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The OTB podcast network OTB. And this is OTB Sports Radio, Kenny Cunningham is with us.


Kenny, good morning to you. Morning, lads. As a as a noted goalscoring fullback yourself, I would be proud to provide these guys cartful back.


All right, Jack. Should we bring up the statistic again?


I know that there is no outfield player in the history of the Premier League, played more games without scoring a goal, greater and nice, an entirely different area both and to get ghetto field.


It was such a brilliant start.


It's probably an interesting stuff.


Good morning to you. It's a great move from right. And they look at it is a great move from actually the law firm, but really when you break it down, lads, and it's not as if he's going from a club kind of, you know, scrambled at the bottom end of their premiership to a club, kind of challenging at the top. And then pretty much wolves and Tottenham have been kind of dovetailing all season for those kind of Champions League, Strauch, Europa places.


So from a football perspective, you look at it and initially I think that's a great move and it is a great move, don't get me wrong. And I've got a lot of respect for and Matt Stone, because he's clearly he wants to challenge himself again in a different environment. I think possibly the appeal of playing on the Marino and a different group of players almost having to prove yourself again, just that type of challenge, I'm guessing, without now Matt, too.


Well, that's what's going to drive in the move, because if you look at on the flip side, if I look at the development of wolves, I mean, I'm a huge fan of wolves, a manager now, and I think it's as good as anybody around. I put them up there with Klaper and Guardia in terms of his body of work over the past couple of years. I'm hugely impressed and I think he's a great manager and coach.


So it can't be easy. Taking a selfie without environment, I'm sure would probably say he's probably grown improved as a player under New and I was tutelage. And that's a club which is continue to grow. You don't look at wolves and saying, well, I'd say they've peaked. They're on the way down. Now, maybe Matt got a sense potentially the manager might be on his way in the next year or two. I'm not too sure. But from a football and perspective, personally, I would have been in a rush to jump out at type of reform because I think it's a great environment.


And I think a one thing Nuno said last year and it really kind of register with me was very simple, saying he was asked about Siara who'd come into the club and really improved. And under him I'd really grown and developed more you hadn't done at previous clubs. You didn't have done Aston Villa, Sachin Middlesborough. And people are thinking, oh, he's just a one trick pony. He's just, you know, he's a bull in a china shop.


This fella can't play football. And he said some very simply said, well, at this football club, he said, we don't give up on players, never. And and that for me can't really register in terms I can make quite a bit of a window into the mentality of the manager and what kind of people skills. So so, yeah, I think it's a it's a great new firm. I think it's a great move for Tottenham exactly what they wanted.


But yeah, for the reasons that I've said lad, I think we actually analyse it. You think to yourself, well hopefully it'll prove to be a good move in terms as opposed to improve and get some more players in during the period a transition as well. And I wouldn't say, well, that for me, that's a very settled squad of those very impressive squad, great manager and and a club on the up. But I totally understand his motivation.


And if he felt he hadn't spent that time at the football club, it was probably no, I never lads farm. I think he's probably at his peak for the reasons that you've mentioned. And I can understand the temptation to go and prove yourself at a different club in in a different environment. So good luck to him.


The concern from the outside, Kenny, is that when you watch Mathari at Wolves, he's such a key figure in how they line up and you see the same balls play to them all the time from the factory over the top, over in that right wing position, he'll make an inward run on the inside of a Dimitriou. Right. They were so well coached that it seemed to suit Matahari down to the ground. And again, the freedom to go forward with Jose Mourinho and now Stephen Kenny.


I think we heard it. They're counted this. Yes. And if he'd seen with Spurs and he felt it, surgery almost played as a right winger at that the left back TopT in that area and played well from the right hand side. And he doesn't seem to share the concerns. A lot of people have that matter that he's going to be a right back stoke inside his own half, playing under Jose Mourinho. Do you think he'll have the same sort of freedom for Spurs that he had at Wolves to get up that right wing?


Nothing. Nothing. You're right. I think it's a fair point. Pridham disposal. We'll play with that bacterium's as the wing back. I don't think that'll happen too often. It's boys Marino traditionally stoke with that kind of FA three three formation. So I think he will have to modify his game ever so slowly. Alright, that was Big Switch is a play chronicled in particular was great at hitting those big diagonal balls over to my used to keep that high line.


