably around two million year minimum, that's also not a bad job. And you've got long term contracts and you can sit there on the bench until you're forty four if you want at a minute past ten. Last story. If Barnes' Dovid Alaba will come to the Premier League, the deal will happen in the next fourteen days. Sky Sports say that Manchester United and Chelsea are interested and that the Austrian has rejected the fifteen million a year deal to extend his stay as he enters his final year.


And we know they want players to go for free. That's why Tiago is available. So he is apparently available. Why he hasn't signed that extension. Who should buy him? Anyone they can watch what a player is, he's only twenty eight, he's been around for three years. Obviously you can cover Liverpool numerous positions. You can play left back, centre back. He can play in midfield. And I don't well, I don't think Liverpool I think Liverpool would be wiser to go after Thiago with the mixed zone after the Champions League final on Sunday.


It'll be interesting because I fully expect Bayern to win tonight and to be PSG. There'll be euphoria and then it'll be nice. Let's go after Alaba, let's go after Thiago. Ask them, you know, what do you want to do next? Obviously Tiago looks more set to leave. Alabi could turn around and say, Oh, I love this club, we've just won the Champions League and I'll sit down with the club in the next few days and we'll try and thrash out a new deal.


So chances of David Oliver being in the Premier League at a time, oh, I'm going to go low.


I'm not. I think Thiago obviously is a far more realistic. So I'd be surprised if Alaba ends up in the Premier League at the start of next season.


It is three minutes past ten this morning. That is deal or no deal for you.


I signed for five euro after my first days trying on a driving home. I was and regretting what I do not like to say this.


It's amazing how to be great. And this is OTB Sports Radio, the TV podcast network with Virgin Media.


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