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This is OTV and this Liverpool team are going to coast to a league title. Fair enough. That's a great achievement. But that man United team where an all time great, because they weren't playing very well early in the season, does everything have to happen in the same period of time, though? The new cannot have those elements on that team in the Champions League that's in the you this year, but but not a third to equal Manchester United travel season.


They have to win at least the Champions League in the league. And you could say that by not winning a cup, if they don't want to go, then they're not sars-cov-2 season at all and say we want to travel. Did you want to travel? No. TBA Ireland's only sports breakfast show weekdays from seven thirty a.m. only on OTV Sports Radio Live 24/7 on the go load up the OTV podcast network with Virgin Media.


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Hey, this is OTB Sports Radio.


Oh, and good morning to you. Good morning. How are things? I'm very well. We also have Graham Hunter with us straight off the top because that's how big a morning it is. Graham, how are you?


Los Angeles, cover the formalities. Yes, she's going over, right? I mean, why not? Why not? Come on, he's a romantic, a different color like me. He'd be beloved of an entire gelatinous group in the Midlands like it need to be and it need to be a new romantic with me.


It's going to take something special.


Now, can we start with the contractual situation? Because I thought like I thought you were bang on when we talked and I think you might still be banging on about the contractual situation.


So for anybody who's had any doubts about where legally we stand with Leo Massey's freedom and availability, what is the scenario?


And is said that when we talk about the greatest that has ever been, that we have to talk about legal details, that you're right, there is no question whatsoever that the get out of jail monopoly that he built into his contract during negotiations in the early half of 2017 says that unless he informed the club and written in the same manner as yesterday with what was a beautiful register delivery letters that simple. And unless he notifies them by May, then he can at least see that summer.


If he does, if he at any stage since twenty seventeen following each following May, if he'd written to them formally saying I want to leave the club, they were bound to let him go for free. By contrast, just imagine the power he had to negotiate that clause in twenty seventeen but also imagine his mindset. I mean I think that's an important part of what's been happening in all the days leading up to this. But obviously, most importantly, yesterday and from now on, as far back as twenty seventeen probably as they are planning it in twenty sixteen, they're reckoning the might.


That might come a day when we're just sick of horse trading to do so. In the register delivery letter that went to the club yesterday and was bounced back immediately, the club saying by Reg to deliver a ticket we might know keeping you what they said was that he wanted to exercise the leave three clause, even though in written terms that expired. And their argument apparently is going to be that we've had such an odd extended season that August is May effectively because of the shut down here, because of the lack of football within restart year until June.


It's no, I've never sat on your show and pretended to be a legal expert for over one year of law, Aberdeen University in nineteen eighty.


But it seems a very, very hard argument to win legally, although these two have been to the courts before.


As you know, in 2008 I went to the court for Arbitration in Sport to try and prevent you from playing in the Olympics until that and newly in the door said that they won their case. This they've been in court before with him. It's amazing to sit back and say that's rubbish. In the Russell won the case, you said you must go to Beijing. The gamble that paid off. But I don't I don't perceive honest or at least it's hard to perceive.


I'm sorry I said that badly, that Barcelona will take recourse to legal arguments in order to retain Messi for a season when they've got an angry let down, bitter probably by then ex captain in the ranks under Kuman. That's a scenario I still face. I was going to say impossible, desperately hard to imagine.


So is there an in-between where it's not seven hundred million and it's not free, but they agree a price. And either Messi pays that price and gets it back from the club he goes to or the buying club pays that price.


I don't think that's a reasonable stance because we're all those who are listening right now and saying, well, no one's bigger than the club. Messi wants to leave the free. And despite his numerous trophies of our star, six hundred and thirty four goals suddenly say my contract needs to be interpreted this way.


I want to leave for free. There'll be a lot of people, however much that enjoyed this football. I've been thrilled by him. We'll be saying, well, no, that can't be. And therefore I understand your intermediary position. I suspect that even if they said, well, we reckon that right now at 33, he's still patiently were 100 million euros in the market. And then the clubs that want to move still got to pay a net somewhere in the region of forty five.


Fifty million euros in wages to match what message earning at the moment then? I think the Q clubs that can handle this, either by their own will or the football funding or financial fair play becomes very, very small. So an intermediary position. And there are rumours started by a radio station that Barcelona have a position that unless the price for Messi, that your intermediate position was larger than the world record transfer. Which is for Namok device and Jomon, then no deal formally Bussin are saying you're locked into the contract, the buyout closes 700 million euros.


You know, the time when you could notify actually for free has gone. You're not moving. That's their formal position. But I understand your point. And I think that it would be a clever move by boss and say, well, our reasonableness includes the idea that you can go for 150 million euros. Look how much we've discounted your price and then effectively still render them unviable, but extraordinarily difficult to price free because all the rules about touch on what Wilcox can do to make sure that the books about property rights, you tell it off and up to bat.