I really hope that made those diagonal runs in behind opposition fullbacks into space. But the modern game is not as if we're talking about your can about like now is playing is what I use to play the fullback. When I played as a fullback, we just it was a totally different position and nice. And, you know, our star position was so much more deeper. You know, we just went into areas that high up the pitch, even in an Orthodox back four.


And now you see fullbacks and take a higher stamp position than you normally would have expected years ago. But you I, I really I think there are certain differences are playing an unorthodox FA, even in the same way they encourage full backs to get forward. But I'm sure he's clever enough to make those adjustments. They still have the freedom to go and get forward and and be productive in the final told you don't bring Matt out to the entire football field and then put the reins on him and say, here's where I want to see you pick and choose your moments to go forward and really concentrate on the defensive side of your game is out in the attack.


In so of the pitch, you know, his ability to combine with people get into the box. And can kind of sniff out cause and create also, so I think you're right. I think he would have to modify his game slightly because I think not so much this of play to a certain extent, but they the formation will be different. But I'm sure he's bright enough now. Like I said, he is that age is very smart. I think he'll understand what's required of and he'll make those small adjustments to his game if you have to.


Can you text in from John Wanderin? Is James Coleman going to look back in his career and regret not making a move to a bigger club than Everton now?


That's a great point. I mean, I've mentioned this before. Like, I mean, have to pay two different people says circumstances. That different time means everything of football, as we said. But I think you're probably right. Good point. The last made I think shame is probably arrived at that moment in his career some some years ago. And I remember saying Seamus is playing that level, probably similar at times, but he was absolutely exceptional. Seamus could apply for any club in the world he was playing.


And there was talk of Manchester United, Chelsea lads, remember around. That could mean he could have gone. There was no doubt about it. I mean, maybe he would have had to fight his way out of the football club. Maybe he wasn't that type of character. Maybe he's happy where he was. He was settled, you know, to two different personalities, to different different circumstances. But you're right, Seamus probably had that decision to make some years ago as well and decided for the race to stay where he was.


And he's been a great stalwart for everything to be an absolute legend. I'm sure he feels he made the right decision. It was when he was most close to where. But obviously Matt's coming to a different conclusion. He's felt the need No one to go want to take a step outside on where to go and challenge myself somewhere. So I don't think there's a right or wrong lad. I think everybody's different and makes that there makes the decisions for different reasons.


Let's talk about this week.


It's a huge, huge week from Stephen Carney's perspective. It's the first opportunity to get in and actually show the players on the training pitch what you want them to do. And he's talked about the importance for him in the perception of Irish football being changed from, you know, pretty much to the manager of the opposition. Always goes Ireland. There are stereotypical British side. You know, then they'll be aggressive, they'll get the ball forward early. And he's like, I want people to change.


How do they think about us? I want us to be successful. And the only way they're going to change how they think about us is if we start winning and qualifying for things. But I want people to start thinking about Irish football as something distinctive from your perspective. When you hear that, what do you think?


No, I'm very encouraged by I love to hear it. And it kind of blends into a kind of stamens, consistently been quoted as saying about kind of British players, whether in the UK or in Orlando, wherever they are, just in terms of how, you know, we talk our players down so much, you don't talk them up in terms of the qualities which they have. And there's been a sense of that around for a number of years now, lads, managers really talking down our players.


I mean, I remember Trapattoni like talking about players this time that they were not, you know, what to expect, you know, championship players and such and such. And I didn't like to hear it. If I was a player, I wouldn't like to hear it up in a talk down. So I think it's quite refreshing to hear and Steve and extol the virtues of the football and qualities of our players. I think he's right. I think we have real talent in the country and even from a technical point of view, and he's probably talking about it in terms of psychology, that getting into the heads of the players and make them believe a bit more in themselves.


But yeah, they have that ferocious work ethic, which is which has been quite a hallmark and rightly so. But let's be honest, there's a lot of the top nations have that anyway. It's not as if which is something which is, you know, totally we have to ourselves. But I think we have got those for those individual qualities that is talk about maybe just has to convince the players that little more, that give them a little bit of confidence.


