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The Saturday panel on Off the Ball, there's a growing hostility towards cyclists were somehow seen as a nuisance when in fact, we're just people trying to get to work. I've never, ever gotten one buzz words that to me about my sexuality or from the opposition or from one of my girls back. It was like I have a girlfriend. I'm not the person I was 10 years ago. That doesn't worry me. I know I can make good. Don't miss the panel.


Every Saturday afternoon, only available ball, the OTB podcast network, the Paddy Power, half hour off the ball with Paddy Power and more electric team up than Sarla and Munadi gamble responsibly. CWA done that. You're very welcome along to a European special here on the potty power half hour, we are looking forward to to finalise this evening. We've got severe against enter their first ever meeting in Europe in the Europa League decider, severe, hoping to win their sixth UEFA Cup, Europa League since 2005, while inter of the chance to win their fourth and their first since the 1990s.


We've then got a very interesting Champion's League final two respective champions of their countries up against each other. PSG in their first ever European final, the first French team since 2004 to qualify while Bayern Munich have a chance to join Liverpool on six European Cups, having last won the competition back in 2013 to potentially epic games ahead. Joining me to look forward to them is and to call the host of Team Thirty Three on Newstalk and our member of Team Off the Ball.


And we're also joined by Jason Murphy from Paddy Power. And I'll come to you first on this. We'll start with tonight's game, which is the Europa League final. We've got inter again, severe, severe, the competition specialists, and they're up against the entire team who've been resurgent this year. Second in Syria, very impressive in the latter stages of the Europa League. This should be quite an interesting game when it kicks off this evening in Cologne.


Yeah, I think we're going to get a good game in the Europa League and the Champions League this year because, I mean, you're talking about four really good, exciting teams with really good form. Severe have won. I think it's 20 games on the bounce inter flying into PSG, obviously the restart, but they have been brilliant since then. And Bayern Munich are on the best form in Europe at the moment. So you're talking about four teams who are going to be going into this game at the peak of their powers, whereas for last year you had a hurricane who was out injured and you didn't know if it is going to play.


So the Europa League is going to be an interesting one. We're obviously there weren't the best side against United, but managed to come out on top. And that's something that we've seen massive, severe in the Arab League over the last couple of years. And I'd like to see probably severe when this in terms of Julien Carpetbag finally getting his reputation back as a good manager because he was absolutely shafted by the Spanish, F.A.A. and Real Madrid back was two years ago now before the Russian World Cup is a very, very talented manager.


And he's managed to get something out of the severe side that they didn't have in the league. So it's going to be a great game. I'm expecting goals as well.


Jason, we look forward to this one. Paddy Power, you're producing inters favourites currently, but not a huge amount to pick from from the two teams. No, Ascendis lose support teams in very good form, as you would expect, get to final with Inter slightly on the draft or the 10 after the semifinals are up to six or five to win in the minutes that we'd have to match. Starting to lift the cup for me. All I'd be saying would enter.


I think there is a bit of value in the 90 minute market savvy as we've seen against, you know, it's a little bit marshmallowy has a better touch, probably gets the shots off of it earlier and doesn't give the keeper the chance to make the saves. Whereas I don't think Inter will make those mistakes with the Kokoo Martinez in top form. But the two chances of against the first one, if you're watching Williams takes a half step before to cross has taken.


He takes a half step to maintain Nazri and can't get back to Cowbird across them when it comes across to Suso. And the second goal Lyndel off as the right side to send her back. He's too far. All right. The foreign policy should be concerned with the penalty spot on the back post. And it's McGuire that's covering the penalty spot towards the proposed post off is not too far forward. The ball's in over his head and that is an response space for Deong to actually top the ball in.


Whereas if you look at Inter in the chances to go against Shakhtar, yes, Mahrez had a great chance to equalize that one one. Sometimes it crosses into the box of it's perfect in the strikers strikers is perfect. There's nothing you can do about it. And that's what happened. Mahrez is transported to inter defenders. Almost had him sandwiched at the ball was half hour shorter, half far long. The inter defenders would have cleared it. Also inter making those kind of mistakes that, you know, it's small mistakes because the mistakes made so severe, even if you do get them, the chances are it's going to be Interplast there to defend and block it.


And then when they get there, chances are informed, will take them a bit more clinically than what you did. So I think there's value in there at 65, maybe have a look at Inter to win to nil. You could get three to one or Inter to win. It's a low scoring game or expect to win another two point five goals is seven to two. So that's basically into one or two, nearly the ninety minutes.