No, I never go to bed to 30 now. I'm not even tired, I promise.


Make it easy on yourself, John, and just let her stay up. No, we said we're getting back to the usual routine. Looks like I have to be the bad guy again.


Five more minutes, please. Remember what we agreed about a routine. You can finish watching that tomorrow.


It takes a hero to be the bad guy. Healthy routines start with sleep to get bedtime time back on track and start your kids on the way to a healthier life for more ways to start. Does it make a start that I brought to you? If I say for the HSC and Healthy Ireland? Well, can I ask one last question then about that is this is there any possibility that this is actually a political move by Messe to force the current president out now in the hope that he takes Coolman with him and the new president and Javi are installed in time for the start of the new season?


Is it that Machiavellian that Bastide is a piece of toast cheese and it became a Scooby's not this big. You know, you were going well for a little minute or two. Listen, I don't mean to be a crybaby.


I want to tell Pat has already told you that I listen to the clip and, you know, it's hot.


So the idea of coming in now is just a non-starter. He the proper way to answer your question, if the power play to force the president, I think it's wrapped up in the idea that he wants to go. And my words are superseded by absolute miles. When you listen to Victor Fonte to I know is probably less than well known name to your audience. And the deal is that he last night said on radio he wants to be the president next summer.


He's the leading candidate to take out. In my opinion, you will win and he will try to take Charlie with them and probably will succeed. He said that he'd spoken to his entourage by which he can only mean his brother or his father.


And they told him he's quoted as saying that he was told that message designed to leave his firm and that the only my new possibility of them reversing that decision would be a quarter mile away.


So to ignore that there's a power play element would be naive, but I think it would be ill advised to think that that's a primary idea, messy, doing this to his public persona, his family as well. He's spoken rightly about how little any of them want to leave the Mediterranean at just outside Boston. This is what was it that first attracted you to the multimillionaire Paul Daniels? Why would you want to leave if you felt that the project was competitive?


So is it two in one potential power play? Might it potentially force to tomorrow? I take your point, but it wasn't a win instantly. She's not a politician. She wants to win and bottom me being removed. Does that stop them leaking goals or does it make them more athletic up front?


And it's a really natural chewing prospect to reckon the one that Buckmeier would voluntarily say. Now I see I see the error of my ways for the last 10 years as vice president. And then he goes on a mission I that's a to Alaska.


So campaign may be impeached, Graham. There is a there is what's called a censure motion beginning today, one of the other candidates to be president when the obligatory elections take place no later than that summer has begun trolling for votes for a censure motion.


The quickest way to say that is that that happened once within our working memory, you and I, which was in the late 2000s, the I would say 2010, 2009 10, John Laporta fell out of favor with his vice presidents from Serranos, not in charge of the left. So that Mark Engler, who is in charge now, and there was a censure motion which was passed to a censure and just shrugged it off. The only thing that could really dramatically alter the situation is if there was an emergency meeting that had enough of the voting members, Sociales saying that they wanted bottoming out and that they wanted an election.


That's a very difficult process to hold on a second. In Catalonia, we're in a place where there have been I mean, nearly 6000 deaths things covid we're supposed to have. Nobody is supposed to have meetings in more than 10 people. We've been asked to stay at home voluntarily this time. Not my obligation, unless there's urgent business to conduct. The idea of emergency elections right now simply to solve football problems would seem to me grotesque, which I guess means that it's going to happen.


The Cubans grew up somewhere along the way. Here was there is as the blame gets apportioned out and most of it's going to land at the present, but in somehow. Was there a way that he could have fixed the scenario with Messi? Did he want to fix the scenario at Messi? What's that dynamic like at the moment?


They are going off of your idea about maybe being a screw up, that he couldn't fix it. There's no danger of immediate effects. It's a simple and bottom out. He comes in and talks and he makes huge promises while messages. I've heard that before. Tuman talks. A good game does not mean that on pitch problems are solved. No, in terms of there's a very clear line of thought that I buy into that Kerman's vocabulary when he unless you have the discussion.


This is Wednesday late last week was I would have put it stentorian, sufficiently stentorian to make Messi think I'm not buying into this is a phrase that's biting about that evidently was used by Kuman about saying all privileges are ended here. I'm in charge and there's no favourite's, there's no hierarchy. And, you know, if you say that to Messi, who is extraordinarily proud and can be very spiky and deserves to hold that position on his behavior and didn't work in a pathetic season, these contribute to well over 50 goals.


I think it's fifty six fifty seven between who scored and assists. And he's been injured seriously during the season and in at the boundary. And he's been one of the only two or three players that can hold his head high after this season. Jimmy comes in and the reputation he does, I'm saying, listen, we don't want you to stay. I want to build a team around you, but you have to understand that all privileges are over. You talked to me.