And that's what good management is all about, you know, getting into the players and into the heads of the players, giving them confidence and giving them that kind of belief and mighty and those two things out it that we're talking about here. And if we can do that over a period of time, hopefully save and get the very best out of the players. But he's right. At the end of the day, lads, about it's about results.


It's about a style to play in a way of playing football. There ultimately, you know, brings a level of success, you know, that's got to be spoken about as well.


Kenny, something to start out with and with the twins. And I know it's understanding one level was that with the way of twenty one's, the squad was always changing. Players will be called up to seniors, a lot of players missing, but the style actually never changed. There was always that willingness to get the ball down, regardless of who the eleven were. Senior international football is obviously very different than James McCarthy is a player. He spoke about a huge amount over the past couple of weeks, has been integral.


She'll be the best Irish midfielder of his generation. I wanted them in that middle of the midfield three, which we expect it'll be. It looks as though he's going to miss these games like you spoke yesterday about Harry after potentially stepping in.


Is McCarthy a huge loss for what Kenny wants to do if he's talking about style of football? Or do you think actually there's other players who can do a similar job and.


Well, I agree with Steve in relation to James. I've always been a. A huge fan of James just saved a lot of criticism for even when he was struggling with injured and not in the squad, because just because they just very quickly assessed the qualities that James had. And when you went to play that type of football, a stone of hope maybe that we're talking about, Stephen's talking about a Jedi, that sense midfield that is is always key.


And and that that deployed midfielder who's closest to the defensive line, who can interact with them, take the ball off them and move the ball up the pitch for you to cut it through the lines. Satch and I always felt James could do that. And he's a very accomplished player for me, James. He's got a defensive mentality you can trust in our possession. He kind of senses danger. He makes his fair share of taxes going to sees danger and in possession.


He's very efficient and is used to football. Not too many 40, 50 yard diagonal passes. But he gets the body, he passes it quickly, want to touch and he passes it forward. So so that type of player, regardless his name, that type of player, that central midfield area is always invaluable itself. Sashimi is not bad. I didn't realize Dallas because I was looking forward to seeing him play. Have we got another player of that ilk you've mentioned, Harry?


I don't see Harry at that age, to be honest with you. I wasn't a big fan of Harry after playing in a hole the midfield position. I didn't think he had the defensive quality. He's a tidy technical player, but I. Zaharias as more of an offense on the player up right in the heart of the pitch of the players who are there, Jason Lumbees, the player for me, who potentially he could play to a position as inexperienced as he is, then he's a great all around player, Jason.


He's got the engine to get box to box. He's a very dynamic player, but he's he's aggressive. He gets to talk to people. He makes tackles. So it's Arsenal. It's the most dramatic moment to play that kind of discipline, hold a midfield position. But I think he has the qualities to do. And I think if he's looking for a player, it'll be leaning towards Jason Mulumba and not going to hold holds midfield position of a three to you're talking about rather than Harry Arthur.


But it's how the manager sees it.


Of course, it's the first week, you know, do you try and fit them both in and hope that between the two of them I pick that pick those three in midfield first. And Kenny.


Well, if it's going to be a four, three, three, which are all thinking that might be might be the case. Well, I always go back to where I always go back to the French game's amazing. And I can't get I only had the playoff game against France. How long is that goal? Ten years. Ten years. Five, ten years.


Can you believe it is eleven years now? I'm nearly.


Yeah, but we lined up that day. James McCarthy and Midfield three, that inverted triangle. James McIntyre at the baseline.


That's that's only three years ago. Twenty four years ago to about that on that one. Sorry. All right. That one. Oh yeah. That was in the playoff. That was in the last 16. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.


That was, that's true for me. That was, that was almost I saw something that day. James McHattie, Robbie Brady and Geoff Henry that wow. This is the way forward with this, this dynamic, this, this trio midfield. This is, this is the way forward for us now for the next like six years. It was that goal. The balance was that good. James, after that kind of defensive play, the kind of ability to get on the ball and move was off the page and Jeff and Robbie upright.


And that was kind of Hoyer number eight possessions, like a technically good enough to get on the ball in the half term to have the legs to get forward, combined with those from three players. It was fantastic. I thought we lost that game. I was actually positive because I thought, wow, that was great. I love what I saw in that midfield area. So for me, like, I know James is not playing. So for me today, I could easily throw James material talking about midfielder Jason Mulumba, Robbie Brady and and Jeff Hendrick as a three.