And when it comes to this inter attack to Romelu Lukaku in wonderful form between himself and Larter Martinez, they've scored over fifty goals as a combination. The best attack that Inter have had since Melito Aneta back when they won the treble in 2010 and Lukaku was just in devastating form of this competition he scored in his last ten games. He's at this stage only a couple of goals behind Bruno Fernandez to potentially be the top scorer in the competition this season. If Inter are going to win, Lukaku is probably going to be central.


Yeah, and I suppose Lukaku is probably harshly Dombi over the last couple of years in England. I know people like he became sort of a laughing stock as United and an Internet meme because it was touch and a lot of it was warranted. He did bulk up way too much when he didn't need to. But there is the essence of a very, very good striker and there always has been. His record for West Brom was phenomenal. His record for Everton was unbelievable and his record for United, even though he was a Flatrock bully, he was still a good player, a decent player if he probably didn't live up to his price tag.


But if you look at United over the last year or so against the smaller size, they've really struggled to break down those teams. So if they had a player like Lukaku who was that clinical in front of goal and was a Flatrock bully, then United may have found themselves in a better position than they have done in the last two years. But I do think I do think Lukaku, people look at him. Out of in a false light, he is he has a very, very good player, and there's a reason Antonio can't really wanted to get him because he's a proven goal scorer, still got loads of years ahead of him and he's really powerful and goal.


And you put that up with Laura Martinez, who is one of the brightest prospects in Europe at the minute. Like, it's it's a good combination, I suppose, if you're looking to enter with a critical mind, they still do have the likes of isolation coming into the team. And you probably have to wonder, are they really that good? But they have proven an athlete this year that they are much better under Antonio County, much more disciplined, and they probably overall have the better squad going into this game as best points total.


Eighty two points this season since they won the travel as their top goalscoring season since the 1950s. By comparison, Jason, Sevy have got a few problems up front. Lucas, a composts came off without injury in the semifinal against Manchester United. He's kind of knee area has been heavily taped up all week when he's been training. The Argentinian is not fully faced and he carries the main goal threat for severe. No, Luke, Deong came on to get that goal, but without a compass that changes things for severe quite a bit.


If he's not 100 percent fit for tonight.


Absolutely. I'm not saying he's as good as Messi, but you would see a similar price move up. Accomplice was missing for the year as if she was missing for Barcelona. Is that important? Fourteen goals in the league this season, partly boosted by being on penalties. But Deong, the token from from PSV and he had a very good record in Holland but hasn't adopted the went and bought again and Nazri twenty million from Lagunas in January. I think he's better than Deong.


Apple Campus is their main goal and their most lively player. He makes things happen. He's all action. So if he doesn't take to the pitch, you will see Intershop Arnold. But by all accounts, all reports he will be fit to play. The only lasted the hour against you would have taken them off. And, you know, he was feeling that mark. And so he's very important to watch. We do have an offer for this game where if Inter Milan win in ninety minutes, you get your money back optimistic of ten euro.


So what I would suggest is you could almost have a point here on the campus if he starts the game, he's a penalty taker as well. You'll get much six to one if you score fast. It's likely the campus is the man that's going to get it. If you don't score first, then it's like the win in ninety minutes and you'll get your money back a lot better. So that is one angle to have a look at it. If you're going to Inter Milan with Lukaku four to one first goal scorer with Markkanen as a five to one I'd rather be on Martinez at the bigger price and score two goals in the semifinal.


Not really. He could have had a shot for the triple actually tried to set the tackle. Probably not what you want to see. If you were on him for a hat trick put them Martinez at the bigger price I think is a go back and look at who was definitely on his reputation restored. It's as I alluded to, he is a flatrock bully, almost guaranteed goals. And if you look at it like this season, Marcha seventeen goals in the league is an excellent return from martial.


When you consider he's not on penalties for, you know, he's on Palestrina, Marcela's probably wouldn't call the ball or he's up there with twenty three twenty four goals. Lukaku would have had a similar return. Pretty nice. It just didn't work out for him. But he was the right side and at the right time we did pay big money for him. But that man will score goals wherever he goes and watch out for Belgium materials next year as well.


When it comes to the severe scoring first market, be careful in terms of history in the Europa League era, Severe have never scored first in the finals. They played well. They have won them and that's probably the most important thing. And give us a prediction for tonight and what's going to happen between today and Inter.


