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This is OTV and this medical team are going to close to a league title. Fair enough. That's a great achievement. But that man United team where an all time great, because they weren't playing very well early in the season, does everything have to happen in the same period of time? And you cannot have those elements on that team in the Champions League to the you this year, but but not a third to equal Manchester United travel season. They have to win at least the Champions League in the league.


And you could say that by not winning a cup, if they don't want to go, then they're not sars-cov-2 season at all and say we want to travel. Did you want to travel? No. TBA Ireland's only sports breakfast show weekdays from seven thirty a.m. only on OTV Sports Radio Live 24/7 on the go load up the OTV podcast network with Virgin Media.


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Hey, this is OTB Sports Radio.


I signed frame after year after my first day trying on a driving home, I was actually regretting it. What would you like to say to me? Who's going to be walking into the circuses this transfer window? Phil is here, good morning to time for a deal or no deal. How are you? Good. How are you doing? Very good at Celtic without Édouard crashed out of the Champions League. Does this show why he needs to leave Saudek or why he needs to get to Aston Villa most likely ASAP.


And yeah, a bit of both. Obviously sounds were poor defensively. They made mistakes. And even just watching the last ten minutes when you knew they needed to go, it just never looked like it was coming, even when the board went up for five minutes injury time. You think they're going to get a chance, but they never got the chance. They just couldn't carve it out. It was all very, you know, lateral passing. There was no injection of pace cut to the edge of the box and there was just nothing there.


And the last pass that incise pass just wasn't there. So really disappointed because that's a team I know Neil Lennon and talked of pharyngitis before the game. They they had been unbeaten in the last seven away games in Europe, but s like half to be beaten the last three years in a row now where they've they've been knocked out. I mean, and it's getting worse. You're going from Athens to Kluge and that different virus managed by rebel force. Yeah.


Like if you're going to eat, they should be at the very worst. They should be getting to the playoff round and then maybe they come up against a team that are just a lot better than them. But that was down to a poor performance. And, you know, it doesn't really bode well for the season if they're going to lose, like Neil Lennon's come out after the game and said, you know, those players would be making waves for the last six months about leaving.


Well, now is the time they probably should leave. But this is a season like this is such an important season for s they have a chance to win ten in a row and already they're behind Rangers because Rangers have played more games than them because obviously Celtic had those games postponed, but they can't be losing ground to Rangers. And also they just don't look like they're they're going to be scoring as many goals. And we know that there's so many teams in the Scottish Premiership that?


S could have off days and still beat them. But, yeah, you'd be slightly concerned that of all seasons, that things don't look as promising. You don't want that to happen this season is that we're going to make us.


Is he going to leave now, is he going to make it in the Premier League, is he good enough? Oh, I think so, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I think failure would be a good move from where, you know, straightaway there's not a huge amount of pressure on them. I mean, he's got to score goals.


He's going to be the only ones going out. So all the pressure on job creators is obviously going to be so pissed off. He was left out of another England chipping in with a lot of goals, Jack.


No, that's because he gets kicked out by the time he gets to take a shot. People are tripping all.


But now, Edward would be a player that I think which would certainly have a successful career in the Premier League if he wants it.


OK, you believe still that Leo Messi will not leave Barcelona or have you changed your mind in the last 24 hours? And what information do you have that the rest of the world doesn't have?


Well, I don't believe it when I say it, but obviously all the sound sounds coming out now or that he's going to move or he's going to join Manchester City.


So it's really up to Barcelona to let it play out.


This is a guy that he's been so loyal to them 20 years. He's been at the club. And if he was if he wanted to walk away in a free transfer or Barcelona to stand in his way because look what he's done for them. Boss, Barcelona need money. Yeah.


So they're not going to just say. Off you go, Leo, you've been great. Thanks a million.


And we might see in the Champions League later on in the season when you're playing with a much better team in Manchester City, the Alexis Sanchez, Delarue and Manchester United for about 18 months, because everybody then got massive pay increases off the back of it. And those pay increases are going to have to wash out of the system over the next while. Everybody tried to pin themselves at Barcelona to the salary because they were like, look, this isn't a One-Man team.


