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After my first days trying on a driving home, I was actually regretting quality of life. I walk to a circus. It's amazing. It is nine forty one time frame after bureau after it's on a loop there, it's nine forty one this morning here.


And for those of you who are unfamiliar with deal or no deal at this stage, we take all of the best and worst transfer rumours doing the rounds on the Internet and we give them a rating to see exactly how likely or otherwise they're going to be.


And the story has obviously been dominating stuff just recently. But at least we've got something else to talk about this morning. We have don't even to be excited by Manchester United for forty five million. It's forty five million euros. Forty million quid from IEX, despite a late attempt apparently from Spurs to hijack the deal. Why are Manchester United buying the twenty three year old daughter rising star? Does he fix any of Manchester United's current problems? Phil is with us this morning.


Phil, good morning to you. Yeah, good morning, John. How are you doing? I'm very well.


Does Tony VanDerBeek actually serve a purpose for Manchester United as they currently stand, or is this good future planning?


It's a bit of both. He's only twenty three. So we've obviously seen he was part of that brilliantly, actually, in the course of the Champions League semi-final a couple of seasons ago. And he gives you a different option, it looks like. So sure, the way he's doing things is going to play that for two, three, one and Matej just played there. Fred has played there. Pogba seems to be it seems to be Pogba plus once if you put fun vanderbeek in there.


Does that mean that, you know, he's not seen as a protector as such, but I think for United to evolve, they need players that can hold onto the ball. And VanDerBeek is one of those kind of I like your Dutch pronunciation of their correctness.


There are certainly going to be.


Well, I mean, think about Amsterdam, Baik. I mean, it worthwhile to say you've got a story about that, don't you?


No comment. It's a bit early for Watershed's VanDerBeek Salita.


Give it again, go on. Give us it again on the bike, on the bike, on the bike. All right, you're doing your David Moyes accent when you're when you're doing it. Well, you have two, isn't it?


Isn't that I mean, otherwise, you're just being you're just being arrogant. You're just being like a Brexiteer, Nathan.


This is great timing, is it? I don't want to be. Where does he play?


Well, you can't have too many good players now, but where does he play? Well, he can play in any number of positions, which is exactly why he's such a good starting.


This is what we were talking about with Liverpool earlier. This is what Liverpool should be doing. Firstly, from a purely financial point of view, you're preempting potentially at some stage the departure of Paul Pogba and you have somebody who can sit into that role. But also, as Phil said, in the system, he wants to play with Funderburk and play in a number of different spots and also he can rotate those players. So at the moment, he starts at Rossio for the stovetop.


You've got Rashford on the left, Grimwood on the right, Fernandez in the middle. And if any of them are injured, what happens? What happens? Daniel James might come in and said agreement, but they have a big problem, whereas now actually one of them gets injured. Vanderbank and stepped in and said, Fernandez, probably playing the right hand side if you needed them as well. Or you can play as he did quite a bit this season with IEX.


After the departure, Franchetti on a massive Shonai play as one of the two, plays a deeper lying player.


So he's taken of your friend out of the team.


Well, that's going to be the big question mark for a soldier, because that does seem like it will be somewhat kamikaze football of going with a midfield to have Paul Pogba and Danny Vanderbank. You've got incredible attacking talent there, the range of passing and you could overwhelm maybe the vast majority of teams. I'd be shocked if you're going to go up against Liverpool or Manchester City are big Champions League games. If you went with the two of them, as much as Vanderburg can get around the pitch and a strong tackler, I can do that side of it and is a far better ballplayer than Fred Armitage.


I don't think friend or manager the answer either. I think there's probably somebody else they need in that sort of role. It does seem as though it will be a bit crazy, a bit to attacking, but he can play instead of Pogba. You could play in a more advanced world if you want. I would certainly prefer to see Vanderbank picking the ball up deep inside his own half than Paul Pogba, who has that massive tendency to switch off.


So I think he opens up the possibility of all sorts of rotation of five or six players.


Is there a fear, though, that actually is he is he genuinely good enough or is this another deadly blend is going to come in and be able to play a lot of situations and actually realise eighteen months in, that was just the first time he's going to have to go and prove it.