It's probably going to be a Cajun affair for the first fifteen minutes or so, but I do expect there to be goals in this game. It will be a good entertaining fixture for Arab League final. I mean, it's it's too big side. So it's going to be an interesting game. Obviously, there is the English interest there with the former Premier League players playing for Enter and Antonio Conte as well. I do think enter probably do do have too much more severe, but I don't want to write them off too badly.


So I'll go with Enter in extra time. Yeah.


Victor Moses won the competition with Chelsea back in 2013 and also Ashong winning the tournament with Manchester United in twenty seventeen. They could pick up their second Europa League medals this evening. Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku, also in the Inter Squad. What do you reckon, Jason? You've kind of heavily indicated already. You think you are going to win this in the ninety?


Yeah, again, as a bookmaker, some quality. You want to make sure you're getting value for your elbow. Said to someone, when you're having a look at the prices, it's like going to the cinema. Like, you know, you're spending 20 euros to go watch a film, bit of ninety minutes entertainment. So that's something that you want to be entertained by. And if you think the prices are around, don't have a bet for the sake of happiness.


And for me, I think there's a bit of value in that enterprise in the 90 minutes. And if you're getting ahead, the way to control the game against that isn't the way to control it. Against Shakhtar Donetsk, I could see them doing similar and it'd be more scorned, one nil to nearly tourbillon. Sevy, I think to have a chance will have to go far set to go behind enterable.


And I think it's a low scoring game and inter we'll see, you know, potentially winning their first European competition since winning the Champions League back in 2010. Severe already the record winners of this competition and they're going for their sixth game kicks off this evening. In Cologne at p.m., our football coverage here on Off the Ball is with thanks to party power. We're going to Casaroli forward now to the big one, which is the Champions League final coming up on Sunday.


And this one's pretty mouth-watering in prospect. You've got the champions of France who have dominated for the last seven seasons there in PSG. You've got eight in a row. Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich trying to win the competition for the first time since twenty thirteen. And for PSG, potentially, this is the breakthrough they've won. The winners previously were to win the European Cup, particularly for their Qatari owners, will be the breakthrough that they've spent basically a billion euro for.


Well, that's what PSG project was all about, winning this Champion's League. It's getting that getting that trophy in there and their trophy cabinet and sort of justifying their takeover from the Qatari ownership. And I suppose if you look at UVA, they've tried to do something similar sorry, was sacked for not doing that. And PSG have done similar. If you don't win the Champions League, you're sacked. And that's really what's on the line for Thomas Turko as well.


They probably don't have the best. It's an interesting one because PSG going into most games, you'd consider them favorites in terms of squad on the on paper. But overall, if you look at if you take the front four out of it, Bayern probably have a stronger squad going into this game. There are they are on better form. They've played way more games in the last three months. And PSG have bought PSG haven't a Neymar of France. So you can never write them off.


And suppose it's going to be what we expect to be an attacking game with Bayern in such a high line PSG playing something similar. I suppose what's going to be interesting, though, is seeing whether Thomas Circle goes for a more conservative approach in midfield where he starts under herera and address again. That's what he's going for in the last couple of games. And it's worked because and Poppy isn't up to full fitness. But when you have a player like a Barbie going into the Champions League final, it's a question about whether you're going to stardom or whether you're going to get the best 60 Minutes you possibly can get out of them off the bench.


So that's where the key line up is for me at the minute. What if you go a bit more conservative with their midfield, they might be able to control the ball a bit more and stop that Bayern attack from counterattacking against them. So that's where the game is going to be won and lost.


I think there's potentially around for manna from heaven. If you are a good counterattacking team, if she can be solid at the back, you're releasing an bapi probably from the right hand side against Alfonzo Davis, who is going to go forward a lot for Bayern Munich. And you've got Neymar playing through the middle against Boateng, who is not the quickest Alaba, who's still adjusting to be a left sided center back. There could potentially be lots of space behind that Bayern Munich defense on the counter.


And Leonid Barcelona, if they take their chances, could have scored a few more against Bayern Munich in the last couple of games.


Well, that's the question Thomas Tucker will be just trying to wrap his head around is does he go for the jugular or does he go for the kill and go out and try and win this game? Because the benefit you have from having two midfielders, like under Herrera and Idrissa playing in midfield, set in depth for you is that you can actually counterattack these teams once you get the ball back, but you can't have those two players in your team if you want to play your four front with DeMaria and Papay, Neymar and Necati.


