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This is OTV and this medical team are going to coast to a league title. Fair enough. That's a great achievement. But that man United team where an all time great, because they weren't playing very well early in the season, does everything have to happen in the same period of time, though, the new plan have those elements on that team in the Champions League in the league this year, but but not a third to equal Manchester United travel season.


They have to win at least the Champions League in the league. And you could say that by not winning a cup, if they don't want to go, then they're not sars-cov-2 season. I was going to say we want to travel. Did you want to travel? No. TBA Ireland's only sports breakfast show weekdays from seven thirty a.m. only on OTV Sports Radio Live 24/7 on the go load up the OTV podcast network with Virgin Media.


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Hey, this is OTB Sports Radio.


I signed Frame after year. After my first day of training on a driving home, I was to regret what I'd like to say. It's amazing me. Filling in here for deal or no deal before we get started. Who's going to win TEMIZLIK? I think, Brian, I just if I could just wish, Brian, we just sit by 10 yards deeper and they could win, not handy, but it'd be a lot more comfortable. But I do I see exactly where Miguel is coming from the first 20 minutes against Barsa and the would be a worry and even love them.


Metalious has come out and said to Brian, it's just said a little bit deeper, please, I implore you to do this, or else PSG will have a field day in those first 20 minutes. Brian, don't go behind the games now.


So they don't know what to do. It's like that generation of Australian rugby players. I've never seen rain. And so when it rained, they couldn't win games. Right. Deal or no deal, it's being reported in the Netherlands. Barcelona manager Ronald Cuban once GenY when I am age 29. Phil, will this happen?


And I don't know if it will happen. Obviously I when and got the job. My first thought was how long before Van Dyke gets linked to Barcelona? Because obviously Liverpool have sold players to Barcelona in the past. Van Dyke is the best defender in the Premier League at the moment.


How much how much would that cost?


I mean, if you're going by Coutinho, you have to at least double what it requires, 80 million.


He has to be he has to be a hundred and sixty, surely two hundred million.


If hiring is 80 million, then you would think Vandyke's three hundred million.


I'm being realistic here. I think that, like, if you were to ask what is the actual price and what is the price that will be worth paying some things just not for sale.


I think Van Dyke is is quite happy. So now the deal then makes a lot more sense. A guy that has a year left in his contract, the contract talks stalled a little bit. Obviously, we're covid-19 everything was put on hold and they haven't really pick things up. I mean, everything was fine. But now let's let's just let's just nail that one. They decided that they didn't want to offer him a deal with covid-19. That's their excuse for not getting this deal done, because loads of other stuff is happening as we see around the rest of the world.


It looks like they're about to Santiago.


They're they're like, I can't my phone's not working here because of. But they did they did put on hold. What I'm saying is they didn't resume it, though, when they were meant.


So, I mean, at the start, they legitimately said, look, let's come back to this in a bit. Obviously, you know, things going on around us that are out of our control. But, yeah, you know, he's a fan favorite sign from Newcastle who had been relegated that season. And he scored some huge goals, including two against Barcelona and come back last season as well as said the fans love him. But there is this dilemma where he's twenty nine to give him another deal.


But then Tiago is twenty nine.


And, you know, if you get the same amount of money, do you swap and swap out if you take half the money and swap in, swap out and go. Well that's, that's the wages for two years for Tiago.


I think if Liverpool got the same money that they're willing to pay for Tiago, then it'd be a good deal for them. OK, give me an offer. That's going to be great.


I mean, to get to play for a club like Barcelona, give me a out of ten more. I'm still kind of go and maybe low and off a six.


OK, just imagine Henrik Larsson is back at Barcelona. He has just joined on a two year contract as Ronald Cummings assistant. So that second year, that deal is going to look pretty sweet when they're on the beach in a year's time. Meanwhile, Liam, as he cut short his holidays to race to camp now to meet the new Barcelona bus, Catalan radio station oracy UNO report that Messi has told him he's more out than in distress. He has no faith in club President Joseph Bartolomeo Vanzetti being touted as a possible destination.


Highwood Papu Messi in this mountain. He's got. He could just put them in where David Silver plate, you think of how successful Silver and Prysner were when they played in that midfield together, obviously that that had Fernandinho in it as well. But, yeah, you playing in that role. And obviously, he's a better version of David Silva. See, you look at the front three, the way that he plays it at the moment, whether when Guerreros was starting on the left, on the right hand side, he has those options, whether it was Bernardo Silva, Mahrez Phil and more.


So this season, towards the end of it, does Messi fit into that three? Because if he's playing another three, he's going to press Messi doesn't do it because you just give him the ball and he lets the magic happen.