I think he's got options that he could try Wahidi, either in a I think kind of a doubt is an interesting one in there, lads. Kalimna Daouda played a couple of minutes on the man man played him in Midfield three and one of those advanced positions. And I saw something there in Calama Doubt. And I thought, wow, because he's so quickly and he's powerful and possession like what? He strides far over the ball. He took the ground and he showed me the day, as I'm sure Stephen will be looking at, and all of this all those little kind of permutations.


But that midfield three for me, I'd love to see Jason Muilenburg get a start, although I think he can play different midfield positions. Now, how the midfield features that real defensive fluidity. We're all different lads. And I look at how midfield first and foremost. Yeah, he's got to be able to play and get on the ball in the modern game. We understand that. But for me it's all about what's his defensive mindset, kind of defend our possession.


Does he sense danger? Can he put those passing lanes into opposition centre forwards, you know, to man? Can he can he make tackles? Can he track runners? You know what I mean? Just sense danger that that's just made. That's probably just you know, that that's what I look for our nation. I think Jason Malone has that. I don't think cardiothoracic and that's the type of player like to say in the whole midfield position of James isn't available to play.


And he also seems I'm sorry. I was gonna say I'm a little bit he also seems to have a lot of personality, Kenny, which maybe with Hendrika McCarthy is the one thing on the pitch that we have lacked from them. Luke McCarthy has barely played actually since that game against. France has played for nearly four years now, but there are two quiet lads, whereas Mulumba given the captaincy to 21, in fact, almost a too much personality at times.


You think of the game against Italy, Kenny has to take them off with half an hour to go because he's been booked and he was on the verge of being sent off that actually having that young, strong voice he was going to be very vocal in the middle of midfield is another attributes from Allenby. That means, even though is quite an experience, they shouldn't be afraid of throwing him in there.


Now, you're right. I mean, walk to Jason a couple of years ago with a ninth. And so I've got a bit of a flavor that and I enjoyed working with him. And he has real kind of personality. You're absolute as a bit of fire in his belly. He's got a he's got to learn to control that. Of course, he knows, as I do, particularly in international football, at the highest level, you have to kind of temper and keep a cool head and make kind of rational decisions in and out of possession of the football.


But I just I just like his hair and makeup. He was upright. He's being kind of groomed. Does it kind of hold and midfield that just kind of a deep line. We've been talking about a hair ball, but he quickly could say it a lot more to his game. He had the energy to go box to box was very tenacious lads like you're talking about the tackle. Abolfathi had got to him as well, picked up a number of Buchan's.


But you're right and vulgarly right now you can would me the biggest thing for me is just this whole kind of personality and his all around game, really. I think that's why the midfield that we've been we've been looking for for so many years, Glenn Wailin gave it to us to a certain degree. But look, as if now Glenn's career is coming to an end. So just that kind of really kind of high energy player in that central area to and heat up the ground who can kind, you know, make tackles and, you know, that type of player.


I think we maybe we've been lacking. We've got those kind of technical players, Miyashita. You could add Jeff Henry pointed towards Harry are in possession of football. But that really kind of tenacious bucks, the bucks traditional type midfield o'reilley. I put Jason in that type of mode, able to actually operate in one or two different positions. And with his age, it's great. He's got his best years ahead of him. So hopefully he's going to be a big part of our future.


Nathan, how much does it matter that a lot of people haven't played football as you spoken about it, six months, really since we've seen Hendrickx or Brady? Can they go straight into a game like this? Does the does the manager think that they can go straight into a game like this?


The manager certainly does. I brought this up with Stephen Kenny yesterday and we touched on it down. Randolph, his second string keeper at West Ham at the moment, hasn't played, I don't think, since January. Jeff Hendrick, because of his move, hasn't played a competitive game since March. Matadi hasn't played in three weeks, has been on holidays. It's coming straight into this. Stephen Kenny made the point. Things have changed. These players are always, always in good condition.


So it doesn't sound as though that's going to be a factor in his team selection at all, that he feels anybody who's anybody who's training, he can pick certainly for this first match. Maybe that changes slightly for the Finland game when they've had a full, tough, gruelling 90 minutes in Bulgaria for a lot of them, the first of the season that he has to change things around.