So it's going to be a tough one for him. I do think there's probably his benefits from starting in Bapi and going straight for the win, because, like you said, Bayern play such a high line. Alfonzo Davis is practically playing further forward than the left side had forward as well in this team. So it's going to be what we do expect goals in this, but it could also be one of those dead rubber games where it's just counterattack after counterattack.


And no Tamasi makes a breakthrough. So I would personally go for starting in Bapi because you start your best players no matter what. But it's it's going to be a tactical choice for Turco.


Well, biomimetics defense has been composed of a winger who's now playing at left back a midfielder in Joshua Kimmich, who is playing it right back. He's a very good right back. Anyway, David Alabi, who has switched from left back into center back, particularly because of Soulas injury suit, is not 100 percent fit. He's only come on in the last two games. And then Jerome Boateng, who they tried to sell last summer but were unable to do so.


It is in many ways a patched together back for you can look at it that way, or you can just look at the fact that these players are really, really good. They understand football tactically. Joshua, Chemic is the second coming off the lamb and he's as good a right back as he is of the center midfield and the likes of Afonso Davies. I'm not having an argument that he's actually playing that because he's not saying he is playing left wing.


He is a left winger who's playing left wing, who happens to be named in the left back position. That's that's that's the way it is. And Alaba just doesn't have the players to play left back anymore and has converted into a center back. So I don't think it's ties together. I just think these. A really intelligent players. OK, Alfonzo Davies, maybe the Dani Alves of his era, Jason, when you look at that barmy defense, they have enough to do a massive amount of defending in the three games they've played in Europe since the RESTARICK.


They've beaten Chelsea, Barcelona and Leon by a combined score of 18 goals to three. So even if they do get into defensive problems like they did against on in the semi-final early on, they've got so much firepower that it doesn't seem to even matter. Yeah, they can score so many players against you. If you try to play out from the back, they'll get turned over a possession. We seem to buy immunity. Munich, one of the best in possession baskets.


You just got swamped. Five seconds there. The balls in the back of the net. If PSG get turned over in possession or under brick by brick and even if it PSG set up to be a bit more defensive and sit back and the way that Bayern will pull your wallet and then leave the space for the likes of a parachuter Canterbury coming in off the wings, it just got so many strings that are us. You know, it's one thing knowing a dog is going to bite.


It's a different thing trying to do something about it. Player you can just attack in so many ways that that PSG early on in their semi-final and final against Atlanta and especially like there was chances they got the ball into the box and a player and get the ball into the box, which they will against the will score. You've touched on the defensive side there from watching this this season. Alfonso Davis, the mounter recoveries that he makes to get back commo must be tabbed for Striker because you think you're in a goal.


The next thing is alongside journeys back to cover, whereas on the right hand side, Kimmich is brilliant with Nebris going down, going down that side. But that is going to be the weak spot, particularly Barcelona. That's where I can get that. Got a lot of the Jonas was down on the left hand side and it was the same against the on the job. Is that on the left hand side, if PSG lined up, you'll have them BAPA and Ferntree, you'll have Neymar on the left.


And Demery, Andre, if it's Neymar or A, it gets the ball in space and behind. Against this part of Munich side on the left hand side than PSG, you're going to be an absolute threat. And we know that we can talk about it's well documented, well said. What it's going to come down to is both sides are going to get chances and it's going to be more clinical and taking those chances, Denmark's been a little bit rusty.


He's been misfiring with a few chances that he has got you. Don't worry about that. The concern is if he wasn't getting the chances to just take part in Munich or more clinical, and that's reflected in the match prices like Bayern Munich is going to offer. But the more strings that are more and will create more chances and more likely to take those chances for a minute for me Will Will should win this game.


And when we look at it, give me an argument then for PSG. Is it purely down to the fact that they might get behind that bar on defense or is there a chance to PSG can control this game? Because one of the things appears to have been very impressed by is since they've come back, they've only had a couple of games with the French Cup final in the league cup final, then directly back into Europe.


And yet, despite that long layoff they had, they seem pretty sharp in the last couple of games and that that's something that Thomas Sterkel demands of these players, though they have to be fit, they have to be able to play this this pressing game. And that's something that is the probably the standout from this PSG side to other guys that have fallen short. The players bought in to the manager's asking off them. Neymar is far more hardworking and coming back to get the ball.