You know, player mess is getting a million a week and I want half a million a week.


One tenth of that, please, irrespective of who you are. So there wage bill is completely out of context with everybody else.


So if Messi goes over the next couple of years, you could see Barcelona getting back to a point where they're getting some value from their players, but from three of Griezmann demba they Coutinho. Is that not bad? Is that is that it's not a pretty decent country that could actually do stuff in European football next year. But all of the fires he mentioned are players that they spend huge money on, but it hasn't worked at all yet, you've obviously Catania's gone out and loan.


Dibella has been injured and Griezmann hasn't worked out for for all the potential he has. And, you know, the big deal that he made out of leaving Atlético and it has. Yeah. That it hasn't been great.


So you mentioned there Barcelona players saying we're not a one man team. Well, I suppose we could find out next season just if Leo Messi was the problem at Barcelona. The fact that here he is one of the greatest players to ever play the game, some would say the greatest. We won't go into that debate just now, but. If he leaves and you've got a more energetic front line because that's not a bad team, you get taken swipes that you and the two of them out of the dressing room and taken their wages off, you're probably getting rid of a few of those other old players now because there's no need to keep them.


Here's some of the updates very quickly. Massie's dad is already in England, say the son, to discuss a two year deal with Manchester City after he said he wants to leave. The Telegraph is saying if the deal does go ahead, it could cost City five hundred million. That would be the wages as well on the wages or anything between 70 and 100 million, because he's got to get 50 Netto, which is quite a lot. And any club wanting to sign it will have to pay about 90 million a year.


The Times of London say that's their figure in terms to match his wages at Barcelona. And he will attend Barcelona training on Monday to avoid legal problems with the club.


Manchester Lautz going in to say you're not leaving low or the opposite, where where they all rally behind him and they're like, yeah, yeah, go Maleo.


Like, that's not a great situation.


Ronaldo is doing it, right? Yeah. Oh yeah. Suarez But look, it was quite clear watching the Biron game, as good as Messi and Suarez were in certain little moments of the match that they like, I want the states to just walk. And the way the game is now, you just can't really do that in in modern day football where like Mad City are obviously better equipped because they have a lot more possession of the ball and, you know, they've got better players in Barcelona.


So Messi fits into that team perfectly where Pep Guardiola can say to Messi, look, you just stay up there, we've got the ball to you and do your magic when it comes to you. We've got the likes of starting. Just play those three balls in behind the defense here. They got on the end of them. You've got to Brilinta there. We'll see.


Yeah, we'll see. The last time, the last training session of the 2004 season. And I was at Barcelona and we were over. I don't know why we were I think we're making a documentary or something, but we decided we've got to train and we want to sort it out. First, we went and watched training and Patrick Liburd had announced that he was leaving the club. We're playing Holland in 2004 and that off season before the Euros, which we weren't out, but they were in a friendly.


And so we were like, oh, let's just go over with climate and talk to him. Keep an eye on him. During training, Carlos Puyol killed him in training like stood up, put foot through the middle of the knee as much as he could because they all knew he was leaving.


And when we went over to interview him afterwards. It might have been us, but there was definitely a reek of booze in the air. I'm not saying that like we were in an innocent party in this, but certainly like when Cliver was breathing on us, I was like, oh, right. That's that's interesting. So maybe when players do leave Barcelona, you know, maybe Piqué will be kicking Messi up in the air at the train station. Let's wait and see.


I don't know. But I'll sit. I'll be the man down now, are they not me? I mean, sometimes kicking when your mate is good fun as well, you know. All right.


OK, last one. What would my authority look like as a Jose Mourinho player, a right back gone from a right wing back to a right back. The only thing is the way you look at it. Mourinho is not going to be at Spurs for that long. So it's a you know, it's a new challenge for maturity. And if Mourinho if I think what usually happens at Mourinho is second season is obviously usually his best season, but then it all starts to fall apart.


We don't even know if the second season will be good, but then if he leaves, majority will have a better chance of having a good career at Spurs.


It's good news for Stephen Kenny as well as Phil, if you consider he's going to play probably is a more conventional right back at Spurs that probably suits Kenny a lot better that he'll be playing his football in the back four as opposed to playing as a wing back in the five. Absolutely.