So I wouldn't be surprised if we see a little bit of rotation over the next couple of games. But he has a lot of options, as Kenny touched on there. If it's Harriet's or Jeff Hendrick, Jason, Colombian midfield, which maybe is sort of what he's looking at, like Robbie Brady in there. No problem. So I think also those eight games between now and November, the players are playing league matches every week. I think everybody's going to get a chance over the next three months.


So I asked Kenny for his midfield. Is that your midfield three that you think it's going to be Haryana?


I think if McCarthy was face, it would have been McCarthy, Hendrickx and Mulumba are Holohan. But I think I asked him about McCarthy. He spoke about Harry Arthur again, even before the squad was announced. He mentioned how well Harry Archer was playing for Fulham. So he's certainly the player. His name checked most often. So going on McKenny saying, I would say most likely it is Arthur Hendrick Mulumba and Hendrick is going to be a crucial player.


I feel for Stephen. Kenny talked him up at every possible opportunity. But again, I wouldn't want Kenny saying Bellambi. If he feels he's in that role, that'd be fine.


And you can put Howard and Brady in there as well, unless the front three, I think that's what is the most debates. So on the right person, no doubt in the midfield position, no doubt is named as one of the forwards, probably on the right. No, Daouda are Robinson. I'd say Robinson is probably slightly ahead at the moment on the left, either McLaine or Connely, maybe Connely slightly ahead at the moment. Again, I wouldn't be surprised they change over the two games.


And then does he throw Adelita in here from the start is probably the big question. The pirates out injured are you go with the experience of Shane Long. I think he's going to go with Iida. So maybe that again puts James Butland just a bit more experience on there. But I wouldn't be surprised if was a front three for this game. Remember, Dave McGoldrick isn't available for Bulgaria, maybe back four for Sunday. If it was a country of Robinson, Iida and Connolly.


Wow. That's pretty young and exciting. Yeah, I don't know anything, so that's a bit too risky. Kenny, what do you think? Now, again, I think it's really exciting, the potential combinations he has high up the pitch. I mean, obviously, right. The central strike. I mean, I'd love to say I of my way to go, why not reach out, young fella, and let him have a look at. I know nothing to lose.


You know exactly what Shane Long brings to the team. I may be looking at the way that he's I think that it'll tell a tale in terms of how Steven sees it. I mean, in terms of style of play. You're talking, lads. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me, really, if he if he goes maybe the opposite of what Nathan is talking about and plays a potential role for on the left hand side, I'm voice of I say so I say Colin Robinson really from the left hand side and say, I'm Alan Conley on the on the right, come on inside.


And the reason for that is if, you know, if you want to encourage a wide man to come on the inside and fill those inside kind of air pockets and leave space for your fullback to get into those kind of wide areas. And on the overlap, that's generally what you see in the in the modern game. You know, winger's coming on the inside getting very narrow to the centre forward so they can play one, two quite a combinations.


Not that traditional Weidemann, which which James actually is, who plays wide left, likes to stay while I would like to see the whole pitch and his inside likes to beat his man on the outside and get crosses in the box, which is great to say. But generally speaking, the more the game you see a lot of those wingers come on the inside 10, 15 yards off the touchline and they asked the opposition fullback a question, going to follow me in if you add and that leads to space to fullback to get himself on the overlap EUI and the Stevens and Matt Dockerty.


So if you want to play more of a passing game, play like 10, 15 yard passes, find people around the corner in space combinations, you probably go with those wingers on the opposite side, to be honest with you, if you understand what I'm saying. So, again, not an indication in terms of how Stephen seasons there in terms of style of play. So he plays in those wide areas. You know, Lefort players in the left, really, for the players on the right are the actual opposite.


OK, one last point here that we haven't actually brought up. Then we started this conversation by the by talking about the big move that's just happened for the right fullback or right wing back. And now we're saying he's going to be in the team and the Ireland captain is getting dropped right back.


Or are we finding some way to find our two best right sided defensive players in the team are not, Kenny, but you can put the ball in the team and when you play a flat far, we've we found that out over in Gibraltar under their under make. The only way to get them both in into its aim is to revert to a back three and play three five two, because I still feel as if Shane and James could be incorporated into the same role.