He's winning philes drawing philes. They have more more work horse like set up in midfield with under Herrera and address a variety if he's fit. But you're asking me to make an argument for a team that I can't I don't think are going to win this game, though. PSG ultimately it comes down to their from four, but as far as yes no to there. Bayern Munich have more strings to their bow because even coming from midfield, you have the likes of Thomas Miller, who is in fine form, and Karateka as well, who comes from deep quite a lot and finds himself in possession in the box, on the ball, quite often in the league and in the Champions League as well.


And when he connects with them, he can be quite good. But sometimes it's just not as clinical as you'd hoped for. Is not the player that you want getting the ball in the box. But when you've got Serge Canterbury who scored, I don't know.


How is it NANGLE is known in 1999, the times he didn't score in his first fourteen games in Europe and that was Gordon. He's absolutely fine.


And then you have the top scorer in Europe, Lewandowski, who I mean he would be gone for the Bonda this year if there was a Bolander this year. He scored. I think it's fifty five goals this season in all competitions. You've been doing your homework and I wasn't sure if. Fifty five. Fifty four. But that's, that's a phenomenal return for any, any player you're talking. That's Lionel Messi numbers. And when you have that player in this sort of forum going into the Champions League final and you have players around him, that if he falls short of the form that you expected him, then it's going to be breaking because I Fonzo Davis can get goals.


And then you have Möller and Guarascio come from that field as well. I do think BioMimetic will have too much firepower going forward for for PSG Dandle, I understand, to be Jason first goal scorer market.


Lewandowski is dominating this one with Neymar and Bapi also in contention. That's understandable given the fact that in the last few games, Lewandowski has gone through periods in the game where he has been quiet. But when a chance pops up, he's absolutely clinical.


Yeah, absolutely. He's one of the best in the world for sure. We have a free for euro before this game. You just have to log in and it'll be there in your account to use on this match and go for schools for Markert is worth a look in his three to one favorite in the market. As Ed alludes to there, a lot of goals this season can actually score a lot of goals as well. If you look over the last Four Seasons playing in the league for player Munich for the was on the pitch for every minute for the goal as a player scored, he scored twenty seven percent of the goals where I think he's been priced up a bit too short at the three to one.


That's a price that saying he's scoring about forty two, forty three percent department scores and as we've seen in the quarter point in semifinals, the goals are well spread out. So I think Serge now is probably worth look at the bigger price. I need him really a bigger place because LeBron is taking up too much of that market. So I need Thomas Wanderer's, your Perisic is your neighbor. He's at the bigger prices. If you're looking for player, first goal scorer, if you're going to Shiru, it's probably a stretch of road between Neymar or Embrapa.


If you look at French League, one performance for the last two seasons and has been ridiculous, he scored forty six percent of the goals if it was assumed he played every minute, whereas Neymar is a bit lower at 33 percent, put the price the same. But the way the line up, like I said to him, will probably center of the country, meaning he's most likely to get the best chances. So he's the same price at Neymar.


So Bob Baffert one is Disvalue better everyone with she goes for INTERESTINGNESS in those two seasons in terms of French minutes for PSG, nanowires only played about forty seven percent. They've always had a couple of injuries, both incredible. When you think about I mean you work Monday to Friday. I only showed up Monday to. There's no way to get the full face, he's been brought for the Champions League and he's delivered so far. He's been brilliant to watch, but he needs to deliver again and take some of those chances that he has missed in the quarterfinals.


And before that, if she you have a chance here, it's Bayern Munich are rightly favourites that even only at the moment. And to win it 90 minutes and forty seven political point in Munich should win this game based on what we've seen on the season that I think, look, if you only work two days a week and you scored a goal every other day, you turn up, you might well get paid for the whole week.


And when it comes to Angel Demery, six years ago at this very stadium, he was man of the match on Real Madrid, lifted the cup. He has been in really good form, fantastic free kick to set up Makini in the semifinal midweek. We talk a lot about Bapi, we talk a lot about Neymar. But Angel Demery, who's likely to start, is going to be a big performer, I would expect, for PSG on Sunday. Yeah.


And I suppose if you're looking at this PSG side, their angle, DeMaria is one of the players that actually has, I suppose, experience in this sort of level of football. I know that sounds crazy to say that, that embrapa has actually won a World Cup and scored the World Cup final at his age. But he hasn't played, I suppose, the pressure of this game because of what it means to PSG as a company as well as as a team.


Demery is one of the players and knows the pressure of playing in a Champions League final. So that experience will will help him get into this game. He has been brilliant for them this season as a whole. And I suppose it shows you when you look and when you look at the semifinal between Leon and and Bayern Munich, where Memphis Tipi was playing for Leon. And then you see DiMaria playing for in the morning. And it was and then you have Lukaku playing for Inter Milan.