But if you play him in a more central role alongside De Bruyne, then I mean, some of the some of the options you have there. And if you're one of the front three, you're rubbing your hands with either them, give you the front three. So say you've got Sterling Aquarelle and Phil Foden, for example, and then, of course, Messi and Gibraltar sitting in behind them. And then you've got a protector, whether that's Roger or Fernandinho, something deep in that team.


I put them in a deeper roll. Yeah. All right. Essentially a midfield role. Yeah, I've got one. So it's like one defensive midfielder and then five attackers, like basically a pretty good team.


I know. I mean, you're going to get hammered in matches. You're going to leave the defense exposed to the city's defense has always been exposed in that city defense.


I mean, you know, if they have four new defenders who can run fast, I'm on board with that.


But I think that team might lose a few games. Right. Manchester Evening News say that David Brooks has been promoted to the number one alternative to Jaiden Sancha. The Suns say he will cost forty million. This is Rapid Fire. Now is forty. For Brooks a good deal or a bad deal? I think it's one of those you come back to if if he turns out code for him, it was nothing. So I think David Brooks would definitely be a good player for, you know, having the squad this serious potential there.


He wants to be back in the Premier League. So I said 40 million. If it doesn't work out, then it was a waste of money. If he does, then obviously that was a great buy.


Yeah, this might be one of those ones that you do. You don't mind if he signs for somebody else and then you spend the next 20 million next year on him because he's proven that he's actually capable of doing it.


And the males say that Manchester United may offer Argentina's goalkeeper, Sergio Romero, to Aston Villa as part of a deal for Jack Grealish, who's obviously only still 24. Grealish has been on the dip over the summer months. Shane, as a Manchester United fan, do you want Jack Riteish at your club?


No. He spends what? He spends too much time in the turf. That's what he does.


But it's probably an Irish perspective not to not to want Jack Grealish there, but surely we're all over that now.


He picked the he picked the country that he wants to play for. I have no problem with that.


Yeah, well, you're a veteran. I suppose you've you've come to terms with it. You've dealt with it at the outset. It leaves it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. But no, he's a fantastic player. I'd be more out of it. Sergio Romero leaving. I love him. I love the man. And he's going to feel a little bit done over by David here play in the Arab League semi-final. But he's this isn't the league front job.


Grant is happy to sit on the bench and not even on the bench in the squad and earn his money and play the rest of his career as a shopkeeper. United. But Romeros, a top quality keeper, he's played in the World Cup final. He should not want not to be playing football. So I'd be more sad about leaving.


I would be happy about Grealish, I'd say if they're ashamed to say he should not want to play for a club like Fela, that's what he meant.


But that would be a great idea for a fellow, by the way, because I know Tom Hayden, when he got injured, things started to go horribly wrong for Villa. Yeah. So but he's going to be back, right? He is going to be back. Hopefully he's back as good as he is. But, you know, I don't know when exactly we can expect him back. The season is only starting in a few weeks.


So Anma points out as well that what about all the penalties critics would win? Think like Bruno Fernandez could score 40 goals and the penalties. But next year, if you really start in the penalty box for you, the mail to report that wolves are listening to offers for around 70 million for a former villa star, Adamah Trinary, who should have Dimitriou signed for. Well, I wonder what is I'm trying to go back to Barcelona and, you know, he was there for 10 years.


Obviously, he came over to the Premier League, ended up with the championship signs for. For wolves, unbelievable for them, he's probably my favorite player to watch because they just love when he gets the ball. The panic is 70 million sold. But that's the problem, honestly. Like, look at the top teams, let's say Liverpool. Does he get into the Liverpool? No. Run three? No, but he's a he's a better sub to bring off the bench than Arregui, isn't he?


Oh, absolutely. Yeah.


And like, maybe the best days of his career were actually spending 70 million on him. Makes perfect sense because he becomes a player who can be a mainstay at some point. At some point, one of those from three is going to leave or one of the really good play he could actually play in the Liverpool front three, he could play in the midfield three.


And you could actually use him as a right back if you wanted to give Trent Alexander Arnold a rest, even though Nico Williams is developing well. But Tracery, the way Liverpool play with their fullbacks, they could actually use priority's as a right wing back as well.


Last one is Tiago Silva could be on the way to Chelsea after the Champions League final. What has he had to Lampard side? Some actual defending, but he'll be thirty six by the time the Premier League season starts. I'm not sure this is going to happen. I think the talk is either he stays or PSG. See how Sunday's final goes around. He goes to Italy. He definitely wants to stay in Europe. Now, I don't know if he meant Europe, the EU.


I'm not sure maybe. But I think if he was to go, you probably look at a move to Italy that is the end of deal or no deal.


I signed for him after the euro and after my first days trying not to start driving home, I was actually regretting it. What would you like to say to amazing?


OTB, hey, and this is OTB Sports Radio, the OTB podcast network with Virgin Media catch all of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League games live on Virgin Media TV.