It makes a ton of dinero to a taxi driver to narrative, and you would have been within his rights. So you should screw up. Maybe I'll avoid just confirming that phrase. But has he added to the to the temperature, which is what boiling point in the moment? Yes. So did the club before English. Suarez and the sequence of events is important here. Lou Suarez and Messi, Butch and Sundance are on belittlement on and off the pitch.


And the club's able to do with an employee what they wish to within the laws. But to read an article in El Pais here, I think on the long arc release, Luis Suarez details exactly what he wants to see out the last year of his contract to that. He believes he's got to score and trophies to win and he can make a big difference in the remaining year of his contract. And then the next morning, they brought him up from the club and cigarette will break and the contract will pay off.


But when you have somewhere else to go, mate, that manner of doing something, particularly after last week. But tomorrow, the president said there are legends who'll be leaving, but they deserve to go with full honors at the front door. And then the next thing they do is slightly drop the Machar's and some reassurance. It's just is it was ungainly.


And I believe that Messi has sent this message to deliver a letter saying, I was know because Suarez has accelerated his decision. Yes, I think so. So it's incumbent in the club. The bottom line is they've made missteps. And I think the only real question for you and your listeners to work out is how some of those missteps been deliberate in order to galvanise the situation.


Yeah, and I mean, unless it's absolute ineptitude saying to Messi or privileges are gone and then taking out his favorite lieutenants like it's a fairly obvious, well worn track in any mode of employment, particularly in football, possibly.


I should have said that. Our next point. Well, I mean, that's how it works. I am OK, so those battle lines are drawn. If there is a transfer fee, it takes out almost all of the clubs in the world. If there's no transfer fee, then almost all of the clubs in the world are back in. So the next week or so and next few days are going to be very interesting.


Yeah, I agree. I, I don't really see how they imagine that they can keep Leo Messi if he maintains his stated desire to leave the idea of him maybe being the captaincy, they would be unhappy doing the bare minimum for the club, refusing to do the marketing and advertising duties. I don't think he's capable of staying in the club and then not giving everything in matches. But what kind of presence is that? Would Kookmin tolerate Messi not speaking to him and just doing his job?


It's next to unimaginable the bus and that can force him to stay and do it healthily. Therefore, although the battle lines are completely drawn at the moment of buses, say you're not leaving, said I'm going. There has to be another way. And, you know, I think it'd be foolish of me to say that there's there's absolutely no way, given all that we've learned about football and our work in the Senate, there's no way that this decision could be rescinded or the situation could change.


So seismically that Messe views the club and the training atmosphere differently, to say that's impossible would be wrong. But the bank at the moment is that he forces his way out, that he's known when he sent this ridge to deliver a letter yesterday is one way, one want to go and the other it'll be interesting. And the only report that I've really been talking about, I'm pretty certain I was first to the story well over a season ago into Miami, have been building finances to try and reach Suarez and Messi to come together as a player to this new Beckham franchise MLS team.


Now, they've contacted both of them. My judgment is that Massie's determination to work and play every day at such a level that he can be prepared for one last shot, a World Cup in Qatar, is that I don't understand that he would go to an election. I find that hard to get to the other into the unknown known. And I don't think that they present project. I don't think that Conti's tenure there, which seems to have been extended to the last 24 hours, is is one where Messi thrives.


The score isn't good enough. They're not going to win the Champions League, get attention. For that reason. I discount the team, the club that has probably tried the hardest with Manchester City interurban at Messi since he was 19 to no joy so far. I think that continue, which in my opinion leaves City Hall quite some time on the country of Neymar MVP and Messi said by under Ereira DeMaria is something that frankly, I think he deserves at the stage in his career.


And as a neutral number fan, I hate to see him. And we go on. I'd love to see him in that side. I'd love to see him playing with those guys. That would be almost as exciting prospect as anything.


I can imagine the things that he may be in pole position. They have tried so hard over the years to convince the entire I mean, the extended Messi family coming to city is the right thing to do. I'm not certain that that would be driven by Guardiola, who, like many coaches that they want to press in from the front speed of movement of the ball. And I think that Guardiola might be a passenger on that journey rather than the driver.


The city have desperately wanted him if they can. What's the word? And I don't want to talk, manipulate, if they can finish the finances, the double package sufficiently to beat the other double FFP, then that's the place where I'm certain he would thrive. I'm certain he would enjoy himself. I'm certain he'd be training and learning and working at a level that might help him prepare over the next couple of years until summer.


Twenty two and a shot at the guitar woke up and look, we're out of time, but no chance of a blowjob, no chance of a faygo, no chance of around Madrid Swanigan and go Alako he does dad.


We still there by. I am willing to say right now that it's not like that.


All right, fair enough, Graham. It's a big story, as always. It's great to have you with us. Thanks a million OTB.


And this is OTB Sports Radio, the OTB podcast network with Virgin Media.


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