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This is OTV and this Liverpool team are going to close to a league title. Fair enough. That's a great achievement. But that man United team where an all time great, because they weren't playing very well early in the season, does everything have to happen in the same period of time, though? The new cannot have those elements on that team in the Champions League in the league this year, but but not a third to equal Manchester United travel season.


They have to win at least the Champions League in the league. And you could say that by not winning a cup, if they don't want to go, then they're not sars-cov-2 season at all and say we want to travel. Did you want to travel? No. TBA Ireland's only sports breakfast show weekdays from seven thirty a.m. only on OTV Sports Radio Live 24/7 on the go load up the OTV podcast network with Virgin Media.


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Hey, this is OTB Sports Radio.


I signed for our Moscow bureau. After my first days trying on a driving home, I was actually going to regret life. I like to say this. It's amazing with me. Plan for today's deal or no deal? Starting with don't even bake, that's the correct pronunciation. As reported by Faile yesterday, he is reported to have completed his Manchester United Medical ahead of his 40 million move. Stephen, is he exactly the kind of player munchers you needed Manchester United need right now?


And who is he like? Not necessarily because they got rid of Hernandez there and they got Paul Pogba there. But I just think for the price that they've got him for 40 million euro, I think the final price was this is an absolute steal. He's only 23 years of age. When you compare him to the likes of Belikov and the Deong, they got over 60 million quid for those two players. So I think for the price that they got him for and there's a good piece in the Atlantic this morning just about how the whole deal went through and it was supposed to get started for, you know, the fans might be there, that he had his heart set on the moves around Madrid.


And but the problem seems to have been that Real Madrid are just broke and they can't really afford to be splashing cash on players during this transfer window. So I think the deal that they've struck here is a pretty deal. The other thing about VanDerBeek is he perhaps gives them that midfield goalscoring option that they're lacking a little bit, Paul Pogba and a lot of his goals over the last year or so or a penalty. But he hasn't really contributed a huge amount of gold from play.


And this is something VanDerBeek is really good or one that I should say he's he's been compared to the likes of Scholes Lampard, that kind of midfield player. If you kind of watch some of those games, those games last season in the Champions League, that's where most people who follow the Premier League would have seen him against the likes of Tottenham. And he just had this really good knack of picking up positions in the box. He's able to go in behind defenders on marks and pick up brilliant positions to to strike from.


And this is something maybe, you know, they're lacking. Fernandez, maybe as a player, is more so played outside the box and likes to bring in other players. But VanDerBeek is his box, the box, and as well as that, he's very good and he plays a deep lying midfielder as well. He can play as a member of the so-called No.6. He's well able to tackle. He can wanted to pass as well. So I think it's an absolute bargain.


And, you know, I would be want to criticize Manchester United at Woodwards and whoever they have negotiating deals and the fact that they've done this deal pretty quick without too much fuss and it hasn't turned into a saga. Yeah, I think they have to be credited for that.


So maybe they're learning, who knows, maybe they're learning guidance. And so it's just I haven't heard that much at Manchester United are also targeting RB, Leipzig, French defender that open the Cano, who is just twenty one. What kind of impact is he going to make?


I think he will be a good signing for United, but I don't think he's the finished article just yet. He's just 21 years of age and I know everybody was kind of maybe getting carried away a little bit with his performance against Atletico Madrid and Tottenham in the in the Champions League. And he was like in some of those games, he looked like he just looked like a Rolls Royce of the defender, maybe shades of Virgil van Dijk and maybe Rio Ferdinand at their best is a good tackling, a good stopper in the box.


Excuse me, but he's not able to dribble with the ball, find the pass he gets forwarded. Well, you can get up to the halfway line and and start to tax.


The one thing I would say is, though, against partisan Jamal maybe showed some weakness is that, you know, United, they're talking about bringing it in because he's got HAYSE and because he's got pace, because Alexander Saltshaker wants to play a high price.