But he's done it consistently in the Champions League for the last couple of seasons, scored the goal against Spurs, knocked out Juventus. He has delivered the goods in these big games already for free. You guys are only getting him, I think because of what happened in the pandemic. He was on the verge of going to Real Madrid before all of this broke down. So an opportunity has presented itself, I think, for forty million. Again, he's just the sort of player the versatility offers, the quality he has.


And what I remember United, like all these teams, two games every single week from pretty much this week till next May heading into the Euros. He's going to get a lot of games on these days. He's going to get forty games easily.


He's essentially Jesse Langurs replacement in some ways can play for Bruno Fernandes as well. He could replace Bruno Fernandez if they want to take Bruno out of the team for a few games. We saw Bruno Fernandez look knackered at the end of last season so he can play anywhere and in a central position, but said he's only twenty three. So it's. He's a player, though, no one. Dennis Parkop was in charge of looking after these players that I actually was a player that he talked off, he said this guy is unbelievable, actually on stage, compared himself to Denis Burke.


I've compared him well on the bike to Bergkamp said probably plays a little bit deeper.


Obviously no comfort because Berkhout ego doesn't seem not ridiculous. I mean, look, he looks like the man who has the biggest ego in the book didn't suggest that he had the biggest ego in the world. Maybe I was just reading it through. Dennis Broken Glasses is up a giant ego. This guy could be as good as me, is he? Generally?


I don't think so. I think it was more his style of football. But look, I mean, he's going to be one of the all time greats because Bergkamp was pretty close to it. Right.


We learned yesterday that La Liga do not recognize Leo Masais claim that the legal deadline for him to declare his intention to leave Barcelona on a free transfer was not extended due to the season finishing later than planned.


At a long way of saying La Liga, says Messi, shut up, sit down, play for Barcelona.


We can't afford to lose you.


So the seven hundred million released clause is, according to La Liga, back in play.


The Daily Mail reports that the city group that's now officially referred to as opposed to Manchester City are offering a four hundred and fifty million five year deal which will see him pay for OT because it is actually the city group.


I get it now. So he's going to play for my city. And then he moved to New York City and then.


Be back to Citigroup in bracket's. Abu Dhabi and. There's this this cannot be allowed to happen. I mean, I suppose there's nothing they can do to stop it. He'll just get transferred from Manchester City to the MLS and away you go.


And Leo Messi, he likes the notion of a couple of years in New York. Who wouldn't like the notion of is this is this going to happen?


Do you think it's interesting from the legal point of view that if Messi goes all the so-called big names in football, I come from Spain. Yeah.


So I saw Michael Delaney tweeting that last night it has no longer in the top 10 players in the world.


But I know he was injured, but he doesn't have the same opinion as obviously Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Papi, just even some of the best players in the Premier League have as well so that they don't need them because otherwise you'd imagine they're because they start to lose viewers. You know, if you're a supporter, obviously, you hopefully will get supporters back and ground soon enough. But if your team is playing Barcelona, Leo Messi, Senate, you're queuing up to get the ticket.


If he's not involved in thinking Messi, nobody in the Barcelona team, you know, it's not the same. I don't think I'll bother going into this game.


Look, there's definitely a Antoine Griezmann, Phillip Continuo. Daniela not going to do it for you, really.


You know, even if they did on the pitch, if they did, as John Giles would say, if they did their stuff. There's just not Leo Messi, so they're not going to get those that are going to attract the audiences that know they're not ambassadors. They're not it was it was getting to the point where my kids were just old enough, I was thinking we should go and see Leo Messi play one time so that when they're older, they'll be able to say, I got to see my play.


And there's no there's no way that you would be like, I'm going to Manchester City to watch him.


Like now, not easy to get tickets after. I mean, that's the thing. Maybe they might start selling out some of their massive Champions League games finally at night.


And what's going to happen here? Nathan's dad. If you have kids on them there. Yeah, I mean, to be honest, nobody really knows what's gonna happen and maybe what do you think is going to happen? I my feeling has been from day. I just presume this was a power move from Massey just to basically say, I don't like me or get rid of them. And then maybe we can talk about. I suppose it's kind of sad the way it's playing out, that if he does leave, it's not going to be on good terms when you consider that he's spent almost 20 years at the club.