It just shows you that United had the fulcrum of a good squad there. They had some really good, talented players. But when you're playing on a managers, managers like Jose Mourinho on the move and how those are the players like DiMaria and Mississipi, who both played at the semifinal, no play in the final of the Champions League, it shows you how much how strong those shackles were, when and how was the manager man United, because it just didn't work out for them.


But now they're showing what they really can do, maybe even how just it's one of the things with Angela Murray as well. I don't think you like living in England. I don't know that here there really is houses burgled like a week into his arrival in Manchester. So it was a terrible it was a terrible time from there. There's interviews where he's talking about being depressed when I was at Manchester. So it just didn't work out. But obviously, it's good to see him now and good for him, for PSG backers to see exactly what they lose this Sunday.


Whereas I mentioned he was the man of the match in the final when Real Madrid born back in twenty fourteen. As we take into the last couple of minutes of today's show, Jason, give me your feeling about Sunday's game, then who's going to win and why Bayern Munich won't go that way in terms of an old competitor, you can kind of look at what the markets have told you previously.


And if you look at what boyin went off against Dortmund in February in the Bundesliga, PSG against early on in the French Quarter, recently Boyana played the markets about Goldbart endorsement. So they played a thousand times, took the average scorelines formula, could score a goal, more to do with that to play the Priester PSG went off against Dormont. It was both point seven of the goal. So the markets are saying that by immunity or point three goal better than PSG.


And that's kind of reflected in why these prices are the where they are. So that gives me confidence and that the price is about right. But just like I alluded to already, the way the teams line up, the way to play, what are going to get chances, an average game of football, expect two to three goals. The markets are telling us to expect trade for goals in this match over two point five goals is a one to three shot link.


So that either leaves about half the height we expect we're in for an all time classic here. One small team newschannel as well as Nava's is still carrying an injury. By all accounts, all reports he should be fit for the game. His replacement surgery is probably a bit harsh on my previous experience of them was engulfed fall when they got relegated two seasons ago, conceded eighty one goals. He played twenty nine in those games, one of the worst defensive performances by any team in recent memory, the Premier League Court.


He has won the Europa League twice with Serbia. He started the final against Dnipro, the actually one three two. We can see the two records. And he wasn't on the bench the following year against Liverpool. So PSG will have a slightly bigger price if Navis doesn't make it, but not as big as what you think, given that record does have the beat of European final experience. But all things being equal, like the lads always ask me, what's a bit like?


I can tell you that there is probably a little bit of value in that PSG price point. Possibly, sure. But if you want the winning back, the winner is particularly to win this game in ninety minutes and call.


You've already alluded to your belief that Bayern Munich are the better team going into this hour. Bayern Munich going to get the job done, particularly inside the 90 minutes.


And I think they will. Yeah, I think they probably do have too much for this PSG side to handle. Could be proven completely wrong I suppose. One thing that probably isn't taken into consideration is the fact that you can never guarantee players like a Bobby and Neymar are going to turn up, when they do, they can be the deciding factor in these game. So for Byron's five best players going forward, none of them are as good as Neymar and Bobby when even they're not like we're going to ask.


You can take on four players and stick it into the top corner. He can get into the box and score lots of goals, but he's not that type of player. Guanabara has that potential, but he's still just not as good as Zimbabwe or Neymar when they are in full flow. So we should see goals. That's what I'm looking forward to. But I do think, Byron, eventually they they have they have too much going forward for this PSG defense to handle.


But I can I can see them in Neymar definitely having a having a few goals. And this as well.


It's a different skill set, but I would fancy Robert Leventhal's get a one on one with the goalkeeper as opposed to Neymar or in Bapi. It's going to be a very interesting final. That's Sunday at 8:00 p.m. in Lisbon. But coming up this evening, it is severe against Inter, the most successful team in the way for Copp Europa League era, or against an entire team who are hoping to lift the Europa League for the first time. And what will be their fourth year way for having won three out of four finals in the nineteen nineties?


There are two of the teams who have been absolute royalty in Europe's second cup competition. All that to look forward to best. Look, if you're having a punt on the games this weekend will speak to you soon.


The Paddy Power half hour off the ball with Paddy Power and more electric team up than Salah and gamble responsibly. CWI done that. That was an OTB podcast, network presentations.