And if you to play a high price, he needs a policy center hop, which he doesn't have it. Lindelof and Maguire. So this is why they're talking about bringing up a Mkono in there. The problem with it, McConnell, is that he played against Partisanism man who had a good fast attack and pacy attack, and he did get caught out a few times. So, like still, I think this question marks over. I'm not getting carried away with him yet over a couple of good performances in the Champions League.


And, you know, you don't have to shout out for him because how long did new contracts. So we. Yeah. So the new contract has a new clause in that next season. If fifty million comes in for him that they have to sell, they have to sell the player. So it means that they want to prize money this season they're going to pay upwards of sixty million euro. And with the financial situation, you know, the in I really don't think they're going to talk that center off and when they've got what they regard as to go to the house.


But as well, yeah, I think they need experience at the back.


You know, I still think he's pretty experienced. Like, you know, he spent eighty million on the defender. You expect him to take a lot of boxes?


Yeah, well, they were there, absolutely. I think they were swindled by Leicester City. It was a ridiculous place to play for Eddie McGuire. I know he's in England International, but he's not worth eighty minutes. He was never worth eighty million. He was worth 40 at best, and he's just not as good a defender as he raised it by everybody in England.


Well, in that case, in that case, you have to spend the money now to fix that scenario and say we have to bear in mind what mental state is are going to be in over the next few months after the treatment has been a couple of weeks. So, you know, this question marks over how you McGuire and you were saying, who do they go for now?


Get kind of Meccano now like this is this is Manchester United's problem. They identify a player, they funny around for three transfer windows, and eventually they get him and they get him late in that transfer window and he takes three months to settle in. And it didn't work very well, did it?


Let's talk a little bit longer, if you like. Yeah. Get Jason Sanjo at the start of the transfer window, do the deal. That's the price. Everybody moves on Grace. Now, it has become public to the point where I live to guess they are tweeting. In case he missed it, he signed a new contract with twenty twenty three. It's like it's the exact counterargument to the point that you're making about how well they did with the VanDerBeek situation.


Right. Yeah, well done. Fair enough. But that one obviously fell into your lap because a deal was nearly don't Real Madrid and all of a sudden it becomes available. You're like, OK, bargain. I'll take that. Fair enough. Great decision. But with this, if you legitimately think you need pace to change how your team defends, think of the transformational impact that Virgile had on Liverpool, like, yeah, I'll do it no matter what the is.


Do it.


Yeah, I totally agree with it. But as I said, look, listen, he could be the perfect there could be the target and he does have pace. He should be OK in those situations. But I'm just saying there are some question marks. And what I saw the party Sangamon game as a look what you played against Tottenham in Atletico Madrid. Like they're not exactly you know, they don't exactly have much pace up front. You know, he was up against an old grizzled Diego Costa.


And how are you? Capers is small, mobile, maybe as high as he would have been in the past. So I just I just wouldn't be getting carried away with a couple of good performances. I know he's played where the ball is eager to see the trophy, but I just think there's question marks over him. OK, you're going to pay a 60 minute wait. Don't make the same mistakes that you did with Harry Maguire Lindelof. Make sure that he is the complete defender that you need.


For now. Give me a legitimacy rating. Do you think he will be a Manchester United player at the end of the transfer window? At ten out of ten? I'll say three.


OK, fair enough. It could be, I say could advisedly be a pivotal day in the massive transfer saga, the messy, messy transfer saga. Lionel Messi will leave Barcelona this summer and is likely to move to Manchester City, according to presidential candidate Tony Freyja. According to go, Barcelona believe the only way that he can legally leave for free is if he commits to not playing any football. Take a year out at thirty three. That's according to ESPN and Lionel Messi.


His father will meet underfire Barcelona President Joseph Bartolomeo today to discuss the situation. But an amicable resolution is now believed to be unlikely. This is headed for court. Khambatta may save his legacy and smooth this all over Stephen. Takir it was he was going to go backpacking around the world, maybe do a bit of hostile, hostile hopping Kayako 33, and have to quarantine everywhere, I guess, for two weeks. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. This is just who's telling the truth, Jerry, because I'm just hearing different things from different people who all got their own different little agendas.