And look, Matt already can play in a back for it's just won't happen to play as wingbacks. So he'll be perfectly fine. We know he's also played in the back as well. So he can he can play in any fullback position or wingback position. But, yeah, I would agree there that, you know, obviously, b know, it's not as if he's not going to get forward.


Surgery gets forward under Jose Mourinho and, you know, puts in that's the better side of his game. But obviously, Mourinho doesn't trust him because he falls into that category of defenders that has a mistake in him where a ball goes into the box. And if Oria is around that, you don't know what's going to happen. So Mourinho wants a bit more calmness in the penalty area. Mustardy is one cool customer.


In fairness, to weave a story up on our TV sports, talk about a potential windfall for bohemians from that deal at one point eight to maybe two million euros. In terms of windfalls, what kind of a contract would not already be on now? And what kind of a contract will he be on at Spurs after a move like this?


Yeah, well, obviously they're going to increase his money. And from what to what do you think?


I don't know the exact wage structure of like, obviously, Woeser, fairly flush for cash. So they would have us new deals with them as they they progressed coming up from the championship. So I wouldn't say he he's short of a few quid, but definitely he'd be able to get a bit more money at Spurs and said, you're going to a better club.


Like I know wolves are obviously finished ahead of spurs, but so it's my and I don't know, this is in American sport.


You publish all your contracts and everybody knows exactly to the pencilling and how much you earn as much maps, all of those for the NBA, the NFL and baseball.


And they've started to do it for football as well. They reckon that. He's on 10 grand a week. I can't ask to be more than that because he's been there a long time. Yeah, but this guy has been one of their best players and. You know, if it goes back to what you said about Massey, so both saying all these players like Nevarez and Jimenez, that. Players like myData can say, well, you know, I'm I've been here since the championship.


It's part of the team that went dorpers was nervous as well. But if they're getting big money, I want big money as well.


And they're like, you signed a contract. Off you go. That's come back to us when that contract was not out until twenty, twenty three. So, look, is this a 60 grand a week contract? Is is an 80 grand. We contract as much as well.


I wouldn't fancy doing negotiations with Daniel Levy, but I'd imagine he's if you're saying it's ten grand, he's definitely going to be at least four times that at Spurs.


So, you know, not only is that a good move from financially, but also to his replacement surgery to have him at seven during a week out of these are reported figures from spotlit. So if he gets the 70 grand a week, that'd be not a bad day's work. And I wish you all the best, Matari. Go on yourself. Right.


Eddison Kabani, the last one. Sorry, we do have time for this free agent Eddison Kabani has rejected a similar move. The event is due to his loyalty to former club Napoli. The thirty three year old Uruguayan striker left Paris at the end of the season. Which Premier League club should sign ends and Cavani leads. Leads, I want the to sign Cavani that. They obviously play such lovely football, but don't always score enough goals, Cavani goes in there and he's not great and Patrick Bomford obviously.


So they just understructure yesterday they're in they. But this is Adderson Cavani. Is he still good?


Obviously looking at Rodrigo, but Cavani, one of the elite plays. You need somebody to finish off all these flowing moves and Cavani can do that. Sometimes he needs a couple of chances to do it.


And also, again, you're like you've got all these young players coming up very excited about the fact that we've just made it into the Premier League and we're all on fifty grand a week each. And if we stay up, it's going to go up to 40 grand a week. And Cavani comes in less than a hundred and forty grand. And he's like not really in that much training and he's missing a couple of chances.


And does that not upset the complete equilibrium of the entire place?


Well, it's going to be this is called if Bielsa wants him or doesn't want him, you know, he's going to say so the worry for me, I've always felt this with Bielsa.


I never know or no one knows what he's ever going to do. So leads do not want to annoy him before the season starts because we all want to see the in the Premier League. All right.


That is the end of deal or no deal today. I signed for Ramaswamy Ersin after my first day of trying on a diving home, I was up great quality. I walk to the surface. It's amazing.


OTB, hey, and this is OTB Sports Radio, the OTB podcast network with Virgin Media catch all of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League games live on Virgin Media TV.