Yeah, that's right. I'm a big fan of fullbacks playing at the back three pairs of particularly international football. You don't have to deal team, which will kind of continue with crosses into the box. So you're going to get by with the latest attempt to get both of those players into team. You've got to you've got to change the system to a three five to four. Me play Gary Dockerty right wing back and play Seamus Coleman Roy of three.


And I actually think there is an argument for that. I think I'd actually I'd actually love to see that. But if it's going to be an Orthodox back four to four, three, three, I think Matt Daugherty's going to play and a new captain.


Yeah, that would be the case, obviously, Seamus. Yes, Seamus wouldn't be available. So, yeah, there would be no captain. Yeah, yeah.


I think now would probably be the John, you can probably be the next in line for captaincy and maybe maybe part of this from Stephen Kenny, because he said at day one was that Seamus Coleman would remain as captain. Was that actually, you know, the character of Seamus Coleman wants him to feel that whether he's playing or not, he's still the leader of the squad. The other thing actually talking about James McCarthy and Dorotea been called into the squad because he wanted a bit of back up across the back for.


Is that a possibility, Kenny? Again, James McCarthy is so important that he changes his system completely because of that, because he doesn't have that one player in the middle and he does, having planned to go to four at the back because McCarthy isn't there, decides to go with three at the back and gets Coleman at the end. And then you go to midfield to maybe Bellambi and Hendrick.


Yeah, I think that's a fair point. And I certainly saw when you you can even get the from training, to be honest, which I mean, back to the main three five till the last solids around around Europe now playing with a kind of three, four, three. So that from Trada we're talking about, you can still play that with a back three as well, which are wingbacks. So you can slightly take a back seat. Is now traditionally used to mean three, five and two centerfolds of the page, you know, not in the modern game at those.


And you can still play more of a three, four, three and clubs having like success at playing with that as well. So I think you're right. I think that is an option. But just have a and Stephen might just go feelin's has erm he just got it in terms of formation. He's, he's kind of not rigid, but I think he's got a clear picture in terms of how he wants to play in that FA three three. And I feel as if even if maybe James McCarthy isn't available, we can put everything on James shoulders.


If James is and say we've got to change the whole structure, the whole system, maybe would that be working on these patterns of playing and train and day to day in terms of his far three three, you can't really just throw it out the window. One day James McHattie turns up and he's got an injury. Yeah Sumiko Thielen tells me even if James isn't is still stick to this fall three three from eight if that's his preferred system and kind of individual personnel not being available won't affect that too much.


That's what the League of Ireland watchers who've followed his career closely are all convinced that that's going to be the case. Well. One last question for you of money not being heavily linked with Danny VanDerBeek. Forty million ish. Have you seen enough of him to have an opinion on whether or not this is a good idea? Yes.


Yeah, no. Yeah, I like him on the big side of the Coast Guard and attacking attacking midfield player. Really? I'd say him as a as a no. I was going to say, man, you know, it pretty much shape up that way for three three with those two advance advancement failures. But the problem is, you know, you know, players in those position at the moment are really Pogba and Fernandez. I don't see VanDerBeek operating off the side is really a central midfield attack, a midfield player who can score goals.


So the only reason when I hear something like that, lads being late, that he's come for that to get the money, then I begin to question maybe Paul Pogba, his future at the football club. Maybe there's a bit of concern that Pogba is not going to be there. He's not going to sign that new contract, because if he doesn't, then they do have to go and spend again on that type player, whether it's Van Beek or Jack Grealish are that type of player.


So, yeah, I'm a big fan of him. I think he's worth the money. I think he takes a lot of boxes in terms of his qualities, which I've spoken about raising the age profile as well and things like that. So yeah, but I think it's an interesting one because for me it just, you know, Paul is kind of oil on the forehead in terms of his future of the building to that type of player with the qualities that he has.


Yeah, he's actually cheaper and younger than Jack, really. So what's not to like kind of good stuff. Enjoy the way. Thanks a million lads.


Take care, OTB. Okay. And this is OTB Sports Radio. That was an OTB podcast, Network Presentations. Thanks for listening to the football podcast.


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