And I just I just think at this stage, like if Barcelona are going to make any losses out of this situation, maybe they just need to cut those losses at this stage. You know, everyone's had a good time for the last 15, 20 years while he's been playing for them. And, well, I just don't think what's the price worth listening to whatever they can get at Manchester City. You know, again, there seems to be Manchester City are going to move a few pieces around to make sure they stay within the FFP rules where, you know, FFP.


What does that mean to me and say, I don't think that really makes much difference. And they have a little bit of wriggle room there in the sense that they can they can definitely make this work financially. And boats like these astronomical fees of 600 million, 700 million euro transfer fees I just think are ridiculous.


Maybe that they pay to 380 to Barsa, but instead will go somewhere for around two hundred and thirty around the kind of name, I guess, symbolically, just to make them the most expensive player ever. But I can't see Barcelona wrestling any more money than that. They have no bargaining position here at all. Really?


Yeah, no, absolutely. And and like I said, even I know the league got involved in. So I don't I don't know why they thought they they would have any impact on this situation. I think they're in charge of governing the Spanish topolice. Transfers are closing. Contracts really have nothing to do with them. And the biggest player. Yeah, look, all the different voices that have at Barcelona, I've said they've all got their own little agendas.


And I think Messi started just needs to sit down with the club and try and try out and move out of there. This is the price of thing as well as the other thing about it is, is that he's a bit of a homebred from from what I've read about him over the last few years. And, you know, personally, I've been to Barcelona quite a lot over the years, and it's a lovely city, one of my favorite cities in Europe.


And he's got to be moving from there to possibly the northwest of England to Manchester, where it rains every single day of the year.


Didn't Pedro didn't Pedro live in Spain and play for Chelsea?


And he did see there was a bit of commuting going on there, but I don't know if he's going to be allowed to do that. Cordiale is a bit of a ball break is me. I think he'd want all those players living in the city. That's where perhaps they're maybe living with their family. They've got a lovely apartment there in the city centre of Manchester. And maybe they can have him as a lawyer, but they can arrange some sort of a large lodging feeder, ten out of ten city, any anywhere.


And if I think cities most likely, I'll go eight out of ten for this one.


OK, Robin, far with one minute left for this. Tiago is the only significant Liverpool link. Are they sleeping while Lampard raises an army and city still Messi di has not.


I'm just interested to see how long is going to get this team to China to get a lot of New Scientist. It might work, but I think it's good. He's got a big job on his hands. I look to the Liverpool squad there this morning before we came on. I think they're pretty strong. This is Derek goalkeeper across the back for midfield. They could maybe do it an extra somebody up front. But I think he's got a couple of young players there that he gave a lot of experience to in the Premier League in the Cup last season.


I think he's happy enough to have them. Is OK and James Miller still going strong? So, yeah, I think they're OK.


And they're looking to offload Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen eight months after signing him from Spurs. It turns out his in form might have been the cliff at a reduced rate. Could he perhaps represent a little bit of good business for some Premier League club? Yeah, absolutely, I think if Chris Erickson can get motivated, get into a team, maybe you are going to compete for honours list, maybe Arsenal would be such a bad move. I know they're looking to bring Danny Cevallos back in.


It would be a similar type player, but if you're looking for experience and a player, maybe you can help you in trophy's. Maybe Arsala could do worse than the Sony Ericsson, Steve.


Good stuff. Thanks very much for joining us today. Well, thank you as well. That is the end of deal or no deal. I signed for them five years after my first days trying on a driving home, I was actually regretting it. What it like a long walk to a circus? It's amazing.


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So anyway, we're back on air tonight from 7:00 on the radio with the ball. See you then.


Best of luck to be with Gillette. We don't just play the game, we change it. Gillette made of what matters.


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