He has been unbelievable for them. He's won countless titles with them. They wouldn't have won them without them. And just the fact that it could end so badly, thus it could get to the stage where in 10 years of messy. Wanted to go and watch a game in Barcelona that he might and feel welcome there, which I think somebody might, we were talking about this last week and I can't remember who on the morning we did our hour and Messi special.


It was it's this president who will forever be associated with and Cuban who will forever be associated with that. So the Barcelona fans, if Messi leaves now and goes wherever he goes, the Barcelona fans will always remember the fact that they had a message for such a long period of time and they will always blame this administration for it. The new president will come in. He'll make Javi the manager. They'll get messy back. He'll lose and keep you up in the center circle and they'll be like, you know, they'll retire the number 10 shirts and they'll find a way to make sure that this relationship is is mutually beneficial from a financial perspective and just from a historical perspective into the future.


So I it is a pity that it's ending this way. Do you think there's another chapter to be written?


I do. I think that they'll be able to make peace with the new president and his parrot, like Johan Cruyff, left and then comes back and becomes even more important as after his career as a manager is over in terms of getting that style in and passing it on to the old. And so what if Manchester City and the city group are planning to make that offer and they see Leo Messi as having this kind of long tail in terms of value, which they obviously would have if he goes and plays in New York, the extra 100 million hundred and fifty million for the transfer fee.


It's kind of irrelevant, right?


Yeah, but money's no issue for these guys anyway. It's just whether they can do is. And they can I was going to say they can balance the box or find a way to make it look like they balance the books. Exactly.


So they can if Manchester City got them, it's a game changer for them. And you can talk about their deficiencies at the back. And they've tried to obviously strengthen at the back. But I know they've brought in Torez as well from from Valencia. But if you have Messi in your team, that's an unbelievable sign. And any manager in the Premier League would want the and I know your club talked about it last week saying that they couldn't get him and people would wonder how would Messi fit into even a club system?


Because the way clubs teams play with high energy. But you find a way. I mean, this is Leo Messi. This is once a once in a lifetime kind of player. So, yeah, it doesn't work it out where you play it smart.


You're in a club, he knows football. He knows a thing or two about the game. You might be able to get the best player in the world in his team.


So this is this is Dagbladet TV in Norway report that Manchester United are set to attempt to hijack the Tiago to Liverpool deal collectively. Banega, the Byron chief, has confirmed to the German media over the weekend the player is on the move and the club expect bids plural in the coming days, briefly fell to Liverpool.


Need to sign him ASAP. This is a good thing. Basically, this is Liverpool. You want to get your act together because you wouldn't want to lose a match to Manchester United manager. That's a nice knowledge there. But looking at them the other day, it was community shield. It's hard to know because watch Liverpool against Salzburg a few days before that community show and you could tell certain Liverpool players had a lot of work done on their legs where they just did not know them there.


But when Kata came on against Arsenal, when Menomena come on, they looked a lot livelier and a lot brighter. And it's going to be rare. You're going to see a starting midfield of when I was a milnor for being here. So if they don't Santiago, I think they'd be all right. If they do, I think it would definitely be a better business for Liverpool. Just give them a little bit of an extra option and just something different, because that that midfielder started the other day was the kind of midfield that if you're playing away from home and you're expecting, you know, a team to come out of it, that that's the kind of midfield you want to put.


Liverpool actually a lot of possession against Arsenal. And at times we're a little bit pedestrian. And Tiago is that little spark that could get things going, which which Carter did when he came on.


But I think if you're Liverpool, you should definitely try and do this regardless of what happens.


Jean, Adam, Nathan, is there any prospect that actually the Tiago deal might still happen and all of a sudden Manchester United have completely recast their midfield? Thiago goes to Manchester United.


Yeah, well, it would certainly shift things up in that part of England if they were to come in and steal them. And all the goodwill of Liverpool winning the title, I think would evaporate a small little bit to be a lot of frustration if that were to happen again. Going back to the financial side of things. I don't think so. I think the ego is going to end up at Liverpool. I think that's been pretty much set in stone.


Also, I think from Tiago point of view, you want to go to Liverpool, you know you're going to be a title contender next season. You're gonna have a good chance of winning the Champions League next season. I'm not quite sure Manchester United are just at that level right now. So from Chicago's point of view, yeah, I think he's going to England and I think people are overwhelming favourites. His one of his best mates is Rodrigo was just going to lead the Rodrigo's.


The first signs start, there's a new one, another Rodrigo, the one is already in. OK, so they can share an apartment. You know, in Manchester, one goes to Leeds, one goes to Liverpool. It'll be particularly popular after wandering around Manchester for dinner at night, but. Yeah, OK, I think this will happen like Liverpool do need midfield reinforcements and we touched on it for like this guy, everything about his footballing life has been at the very highest level.


So he's going to come he's going to add there's no questions about.


Former Ireland Captain Kenny Cunningham has told OTB sports status that he thinks it's time for him to drop Seamus Coleman from authority. That is exactly what he said. I'm not sure. How do you expect the 50 million pound 28 year old majority to fair at Spurs? Is it harder to not pick him for Ireland now? He's at a famous club like Spurs.


I don't think it makes any difference to Stephen Kenny does this where he's playing his club football. I think Stephen Kenny was brilliant on this yesterday, going to watch Tottenham last season a couple of times at the new stadium and went in. And that's probably the best answer. Actually, his most interesting answer about tactics currently in world football and how teams are using certain parts of the pitch, but not other parts of the pitch and how spurs use the right wing, but not the left wing.


So Ben Davies, the left back, generally tends to sit in alongside the centre backs and doesn't bomb forward a huge amount or a storage area. Kenny was saying plays a lot of a lot of the game almost in line with Harry Kane over on the right hand side. So playing in that right wing back role, even though technically there might be somebody in front of him as well in that four to three, one or a diamond or whatever, Spurs decide to play under Jose Mourinho.


But that actually surgery area was getting forward a lot. And it wasn't from a traditional right back position. He was just in in a very advanced role, and that is my authority down to the ground. So maybe those concerns we have that he's going to be Jose Mourinho old and become this very negative fullback. I've been listening to that 20 seconds left here.


Diego Costa has reportedly been offered to Spurs. Should Jose sign him, yes or no? If not, which other Premier League club should sign him instead?


Phil? Don't sign them, but I if I was a Premier League club, I wouldn't go near them. Why is. Got a bit of history and I would injuries, he's getting a bit older, he's crankier, he's not going to serve Tottenham well because he's not going to be star. So he's just going to be wiping the people up. And, yeah, I think Spurs should steer clear of him.


They've already got Jose Mourinho Nathan, one of the great Premier League players and characters of the last decade, another season of angry Diego Costa. Even off the bench. I'm all for where? Them not the worst option as a as a backup to hurricane, where they don't need them all the time and they probably need a bit of character as well. They need a bit of a fight. Yeah, probably is his best option. He's not going to get get back to Chelsea at this stage.


Otherwise way looking somewhere.


I want to see the Bernie Burnley. OK, Robin finds this one way over time into Blombos. Antonio Conte wants to go Loconte. Apparently, 50 million quid will bring him to Italy on a season long loan with an obligation to buy. Is there any chance this happens? Vacanti are willing to spend the season in London winning the league with Lampard.


And you look Chelsea. Well, yeah, I think Chelsea and County, they need them because they have so much attacking. Taluk know that they're going to need somebody to stay at home and watch it, so even if he stays anyway, still the hanging chads are going to win the league. They've got a bit closer. But I think it'd be pretty bad to Lecia to let them go.


If you were Frank Lampard, Nathan, quickly, they'll be insane to let him go. But Lampard at times last season didn't seem to fancy, didn't want to play him and that Debro preferred Jordano prefer Colvert. If you can get them, take them. I think he's still the best midfielder of his type in the Premier League. It would be madness to let him go.


That's it for Data and Odille. I signed for them after the years after my first days trying on a diving home. I was actually regretting it. What would you like baseball to say? This is amazing.


OTB and this is OTB Sports Radio.


That was an OTB podcast network presentation.